Akbar Sheikh, Homeless To 2 Comma Club Status

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Akbar Sheikh lived in a janitors closet. He sold his car so he could start his business. He worked and focused on his “7 Secrets To Success.” Last year he found himself on stage receiving a “2 Comma Club” Plaque from Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels™. This award proves that he has sold over a million dollars through an online sales funnel.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward all right everybody welcome back to funnel hacker radio you guys are in for such a massive explosion of excitement and ideas today I am so so excited to introduce to you guys a dear friend of mine who has been through it all like a lot of entrepreneurs but his story is so captivating and I want to introduce you guys right now – Akbar Sheik Akbar welcome hey dude thanks for having me it’s a pleasure I am so so excited to have you on this is one of those things we you and I first met and actually a sense of time together phone hacking live and as you were as we awarded you the two comma Club slack and I heard your story I was so so excited for you because you’re a man who does never ever quit and never ever gives up and I thought you know what people need to see what it takes at times to succeed when you literally have absolutely you burned all the bridges and you make sure that no matter what I’m going to make this thing happen so real quick I want you to die then it’s kind of tell you to tell the story you told me at frontal hacking life about how you basically went from being a homeless to one of our two comma Club winners he had a super emotional is awesome I remember texting my mom and I was just like you know I was just kind of reminding of the story I mean yes I was wasn’t take a step back you know in my life I feel that life is composed of different orbs right like you have your spiritual health you have your physical health you have your relationship health and you have like what you do on a day to day basis like your why like your job um for me in my life all of those orbs were like not even crushed they were like pulverized right I was super unhealthy I was like 60 pounds overweight I was this toxic relationship wasn’t very like spiritual or like you know the meditation stuff and I hated what I did for a living so it’s just not it’s not like one thing was wrong like I was driving a four-song their car maybe one cylinder is bad but I was driving for you know Ryan’s on this and the gas tank was full of like you know water um so I just honestly I got to power I broke as a person I literally broke I I ended up I literally ended up at the hospital um and I frankly I should have died to be honest with you not to get graphic but I really should have I feel like I would say I feel like there was divine intervention and I feel I was saved immediately I took very serious advantage of that I dropped kind of all my bad habits and I started fixing all these orbs I started getting healthy I lost 50 pounds I moved on to a much much healthier relationship I started like meditating be more spiritual arm and you know praying and stuff and everything was going well now I’m like well on the road to recovery but you know what was still like messed up is I hated what I did for a living at the time I was in our retail and I hate retail I call it mainly it honestly I heard some handmade prints because you’re stuck in this box or they’re nothing but angry customers all the thought of it are customers to think that they’re right so every day every day I’m searching searching and matter of fact I was searching on Craigslist every single day I wanted something to do something different finally I bumped into some online offering it was like a like an online franchise I suppose I guess in the realm of like network marketing but not not so much and it was about selling digital products online and the second I saw that day honestly I felt like the dude um Keanu Reeves from like the matrix right I just saw everything clearly like for the first time in my life you know I saw like a big red call-to-action and like I know why that’s red I know why that’s there and I saw this big testimony in like I know I that’s there I know why that person smiling in that picture like I can just si no experience in the stuff that I just saw and I’m like this is what I want to do I have to be involved in this um but I was like you know I’m just recovering from almost dying in Oscars I have nothing to my name um and I literally only have one eye I would have nothing to my name but this time I had left everything right and I went to and I migrated West to California and I was looking for an office oddly enough I had no money for an office I don’t have no idea why I was looking for an also season end up in dislike back road you know industrial building in some weird area in the off skirts of San Francisco and she’s giving me the tour of the building I’m like I have no idea why I’m even on this tour and at the end of the tour it’s like it was like a movie there was like this dark corner there I hate and like this door I’m like what’s that over there and she’s looking at me weird like what she’s like that’s the electrical room that’s where we house the wires for all the phones in the building and I said can I see it and she’s looking at me like what like ok so I guess so she takes me in there it’s a size like a decent walk-in closet you know like that someone will have in their home there’s all wires everywhere exposed vents no windows look it looked like a jail from a third-world country and I was like ELISA and I just told him I stretch to listen I have no money I had to pick oh I’m looking for a fresh light can I live here and lucky for me she was like this old school hippie and she looked at me weird she’s like I’m sure obsession oh she felt for me she’s like sure there’s a hundred it like a hot like around $100 a month utilities included so no windows no showers no bathroom to shave or to wash my face I had to take a hot plate put a pot of water eat it up and kind of wash up and kind of you know use like some reflection of something as a bird of I had a cardboard box as like coffee that’s how I was living you know and yeah so then I discovered this I wanted to be on I wanted to get online I want to start my online business but as you know Dave you need a little bit of seed money to start right but I’m not Here I am in a shoe closet you know with no windows not any money I have one asset to my name a beat-up 1986 I mean real beat-up old Mercedes and it’s not nearly as awesome at that sound okay it was what I was worth $2,000 and I sold it and and people are telling I’m crazy because I at this point don’t have a job I don’t have any money like you need a car to get around try to like interview for jobs and you know try to make it happen I was because you know I was living like the middle of Noah and I did I just burnt the bridge I just literally burnt the ship down as well you know what they call and I said no I’m all-in and I went in with this mentality day but you know I’m all-in and I’m just going to make this have been in a fight and there’s no fail here like I’m just I’m cashing in all my chips and I took that $2,000 Dave and um you know I I got into that business and guess what my first month on the phone every single day on every single day talking to potential clients every single day not a single sale not a single cell for a whole month for a whole month and this is where I am witnessing day there were 99 10 people just as a matter of fact probably that the first week so they just they just give up and they go back to the job or whatever it is or they always try something else but and that was me but I I’ve failed and my business is way before you know before and I love that was me but this time I mentality my mindset was totally different so I said to myself date you know what the phone’s ringing I can Gary’s online daily I’m just not closing so it’s not the system that’s wrong and I find most people blaming the system it’s something I’m doing something wrong because I’m getting the least I’m just not closing so guess what I tweaked my closing my my script I tweaked my script and guess what ah I closed my first sale and I remember as I always did hi tickets of embers 500 ollars and then next month I closed to sales and then I made a thousand a month and then 2001 three thousand a book then 10 then 20 to 30 to get book all fed up it up and here we are today and it all goes back to selling that receeded that living in that closet it’s been a while journey I feel very blessed to refer to it you know I am I was so so excited when we were sitting there in Dallas and you showed me your phone and I saw the text to your mom and I just I got so emotional because I’m the father of four boys and a beautiful wife and I can only imagine how your mom must have felt knowing where you come from and just the excitement of seeing you holding up picture of a – comical plaque and having gone literally from homeless in a closet yeah basically getting those kind of numbers I I felt so much compassionate excitement and love just for you as an individual I thought you know what your monsters got to be so so proud yeah a lot of tears flow a lot of tears okay well congratulations and it gives everyone else I highly highly recommend that you guys just follow our example and just make it happen just go for it again this is we’re going to wrap this episode up here as far as our Monday motivation I just hope you guys take the time to go out there and really just crush it and just know that you can actually make this stuff happen so thank you guys so much have an amazing week and we’ll talk to you guys real soon thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at fungal hacker radio comm forward slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to bundle hacker radio comm forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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-What it takes to go from homeless to 2 comma club.
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“Just make it happen. Just go for it.”


Akbar Sheikh, Homeless To 2 Comma Club Status

Akbar Sheikh, Homeless To 2 Comma Club Status