What Does Russell Do When He’s Not At Click Funnels HQ? | FHTV Ep 102

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Break

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Break: It’s time for the annual Brunson Family Vacation! We are taking a much-needed break from Click Funnels HQ and we headed to Bear Lake for some wholesome family fun. Watch as Russell Brunson and family let you in on one of their most special times of the year. ClickFunnels™ Brunson Break

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Break

– Alright, we just got back from Bear Lake amazingly fun trip, so tired, and I wish I could go to bed and take a nap right now but guess what, I don’t get to. (dramatic music) All right, we’re about to head out on a family vacation. So the car is packed, things filled, this is filled. – Can’t see the movie, dad. – Can’t see movie, dad. Anyway, we’re heading out, should be a long, long drive. Let the fun begin. (upbeat techno music) (fun upbeat music) – Hi. – [Russell] What globe are you painting, Bone? – I’m painting the globe, see. – [Russell] That America? – North America, Southern America, Europe, Asia, Africa and I’m doing Australia and Antarctica right now. – That’s awesome dude.

Alright, so this week, every year, there’s a theme two year ago was Harry Potter theme. Remember the Harry Potter one was by far the best. This year, it’s traveling the world. Every night we have a meal from a different country so, tonight was Mexico, over here, and the kids are all hanging their little globes that they did. – [Child] This is my globe, I’m famous! – [Russell] Being goofy, whoa, you’re being goofy! You going cross eyed! (jazzy trumpet music) – Dad! Dad! Can you do… –

What? Is that a Russell appearing? – I’m in grass! – [Russell] You can’t be on the grass, what you shaking? – Dad? – [Russell] Yeah? Would you say that this camps going well? – Yeah. – Alright, this is called the Typewriter. You ready? Dana, you’re so cute! (Dana screaming) – Mommy! (Dana laughing hysterically) – Alright, we’re here, in the Bear Lake. We beach in style, huh El? So we got this little thing here, with the bed inside for the kids when they get tired. There’s the rest of the family, into the rainbows. Alright, so right now we’re going up to go get the Jet Skis. And we donated Jet Skis to the Bear Lake trip this year. And this is the first time. We used to have Jet Skis, but they would break down almost every time we take them out.

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Break

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Break

Last time Clay got stuck in the middle of the lake, for like three hours. (dramatic trombone) So we decided to upgrade the Jet Skis, we got some new Jet Skis, we’re gonna go take them. We got me, Colette and Ellie, and my dad. We are all heading up there. How excited are you? – Super – How were the old Jet Skis? – Terrible, we got stranded out in the lake! – How are the new Jet Skis gonna be? – Awesome, and fast. – [Russell] We think, Grandpa you excited? – I’m excited to see you blast off, – [Russell] Yeah. – 70 miles an hour. –

[Russell] Colette you can go 70 miles an hour? – Maybe, stay tuned! (Russell laughs) (dramatic build up music) You excited Ellie? – Yeah. – Get ready to go on the ramp. Oh, here they are! – Let’s do this. We on the blue one Ellie? – Yeah. – [Russell] Okay, girls got the blue. – Here we go. – You ready for this? Alright, we’re officially on the Jet Skis in Bear Lake! (upbeat tropical music) Alright, so the Maiden trip. We got to 62 miles an hour at this one. The girls got, How fast did you guys get? – 50. – [Russell] 50! – Ellie dunked me off. (laughing) – Ellie knocked her off. (screaming) – That’s good. It’s covering me. – [Russell] You look cool with sunglasses.

Tonight we decided to do Ephraim’s pizza. Which is a pizza that’s like, 30 inches big, it’s huge. So I’m gonna go pick it up right now. I just got here, to Bear Lake Pizza, home of the old “Old Ephraim” 28″ pizza. Check it out. So we have to go in and get two. – Utah, get me two. – One of the biggest pizzas you’ve ever seen. (heavenly church choir) Holy moly. Alright, this is the pizzas. You can see it. Alright, somehow, I have to get that inside the car which I’m not sure how I’m going… It literally took up the entire back seat. (heavenly church choir) [Colette] Woooow! [Child] Why does it– (background chattering) –

Alright, everyone’s eating the huge pizza! Look at the size of this thing! (upbeat fiddle music) Alright, that pizza is the size of your face. – Have you seen… – [Russell] Is it good? – Yeah. – Oh yeah. One of our favorite traditions in Bear Lake is to set up all the chairs and blankets to watch a movie and then the blow up movie screen! They have the white screen. – This is our second day at Bear Lake, so this is what’s happening. Here’s daddy. There’s a used tent, and our tent. There’s our cousins over there. Here’s our car.

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Break

And here’s this cabin, that’s pretty nice, I guess. And, yeah. – So last night we watched a movie, and two hours into the movie my eye swole shut from allergies and this morning it was all black and blue so we’re putting cucumbers on it. (punching sound effect) (laughter) – Cucumbers bring swelling out of puppy eyes, girls, or gentlemen that know. – Hopefully most the gentlemen don’t know. (bite noise) (chewing noise) Alright, the next Bear Lake tradition has officially begun. This is the longest water slide on Earth, least in the trailer park. Starts up here, all the way to the bottom. (bright electro dance music) All the way down! Oh goggles. Yeah eh! Going so fun. (laughing) Alright, we’re playing Kahoot.

Which is gonna be a lot of fun, everyone’s got their phones out. We ask questions, and they’re gonna answer and see who wins. Moved Kahoot to the house, now everyone’s about to have a Kahoot! You guys all ready for this? So Kahoot, you ask a question, everyone votes and see who wins. So you vote on your phone, so it’s fun. (upbeat dance music) The theme for today, is leprechauns and the Irish. So the kids been making leprechaun faces, and now they’re just been posing for the picture. (bright music plays) – [Woman] Hi Morg! – How were your pictures?

ClickFunnels™ Brunson Break: You so excited? She’s got a Bear Lake shirt on. So cute, huh? Alright, let’s get… (upbeat celebration music plays) – [Child] We’re going into the water, on our boat There’s mom, there’s dad. – Dora’s excited! Knee board’s my favorite, it’s like wake boarding only way cooler! – (Child) Alright, daddy’s gonna go knee boarding! (upbeat music plays) – Alright, we just got back from Bear Lake, amazingly fun trip, so tired. And I wish I could go to bed and take a nap right now, but guess what? I don’t get to. So I’ll see you on the next episode. Bye everybody. ClickFunnels™ Brunson Break

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