Funnel Hacking Live 2020 Just Got An Upgrade

Clickfunnels™ Hacking Live 2020

Clickfunnels™ Hacking Live 2020: Attention Funnel Hackers! Are you ready for the most immersive business festival of the year? We know you loved Funnel Hacking Live 2019 and so we decided that we are going to make it bigger, better, and beachier!

Clickfunnels™ Hacking Live 2020: Live Review!

The reason for the festival’s obvious, it’s to revolutionize the way we build funnels and the way we look doing it. Nobody wants to be the nerd sitting behind a computer, just glasses on and Cheetos fingers. They wanna be on a beach with models. We’re changing the way this industry’s ran through the ClickFunnel’s Fyre Festival in the Bahamas. (upbeat music) We rented a couple of yachts, two of ’em, and we’re actually filming our promo video right now. (upbeat music) Oh, the keynotes, the keynotes are gonna be unreal. I mean, we got Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, Elon Musk, Tom from MySpace, we’re actually friends now. We’re gonna have a great lineup.

Clickfunnels™ Hacking Live 2020

The goal is essentially to, obviously, replace Funnel Hacking Live with a sexier version. I would call this my passion project because I’m so sick and tired of seeing Funnel Hackers so focused on generating wealth, and then having impact on other people’s lives. Is that really what it’s about? No. What about growth and impact on Instagram? Why have real impact when you can have a real fake life.

(upbeat music) If you don’t have followers on Instagram, you’re not gonna make money. Funnels are great but social media success is the future. I’m not really worried about costs. I have literally put this whole festival together on the company card. Nothing’s come out of my pocket, and nothing will. I’m doing this for them.

They might not see it now; I haven’t told them yet, but when I do, they’ll see it. Our saying is when life gives you lemons, squeeze them in your eyes, you’ll get more likes. (exciting dance music) Am I doing this to make more friends? Uh, yes. If it doesn’t happen, I mean, it’s gonna happen, it has to happen. But if it doesn’t happen, funneling live, it’s a good runner-up.

Funnels Hacking Live 2020: We should have a beach. Still working through the details, but yeah, it’s probably gonna be at least 40 feet long. Gonna be plenty of photo opportunities to go out there and to show the world what you’re doing. No beach? Like none? Well, hey man, just give me two… How’s that gonna work? It’s not? Okay, how is it not gonna work? Seriously, okay. We’re gonna have a beach.

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