Alison Prince, Math Teacher’s Journey To E-commerce Millions

Clickfunnels™ Alison Prince – Math Teacher’s Journey To E-commerce Millions

Clickfunnels™ Alison Prince: Alison reveals her journey from a math and science teacher to blogging and then e-commerce millions. She also reveals how she helped her kids and her friends to change their lives by teaching others how to sell online.

Clickfunnels™ Alison Prince: Journey from a math and science teacher to blogging and then e-commerce millions

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to Monday motivation on funnel hacker radio I’m

your host Dave Woodward today’s episode actually comes from a video we did for expert secrets book launch and this is a story from Alison Prince if you want to see the actual video you can see it over on a funnel hacker TV channel on YouTube but the OTO here is killer so I want to let her just go ahead and take it away with her story so listen to Alison Prince so I have two friends which are still my business

partners to this day and we decided about seven eight years ago to create an online community and start a blog we had heard like all these crazy things about people were making money we devised our master plan on how we’re going to have like the coolest blog ever I’ll tell you what after I think it was two months we actually saw money come in and we were like out-of-control excited I build a site on another platform

and started to sell products and that started to take off so fast I was finding product here in America I couldn’t keep it in stock and I needed to go over to China and oh man this is I look back at it at it and I just like shake my head I got on a plane I don’t know Chinese I don’t know I’ve never been over there my background is a Madison science teacher and we started finding manufactures and we started importing and bringing them back into the United States and we would sell products so quickly and we started

Clickfunnels™ Alison Prince: Tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using

building this community a very very passionate people who are excited about our brand her excited about our product and we would sell out in a matter of minutes I’ve become an expert in selling online I know ourselves over the last seven years I’ve built seven businesses I know crazy huh Supermarine ecommerce I do have the blog and then I just launched an educational site where most of them are in e-commerce and there’s been one that in just a few years to grow it to multi-million dollar brand when she was really

like crazy amazing to be able to do this I learned step by step on how to do this whole process I invested I grew I brought on really good team members and I just learned the night step by step by step and one day I had this little like paradigm shift I guess and my husband and I we were talking about it and we noticed that our kids were sleeping in way too long on a Saturday we decided as parents that we

were going to give them some choices and that was either to start a business or to start doing more chores so that they could have responsibilities they decided to build a business I wanted them to see if they could do it but I didn’t want to hold their hand the whole way we gave him a couple tools we said

Kate go for it and this is like this this is crazy to me they sold over a hundred thousand dollars in nine months so then I was thinking about some of my past experiences and how I’ve talked to other people and they’re living paycheck to paycheck and it breaks my heart I even had one friend who at one point in her life that she came up to me and I I just said me what what’s going on and she said well I have to buy him every pen for my son and I don’t have I don’t have the money to do it but she was afraid that she couldn’t afford it and so after what my daughter’s experienced like this high this amazing height that junior high and elementary kids could do and going back on that experience of my friend who couldn’t afford an EpiPen for her child I knew my life has been changed by it my daughter’s life has been changed

Clickfunnels™ Alison Prince: Online Business Helps Me build my fortune

by selling online and it was my turn I mean it was my turn to shift and start educating start showing people what I have learned called my sister oh and I had a I got a proposal for you she’s like what and she said I said hey would you want to make some money and learn how to make money to fakie yes as a matter of fact I do because my roof is like we need a new roof it’s starting to leak the shingles are blowing off I don’t have any money my husband’s working super hard I’m budgeting I am garage selling I’d love to figure out how to make some more money so I took the process that my daughters did and I gave it to my sister and nine months she sold 129,000 and she got the roof now let’s take this one step cooler

she is still doing it and this is a I think like a really cool part I mean just a cool experience after cool experience just a really cool part she wants to adopt a baby and you know what options super expensive it’s going to cost her 40 grand she is just about there to be able to pay for her adoption and pull so last year I did two courses and at the end of the course I felt I felt like I had sold my soul because I had given so much oh I’ve given so much into this course and my knowledge I knew that it changed lives because I’ve had so many people go through it but I didn’t know how to position it in a way for others to see the value of it and so when I came across Russell Brunson and I was listening to his messages and it’s listening to marketing in your car and all the free resources that he gives online it

it clicked I start reading his book expert secrets I start reading I start studying it and I didn’t know how to get it from here to here I’ve taken all these classes from Russell I’m doing what he says I believe in it was to see what happened so I set a date which was slow at six six weeks later after I joined inner circle I did my first webinar and that first webinar I sold more than I did in an entire year okay that’s cool and everything right but what I think is cooler is what happened inside of me I felt fulfilled I felt that this I really oh my gosh Russell I’m taking a break and I know he said not focus can buy and because you changed my life and then I get to help change other people’s lives too and

Clickfunnels™ Alison Prince: Learn Different Online Course to help your business

I’m sorry I’m crying [Music] so I I did this course and it was different it was different than just selling your product it was me giving my soul in what I truly believed in that can change lives because I know it’s changed mine has changed my daughter’s right there they have money for college now the expert secrets but help me get that message that was stuck in here out and to be able to show others that they can change too because it’s not just a product it’s seriously a life-changing event my daughter’s when they get older and you know if something happens to their husband or they don’t ever get married they have the ability to support themselves they know how to do it they’re getting ready to launch their next

business which is so fun to see as a mom expert secret book help me to know the expert that I truly am and to be able to share my secrets with other people this book this experience was able to help me pull out what I truly am good at and be able to share it my secrets with the world it’s been my best business decision I’ve ever made as I’m sitting here you can see this picture of my family that’s what I have to look forward to is I’m happy I’m I get to be with my family in the future I’m excited to be able to go and educate more people to be able to change more people’s lives my husband’s getting involved with it he’s on the webinars with me answering questions and my daughters are in the background listening and they want to launch their class their course – we know this works we know the value of it and now that we

know how to present it with Russell’s help we can do it that’s the life is about right being excited passion about what you’re doing and that’s what I found now my name is Alison prince and I am an e-commerce and community building expert Wow what you think they’re crazy I want to make sure you guys get a ton more of her information so I’m going to be doing another podcast in a couple days with her detailing all this cool stuff but in the meantime make sure you go out and get a copy of expert secrets you can pick up a free copy over at funnel hacker radio comm forward slash book again funnel hacker radio com4 flash books it’s free plus sipping seven ninety five and the books will be sent to you make sure you read it implement it music and have a fantastic day happy Monday motivation


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“It was me giving my soul and what I truly believed inn that can change lives it changed mine and my daughter’s lives.”

Alison Prince, Math Teacher’s Journey To E-commerce Millions

Alison Prince, Math Teacher’s Journey To E-commerce Millions


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