How To Make Money Online As A Beginner Tai Lopez And Russell Brunson | Part 3

Clickfunnels™ Beginner Entrepreneur

Clickfunnels™ Beginner Entrepreneur: If you are a beginner entrepreneur trying to learn how to make money online in 2019, this video is for you! In part 3 of our five-part series with Tai Lopez and Russell Brunson, we are talking about a key strategy that you can use if you’re a startup or taking your online business to the next level.

Clickfunnels™ Beginner Entrepreneur: Part three of exciting interview with Tai Lopez

– Hey. This is Russell again. Welcome back to part three of five of this exciting interview with Tai Lopez, who’s doing some karate chops on me right here. This is part three of the Interview Series. Now during part three, we talked about how does a brand new beginner, a newbie, someone who’s never done this before, how do they actually get started. And I’m going to share some really cool startup stories of people who are just like you, who found out what we were doing, and because of that, they changed everything.

You’ll hear their stories. And you’re also going to hear Tai’s startup story, which is really exciting as well. So, with that said, make sure you watch this video. Make sure to also subscribe down below if you haven’t yet because part four of the video series is coming out very, very soon and I want to make sure you don’t miss it. So click subscribe and let’s get started with the next section of the interview. (loud explosion) – What would you say is the most, for biggest beginner. I mean they are a neophyte, they got one dollar in their bank account, they’ve never built a website. How do they get started? You’ve got the book that teaches it.

Sell flashlights? He got a customer sell 20 million in flashlights in two months. – Insane. The best way, and what’s fun, is you guys are all watching this process. You practice this every single day. I practice this every single day. The biggest thing is to get your phone out, and start documenting your process. What ever it is you want to do. Every single day. In this book, there’s a quote form Garrett White, I was speaking at his event today. In the book, he talked about most people are scared, because when they get started, they’re like they start this thing, I’m not going to be good at it, I’m going to suck.

Clickfunnels™ Beginner Entrepreneur

And the reality is when you first start you’re going to suck. But, the whole key is that if you keep doing it, you’ll suck less and less, and eventually you’ll actually become good. And so my guess, if you went back to the Snapchat’s of yours, five years, four, when did you start this whole game? – I mean I dabbled in 2012-13- – You were pretty good in the very beginning- – 2015 – You’re very first video in the garage was amazing, so- – That wasn’t my first one though. – See that’s great to know for everybody. –

My first one didn’t do as well. – How many did you have to do before one hit? – I mean I really started in 2013, and the big hit was in 2015. – Okay. Two years. This is amazing. This is important because you guys are like this is Tai Lopez, the big mansion, and everything’s happening. A million people are listening. But it didn’t start initially, right? – No. – So one of the guys in here, that I’ve worked really close with, his name is Anthony DiClementi he’s got a site called the And he wrote this book. And he wanted to get this message out. And he was trying to buy ads and stuff, and nothing’s working. It’s like what should I do? Get your phone out, and every single day I want you to make one video showing some weird biohack, and at the end of it, tell people to go buy your book.

Clickfunnels™ Beginner Entrepreneur: Biohack every single day

And he was like, okay. And he was like, what should I do? Just do any weird thing you want. So he starts picking a biohack every single day. One day it was, he put on these lasers on his nose and his ears, and he talked about the biohack- – Sharks with lasers on their heads. – Laser beams. And nobody watched the video. And he posted on his fan page, and like two people, his mom and me were it. Nobody listened to it, and he was like this isn’t working And I was like, it doesn’t matter you’re learning your voice.

Do it again. So next thing he did another one. And he did another one. and he did it every day for probably 11 or 12 days, and that day, that eleventh, twelfth day, he was kind of bored, he was like, I’m going to make a video called how to biohack your vegetables. And I remember watching it go live, and I was like dude you wasted a day. There’s no lasers, no weird things. There’s no freezing tanks. Your biohack, he was like, put butter in your vegetables and that’s how you biohack it. He does this little video, and we put like $10 of ads behind it, and for some reason, that one hit. In a week, it has 1.5 million views, sells 2000 copies of his book, and he’s off to the races. And after he kept making more videos, and more videos.

He didn’t know that was the message that the market wanted. We had no idea. He just kept doing it, and doing it, until it worked. So if you guys are just getting started, get your phone out, every single day do a Facebook Live, or whatever your thing is you’re going to do. Pick a product you want to sell. It could be yours. It could be Tai’s. It could be mine. You don’t even have to have your own product nowadays. – You could be an affiliate. There are so many things you can be passionate about. Become an affiliate of MentorBox. Every time you get your box, do a video talking about it. Showing what’s inside of it.

Why you’re so excited. And just keep doing that consistently. Put $5 or $10 in ads behind it, and most of the time your messages aren’t going to hit, but every once in a while, if you do it right, the message will hit with your audience, and all of a sudden, you become an overnight success. And that’s the key. Like you were two years and all of a sudden. That was the first video that just blew up. – Yup. And went crazy. I tell people. People forget. There are very few things in this world that you do more than once that you get worse at.

So you just gotta start. You get better with progress. Meaning, put one foot in front, you shoot one target. You build one website. People are always like Tai, how can I be sure my first business is my best business? I’m like, what’s wrong with you? Why would you want your first business to be your best one? That means you have the inability to learn and get better. That means you’re basically some Benjamin Button idiot that you get stupider. You don’t get stupider, you get more experience. – All right.

Thank you so much for watching part 3 of our exciting interview. I hope you guys are loving this. If you do love it, make sure you subscribe down below because I do not want you to mix part four or five, they’re coming very, very soon. And again, if you’re learning anything amazing from us, please comment down below. I love reading the comments. And let others know as well. With that said, appreciate you guys and I will see you on the next episode, (swishing sound) where I will be actually fighting Tai. Nah, that’s not going to happen, but something really cool does happen. I promise.


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