RESET Your MINDSET – Motivational Speech For Finding Success Garret J. White

Clickfunnels™ Mindset Reset

Clickfunnels™ Mindset Reset: Garrett J. White is one of the kings of motivational speeches. And at a recent Funnel Hacking Live, he spoke on the power of resetting your mindset marketer. Your business depends on your marketing. At ClickFunnels, we got so much inspiration in his speech that we had to share with you his epiphany on how to make it rain.

Clickfunnels™ Mindset Reset: 30 days to Guerrilla Marketing

– Let me tell you a story. (inspiring music) I found a book in the business section, and it was called “30 days to Guerrilla Marketing” by Glenn Livingston. I actually never studied marketing in my life. Now you heard the story that I had hundreds of employees, yes? And we were running a successful businesses, and we were doing tens of millions of dollars, and I had never once considered that I was a marketer.

ClickFunnels™ Mindset Reset

And it’s 30 days of simple things that you can do, day over day over day, and for the first time, the light bulb goes on. Wait a second, the way you control the game, is you control the rain. Being a marketer is the capacity to take a message, and place that message into the marketplace, grab peoples’ attention, and pull them in a direction. I had never once considered that my skillset should be focused on this idea of mastering marketing.

Because the story I’ve told myself was that I am a business man, I’ve never stood up and said, “I am a marketer.” I am going to learn this. And I will bleed to make this happen. And it started with a change, which was am I a business man or am I a marketer? I am a marketer. I wake up and the first thing I ask is, “How am I going to make it rain?” Every day in my businesses. How am I going to make it rain? Not a day goes by, not a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, where I don’t wake up and say, “How am I going to make it rain?” because if you can’t make it rain, your funnel is worth nothing. (thunder rumbling) (rain pattering)


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