10X Growth Con 2018 Live Stream Russell Brunson

Watch as we live stream Russel Brunson speaking at Grant Cardone’s 10x growth con 2018 event! You will learn how sales funnels can 10x your business this year!

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I’ve been to this funnel so means there’s an upsell there’s a downside so the audiobook up sort of training programs like that so right now it on average I spent $20 on ads to sell a book and I make about $40 what just happens is that I get $20 cash net profit in my pocket and I get a customer and then I tell the customer either surely through software called flip phones to track and he tried for free and doesn’t always the possibly $20 give the customer a $20 before he told the customer about what I’m to himself he’s getting this the PC did I spend it once I spent a second time is that way I don’t understand so people pay you to become a lead and then they read your book and they’re completely indoctrinated may your belief system then they start up and there’s a conscience or anything like yes be awesome he’s like yeah three or four times a fine that was very last time you said if what you’re saying is true this will change business as we know it forever so yeah that’s my mission that’s what I’m trying to figure he’s understand this one funnel was just more than even 127 million dollars in funding we blew past both of these companies lessons Reese that’s fatalis else fails all right this is gonna secret guys when you have a funnel this create the right way you can instantly out spend your competitors and ethically still all potential customers in your market even with these my competitors dumping as much as they can my abs are still bearing them they’re everywhere how many has assumed it has every single time you done anything Hey tonight when you go to hell totally turn TV we’ve got all that some TV as well everybody’s in the room walk here you see my hands all over TV as well you got stunned everybody okay that’s the key the question for all you guys want to do business types in there’s 9,000 people the question we get from ocean is what kind of funnel side use and depends on the kind of business route so I couldn’t went through we segmented before I came here you figure out all these markets you guys ring you broke in about ten okay first one are people that have to run an agency of the freelancer how many guys that figure who you are there you go number two people selling information products number three see people selling key commerce products and before people even coaching or consulting number five people to the network marketing number six local businesses doing anything chiropractic dental you know that a lot of business to business people just looking for lessee generate you’ve got a whole bunch of people who are bloggers or affiliate marketers we’ve got nonprofits and then we got a bunch doing what it’s just getting started that’s custom oh yes pick up everybody hopefully there’s no one I missed right so I wonder stand it here’s member the commercial from back in the 90s when iPhone first came out and the right there’s matter that oh you need this there’s not for that okay just like there’s an app for that of Chrome so there’s a funnel for that whatever business you and there’s a funnel for that good so the question that is how do you know what type of funnel to build okay and we do that we figure out what that is through very fun simple process that we call funnel hacking that’s what you guys I’ll get your nickname yeah let me explain how follow how it works I’m going first cause I learned from Tony Robbins Twitter Robbins Toby’s they said why don’t she success yeah all you need to do is find a way to model those from RT succeed right now I’m so looking back at my career things I’ve been good at and I was arrested growing up does wrestler my first custard I was not only not good I was bad my first almost every single time remember the end of the season my dad took me to the state tournament and said to him all the guys on my high school’s team won the state title into three-time state champ my dad maybe or take what he did and we watched it and that whole summer would watch the video of this guy and my dad teach me the moves that he was doing it’s also longer practicing their practice night practice I found some who’s good I modeled them they’re very sorry to your time left from being a really bad wrestler to be a state champ to going to high school masters take a second place in the country should become an all-american potentially going to college being talk to em Russell’s the country okay now because copy that was amazing restaurant cuz I found people were super successful and modeled what worked my startup business is the same thing I would say close I went to college to wrestle people I selected green I was like my degrees in wrestling I didn’t know the classes were said I barely graduated it’s towards the end of it I started learn about internet name I peak business class then keep entrepreneur class I think I just knew that I want to make some money it took out mine I started seeing people were successful like these people are Jesus’s thank you but I can see what they’re doing I’m just gonna model they start modeling what they were and I was in a year of graduating from college it over a million pay same thing is true in sales for this one have to be cell phone geniuses decal that I do every single day are you guys look around to find something in your industry or the similar issues having success and the model okay never steers think somebody’s like that’s no smile is keep my saying you can always tell that the pioneers are because they’ve got arrows in their back face down in the dirt okay in this industry you don’t want to be a pioneer you don’t want to go try things first time I ever got this I was actually added a bit and there’s a guy on stage names Porter Stansberry and Porter worked for a company called Agora publishing Hemi guys Nevada guara they do over 1.5 billion dollars a year selling financial newsletters biggest fight actually was that our company world okay he says it borders up there our state’s human a division called stands for research which is the biggest division at the time and he’s going through all his numbers as metrics he’s so into sales funnels I’m like in the back like I was freaking out right taking notes and everything he’s talking to me miles a minute and also he stopped he said you know what’s it to see you said every single years people who see or do you hear – Cora publishing and then want a conduit they want to compete against you so the first thing to come out they try to do some prices they come and they still required for secret is that we know from decades of doing this that you cannot make those numbers work the metric system work so then they figure that out eventually they try something different try through four teams to finish they go bankrupt in these business okay the biggest thing that kill box person is it nothing to have vision they do have visual usually you can run our time or money before they have ability to execute on a vision okay and Porter said at this time said if you want to compete with the core publishing you can’t try to compete with us you said you gotta copy us there’s writing copy to split testing things am I gonna go try all those things I don’t have the money out of the budget to do that but I could go look at like all the the Pioneers didn’t have all the arrows when I come over here like you’re working today all the right here oh that’s what’s working today I should just want that that’s what we do okay that’s the way success so quickly is my finding people who are you succeed in remodeling good alright so stepping one is the hiking process is to find somebody to follow that so when we watch yourself accompany kids my first stuff in the company and we were selling some people had diabetic neuropathy and I was too serious like me knows that there’s having success it’s gotta be somebody we found this little website like this is probably the ugliest website I think I’ve ever skied in my life I thought purple and black and weird but I need some research with some Intel I found out at the time that they’re making about $100,000 a month sorry to supplement I was like okay cool they know what they’re doing I’m a marketing you guys I’m gonna do it better cuz I know a better way to do it and then I was like wait a minute maybe they have some arrows in the back I don’t know what people with diabetic neuropathy like maybe there’s something I don’t know so instead of trying to be creative do my own thing I said I got it’s gonna model his works so I’m going out by very first person of ourselves Paige looks very similar like and one thing when I stress to that notice that I said model we didn’t copy okay I modeled the look the feel to lay out the price but if they date a big ball on the left hand side at a local get a phone number a hands on iphone red cells letter the pictures about our model to look to feel the layers closest I could I copy anything grab all the structure and we launch this in a very short period time this little website start making us about $20,000 a month okay which is cool then I was like there’s gonna be something else 13 that I’m missing it what is it how they having some success so I did what everybody did entrepreneur nice to become good acuity pulled my wallet out of my pocket pulled my credit card out and had bought their product would even be in the season I miss you know unfortunately for me and also for them they didn’t have much on the back end and just kind of ended there’s gotta be some Derek knows that they’re doing in this industry so when outside I started looking for other companies eventually I found a supplement company and I met the owner of merit about thirty million dollars a month some other stuff that I might this guy knows what he’s doing what’s the website look different it looked like this this video and Add to Cart button there might be weird I clicked on the button it took an order for my fist on the order for remember they offered three we don’t never see something like that and then I was like okay I gotta see what else it can behind-the-scenes so I took every bit Entre Nous her house to keep gonna doing my credit card out of my wallet I bought the product that was crazy I went to the next page the next page he up slowly sits near bottles of the exact same thing I just purchased and we’re looking at he just hit me I’m a drug addict his tempers and stuff like do that and of course I was like this guy’s crazy I’m a marketing guy I’d know better how I thought it would get Aslam then luckily for me I took my pride there by myself I said maybe they’ve got some arrows from the back maybe they know something I don’t know so I’m just gonna just go through the process and his earth observe so went through and this was their funnel those five pages you guys making them five save me three million dollars a month so then I look to Dennis okay now I know what I need to create now I have my business model my just plan it so I took I’ve run in fright board a big white boarding guy like most of us and I wiped out keep this run you crate upon me success in this market it’s funny keep always company with like their business plans like 85 pages I’m saying can you just doodle it on a napkin like this because that’s the business model for me that’s the business plan so there’s my business plan then Auggie’s ClickFunnels™ we build out the pages so I modeled the look in the film way out I didn’t copy anything to notice but I want the look the feel the layout the price place the structure this is the first page of mind and I’m order form with one three and four bottles just like they had and I had enough so six more bottles the exact same thing and then tour the products and so the process looks very very similar okay now what’s cool that’s when we finish this this page build this funnel out then we launched it and this little funnel was making $20,000 a month comes $20,000 a day he’s getting this like it is insane how easy it is people like me people like there’s people out there already doing this your could be meant to will so if I was working and then we model it okay and the cool thing about this for me is the my total investment to get over a million dollars for the final acts Corp all these people see exactly what they’re doing it’s under hundred bucks I said you wanna put my wallet all right I credit card on my wallet and buy the products to happen okay well surely this is what my friends drew canole in his partner to mail they own a company called organifi and after I watch myself but they were about to launching tonight what do we do how do we do it I was like you should just copy me and so this is a really quick like a 30-second video of him explaining what they did to watch it organifi checkouts video so real quick back story on I had a chance to go out and spend a little while with these guys they’re coming we’re about to launch the supplement and and then I look at our photo what we do and I was like just copy mine works Lucas I love people trying to talk about what happened when you guys did your funnel and then some of the results that happened since then yeah I’d like to reinforce eyes his point about just cloning and copying and modeling what works so we are a digital product company we have information products coaching products and we were doing about a million a year and I managed all the sales funnels and skills optimization and we were gonna come out with physical product line and we were like you know who’s done this before who’s been really successful we reached out to Russell he helped us model exactly Universal actually it’s funny because I’m looking at were you mild and I had the exact same reaction the first upsell that we have in place and more of the same thing that they just bought we were like that doesn’t make any sense so we sold them a bottle of our new product called organifi our first one time offer was three more bottles after they already bought them and the take rate was like twenty or thirty percent then we thought you know Russell actually mentioned you know we should implement subscription on everything so we had three options we modeled exactly Russell’s first sales page one bottle three bottles for bottles modeled is pricing 47 129 149 exactly to say sorry she’s feeling everything we done it works yeah and then once we implemented all the pieces we in actually like a week which is crazy we matched his results we’re doing a lot of yeah yeah for the first day the gates we did 12,000 sales the second day we did 34,000 the third day we did 36,000 and and that was just you know opening the gates and every single day after that we’ve done around 15 and 20,000 because of the way that the funnels are structured so it’s it’s really exciting and we owe a lot to Russell I mean he came out he helped us with our funnels he broke down everything we’re doing Ryan we doing right and showing exactly what they did and we just copied it and it works all right now this happened so fast Ford so here’s that before they launch this funnel they’re not a million dollars a year it was crazy you’re number one out he launched his funnel unfortunately we did 10x their business we 20x today 20 million dollars not final year one and it’s grown since then so you guys are one phone away for the next three company I promise you that every single you guys like he’s just you’re that close so who the photos work for again they work for all the different business we talked about agencies freelancers info products ecommerce coaching consulting network marketing local businesses b2b lead generation plugin Philly’s not prophecy if you’re skinny started this is the way to start okay go through some of you guys like I don’t see how this works for me somebody has an example so if you run an agency a freelancer this is an example of someone of our friends they live in the Philippines and I have a lot of Filipinos works between different projects yeah no no she is at almost the point she’s about to pass thousand dollars in sales Guinea people for her agency to the state she’s gonna richest people there now right okay all by using a very simple thing we were generating leads then the video sells them and they get it signed up for her agency okay if you’re selling for me how many guys have heard are selling information products of any sort okay if you’re selling information products this is one man for product funnels okay this is where I sell my books we got seller audio books courses things like that okay this funnel in the last like eight months you sold over a hundred thousand copies of my book and drove thousands of thousands of thousands of people into click funnels okay so if you’re selling information products you should funnel hack this phone this is the process I’m here to sell physical products ecommerce related stuff okay this is a one of train loans one of our members he had a couple Shopify store so much stuff one of his Shopify stores were selling flashlights and it was one of his gods it wasn’t working and he was moving up so they had a whole bunch of like a whole closet full of these flashlights he’s only those guys like just thrown up on click like build a funnel just launch and see what happens you took this moon upon clicks on shifting it from like an e-commerce store sent to store fronts like by the flashlight I’ve so battery packs upsell warranties things like that this some of the twenty million dollars in the first six weeks after it lost that crazy I know he’s got the record for the fastest biggest puddle inside of ClickFunnels™ and it’s all selling flashlights okay under you guys are selling coaching or consulting in any matter of life thoughts business clothes finance courses like that okay this is my coaching phone this coaching funnel it cost me on average generally about thirty to forty dollars to generate a lead you know that and then on the back end we make about $1,500 every one those leads that happen okay this little funnel is a side business I have on the side I’ve got one salesperson who calls those application leads okay and does over two and a half million dollars a year just on the side through coaching funnel so if you haven’t if your coach or consultant or attention or any kind of leads they’re gonna come three qualified you should final hack and model this stylus on that’s how it works good have you guys there network marketing all right my network markers back this is I didn’t tell him to stephen Larson’s actually out the audience here somewhere there is right there so Steven is network marketer okay he doesn’t talk to friends and family day he still has friends and family now is pretty awesome because he drives people through network marketing funnel he gives people to come this page heap reason why he’s amazing then they feel an application before even tells them what is what is he selling it goes relationship with them and then on the third page he did he tell by the way this is what we sell and people just sign up because they have a relationship with him he takes him through a funnel to put a relationship before he signs people up okay it’s powerful how many guys run local type businesses you have Jin’s car dealerships dentists chiropractor okay yeah a lot of you guys this is one of the easiest ones in the world we’ve got I try to show you man probably forty or fifty chiropractors Bobby he’s four or five hundred team owners we’ve done simple funnels like this they’re blowing up gyms like crazy look at the chiropractor place like it’s very very simple very easy to do in local markets see almost easier there than anywhere else yep I’m you guys looking just for more lean turn BD beat you just want more lease coming into the door this is really powerful I be lead funnel that’s really awesome as well if you’re blogging this was my friends just a blogger it’s just I got the bargain I make money to mechanist of how what photos work I’m like will build a final song something else that’s just always goes from a blog into her funnels she launched his first column during Christmas on July twenty or thirty thousand dollars in the first weekend okay and then anyone who’s new non profit this is our first non profit who hit the two comma Club he’s got eight different funnels he driving people in and he is heroes he’s Christian nonprofit camps for kids and he is crushing he’s out for five days with nonprofit funds he’s driving people through good and if you any of you guys then went here in the audience run trips we take people to go hunt for Bigfoot nobody this dude literally does that he’s got a click photos page he’s right and I found this was a joke I thought it was so like like a smoothly but because I mean I can I look down to see what people are actually doing he had 18 thousand dollars in the last few months selling trips to go hug Bigfoot with him I don’t care what you guys are selling at pharmacy there’s a photo for you we can take implement your business and blow yeah all right so where do you find a good fertile and how’d you know the phone was actually making money you don’t want to funnel hack someone’s broke right well if I don’t have to win her so this is right you’re number one I go to a website called clickbank.com who’s makes amazing the name over a hundred thousand successful sales funnels okay everything that’s the business to everything fact there’s even this one right here this is the funnel of teach people how to build chicken coops which I thought this again was a book and I contacted you so me as numbers they’re killing at least both chicken coops so don’t care if you’re selling cars to business to weight loss to chicken coops there’s a funnel Clickbank you can be the model now you go to clickbank the very top is but says marketplace you click on the marketplace and then it takes you to page right here now the clothing on marketplaces that categorizes things based on industry so over here on left hand side you can say look I’m an investing business finance gardening like whatever you want you click on the category and then it when it does that archive then it shows you on the page all the funnels that are in there but it categorize the based on which funnels making the most today okay okay I’m in finance let’s this balloon that fast I’m like these are the funnels are making the most money right now okay is right now this one I did health and fitness and then went to top of health and fitness and number one there is a website called Venus factor yep so then I go to Venus factor calm whatever the mornings for you and this is where I figure but all good over there was a half become gonna doing and pull my wallet out of my pocket and I buy their product taste my photo fat I finally had to be nice factor and as these four pages actually what’s 2001 seconds when I found these back to Clickbank is actually a Boise’s well Clickbank and click funnels growth in Boise I don’t know why it’s kind of fun to hide a chance to go out to dinner or to lunch with the owner and the CEO of Clickbank and I’m always curious and I suppose it I said they close to that is the more of that lesson give you a ballpark he smile he said more than double that $100,000 the day these factors made you okay so then I come over here again I felt like the product and that’s it one two three four those four pages are making them $100,000 a day is that worth my thirty seven dollar investment to buy the product if I’m the weight loss industry heck yeah but even if I’m not on the side of story any other kind of information product the world it’s it like this is valuable information right I can find out what they’re selling another still the price prints are working right now I can see everything okay so step figures I buy their product a final hack yet something before now I go to the right we’re gonna sketch it up pay someone to look like this this is the price play this v-space to pay so you pay for now I know what I need a trait now I’ve got a business model that I can go and actually do something I’m not just guessing and hoping and hoping that’s gonna be good right that’s for my hockey you guys that’s how we f Utley still over a million dollars for the final hacks of our competitors for under $100 all right now move on to secret for two or three days cloud to get the best salesperson on planet earth to Co sales for your products 24 hours a day seven days a week got over complaining asking for a taking part I break it and bring it into this I’m curious I’m gonna route a group room right now 9,000 salespeople how many just think you’re the best salesperson in this room right now raise your hand who do you think you’re the best all right let’s do a long time how do you guys think you are the best salesperson its entire room right now who’s got big egos congratulations the most important Kenny so I told how many cells phones kinda like cloning the top salesperson in your organization letting closed cells for you 24 hours a day seven days a week okay won’t understand that the best salesperson inside of your company is probably you right I’m the best salesperson on planet Earth to sell ClickFunnels™ there’s nobody that believes in more than I there’s nobody who can sell it better than I do what I’m the one who goes I sell it all day long every single makes I’m obsessed but I love it ok we’re meeting with Toyota’s actually sit here tonight we’re meeting this house in today and one of his partners of the entire and his partner said so how many salespeople to have a ClickFunnels™ I smiled at my tell me where do you think he’s like why no always other companies that you’re competing against listen Estelle’s floors a 100 plus people or more I spawn like we got one you get one salesperson $1,800 and sales I’m pretty good right anyway that’s the key you guys okay I went from having a 60 full time sales people in office replacing them with one sales and then thank you through my pitch I think my pitches perfect IQ test they can tweak it and then I can have it perfect and it works I don’t touch it again okay the nice thing about is when my son works with a sales process in place if I we got a date at the baboon doesn’t matter I still closed the exact same percentage rate but I’m tired that day if I’m sick for about a vacation or take a year off it doesn’t matter it keeps on closing every single bit okay to kind of illustrate this when I watched my very first book the dot-com secrets book after his long head was really successful and then a little while later I can weeks later Tony Robbins called me on the phone which is like the coolest thing in the world right it’s only have like three times in my life and it’s insane so this is actually a picture they took of me when Tony called me on the phone so Mike get up and Tony what Russell so I saw your book launch doing really good yeah that’s pretty cool I saw man he’s like a basketball hunch my book give me pointers for me am i oh yeah tons so this is my book I launched this is the money master books was coming out with so II hadn’t come out yet he’s about to and I was like yes I’m told about myself somewhat you sell the books are walking little processes like this is awesome Russell is I can you build one for me I was like yeah he’s like it was like okay go build me a fun walk at the awesome like this one thing for you this is how you gonna hang out 24-bit I was like I need one thing that’s really important I’m like who do you think the best salesperson is on planner to sell your Brooke Tony is like well me of course Mike of course you are I say I just didn’t capture you want video selling your book if I can do that I can build the funnel out and that’s all I need and and I said I need a day with your time but he said no okay I need six hours times like no it’s like how much time gotta have is like I’ll give you an hour I’m like okay so we actually he was in Vegas to an event and we went to the sexy pictures of an axe happens we rented a hotel room he got it all set up and he’s like yeah how she came in here grab Tony we took him back the doctor and set the lights with camera everything I said okay Tony here’s your book you’re the best so first of all plant ourselves book sell me the book cooks record Allison Tony did what he does best and he explained why his book is the greatest book the world why he’s fired that’s okay that’s the first step next thing we’re gonna have sell something else I’m like make you guys sell me tell me why this is the best in Rome 10:20 soul battle into the entire funnel so we did it with here we had page number one story someone’s book page number two then was Tony up selling his ultimate edge program and the number three was turning up so he’s loving relationships program okay to recorded those three videos that’s ok Tony you’re out of here he took off laughs out is that okay now I’ve got the video the best salesperson I’m planning on selling this product I just got plugging the funnel now for it for now for the rest of time that’ll sell his book limp over and over and over and over over you and however sighs whatever okay you guys have made the sales people it’s like an hour I could come away and have you some people replace shoes you can just sell all they are long without yourself there okay and once you guys look important this people ask me Russell what do I say on the video I know how to sell face-to-face like I cook selling some of the foam is easy but I’m standing from the camera like what do i do I say how I say it right it’s real easy this is the script it’s called the hula try Hauschka this is why I gave you guys this these pop sockets and you put the top stock on your phone you pull it out okay most of my videos today are all go to my phone pop out of park soccer this gets out works

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10X Growth Con 2018 Live Stream Russell Brunson

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