Russell Brunson Reveals What Went Horribly Wrong At 10x Growth Con 2019

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence: My stomach was in knots. My palms were sweating. My heart was racing. The pressure was tangible. As much as I didn’t want the world to see me fail, I knew I had to share it… So I’m breaking the silence about what went horribly wrong at 10X this year.

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence: What went horribly wrong at 10X this year

Here inside of this room that won’t invite you to before I kind of tell you all the details I want to tell you guys the backstory so you probably heard about two years ago I spoke at Grant cardones TEDx event and we broke a world record we had 3.2 million dollars in sales in 90 minutes and everyone’s excited like and we talked a lot about that right but then a lot of you guys know that a year later I spoke in the next 10x and in front of 35,000 people it was insane out of he’s seeing pictures or the b-roll or the videos or anything but it was crazy and going to that event we had a big goal and you know we thought we did 3.2 million dollars with I think we had 9,000 people coming 35,000.

what’s possible and so we started setting these crazy goals of 10 millions people thought 12-minute like everyone everyone different goals and things and you know you’ve probably noticed afterwards we didn’t talk a lot about it and people keep asking like what did you do did you do good you do bad did you bomb did it like what happened in everyone’s been freaking out wanting to know the story behind the story and up to this point we’ve been pretty quiet about it and my question for you is a mirror has ever worked on a project or something that you were really excited.

About your passion I think this is gonna be the greatest thing in the world and so you put your your your blood sweat and tears into it and and then it doesn’t go as you expected it right but I definitely think that’s what happened here is you know we put in a lot of effort in fact I’ve spoken now at and all of the TEDx is the very first TEDx event grand you know who I was somehow I got in the speaking lineup we showed up was me and Dave Woodward and we were trying to get people to help us with back of themselves and they didn’t know what that meant and and so there was Dave on the side of a room with the box that order forms a handful of pens as we did like I think that 850 800 almost 900 thousand dollars in sales and him handing out order forms and boxes like this whole table rush.

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence: The pressure was tangible.

I wish you could see it was Dave just by himself handing things out the second year we coordinated really well which is why we did 3.2 million and this year was a big deal we had like 60 people we fool out there for this thing but we hired like over a hundred temps we’re like anyway works for this huge thing and and and it didn’t go as planned and I could tell you just the details but instead what’s kind of cool is that we actually had an entire film crew fall with students to the whole experience they were here in Boise as we were planning it they were there as we were flying they were there for the ups and the downs and everything and they captured in in a really raw.

Emotional way I spoke twice of the event and as you’ll see from this documentary the very first time the echo was so bad no one in the entire stadium a 35,000 people could hear me and we did the sales we had all sorts of problems and like there’s a lot that went into I don’t want to spoil it for you but we do have a document it’s about an hour long and we’re gonna be doing a live premiere of that documentary here in the very near future.

I want to invite you to us the list of what’s gonna be happening it’s gonna be so much fun number one is down below there’s gonna be a link for you to go register for this live thing and so that’s gonna be happening and it’s gonna be streaming here from this room or me here with my team we’re gonna talk about it we’re gonna be a whole pre-show kind of talking about what happened and behind the scenes that you guys excited about the thing.

We’re gonna release this documentary live and want all of our photo hackers all of you guys watching it live with us we’re gonna make this a huge fun viewing party last time we do this when I was on the TV show the profits and you remember we did a huge live viewing party with people all around the world doing viewing parties from the houses I want you to set up a viewing party at your house invite the other final hackers you know the other businesses other entrepreneurs anyone who wants to see me fail on stage invite them over people hate Russell.

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence: My heart was racing.

Like I hate Russell Brunson you want to see him fail come on over to watch this this documentaries I had a chance to watch it I was like I don’t know if I want everyone to see that and every said no we need to show because because it helps for a couple reasons one one makes people rise a Russell you’re just a human you screw up all the time too but number two it gives it gives hope to people who have been trying to do something and have struggled or they again they put their heart and their dreams and their vision everything into this project and it fails or just knew what they expected it to it helps them to helps people understand that stuff happens to us all the time.

As well and so against my better you know against my my my feelings we’re gonna show this live to everybody and so you’re gonna see you can see the raw truth of what happened at the event and it’s it’s emotional so well I guess throwing need these viewing parties so that’s what’s gonna happen so we’re gonna do the pre-show then we do the viewing party will release live we’re all gonna watch it together and afterwards gonna do a postgame show right here we’re gonna open live Q&A where you guys can call in you can ask me questions about what happened afterwards you can get your burning questions it answered after documentaries can be kind of fun so what you do right now is go register for the pre-show and the post show go and get those things register so you can make sure you’re there for it .

I would block out that night like be there make sure that you drop everything have a part you get a bunch of people around you for any funnel hackers you know invite them to the party do little viewing parties at your house around the around the world and just like we did when the Prophet was on we had viewing parties happening all around the world want the same thing happening for you guys and so do that so after you’ve registered tagged in omments down below tag anybody that you want to invite tag your friend your family members people who hate me people who love me whatever it is tag them down below have them come

Clickfunnels™ Breaking Silence: The worst case scenario

And the worst case scenario it’ll give you the chance to be able have a conversation with these guys about what is ClickFunnels™ what is funnel hacking what in the world is this thing you’re so obsessed with and it’ll just make it a really fun night for all of us so get some popcorn get some candy get some treats and this has some viewing parties all around the country so that’s kind of it you guys this could be a lot of fun pregame shows happening.

Then we’ll watch the documentary to get an hour-long go to a postgame wrap-up you’ve asked me questions live we’re gonna livestream the whole thing it’s gonna be a lot of fun and so that’s it I want to by even par this party we’re gonna have a lot of fun while you’d be part of they have a lot of fun as well and like I said you have a chance to see behind the scenes of you know obviously the biggest thing we had ever done you can see logistically what we tried to do and you’ll have a chance to feel the raw emotion of what happens when things don’t always go exactly as planned

So that’s the game plan I appreciate you guys register down below and I will see you during this event it’s getting a lot of fun and hopefully I’ll have a chance to answer your questions live during the postgame show that’s it you guys appreciate you and get tagged down below all the people you want to come watch this with you makes everybody thought you soon.


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