What’s the best way to use the registration confirmation page in an auto-webinar funnel?

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Clickfunnels™ Auto Webinar: Today’s Question: What’s the best way to use the registration confirmation page in an auto-webinar funnel? I’m setting up an auto-webinar for a client. Typically, for a live webinar, on the confirmation page I have a call-to-action video that prompts them to go into a free trial for a different product. Just wondering whether I should keep that on the [auto-webinar] confirmation page… or if I should stick with the default video [urging them to] not miss the webinar?

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Whoo all right we survived it all right we got next twos up next okay we’ve got social penguin des named little more painless social smart penguin all right I recognize this guy hi Russell just a quick question I’m setting up a all that women are for a client are typically for the live webinar on confirmation page I had a call of action video content to go into that free trial for a given product just wondering whether I keep that on the confirmation page or whether I

Speak with a video of their not meeting the webinars the default ClickFunnels™ webinar video or can I keep both videos or should I just have a one call for action well I’m default on it thanks all right all right social penguin thank you for the question and here is my answer so we actually learned something interesting so first off I want to I want to preface this because I don’t want someone saying Michael Rosen services and then you go and do that and you

Just mess up the whole thing so rule number one we do webinars you need to do the webinar live over and over and over and over again to a master your message okay I did the final heck’s webinar over 70 times live before we automate it okay so do it live over and over and over and over and over and over again after you have a life and then you want to go automated in fact I tell Oliver and circle members I’ve made a million dollars with the then you have my permission to make it automates so there’s your there you go now to make an automated couple cool.

Things we’ve learned in the last like two weeks which are insane which we’ll be updating some click phones based on it so we used to top of the our webinars right so it’s like at the top of the hour the auto webinar to start actually see me step back we should do like pick a date time like tomorrow Wednesday or Thursday and and they pick a time.

Clickfunnels™ Auto Webinar: How to setup auto webinar time.

Whatever we do that first and then we added in like watch yesterday’s replay now and then it felt like 60% of sales can people to show that options all right let’s do something let’s do something fast or sweet the top of the hour webinar so the top of the hour when I hit noon or 1:00 o’clock whatever then it would start so the minute someone someone registered the first like 45 minutes they’d wait 45 minutes for webinar and so because of that we put a webinar I get totally was gogit of trial but people came in like three minutes three to five minutes before like it got them all confused cuz they’re trying to trial and then webinar starting and then it’s just like it just messes up

Everything so but then we test something else we’re sitting in the top of the hour we shift to the top of every 15 minutes I don’t know the numbers in front of me do want to brag Stephen about ish for me it’s gonna get pop of 15 minutes a grape and then we got even more ambitious and we made it top of every 10 minutes and pretty much from even just 15 minutes of 10 minutes it was like a 2x increase and just show up rate alone just showing up and in

The sales in the back also going way up and I think it’s because most of time on the webinars right to get like 25% of people actually show up after they register you just seriously decreasing that by saying like look don’t worry it started just a few minutes yes but huge all right so yeah so registrations went up show price showed up and it per damn everything all ships rose with the tide so what I recommend is on auto webinar is due every the 50 minutes every 10

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Clickfunnels™ Auto Webinar: Entrepreneurs should read Chaldees book

Minutes where that is in the way we’re doing ours now in fact we are launching four of them today we’re in the process of getting because I can just do one right so four of our auto webinars we’re updating you launch lights a basically it’s every 10 minutes it starts and after register then there’s a video that it’s like literally 10 minutes and then it’s making me pre frame next night this is going to be amazing this is why it’s amazing and this pre friend game.

Excited because if you read Chaldees book recently called pre suasion if you have ready should read it because it’s a really good book um it’s about the pre frame right what like what the frame they go could before they get there so there’s a video there and the whole golden that is they getting to register or getting suited all right Richard get them excited again show up and pre sell them to purchasing on the next page so that’s kind of the the winner winner.

Chicken dinner so live webinars still put a thank you page where someone can go get a trial or SLO or whatever you want to do SLO sense for self liquidating offered that way make it be odd cost but if you’re an auto webinar zone you’re trying getting started just go straight the webinar don’t derail them the way we have ours actually is our SLO actually comes 40:48 like 50 hours later it’s like a day and half later or it’s like oh by the way you watch the webinar.

Here’s this really cool thing so we delayed it there um that’s how we done so hope that helped that good you guys all right we’ll talk to bye oh one more marketing secrets it’s sold and go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm number two’s calls comm secret unit your free copy at comm secret calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 speakers to leave you to become the fastest-growing non VC back fast startup company in the world.

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