“10X” A Click Funnels Story | Official Trailer -The Untold Story of  10x Growth Con 2019

Clickfunnels™ Growth Con 2019

Clickfunnels™ Growth Con 2019: The untold story of 10x Growth Con 2019 – We are excited to finally tell our 10X story through our full-length documentary that comes out in a couple days!

Clickfunnels™ Growth Con 2019:  The Untold Story of 10x Growth Con 2019

Hello everyone so excited to have you all here with us we’re gonna talk about 10x today this event is the biggest event we’ve ever been a part of it’s kind of a broad overview better hopefully to help you to better out to get better the countdown is literally like we’re hours away from take it off.

The good thing is this is only front of 35,000 people so that’s so we placed bets 14 million 18.1 16 just 11 if this is an eight-figure event for Russell something’s gone horribly wrong [Music] I think that’s one of the biggest parts of our calling is like we have to be doing these things and pushing the boundaries and showing people what what’s possible because then they believe is possible so out there was a circus yesterday and it happened on purpose and it set up what’s about to happen bring to the stage.

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