ClickFunnels™ visits the Harmon Brothers (New Viral Video Coming!) | FHTV Ep 119

Clickfunnels™ Harmon Brothers

Clickfunnels™ Harmon Brothers: We are back with a new episode of funnel hacker tv and with exciting news… ClickFunnels™ and Harmon Brothers are collaborating again! In this episode, we will take you behind the scenes of the new video we have in the works. As funnel hackers, you will love this!

Clickfunnels™ Harmon Brothers – The funniest video

– Okay, let’s be quiet just for a second in case they’re in the middle of a take. I think it sounds like they’re setting up. – [Woman] Oh no. (upbeat music) – This is our third video with the Harmon Brothers and our first one we ended up doing the nude squirrel. I like to paint nudes, squirrels that is. – The second one we still used the prospector but it was death of the website. – We’re gathered here today to celebrate the death of your website. Woohoo. – It’s potentially the funniest video

we’ve done yet. – We got some really super cool stuff and gonna try to get a little bit of behind the scenes for you guys here. Hang tight and watch. – So this is the Bright building where the Harmon brothers office is. (upbeat music) – Yeah, come on in. Come on in real quick. (electronic music) – [Cameraman] This is the best thing ever.

Let me explain to you what a funnel is. (laughing) – [Director] Action when you’re ready. (laughing) – Mr. Buckets. – Roger. – [Man] Do you want more? (upbeat music) – [Cameraman] Oh my gosh. –

Clickfunnels™ Harmon Brothers

Clickfunnels™ Harmon Brothers – Kelly the writer of the video.

So. – Let me introduce you to Bad Kelly here. So Kelly actually is one of the writers she’s also the actor in this. I didn’t even recognize her and I remember we were actually up at the cabin and she was writing and that was not what she looked like. (laughing) That is Bad Kelly. – Yeah, not what I looked like although I do think this is what I will look like. – This is gonna be it. – Yeah. – [Cameraman] Future look here? – This is my future. – All right so we’re on shoot 34 as we’re coming in here so check this out see what happens. (upbeat music) Not exactly sure why Caitlyn’s wearing the cowboy hat.

– It helps me get into the creative mood. – [Cameraman] So Caitlyn, how many scenes are in this? – 41. – [Cameraman] 41? – There’s a lot. – [Cameraman] How are ya doing with those Kelly. – Good, keep drinking water and spilling it on my pants. That’s so funny, oh no. Oh no, I just squeezed this and now my pants are a little bit wet. – [Cameraman] This is great behind the scenes at photo here. What are you doing? – Trying to dry my pants. (laughing) – She’s doing awesome. – [Director] All right guys. We gotta get this shot.


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