ClickFunnels™ Agency Strategy: You’ll Have to Turn Clients Away

ClickFunnels™ Agency Strategy

ClickFunnels™ Agency Strategy: Julie Stoian understands the struggle of service-based entrepreneurs when it comes to finding clients, and working with troublesome clients. But, when she was introduced to ClickFunnels, she was able to transform her company and stop the struggle.

ClickFunnels™ Agency Strategy: How this software help me

– I had a client who came to me and said, “I want to work with you as a marketer,” “but there’s one condition.” And I was like, “Okay, what is it?” And she said, “You have to build in ClickFunnels.” I was like, “What’s ClickFunnels?” And so I went and I looked at the software and she was so adamant about this and so I think her confidence level that she wasn’t willing to look at any other software and it had to be in ClickFunnels, caused me to like scrape.

And I’m like, “What, what’s the deal?” So I started working in ClickFunnels™ you know and then I discovered Russell Brunson and I realized why she was so loyal to this software because it is the best in the world! There is no other program that does what ClickFunnels™ does and I was like, “Oh no kidding! Okay.” And so I quickly got my own account realizing and I started building funnels. And I think one of the things that the software does that no other software does quiet as well is it brings you the marketing training and mindset along with the software to implement it.

No other software does that. When I started absorbing sales funnels for myself and then started pushing it out to my customers, they were so happy because they started making money. The stress of like some cool website was gone. Like, they could maintain it. And so ClickFunnels™ like built my business and then it helped me build all these other people’s businesses as well. And I realized how much agency owners and service providers if they just got after the result of what the client wants, like there is so much work out there waiting for you, it’s crazy! My agency went from like small like web design where I was pulling my hair out, to a full like marketing agency with funnels and ads and I was making $20 – $25,000 a month.

ClickFunnels™ Agency Strategy

ClickFunnels™ Agency Strategy: How I become successful and change my life.

As a small little agency owner, and in the house we’re standing in today is because of that switch that happened in my business. Eventually I had so many clients on ClickFunnels™ that my affiliate revenue started to almost equal my service based revenue right? So I was making like five figures a month, just passively on y’know the ClickFunnels™ affiliate program. I was also the first woman to win their dream car. What happened in that was that it relieved a lot of the pressure in my agency.

Because I was a very small, I was knockin the scale I just wanted to stay little. This passive revenue started to create this undercurrent foundation so that I didn’t have to take every client. And if you are a service provider and you need money, you know the battle that happens when you’re like, “This is not my ideal client” “but I need the money!” And so I was able to say, “No” to those people, because I had that money coming in every month regularly. It allowed me to find the clients that I really wanted to work with.

And y’know the funny thing happened, is that because I got less desperate and I got more sure of who I wanted to serve, it actually attracted more people because now they were like waiting in line to work with me. If you’re an agency or a freelancer or just you have the entrepreneurial bug but you feel like you don’t fit the normal stereotype. I didn’t either. But my life has changed. I get to work from home.

I get to have a beautiful farm house for all my kids. And I get to enjoy financial security. And that is all because of that one moment in time when I decided to say, “All right, I’m gonna dig into this and see what” “ClickFunnels™ is all about.” So, I would encourage anybody who’s thinking about being in their own business or they already are a freelancer or an agency, to give ClickFunnels™ a chance because it may just change your whole life. (soft music)


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