Akbar Sheikh, How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant

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Akbar Sheikh has become a very successful funnel builder. More importantly he has become even more successful at making his competition irrelevant. He reveals his secrets to getting publicity and influencers to help establish his authority.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward all right everybody welcome back to funnel hacker radio you guys if you haven’t heard Akbar sheiks story I’m going to highly recommend you go back and you take a look and listen to one of our mundane motivations I forget exactly which episode it is but I highly recommend you take a look at because he’s going to tell you exactly how he went from homeless to be one of our two comma Club winners in a very very short period of time and what it takes when you have to have to burn the boats to make things happen in your life you highly recommend you guys go back use that as far as background you haven’t listened to it make sure you take the time to listen to it but right now I want to make sure we go in and we maximize Akbar s time because she’s going to talk to you guys right now about how to make your competition irrelevant so Akbar welcome to the show hey then because it is I am so excited for us today because you know obviously you have this crazy story of massive success let it go from homeless to be one of our two comma Club winners I had such a great time with you at our funnel hacking live event and just seeing your story and seeing the text that you wrote to your mom about how you basically went from living in a closet literally a closet with no windows and heating things up on a hot plate even take a bath in these are most types of thing Lily going from that to being on stage with Russell giving you a plaque that having made over a million dollars in a funnel and I just was so so excited because I know how much that must admit to your mom and I just I’m so excited for you because you’ve gone you’ve taken that environment you’re going on to so many other things I know he’s got a mastermind coming up here pretty soon with Rex Peterson a Dallas you’ve got you’ve been working on Facebook influencers you’re doing a ton of stuff in the PR that’s really some of the stuff I want to spend time talking about right now and that is your primary focus right now is trying to help people really go and take their message so that they can when they present the people they can basically make their competition you’re relevant I love that topic so with all that said let’s kind of dive in and say what are some of the stuff you’re doing right now and how does it work to help people actually make your competition you’re relevant and what do you mean by you’re relevant so Dave it’s interesting you know we’re looking at a lot of you know primarily I’m a funnel coach and a lot of people come up to me with their funnels and say look things are not working well I’m not making as much as I want to be a we know I’m stuck in an income things of that nature and what I’m noticing and they’re very afraid of their competition and they’re always talking about their competition listen I gotta be honest with you I you know one of the things that is I’m a funnel builder I do not have any idea how many funnel builders they are I mean you know more than any else it takes thousands of oh you don’t say everybody’s a part of it but can I tell you something it’s irrelevant to me it absolutely doesn’t matter how many of them how many how many they are and I’ll tell you what because guess what there’s only one aqua right and that’s what people are not understanding and people are not you know truly undervaluing themselves they they’re all listening I’m just this guy I’m not you know and you don’t know how wrong you are here’s people there’s a concept called funnel hacking and it’s quite possibly one of the most beautiful concepts in the world but I do feel that most people have the wrong idea about it or how to do it I don’t feel that most people are doing it correctly to me the funnel hacking is when you see what’s working and you see what they’re doing right and that’s a structure that’s a formula and what ends up happening is people just start copying and pasting right word by word and it’s so funny sometimes you’ll even see like they the person they’re comping from their website the guy might be Chris and they’ll make an accident and they’ll copy and paste the name to bonus of the Hyman intrat I mean that’s how bad it is right but the thing is true for a gamete you know to make your competition irrelevant is take a proven formula and melt your fingerprint into it you see and what I mean by that everyone has their own unique fingerprint you all have your own unique upbringing your own unique stories you all had different stories growing up different life experiences you’ve been in different relationships you’ve tried and that’s what makes you you is what your interests are what you know what your views are the way you interpret things and then the way you explain things everyone is unique and what you need to understand is that a lot of the times people are buying you before they’re buying your product or your service and a lot of the times I promise you this because I charge a lot I trust more than probably 95% of the 95 to 98% of the Builders out there and they pay me because guess what they relate to me they like me they’re into the content I give them and what’s the formula for that you be you right and that’s enter you be you you be yourself if you just okay and you know people try to like give this other like they try to see someone like the watch Gary Vee or something like okay I guess that works I guess to be like that or whatever is no you want to know what works the best is if you’re just yourself and then people like minded people your ideal clients will be attracted to you because that’s how nature works I mean you know when you put yourself out there as a lead magnet you’re going to attract like-minded people in a nutshell that’s really the formula one of the formula is one of the parts to making your competition in relevant because guess what no one can be you and no one can take that away from you you see we all started from nothing are you all and the problem so many people look at all of this guys so successful I can’t compete with him he’s got a million testimonies oh he’s got this he’s got that guess where he started oh god no I think that is so important I think one thing she may mention them there are is the importance of people understanding that listen people want to work with people who they know like and trust and we talked about that a ton and I think that’s why you have you have to be authentic it’s got to resonate with people you’ve got to be the type of person as you’re putting yourself out there that you attract other people like you that you want to do business with so I love love what you’ve been how you’ve been building that so tell me one of the things that you create guys more than welcome I wanted to find out I won things we were talking about before started recording that was this idea as far as the whole PR thing and ABC HCBS and some of the things where you actually tell me you store that one of your clients who basically we’re trying to find out what gosh why in the world magnet pay such a ton of money and then all of a sudden she ends up paying it without anything it’s like about it can you explain to me how that actually works and why um so a lot of people did they’re you know they’re lacking the proper authority or credibility and they’re finding it difficult to make sales they find that they’re losing sales their competition they’re losing sales because they lack this Authority in credibility and those are two main components of a sell you know there’s seven main components of you they need to be strong and if you really want to get sales right that’s authority scarcity good copy tenacity social proof reciprocity and likability right what I call the seven ethical principles of persuasion Authority it’s a thread that I need to slow that down because people may go what what he’s saying so tell me those sighs I don’t like that okay so this I’m getting off topic oh but here’s like my seven secrets to success like as far as like me helping to build several seven-figure funnels I strongly inject seven ethical principles of persuasion into a funnel and that is Authority scarcity awesome copy tenacity which is basically an email drip campaign social proof which is like testimonials and all the other reciprocity mean we’re giving value and likeability making sure that if another person is uh basically being themselves look here’s the thing that people don’t understand is that you know someone loves you in your life your mom knows your your wife loves your weight from your girlfriend you’re some there’s some people co-workers there’s people in the world that love you there’s a reason why right and that will carry on to the rest of like the Internet and they’ll love you too because if you open up to them and you show them who you are so anyway back to I lost my train of thought yeah so back to authority is I had a lady it was a high-end do the fifteen thousand dollar deal and she’s asking she didn’t really hate you never heard about me and she said well look they have any testimonies I said sure but she’s sure I’ll get that too meanwhile I mailed her I sent her a link it was me it was a press release where I got covered on Yahoo Finance after the head she never asked me any questions there was no more back and forth she immediately paid an invoice a very high-end invoice and it was because of that instant Authority and credibility and I said and I’d like really a light you know like a lightning bolt moment I was like you know what the people need this I can’t think of a faster quicker and easier way to instantly boost your sales get less less push back and sell your stuff at a higher price than good PR so we developed a system Dave where and I’ve never heard of this before in less than two weeks we guarantee you okay top tier coverage by at least five of these major guys ABC NBC CBS you know Yahoo Finance um LA Times so on and so forth right now you get to put that on your website on your emails in this net overnight your brand changes as one of the things I love about the internet so much is this instant gratification you know how things can look right away yeah I live well can you give people a couple tips on how they can do that kind of stuff yeah we we basically offer the service for if you go to my website we all call for you will write the press release was worded um and that’s where a lot of try to kind of do it on their own they’re like um yeah let’s not really user me you know good people have a problem brain if you take a look at a lot of people’s Facebook probably click on it right now you know have a little sentence I can’t believe it on readings I guess so many people are copying pasting this thing so much of the same thing right um husband author coach father dentist postman you know it’s like it’s like little one what I think that you know meditator traveler of food foodie as like this is useless okay don’t you get it this is your online business card this is where people are checking you out and the first thing they’re seeing is this useless thing I’m a foodie I’m a notch I’m a serial entrepreneur I’m this I’m like come on you’re kidding me with this no wonder you’re not making anything you know hey listen watch this little formula give the ideal message to your ideal client and give them their idea giving them their ideal result right so when you go on my facebook profile what do you see one of the things you see is I build wildly profitable funnels okay and I have a picture of me showing something that proves that right like a – comical board so what does that mean right instantaneously arm instantaneously they know that okay that’s the result they want they want a wildly profitable funnel they know I do it and then now they check me out and then they come on board you know and I think that’s such a beautiful art that a lot of people are really not taking advantage of now I love that I seriously I love that it’s actually pulling up your facebook page profile page right now and I love that I build wildly profitable thumb funnels member – comma Club you’ve got yourself your picture – comma Club there I just think it’s awesome I helped build I help businesses scale to seven figures but ethically injecting principles persuasion I mean that’s fantastic and I think it’s important as people are out there taking a look at this kind of stuff in getting PR that they’re using it the right way as well so when you’re taking a look at helping to create yeah I tell you something yeah so I lost out sorry yeah it should say something about that this whole Facebook community yes go ahead no sorry um I’ve honestly been behind the scenes for a while and I just got public I just got on Facebook a couple of months ago and I wasn’t really a facebook guy before that most of my friends were not on Facebook you know so I was never really into it Facebook is honestly one of the most powerful thing I’ve seen in my entire lives I have one funnel right now that has generated six figures in the past three months with zero ad spend all from just appropriately branding myself using organic marketing on Facebook and that’s really going to each day wait a second because if they’re going to go hold on a lot of thought you had to run ads all this time so no no take a step back here I help people instead you just said six figures at a funnel in three months yeah out running ads 0 not 0 ads 0 dollars on marketing all what I all influencer organic marketing and this is a formula I want to teach people because I’m seeing what people are doing on Facebook online honestly god bless they just don’t know it’s like this you know they feel like you only use 5% of your brain right people are only using five percent of the power of Facebook right it’s like they’re driving a Ferrari but they’re only using one cylinder you know Facebook is so powerful and by the way did and by the way that’s with a webinar that is not optimized that the pause button doesn’t work there is no email follow-up series it’s completely the goodliest on you see ya your life and I’ve all reason hood by the way this is intestacy okay and it’s from the power of influence marketing on Facebook and well it’s not because I have some to come switch into chemical or anyone and that’s really what I did you do okay so you can have to give me a couple of couple of tips here on exactly how to do it I’m sure people are gonna be going crazy here because I want to find out more from you but yeah so what are some tips on influence organic marketing to become and it really just starts off with with that right so what you do is for example let’s just say you are um let’s just say yourself copywriting services okay so now what you do is you go now I’m just gonna give you the nutshell version of this it’s a very simplistic formula you go into copywriting Facebook groups okay and there’s a bunch of them and you go there and you do nothing but give pure value right hey guys just had this email have like a 30 percent Oh 30 like a 40 percent open rate and like a 20 percent click-through rate and I just wanted to share with you this paragraph and then you break it down right and then people like their jaws drop that wow that’s awesome right and it’s like and understand that people might at this point they might get scared like oh well I’m not that great my brother plays a guitar and he plays terribly right I’m like did that he literally just took I think maybe like two three hours on youtube like lessons and he just you could play like you know down by the bay where the buffer just like one little song but guess what he is actually teaching other people who are beginners because to them my brother knows more than they do so – then he’s an authority and they’re willing to pay him because they he knows more than them even though it’s just a little bit more but he does know more than them and that’s really the only level of expertise you need well you get when you’re getting started it’s just a little bit more than the guy you’re your half now I love that I think that’s fantastic you know what I’m saying yeah yeah absolutely so – anyway you go to these groups you given content and in the jaws drop you’ll be like this to you it might be nothing right so you might be like oh this is nothing sort of everyday but today it’s like wow you know I mean that’s what people are left internalized once you do that people start then they’ll start checking out your profile now if you have I’m a foodie I collect pens I like the color blue and all this nonsense that people are having yeah you’re not going to make any sales but if you say world-class copywriter helping people increase sales by 300% or whatever the case is and be honest guess what people can start checking you out because I said check it out your funnel you’ve already given them awesome value so now you’re credible – the mere and authority of them and the sales become automatic I love that I can tell you this problem the thing I get most frustrated with what I’m talking to people about this kind of stuff and that is everyone seems to be afraid to give first it was like notice I got it I got to pay my bills I got to pay my bills today and I guess your stories that your Monday motivation one of these you’re talking about you know what you went basically on the phone for 30 days and made no sales people have to understand you know what sometimes you have to give and give and give and give and once there’s enough value been given that’s when reciprocity kicks in you start making the money as well so I love love the idea as far as that ability to literally go out and have influence Organic marketing by giving to enough people on Facebook but the key there obviously is your profile page has to be strong enough so when they come back and they can actually do that kind of stuff so I think that’s crazy well yeah Akbar you’ve got again I can’t think you are always such a giver to me and I appreciate all that you do to our community and things as we have kind of close to wrapping things up here what other anything else wanna make sure people know there’s one and I was just thinking there’s one secret I have just the thing I think with funnels but honestly one of the the highest auto eyes I’ve ever had Dave is giving charity okay I find when I give charity I get an abundancy more and I don’t give charity because of that but it’s just a natural law that I have found works now remember this I used to be homeless so I didn’t have money to give back then but back then you know what I gave I gave my time I gave my time like I would volunteer and stuff like that and the thing is even if you smile at someone even if you call your mom or someone and just make them happy just check up on hey auntie Sally House are going or whatever it is you know that’s a charity and okay when you start making more money I try to look enough for nothing I try to give 10% raw not net I try to get 10% role my passion is orphans and I think it’s because my best friend growing up I witnessed him become an orphan um two things for orphans and did you look like 20 people 20 million people that are dying of starvation in this world and to me that’s just the most absurd thing in the world so I try to do whatever I can to stop that but I find that every time whatever I give to charity it comes back to me many many many fold and I like to tribute I like to give you know it charities to do and I’d really like to encourage everyone to do the same and you know I have to put that out there Wow I can say that’s the best way to end this and that is to let people know that the most important thing that they can do and that is to give and I I’m a huge believer in tithing as well ten percent I think it I honestly believe there is a natural law but not kid in law and that is as you give that tenth away and more blesses you so so many different ways again I think it’s fantastic as far as a tenth of your financial things and I think even harder today at times as a tenth of your time and that’s really really cool congratulations on that night I appreciate you leaving leaving that message out there to everybody so again that amazing content as always Akbar but most importantly again I can’t recommend enough your last comment that is give attempt so thank you so much Akbar love having you on and we’ll get this out then publish to the world and hopefully everyone be following your footsteps and we’ll have a ton more – comma Club winners and even more money being given out to charity so thank you so much yeah I know there’s no reason in the world you know I think there was a hundred people on stage last year getting to comma Club there’s no reason in the world can’t be many many many more I’ve seen the funnel because they need a lot of improvement I can help if you go to my website which is myname a KB a RS hei KH comm but I think that click phones is going to generate thousands and thousands of – comma Club members it’s the most powerful platform I’ve ever witnessed in my life and this has been a real honor Dave a really really appreciated well thanks again check out the Akbar Akbar chic com thanks guys we’ll talk to you soon Cheers thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at bottle hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker radio comm forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Akbar Sheikh, How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant

Akbar Sheikh, How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant