World Champion Visits ClickFunnels™   Funnel Hacker T.V Ep 87

ClickFunnels™ Epic Day – World Champion with Russell Brunson

ClickFunnels™ Epic Day: Another epic day in the life at ClickFunnels™ Head Quarters with Russell Brunson and team . Go behind the scenes in this episode of FHTV and see why ClickFunnels™ in unlike any other company on the planet.

ClickFunnels™ Epic Day: Which kind of waffle is better, sweet or savory?

The waffle me up truck just pulled in. Don’t tell Bart.. Last time..she watched all the episodes. I didn’t eat them last time because my willpower was so strong. It will. Power is completely gone now today. Good morning. Funnel hackers are here today with Mr James P Friel, Aka Superman and Dave Woodward, Aka Super Stripe. I don’t know. Anyway, we just got done doing squats. Romanians and I did 10 rope climbs. So here’s the story. Back in the day, my dad put a rock climbing thing in our backyard, but he made it so I had to climb the rope 10 times everyday before I can eat dinner.

So I really, really good at that and if I, if we’d miss a day for like weekends, vacations would add up to somebody that like 70 or 84 eating dinner. So that’s amazing. And now I’m an old fat guy. I did 10 and I’m really proud of myself. I’ve been intended, but now we’re going out for the real workout outside. We’ll show you guys what’s good about to happen. What’s the real reason we’re here? We’re doing a sled. The sled push and pull. I think we just invented.

It sucks. Oh, haven’t done it yet, but I’m in. In our minds it suck You ready for this? Now? I’m doing it anyway. It’s a good thing. [Epic Music Playing] wore my batman shirt today because today is going to be a super day superhero day. First off. you may have seen us. We pushed the sleds around today. We did rope climb That was awesome. Second off the wall from me up truck just pulled in. And then number three, melody may have done a super hero, a stun today and ordered. a masseuse I did not. Actually. Joe Mccall. Joe McCall we love you. Yes. So Joel McCall gave a gift to the entire company. Our office from Joe. I love Joe Mccall. Everyone, give Joe money to buy stuff. Do whatever you want. He is one of my favorite human beings because we have the suits in the office state given us all massages.

Now it’s Waffle Me Up Time.So we got the, a maverick pro. We’re going to fly this puppy. Get some aerial footage. Cs can lust after the, um, waffles that are about to be consumed by everybody. Okay. What is this? What is this? We’ve got a Baba Cado deluxe, which is different than the Ba Kado. It’s deluxe. ]Then we’ve got strawberry, which you get apple, cinnamon deliciousness. Baba Cado is the best. Oh, okay. Is it recording outside? So cool. [Fun Music Plays] So apparently we don’t have like one of the best hacky sack players in the world. We have no storage. So Evan Gatesman is a three time world champion.

ClickFunnels™ Epic Day


So he applied at waffle we and apply. So he showed me a little performance. I’m like, you’re hired, but it’s only hires world champ. Got some hacky sacks, bring the show. You guys a visual aid. There’s a lot of different kinds. Normal people think a hacky sack is just kicking thing just like this. So we got these and then after you get bored of doing kicks, you will kinda like been to stalls like this. Got The toast, all the insights, thoughts, and if you’re really lucky, the outside sales so we can go around the head, could spin around the other direction. You can just add a. go it twice. Oh, there you go. Ricardo. They’re amazing. Okay about to start my second massage.

ClickFunnels™ Epic Day: Helping businesses, health and weight loss

How would your massage, this is going to be your virtual conference, like the other, like in a regular room with him sitting at the conference room table. You can shoot me and stuff, but you know you check this out. So we just found out that not only is clickfunnels™ helping businesses and health and weight loss and local businesses have chiropractors, dentists, suicide hotlines, every market, no demand. There is a market that we never. We try. We’ve definitely tried, but we never knew we were actually going to penetrate this market. We just found out we have, we have a click funnels member. It was real. It was the coolest thing ever.

He makes $18,000 per year selling hunting trips for people who are looking for big foot big, but so this is the thing that you sue them for some market. This is the lesson for everybody out there. You’re like, hey, all my so trips to men know two men who want to hunt camp. Nobody want to camp and hunt. No many want to camp and hunt for bigfoot anyway. The more you can shrink it down. Yeah. And then you find. We’re ready for a hot date or the afternoons. Little windy out here. Here’s one here that we are going to a cooking class. But James, Jada, you guys are going to upgrade time.

You’re making us do fun stuff. Yes, that’s right. We’re going to cook everybody. [Cooking Music Plays] Alright it’s our first time cooking ever. Besides eggs. Mac and cheese. Cereal…eggs, lot’s of eggs. Now we finished the appetizer. He ate it. And now moving on to the main course. Dave started eating. We’re still working over here. Dave’s already halfway done. Eating. We’re past something magnificent. You feel so good. Yum, yum. Yum. You still hungry though? Which is really good. But it’s alright. So we just got done the cooking class, ate our dinner and now we’re still hungry. So now we are at Kona grill from a good idea to kind of, you know, that’s better. It’s the ultimate appetizer and that’s about it!


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