251 – The Hustle Sucks – MarketingInYourCar.com


On this episode Russell talks about how he did not get into the entrepreneurial business to hustle all the time. He also talks about how immersing yourself in something can bring about new connections that you never made before.

Here are some interesting things you will hear in today’s episode:

Why sometimes the hustle of business sucks, and you need the freedom that you got into this business for in the first place.

How Russell immersing himself in content during a 10 hour flight is making the current event better.

And how you can make new connections you never made before when you do more than dabble in information.

So listen below to see what part of the hustle is overrated and how Russell made new connections to talk about during the event and inside his upcoming book, Expert Secrets.

251 – The Hustle Sucks – MarketingInYourCar.com

251 – The Hustle Sucks – MarketingInYourCar.com