How To Sell A Product Online And Sell  Anything To Anyone Using This One Tactic

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer: In this video I will not only teach you how to sell a product online I will show you how to sell ANYTHING to anybody by creating an irresistible offer that no one will pass up. Because if you are watching this, you want to know how you can make money online and you want to change your life and your business for the better. ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

– [Russell] What’s up everybody, this is Russell again, and I have a little bit of a rant, and I hope you guys are okay with that because it’s something that I keep trying to get people to understand and they keep not understanding. So, no offense to anybody ’cause I probably said it, a lot of places, and maybe they need to hear it.

So I’m telling you guys right now, right here, so you will hear it and you will understand. So a lot of people come into my world, into the funnel world and they’re like I’m selling stuff on Amazon or Shopify, I’m selling physical products. And so I was grabbing some examples of physical products. Maybe you’re selling supplements, or you’re selling jars, or you’re selling buttons, or selling markers, like, whatever it is you’re selling, and they’re going through this stuff and you’re like funnels are really, really cool. So, how’s it’s gonna work? And I tell you, I’m like go read this book Expert Secrets.

For anybody who thought Expert Secrets was only about selling information products, you missed the whole point of the book. Please stop, go find your copy of the book, start at the very beginning, and this time look at it from a, through a lens of whatever it is that you are selling. If you’re selling physical products, info products, something that’s network marketing, whatever it is you’re selling, this book is the blueprint for that. If you’re saying well this doesn’t work for you because in my business I don’t do this. Instead start thinking and going, how can I use this in my business?

That should be the thing going through your mind is, how can I use this for my business?, Not, oh, I can’t use this for my business. People are saying, well Russell, my business is different. No, it’s not different, you’re just not doing it right. Start thinking how do I actually implement this into my business? For example, a lot of people are like, Russell this works for you, because you have a software company. Every other software company that I’m competing against does not do this.

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

If I were to release this four years ago and told people to read this, they’d be like, well this doesn’t work for SAAS, I’m not selling information products. It’s like, no! Like, you’re not seeing me actually do this to sell SAAS, to sell software as a service. It works for that it works for supplements this works for everything. So I wanna kind walk you through just some really quick like two minute breakdown how this concept works with physical products. So again the comment yesterday I thought was like Russell there’s no face to my company so this isn’t gonna work. My first thing would be you need to have a face to your company.

There’s a reason why there’s a face at ClickFunnels™ ’cause people can connect with a human being. If there’s not a face, not a person you become a commodity and the people are gonna go off price, go off of what feature they got, this feature versus this feature. If you have a face, a personality, people will bond with you and they will follow you to the end of the world. That’s number one. Number two. This whole book is about how to create offers.

Figure out what you’re marketing and actually creating an actual offer. In fact the same concept is how I became a great affiliate. So I’m gonna do this. So let’s say if you’re selling physical products. Let’s say for example Organifi. So Organifi, this is my buddy Drew’s supplement. It’s a really good supplement. I take it every single day. There’s a picture of Drew on the back for those who are watching the video.  Drew’s funnel, and I love these guys, their funnel is not the best funnel in the world. The copywriting is not that good. The sales are not that good but what do they have? They’ve got a personality, a brand, a person, a human that people trust, they like, they know, and they follow him through this movement which is why they’ve done so well with Organifi.

Now if I was gonna go sell Organifi as an affiliate first I look at saying okay they’re selling a product here. How can I make this an offer? So I’d say okay, if I want to be your affiliate I’m gonna take this product, I’m gonna create an offer around it. So okay, if I wanna sell to become the number one affiliate which I could very easily and all of you guys could do this. You pick any product new. Say okay, someone who’s buying this what else do they need to be successful? Oh they have Organifi.

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

What if they need to know how to eat or drink for that? So I’m gonna make a book or a video course teaching the 30 day juice reset. They got a green drink, they got a juice reset diet, what else do they need? When they’re juicing they’re trying to sleep better nights. Maybe this is like the sleeping system, like the greens sleeping system. Or maybe it like they want some more recipes, so I would go and try to make a whole bunch of recipes and ways to turn these green drinks into really healthy foods and I don’t know, whatever you do.

But I’m gonna create a whole bunch of things. I put a bunch of things together and I make an offer with a total value of blank. And then I would go back to all people buying Organifi, hey you can buy Organifi and get it for I don’t know a hundred bucks they sell it here, or you can get the same offer here, I’m gonna give you Organifi plus this, plus this, plus this, and like I make an actual offer. I’m gonna go out there and destroy every other affiliate including them selling their own product.

There have been affiliates, times I’ve gone and promoted somebody’s product and actually sold more of the product than the actual product owner. I did that by turning their product into an offer, and make it irresistible. Now take it to the next level, so I just create an offer and now it’s like now it’s creating a brand, a person, a movement behind this. Dave Asprey did it so good with Bulletproof. Where his whole, he had his story now of him, he was overweight, he lost a bunch of weight, he was hiking the, I can’t remember the whole story, hiking the Himalaya Mountains and these guys gave him some yak butter tea.

He drank yak butter tea. He felt good, his brain was lit on fire. He writes he needs to put butter in his coffee, and Dave started this movement where people are putting butter in the coffee. It’s this weird thing he did. Same thing, I’d be like, this. Here’s my product, here’s an offer I’ve created goes with it, and what’s the movement? What are people tapping into besides just that? Who am I, what’s my story? I need to share the story.

Why did I create this? What was the reason? What was the purpose? Look at Drew. Drew had a whole story about why he created Organifi. What was the reason? What was the story behind it? For you guys, if you want to transition from selling physical products, or network marketing product or eCommerce or if you’re an affiliate selling other people’s products. It doesn’t matter what it is. The system, the process is the same. It’s taking that thing and turning it from a commodity into an offer. Number two then is who am I actually selling this to? Trying to sell it to everybody’s gonna be hard. When you start creating offers, it’s really fun. This is why goes through, going through the 2 Comma Club X program right now.

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer

We’re talking about picking your market and creating your offer to match it, ’cause this right here is a cup that anybody who drinks coffee could do, the problem is it’s a commodity that the price drives down. But in choosing the right market, the price actually goes up on this. If this is the coffee cup for biohackers, coffee cup for entrepreneurs who want to drink Bulletproof coffee on the go, suddenly this becomes super more valuable. Pick the right market to actually go after.

Now the price went up. Now that the price went up, now I know the submarket that I’m in. Now I create an offer that relates exactly to that market. Suddenly this $8 cup becomes worth $60 or $100 or more. Then you get a whole bunch of people doing that together who are all part of that, they all took the same offer, they’re all part of the same market that you have created and then I can go and tell my story.

Whey did I create this? What was the reason, what was the purpose behind it? People buy into that storyline, and then from there it creates a movement. Then I get a whole bunch of people buying this and my offer and they know my story, they know who I am and then guess what happens? In a month from now, six months from now, a year from now, when I decide, hey this is really good now I want to create my next product. Now you have the following in place.

Now you have the people in place that actually care ’cause they’re connected to you and your story and your mission and your movement. Now, when my second product line comes out I can sell exactly what it is they want and then boom, this is when you start incrementally, not incrementally, it starts growing very very rapidly, your company. That’s why I always tell people take any physical product brand, wrap the Expert Secrets model around it, and you will 100X your company overnight. It’s like giving it a shot of adrenalin. That’s it! That’s the magic.

ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer: That’s the big secret is shifting that thought in your head from oh this doesn’t work for my business to how can I make this work for my business? If you want more videos like this, that’re gonna show you the actual step-by-step, the how-to, please subscribe to the channel, turn on notifications, I’m gonna keep on dropping gold, dropping bombs for you guys, because it is your time. The opportunities are here. I want you guys to grab your piece of the opportunities that are here and in the backside of 2018. ClickFunnels™ Irresistible Offer


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