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Welcome to our first #motivationmonday. Ben Wilson tells his story of losing it all in the Real Estate crash and how what saved him was a “Hot Dog Cart.” If he can do this so can you.


“In the first 45 days I sold over 500 copies of my hot dog course!”

Ben Wilson, How Ben Made $120,000 Selling Hot Dogs

Ben Wilson, How Ben Made $120,000 Selling Hot Dogs

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward everybody welcome back to funnel hacker radio today is a new day for us in fact this is the first episode of our Monday motivation so motivation Monday hashtag motivation Monday here and what we’ve got is I’m going to try every single Monday to bring on a video that we’ve put together basically showing the results of people who are actually implementing the things that have been taught inside of experts secrets things that they’re doing it’s out of quick funnels and the success they’re having these going to short segments highly recommend that you actually watch the videos over on our funnel hacker TV channel so just go to funnel hacker TV and YouTube you can actually see the video there along with a whole bunch of other amazing videos we put together but for right now go ahead and listen I want to introduce you right now to Ben Wilson who actually is a member of our inner circle there was a guy who basically lost everything in 2007 during the crash of the real estate market and then what saved him was a hotdog cart and so I’m gonna let him tell his story go ahead and take a listen right here well I got started because by accident I had never I didn’t grow up dreaming I was going to start a hotdog cart I never even considered it I have a hot dog so all my life but usually cold right out of the pack grew up for and so I used to have a chain of furniture stores my wife and I had opened up a small furniture store ended up growing into a multi-state chain we made a ton of money then in 2007 the housing market collapsed and housing and furniture are tied like this and we lost about six tons of money we went bankrupt and on food stamps and I was trying to figure out a way to feed my kids their spoiled little brats and they wanted to eat everyday and we moved five kids into a two-bedroom mobile home in East Tennessee up in a holler which is like a little crack in the mountain I learned about another vendor who had saved his home and family with a hot dog cart and I was like oh I could do that you know I could get off food stamps and so I decided to get a hot dog cart so I beg pardon stove and and everything I could that wasn’t nailed down to go get a hot dog cart and I got a hot dog cart and and started finding and it worked it actually worked and so I started making money every day I was making cash money and was able to get off food stamps almost immediately within a couple weeks I made a lot of mistakes and a lot of those mistakes you know I corrected as I made them none of them were fatal there were little mistakes some of them bigger mistakes but all of them solvable and and I just kept going and I learned from from that and over time I was able to gain expertise I mean that’s the that’s the true word for expertise I think or the definition is as experience I was able to in the first seven weeks buy two more carts with my profits off the first cart then I was within the first year a little over a hundred and twenty thousand vending with carts and multiple carts running now I made tons of mistakes but I learned from those mistakes and changed my business plan but I was able to accomplish being able to get out of that two-bedroom mobile home were five freaking kids those tough the biggest thing I accomplished I didn’t intentionally become an expert it just happened and as far as the teaching that just was just by pure accident and people were pulling over asking how you know or stopped to get a hot dog and how’d you get started my niece needs help or my grandson needs help or I need help or whatever it is and so I started teaching them and then I put a video on youtube and then that took off like crazy and I say like crazy they got more than three views and I thought I was you can start not really but I but people started messaging me through YouTube and going how did you get started what did you do what about this what about this situation nuts so I just started I created a blog called learn hot dogs calm and that’s what inspired that I’ve been fortunate enough to help thousands of people now and there’s tons of stories I could tell you about the chiropractor that got sick and tired of chiropractic medicine and when the economy collapsed he was also affected and he had multiple offices and he ended up buying one car hoping him and his wife could wing it with one car and then he ended up getting more carts and more carts and more cards and now has a slew of cars or as a police officer that was hit and and although he has disability insurance he was hit by a drunk driver and now does over three hundred thousand eight years you know with a with frickin costs selling hot dogs and so I mean I could go on and on and on about the people that I’ve been able to help but I didn’t I can’t take the credit I hate I hate to go yeah I did that I didn’t do that what I did is provided some information they followed that information they got the success they did all the work so I wrote something they they read it they act played it and and it worked and it works for everyone it’s like digging a hole anybody can dig a hole it’s complete you can use the wrong end of the shovel and still get a hole it may take you longer but if you had an instruction book that said hey which into the shovel are used to do to everybody dig a hole and quick so that’s how this business this and and so I can’t take the credit for making them successful I just provided the information to make it smoother than my trial and error trial by fire that I did I didn’t even know about online selling or online marketing information and already had a hot dog saved my life which is a course not a story but it’s a course and any sold some here and there you know but it wasn’t like it wasn’t an income earner really and and then I found Russell and and I was so inspired by the information I said okay I’m going to take a little piece of this course because that’s what he talks about my book and sell it for like $8.00 I think he suggested like 20 or something in a video I what but I did $8 because it was just a piece of the book you can get the whole book for 20 so I figured I have to chapter afraid and I think about 795 in the first 45 days we had sold over 500 of those little mini courses and that inspired me to join his inner circle which widget which I gathered gobs information on how to create a continuity program and how to build this into a residual income an ongoing income every month the future for me is to be able to do this more to expand exponentially this process and help many other people who feel down and out the truck-driver the sick and never seen his kids ever because he’s always on the road the police officers it’s always scared today maybe as last day the the vet that came back from Afghanistan or Iraq or Kuwait or whatever and doesn’t know what he’s going to do now just go work at Staples or Kmart or Kenny really control his future those entreprenuer types those type-a personalities I want to help lots more of those I want to be able to inspire and encourage those two to show them that they can get real freedom you know not not kind of 3,000 a month I’m talking a real freedom through bending through this information my name is Ben Wilson and I’m a hot dog vending expert well where you going to think our first episode of hashtag motivation Monday super excited and again Ben Wilson is a great friend absolutely crushing it right now because he’s actually implementing every single thing that Russell talks about an expert secrets book if you guys don’t have a copy by all means go get a copy fellow hacker radio.com forward slash book again you guys know the drill at the free plus shipping offer it’s $7.95 highly recommend you guys go check it out funnel hacker radio.com forward slash book and again we look forward to a another motivation Monday coming up in a week thanks to everybody have an awesome week we’ll talk to you guys next week