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alright question number 10 is Natasha hi Russell my name is Natasha and my question is how do i target people on social media and make and funnel so that people can buy products from my store I sell things from home decor to clothing items and the difficulty comes in when purchasing through a funnel because I am using a white labeling service what is the best way to go about doing this great give me another one just kidding okay so ratash this question was she sells here the store so whole bunch of stuff but she dudes a white label services someone else drops shipping I’m guessing it’s kind of the the answer so what I say the biggest problem that kind of a business is like your margins are small right cuz your drop shipping somebody else which is okay um in fact I talk about this a lot of people like flex watches when we worked with them on the profit we talked about this we talked about in other places like buttons ecommerce stores are awesome but the problem the e-commerce stores is hard to profitably drive traffic into them right so I would do is I would look at okay what is something that I can get that that like my dream client the person was going to buy all the rest of stuff in my in my ecommerce store in the future what something I can create that would get them excited and then to raise their hand okay and I would create a separate funnel outside of this whole store I would try to buy stuff in China or create info products or some kind of thing you can have it’s a front-end fun I believe every ecommerce stores have a front-end funnel in fact Shopify some ownership here’s the Shopify sort of shout back is an article on the site that says every single shop buy store should have front end funnel so you have a front end funnel with the goal the front and funnel is build to be profitable profitable through paid ads so you create a front and funnel and so for this I don’t know exactly yoga leggings maybe you find like a special kind of yoga leggings and you go buy them directly a profit margin in there you can funnel it just has that right and then you go and you sell that if you buy that thing and then what happens is they buy they purchase to become a customer they join your list and now you can say hey thanks for buying our sweet yogurt leggings deal by the way this is part of our store click over here and incentive to the store they can go shop around and find all the other stuff okay it’s just like if you look at the real world put in quotation marks to the rule world’s becoming fake and the fake world is can be real but in the real world you get a coupon in the mint in the newspaper that’s like hey come to the grocery store we have Fred Meyer girls is that gay Fred Meyer whatever and giving it hotdogs two for the price of one you’re like huh I want to cut hot dogs like kids tonight so you go there because there’s this predator funnel it brings you in you go in the store yeah where the hotdogs alejandra here and you find the hotdogs and you look around you oh there’s bugs there’s catch there’s mustard there’s barbecue sauce there’s also there’s Stephanie walk around you find other thing and like you walk in the store trying a two-for-one hot dogs you leave spending hundreds of thousands of dollars well that’s a real big card maybe thousands I’m going to a party that’s how it works and the same thing works in ruel like I’m on Facebook strolling around I want to see a super good funnel offer deal whatever that is there was fear they’re going to buy that thing and now you’ve got them as a customer now you can introduce them to your actual store but sending someone from an ad to a store very few people made that profitable so don’t try build a front end funnel bring people and profitably and then send us your store on the back end that’s I recommend and hold the hell it’s not good oh all right there we go one more marketing secret if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at experts secret calm and book number two is called calm secret and you get your free copy at calm secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets to leave you to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world

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Today’s Question: Can I use funnels to promote my e-commerce store when all my products are from a white labeling service?

How do I target people on social media and make a funnel so that people can buy products from my store? I sell things from home decor to clothing items. The difficulty comes in when purchasing through a funnel because I am using a white labeling service. What is the best way to go about doing this?

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Can I use funnels to promote my e-commerce store when using a white labeling service?

Can I use funnels to promote my e-commerce store when using a white labeling service?