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ClickFunnels™ Hook Story

ClickFunnels™ Hook Story: Watch my opening presentation LIVE from Funnel Hacking Live 2019 where we are talking about the three things you NEED to know to make it rain sales… this marketing strategy works for online sales, selling in person, or selling from stage. Make sure to tune in and don’t miss this!

ClickFunnels™ Hook Story: Funnel hacker family reunions

Thank you. Thank you guys can sit down you can sit down. Love you guys too. So excited. You guys are pumped to be here this week.This is like we’ve been talking about this for the last 12 months since last time we were all hanging out how many guys feel like this is your ClickFunnels™ funnel hacker family reunions.

That’s so exciting to have all of you guys here it’s funny as we’re kind of preparing this whole thing and you have to kind of know I’m obsessed with t-shirts you’ve all got at least one so far right there’s more coming but we were looking at like what should like what’s the right message for the t-shirt and we’re gonna be wearing when they come here today that’s going to really connect us as a family and one of my inner circle meeting I can’t Was that was my audio camera was then posted this quote up during the presentation and I read it and I got chills and I was like, oh my gosh, like that’s like that’s the message.

So if you see the first slide here, this is the back of the shirt. You guys all got says surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers the Believers in the thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you even when you don’t see yourself, I think sometimes that’s how it is inside of a family, right?

Obviously everyone that’s here is at a different stage if their business of their life, some of you guys are the spot where you’re trying to figure out the next big thing to take your business Next Level some guys the very beginning trying to figure this out.

And so we’ve got a lot of guys all here together. And so what’s amazing about this community this family is how everyone works together to help each other and to raise each other up, which is really cool a couple about a month and a half ago or so as I Was preparing for the 10x event. Tell me guess what the tedx event.

If 35,000 people in the baseball stadium with an echo the made it impossible for anyone to hear so much stress and then this event which was like and all the stuff. There’s like it was it was heavy on me.

ClickFunnels™ Hook Story: Step out into the world and make a difference.

And remember I texted Garrett white and I was just talking to back and forth and he sent me a quote the meant the world to me and I think for a lot of you guys who are here in this room, you probably feel this this pressure a little bit. This one is text said to me and said heavy is the head that wears the crown.

And and he and I said that he said that to me and I started thinking and then he messaged me few minutes later. He said I want you understand. He’s like, he’s like, I understand where you’re at. You chosen to go out from the world most people sit home and watch TV and they do as little as possible. You’ve chosen to step out into the world and try to change it and that’s different. It’s not you it’s not normal people don’t do that. But you’ve done it.

He said I see you and as I Was preparing my presentation today, I was thinking about how many of you guys are here doing the same thing.

It is way easier to stay home and not be here. Right? It was way easier to just go to a job or just way easier to plug in and watch TV or watch Netflix or do whatever it is. It’s harder to come here and try to learn a skill set and the thing we’re gonna go out there and put yourself out. It’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable a lot of times right? I mean, I still awkward here right now.

Hey where my introverts in the room? Yes, it’s hard. Right? That’s my most age some scared of everybody. Okay, I understand. It is tough, but it’s worth it. Okay, and I wanted to say to all of you guys who are in that situation right now. Like I see you I see what you’re doing. And that’s why we’re killing ourselves. People ask me all the time Russell. Why are you still doing this?

Pretty sure you got enough money from all those ClickFunnels™ people write as like, yeah. It’s not about money. This point is because I understand the process in the path that you guys are going down. And so every single day. I’m wearing my best to Trail blazed as well so I can show you guys like it’s over here. Come over here. Come on, keep coming keep coming because I know that for me when I was trying to figure this stuff out there people I plugged into people I the LED me and so I’m trying my best in this role here to do that for you guys as well.

ClickFunnels™ Hook Story: Loneliness in leadership

Thank you. I know that as you’re doing the stuff is you’re becoming an entrepreneur you’re building a company.There’s lonely as a lot of things. There’s loneliness in leadership. Okay, it’s interesting.

people when you’re leading a movement. You’re leading your group of people right? Like you’re there you’re trying to share your message and you may have a team you have people which is amazing. But when all said and done is you out there putting your face on like you doing the Facebook live as you write in the book as you do the presentation is you and this scary sometimes right and there’s loneliness in leadership, but there’s also loneliness in faith the faith of like is this actually going to work?

I know for a fact that half of you guys who in this room right now came on and faith and a hope and a prayer right? I was telling somebody earlier I said you half of the room that’s here people have come to this before and speak family reunions and they’re excited to be with their friends and their family and like start growing their business Next Level and the other half is your first time right and you’re scared and you probably have little like you have faith in this process a little bit of hope.

It’s going to be amazing, but you’re like, oh my gosh, what if it doesn’t work? What if what if I spend all this money and I flew all this way and I’m here taking a week off of work like doesn’t make any logical sense and sometimes it doesn’t so I understand there’s loneliness not only leadership is also known as the faith of like trying to do that thing and try to step out there to do it. Right?

And then the last thing I want Sharia is I did a podcast A little while ago called entrepreneur scars how many guys listen to that? I know that a lot of you guys who were here in this room have on Terminal scars. You’ve tried to risk everything right?

You tried to go out there and do the thing you tried to do a business. I launched something and it didn’t work. Okay, or you have something is working really good for a while and something happened and it crashed.

ClickFunnels™ Hook Story: We are risk takers!

Okay, and I want you guys to understand like we’ve all been through that. I feel like one of the most amazing gifts that our founding fathers gave us when they founded this country America was the ability for entrepreneurs like us to be able to risk everything and if we mess up we fail it was okay.

They give us bankruptcy laws to give us things like that to give us the ability to risk without the the fear of I could you if you mess up you’re locked up in jail for the rest of your life, right?

I think some of us would risk everything. We’re trying to change the world we do this thing and then it fails and then we shrink back and like I just gotta I just gotta hide because I don’t want people to know that I messed up right and I know for a fact there are people in this room and who were in that spot right now you’ve had success in the past, but there’s that that fear of like putting yourself out there again.

So for all you guys who were here, I just want you to understand like I see you. I understand what you’re going through and we’re here for you to support you as a community.

Okay. So the theme of this year’s final hacking live is the theme of every funnel hacking live. I want to make sure my I want to make sure I’m sure my slides up here as well you guys because they have a lot of slides that are create as much as I see my face what makes you guys see what I prepared as well.

So the theme of this year’s funnel hacking live event is the same as every year people are like, what’s the theme this year? I’m like, it’s the same thing.

ClickFunnels™ Hook Story: Brunson’s 6 presentation

I’m not changing. I love this thing. There’s a compliment. I’ve got a six presentation like Avenue theme every year to come on now. No, the theme is one fun away and I wanted for those who like I thought you can change the things like no this is this is the same message.

Okay, everyone’s here at a different spot than you were last year right and give us about the two years ago or three years ago and some of you guys this year one fun away from a cure here. You’re putting it all on the line your camera to gamble some to try it and you this is your shot. This is your one fun away shot, right? You’re trying to figure it out brother you guys, this is your second year third year having success in for growing things that are amazing are happening and you want the way from Next Step In fact, I want to show really quick story and ClickFunnels™.

We’re going to share the numbers in the staff of the growth here in a few minutes, but as we’ve started growing ClickFunnels™ as we got bigger and bigger to harder to grow and we started getting to the sticking point. In fact the last 12 months we continue to grow but at a much slower rate, you got harder and harder and harder as got more and more people and all of us is I click phones are ringing out. How do we grow the see? How do we get from from 50,000 to? Thousand people like how do we grow it? And we just couldn’t get past them sticking points and literally six months ago. I sitting in an inner circle meeting and Natasha hayslett who’s going to speak to you guys tomorrow.

There’s the Tasha at Sasha’s right here. She’s pregnant with twins. She might give birth tomorrow on stage. I’m hoping it’s going to be amazing.

But it Tasha gets on stage in her humble self and she’s like, hey, we try to book funnel didn’t really work. So he’s tried this challenge funnel instead and it really working good for us. And we looked at was like, oh my gosh, I’ve seen challenge phones before without the way she explained it and we back to the drawing board start freaking out are doing some stuff and how many guys went through one funnel a challenge so far.

So because Natasha gave me that idea that one funnel. We launched it the last six weeks and ClickFunnels™. We’ve had more growth per week in the last six weeks because one fun way challenge we have in the last two years.

So for some of you it’s Natasha, you need to hurt her. She didn’t tell you about her funnel and Smeg. That’s the thing. I need something ask me. Somebody else. We have so many amazing speakers are all share different types of funnels what’s working for their business? So I want you guys listening with ears not the integrate everything. You shouldn’t be creating everything but listing by what’s the next thing for me? What’s the one funnel for me in my stage right now and something as is one funnel to launch your business. I mean, I just one phone get the next level is whatever it is for you. Don’t you just listen with those ears because if you’re listening with the right ears, you’re going to get it. You’re going to hear it. Okay, I could easily be in my inner circle meeting me like, oh Natasha is paying me to be here. I might pay attention, but I was listening and I was like, oh my gosh, that’s amazing.

ClickFunnels™ Hook Story: Interview with Andrew Warner

So I want to make sure it’s about this whole week you guys are listening with your ears to hear the things that are here created for you Ken. This is a pincher me go back one slide. Okay. So this right here a couple months ago. We did we did an interview with Andrew Warner who’s the host of the mixergy podcast, which is my favorite podcast and I asked him if you come and eat interview me on the ClickFunnels™ startup story because I wanted to tell the whole story obviously. What time did you guys hear parts of the store? But I want to tell the whole story. He’s my favorite interviewer. So we flew it is funny and there’s famous. He does these things called Scotch nights where we get together. They drink Scotch.

I didn’t know Scotch was I thought I was talking about butterscotch like Andy and I was like what and turns out his alcohol. I don’t know these things right and then I was like going to interview me is like we could do a scotch sighs like I’m Mormon, I don’t drink Scotch and then I was like, wait a minute. There’s this place in Utah.

It’s a bar but it’s called a dry bar and he’s like, what does that mean? I like it means they it so far. They don’t serve alcohol like we should do the event there and it turned out really cool. So we brought him and me we did this like butterscotch night. It was amazing if the drive our comedy club and he interviewed ClickFunnels™ startup Story how many guys have heard that interview?

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Okay, the first half and just went live on the podcast today in the next half goes live like two days. If you guys want to hear the whole interviews it’s there but what’s cool is before he did it. He does tons of research. He’s like, he’s like so show me the funnels you did before you launch ClickFunnels™ and I was like, okay, so I went back in the in the domain archives of every domain I’ve ever bought from the beginning of time till now and all the ones we actually produced and there was like over a hundred fifty funnels that we had created and launched. In fact, here’s a couple of them. I’m sure he has some pictures of all the stuff. I tried before click funnels in case any of you guys are wondering like When’s my phone I’m going to work you might need to do one or two or three or four whole bunch.


This is just the ones that grease good screenshots. There were a lot of other ones that can so for you guys. Like I tried my funnel didn’t work. This thing’s a scam. It’s like you should try another one.

I don’t know. I did a lot of them before I found ClickFunnels™. Listen you guys like I’m waiting for the perfect business when the perfect business shows up, then I’ll build a funnel think about waiting for the for this by the way to for ClickFunnels™ guess what would never have happened?

I never been ready to be able to run ClickFunnels™.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

I would have ran into the ground like two days in I had to go through all of this to figure out how to lead you guys on this path.

Okay, and the same things for you. Thank you.

In fact, it’s funny.

The first time I tried to build ClickFunnels™ in 2005.

It was called

Have you guys came to the clinic event.

Nobody my wife’s there? I got my one Super Fan. Thank you.

But what’s amazing is Dylan Jones who was one of our original co-founders and ClickFunnels™ actually hired him to design initially. So if you look at this, these are the initial designs and

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

We had sales processes that were called sales funnels back then but I tried this game a long time ago back in 2005 try to get this live. I understood this was the vision I wanted to go but I couldn’t figure it out and I tried and I failed and I tried and I failed and I tried and I failed when over and over and over again and just in work for a long long time, okay until I had a funnel and I was one foot away from success story, but what’s interesting is that this funnel was going to Cle failure.

I’m telling you the story because I’m he has launched a funnel and it’s complete failure.

The Rescuers haven’t tried yet like not even one come on now.

I want to share a story because we launched this funnel.

This was after I’d build a big company everything collapsed. I told the story couple of unlocking life’s ago and those who’ve gone through the one-way challenge for me tell the story but we build a company 200 people the whole thing collapse had fire 80 people in one day and I’m not gonna give that whole story but on the backside of that I was trying to figure out like what am I going to do when I grow up which is a question. I think all of us ask ourselves at least once a week. I was like, what do I do when I grow up and I’m laying in bed stressed out. I figure out how we make money.

I didn’t have a vision or idea and I went to and flip has a website you can buy websites.

So I’m gonna flip it on Colin. I’m scrolling through all my cousin iPad and time scrolling through try finding what’s the vision for this thing? And the Swift’s I came up called Champion and looked at it. It was an email text message autoresponder for bands.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

I was like, oh my gosh, what if I bought this and it would be an email text massage on for bands like rebranded make an email text message or just water for or dentist and the make one for chiropractors and then for entrepreneurs and for like all these different businesses. I’ve so excited by morning. I sold myself on the idea and I went to go buy the site and I didn’t have them it was $20,000 which we did not have at the time but I was like, this is the vision this is where we’re going to go. So I bought Champion with money. We didn’t have calling the bank’s increasing credit limit and he’s never done that before Mike.

I need this is important. This is the future. So by this by Champion and after we get it I have I tell my programs like you put it on our servers and we can start selling this is gonna be amazing.

My programmer looks at it and he’s like, I can’t put on your servers like well, why not? He’s like, well, it’s code in Ruby on Rails.

I think what does that mean?

And he’s like, you know, how you speak English? I’m like, yeah. He’s like, you know other people speak Chinese Mike. Yeah. He’s like this is written in Chinese. I only speak English.

I think was that mean he’s like I can’t help you.

I was like, oh crap, so then I’m like, okay, so I try to hire someone on odesk and I can you transfer this Ruby on Rails thing to a thing and to a server. I know that even meant they were trying and five or six people tried and after about two weeks of trying nobody can figure it out. I was like great I spent our last twenty thousand dollars been have on this funnel on this company on this brand and we and I can’t even do anything with it. I remember that day the office like well, I just going to walk away from it. Like it’s just a lost cause and then after I just packed my computer’s walk in the door stops. I had this thought.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

I’m so so so grateful that I listen to that voice and it said turn back around and email your list because somebody on your list know the Ruby on Rails has I don’t get emotional here.

So I come back in this is like the lowest peak of my business where everything is claw wraps around me. I don’t know what I’m doing or how we’re gonna survive what we’re going to do and I email my little customer list of the time I said, hey, I’m looking for a partner. I bought this thing is code in Ruby on Rails. If anyone you know, Ruby on Rails, I love to be you know, I need some help me on this thing.

Send email out and a couple hours later. I get an email back to my guy and and I never met before he sends me this email is like an old Ruby on Rails and I love to partner with you on this is a semi-log. I’ll see if I can fix it.

So I sent him to login that I got from the guy I bought it from and I didn’t know what a man a mic here you go.

And I went and then I went home next morning I come back and and there’s a message from he’s like, hey, man, I fixed it is good to Mike. What do you mean like, it’s dynamite, it’s done. Yeah. I fix it tonight while I was in there. I found all these other bugs of stuff. I fix those as well. I got those working in like and now it’s now it’s all it’s all done.

I think are you kidding me?

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

And it started my friendship with this person that friendship grew over the next two or three years of work together on projects and the day that we had the idea for ClickFunnels™.

We sat in a room for about a week whiteboarding out the whole vision of it.

And on the way taking him back to the airport. He’s flying back home where he lives in Atlanta.

He said one thing before we got out the car. He said hey really quick. So if we’re gonna do this whole ClickFunnels™ thing, I don’t want to be like an employee. I want to be your partner.

I remember being so scared like I don’t know if I like, I’m an entrepreneur. I control everything all the time. I was so scared.

And in that moment, I made the second greatest decision in my life outside of marrying my wife.

And I told him yes, and that man is Todd Dickerson who is my co-founder and partner at ClickFunnels™ this cantata huge round of applause stand up done. Come on out.

What’s up?

Oh, man.

Wow, what’s up? Funnel hackers smooth Wow, that was amazing. Thank you for that. Insane intro.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

I’m emotional see him. Now.

I know this is Todd. He’s been the best partner the best friend best Mentor that anybody could ever ask for and he was the one initially sat down and built ClickFunnels™ after I tried for decades to make it work and he did it like in a weekend is amazing little bit longer than that. Most of that was true.

I’ll show you something really quick. So this was actually Straight slide September 23rd 2014.

This was the day that changed my life and all of you guys live forever, even though nobody knew it. This was a day that ClickFunnels™ officially went live. I mean, I remember that day.

Yeah, three of you yeah, nobody really know. So here’s the backstory.

We were one final way to we know it’s fun. It was so this is the initial branding and logos from ClickFunnels™. So we pick that one. You just don’t worry completed for swags. They had we picked a different logo.

This is us in front of the Whiteboard. There’s Todd and this is one of our other Regional co-founders Dylan Jones different whiteboard mapping out. What click songs was going to become we launched the first time.

Nobody really bought it. There we go. Another fun. We launched it about it. And the third the fourth the fifth. I think it was the sixth time.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

We got invited speaking event. And this is the picture from the event.

It was in a room about a hundred people.

I did the very first time ever did the ClickFunnels™ presentation.

We did the presentation and like 35% of them ran to the back and bought and remember like we’re all excited and that night went to dinner and we’re sitting around and I was like just so you guys know like that’s not that’s not normal and what just happened is Like this is It’s game on like this is going to change everything went from that point forward started growing like crazy. So I’m having toggle sudden some of the the status of what’s been happening ever since that day when we launched click on. Yeah, absolutely. So after that presentation Russell’s like it’s game over we’re going to be a 10,000 customers next week which didn’t quite happen. But by the end of year one, we actually did hit 10,000 gaspar’s it’s crazy crazy followed by your to 20,000 doubling over then your three crazy growth with the books and the amazing training. The Russell was putting out 50,000 customers your for last year funnel acting Library 60,000 this year. As of today.

We are at seventy six thousand seven hundred eighty six thousand customers. How crazy is that?

So in says amazing and Devon alluded to this earlier, we processed over 2.5 billion dollars in sales through stripe alone. Always have you guys you guys have done 2.5 billion dollars in sales so crazy, which is actually 1.5 billion more than last year. So in a year, you guys did 1.5 billion dollars.

So just to give you a comparison here last year GDP or a gig we showed you guys this last year if you took all the GDP of all the countries in the world click phones right now is number 15 highest GDP in the world would you know, that means check out next life if there was a country and our people call a funnel hackers would have higher GDP than 15 other countries and I’m kind of thinking about just like this venue. Like I feel like we’re in final hacker like our own little city here.

What if we all just moved here and lived here and took over I 15 other countries little hacker. I like it.

Let’s do it check this out. So we also the 2 comma Club winners. We’re up to five hundred five total winners, which I got an update right before I came out here. It’s actually 506 now so congratulations somebody and that’s actually 241 new ones in the past 12 months alone, since we’re talking sizes here.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Guy’s hand.

Then we have the 2 comma Club X award which is the eight-figure award. They’ve been 38 total winners for that now and 22 of those in the past 12 months alone.


And in order to keep serving you guys we’ve had to grow our team like crazy.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

We’re up to 250 one amazing people serving you guys right now 252 again as of yesterday. We had a new hire. So are you going to because he Jabs were looking for people?

Yes. We’re looking for a big army to serve every day as a hundred thirty-two customer support people 43 people working on product development with me every day and 26 people in marketing working with Russell every single day to provide amazing stuff for you guys the amazing.

All right, Tommy is let’s see what else crazy this is happening last 12 months we hung out last time.

Okay, we got a video we’re going to show you this is we’ve always wanted to do this. This is the first year. We actually did. This is the quick funnels year-in-review.

So all the craziness that happened since we hung out with you guys 12 months ago.

We return to the house lights down and watch this video together.

Hey, that’s me Russell. Now, I was a regular kid from Utah. I was pretty terrible in school. I was inspiring wrestler and overall as fairly ADHD at the age of 6. I got my very first job working for my parents weeding the garden and picking vegetables. Now the job was good at a steady paycheck.

I got health insurance, but then I thought I hate eating beets.

What if I just sold these instead Now by age 15, I became completely obsessed with creating and selling stuff such as potato guns credit Board of that was awesome for Russell Brunson success.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

He and her friend thought it would be fun to go online and find out how to make a potato gun.

It wasn’t long that he discovered over 18,000 people were doing the same thing as Taylor got a form that has 6500 register members on there. So Russell said to himself I bet I can make a product and probably sell it to all those people that are looking for it, but it comes a time in your life when you realize potato guns don’t really have a global market. So I thought what if I create something even better and also what if I was A better shirt.

Well, it didn’t come quick after years of selling products and courses and events. I finally found a better way of running any business see every other Grandma had a website but very few actually made a difference in their business at all. There are too many options and pretty images but zero personality and no sales strategy.

So a some people who are way smarter than me to partner up on an idea and went to war with websites and we wanted to do things differently. No VCS around tables telling us what to do instead of creating a software.

We wanted to create a movement instead of focusing on profits went to focus on impact and Legacy on being an example. That’s okay to be different.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

so to do that we have to be bold loud and disruptive and we were So what happened in 2018?

Well, first of all growth ClickFunnels™ over 70,000 active monthly users and those users built over 4 million funnels and process 2.4 billion dollars in sales that’s billion with a B. Now numbers are impressive but we realize the true importance of what we do at our annual photo hacking live event, which Grew From 600 people over 3,500 people and we had Tony Robbins speaking in this year because he’s the man we ordered another hundred sixty-eight 2 comma Club winners which makes over 400 total plus this year. We had over 17 people who made more than 10 million dollars inside of a funnel. So because of that you created a new award called 2 comma Club X becomes the bigger plaque and a funnel hacker diamond ring. This is 2 ounces of white gold four carats of diamonds in yellow gold ClickFunnels™ logo in the middle on top of that we purchased a dream car for 16 of our Affiliates and check this out one of our Affiliates made over a million dollars in commission just by promoting ClickFunnels™. It’s insane.

Isn’t that amazing now? I feel easier. Extension of our team which continues to grow by the way. They should we hire were 48 more full-time employees keeps growing here. So we need another office. So we’re actually buying the land behind the office to build a super office. He has to the new office that we just moved in to open an office in Atlanta when in Grand Rapids, Michigan plus created a full-blown Production Studio up in Toronto not to mention the fact that went from just six to over 15 full-time developers working remotely all around the world by the way. We’re still hiring This is also our first year of taking social media.

Seriously you crazy season 2 if I like your TV, which got over 1.5 million views. We also do frontal Friday’s the marketing Secrets podcast and a chance to interview tons of cool people like Tony Robbins Tai Lopez Billie, Jean and a whole bunch more which motivate us you lots of crazy stuff like kayaking in a storm if you haven’t yet click above to subscribe.

I’ve always had a goal of building my dream house, which was a mix of be super fun and also be super productive and this year. I had a chance to actually see that through nine trampolines a volleyball on the basketball court a soccer and football field floating a cryosauna a workout room a wrestling room a tennis court. Basically, there will never be a birthday party at any other kids house besides are so in February. We got invited to speak at Grant cardones live event with over 9,000 people here. So we had a goal with a ton of planning rule-breaking and risk and a little bit of choreography. We sold over 3.2 million dollars is now the highest paid speaker on the planet. He had basically broken a world record.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

So it kind of created a lot of Buzz. So because of that we decided to create a course teaching people how to sell from stage everywhere the office guy that to combo cup of work and they were pretty excited.

I’m Topo see our own events for the chance to go attend a bunch of events as well bite. Our favorite one was we went to San Francisco to the dreamforce event.

And at that event had a chance here Marc benioff speed over a hundred seventy thousand business owners while we were there Silicon Valley we can see tons of tech companies help me see the vision for what click phones is going to become in the future.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Now the next part of the story got a little bit ridiculous. We jumped in a plane and flew to Chicago to meet Grant Cardone, but unfortunately Grant got the dates wrong. So I called my friend Brian took his private jet came and picked us up and then flew us to Miami and then me Grant Cardone one who then Foods back to Chicago and in the air finger trick granting the building is very first funnel for 10x girls con which by the way this year’s have over thirty five thousand entrepreneurs in the audience and guess who’s going to be speaking Steve Harvey and me recently went to Provo Utah with Andrew Warner from mixergy to tell the ClickFunnels™ startup story. We also manage a P-Series to come and completely roast me after I made a video JP Sears where he revealed he’s actually evolved.

We also made a video with Brandon Carter basically this year. I’ve been in tons of experimenting with new school and influence our style marketing to grow our brand but for all my oh geez out there. Don’t worry. We’re sticking to the classics. In fact this year. We did an old-school PBS style Telethon to actually sell tickets to funnel hacking live.

But all the other awesome marking stuff, we’re also consistently upgrading ClickFunnels™ to better serve you in fact recent create new plug-in where you put the thing into the funnel and it increases how much money you make and how you get more emails like this.

Thank you over the years. We’ve got a ton of great feedback from you guys, which is why we’ve worked hard this year to deliver over 290 updates and a few amazing features like the ability to use Facebook Messenger to notify your customers desktop notifications and an integrated email service provider platform. We know how it feels when technical hurdles can get in your way. We also know how it feels when things go smooth and you look like a rockstar.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

It’s your needs your request to push us to make ClickFunnels™ better every single day. We listened we deploy and we strive to give you the tools you need to go out and change the world in your own way.

Our photo hacker families are an extremely well, but we’re also doing a lot of good the ClickFunnels™ mission is to liberate and educate the world and because of that this year we partnered with two amazing Charities the first being Village impact we gave them a check for a hundred thirty.

Thousand dollars and meet a few fellow hackers actually flew to Kenya to open up our third school. We told our community all about all of you and our community wanted to help on top of that. We also funded a feature film for operation Underground Railroad a the fight against modern day slavery in less than 48 hours. We were able to raise over a million dollars for them at funnel hacking live.

Thank you. This couldn’t have happened without ClickFunnels™ but will hackers are changing the world the best part about all this is the fact that you spend more time with our family. For example this year. I launched them coaching program coach my kids wrestling team. It doesn’t make me emotional adult as they will take my wife to a dream concert at the Kelly Clarkson concert which by the way congratulations on winning American Idol, I had a chance to spend tons of quality time with my parents try and explain to me exactly what I do. They still don’t get it but the good news is they finally stop telling me to get a real job and last I was able to take my family to McCall Idaho to complete disconnect fact, this is the first year I’ve ever disconnected from phones and funnels and everything in fact because I felt so good to be completely disconnected. I’m officially announcing my retirement.

Just kidding. I’m not retiree. I go to work. We’re still that this year has so many other amazing moments. I’m never going to forget so get ready for Rapid Fire some additional 24,000 copies of experts Secrets plus 23,000 copies seekers and little one of them on fire and shot with potato gun when the entrepreneur of the Year award and gotta wear a suit. We shot our second infomercial with the Harmon Brothers an awkwardly got to act in that one place in the Inc 500 list of the fastest growing companies spoken to Tony Robbins event re supercars around Miami didn’t know how to work the door. You’re not driving scenes. There’s the park and I got to fly a plane run out of office space in the walls, but you call a couple words when I Safari and made out with a giraffe. I’m gonna helicopter over Las Vegas and also Wyoming so metallic alive twice this year officially launched 30 one photo a challenge tedx secrets and the mother funnel which leads us to hear. It’s the new year. We got 350 Footlocker’s cruising through the Caribbean.


So that’s all cool. But this year means nothing without the lessons we’ve learned. So for me, there’s really been three major breakthroughs number one the importance of goal setting strive for the impossible the in heard of the Absurd dreams. You’ve always had and even if you don’t always hit it it’s way more fun than being realistic.

Number two, the greatest motivation of business will not come from how much money you make the stuff you own or the vacation you take it comes from seeing the results of the people you’re trying to help when you focus on their results, you’ll get all the motivation you need.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Number three in business. There isn’t any Glory without having amazing people to share it with share the ideas the struggles the late nights and the energy drinks share the ambition and when you do that you find it becomes even bigger than you ever could have imagined as a small-town kid from Utah. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am for everything that’s happened the good and the bad this year’s pushed me and those around me to the highest degree and these highlights and experiences had just been the byproduct of the greatest reward of all, which is seeing you guys the funnel hackers The Misfits The Crazy Ones the ones who see things differently the ones who embraced our differences and went out to make a real difference in the world Building Life by Design instead of by default and encouraging others to do the same together.

We’re serving The World At Large and 2018.

We’re just getting started.

You know, I love you and you know, just how proud I am of you and you know, we’re gonna do this everyone else here also believes in us.

Will you marry me disqualified?

I will spend I will not never giving up go on.

This will be the day.

You want emotional before? I know this is just our very emotional. Thank you guys. Thank you.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Our mission at ClickFunnels™ is help free all entrepreneurs so that you guys can focus on changing lives your customers. And that’s our goal our mission for this entire week.

We’re so excited. We got so many amazing speakers who were coming here to serve you guys. We don’t pay our speakers they come because they love you because they’ve been in the same spot you are half our speakers were in the chairs last year sitting here and this year that are here to serve and give back to you. I’m so grateful for all of them.

Now one last thing before we move in the presentation.

I feel like if we’re going to move from seventy six thousand customers to 760,000 and Beyond and build this community even bigger.

I think with the biggies we need to do is I start changing some of our language patterns.

We just stopped being marketing nerdy Geeks how many guys aren’t willing to help me with this.

I’m going to talk more about this later, but I think one of the big things that we’ve been struggling try to get our message out to more people as we’re using things like tripwire funnels and high ticket application funnel and like all these geeky nerdy things.

And so we’re going to try to simplify the language. I’m going to talk a lot more about the next year.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

He’s just trying to get things more simple. So I got some pictures here to see stuff like instead of calling things like squeeze page funnels, which is like when I tell my buddy was a chiropractor my you just squeeze page fun was like, what does that mean?

I was like, well, it’s like a funnel that generates leads is like when she call the lead funnel on my oh that makes more sense.

And then I was like you next using the tripwire funnel. He’s like that sounds really dangerous as like, yeah, but it’s explains that he sounds like I like a shopping cart. I’m like, oh, yeah like it is we call him carte funnels and it kind of went through and you’ll see like instead of webinar. Like what’s the webinar? It’s a presentation funnel.

What’s an application is a phone funnel. So we’re going to try to start making our language more simple so that we can get more people into our community. And so They’re sending we’re doing so we’re going to go through more of that later. But just want to simplify the names.

All right with that said I want you guys all to give Todd a huge round of applause for a huge contribution this community. Thank you guys so much.

Okay, now we can get started now that all the tears are out who?


So what I want you right now, I want to kind of move into my first like training porcelain this and I wanted to leave this out. How many does he have gone through the one photo a challenge?

Yeah, okay, those who’ve gone through if you know, I stress a lot about one simple thing, which was hook story offer. I talked a lot about that and I want to talk about the next hour or so because throughout this week, you’re going to learn about a lot of different types of funnels right about challenge funnels and some it funnels and all these different things and some of you guys may get confused don’t understand like the core fundamental like Foundation of what you have to become good at as an entrepreneur is understanding this one concept which is mastering hook story offer. And so I’m going to spend some time going over that hook story offer.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

I’m I gave everybody a handout that came with your should be on your cgsa notes on stuff like that. But one of the things I it says in there, I think the very front page is the something’s not working in your funnel. It’s always either your hook your story or your offer.

Every time Aaron’s would like my photos are working us. What should I do? I look and I’m like, oh your hook is horrible.

That’s why nobody’s clicking on your ad or a Your Hooks good people showed up your stories more. Yes, but no one’s buying or is like you hooked and you know, Story that man now offer was horrible. No not every give you money for that. And I’ve learned that as I broke it down Consulting to like three things. Like it’s always one of these three things.

Okay, so I’m going to spend the next hour or so going over this give you guys ideas and like opening up your mind to becoming better at that. If you become better that this framework fits into any funnel.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Okay, if I’m selling a book I got to be good at hook story offer from selling something through the phone hook story off if I’m selling some through webinars hooks, right? This is the framework that we all have become Masters at so I want to lead with that today and then as ever know starts training on different funnels and strategies.

You just remember I give my funnels not working is because of one of these three things every single time.

Okay, if you were to hire me for my insanely – Consulting rates, they rustle my phone’s not working. What should I do? I just like Thanks for the check.

It’s either your hooker your story your offer. So next time you’re like man, I wish rustles. Look my funnel just say I’m like, what would also say he would say see that your hook your story your offer. Okay, it’s always one of those three things every single time.


So with hook story offer, that’s it goes hook story offer, but I’m going to start with the offer first and then move backwards is because that’s kind of the framework how it works again.

So the offer excuse me, a lot of you guys have gone through like my training with perfect webinar. So lets you see this think all the stacks like having guys are familiar with a stack slide.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Good can stack so I just hate how we create an offer. Okay, and even if you’re not doing a webinar, you still create a stack slide, there is no circumstance, but I ever sell that I don’t use a stack slide if I was emailing somebody and they were like, hey, what does it cost to hire you as a consultant or hire you to do whatever I would literally seven email. I have a stack slide. I just have like 0.1 value to Value like I would use an everything.

Okay, so and I’m going to show you guys some examples today doesn’t matter if you’re selling coaching or supplements or physical products or services like you should always have this okay now to begin with I want to talk about one of the founding fathers of our industry. Why do you guys may not even know him or heard of his name is Claude Hopkins? How many guys have heard of? Mr. Claude Hopkins?

All right. I’ll my own jeez all the originals K. This is your marketing history lesson. So Claude Hopkins was the father of modern advertising and was interesting is way back then in the early 1900s what they called what he was calling what his job was he was what they call this scheme man?

Ju was a scheme in what the scheme in did is they came into a company and their whole job was to come up with the offer.

That was it the most more part which is the offer.

Okay now to show you the value even in like the late 1800s early 1900s of the value of becoming a scheme and the person actually crazy offer Claude Hopkins back. Then it was made $52,000 a year 1907.


Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Now the equivalent that that’s one point three nine million dollars a day sollers.

They paid this dude over a million bucks a year to come in and be like this is what your offer is.

Okay, and most of you guys never even think about this you just kind of go off and like do whatever and I’m not going to I’m excited to Steven Larson is giving talking into presentations. He’s going to go deep into like how much really cool offer stuff with you guys. But my understanding this is the value of like the most important part of offer you have to understand that this is so valuable that back then they pay people that much money to come create offers for them.

Okay, so it’s worth your time to start figuring these things out.


Now I want to kind of talk about when offer isn’t for a minute because most people in business I think about it. What’s the product? I’m going to create and the biggest problem when you create a product is that when you have a product it is a commodity in anybody else can create it right? And if you have a product in this commodity all when you’re trying to figure out how to sell it. The only thing you have to like as Leverage is price, right?


That’s when you go to Amazon like someone selling the thing at this price is like, oh well if I’m going to beat him, I got to sell it for less and I got stuff for less and less less less and like it’s a race to the bottom, which is the worst type of business to be in by the way. Okay day. Kennedy told me when I first got started and In 15 years ago in this business. He said that there’s no strategic advantage of being the second front lowest price leader in town.

So you can’t be Walmart.

Like there’s no sense of being lowest price leader in town. But there’s a huge strategic manager be the most expensive person in town. Right?

So if you’re craving something like you create a product and become a commodity and you’re racing to the bottom or you understand how to create an offer which D commoditize has you I’ll show you here in a minute and it makes it so you can charge whatever you want.

Okay, so that’s kind of the key understand.

So a product is like a One Singular thing an offers. We take a product and you bundle with a bunch of other things to increase the value and to make it unique and separate and different right if I want to solve this as a digital marketing event is like 800 digital marketing event. You could have gone to right.

Why did you guys fly here in the middle of the rain?

Because it’s different right? It wasn’t just a product marketing event. It’s a whole bunch of other stuff. We bought ClickFunnels™ what she did in bikers like, oh, here’s software builds websites.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

There’s tons of stuff for those websites, right? We created irresistible offers and bundled together. You go crazy to come and buy and to come here and do things right.

I spent a ton of time focusing on how to create an offer and one thing if they understand there are basic there’s two ways to make your product the cheapest in town the best way to illustrate this.

The first way is obviously I’ve got the cheapest product down you have to decrease the price which again funnel hackers. Don’t do that. Okay, we don’t we should make a t-shirt that says that funnel hackers do not decrease prices.

Okay, if you decrease the price you become cheaper than somebody else. The other thing is if you increase the value what you’re offering then you become cheaper, right?

Okay, because if I sell you something and it’s worth a million dollars only sell 4,000 that’s cheaper than the person who sells something for a thousand bucks. It’s worth a thousand bucks. That makes sense.

Okay, so I need to decrease the price. I can increase the value to increase the value of the thing and if you look at this is interesting, I this conversation Mike it conversations my kids the other day like How much money you make is 100% tied to how much value you give is a hundred correlations. My kids were asking me my kids are cute because they’re the age of the try and start figuring things out and and one of my son’s bone was like Dad. It doesn’t make any sense.

This guy over here is one of our friends is that he’s a doctor and he’s way better than you but you make way more money than and how come and I said I said, well you get paid based on how much value you offer. He’s like, but deadly healing operates on people that’s way more valuable than what you do and I smile I said, it’s definitely more difficult. Like that’s I can’t imagine that by said you’d understand he’s only able to operate on one human being at a time. So he’s offering insane amounts of value for one person.

So because of that he gets paid really really well, but it’s it’s finite as big as it can be. I was like I’m able to offer value to 4,500 people or 76,000 people or a million people that create something of value and create self so many more times and so I said that’s where’s my able to make more money than doctors because of It works and I just kept explain this to him. And so I told him I was like look if you want to get a job you get paid based on how much value you have, right?

Okay. So like if you can job McDonald’s and and they’re paying you know, whatever was minimum wage. Now these eight bucks an hour. I’m like that’s how much value you’re getting buzzed like but if you go you can create something you can do something bigger is the value so much higher you get paid more money for that. Okay, that’s how I explain the student to a kid, which is really which is really fun.

So the whole name of this game is you’re creating funnels and your finger hook you’re sure your offer you’re trying to increase the value. Okay. So the offer increases the value of whatever it is, you’re trying to sell.


Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Let me show you some practical life examples. The first one here is dating.


Now when I met my beautiful wife Colette very first time there were tons of men who wanted to date her and I was just a product. I’m like, hey, I’m a I’m like wearing baggy pants and like I have a shaved head and glasses and like like I was think that was the product. That’s the best I had right.

There are much better looking like do to dress nice all sorts of stuff and I was like if I like looking at me and like a lineup it’s like there’s much better offers out there much better products, right because I was a commodity that time so it’s like okay if I’m going to convince my wife to marry me who’s way more beautiful than me. What do I got to do? It’s like I have to like I have to create an off-ramp to make this better.

Right and this is true for any of the single men who are trying to figure out how things work like you got a bundle rice if I’m like. Hey, you want to go on a date with me? She’s like, I gotta ask my for the people speak. I’m like, hey, this is a deal. I planted a it’s gonna be amazing we’re going to do is when I go to dinner and what’s a fair place the oh, yeah, we’re gonna go there and then what would you like to do? And we like plan an actual date make an amazing offer then she’s like she’s not judging him for me versus somebody else product versus product. She’s like, oh man that experience seems amazing, right and the offers better. Okay.

And so when you’re dating is the same thing right when you’re business partners when Todd came to me as a business partner he had so much that it wasn’t like Oh, I’m a programmer Mike. I’m a programmer. You can turn your dream your dreams and your dreams into Vision into reality right I can do. If I can do this like also becomes this amazing offer. It’s like, oh my gosh, I can’t say no the value gets so big right?

Okay. So Works in dating. It also works for movies. How many guys are pumped to see this movie next week?

I mean, I have no idea what movie this is.

Okay, so if I came up to you and I was like hey Captain Marvel’s coming out next week who wants to go with me?

This room is 5 I walked in the door. My he wants to Captain Marvel be they like like this is the deal kid Captain Marvel’s coming out. I’m so excited to come see his movie. So I’m so excited. What I did is actually is comes out it comes out on my birthday March 8th is my birthday. That’s it comes like but the night before they’re doing a private screening in Boise and I started commercial for the other day. And on the commercial said, hey the movies coming out make sure to book your tickets now and I was like, oh, so I went to the little app defending Go app and I looked at the theater. There’s only one theater playing at 7:30 night night before and the half of the theaters taken. I was like, oh my gosh half of the years taken. So I bought the other half Ken.

This is a true story Klutz.

Like why do you keep buying all these tickets? I’m like, I don’t know. I’m sure someone’s gonna hang out with me.

So if I was like this deal you can come to Boise with me and we’re all going to go together. We got half the theater just for fun hackers gonna be amazing.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Get out one from a movie. I get $20 movie to like this experience, right? If I’m and then headed home. We’re going to one of my favorite sushi restaurant. There’s a role called the rattlesnake role and it’s like this little Podunk like strip joint in Boise the seems kind of weird, but they literally have the best sushi on planet Earth. I always bring people that I know. Yes Boise Sushi and boys is gonna be great and then they have in there like, oh my gosh.

This is the greatest music ever had on my God. I know how many years have been there with me.

It could be a it’s insane.

So we’re going to do is we’re going to Sushi first. I’m going to introduce you guys to the rattlesnake roll vegetable on planet Earth. Then we’re going to go we have access to several hikers section. We’re going to watch Captain Marvel together. Third thing is I’m gonna buy costumes for each of us and all of us going to pick somebody is going to be amazing.

And it’s going to be awesome and then fourth off after it’s done. We’ll come back to my house. And then we’re like, we’ll just goof off and playing the wrestling will play on the tramps this up. It’ll be amazing head. How many want to come to a movie now?

You see how I increase the value I go in for my gosh. That’s right on ago the movie to like, oh my gosh, I’m gonna book a plane and we fly there tonight right just by increasing the offer.


So if someone’s not buying your thing, it’s because your offers not good. How do you increase the offer? How do you make it better?

Okay, always think how to make it better how to make it better. Okay. We have a product we sell right now. It’s two pieces of paper. We sell 4,000 about time you guys to give me a thousand bucks for two pieces of paper.

My diehards thank you.

All right. What we did we were literally do so, I have two pieces the sales script writing a sales reps to pieces of paper. We sell 4,000 bucks.

And if you look at your I would never pay a thousand bucks to be spaced papers rustle and most people would buy my these two pieces of paper. Guess what they are. This is our high ticket sales script. Okay today, we’ve done just short of thirty million dollars in sales with these two pieces of paper.

You summoned pick up the phone you read this one and then you read the other side and then they give you money. It’s amazing. It just works every single time and I didn’t make it up people been using for years has been billions of dollars in sales track back of these two pages and the person I know in the world who’s the best this is a guy named Robbie fact, Robbie’s here in the room was robbed yet.

He’s here somewhere. He’s probably out dude.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

So Robbie is the one who showed me the script initially and he trained me and they train ourselves guys and bring the whole team and he’d a different one. Okay, so the thousand bucks I’ll give you two pages. But then also give you robbing a box of how you guys like Robbie make videos to train here tie ourselves and just for you.

It’s amazing. Right? If you hire salespeople, you give them these two pages you say watch the videos of Robbie teaching you they watch them strike three hours. They come out ruthless sales people can sell anybody anything right?

And then you like that’s cool don’t have any ads. I’m like, okay. Well, how about this? I will give you the as we run and I’ll give you the funnels. I run. I’ll give those to you as well.

Right? And then how about I can hook up a call where you can jump on a call with Robbie for 30 minutes of train yourself. You want to want to make sure it’s customized script specifically for you now.

I’m you guys pay a thousand bucks for that offer.

Okay, see how it works like one or two pieces of paper dry bundle it all seems like oh my gosh. I have to have that.

Okay, if people are buying against the always hook story offer if it’s your offers because you don’t have yet to figure out how to make it better how to increase it. Okay one final challenge the same thing. This is a challenge for you to jump on a coaching call every day for 30 days.

See they’re doing now.

Let me tell you all the stuff you get the first thing you get is you get the big old box in the mail inside. The box is a book called 30

We’re 30 people of R2 comma Club winners each wrote a chapter about how they got into comedy club and then there’s videos I’m showing hind seems that each of their funnels and then on top of that you’re going to get 30 days of video for me negative 3 is a video from Julie story and then on top of that Steven Larson has come on every single day and yell at you and make sure you actually get the stuff done by the time that on your phone was going to be finished we go on awesome like this is like the most irresistible offer of all time.

Okay, first challenge with 7500 people sign up for my goals get ten thousand people a month signing up for this challenge. We keep making the offer better and better and better. Okay, if you want to sell more stuff figure out your offer and make it sexier increase it make it better.


So the question is like well, how do you how do you do that? Okay seems like I sell this thing. I like how do I make it sexier? How do I how to make an offer? It’s the fastest way to increase in offer is to bulk It Up by adding other types of information products.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

So I’m going to go through a couple ways you guys create quick information. Asian products to bulk up any offer without actually having to write a book that sound like fun.

All right, cool. So I’m gonna go through three different things. You can do. Number one. There are written words. I’m gonna show you how to do without actually writing any words.

Number two is audio and number three is video this week you guys ideas. So no one ever say well, I can’t create an offer Russell that you can with these things. I’m going to show you can create millions and millions of offers fact. If you start looking at everything I do you’ll notice is always one of these three things. I’m using the bulk of my offers every single time. Okay. So the first are written things so on the first thing I’ll show you guys is how many guys would love to have a book but you don’t want to write a book.

Okay, look sir, the most painful part of the everything I’ve ever done ever by far.

So this is the book. It was a crowd Source book called Chicken Soup for the Soul having us a red Chicken Soup for the Soul.


I mean, yes, I’ve read one of the like 8 million versions since then.

The most amazing thing about this book is that the authors who wrote This Book didn’t actually write any of the words in the books and that great yet. They still made millions and millions and millions of millions of dollars.

Okay the other day my son came into my little office it was born again. He came in and he saw his book. He said dad. Is that your new book and I said, yeah, he’s like you wrote another new book. I was like what kind of he’s like weaving kind of like, what about the title?

And that was it.

He’s like did you cheat? I’m like, no, I didn’t cheat.

I said I had 30 people who got two comma Club Awards, right how they would get it to Comic abroad they could do it again.

He’s like and then they just wrote the chapter. So yeah, I put in a book and then we saw the book. He’s like, but you didn’t write any him and I wrote the I wrote the title. It’s a really good title.

He’s like, I don’t think that’s a real book Dad. I’m like no it really is again how many guys decide whatever business you’re in could find a whole bunch of experts and whatever it is and you could write a book like this this book alone.

We did the very first launch of the one funnel a challenge where we gave this away and we closed down for like four months people were Ox these things off. Someone sold one for over $500 on eBay. People are going crazy for this book right now when we launched one from a challenge getting right you guys get this book and people flip out people by and just because they want the book.

I’d read a word of it.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Okay, so I don’t think about this. Like how could you guys like Chicken Soup for the souls trailblazing Force? I chose blaze it for you. How can use that? Same thing in your Market find people around you and say hey, let me interview me to do 30 of your 20 or 10. You can put it together make a book make it there’s a million things you can do with that but it’s a fast easy way to create a book. We are actually have to do it. Okay number two way to get written books really fast is to compile examples of stuff. How many has read my Hundred a split test book?


This is literally just screenshots of a hundred eight of our split tests and people go crazy for it. Okay, how many guys are doing stuff in your business or whatever it is you do that you have like this by Prague and we weren’t planning on selling this we were just doing split tests and it’s take screenshots of the split test invention like two years later. We should put these all in the book. We just compile the whole bunch of examples and we sold it.

Okay this right here. How many guys remember the following University every month. We find a couple funnels.

We compile them and talk about them and we show them to people to not my funnels other people’s funnel. We just find the cool ones and we show them and with them a newsletter.


How many have you seen this book The 74 funnel swipe file.

None of you guys have seen it yet another product coming out soon. So if I don’t hear you, right same thing, we’re just compiling cool stuff. How many has a sinkhole stuff before?

All right, you should just compile it then and then bake a book and then it’s amazing more people write this book that my other books. I spent years slaving on dry and they’re like, oh this is way better.

Okay, and one of my favorite ones is kind of tricky one. Have you ever heard the public domain before this is where Walt Disney got all of his ideas. By the way, he never wrote anything. He just like went to public domains like, oh sweet someone wrote a story about a Beauty and the Beast or about the snow princess about all these things found these public to make stories improved movies out. Okay think it was written pre 1923 nice aces in the public domain. You can republish it as your own.

Okay, one of my friends not fear. He took this old 1914 rustling course of farmer Burns published in a book made over a million dollars selling that course.

Okay, maybe I Think and Grow Rich Master Key System tons of the books you guys are no and you were aware of are all in the public domain. You can republish them. So those two places I go for public domain stuff. Number one, I go to Gutenberg dot-org everything on Gutenberg dot org is in the public domain. They they just published. There’s like 50000 ebooks there. You can find when your Market you can take and replace. Which is wrong the second speaker, I go to eBay and eBay in the nonfiction book section. You can search by years. So I search by year and I start typing keywords in my market and you’ll be amazed at how many amazing books have been written. The people are selling at eBay for a dollar fifty that you can then republished in self or whatever you want bundle inside of your offer to quickly get amazing Books Okay.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

So there’s three fast ways to make books crowdsource.

Mm compile bunch of examples were going the public domain, you know, here’s a concept and you guys understand as we move from the first three for the next three and Beyond this will make this whole process simpler for you.

Okay, the concept of this people will spend more money for the exact same content package in a different way.

Is it again people spend will spend more money for the exact same content package and different way?

Okay, when I first started this business, I remember going to events like this and the speakers to make every single time some speaker would say who here has read Think and Grow Rich by the way, how many guys have been thinking Grow Rich which is in the public domain by the way serious and all republishes make thinking a rich for Dennis Think and Grow Rich for Surfers thinking too rich for whatever anyway, it’s they’re ready for you. But anyway, so I kept hearing that someone bought the book and I was like, I’m so excited to read this book and I put it next to my bed stand and a sat there for months and months and then years and every time I go to vent by who don’t think you’re rich, I raise my hand am I well, I actually read it. I have it someday, I’ll read it and one day member feeling guilty and went on eBay and I tried to Think and Grow Rich CDs and someone was selling the CD course of it. And so I bought the CDs got in my car and for the next like three weeks. I started reading Think and Grow Rich in my car. It was interesting about this is the book Think and Grow Rich cost me $9.97 on Amazon the CDs cause Me ninety seven dollars on eBay literally pay ten times more money for the exact same thing packaged in a different way because they’ve never seen the book and the audio literally word for word some dude read the book and then became CDs I spent ten times as much.


This is lesson for you guys.

How many guys read Seekers book and he has read the expert speakers book.

Why are you here? Then everything I know is in those books like it’s it I I got nothing else.

Oh because it’s packaged different way that makes sense. We can all understand that like what you have you can package and so many different ways and because of the experience how is being fulfilled all the things it shifts the value of it, right? This is way more valuable than a $10 book this experience in being here.

All right, so we shift over the audio now. Okay.

So this is the book that we republish. This is in the public domain come life working farmer Burns hide my father-in-law get a microphone out. He read it. We turn into a CD we started selling. This is by ten years ago started selling this book on CD so you can find a book and you can read it. You have somebody else read it you find a book in public domain. You can find somebody that and you can make an audio book very simple easy way to do it.

Okay number two is you can interview others. So this is this is a book. Have you guys have read this book, by the way, I know of are too complex members I sent you as a copy of it.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Everyone’s like this thing is like bigger than the phone book. It’s one of the best books ever and I remember when I first came out David, Right, where’s David? I yesterday we got it. He’s like this looks amazing that he called it Vince James the author and he interviewed him for a whole bunch of stuff and he made an audio course out of it and days the Geniuses like I should just do a Dave did so I called him up as I hate. Can I interview you too and he’s like sure and so I interviewed the guy who wrote this book the guy made when he was a 20 year old kid made a hundred million dollars through Direct Mail selling supplements.

And so I call them on the phone and I interviewed him and let me intervene for six hours when it was done. He’s like you can have the right to the audios either. I started, you know everyone with him. I’m like sweet and so they’re like two years later. I launched it and this actually became my very first ever to comical funnel made a million dollars selling the interviews of the interview I did with this guy who wrote the book that amazing.

How many has been read a book before?

How many guys could call the author and be like hey, can I interview you?

It’s because they oh, he’s too famous hero to all these big books. He’s ever going to interview me Kevin tell you the life of an author usually want to know how it works. They geek out on top of they spend their whole life writing this book and they’re so proud of it the so excited right and then they tell their spouse or their family their friends. They’re like, okay that’s weird. And then I know nobody cares and then there’s an audience who gets the book and they love it and they re and I call my people they read it, right and then somebody calls him like Hey now both was amazing. I interview.

The person is like, yes, you give just so you know, they want you to talk to them. They want to tell share the stuff doesn’t happen enough. You went to Amazon and find the top ten authors of books in your in your Market. I guarantee you 9 out of 10 you get on the phone for free that fast okay, or you could actually I don’t know Jason flat on this here this year, but Jason gave me an idea that was brilliant.

He was doing the an offer this kind of ties back to the story. We’ll talk about here in a minute, but he was doing an offer he was selling a funnel course and he’s like, I want to interview someone who did e-commerce. Models, it was like world really well on has got the highest grossing e-commerce funnel right now inside click phones. I want to interview tray. So he calls them trays like hey, can I interview and their friends and injuries like sheer magic an interview? Me and Jason’s like why I need to wire you some money first interesting. No, don’t worry about it. I’ll do the interviews like no. No, I need to wire you the money because otherwise there’s no value in this interview. He’s like what it stays like whatever. It’s Jason wires and like $5,000.

He does the interview and then when you see when when Jason selling his product does the stack he goes to a stack is like number 1 m 2 m 3 is a number three right here. You see this right here. This is the guy he is the number one e-commerce Ella in ClickFunnels™. He had a fun one to twenty million dollars in six weeks selling flashlights and I wired him $5,000 interview him someone find out the room. He does interviews, but I want to find a real stuff. So I paid him $5,000 to interview him and that interview guys could have all of a sudden that bullet point in this stack slide went from oh, it’s an interview that’s worth $5,000 now.

I instantly shoots up, right so interview people is huge.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

In fact when I launched the 10x Secrets course, I had my offer it was good. I was like, how do I make this sexier? So the first thing I did is I don’t even know if people I interviewed this man right here.

Where’s my internet? Everyone loves Myron?

Yeah anyway, and he Myron even a bunch of people who I learned how to close some States from I interviewed all of them plug that into the course increase the value of the course.


So interviewing people is huge for any product. I don’t think is a product. I put out better interview people. I do it. Even if it’s my product my who are to 10 of the people I get to interview who’ve done something similar because all those things increase the value. What is I’m sellers.

Okay, and in the last audio one is compiling hard to find podcasts and audios and things like that.

Okay, if I told you as my cave my favorite my favorite podcast is makes RGS you go listen to it how much values in that?

Not much, right if I was like, okay, there’s this morning interview to Andrew did and in the interview started talking to the guy and he literally the guy showed three different websites that were the key to blah blah blah blah blah and I listened to those things. I found the websites. I didn’t need any assistance. I started doing the thing and that’s how we got ClickFunnels™ to do whatever right if I tell you that you’re like, oh my gosh, I want to do a podcast like cool. When you sign up for my thing right now. I’m gonna give you a link directly to that podcast episodes. You can find it.

Okay, you curating suffer people there’s value in that. Okay YouTube videos. I’ve done tons of times with Optics were like opt in here to get a free video from Robert Kiyosaki teaching the number one tax strategy for middle-aged Americans and I just found a video on YouTube of Robert Kiyosaki teaching the number one thing on whatever and that’s why give people in the opt-in. Okay, so you curating stuff you think is cool can be bundled into offers as well.


So there’s the audio one’s really quick. So audiobooks interview other people and compiling hard to find audios is big thing last time to go through really quickly is video.

Okay, there is a program how many Have you guys here use Windows?

Have you guys use max?

Holy cow.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

All right.

Okay, there’s a program if you are using if you are using if your Windows using Camtasia for using a queue screenflow, this tools made me and probably most people more money than anything else on Earth. It just records whatever is happening on your screen. So you make a presentation or slides or literally the very first version the final hack straining the one that got us from 0 to 10,000 customers.

I had a Word document open on the screen with my notes and the right hand side. I had a little picture. I just clicked record on screenflow and I talked for an hour as I read through my outline.

We did like 10 million plus dollars in sales and that was with the product look like Professional video Studio you don’t need one. Just get a microphone screenflow or Camtasia recording your screen have a president in just teach it.


It’s super easy. It’s simple. It’s like the easiest thing and roll to do.


Number two video thing is just get your iPhone out.

Literally your phone out and just make videos where where’s Rachel? I she’s in the room right now. We were on a date.

Did you finish the course by the way, can I talk about that?

So Rachel we’re on this like little Cruise thing after the tedx event and to give to me. She’s like I have an idea. It’s gonna be a course called Selfie Secrets mine ruinous and I’m recorded the whole thing on my iPhone and then she like the next day record entire course on her phone teaching the entire course, which is amazing and I was all on her phone.

Okay. So how many does have a phone you have everything you need? All right.



I’ll buy her course and it goes live. Alright, and the last thing is like you should throw a workshop teaching people stuff and you don’t have to speak and bring other speakers to teach for you.

Okay, when I first got started I didn’t have any product to sell. And so the first thing I did is I threw a workshop and it was really exciting to have a workshop. I was pumped about it, but I had nobody coming and so I email my tiny list of time ascendant Workshop is five thousand dollars a ticket and then the first day nobody bought the second day. Nobody bought third day one guy boss. And first I was like yeah, it was like oh crap.

Now I do Workshop is like one person coming.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

This is awkward and then luckily to other people outside three people by I was like, okay now we have workshops with three people.

It’s my called everybody. I knew my friends my family everybody else. Okay. I’m doing a workshop people paid to be here. You have to come and just sit in the audience and don’t tell me you didn’t pay because I need this look good on video or it’s gonna be super embarrassing and so we set it up we had it all set and it was like not like this it was it was really bad.

We literally had the windows behind you were to Bryce we got sheets from the from the bedrooms and electrical tape sheets over is so bad.

But recording that became the very first course I ever sold was the videos from us at the Holiday Inn with electrical tape over the sheets literally behind me the entire video and it looked amazing.

Okay. So throw a workshop even if nobody comes to her just invite your friends do it something your house bring people industry chords of teaching your thing and you can bundle at it really quickly. Okay. So for Leo’s got screen captures High phones and workshops. So here’s a real quick recap of the nine ideas crowdsourcing books compiling examples public domain audiobook interviewing compile hard to find audio screen captures iPhones and workshops.

Okay tons of easy ways to do that quickly.


So we’re doing now is I want to actually I think we should do this or not.

I’m gonna let you guys do this on your own but in your paper that I had it out.

I have this little section here for you guys to figure out what our potential products I can bundle inside of my offer.

Okay, and this is something we do all the time. Every time we have a new product comes out we talked about this last we have that meetings where like we literally send out a bass signal to boxer bit more to our marketing team. We all come on zoom and wherever that for around the world and get in front of whiteboard. Okay, what created this product we could put this in it and this and we start just dumping out as many different ideas as we can.

Okay. So now you guys have like, let’s say I’m selling this product. What else can we do all we can interview this guy can compile these things here. I can do this. I can make a video. I can do it Workshop. We can do it and all these things you can quickly create to turn this into an offer.

Okay now really quick I guarantee. I know the number one thing going through some of your heads right now.

Is like Russell at school for all the coaches and the Consultants of the info product people but not for me. I’m different.

I so real stuff, right I sell physical products. I have a local business or whatever. Your excuse is right now, but I want to shatter these excuses because the biggest thing is going to keep you guys have a success over this week is the con is the thought of like, oh this isn’t apply to me.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech


I’m excited.

I think either tomorrow or the next day we’re gonna have Jamie cross is gonna come up here and speaking Yeah.

Jamie is amazing because two years ago. It’s going to fall Hawking live to sitting in the audience and she sells soap.

Okay, and I’m going to be talking about webinars. I’m going to use about webinars and stories as whole thing. Right and every other e-commerce person. I’m guessing in the audience is like this is not for me because I sell physical products and Jamie said, how can I make this work for me twelve months later? She’s on stage going to come a couple more 12 months later. She’s on stage sharing her story with you. She took this concept of the webinar and maybe e-commerce webinar. She took it didn’t say this isn’t gonna work for you. How can I make this work for me and shit to some things and made it work for her and blew up her company. I’m so sad for tell her story.

I want you guys thinking the same thing.

Okay, so I’m in this example. Now, this is a product that I sell.

This is the physical product called vegan. Have you ever seen this before?

The three people on my team.

All right. So back in the day when I launched 15 companies in the year, which is a horrible. I did don’t do that. One of them was this thing. I had a friend in this company and he was get in trouble and this little machine here.

If you start getting a cold sore. He said he feels heavy as get cold source.

He feel it tingle you pull this out if I can open it. This is a new one. So the seal has been cut yet.

Alright, then you peel the seal off. All right, so you open this thing up when you feel cold sore coming on.

Come on, there you go. All right, you open it up and there’s the two little lectroids.

Okay, and you take and you push the button and then save and close we put on your cold sore and somehow I don’t know how some scientists figure out something is actually panned everything it goes in and like zaps the culture destroys. It kicks in the face and destroys it and the culture never shows up. Okay.

That awesome.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

I mean is one of these right now.

Really get my funnel back up anyway, so this is a physical product. I sell right you write will Russell this is this is this is you know, I don’t sell don’t sell information. It doesn’t work for me. But imagine if I did is how do I turn this into an offer? Okay. This is the physical product. It does what it does. It’s just a thing.

Okay, and the guy who’s so who I buy these from he sells it to other people. So it’s not like I’m not the only one is commodity.

There’s like 30 other people that sell the same thing mine’s better.


So for me, I how do I compete against everybody else? Whatever was got the exact same thing. It doesn’t exact same thing. So I’ve turned this from a commodity into an offer because if it’s a commodity I got a bag. Okay, we sell it for $150. So 430 and then next is also 128 crap 110 one-nine-five.

Boom. Boom. Boom students things like $19.95 right retail.

Okay, that’s the product problem with products or Commodities or I can say okay. This is amazing. This helps with cold sores. What else could do with cold sores you what else can I do? What else could I do? I could go on Amazon be like cold Source cold sore.

Here’s and remedies and I guarantee those people on Amazon who have written books on how to cold Source. I can message them that hey man, you are the definitive. I expert in cold sores. Can I interview you talking about all the tricks, you know how to prevent cold sores from happening.

I’m sure something your diet and exercise right and like oh, yeah, so I get them on the phone. I interview now. It’s like a when you buy from anybody get the same thing but you buy for me you get the cold sore inhibitor plus you also get the interview with this dude over here. Who’s the number one highest stars on Amazon writer of a cultural book you get his book as well plus my interview where I actually interviewed him and the number three there are seven supplements. I found that help get rid of cold sores 7, there’s a whole bunch people complain claim. The supplements was actually seven to work and there’s to the work almost instantly second. You feel culture coming you pop it in these two pills gone instantly.

Okay, and I wrote a report about those but I wanna make sure you get the right ones to get the wrong brand you get the right product get the wrong brand you are screwed. So I’m going to show you the seven supplements as well. So you get this first plus you’re gonna get the interview with them. What expert We’ll push you to get the seven supplements the actual brand names where to buy them how to get the discounts all the seven supplements and next thing you’re going to get is bubble. All right.

Let’s take a physical product and bundling information around it to increase the value of the thing.

Okay, so it doesn’t matter if you’re selling information or not. If you’re selling physical products the same thing in Furs, the information is the easiest way to bundle this right the problem will infomercials. The only way they bundles like if you call now give you another one for free, right?

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

That’s what almost all e-commerce people didn’t like. I like that’s good. But like that’s it’s like now I got two of these things. So if I have cold sores I can have one of my house and in my office that’s kind of weird. Right?

But if I if I bundled information probably doesn’t increase the cost you at all but dramatically increases the value.

Okay. Now when I’m competing with the 30 of the people selling this I can sell it for higher people still buy from you for somebody else because my offer is better than theirs. Okay another good example this Is my friend. Mr. Steven Larson, and he has no Steven.

So this is the good example for any of you guys who like I’m here Russell don’t have a product yet.

So Steven, he has his own products. He’s also an affiliate for ClickFunnels™. He’s an affiliate for bunch of other things. Right?

And so we did the one funnel away launch and tennis balls couple other things. He’s okay Russell. Are you create an amazing offer that he’s selling but there’s like a thousand Affiliates were all selling this product as well. Right?

He says so everyone’s doing it. So, how do I compete against this? He said? Okay. Well, here’s Russell’s offer. How can I make my own offer to make it better people have asked me how do you make money as an affiliate Russell? The first thing you do is you don’t sell the product that they already selling it that’s like like by Russell thing. That’s like number one on your list and it’s like not even my own offer.

Okay, how many guys bought the one fun way to Challenge from somebody in the body to begin from Steven later? Because you wanted his bonus.

Okay, I mean is about twice from Stephen cause you wanted the new bonus a second time.

Okay, there’s a lesson in this. So if you have a product guess okay finds the most of the product and how can I now make an amazing offer? What can I bundle together to increase the value this offer? So people buy for me versus somebody? Or if they did by from NASA also by 4 because my offer is so valuable.


All right. So this is kind of exercise for you guys to start doing is is going through your and listing out all the ideas. You can have K. So tonight this weekend with that paper handy Out start writing out these things are putting him out there and start putting as many as you can think of and make it like the biggest problem you can have is it is you’re kind of putting in your potential products are going to make an offer. He’s like, oh that’s not going to our guests are going to work when you start a be creative. When we first did this probably 12 years ago. We sound for a whiteboard we’re doing this and we were like we were to a point where we needed a funnel to save us from everything right was like the bottom of everything right which make the most irresistible offer ever or else we like we’re shutting the doors so we sent for my for my came. What could we give them? Like, okay, they can fly to my house and I will give him a massage and feed them food. And then we’re going to do this and we’re going to do this. We’re like, we made all this crazy stuff that all on the Whiteboard and then we start say, okay. What’s the offer actually going to be going?

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Well, pretty sure my wife mad. If I hadn’t put my house going to give him a massage this a listen. Do that one but it was their right as I what if we did this one. If you ended it gave us the time to brainstorm and then from there a sharp pointy things over to actually make an amazing offer.

Okay any time I create a new funnel new thing. I’m always looking at creating an offer premium a potential things as possible and then they can know what am I actually going to create pull me into my little stacks lines. Like now, I don’t want you to create to increase this offer again.

All right. Now what they want to mention as well the reason I have a whole bunch of things as well as because there’s more than just one offer and every funnel.

Yes, I understand that and so I need a lot of stuff that giveaway, right? If you look at this right here, there’s an offer on my ad I’m trying to get someone to click on something. So I’m like click on this thing. I’m going to give you a free report, right? There’s an offer happening there. Luckily. That was one of my ideas already created because I cannot pull that down it becomes this right then they land on my landing page. I’m like, I need their email address. I’m trading them.

What a might have. Oh, well, I have something up here. I’ve already created potential price. I’m going to give him my interview with so and so can you email address? I’ll give you the interview with so-and-so boom, right?

There’s like probably this line now buy this product I’m gonna give you these five things that my upsell is these For things can make so many of us go into this thinking that okay. Here’s the product going to sell and we’re trying to build a final round and it’s like no. No, I understand. It’s like you’re looking at more like how do you serve your customer? And like what are all the things you can possibly give them to do that? And then you’re breaking down to the different parts of the funnel. Okay.

All right. So come back to the a hook story offer. So that was the offer section of this this part here is the offer now remove backwards to the story.


So the question that is like why our stories so essential to this?

Okay stories also increase the value.

Can now couple things when you’re saying they’re more in for someone to change their Destiny.

They have to make a decision.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Okay. This is true for software. All of you and second off is true for all the people you’re serving. Okay for someone to change their Destiny had to make a decision number two for them to make a decision. You have to change their state.

Okay, and then the best way to change their state is through story from take that backwards.

I got to figure out how to tell stories so I can change people States if I can change their state and I can help make a decision that’s going to empower them. And if I can make help make a decision. It’s going to power them. I can change their life. I can change your destiny.

That’s my stories are so important.

Can an offer without a state change is completely useless if I was like hey who wants to go the movie Captain Marvel this week?

Like three of you like yeah member then I told the story and you’re like, oh my gosh, I will mortgage my house to fly there for that experience. Right the story is what makes it valuable. Okay. So the big secret is storytelling we’ve talked a lot about this in our communities is not unique, but when I kind of go through this because the story’s been we’ve been to every single thing we’re doing. Okay, you have to come better and better and better story.

Okay for all the other an expert secrets, you know, the next part of this and this by want to share for those who may not or Anew. Okay is the concept of call The Epiphany bird story.

So the Epiphany bridge is is the thing we thinking about as you’re trying to figure out how to tell your stories. Okay. So the Epiphany bridge this this is you back before you were whoever you are now, right? This is back when you are you’re in your normal life before you like figured out whatever it is. You’re so passionate about today, right? So for me it before I learn about this whole funnel thing. I just my house hanging out doing nothing. That was me and then something happened right? We’re also you have this aha moment like Oh my gosh.

This is the thing.

This thing was meant to do. This is the this is like what I supposed to be doing, right? And then what happens is you get so excited by that thing. You have that moment.

Okay. So for me, it’s happened tons of times in my life, right? I think about when I was wrestling like I you guys my parents were here in the front row. I used to come home from school every day. I would eat like Rice Krispies and cheers and watch TV, right and then eighth grade my dad made me sign for wrestling and I don’t want to be wrestling lessons like too much work. I want to watch TV and you made me go maybe go ahead a good time wrestling’s okay and the next year. I remember my very first it was ninth grade. I had a chance to I made it to the JV team and I remember I went to Wayne’s I’m so scared so nervous I go to weigh in and the guy that I’m wrestling has a mustache.

I still to this day cannot grow a mustache.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

I don’t know why anyway, I can’t I remember looking at this kid. I’m like, he’s got a mustache.

He’s gonna destroy me and I got so scared and went to the match and we’re getting the stadium and it’s the JV map. So the only two people that is where my mom and my dad and my God I get out there. I shake his hand. I’m like, how do you grow facial hair date gray, like, oh my gosh, and so we start wrestling and somehow I don’t know what happens but the end of match I win and I stand up and my hand gets raised.

I look over the got the mustache this heads down. I look at my mom and my dad my dad’s like freaking out and I was like this day is a day. I became a wrestler.

That was my aha moment. Right and then we have found about Flex decade half. My life was wrestling right same thing happened in business. I remember I got was trying things. Try new things also like a member when it hit me. I was like, this is my thing. Like this is what I’m doing next decade of my life.


My guests know. She does have had that moment. That’s why you’re probably here trying to figure out the rest of the story, right? So that happens and we go on this amazing journey where like this is amazing. We start studying everything we started Things are geeking out and the worst thing World happens to us.

We start understanding why this thing’s amazing.


And then we have a chance to try sell somebody on this thing that we love that we care so much about we’re so excited.

And the first thing we do is we take all this technobabble all this technical stuff we learned and we spew it out upon them and I got they get buried this thing and they freak out and they run away we logically try to sell them because we’re so logically invest in this thing right now, but the reality is that people don’t buy logically, you didn’t buy logically my dad in convince me, you’re gonna love wrestling because it’s gonna be good health for you. You’re going to get stronger muscles. You’re going to like you just can help you become more resilient in life. You’re going to be all these things like that was the logic.

Okay, what sold me on wrestling?

Oh my gosh, that felt amazing. I’m in.

Something happened to each you emotionally.

They got you in okay, and so for us to be able to convince other people we have to get rid of all the technobabble. You can’t remember. What was the thing. What was the story was the reason that got me started on this journey.

And as you tell that story you give people the same Epiphany that you had that’s when able to change your destiny. That’s when able to help them.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Okay, so that’s the 15% of if you want to go deeper now, I talked a lot about an expert Secrets but think that’s the core of story and so for you it’s not coming back and try and logically convince anybody of anything. It’s remembering. What was the reason why I got so excited about this and sharing that story is what can people connect with you and then they’re gonna have this in 50 you had if you do it, right and now you can change now you can affect now you can move them. Okay?

All right. So there’s the story framework now the next part of story you have to understand that when we are telling people throwing everyone already has a story, right?

About whatever it is is so if their story is positive, it’s a really good thing for them. But the stories negative it’s holding them back.

Okay, so our job is marketers as funnel hackers is to look at that and say okay this this story they have is is it only in back from what I know that they need to be doing? If so, they like that story is the chain of all sleeve is holding them back. Right? So they just change possibly some experience something happen to them that made them have these false beliefs. Okay. So this experience because that experience they’ve been telling themselves the story over and over and over again. So for you this is the people you’re coming in contact with their senior Facebook ads they’re coming on your webinars, or do I need your landing pages the reading your emails and they have these things and if you don’t break these fault stains of bleach no matter how hard you try you will never convince them to follow you. It’s impossible right because they have the story. So the only way for you to break them from these false change the belief is to tell them your story. If you do this, right then your story Trump’s their story and then your story becomes theirs. Okay. Let me give an example. So this is my friend of Anya has been a little earlier today. By the way. Do you love his socks?

That was amazing.

Anyway, so Devon last year because it was like Russell’s is amazing. I got an opportunity for you. It’s going to be ground floor opportunity is gonna be amazing. It’s going to change the world is going to be awesome and I can swim in them in to Devon signs me up. He’s like are you first thing you need to do see Jim and Pam over there. You got to get them signed up Mike. Okay, let’s do this dead.

Now look at it through this lens K. So I’m going to sign Jim and Pam up now.

I look at Jim. I’m okay.

Jim has got some false chains of belief. There’s some reason I’m not gonna be able to get him to believe that he should join my network marketing opportunity.

Right? What is that this these are these small chains of beliefs and I think like, what did he experience and probably kept him from doing that. I did he have a friend or a family member came in annoy him or someone who I already have a better view already joined a program and he just full uncomfortable. What was the experience he had case over Jim’s experience. What happened? Is he had a friend named Michael Scott who just tackled him and forced him to be in this program. Right?

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

And he’s like, oh that was a horrible experience. I do not feel comfortable. I did not like it.

And so because that he created a story is I was mine and the story came inside his mind is that all network marketing programs are pyramid schemes?

Okay. So that’s the story he created so I can come in here. I can tell him everything I want about ground floor opportunity best product the best thing I like most everything no matter what I do logically so he will never break that story.

It’s not worth doing.

Can I share this story for network marketing was true for every single one of you guys don’t care for selling Fitness Finance products services, like whatever it is. It is was happier customers have a story already.


So the only way for you to break their story you just come in you have to tell a better story that trumps there’s case if I was going to get my bike. Hey Master white. Why? Why are you joining? Like either snowing Freddy bug me, it was horrible. And you know, if I join I got a bug people like I just don’t want to do it like no that makes sense. I was the same way, but what’s interesting is that I found out about this really cool thing called a funnel and I use the funnel there was this network marketing program. I believed it was pretty cool and they’re giving away a Ferrari and I was like What if I want a Ferrari without ever talking to anybody ever that would be a Easy and so I set up a funnel I launched it and in 60 days. I became the number one money or the company and I won this Ferrari and the best things I talked to a single person ever.

Is that amazing?

Now if I tell Jim that if my story Trump’s his story, he’s gonna be like, oh my gosh.

She said I could actually have the benefit of this thing about talking to people sign me up.

Okay, that’s just understand. That’s all this whole story things about about trumping. Someone else’s false belief. I can Trump their false belief their story shifts and now your sword becomes theirs and now they’re free the change the falsely for gone. Now, they’re free to go pursue. Whatever it is. You’re trying to pursue Kevin.

All right. So the question is like what stories do I tell now? This is going to change we talked about folk story offer depending on the complexity of the product depends on how many stories you tell what stories you tell right?

If it’s a very simple product you tell us a story and that’s all you need for more complex things yet to tell multiple stories. I’m going to walk through that. So the first thing you have to understand is that in every cells argument there is We call the big Domino. Okay get if you read expert speakers to talk about this. There’s one thing that if I can get them to believe that one thing all the other concerns just disappear instantly, right?


Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

So when you guys came into my into my world will funnel World.

Okay, everybody had false beliefs and things and things you believe that everything but if I could somehow convince you that the only way for you to get your goals was a funnel-like you have this kind of like, all right. Well, I’m in like I gotta do it right everything else just Falls away.

Okay. So for me, it’s like if I can give his people that a funnel is the way is the only way for them to actually get the results they want then it knocks down a lead on all the other dominoes fall away or they become irrelevant.

Okay, and every cells argument has the same thing.

Okay, when you’re selling something, it’s not about trying to answer every single considered possible figure out. What’s the one big Domino if I can address this in my ad in my video and my webinar moderator if I can address if I can prove that this is true, then all the dominoes fall down and they have to believe me.


It’s probably because you have that. I’m excited.

Jamie’s gonna talk about Hurst tomorrow. I believe they can Hershey figure out. What was the thing? She asked people to believe and boom it all fell down. Okay, so you can figure that out.

Now after you know the big Domino for your product your service, then it comes down to their Sports stories. We typically tell now I’m going to show you guys this in the framework of like a webinar and some additional 15 minutes 15 I’ma show kind of how we do in a 90-minute webinar the same thing happens on a five minute webinar. It’s the same same process just shorter time Scamp.

So the first story We Tell as we call the origin story again, the origin story is basically your Epiphany Bridge Story. How did you find out about this thing? Like, why do you care so much about it?


So you tell you short stuff. I’m doing a webinar the first 15 days. So webinar is me. Just telling my origin story. Okay, my Epiphany Bridge story about how I fell in love with this thing.


So if you watch any of the webinars, these are the slides from the funnel hacks webinar than most of you guys have probably seen the first 15 minutes. I’m going through this. I’m just telling my pimp zebra story about. Oh my gosh photos the greatest animal. Let me explain to you why they are I tell you my whole story.

Okay, and that’s the that’s the first goal. Now what happens after I tell that story for some people that was it Domino Falls over like I’m in mind. Here’s my man. In fact, I’m curious. How many guys when you first heard me talk about potato guns and funnels. I told the first or you like I’m a hundred percent is for hyperactive were like in Okay, click throws the more complex cell on simpler cells easy.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

How many guys if I just told you my origin story with with vague on here?

If I told you I’ve never had a cold sources and actually true, but if I told you like look I’ve had cold sores in the past. I used Abreva. I’ve used things and nothing ever works that was last for two or three weeks at a time. It’s horrible painful like the worst thing the world when I found about the first time I tried it I clicked on the thing. I pulled it out and I felt and tingly like first day but it never never came out never became a culture which is gone. And that was it and ever since I keep this in my pocket, I take everywhere I go into the culture comes out hit it and having a cold sore actually hit surface Ensign.

How many guys ask for a loan to me like three time in?

Okay, if someone suffers cold swirling ourselves video for this is literally that that’s it. It’s $150 machines.

It’s a video two minutes long telling an origin story the person who actually meant it and that’s it. That’s all it takes. Okay. So for simple products one story the origin story is all you need and people are in.

Okay, but as you get more complex offers you need more. So what happens is that a more complex offer. They push the Domino over and they’re all excited. I’ll send a push up then like, oh these three things block and say wait wait, wait, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. I’m in but and also these three things walk in Camp. So these are the three things. So the first thing the first thing is that is that these we call the Three core faults place. The first thing is their beliefs about the vehicle case the vehicles the thing you’re trying to put them into so be the vehicles funnels like this is the world. I’m trying to take you guys into some of you guys has a ketogenic diets you guys it’s a products to help you with your cold sores. Like there’s some belief about the vehicle. They have this they struggle with the second Leaf is their own internal voice like that may be cool, but I don’t think I could do it amazing for that. Voice in your head before that’s cool for them. But I don’t know if I can do it, right and then the third false beliefs like well that’s quite the I can do but like I know that if I started this diet like I could do but my wife’s can buy cookies. Anyway, they’re going to house. There’s no way they always blame some external Source besides themselves.


So these are the three things that keep people from buying from you. Okay?

So for me now now I move into it. I tell a story to try to Trump all three of those. Okay, if I can Trump all three of those beliefs their beliefs to come by beliefs and they have to they have to buy them to follow you have to do the thing you need them to do. Okay.

So Story number two, then within a webinar is the next 15 minutes is the story about my vehicle.


So Cindy I come back here and say okay, what’s the chain of falsely they currently have about the vehicle then putting them into?

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Okay, then what’s the experience? Like, why do they believe that there was a story there? They’re currently telling themselves and I’m thinking what’s my story?


So oh yes mrs. Video tomorrow so I gotta show them the websites are dead. Right? So for me the Spy go back to this for myself, right?

The false beliefs like why are you have website? I’m good, right or myself an Amazon. I’m good.

Why do you believe that? Well, I tried to build a funnel. It was really complicated. I didn’t work. I threw myself on Amazon and I make some cells that’s pretty cool. The story is like I don’t need any complicated stuff. I can just use the Amazon right so I can come back in the story. I tell you like no websites are dead. I tell the story and if I did a good job, boom, it falls down. Okay, so in my funnel hacks webinar the most you guys have seen these slides right here. All me telling the story about why this vehicle is the gracing the world my Deputy brochure about why I believe that I told that story and the end of it. My goal is something like oh my gosh. I do need a funnel if I get in to say that their head. I do need a funnel Boom the internal belief or the vehicle belief is gone.


Oh my gosh, I could have success here. Oh my gosh, I could do that thing.

Okay, so my story is Trump’s there’s once again the Domino Falls Okay.

Now the next thing is the first ones the origin story second one’s the story about their internal or nothing vehicle. The next one now moves down to the internal beliefs. So they say oh my gosh, you’re right a funnel is amazing.

I can’t do it comes internal. I can’t do it. I don’t have any technical skills.

I don’t know how to build something. I don’t even know. What a funnel is for crying out loud, right?

That’s the second story. So now I’ve seen the third story. So now I come back and say okay. What’s the possibly why they believe that well, they believe that for me again I’m talking about I probably can plug in your product or this for me. It’s like one tried technical something passed. I can use Microsoft Word MacMillan build a funnel.

That’s they believe what’s the experience like try to do the thing you didn’t work was confusing like wasted time energy the stories like I’m not technical I can tell the funnel so I got coming back. No like it’s actually really easy. Here’s Grant Cardone. This guy is least technical writer. He built the entire funnel 40,000 video was super simple super easy and they see that right? Oh, – she’s really easy. I guess I could do that.

So now boom two things that happen, right? And then here’s my slides where I tell that part of the story. Okay.

Now it’s happened. Hopefully nominal fail.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

If not, then the last legs the first they say cool.

The vehicle funnels is amazing. I think I could actually do it but I don’t they find the extra thing. I don’t know how to drive traffic if I actually I probably can figure it out. Okay, there’s some kind of external belief.

Okay. So for me, the extra belief is even if I had a funnel, what would I do with it? I don’t know how to do. I can’t get people to come to the funnel.

What’s your experience? I had a website before spend a ton of money on it.

Awesome. Google ads. Nobody showed up and I’m broke. I paid the agency 5,000 bucks and got three visitors. I never made any money, right? They have some experience of story is this doesn’t work.

So I got to tell them my story. So for me, I tell a story about how to get traffic and boom I go through my slides until it part of the story if it works boom a domino Falls because they follow me and for all of you guys who are here, obviously nominal Phil. That’s why we got 4,500 amazing people here because I was able to break the Fall to Pieces. the guys back that makes sense Okay. So after you’ve told the stories then the last thing is that even though over to the to the offer but tell the stories of break all the false beliefs and I move the offer I go through the stack of the clothes make the special offer and when we got them, okay, so the framework is simple there’s one big Domino. I got to convince them this one thing for me. I got to give it some the funnels is the greatest thing in the world for you. Whatever your thing is that you got to convince them that this type of dye in this type of Lifestyle this type of product is the gracing the world. What’s the big No-No if you give them the believe this that they have to follow you figure that out and this come back eight. Why do I believe that what’s my words? But why do I actually believe that if you don’t believe it you’re in the wrong business?

Can you have to believe it your depth of your soul if you’re going to get people to move with you? Okay, so you tell your story and you know, I can’t know what’s the reason like what’s the vehicle and putting them what’s their balls at least on that? What’s the false reading police found themselves being able to implement this? What’s the false beliefs about the externally you tell those three stories and then you making the offer?

Okay, that’s kind of how it works.

All right, I want to do something from some of you guys who are watching this like we’re also that’s awesome for you because you click on Facebook live and you just go and you have all this energy in your amazing and you just tell everybody every single time.

Have you ever felt that way about me before you like? I hate that Russell Brunson.

Okay. So I have a special message for all you guys we’re all gonna laugh me together.

So I showed us on Instagram.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

This is kind of embarrassing, but how many is want to see the very first time I spoke on stage?

That good-looking dude is bald head in his puffy shirt in his tie.

Alright, so this is the very first time I ever spoke on stage is like a 30 second clip and I’m going through this humiliation the hopefully have some you guys look this big. Oh my gosh is that guy can do this guarantee? I can do it. So here we go.

But what I wanted to talk about tonight is kind of a broad overview better.

Hopefully help you to better to get better information out of the the whole internet marketing business.

This is a lot bigger group than I had planned.

So embarrassing. All right. That was the first time I ever spoke.

The next day was the first time somebody let me step on their stage itself. It was like carpet There’s an actual stage and said I you can sell something like sweet and so the next day I had a chance to make my very first offer on stage and I’m not gonna show you guys the whole thing because it’s really like the very beginning as I transition to my to me trying to sell as like, how much do you guys think I’m going to sell this for some guy was like a thousand bucks and I was like, oh crap. I’m actually selling for a thousand bucks.

I was like, well, it was so bad. Anyway, so you guys can see my closing abilities round one.

Here we go.


I’ve got my getting close on time.

If you if you do join the the affiliate boot camp will give you life Long training.

It’s a it’s a forty seven dollars a month value. I’ll get it for free who would like a piece of that? Here’s my irresistible offer.

And I hopefully you guys learned a lot from this presentation the standing ovation. He did a great job.

Nobody stands up. No one person.

Who wants a piece of that?

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

the greatest clothes of all time All right, so I share that for you guys who were just like, I don’t know if this is gonna work. I don’t I’m shy I’m awkward. I’m nervous like I promised you I was shy I was awkward. I’m nervous. I still am I still struggle but when you believe in what it is, you have to sell you believe what you’re doing like you just keep doing it and keep doing it and you get a little bit better and a little bit better and a little bit better and it didn’t take 15 years, right every single time. I better in a couple people start listening to more people start listening started growing started growing and started growing the biggest thing. You have to start you have to start telling the stories. You can’t wait like almost art stories next month next week next year.


It’s like no start today becoming us have a phone again.

Don’t raise your hand. How do you have a phone in your pocket right now? Okay, you have no excuse. If you want to do a podcast as a podcast that you click on it you talk and you click a button is on iTunes that fast you wanna do a video you click a button and you’re on Facebook live in five seconds or instant like you have no excuses, but Russell no one’s following exactly. That’s the best thing about it in the beginning who is there for that event when I spoke?

None of you guys were there other than all you guys now saw but none of you were there right years understand like just start your people will find you as you find your voice. Your people will find you, but you cannot find your voice until you start until you begin till you start moving forward.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Okay, and if I would have started that Journey 15 years ago, none of you has to be here today.

Okay, if I could go back to that awkward nerdy Russell the shaved head in a tie who is scared to death of getting on stage singing high like scared to death and I can go back to my dad and grandma said look dude. I know this is uncomfortable and it’s horrible and it’s miserable and you are scared and you were going to fail and you’re going to fail and you’re going to fail and not one year or two years or he’s gonna be like a decade of this but in a decade from now you get a chance come on stage over to 4500 people you have an opportunity and a voice people to change their lives if you don’t stop I would hope that would listen.

The biggest thing is I can’t have you guys stopping.

Okay, I was telling a Brandon polling this yesterday.

I saw him at the Inner Circle dinner for funnel hacking lives ago the second flogging live. He was sitting down as I’d never met her before and during one around half of those round to be came over. He’s like, hey man really quick. I need an interrupter. My what’s going on? He’s like just so you know, you changed my life. You changed my wife’s life. I was like, oh cool. Thank you. He’s like no. No, you don’t understand like he’s like everything’s he’s like we’re helping people we making money like Everything’s changed for us.


I was like that’s amazing.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Right and Brandon was one person in the audience and his wife were sitting there. Okay fast forward four years later Caitlin’s unfortunate here. She had her first baby which congratulations to the Coleman family is amazing.

Fast forward four years later because Kalin kept talking and sharing a message over and over and over again and like 1.5 million people have come into their funnels over a hundred thirty thousand women’s lives have been changed because of them. Okay, they’re making insane amounts away. But the impact it’s having on the world is huge because they were sitting in audience. They heard us talk about this and then they just did it.


So for me and for my team I had this talk than yesterday before we got started to look there’s a sea of people out here every single one of them has a voice and the ability to change somebody’s life and we can’t affect them and everything we’re doing here is a waste is that that’s not about me. It’s not about us not about my team is about each and every one of you guys.

Okay, and we’re trying to give you the tools and things you need but you have to listen and you have to be willing to try it. It’s going to be scary. At first. I promise you that is still scared of me. I was backstage here freaking out a few minutes ago.

Okay, I feel more comfortable now. Luckily.

We have to understand like it’s gonna be scary. But if you don’t do it, if you don’t take that step, you’re not gonna be a next year.

Can I don’t want you just here next year. I want you up here next year. Why are you telling you? We’re getting Year award. That’s why we do this every single day can all right couple more things.

All right.

Just as our sand again. If you’re selling a product, you don’t have to do this huge thing. Like the simpler the product the easier it is for example, you see if it’s right there. You see that marker in my hand.

Okay, if I wasn’t I’m you guys will give me five bucks Fizz marker right now a couple of you guys.

Okay, I’m gonna tell you guys a story about this marker. I’m gonna tell you a story and the story will increase the value this marker. Okay, so a couple of when we first started to events, I remember I would show up and they always have like no narrow white boards and they’re like whores are vertical and we draw a funnels photos are vertical right CI page number one pay somebody.

I’m out of space.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Thank you. Flip it in a sec horrible to diagram of funnels. Right and I was doing that anything over flipping it over how these little tiny markers. They’re like little tiny and like you can see very far as so weak and then went to Tony Robbins event and Tony had a board like this and then he pulls out this market and Tony’s hands are like this big anyway, and he pulls out this marker and he unsheathed it won’t he walks over to the Whiteboard and he starts doing this thing and he’s like just like do an exorcism like circles and like was making no sense whatsoever, but it looks so cool.

I remember I was like, oh my gosh, this is amazing.

And so we starting funnel hiking lives.

First off. I wanted to be told he had a board like this why we need a board like that and we and I tried for like years. I find when I remember one day I was like complaining and Melanie he was my sister. I was like, no they don’t how does he he must have custom built this thing and then she’s like Google or doing some magic and I finally found it, but would the next thing, you know, we had this board here and then like I do the board’s very first time at these little tiny markers. I’m like, I feel so weak. I don’t want to feel like tone and he’s like a man marker and so she starts cooking she finds some markers shipping like no these are good. But like I need like Tony Mann markers. And so finally she finds these things and look at this thing like this thing is amazing. And so these are now my man markers and I only I will not speak at events when I travel the best I bring my man markers cuz I don’t wanna be on seems like it’s a little dainty ones. And so I have these huge man markers and so I’ve got red man markers Blue Man markers black Mormon workers, and I only have three of them here right now. How do you want a man marker?

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

I can’t sell events have these for the rest of the event but you see how a story increase the value that’s what I’m talking about. Like you tell a good story increases the value whatever you’re selling. So you have to come better at telling stories. You’d be better at making offers better at telling stories because both of those things intrinsically increase the value of what it is you’re trying to sell. Okay. Now when you’re selling more complex offers, that’s we need to have a bigger thing. We having internal beliefs the vehicle internal/external the more complex. The product is the longer the sales process is good.

Alright, so for you guys your homework as well in your paper here is start right down to you see start building a story inventory. What are all the false beliefs that my customers have to write those things down like then why do they believe that what’s the story? They’re telling themselves and then What story do I have the would Trump their belief Kevin Towing this ever since extra see just came out almost two years. I’ve been talking to us over and over and over again, right very few people do it. But guess what? I know the people that are doing it.

I’m watching them and watch the storytelling watch what they’re doing and watch the process.

Okay, I was all the time. I got started and Kenny told me she’s like you build inventory of stories and I heard that instead of it. Most of all there’s that that’s a good idea. I said Dan said it I must do it got a pad of paper. I was like what stories do I have and I had nothing. I had a potato gun story. That was it sort of my potato guns around like it’s all I got but now I had my notebook with my peanut butter story and I started thinking okay as I start talking start doing my thing something amazing. How about life and like that could be a story write it down and the next thing Something’s Happened so that also they oh my gosh that give you a story write it down. Okay, we story right now and could it be story next thing? I know I can stand stage for 90 minutes ago 400 stories without even knowing about right it comes down to this telling story after story after story, but you have to start that now.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Okay. So you have your phone open up a Note II say my story inventory and as you were living life every time something’s happening nothing. Oh, that was cool beg. Oh that was cool how they relate to my customers.

Oh my gosh, if I sold this like that’s how it relates. Boom.

Okay, have you like it tell a story about a marker make it relevant to you somehow?

Yeah, I did right?

Okay, it’s all about that. Okay book story offer chemicals Plastics doctor offer talked about story last piece in this is the hook.

Okay. So what is the hook?

To understand this really well. I want you guys. Imagine what happened right before you probably came into this room. You were in the bathroom and you’re sitting kind of like this.

And most you had your phones and you’re going like this.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

So what Hook is it’s the thing that makes you stop like. Whoa, that’s a this is how I judge my hooks.

I imagine all you guys swiping what’s going to be like, whoa, hold on. All right, I gotta finish so I can find out that thing. It’s okay.

This is literally what’s happening case. You’re wondering like, oh, no my customers don’t do that. They do I was in the airport two days ago. I walked into the airport and for the women, I’m so sorry that you have to find out about how gross and disgusting men are but there’s a dude swipe in while he’s and I was like seriously, like putting your pocket for 30 seconds. It doesn’t take that long. It was just me like that’s what they’re doing K and C. Imagine. This is what’s happening in today’s world case other seeing their desktop like studying you and reading things.

Excuse me a researching.

What’s happening is this is so they’re flipping through their phone and they’re saying their friends and their pictures and their profiles and their cat videos and thing after thing after thing after thing and your ad has a shot in there for like one second probably last in the middle of this scroll, okay?

If you don’t stop them right there and they don’t say hold on put the phone down. I’m going to come back and check this out. You know, you felt okay.

The hook is the key.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Without a good hook. Nobody will ever hear your story without a good story. No one care about your offer.


Now the hook in and of itself does not provide does not increase the value K.

The hook does not increase the value. What is your selling with the hook doesn’t grabs your attention long enough of the listen to your story the story increases the value and then the offer increases the value.

The hook grabs them just long enough. You can tell them the story.

Okay, so every story you have has multiple hooks.

Okay, so why so important he has to be publishing and putting things out there all the time because I have no idea what Hooks are going to land which one’s people going to resonate with was and which ones don’t okay.

I was in a retreat like a mastermind group with Brendan boosh R&D graciosa a bunch of really cool people both who are going to be here this weekend speaking with you guys being amazing and we’re sitting on the campfire and Dean told the story. That was so good. He said he said essentially save you look at a you’ll get a comedian.

You see them on like The Tonight Show, they pick up the microphone they do their thing and they do the thing and they land it and it was like, oh my gosh, this is the funniest person on earth is that you don’t understand is like the Canadian just get up there and like do his thing what happened is like two years prior. He got a job. He went to a dive bar over here. He wrote ten jokes got it for like 30 people.

He tried to thing he tried it. He told joke 1 2 3 4 5 like one of the ten jokes landed his like, okay that joke was good. The rest were horrible goes back to his apartment rights nine. New jokes. God intended jokes goes next to have our get some from it. Boom. He does it nail. The first jokes he knows this Amazing Nails the other night to them that they’re nine work. Right? I’ve got three good jokes, he goes back he writes to the seven comes back the next night. Boom. He keeps doing it keeps doing it keeps your till he knows he’s got 10 of the most amazing jokes in the world, then he gets on the big stage and performs in every single joke lands.

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings – Russell Brunson’s Opening Speech

Okay, so same thing what we’re doing right now. I have no idea what Hooks are going to work. Right? So what do I do when I hear a story in the morning I jump on my phone I get my phone out as I’m driving to the office and have you guys like Russell don’t drive while you’re podcasting.

It’s like a block and there’s no anything anywhere. I wish I could show people that I get every anyway, whatever. So, um, I’m doing my thing talking and I tell the story right? That’s my first time then I come in. I see Dave Dave’s like and I’m like, I tell your story. I told David story right? I told them differently this time and like okay that works like it made sense you guys and I go out to the the like the bullpen and all the marketing teams and I tell them the story right and then I don’t want to Facebook. Let me tell the story that I told four five times so I know how to tell a story I see what lands I see what Hooks got people interested.

I tell a story Dave like oh, that’s really cool. My crap Dave’s not flipping out is not a good story. Right and that’s how we know. So it’s testing these things testing and testing it. Okay. So when you have a story like you’re putting on different looks like which of the hooks that people are grabbing onto what are the ones are interesting was the people actually pay attention to that cool. Now we’ll build things bigger on those. Okay, but you got to be practicing of all the time.

ClickFunnels™ Hook Story: Perfect working business

Okay, because if you like I Gotta Give business has to work has got to be perfect. It’s going to be it’s like I don’t want to screw this up. So I’m going to wait till I tell my story in a way that my way it’s the equipment walking up on The Tonight Show me like I never test this material. Let’s go you would never do that. Right?

Yeah, we do in our business is all the time. You can’t do that. You got to be telling the stories telling the stories.

Okay, every single one of you guys in here should be Facebook live in your experience today, like seriously, if you’re not like why did you waste that experience? There’s some story the impact that will impact you eat today. If not me by somebody else that affects your life and your customers directly and you better be talking about that tonight when you get home, you know podcasting video Facebook like something to start practicing it begins tonight.

Begin, Mañana es Mañana never comes.Okay. All right. So how do you find the hooks? Do you want to model? So next time you guys are doing this you shouldn’t do this like it’s really disgusting. But maybe your desk doing this as you’re scrolling through look at the stuff that stops you.

Okay. Look this up stop you. Like why that why that hook work? What was it? Okay, the 30 days book was not my idea. Someone else had a 30-day thing in another industry. I was like, that’s a good idea. He hooked it over there. I’m a hooker over here because made me stop. Okay.

ClickFunnels™ Hook Story: We had process a lot of facebook ads

Now if you find an ad instead of just looking at him, like that’s really good ad then you go to the ad and Facebook is on the coolest thing in the world. Now, there’s a little tab here says adds an info you click on it and it literally shows you every single hook that the person is running right now. So you click on that right now you would see here’s a couple of hooks that Russell and John and the team are currently running process a lot of ads. Yeah. We’re throwing out insane amounts of books every single day. Okay, and you can do some any Advertiser you see their ad on Facebook you click on their thing and it’ll show you here’s every ad that they are actively running right now. You can see all the hooks every time someone hooks. You stop pay attention. Go look if you look at all the ads to start studying and start looking start geeking out. Okay.

It’s a lot of ads of these we have on here. All right now listen, I was doing this last night as like 1:00 in the morning, I sorta Liza’s like how do I really see this in and I start thinking about the two couples Cup winners and you’re gonna come back splinters. Like I’m gonna show you some examples of some of these right because you hear these people all the time, right? You see their pictures to hear the stories like this is amazing. I want to comma Club the how many guys have actually looked at the hooks that they’re throwing out.

Okay, if they’re in the two comic up to come become X means they are insanely good hook story off or otherwise, I would not be here. Right so we should be looking at so I started looking at my I’m just gonna pull a couple random people. It’s the first one I pull here is Drew is Drew the room right now. I think he is. All right. So this is this is amazing. So Drew is coming off it too fat to fit if you have seen it as before.

So Drew is a personal trainer who is ripped an amazing and I might be telling the story of August awkward. These are the rooms. Hopefully I tell right but he was amazed like ripped an amazing and his clients were like, well you never been fast so you don’t know what it’s like it’s like, oh, yeah, this is going to do I’m gonna get fat super fat. So he gained a whole bunch of weight to prove difference with me fit to get a really fat and then losing all the weight again.

ClickFunnels™ Hook Story: Natalie Hodson’s Amazing Business

Okay, probably not healthy like in retrospect. I’m guessing but that is an amazing hook. So you see here’s everything a thousand weight loss offers out there. Like hey, I’m sexy. I’m rip, they see Drew sitting here with Jay Leno is like how much mean fit to Fat to fit and show the before and I was like, Hook is amazing. Okay, boom to call it collects winners. Okay.

This is now we have used more Natalie Hodson from last year those there’s now that I hear okay to call Mike Winters is getting close to combo comebacks. Same thing. Right? No, it’s interesting. So Natalie’s business prior to this was a good business, right? She had good hooks good story could offer. It was like it was doing well, but never like amazing right then she came back and she like, what’s the hook? What’s the strike? What is it? And she shifted from her other business that was doing okay to this and you guys remember Natalie story.

She talked about vulnerability last year talked about she was doing this this video and she peed her pants during it which is like most humiliating ever. Right? And then she turned that into a product teaching women how to control that and went from zero to two combo Cup winner in four months. Because the hook right find a better hook again. If your phone is not working is always either hook a story or an offer. Okay, that looks amazing or story’s insane in the office was amazing million dollars in four months.

ClickFunnels™ Hook Story: Rock star in Las Vegas

Okay Garrett white there in the middle. Here’s the landing page. I found of his on my favorite landing pages. How’s this for hook attention married businessmen. Learn how to unlock unlock a learn how to unlock nearly unlimited sex power money without happy to cheat on your wife get a divorce ignore your children leave your church. They would drugs or party like a rock star in Las Vegas.

What how do you not click on that as a man?I can have everything I want in life without all the bad stuff. This is amazing, right? He’s a master at hooks you get anybody in this clubs? Right? Anyone who’s on stay tell people to do we want to do you guys they’re amazing at hook story offer.

If you want to be on stage, you have to become better at hook story and offer. Okay. So as you’re telling your story and start building inventory what it looks like in test out just how this that’s how this and my question is. How many hooks you guys actually throwing out maybe throwing out a lot. Okay hook story offer.

And then one last thing I want to show you guys if you look at this hook story offer. This is happening at every single step in your funnel.

Okay, your ads there’s a hook a story and an offer in your add some store. There’s a hook your tell you a quick story you make an offer click here. There’s the offer then they come to your landing page. There’s a hook. There’s a story there’s an offer then they come to buy you’re probably hook story offer up some hooks. We offer like this framework is the essential for you guys to master is so simple if I want to start saving this so simple, but it’s the most important thing you do it over and over and over and over again. If something is not working inside your fun with always either your hook your story or your offer.

Okay? I don’t care what funnel is we’re going to learn about. Your phone type this weekend can without challenge funnels and some it funnels and book funnel. All you tunnel doesn’t matter which one is this framework fits into every one of these funnels? Okay.

And the last one to mention is that the hooks tree offer. This is the key books. We offer something to grab somebody brings them into your world. And after you have the next phase in is how do we increase the value? How do we help these people along the line? Okay in the books you guys got yesterday actually printed out a copy of our value actually is see. This is our value ladder and the person speaking after me is Stacy Martino. I’m so excited to have her she’s going to be singing. Yeah.

He hasn’t love Stacy but she is a master taking people up to Value. Like, how do you take you after you’ve hooked him you got him in into your world? How do you love them and give it a value? They want to continue to progressively throughout everything else. You’re doing good.

ClickFunnels™ Hook Story: Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recordings

All right, so I’m out of time. I want to show one quick video and then I’m going to be done for this morning and then Stacy’s gonna be coming out. I’m so excited for you guys to meet her.

This is a video I made last year at funnel hockey lab and we showed the very beginning. I want you to really think about a minute long. It’s going to get a re sum up my feeling of you guys as our funnel hackers and why we’re so passionate about this weekend after the videos done. If you guys can go crazy to huge round of applause and we will be Devon back out when the video is over you guys ready for this. Here we go.

Here’s To The Crazy Ones The Misfits the Rebels the troublemakers the round pegs in the square holes The ones who see things differently, they’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them disagree with them glorify or vilify them about.

The only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things they push the human race forward and while some might see them as The Crazy Ones we see genius because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do Drive Applause, excellent job brother give it up for Russell stand up stand up stand up.

Keep it going for Russell.


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