Beamers, Benz, and Bentleys! Welcome To Two Comma Club X | FHTV Ep. 99

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X: We cover A LOT of ground in episode 99 as Todd comes to Boise to dole out gifts, Russell preps for Mother Funnel, the gang hits up San Diego for 2CCX and more. As Russell preps for Mother Funnel and the Spawn of Mother Funnel we see that not only does Russell present barefoot, but sometimes he needs a little rehearsal to really nail his speeches especially without a teleprompter ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

– You know what, I’m just gonna burn it! (viewers yelling) – [Russell] Oh my gosh! – Look at the cute, cuddly unicorn. – [Russell] Oh my gosh. (Jim growls, viewers laugh) (pounding music) – What’s up, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to Funnel Hacker TV. Today, I’m here with Todd Dickerson– – Hey! – and Dave Woodword, and we’re actually heading to the new ClickFunnel’s office. Make sure to click down below, subscribe, follow, comment, turn on your notifications, we’re gonna have some fun. (calm, anticipatory guitar music) –

Alright, after eight hours in a plane, 30 minutes in an Uber, and I don’t know how much other driving time, I finally made it to Boise! (upbeat music) ♪ Drop it. ♪ – Alright, we are, what is this? – We’re gonna give the other office a present. We’re gonna give them socks and mouse pads. – [Russel] Socks and meec pads. This is Santa Clause Todd. (angelic music) – Dropping off presents. (upbeat urban music) ♪ Come on, put in the work, work, work. ♪ ♪ Come on, put in the work, work, work. ♪ (arrow dings) – Just got a secret message from one of our keynote speakers from next year Funnel Hacking Live Event.

I’m not gonna tell you exactly who they are, but if you can tell from their voice, here’s a little hint. – Yeah, Russell, let’s get that Click Funnels! And make this event happen! (laughing) Yeah, Russell, let’s get that click funnel! (energetic music) ♪ Yeah. ♪ – All those good, awesome folks who signed up for the 2 Comma Club X Program will be joining us. Those who are able to make it, they’re joining us in San Diego for two full days of training for our top coaches. (bright whistle-like music) – The funnel fridays is going on, check this out. –

You know what, I’m just going to burn it! (viewers yelling) – [Russell] Oh my gosh! – Look at the cute cuddly unicorn. – [Russell] Oh my gosh. He’s so happy. (Jim growls, viewers laugh) (Jim growls) – Ellie will die for that. Please let me give that to my daughter for Christmas or her birthday. – Do a search for “feisty pets.” (bright whistle-like music) – We have the opportunity of going out to San Diego, and we’re going to start our first round of 2 Comma Club X.

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

This is going to be a fun, exciting experience. And it’s really one of my favorite programs that we’ve ever launched because it really gets people from zero to six figures, and from six figures to seven figures, and from seven figures to eight figures. We just are gonna be rolling out a new piece here and that’s gonna be our One Comma Club, and that’s just going to be just killer as well. So we’re gonna get people that first thousand dollars. Once they make that first money, then it becomes real to them and from there it’s just onward and upward. Heading to the beach! (energetic pop music) – Alright, so we’re here in San Diego. –

We’ve got all of our 2 Comma Club coaches here presenting amazing content and amazing systems that they used to help coach Russell and our whole team. – If you build out your tracking, ’cause that’s always a big question, tracking. If you build out your tracking, like I’m gonna show you in the system, then you’re pretty much just turn-key. Don’t even worry about tracking ever again because this will just have it all encapsulated into one, it’ll be really cool. (staff talking) (upbeat dance music) – Today, everybody is pretty much gone from the office. There’s literally nobody back here because the rest of the crew is in San Diego at the 2 Comma X Coaching Program, and I’m stuck here working, meh. So, what we’re working on here is Mother Funnel, which has been, we call it Mother Funnel.

First it was Super Funnel and then it kept going and going and it got so big, we decided to one day call it Mother Funnel. So Mother Funnel is almost done and then we had this stupid idea in the middle of Mother Funnel to have Mother Funnel get pregnant and we are creating what we now call, “The Spawn of Mother Funnel.” So this is what Mother Funnel looks like, which was like a six month project. And then the Spawn of Mother Funnel is born from it. It looks kind of like this and like this, and anyway, it’s been a lot of work. So Jake and Nick were here all night last night. I don’t even know, until… How long were you actually here until? (arrow dings) – 2:00-2:30. – 2:30. –

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

[Russell] 2:30? – We stayed up ’til 12:30, we were about to pass out, and then I kicked on The Greatest Showman and- (laughing) – [Russell] We’re back. – A lot of singing, a lot of weirdness. – So now they did all the hard work and I have to go be the dancing cheerleader on stage talking about different types of funnels. You guys want to see what’s happening? I’ll take you through here, look at how dead it is in here. Alright, so take you back here into the event room and this is what’s happening. (arrow dings) The Spawn of Mother Funnel videos, you excited for these? – Yup.

– Yes I am. Alright, so what’s happening is I’m gonna be showing different types of funnels. So lead funnels, and then sales funnels, and end funnels. Here’s my mini script I kinda wrote out for each one. Blah blah blah, I’ve got to ad-lib it ’cause Brandon won’t get me a teleprompter. So this is what’s going to be happening. So you want to use click funnels to sell your products and your services? Well, the good news is you’re in the right spot. Our members have used simple lead funnels like the ones I’m about to show you to generate over half of a billion leads inside their

ClickFunnels™ account. (bright music) So, you want to use ClickFunnels™ to sell… So, you want to use ClickFunnels™ to sell your products, your services? Well, the good news is… What is the good news? Now, there are basically three types.. Two down, one to go. We’re obviously filming and apparently, you guys may or may not know, I started to try to lose weight again ’cause I’ve gotten fat since funnel hacking live. I have my little fit pal tracking all my macro, micros, all that kind of stuff. And then somebody today dropped off donuts. What!? Well these aren’t any donuts, these are fit donuts. They actually have in macros. I gotta figure out if I can eat any of these, or how many I can eat. Here’s the official lunch for today. We’ve got a my fit donut and a huge salad. I’m down three pounds from yesterday.

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

ClickFunnels™ Comma ClubX

So maybe three pounds a day for the next three days. That’d be awesome. (happy piano music) – [Todd] Alright, so here’s registration. Registration actually started last night, and what happened was, when they moved our tables, someone stole our tablecloth. We actually had these cool Two Comma Club X tablecloths and someone ripped them off. Not a good thing. (high energy music) – Yo, this has been fun. So we’ve been talking about this and dreaming about this and finally. Literally, we signed a contract for this space in December, not knowing if anybody would show up. And you did and we appreciate that. Thank you so much for coming! Let’s bring to the stage Mrs. Julie Stoian. (audience clapping) Let’s give it up for Jon Parks. (audience clapping) Let’s put our hands together for– Steven

Larsen Everybody put your hands together for– James Friel (energetic music) – [Dave] So, where are we headed off to, Myles? Right now, we’re headed to Prestige. It’s a exotic car rental place. Gonna go do some filming for our Dream 100, and Dream 100 letter we’re sending out. Maybe you’ll get one, you’ll see. Then after that, we’re gonna go see Billy Gene Marketing. Billy Gene, he is marketing, or so he says. (laughs) – [Dave] So he says. (anticipatory piano music) – Alright, so Myles has one job. (laughs) Just kiddin’ ya, we’re here in downtown San Diego. I said we wanna go, ’cause we have that Dream 100 letter comin’ up. I said,

“We gotta go find some cars we can take pictures of and drive and all that kinda stuff and he goes, “Alright, I’m on it.” So we’re here at Prestige Auto. – Here we go. Lemme show you, “What is Prestige,” you might be asking yourself. We’re here. – [Dave] What? Do you see a lotta cars in there? – [Myles] I don’t see a freakin’ one. – [Dave] Huh, let’s see. – [Myles] Oh my God. – [Dave] Oh, there’s a good sign. Prestige rentals, luxury cars, yachts, rentals. How ya feel about this, Myles? – So embarrassed, I can’t wait ’til this airs. (Dave laughs) Aw, son of a gun. – So now we gotta go find some cars. (sustained orchestral chord) – So it’s back-story time, Kevin. –

ClickFunnels™ Comma ClubX

Sweet, I love back-story time! Let’s hear it, Dave. – For those of you guys who don’t know, Kevin Anson is the guy, basically, who’s doing a lot of our video editing. (symphonic dance-music) (arrow dings) (music stops, Kevin clicks teeth) – So Russell and I are out here and Todd are basically shooting cameras wherever we’re goin’. But we’re having lunch here with Tyler and Tyler goes, “Hey, I know Kevin!” – Kevin and I grew up together. Little elementary school, here in San Diego, all the way up to Rancho Bernardo High School. – So what dirt do you have on Kevin? – None, nothing. – Nothing? – I have no dirt. No dirt other than he’s got a cool course coming out. I know that much. –

So Kevin, basically, was one of those behind the scenes guys in high school. So you can just kind of allude to whatever that might mean. He was behind the scenes. (symphonic dance-music) – [Dave] We’re here at Billy Gene is Marketing headquarters Inc.’s headquarters. – So what do we got? – [Dave] (gasps) Welcome! Dave Woodward and Myles Clifford. Oh, check out Myles. Seriously, where is that picture from? – [Myles] That was my wedding. – [Dave] You’re wedding. –

Yeah, I think actually, that’s my Facebook profile picture, me and my wife. That was a lot of weight ago, I gotta get back there. A goal. – [Dave] That’s the goal? (laughs) – You guys are live here in San Diego, in our headquarters. This is where the magic happens, this is where we create all of our crazy-ass videos and just all the crazy things that we do inside our office. This is it, I’ll give you guys a full tour. You see the sign. THat’s how you know you’re in the right place.

Why do we have my big-ass head here on the sign? Guys, marketing number one: Be remembered. So every time someone drives and sees my big-ass head, that’s how you do it, it’s branding, it’s free branding. It’s on the sign, too, so… (Dave laughs) So this is kind of the main area. This is where we have all of our morning huddle-ups. And then also, this basketball is everything. So people will shoot for cash, like if you do something tight and you make a shot, you could win a hundred bucks. Or win nothing, or bet against me and I’ll win money. (music drowns out chatter) We have five people, full-time, who do nothing, but create content.

ClickFunnels™ Comma ClubX

Make videos, short videos, long videos, story-tell. (music drowns out chatter) This is the customer support/marketing team. (music drowns out chatter) Now this wheel, this is actually… I think every office should have it ’cause it just makes it exciting. So we do wheel spins and when anyone does something tight, or like that was a great a move, or they’re super supportive to one of our members. Come in here, this is the sales pit, or the sales turf, I should call it. – [Dave] I love it, the sales turf. – And my favorite, upstairs. (music drowns out talking) This is the Xbox lounge. So this room serves no purpose outside for me to play Xbox and to have fun. So I do about 90 percent of our teaching up here. (music drowns out talking) (arrow dings) (music drowns out talking) And then we just painted this one green.

So when I do need to film something in outer space, I can do that. Yeah, so that’s the office, that’s the BGIM headquarters. (settling urban music) – [Dave] Alright, Myles, so where are we off to today? – We’re going to a sports car company in La Joya. This is actually gonna be a real car lot. I’ve made sure this time, at least. I think, I don’t know, I have no idea. (resonant urban music) Down here taking pictures for our Dream 100 letter of all these amazing cars. Look at these, look at this, look at this.

What is your dream car? Ya know, we actually just met with someone yesterday and he would come down here. Like five years ago, he’d come, he’d look at the car just to get motivation to work towards, something to work towards. And I mean being around this type of stuff, yeah, totally, I totally see it. These are amazing vehicles. – So if you’re ever lacking motivation, come down to La Joya and this is just a crazy, crazy place. Unbelievable cars. Check some of these things out. (resonant urban music) A few of us flew home early, couple different reasons.

ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X: One is I hate to stay the extra night. Myles came along with me and when Myles was sittin’ there, we thought, “Well, hey, Steven and Corbin might as well come too!” Steven, what’s going on in your life? Oh, you know, wife’s probably giving birth. Literally, any moment. – [Dave] Crazy! – I’m waitin’ on the kid now. – [Dave] So we went through Vegas, Corbin goes through Oakland, and is here at the exact same time, even though he left a half-hour later. Alright, this episode is ending. Good night, Kevin. – Good night, guys. (upbeat synth music) ClickFunnels™ Comma Club X

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