9 Digital Marketing Secrets From Warrior Con and Garrett J. White

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Garrett J. White is the founder of Wake Up Warrior. He recently hosted his 2nd annual WarriorCon where Russell Brunson Spoke. While I was there I was so impressed with what Garrett has created. After being humiliated at the event I decided it was time to take notes. I am so glad I did. I reveal the 9 marketing secrets I learned.

Show Notes:


-A good culture in a business makes you feel left out not being involved

-You are going to suck at first, but you won’t be at that state forever

-It is your audience, YOU should know them

-What might be possible if I just believed?

-You’re going to have to lead by example

-Show your appreciation

-Always change and always improve; both in your own life and your business

-Surround yourself with people that have your vision

-Go all in on those people who have helped you get to where you are and where you will be

-Never EVER give up on family


“You’re going to suck, you’re going to suck real bad at first. What you’re going to find over time though is that eventually you’re going to suck less. And, eventually, you might even get to the point where you’re actually good.”

“You have to know your audience and be willing to call them out.”

“Because [Garrett] is leading by example, it is going to be very difficult for people following him not to be willing to do everything he is asking them to do because he’s doing it himself.”

The success in digital marketing comes from so many places. Whether it be email marketing, Facebook advertising 2016/17 and beyond, how to make money online is not a simple answer but Garrett shows us how to create a culture, a tribe, that wants to be part of our online marketing adventure.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to funnel hacker radio I’m your host Dave Woodward and today is gonna do all those days where he gets kind of a highlight reel of what’s been happening this have been traveling around I’ve been on a crazy crazy travel schedule for the last couple of weeks and last week I was actually on the road with Russell and heard him speak at Gare Jai White’s warrior con which is a crazy crazy event so I thought what I do is I give you some of the things that I’m learning while I’m out traveling around and in meeting with some of the most amazing markers in the entire world so with all that said I’m just gonna kind of dive right into this I would appreciate if you actually like these types of content and things I’m doing let me know you can go ahead and hit me up on Facebook Messenger or if you want email me Dave at ClickFunnels™ comm just trying to find out if this is the type of content that you guys really like and want me to continue to do obviously I will continue doing interviews and things with some of our top funnel hackers that’s what the idea behind this was but I’m trying to kind of expand this and provide you guys some of the things as far as real world tactics and strategies and things that I’m literally running across every single day as I’m out traveling or as I’m with Russell or with other just amazing marketer so again go ahead and leave comments here or email me Facebook Messer whatever it takes I just I really kind of like your feedback on that so what I’m going to dive right into this so there’s nine different things I really captured and took some notes on why I was with Garrett and with Russell and I just wanted to kind of let you guys understand this and see how it works into your business one of the first things and we joke around about this all the time here at ClickFunnels™ and that is the whole word cult sure and culture is king I cannot express to you how important this is in your business I was funny actually I was just we’ve got our partner meeting yesterday and I was on the phone with the company I was looking at possibly buying some of their technology or things of that sort and it was they were like gosh you know I they’ve spoken to a lot of our funnel community in trying to persuade them over to where they’re at they’re going man one thing I tell you Dave is your audience they are like rabid fans that you have such a strong culture there that it’s hard to get anybody to ever leave that’s the power behind this and I cannot express you enough if you’re not worried if you’re not trying to do things that build that type of culture in your business again it’s I one of my favorite ones to look at his Apple I mean you cannot go anywhere and you find a person who’s an Apple person and I’m in my cell my first Apple product was an iPhone since then I’ve got think two iPads I’ve got four different iMac I I met pros I’ve got six different AI bullets from my family I’ve got an iPod I mean it just it’s crazy how many Apple products I have and I won’t use anything else but that so lets me jump back in and kind of explain you what happened when I was at warrior con so Russ and I flew in the day they’d already they were about day three or day two of their of their week and we flew in we got in late and the event was already going on so we kind of just snuck in the back and as you walk in the door what you’re greeted with is this swarm of 600 men all dressed in black black polo shirts with with warrior cone on it black pants black socks black shoes and here we are looking completely out of place to the point where two of Gerrits guys basically brought it brought us two of the polos and said you know you guys might want to put these on I wasn’t thinking anything of it Russell wasn’t thinking much of it so we just kind of put him on on our backpacks on the back table weird again we’re away from everybody on the back road not thinking it even matters at the between speakers Garrett basic gets up and says hey Russell Dave put on your black balls it was like whoa I totally felt out of place I felt like I was being chastised for not being obedient and I was like oh my gosh I feel terrible so we stepped out changed our shirts came back in and then all of a sudden we actually felt a part of the group it was this crazy thing and it was just kind of fascinating to see how important that was as far as that belonging that connection Russell spoke the following day and I was there trying to you know get things set up and all that kind of stuff I walked in I had fortunately I brought black sweatpants so I had black sweatpants on but I got white shoes but they have black on them black laces and everything else but they’re white shoes and oh my gosh I got chastised to the point where his team basically said listen David you either have to step in the back and we’ll spray-paint your shoes black or you have to take your shoes off well fortunately for me I love being barefoot so for me it was super easy option I’m like I’ll take my shoes off in fact if you want to spray-paint my my shoes my feet black I’m okay with that but I love going barefoot and so I basically running around the hotel room barefoot or in the event room but it’s fascinating me to see how important that culture really was so if you’re not currently doing things to add culture to your environment to your business man you got to find something you got to be able to create that type of connection number two and Russell acts I mean uh Russell used this video when he spoke it’s actually a video of of Garrett speaking that funnel hacking live where basically talked about the fact that you’re gonna suck you’re gonna suck real bad at first and over time what you’re gonna find is that eventually you’re gonna suck less and then eventually you might actually get to a point where you’re actually even good and it’s kind of funny hearing Russell speak on stage cuz he used this and then he actually used a reference from his own personal life where he was like I got you right now Russell’s done over 600 podcasts if you’re not following Russell you obviously should marketing secrets calm follow that podcast for sure but it’s fascinating to me to hear basically Russell’s saying gosh I remember when Stephen came on he said you know Russ I’ve listened to every one of your podcast and it wasn’t until you got to like 45 46 47 49 50 that you actually started to even get decent kind of good it was like oh that said that hurts but it’s just a reality understand you you got to find your voice and the way you find your voice is realizing that you got to publish gotta get that content out there and just know that you’re gonna suck it first but that’s okay it really is okay and over time you’ll find that you suck less and less but you have to get comfortable with the reality the fact that you’re gonna suck at first but know that that’s good that’s how it’s supposed to be third thing you have got to know your audience your avatar this is one of things Garrett has done an amazing amazing job at I remember the very first time I saw his first product back and basically was doing a free documentary on basically wake up warrior and it was fascinating to me in fact if you go to wayback machine you can kind of check it out and go to wake up warrior to see some of his older stuff back in like 2013 2014 really 2014 early 2015 and it was right basically he understood that what he wanted to do is wanted to connect with men but not just men what he want to do is you want to connect with married businessman so his headline is attention married businessman learn to unlock in parenthesis nearly unlimited power in your marriage business and life without having to cheat on your wife get a divorce ignore your children leave your church for a date with drugs I’m like that was such a powerful headline totally separated I mean first of all you had to be a man then you had to be married and then you had to own a business I mean that it’s like you have to realize who your audience is and be willing to call them out basically if you’ve read anything and experts secrets our Russell talks a ton about the title of Liberty and I’m not gonna go into detail on it right now but realize if you don’t have a title of Liberty something a person can stake their flag in the ground saying this is who I am you’re really having a hard time it kind of ties ties back a little bit to the culture but more importantly you’ve got to be able to help your audience separate themselves from everybody else number four is belief and gear did an amazing job talking about belief says you know what you guys think basically what might be possible if I just believed really think about what might be possible and start just kind of going down that path let your mind roll realize that one might you believe or what might be possible if you believed and then from there who would you have to become to just believe that whatever that is who do you have to become and the third thing in that then was who would I have to become to just do the work so first of all again realize what might be possible if I just believed and then you take that hope and you think okay from that what would I have to become to just believe that and then who would I have to become to just do the work to make that belief happen that was number four number five was you got to lead by example and this was a that’s kind of funny we I love love Southern California it’s my home area I’ve been lived air prior to moving up here to Boise but so we’re sleeping with the window open which I just love oh man nothing excites me more than here and hearing the waves crashing on the beach smelling the salt water air I mean that just decorates me and so we woke up and all of a sudden we woke up and and oh son I hear these guys you know basically going through these marine type of drills I’m like what the heck is going on so I look out the window and here you got Garret leading by example where he’s got six hundred men out on the grass basically putting them through military drills getting them ready physically ready to be able to sit through this meeting to absorb everything he’s going to teach and it’s one of those things where if you’re gonna be part of warrior there’s nothin you understand the only way your knee part worries you’re gonna you’re all in there there’s no such thing as dipping your toe in the water with Garrett so you’ve got to be all in and Garrett leads by such massive example we’re literally just two weeks before he and Sam had gone out and they actually competed in the mother of all tough mudders it’s a 24-hour race to see how many times you can go through this loop basically of obstacles and I mean being shot to Elektra I mean just crazy crazy grab for 24 hours and he during that did 50 miles within 24 I mean that’s just a huge accomplishment but realized because he’s leading by example it’s really hard for anybody who’s gonna follow him not to be willing to do every single thing that he asked them to do because he’s doing it himself so number six is the importance of showing appreciation and I really had sunk in from the very beginning when I first started seeing this but it really sunk in when I saw Russell on stage and the way the gratitude appreciation was shared towards Russell it’s what happened is after every speaker you’ve got to present everything else Garrett has his to clap and then some word like you know Booya something like that it’s really just express appreciation and then they would actually give words of gratitude where he would repeat a word and they said move and then they basically repeat that back to the audience you have 600 men saying thank you 600 men saying you changed my life 600 men saying because of you I am Who I am and he just felt this amazing overwhelming gratitude and it was so I I loved everything that we’ve created it ClickFunnels™ but most important I just love Russell and all that he’s done to help build and grow this movement but it was fascinating for me to sit back and to hear garrett express appreciation to russell basically saying russell these 600 men that you see out here represent a fraction of the lives of over 100,000 men who have come in through warrior and none of that would have been possible if it wasn’t for you and ClickFunnels™ and they feel that kind of appreciation I mean one for me being a particle funnels is a huge opportunity and a blessing to my own personal life but just to see and to feel that in the room and then to hear 600 men basically repeating words of affirmation and appreciation towards Russell and almost at a chance was just super super cool so I highly recommend that wherever you are in your business life to make sure that you’re showing a massive amount of appreciation you haven’t gotten there by yourself so you got to recognize those who helped you along the way number seven and that is to realize that Garrett is the only person who’s spoken at every one of our final hacking live events and he’s going to be speaking again at this year’s event and the reason I mentioned that is what is fascinating for me as I look at Garrett is every year he speaks at our on our stage he continues to spend time changing and growing and becoming something new and like blast year it was he and he and his family so he and his wife Danielle and their and their two girls on stage and showing basically how they were one funnel away and basically at one final way saved their marriage and so realize you’ve got to be in a situation to where you’re always changing you’re always improving you’re always growing and this is one things that Garrett’s in an amazing job at as you take a look back on all his old content and where he’s at now he’s always in the Pope always growing and in physically and spiritually mentally in his relationships in business you’ve got to be that type of a person you’ve got to be able to go all-in if you want your business to grow you’ve got to find a way of becoming more and better and growing so you can contribute and give to more people number eight and that is you gotta surround yourself with people who have your vision I Gary got up as Russell was on stage it was he and then as one of the guys basically started warrior with him Jeremy so Garrett and Jeremy we’re up talking with Russell it was just fascinating just to kind of see how important it is as far as the people who around you again Jeremy and and gear when they started having they didn’t know how to even work a camera and so they went through a businessman we didn’t know what we were doing but because of this we change this and we did this and and continue to grow together but the idea behind it was Jeremy was so focused in and believed all 100% on what he was doing and I can tell you in the success of ClickFunnels™ we just literally were with our partner kon or a partner oops our partners we just had a big partner meeting and in with our partners here we kind of Russell took the opportunity to create or to record an episode for for marketing secrets podcast and went around they said you know what did you learn and so all six of us as far as partners and co-founders basically shared what we learned over the last three years in building a company’s gone from zero to over a hundred million dollars impacting live over 55,000 of ClickFunnels™ users and just what have we learned and you know one of the main things that all of us agreed was the importance of people the people that you surround yourself with in your business and you’ve got to be willing to you know to go L all-in on those people the last one which to me it really touched me emotionally probably the most as a father was really to understand that you never ever give up on family we Russell did a podcast just recently with Nathan latke and was talking about gosh you know Russell what do you do with all this within the money you’re making all this kind stuff what are you investing in and he said you know what I’m best in is my family cuz what are we talking about Edie actually if again if you’re not Pauline rustled marketing secret you gotta fall in that marking secrets calm basically we’re also spend a ton of money on his side yard of you know he’s got nine trampolines now he’s got a basketball court a basically a baseball diamond in the back kickball soccer field volleyball court all these kind of things that are just for his family to basically spend more time with his family and enhance that relationship and it was fascinating to me as I saw Garrett doing the same thing I’ve listened and I followed geared for years and he’s always so he’s on basically Danielle as his second second marriage he’s got two two beautiful daughters with Danielle but he actually has a son from his first marriage his name is Parker and I’ve heard I’ve talked about this for years but it was Parker was at the event yeah oh my gosh this is really cool and so Garrett basically got up and he talked about his son Parker and he said yeah we’ve been so Parker’s 18 years old just graduate from high school it’s lived with his mom up in Canada and he and Garrett have not had a very good relationship at all for years but this last year he decided Noah I’ve got to find a way of connecting with my son and so he started basically texting him every single day and with no response from Parker at all in fact I know this is his right number what’s going on he won’t respond to me he was talking to his wife Danielle and said you know I’m just done with this you know what this kid he’s on his own I’ve said you know if Texas guy over 30 times not responding me and Daniels like if you give up now on him you’ll lose him forever and I said all right all right I’ll keep going it was after two months of daily texts with no response that Parker finally responded to a text and at first it was just one time a week and then it was two times a week and then three and then it was once a day and it was so fascinating for me to see Parker and his dad Garrett both up on stage today as Garrett announced that now his son Parker is now part of his family Danielle and they’re their two girls and he’s basically moved in and is now working for wake up warrior movement and I thought you know how important family is so with all that said and again I had the opportunity to Parker afterwards and said you know Parker tell me more about it he goes you know what I didn’t believe my dad I just didn’t believe it you know I we’ve been he hasn’t had anything to do with me for years and years I thought you know he’s telling what he’s doing that some ploys got going and he said you know what it wasn’t until you know after two two and a half months of text that I realized you know what he’s really he’s really trying so I tell you no matter what the whole reason we do business is because of our families and I would tell you to no matter where you are in your relationship anything else spend time enhancing and building deep deep relationships with your kids with your spouse with your significant other whoever it might be let them know how much you appreciate them and if the relationship is not where it needs to be do whatever it takes to make that happen that’s the whole reason we do what we do so with all that said I wanted to kind of wrap things up and basically tell you those the nine things I learned while I was out warrior con with Garrett and with Russell and everything else highly recommend that you guys again if you haven’t gotten a copy of expert secrets I don’t know why you haven’t but go to experts secrets comm just get a copy of the book and more important than that is implement do it take a principle in there and start doing stuff if you haven’t already started a podcast at Facebook live and a blog something like that start producing content document the process all that kind of stuff I’m gonna talk more about the importance of document product cast or document your process in my next episode so with all that said just wanted to say you know how much we appreciate all that you guys do as far as listening to this podcast and again hopefully you have the opportunity airing this with others and again let me know if this is a value to you and if it is if you want more of this type of stuff as far as my sharing what I’m learning while I’m on the road working with our affiliates and everything else please let me know thanks again dr. Soong thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at ha no hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker radio.com forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio comm forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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9 Digital Marketing Secrets From Warrior Con and Garrett J. White

9 Digital Marketing Secrets From Warrior Con and Garrett J. White