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Aaqib has focused on building a legacy. He helps Muslim entrepreneurs build an online business through Facebook advertising. He is a 2 Comma Club member of ClickFunnels™. He has helped many entrepreneurs build 4, 5 and 6 figure businesses using Facebook.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to funnel hacker radio I’m your host Dave Woodward and today you guys are in for a massive massive exciting day because I’d be opportunity to having a kiva med who is going to be just exploding your minds with crazy cool things all around Facebook Ads Facebook boss at some of the fun stuff there so I keep welcome hey thank you for having me it’s a pleasure to be here so for those you guys don’t know Aki he’s absolutely brilliant he’s been on TV six different times the seven-figure sale is one of our two comma Club winners in fact one of my favorite things it was the picture you post of your mom holding their stock your two columns of attack that was a killer love yes obviously Facebook marketing experts but anything else IQ before we dive in you want to make sure people know about you now I’m just legacy focus for me it’s not just about the money but the impact and the legacy and I’m so proud even after you know we are doing seven-figure sells online through Facebook marketing what I’m most proud of is my mom’s cooking know most commonly today most proud of is over seventy four five and six figure success stories you know Muslim students are starting from scratch and building five and six-figure businesses you know online that’s what I’m most proud of it’s not my business but the legacy my students leave behind that’s what makes you know what I’m doing pretty unique I think you know I keep that was one of things I was doing some research as far as just kind of looking at your Facebook page and guess what follow okay go to facebook.com you sports last legacy builder Donna key which is a a qib so again facebook.com forward slash legacy builder dot a AQI be and it’s so cool there to see all the testimonials up and again I I love you’ve got your four zeros and your five zeros and I think it’s so cool seeing just the excitement of your students and and the success again I there’s nothing more exciting than having success for other people I just I mean yes it’s always fun having your own success but there’s nothing greater and again that’s why I’m so excited to have you on today because your whole thing is about building legacy in a community that’s been really underserved for a long time so your your your business is you know entrepreneurial Muslim and really helping really get that entire community to build as large you know Muslims helping mills and helping Muslims build all my businesses through Facebook I think is it’s just such a cool niche where you’re really serving a community that men and women it’s just super super cool I love to see what you’ve done yeah it’s a unique unique edge and that’s why they can’t bring me back on to you they like keep coming always my food it was a roomy back and make a difference and we launched about just about the money it’s about having a legacy system to a system stands for save yourself stress time energy money and if you can have a legacy system where you can make money contribute to the world and make a big difference and that’s what it’s all about for me and er revanchist Larry Wilson my sister built pioneers who are going to dominate industries are going to write history and building a business empires that 11 the 50 that I have Vander it’s not always been easy I was broke a couple of years ago and this is no sob story you know so I’m not trying to use an X expert secret but can take comes in three offices this is the iesson real review you know I’ve been broke it’s not easy being Pakistani you know it’s not easy being a ground value now parents a lie being and be an engineer be a doctor be an accountant I was like no I would be an entrepreneur and they’re like excuse me what’s that are like yes this internet thing they’re like okay with the best test so yes be a difficult better I actually love this and I love working in my pajamas you know I mean my shoes are you know makes it Vegas I’m a professional weather yeah nozzoli love what I do is the laptop lifestyle you know it’s not a get-rich-quick it takes time it takes effort takes hard work but if you have a proven system if you have sincerity if you have a story which I’m sure you have you need to get it out they need to make you know make make the intention to you know turn your passion into your income and that’s what it’s about you know I’m a spiritual person you know I love my faith it’s not the best represented in the media you know but I love Islam I’m proud to be a Muslim and I just want to spread peace and love and honor give out this message that you know as a practicing Muslim you know I can be entrepreneurial I can smile and I can give that to the world as well I love it I’m says I noticed you started exercising but make sure you’re doing it too before right after your morning prayers and I think it’s again it’s neat to see I get that being a Mormon I’ve obviously been very strong in my faith as well and I think that it’s fun for me to see others who are strong in the faith and able to get out there and basically as they talk about it to to use it as a part of their business as well not from a leverage standpoint but really as a legacy to really help those who who may not know so well yes I’ve right into this I think um from a Facebook standpoint this you’ve really kind of become a huge facebook marketing expert tell me a little bit about how what are some of the things you’re paying attention to right now from Facebook and for those people who might need help with it would be some tips and tricks you tell them they should be focusing on as far as Facebook Ads yeah I think the first thing is have a vision so it will sauce up with your vision my vision is to build pioneers on a bit more leaders we can get out there make money and have a big impact and before I came on to the whole Facebook stuff I did a whole blue ocean strategy like you know eight years ago also how do i dominate this industry which no one’s really starting out on and it’s all about looking at what’s going to come up in the next couple of years so I think as I virtual reality augmented reality facebook Messenger BOTS in a mixing artificial intelligence with your facebook marketing and a facebook ads which are like 360 degrees and you have like your running Facebook ads on to them and then things like Holograms you know I saw Tony Robbins do an event I think it’s an Australia where he was like a hologram and he could appear in different locations and so it’s about looking ahead and innovating a more I’m a big believer of innovation and even that there’s a lot of Facebook marketing experts I a post yesterday I was lying for Facebook marketing in the Muslim space even though I charged you know ten times more than anyone else you know still people come to me and even if you have a program that’s 10 times unit cheaper I guarantee that people are still going to come to me because of my success stories my track record and my legacy message so it’s about being really confident in your brand message your story and not worrying about competition and just getting started you know you’re not going to make a million dollars in your first couple of days it’s no hype in air being honest you have to work hard they need a mentor you want to do Facebook ads it’s such a great skill to you know learn you know I can run Facebook ads and I could go on holiday and you know have an automated system where my sales guy is converting you know the cells on the backend and you know your honor your honor work on your business and not just exciting you know but you don’t to be a slave of the system another you so I know you said about Facebook marketing and Facebook ads but I believe is a whole mindset is the whole psychology the whole science behind your productivity so you know waking up in the morning you know doing your prayers and you know going to the gym and I start my work usually in the morning because that’s when I’m most productive and if you can have that same mindset on Facebook then I measure Facebook marketing much more powerful much more influential you can dominate your industry and be a leader as though and I I even thought about doing this in a mainstream and I think I can even take the same Muslim branding into the mainstream and inspire people like even my ClickFunnels™ post the other day with my mum you know over 500 lights and so many comments my friend was buzzing like it was in my pocket I build all that wow this is just so much love and so many people were sending me family crest they wanted to you know wanted me to mentor them and I just overwhelm with so much love by in and non-muslims and my whole focus is the humanity you know it’s not just one particular face I love different face you know what about love and peace and being authentic and you know being the best version of myself and you know I don’t know I don’t have a this podcast just happiness and fluffy and you know love and peace we’re going to get into some practical you know Facebook marketing strategies but this is the whole foundation that you know you can build on as well I love that I think it’s as you mentioned that’s the foundation you need to come from and I think once you’ve got that foundation laid at that point you can really start to really grow and build your business so I congratulate you on how you’ve done that thank you so much so let’s talk a little bit about the ideas for our Facebook bots I know that’s you know many Chad is one that we’ve used quite a bit what yeah what are you seeing with the messenger box how are you using them and what’s working what’s not yes set up a messenger bot where I did a 42 speaker a Muslim business online event last year I had 43 speakers then it was like within like three to five days I had all 40-plus speakers booked it was amazing I just reached out said you want to speak on my event and it’s kind of evergreen as well so set up a facebook messenger bar and I use many chat as well I look to other ones but many chance more user friendly and email marketing is kind of going on a decline you know people are getting bombarded with hundreds of emails like every day but it could be a pioneer you can you know differentiate yourself get many chat look at the Help section you know reach out to me set up a facebook Messenger bot and it automates your Facebook messages in a way where you can build another list you can build a brand asset like you know I was able to do seven figure cells of an email list of like nine thousand subscribers you know you don’t need a big demolish you need a higher hyper targeted segmented list so that you can reach out to them and face the message your boss is all about intimacy it’s all about connecting on a much deeper level using the power of segmentation and quizzes so you can really get your message out there and connect with people on a one-to-one level by a small language it’s more scalable and yeah facebook Messenger bot if you’re not going to use them now then you’re crazy you need to jump on this ASAP you know sign up for many chat get a pro version and then look at you know growth tools I set up a Facebook post okay use an image as well give ass-kisser free valuable content like a video or PDF get people to comment on your post get them to say yes or you know I’m in or I’m interested and you send them an automated message from your mess Jabar you start building your messenger list and you can send them messages just like your email list and we can build up your subscriber list on space but I think it’s so powerful because I’m CIPA is like 90 percent and click-through rates of over 30% to my facebook Messenger bot list whereas my email marketing is like 20% you know five percent click-through rate so the opportunity is huge we have you know facebook Messenger bots so let’s talk about this the mechanic this year so obviously and go to minute they can set that up they can get pro version and so some of the main things that we take a look at I know from ours so basically they set that up they then go ahead they create a post and then in the post if a person makes a comment by making a comment whatever you can actually trigger it so whatever the word is they get a separate message correct yeah yeah set per message and then one you send them the message they have to reply back to confirm this is a qualified subscriber and then you can send them an autoresponder by a facebook messenger bot where it’s like are you earning under six figures are you making five figures okay based on you know your your awareness level which is in a marketing is getting a whole new dilation nice there’s no one-size-fits-all it’s about awareness levels it’s about looking at where what the pain points are what’s the process what solution they want and it’s about putting them into buckets you know if you put them into different buckets based on the income level based on their their interest in your brand that’s what makes Facebook Messenger but it’s really powerful I think that’s the part that a lot of people have missed recently as I’ve seen a lot of people just communicate their audience as a whole but the main thing that we’re seeing and using a lot of messenger BOTS for is yeah it’s really segment your list to play on buckets so you can identify those are certain niche they’re going after are they more focused on online or offline are they are they wanting to learn more they wanted someone to do it for them I mean there’s whole bunch a different things I get on the income levels another one so I’m yeah love what you deal with that kind of thats super super cool yeah and then Facebook groups so I wanted to build a community an ecosystem where people can network and I saw what dish the marketers and I saw what click photos has done they build a tribe a coach so I built my own Facebook group of you know we’ve got over 23,000 members in there just on Facebook group alone I’ve been able to do six-figure sales and I took Jeff Walker’s product launch formula and I try to do that on a Facebook group so deep reframing you get people excited and then with a limited time window you get them to opt in to your email list or you get you take them to an offer just on Facebook groups alone you can make money you can give great content and the Facebook groups are so powerful you know you want to have a Facebook group that’s a must have going to build a tribe going to build an ecosystem you want to build a network of like-minded people and just recently Facebook groups they’ve got segmentation where you can people have people have to fill out a certain questions before they join your group house you know we click funnels where before people join the group they have to fill out certain questions that we’ve seen that as well oh yes of course yeah it’ll actually work really powerful you gives gets people more serious and the more segmented someone is the more serious they are the better prospect they are and that’s the future you know having artificial intelligence you know robots dominate your face – marketing – backup of data numbers of statistics they could do things in the most scalable way and then you have a Facebook group of tribal community and ecosystem where you’re giving them great content and yeah just viously group insights came about have you seen that a little bit tell me more about what you’re finding are using it it’s amazing group insights I’m seeing where people are forum or posts are getting the most views I didn’t realize I was getting down much engagement is like you know we’ve got thousands of active people in the group you know facet of views coming you know every month size of engagement as reactions as engagement it breaks the debates it down by demographic it breaks it down by gender by 50 it tells you who your top members are that’s data that you can use on your group to run marketing campaigns and I finding people between 23 and 35 across UK and us Muslim based that’s my idea audiences there’s really powerful because then I can I can use that data and run the Facebook Ads to them and I could be retargeting under it’s amazing how to do the detailed Facebook goes into you there I’m day yeah can you hear me yeah you broke up with your second affection I wanted not sure no I agree as far as the insights are amazing and I think the key for a lot of us is is many people I sent talk to get so much data come in they don’t know what to do with it so what are some of the main things that you’re paying attention to in the insights what as you’re building the legs your legacy build a brand were some of the key insights that you’re looking for I mean the key data is how people communicate what language patterns are they’re using one of their frustrations whether they’re pain point when people leave a comment when people leave you know a message what’s the biggest frustration what’s the biggest solution that they’re looking for and then you know what’s the income level like what is stuck on that specific income level what is it that mainly drives them what is it that you know mainly influences them what’s their buying patterns like how much are they purchasing per month what are they investing in these are things you can use and put into your marketing campaign you know you can use surveys you can be posed and that becomes really powerful once you do that data you can customize your marketing campaign on the front end you can segment people out into you know who’s go you know who’s just starting out who’s got a six-figure business who’s got a seven-figure business you can map how funnel based on the different segmentation levels and face a messenger bots are great for that also in having a Facebook group is really powerful for that as well so tell me when you’re looking at what complaints we’ve heard from some people with regard to the messenger BOTS and that is feeling like they’re not that they lose the connection with the people or the people feel like it’s not really them responding I know for for our team here one of things we’ve struggled with with Russell is a lot of these people want to actually communicate it’s when they think it’s Russell talking they think oh my gosh that’s actually russell brunson versus apps a bot so how do you how do you do things to to make sure they understand that it may not be you but at the same time it’s worth their paid attention to yeah really good question and you want to have different forms of communication so you can have video you have images just constantly sending them in a one form of communication like in a text after text they’re going to be that always another you know messenger ball it’s not really us though it’s just automated message not really going to care versus a video if it’s an image which you can do by many chat as more intimacy as more connection and then it will be like oh wow you know this may be you know an automated message but because it’s a short sharp video then they’re going to respond to that and I think that’s the way forward you know having sure sharp you know communication message which change the state if you can change the state of your audience who you know messenger BOTS that’s what’s going to make it more effective and I mean it really is the best way or even an audio message saying hey I’m Ursula hey I’m a cube you know here’s what I have a question for you what’s your biggest challenge or what would you like to learn message me back and I promise you I will read your message so things like that can really bump up the the credibility of messenger boss and make them more exciting as well I keep that awesome I love that idea now it’s a mighty cool approach more books I thought that underscores us that’s pretty good I’m sorry we’re also going to start using that though I think it’s fantastic I think the main thing is again we got to joke around earlier about this whole you know the VR type of stuff and you know using a lot of the robotic things and I think what people really want is they want to be able to feel like they’re connecting with you that they’re that’s authentic that’s a real connection so I think again audios and videos things like that that you can add into your your messenger box that’s fantastic well yeah what other ideas do you have as far as anything else on the bots that we need to be aware of I believe that innovation is the combination of two industries coming together and I’m always even a lot of people are doing Facebook marketing I believe that innovation is what drives you know Facebook marketing forward so where you have chocolate and you have cake you bring it together becomes chocolate cake when you have chicken and you have ice they come together to becomes the chicken dish that’s that’s innovation on a simple level when you take the concept from two different industries and bring it together that makes it really pop so when it comes to say teasing messenger bot artificial intelligence back to a facebook marketing is what’s going to drive you know this new innovative form of Facebook marketing you know moving forward people just need to jump on it start testing start testing start asking questions I mean I reach out to me are more than happy to help you give you some advice give some guidance and just got to take action you know a lot of people listed podcasts a lot of people listened to you know content but it on take action okay one form of action everyday making a commitment to wake up early in the morning to you know start your work and the B legacy focused as well I think that’s fantastic well Cuba’s we kind of get close to wrapping things up your anything else you wanna make sure his listeners or followers understand with regard to Facebook Ads or groups are bots yeah I think that we face because you want to have a funnel you know obviously sign up for click funnels quick shout-out to click funders for you wanna hear my link to exact works but your honor you know on a seriously your honor I have a funnel in place there’s a high thinking funnel you can have a product launch funnel or tripwire funnel you know funnel that I’m using is Facebook as an auto webinar going to in Ottawa and a sign-up page to an auto webinar people apply the book a call and then my sales guy I don’t call him a sales guy B as a coach you know sells them a premium product on you know on the Skype call but to run a successful Facebook ad you want to make sure you have a fun in funnel in place a father that can bring you back you know two dollars three dollars back in sales I found Facebook marketing campaigns well for every one dollar you know I put interface because we’re getting like seventy dollars back you know in sales you know it’s crazy and it’s all about a psychology understanding your audience the pain points and just getting started the whole purpose of this podcast now is not to bombard you have lots of information and I’m sure you’ve heard some of this information before but take action on the one piece time giving you you know go to many chair set up Facebook Messenger BOTS and they just get serious about this take one form of action and also start working you know early in the morning you know start your day is early at like you know five six o’clock in the morning and you just feel much more productive and you want to leave that legacy behind when you die what are you going to be remembered for what legacy you’re going to leave behind your honor be remembered as the you know song who made a difference so I’m who you know help families become happy who left a legacy behind as Facebook such a powerful tool because back in the days people have to pay so much money to just get on TV and radio and it wasn’t you can even you couldn’t even track it you know you’re going on TV reaching so many people but it wasn’t trackable you know doing their demographics there were no you know interest levels but on Facebook it goes it goes right down to even income levels so if you have you know Facebook marketing dialed in there’s a demographic you know psychographics based on you know lots of different data points then it becomes much more powerful and the Facebook ad do look like audience you know upload your email list as a custom audience and those such as recently faces got a new – we can you know match your customers based like lifetime audience you can be seen that it’s like a lifetime audience tool as well that’s awesome yeah that’s all good just come out recently yeah it’s really possibly when I leverage all of these tools and set up your Pig so I just take action even though I fell on campaigns I mess up but it’s about testing and you know being able to failure and just test a five ten dollars a day and just take action don’t be a sheep just take action and get on with it because a lot of people that consume information and nothing information is pointless unless you take action they want a form of action from this podcast probably I promise you you know message me on Facebook and you know tell me that you listen to this podcast and I promise y’all you know give you extra support and I’m extremely busy I’ve got lots of messages every day you know even marriage proposals but it’s crazy Regina Papa I miss you you know to say that you know you you listened to the podcast you benefited I’ll give you some more personal advice and doesn’t just want to give a value but just want to make sure that you’re getting value and you can make a difference really well I keep I really appreciate that I appreciate that the way you continue to give give for those people trying to get a hold of a key this is facebook.com/ for slash legacy builder a a qib so I keep thanks so much I look forward to talking to you real soon and again congratulations to you and your mom because thank you so much and I absolutely love this and yeah I was a big fan of funnel haka videos a dream of mine to be on this because on the world’s leading in a podcast form ah which is an entrepreneur so really honored and privileged and you know thank you so much and cuz I can meet you soon Dave and get your gift as well it sounds fantastic you take care take it thanks you listen to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Donnell hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at Donnell hacker radio.com forward slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is fill the funnel hacker radio comm forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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-The thing that is the most important to Aaqib is the success that others are able to achieve through his program.

-Innovation and being on the new side of technology and marketing are huge for Aaqib.

-His foundation for his business is his religious belief and that hasn’t restricted his business strategy at all but has helped it establish itself and branch out.

-The bots of Facebook Messenger.

-When building his legacy brand Aaqib has specific insights he looks for to best target those who are willing to jump on board.

-Having a personal connection with his customers while still using messenger bots.


“That’s what I’m most proud of is its’s not my legacy but the results that my students leave behind, that’s what makes what I’m doing pretty unique I think.”

“If you can make money, contribute to the world and make a big difference then that’s what it’s all about for me.”

Aaqib Ahmed, Facebook Groups, Bots and Ads

Aaqib Ahmed, Facebook Groups, Bots and Ads