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ClickFunnels™ GrantCardone Challenge

ClickFunnels™ GrantCardone Challenge: Our adventure has come full circle, as we meet up with Grant Cardone for the flight of a lifetime. Check out as we fly in Grant’s 50 million-dollar jet and rise to his challenge of building a sales funnel during the flight for Grant’s book “The 10x Rule”.

ClickFunnels™ GrantCardone Challenge: Funnels at 40,000 FT

– [Grant Voiceover] Hey my name’s Grant Cardone and I just created my first funnel using Click Funnels. Let me show you how easy it is. (upbeat music) – Good morning. (electric shaver buzzing) Ah! Right there, that’s the spot. Russel’s probably still sleeping. We have to leave, in like two minutes or else we’re gonna be late. – Hey it’s game time man, what’s going on? – Uber’s are outside to the right. –

Awesome, where’s RB? We’re supposed to go over to meet at the Grant in like 10 or 15 minutes and I think we’re gonna pull this one off today. Whew! I hope. – Our flight is supposed to leave at 4:30? I think. – We’re gonna pull this thing off I promise. Hurry, Russell, hurry. – Good morning, morning It’s our last leg of the trip. – We’re about to get on Grant Cardone’s jet. What?! – Here’s Dan. Dude, you are like so late! I’m way tired, but excited. Actually I’m excited to go home. To he honest with you, I’m excited to go home –

Hopefully our wives are still there when we get home. (laughter) (door shuts) – Oh, baby! Here we go! (upbeat music) – So, ideally before we head out, place three videos of you to camera. Kinda get you into the confers. I’m flyin’ this plane! Like, legit, they’re gonna let me fly this thing. Can ya hear me now? (mic squawks) – Yeah! – Welcome to 10X Airline.

We wanna welcome you guys as our preferred passengers. Today we are gonna be funneling our way through the clouds and it’s gonna be amazing. Make sure you’re buckled up and you’re ready for a bumpy ride because we’re gonna 10X everything. It’s gonna be a sell out. (laughter) – It’s gonna be a sell out! – Russell versus Grant. Russell versus Cardone. ClickFunnels™ Growth Secrets

Whoever wins this, wins the plane. Let’s go for that. (laughter) – And everything that comes with it. – Everything that- – [crowd] Hey, good job Russell! Good job. (applause) (upbeat music) – Hey we got the sunrise. Ain’t no money in that sunrise. (laughter) I can’t pay your bills with the sunrise. So, Russell, great to have you onboard, dude. All right, always good to spend time with you. You’ve done my last two conferences. Done a great job there. One out of nice people purchased his product. Ya made a bunch of money at the last one, huh? – Yeah. – So, look, man, I don’t really understand the whole funnel thing. I know a lot of people are doing well with it, right? – [Russell] Yeah. – What I wanna know, though, can anybody do a funnel? – Oh, yeah. That’s things like, prior to click funnels, nobody could. It was super hard.

We made it so anybody can. From anywhere, anyhow, anytime, just do it. – So, what I wanna know is could you do it from 40,000 feet? (laughter) Could we do it on the way to Chicago? We got a two-hour flight. – We have internet access here? – Do I have internet access? I’ve got three internet accesses. (laughter) I got two internet bands. I got a K-band we can add to it but I don’t think we’re wanna light that one up. – This is like time crunch. We gotta build a funnel before we land. – If you can’t do it for me, you can’t do it for anyone. I’m the easiest guy in the world to sell. People either love me or they hate me. (Russell laughs) But at least he’ll look in the funnel. I’m gonna put Click Funnels to the test.

ClickFunnels™ GrantCardone Challenge: Every business needs sales funnel

You got your boys onboard. Your cost of this flight, no free peanuts, is you gotta create a funnel for the 10X Rule. So I’m gonna give you an easy book. Your guys, tell me what you need from me. I got internet. Can you guys do it? Can you guys create a funnel? We got two hours. – We gotta film you that’s selling the book- – So my whole life I’ve been told I couldn’t have the dream life. I’ve been told from the get-go it was impossible. Today I’m sitting in a plane with my name on it. You can’t fake a jet. You just can’t fake that.

Just take care of the shipping. Is that the pitch? – [Russell] That’s it! – You guys have an hour and 48 minutes. We’re at 41,000 feet. No pressure at all, man. You’re running out of time, man. Tick tock, tick tock. Click Funnels, let’s roll! What does a person need to create a funnel? – So, things you need to create a funnel: number one you have your product. Number two you have somebody who can actually pitch the product ’cause a sales funnel is not gonna just sell the product by itself. It still takes somebody- – [Grant] Yeah. –

And then you have a funnel. That’s it. You can grab things and pull them and move them. Every business needs a funnel. Same thing you think with the funnel. So something comes in the funnel, how am I gonna approach them. – Yeah, you’re not really trying to sell somebody. You’re trying to hook into interest to raise my hand and say I’ve got issue with my car or my roof. (typing) – [Russell] Yeah. – He’s doing good. He crushed that page quick! – All right, the first page Grant’s building is to sell the book.

Now moving on to page number two in the funnel. So the second page after they bought the book, then we’ll be talking about the actual 10X experience. You’re gonna take it to Grove con three. – Hey thank you so much for ordering the book. It’s on it’s way as I speak and I don’t want you just to read the book. That’s gonna be awesome for ya but I want you to become part of the 10X movement. That’s pretty easy, man! (laughter) We making sales yet? (laughter) Yeah, so you’re passing on the event. Could be two or three different reasons. You don’t like to travel. You don’t like to leave home. You don’t the time.

ClickFunnels™ GrantCardone Challenge

ClickFunnels™ GrantCardone Challenge: Grant very first funnel build all by himself

What I do want to do however, even if you can’t be at the event, is I wanna catch you up in the comfort of your home. I’m gonna give you a recording, almost ten hours of content, to last year’s event so that you get caught up. – Click that then you’re right here on this page. These funnels build lists of customers, potential customers- – Do you help people build the hook? –

Yeah, with all of our training stuff, so it’s like how to find the right hook. This funnel is just one on one selling without you there. You’re just pulling yourself out. All right, and then the last page, we just thank them for their order and then tell them to invest in Cardone Capital. So that’ll be the last page of the funnel and then that’s it. – And then you go to Cardone Capital? – Might as well. – Before you go, one last thing, all right? The number one question people ask me when they’re working with me is how do I get to that first seven figures. How do I get to that first two-comma club? No, man, it was easy! –

He wanted us to build the funnel. He could do it. It’s that easy. – Yeah, yeah, I said, hey you guys build it at 50, 000, and they’re like, how ’bout you build it? Which means, by the way, you guys can do it too. Cut and copy, it’s there. So he’s already got a template that works. It’s like your mom’s recipe. You don’t really need to change anything. It makes the guy that’s not good with the computer pretty easy to do it anywhere, man. If I could do it up here, you guys can do it down there to get you up here. (light laughter) – [Pilot] Yeah, yeah, let’s do it. – I’m legitimately flying the plane right now. What?! All right, we’re flying into Chicago. Look at that. It’s been an insanely cool trip. We built a funnel.

Grant build his very first funnel all by himself. – Sure did, man. It was amazing! – Anyway, coming soon to a funnel near you. All right, so, the last 24 hours have been insane. On the plane, Grant build his very first funnel ever all by himself, which was really really cool to see. It’s funny ’cause he’s like, I don’t wanna do it. Then we made him do it. He’s like, this is really easy. This is real easy! So, he saw how easy click funnels was. We was really excited to actually have him use it.

Now we’re back here Chicago O’Hare Airport where we were 24 hours ago. So in 24 hrs we’ve been on, not one, but two private planes and had a whole bunch of fun. So the moral of this episode is you should try to get your own plane. Just kidding, kind of. But really for me, it’s all about leveling up. In the last episode, we were in San Francisco at Salesforce. We watched how a multi-billion dollar company runs, how it looks like, the strategies behind it. Here we saw Pruvit.

You know, they’re a half a billion dollar year company now that started three and a half years ago. Then you get, well, Grant, so we have no idea how much his revenues are but enough to write a check for a $50,000,000 plane. Every time I feel like I’m thinking big, I find the next level and I realize I’m thinking small. I know the difference between success from where we want to be and what we could be, is all between our ears.

It’s all just what we believe and so if you see people do things, you’re more likely to believe it’s true. I have absolute belief now that it’s possible for Click Funnels to go from a hundred million to a billion and a billion to ten, whereas before I just hoped. Belief is the key to this episode. I look for your future, what you want to accomplish, find people who have already done it. When you see them, you’ll realize you can do it as well and that belief is what’ll drive you forward. So that’s it for this episode ClickFunnels™ Growth Secrets. Thanks so much. See you next episode of FunnelHackerTV.


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