Christos Shepherd, How To Get Paid To Ask Questions Or Answer Them

Clickfunnels™ Christos Shepherd: Get Paid To Ask Questions

Clickfunnels™ Christos Shepherd: Co-founder of Campfire, a revolutionary audio app that pays users to ask great questions to their favorite experts, celebrities, and podcasters. Besides eliciting and sharing intimate audio stories, users can donate their earnings to their favorite charities.

Clickfunnels™ Christos Shepherd: funnel hacker radio podcast

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward hey everybody welcome back to funnel hacker radio I’m your host Dave Woodard you guys are gonna love today’s episode we have the opportunity bringing on Krystal Shepard Krystal’s welcome to the show thanks so much for

having me Davis I’ve been looking forward to the show for a week now and I’m finally on it I’m starstruck thank you so much well Christmas is the co-founder of campfire is an ex airline boss one of the things you’re gonna love is just kind of go through this is one of these Christmas is created is something for people as far as podcasters but also for a lot of our funnel hacking community on the ability to get paid to ask questions now we spend a lot of time really talking about the importance of questions and making sure that you’re asking the right questions that your phrasing things the right way but Christos is creating something it’s really cool I want to share with you guys it’s we’re just gonna dive right into this but Christos anything else you want to say yeah

share as far as your background anything else before we dive into campfire and some this time you guys doing I’m the co-founder of campfire so I’d love to talk about campfire be great the other stuff later on as well if you like not a problem alright so what I wanna make sure you guys understand is when we’re looking at creating funnels and you’re working with your prospects and things the importance of questions is super super critical in fact obviously all the stories that we we spend a lot of time helping that people understand the parts of telling stories a lot of times those stories are going to be response to an answer for a question or that you’re actually telling that story in advance of the question trying to resolve concerns people have so the idea for most entrepreneurs is you gotta get really good at asking questions and the reason I wanted to bring Chris was honest this whole campfire app that he has you

Clickfunnels™ Christos Shepherd: how to get paid doing questions

actually get paid based on the quality of the question is that correct or how does that actually work Christo’s that’s exciting correct yeah that’s that’s pretty much the point so campfire is a mobile app for iOS Android is coming soon and it is an audio based platform where you ask your own questions your burning questions to your favorite experts or celebrities or pod car Buster’s the sorts of people you can’t normally reach out to very easily and they will then answer you directly with personalized audio messages that are sent directly to your phone but the cool thing which you really highlighted Dave thank you is that if you ask really good questions popular questions questions that get other people listening in then you will get paid real money like actual dollars which you can donate if you want to you can donate some of that real money to whichever charity that you support and so we say a campfire that social media is here now finally to do some social good but I suppose that the benefit for most people really is as you say that you can actually get paid to think up and then ask really good and popular questions you’re quite right that you know telling story is very very important when it comes to you know funding business

creating the opportunities for your business etc etc but the other other side of the coin of telling great stories is also asking great questions and and so hopefully Dave your audience will will love campfire it’s it’s a it’s a great place to be in the moments it’s just growing so it’s terrific very fun so when you take a look at you know who are some of the people that they could be asking questions to oh really I mean the world is your oyster we have people on there who are travel experts we have people in there who are investment professionals we have people on there who are real estate developers we have YouTube celebrities I mean there are all sorts of people each with their own specific expertise and to be honest the most some of the most interesting answers that I’ve heard so far are actually from people who go outside their areas of immediate expertise so not necessarily on topic for this podcast Dave but my favorite answer on campfire so far has been by one of those YouTube celebrities I just mentioned who rather than being her usual zany YouTube self on the app decided

just to sort of take a step back for a second and answered a question around depression which is a you know something that she suffered from when she was a teenager and she was dispensing advice to somebody who was asking her about it that was a very touching response that I was just listening to this morning so it doesn’t it’s not necessarily just a platform when you speak about serious and wheatie topics you can also talk about things outside your own field of expertise you can be funny you know that there’s all sorts of stuff going on then and I use the basis is growing a quite a clip even though we’ve only been been in the App Store for the last three or four weeks so if they wanted to do some research or to get a quote from a famous person can they actually use that if they asked the question the person responds can they use that on their website on their during the funnel or in you you you are able to transcribe the

Clickfunnels™ Christos Shepherd: how to copy audio file

audio yes I mean to be honest we wouldn’t chase after you if you just occasionally copy the audio but you know if you do it egregiously like we have terms and conditions which prevent you from doing that but absolutely you can transcribe the audio responses that you get 100% just like that make sure it’s a quote campfire when you do you know some of the main reasons I was looking at bring you on the show is I know that a lot of our entrepreneurs and our funnel hacker community yours always they’re trying to find different things ways of bringing things into their their communities and one of those things I was thinking about was the ability to actually whether it is a celebrity or someone else they can bring on either as this person so and so I was I asked this question

so-and-so on here was their answer and that way they could be kind of portrayed as the as the connection for their community to whatever the celebrity might be is that something they can do with campfire oh absolutely I mean you could almost think about campfires being a place where you could have a you know a community of citizen journalists going out there eliciting stories or asking great questions to interviewees those interviewees could be celebrities that could be business people it could be politicians religious leaders whoever and then you know if you were a citizen journalist you run a blog or you run a you know a small business you can absolutely take some of that content those quotes and and distribute them to your to your followers to your audience to your you know latent basic customers whatever it happens to be certainly I think that’s fantastic I know for us here ClickFunnels™ we’re in the middle right now

tomorrow’s our big day we were have our viral video launched and we’ve got over 400 now almost 450 celebrities influencers media politicians everyone else coming into finding the waste of all places to partake in this and it’s been fascinating for me at how how it’s been just almost a crazy crazy situation where it all depends on who else is there where as far as who else wants to come it’s just been it’s I feel like I’m back in crazy you guys have done so well you know with with the brand that you built and it’s true it’s so you get one you know one person to be interested and then persons 2 to 5 get interested at which point you know everybody’s interested because they see it’s like any it’s like a party right I mean once you have written guests at a party everybody wants to be there but of course if it’s just me nobody nobody visits so my reason to bringing that up is is there a way I wanna make sure I understand exactly how

people can get to you know quote-unquote hire people in the pecking order as far as getting their questions answered what’s the how do they do that oh this is sorry I should have said I mean to see you download the app you create a profile and that’s it as soon as you create a campfire profile you can go and ask anybody anything that you want if you ask somebody a question they’re not on the app our team here at campfire towers is notified and so we then basically undertake to go and find that person for you and bring them onto the platform where you and other people can can then ask them questions or even answer their questions if they want to answer you too so so yeah you can ask questions to anybody there’s no restriction whatsoever on who you can or can’t ask once you’ve created a profile I love that so the next thing I want to find out is a lot of more entrepreneurs have become celebrities in their own right and because of

Clickfunnels™ Christos Shepherd: how to find your audience

that is this something they could then use for their audience where their audience could have more access to them without being half able to have cool quartic or direct access I think so yes I mean one of the things that I’ve heard from the early users that we have so far is that people like the ones who are talking about entrepreneurs who have created sort of their own personal brands become popular in their own right get overwhelmed by the number of emails and inquiries and tweets and DMS and all of these sorts of things that come at them from all sides and on across multiple different platforms with campfire basically you you the we our payment mechanism means that people are incentivized to ask good questions remember when I asked a quite a good question I get paid and rewarded for it and so from the perspective of the you know the expert the influencer the businessperson the celebrity now I’m getting what I hope will be

higher quality questions higher quality content coming at me because the people asking me those questions actually have an incentive to ask me you know higher quality stuff when I respond as a business leader or a you know celebrity whatever I respond I can do so very easily in the form of a short audio message of course I don’t need great hair or makeup or you know too much pre prep work or anything like that I can just record an answer directly into my phone get sent directly to the person who asked me the question and of course as I said I make money by answering questions I also make money by whenever anybody listens into the answers money which I can if I want as I said donate to charities that I care about so this works I think for for influences business leaders on many

different levels I can raise money for charity I can better connect with people who care about what I have to say and I can also sit much more easily through you know my what’s currently a very overcrowded inbox so how do they actually make money I mean is it does the app cost money to sign up I mean where’s the revenue coming to be paid the questions work so when you ask a question on campfire you pay money to ask so I might Dave for example pay let’s say $10 to ask you a question and the amount of money that I pay is the fee that you set so you may choose to set your fee of five dollars you may set it at $50 whatever that fears I pay it if I want to ask you a question and then I make my money back when other people listen to the answer that you send to me so I might ask you a question you aren’t say if it’s a good question and you know 100 other people also want to listen in and I can make back the money that I paid to ask

you the question in the first place so that’s basically how it works and that’s where the revenue comes from very cool so what type of a revenue could a person make basically either asking questions or answering questions because did the person answering gets paid as well yes yes the person answering gets paid as well so everybody gets paid basically including the charities that the people involved support which is great now I mentioned before we’ve only been in the App Store for three or four weeks so far but we have one user around – this is an outlier but still we have one user who has made two thousand one hundred and fifty dollars so far by answering I think is something like 15 questions something like that I can’t remember the exact number but she’s done very very well

Clickfunnels™ Christos Shepherd: A lot of people are making money doing this

indeed and it just goes to show the potential I think you know you never wants to come this was still very early stage but already people are making some actual money almost as a side hustle to their existing businesses so it’s actually also another way that some funnel hackers could actually become a celebrity is by putting their profile out there and answering questions for other people about whatever their specialty may be exactly exactly and Dave I hope you too will download the app to do that once we get through this uh let me get through this viral video launch party and not take a look at that for sure okay so any other things about camp fire or anything else you wanna make sure that our audience understands no really I hope that I covered most of it um I hope that I

covered most of it yeah perfect well again I really appreciate your time today I appreciate you being on and again if you guys wanted to find out about camp fire you can actually download the app by going to get dot camp fire dot F M so that’s GE T dot camp fire dot F M so again guys go ahead take a look at it check it out and give us some feedback and hopefully you guys can use this as a way to actually build your business and get the questions answered from other celebrities that you haven’t had access to or the other side would be to create your own celebrity on that and use that to generate some cash flow as well so christos appreciate your time a parting words see you on campfire i will also be answering questions there so if anybody has any questions about me my

business my background yeah I’d be happy to one so thanks so much for having me there Dave thanks Christos we’ll talk to you soon take care thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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“People like entrepreneurs have created some of their own personal brands in their own way. They get overwhelmed by emails, tweets, DM’s and all other sorts of inquiries that come at them from all sides and sometimes different platforms.”

“This works, I think, for influencers and businesses on many different levels. I can raise money for charity, I can better connect for those who actually care about what I have to say and I can also sift a lot more easily through, what has become, my very crowded inbox.”

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Christos Shepherd, How To Get Paid To Ask Questions Or Answer Them

Christos Shepherd, How To Get Paid To Ask Questions Or Answer Them


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