JP Sears Shocking Reveal In The New ClickFunnels™ Commercial | FHTV Ep. 113

ClickFunnels™ Commercial

ClickFunnels™ Commercial: At ClickFunnels™, we are all about helping people make money online. Including the Ultra Spiritual JP Sears and you WON’T BELIEVE what you see. In the episode, we are taking you behind the scenes of our hilarious new commercial for ClickFunnels™. ClickFunnels™ Commercial

ClickFunnels™ Commercial

ClickFunnels™ Commercial:

– The secret to selling anything online isn’t being spiritual. It’s looking spiritual. That’s why the number one thing people want from me is this. My hair. – [Dan Usher] Crushed it. – [Sam] Crushed it, yeah. – [Man Three] Killed it! – [Dan Usher] All right, all right. – [Sam] Let’s do one more. (playful music) – I’m going into a beauty supply store to hopefully to find the perfect matching wig to match JP Sears hair.

We are shooting a commercial with him. I’m super excited ’cause this commercial is going to be hilarious. Yeah? – Oh. But you look amazing. (drum beat with Cowbell] – [Sam] It looks good? – [Dan] Actually, you should wear this for Halloween. Go as JP for Halloween. (whirring of airplane Engine] (elevator beeping) – All right, it is way to early. Like it’s, looking pretty ominous right now.

We are heading to the Dry Bar Comedy club and there’s a couple logistics happening that we’re not entirely used to. Such as, makeup artists trying to put a bald cap on a dude who has super long hair. And thick. Red. – We are here in Salt Lake City heading down to Provo, Utah to the Dry Bar Comedy club. We actually have someone here. (sighs) What do you call a person who actually handles your luggage? (laughing) – Luggage handler? – [Dave Woodward] Luggage handler. – We are at VidAngel slash Dry Bar Comedy club slash Harmon Brothers headquarters.

ClickFunnels™ Commercial:

They produce some of the coolest infomercials you’ve ever seen. Squatty Potty, Poo Pourri. Fiber Fix. Saturday save us. (Man murmuring) (knocking) – Oh, the hell’s going on? And he didn’t see us. (knocking) I want comedy! Why can’t we get in? – This is downtown Provo, Utah. – Yeah, man.

This is where it’s happening. Fall colors, mountainous earth. – So the whole reason we’re is because JP is setting the stage for tonight. It’ll drive our comic up. We are so honored, thrilled, and excited to have him here. And then you’ve got the opportunity of basically kicking things off before Andrew Moore gets on stage with Russell. And talks about all of Click Funnel’s crazy start up stories. – Yeah, I’m excited for it.

You make it sound like the event revolves around me. – It does! – Which it doesn’t. – It totally does. – I get to come in and have some fun but it’s gonna be a great event. – Hey, you see him? – [Man] There he is! Oh. Y’all know that was a missed opportunity then. – [Dan] I have booked it. – I need backup, don’t be weird. (upbeat techno music) So this is office goals right here. Make Lily turn this space into a full out like, production studio. Dry Bar, comedy club. Like all these cool things. And it’s all separated. –


ClickFunnels™ Commercial:

This is going to be fun. This is gonna be so cool. – [Man] How’s it going guys? – I use at least one shelf of this stuff everyday. – [Cameraman] How’s it going? – [Man In Mask] How are you? – [Cameraman] How’s Natalie Portman doin’? – [Man In Mask] Really good. (Cameraman laughing) – He’s on the, keto anorexia diet. – So this is going to be a weird request and I have to ask her if they have his hair. JP’s hair. – [Cameraman] So I need that hair. – Exactly that, yep.

There’s an actual wig room. I’d love to have a wig room. – [Woman] Yeah, check this out! – Well I’m just trying to get dressed up as JP. To have JP lookalikes running throughout all of Provo for Halloween. That’s the idea – [Blonde Woman] I have a sister with hair that color. – Oh, you do? She sounds beautiful. (laughing) – What are you thinkin’? Nope? Not close enough. – No, not JP enough. – I’m thinkin’ I wish I wasn’t so attracted to you right now, David. (laughing) – [Blonde Woman] Well let me keep lookin’ and see if I can find a darker, a little bit deeper. But actually it’s light. – [Cameraman] I think it’s a good look for you, man. (laughing) – You look really good on me. – And then it’s just like, “Whoa!” “Which one’s the real JP?” (laughing) – The answer is I’m Dave. (laughing) (upbeat music)

ClickFunnels™ Commercial:

It feels like my wife would stop loving me if she saw me right now. It’s weird. – [Dave] So weird. – [Cameraman] It looks pretty natural though. – It’s so weird, oh. I just wish I had this kind of hair and then I had the option of being bald. I’m just gonna be bald regardless. – And that was three hours, and solid. With Click Funnels I no longer have to do all the selling by myself. Hello army. (upbeat music) You just made me bald so that we can make me have hair, that is not my own. Instead of having my own. – [Cameraman] Rolling on sound. – Moment of truth right here, funnel hackers. Get ready for it.

That’s why the number one thing people want from me is this. My hair. – Sounding good. But more sound auto. You can see that shadow. – [Dave] We got shadow? – Yep. – [Dave] Look up. – See that, funnel hackers? You gotta fail before you have a success. (Dave laughing) That’s why the number one thing people want from me. We’ll take that from the top. (beep) That’s why the number one thing that people. Such a tough line. (beep) – Hi, a little technical difficulty right now.

The flower broke. So we’re having to fix the flower. Unfortunately we don’t have a hot dry glue gun. Whatever those things are called.Hot dry, that’s not. – Right now, everybody working on me. – [Woman] There you go, perfect. (beep) – JP hair. If you’re not in my funnel, you’re dead to me. (beep) That light? You’ve gotta be kidding me! – If you’re not in my funnel. – This is crazy. Little bit of problem. We have a power surge going on in the building, and every time the generator things come on the light flashes. So, hopefully we’re gonna get this thing fixed here.

ClickFunnels™ Commercial:

Turn off all the lights in that house, and focus just on this. – We’re getting a shot one more time? (chuckling) – And some people say the more money you make the more impact you can have. But I like to say the more money you make, the more income you have. Then to triple my profits, I add in a quick order form bump. I add in a quick order form bump to buy my headband. (groans) I just love how easy it is to try. Sounded cheesy JP, ya jerk. Now take a, take a Jeff. (Dave laughing) And what was the? – [Sam] All right, that’s a rap.

That’s a rap. (cheering) – Nice job everybody! – We’re definitely gonna be done. Just move into the light, yeah! – We’re gonna sell or be sold. You gotta shave or be sold on this one. (laughing) All right, sales team listen up. We’ve gotta increase our monthly hair sales. Lance, have you sold a million dollars worth of hair this month? – No. – No. – [Tom] My name’s Tom. – So you’re selling like a Lance.

You should be ashamed of yourself. We gotta sell more hair. Success, money, income, revenue, profits. All synonyms for making me rich. ‘Cause it’s not about making me rich. It’s about making the consumers out there more spiritual. The secret to selling anything online isn’t being spiritual. It’s looking spiritual. With my hair. Want you guys to go out there and sell more.

ClickFunnels™ Commercial:

What’s your name, Son? – Steve. – Steve. Steve, you should be ashamed of yourself. – Why? – You’ve been working with me for 10 years and I haven’t even learned your name yet, Steve. That’s how little you’re selling.We gotta be a team on this. Some people say, “Well JP, I can’t have long hair because I’m a swimmer.” Well you know what? Swimming is a stupid sport, and you’re not a dolphin. You can’t spell hair without ir. Yeah, I want you to put more ir into you’re sales. Does that make sense? I don’t even want you to think about money ’cause it’s not about the money, its about the profits.

If we sell more, we’re gonna bypass the money and just take in more profits. In the form of a lot of money. Oh man. And I just want you to listen up here. I want you to feel this, wow. When you look at Make JP Rich, you can’t spell rich without ich.And I’ve got an ich for some more profits.

In Team, I want you to go out and scratch my ich. – Scratch itch. – Scratch itch, got it. – It itch the scratch? – Sex sells, but you know what sells better than sex? Webinars. I want us to wear man thongs when we sell. Lisa? Sell hair. Upsell to armpit hair. Grew our nude webinars to do 3.5 million in 89 minutes. You can’t spell success without suc. And suc is exactly what you do, Lance. Look what are you writing down, Lance? “Make JP money.” “Scratch the itch.” You didn’t even spell ich correctly.

ClickFunnels™ Commercial:

You spelled it with a T. Can you fire Lance for me? I feel like he’s holding us all back. And you can’t spell make without aah. And holding us back is exactly what Lance is doin’. I just look at this hair, and do you know what I want? Every man, woman, child, dolphin, dog, cat and parakeet in the world to have? I want them to have my hair. ‘Cause I don’t even have my hair anymore.

Do you know what this is really about? It’s not about the profits. Income. It comes from within. Income comes from the Greek word that means a lot of freakin’ money. (sighs) Some people say the more money you have the more impact you can make. But I like to say the more money you have the more income you have. More money is less unmore than less money.

ClickFunnels™ Commercial: Do y’all understand quadruple negatives? (sighing) I wanna see you guys excel. We gotta sell more to make JP more rich. Does that make sense? (yells) JP Looks. You can’t be spiritual unless you look spiritual. Go to to start making sales today. (yells) That wasn’t a good slap. (laughing) My hand got caught. ClickFunnels™ Commercial


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