Live from Funnel Hacking Live 2019 – The ClickFunnels™ State of the Union

Watch my State of the Union ClickFunnels™ New Features presentation Live-streamed from Funnel Hacking Live 2019!

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ClickFunnels™ New Features – From The State of the Union 2019

Of your choice to hear the first individual of your choice now just in case you’re wondering yes, you will be able to visit multiple tables and hear from multiple 2 comma club members and learn all their secret sound good.


Sound good.

Because you guys love me. I’d so hurts my feelings that you don’t answer. We’re going to fix that. So that’s for this evening. Join us for the two comma Club reception now tomorrow morning.

We have something awesome for you in addition of get giveaways and all the fun stuff and I got planned for you content wise. We’ve got something crazy for you. So tomorrow morning, we’re gonna open early access doors and 8:00 a.m. You got a blue wristband or a black wristband. If you’re a 2 comma Club X Dream Car 2 comma Club 8 figure or Inner Circle Early Access for tomorrow morning opens an 8:00 a.m. What time?

General Mission it’s red wristbands opens at 8:20 general admission opens at what time?

What time 820 so with that?

I want to get ready to bring Russell and Todd back on the stage before we do it. We got to get the energy up in this room a little bit.

So here’s what I want to do. Well, but what is he doing? I don’t know.

Is that what it is that what it was like watching a window?

Here’s what I want you guys to do.

In a moment.

I’m going to have you stand up.

Not yet.

I’m going to have you look at somebody you don’t know.

And when you look at them, what I want you to do is I’m going to count to three.

ClickFunnels™ New Features – From The State of the Union 2019

When I count to three you’re going to release all inhibition and you are going to pretend that that person who you’re looking at is your long-lost college buddy who you haven’t seen in 15 or 20 years.

All right. Let me tell you why two reasons reason number one because I want the energy up in this room for one Russell and Todd get on stage reason number two.

Is because the purpose of you coming to this event is not to make business contacts.

Hear me out hear me.

The purpose of you coming to this event is not to make business contacts its to make friendships and relationships.

So on the count of three in total silence total silence on the count of three everybody is going to stand up alright ready and stand up quickly, but do it in total silence. Don’t say a word ready. One, two, three stand up.

Now in total silence look at somebody and make eye contact with one person who you don’t know one person who you don’t know.

total silence and if you can hear the sound of my voice say and on the count of three you are going to embrace that person like they are your long lost college best friend and you are going to throw the energy in this place through the roof.

Wait, wait wait, Not yet, not yet.

All right on the count of three one.

Two three make a new friend that turn around to do with somebody else make a new friend make a new friend make a new friend make a new friend make a new friend make a new friend turn to somebody else make a new friend.

Make a new friend turn to somebody else.

All right Villages knife face the front for me you guys give yourselves a round of applause.

Everybody jump up and down like this. We’re gonna give you energy. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.






Yes every single person.


Yes. Yes.

Keep jumping keep jumping keep jumping kids up in keep jumping.

Keep jumping keep jumping.

Are you guys waiting in the same song?

By the Lackey live, welcome back to the stage.


Russell Brunson and some Tony Robbins. Love you guys.

ClickFunnels™ New Features – From The State of the Union 2019

So awesome.

Yes feel that energy is excited.

Alright, so every year during footfalls event. We always do a presentation. We call the quick final State of the Union Address.

We talked about all the amazing stuff that’s happening. But this year when we were on the two complex Crews Steven Larson said something that was really excited. He said he said he has understand like I don’t like ClickFunnels™. You think I am a die-hard funnel hacker. If you were to grab my chest and rip it open you would see my heart beating with gears inside of it. I literally bleed funnels and I was like, oh my gosh, it’s so we got this logo design for all of us. So today’s presentation is called we showed us the slides.

the die-hard funnel We’re my diehards in the room.


We got a tattoo booth in the back for the diehards. We’re gonna yeah, and where’s Jeff at? He’s running to the back getting.

All right. So we got a couple of cool things going to talk about first. We have a really fun thing is you’re the guys today to assure the very beginning. Let’s do it. Okay. So the very first thing you guys I’ll see you on your chair today. There was a form from ClickFunnels™ Studio how many I saw this page on your seat this morning or this afternoon?


So some the back story behind this.

Let me show you as well. I’m going to tell the story first one shows pictures. So recently we partner with some amazing people. You probably seen them running around with video cameras everywhere Dan Usher and his team and they have opened up an office up in Toronto Canada and the call me at ClickFunnels™ Studios. This is amazing.

And they had this amazing idea. They said what if we rented an RV and we wrapped it in front of hacker ClickFunnels™ new features stuff and we drove around the country and around the world and got captured all the stories of all the funnel hackers amazing.

We’re so excited. So check out the RV that we just got for these guys.

Oh, yeah anyway, so this is actually the plans. So if you guys have an amazing story, we want you guys to write down your ClickFunnels™ story on these papers and hand it back to somebody on our team tonight or tomorrow whenever it is where we taking all these looking through them all and in the very near future. He has me going on a road trip. Try driving around the country trying to capture all of your stories. We can share more than here at funnel hockey live at next year. So that’s the like fun.


ClickFunnels™ New Features – From The State of the Union 2019

All right, so that’s what’s happening ClickFunnels™ Studios.

Number two is what I go over to you is let’s do it.

So number two operation Underground Railroad. We just got the update in from last night. He’s mine. You wanna hear some numbers?

That’s right. I’m up here.

All right. That’s the first off. Thank you guys so much for your contribution so far, you know the total I don’t all right, I dunno so as of this morning you guys have raised and went to this in perspective again about $2,500 to saves the life of a child pulls them out of slavery pulls them out the deepest darkest parts of hell and gives them hope and gives them a chance.

It’s cause I say about $2,500 you guys were able to raise Two hundred and forty nine thousand dollars so far. This is amazing. You’re such a real Applause.

If if you put that in perspective, that’s a hundred children so far just pretty amazing.

All right, so Tom and I were talking earlier and I want to be Tony Robbins.

Have you just want to beat Tony?

So Tony raised about just shy of a million dollars for OU our last month.

So tired I were talking ahead of time and he’s an amazing partner and friend and you guys remember if you did this last year as well and I said sweet should we do it should we do it?

He’s like let’s do it. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to match every donation you guys make so this 249,000.

I’m really about a mass just make it 500 just right we are officially out. There are 500,000 dollars raised for operation Underground Railroad as of today half a million dollars.

It’s awesome.

But there’s about 500 of those swipe file bugs left.

Yes is only 5 minutes my File books left and when they’re gone, they’re gone it literally you can take any of the swipe File books and you can sell it next week on eBay for a thousand bucks or more easily because well supply and demand so you can actually help a child and make some extra money aside if you’re waiting for it, but throughout which can continue to the can you do this throughout the rest of the week, but we’re halfway there to my goal. Hopefully she has goes well, so encourage your friends, encourage your neighbors. This is 200 children’s lives and be able to save so far in the last 24 hours, which is amazing. So thank you guys so much for your support on that.

ClickFunnels™ New Features – From The State of the Union 2019

Well Russell, how about this?

How about this if they raise another 250 these 500 books are gone. We do another 250,000.

Let’s double that as well.

Alright sound good. We had a million.

It’s all we gotta do is we need All right guys to do another 250.

Okay, you do it it’s all we need from you guys next year 250 and then walk matches. Well, okay.

I love it.

And the other thing is if you guys saw my mom’s quilt the silent auction is happening out there. Don’t forget all that money also goes towards this and towards operation Underground Railroad as well.

So there you go. Awesome. All right.


We got another cool surprise for you guys today how many you guys watch a little while ago when we had an amazing opportunity to hire the Harmon Brothers to make our very first-ever viral video. I mean you saw that video right here.

This is the video.

So a couple months ago.

I called them back up and I said hey if unlocking life’s coming up. Do you think we have time to make another new video with the gold prospector because we are raging we’re Waging War against websites and we want to have the prospector help us to take out all web sites across the world and they said yes, which is amazing. But then they said well once felt like you live and I told them and they’re like, holy cow that’s not very far away and luckily for for us and for you they’ve killed themselves as a team to put this together and two of them are actually here today somewhere in the eye is I would love they don’t actually come up here on stage. We’ve got Theron and Brett I think as here, let’s give you guys a huge around the plaza to the Harmon Brothers.

ClickFunnels™ New Features – From The State of the Union 2019

Thanks you guys.

You said it yourself really quick?

They’re in your first sermon my partner are my brothers and I’m brick – louder.

I’m Brett Crockett. I manage the funnel team at Harmon Brothers very cool. And it over the Riders Riders as well super talented. So the way it works these guys, it’s really amazing.

If they decide to choose you as a client, which is not easy task.

We had to trade them funnels and bribes and elderly.

Anyway, they threw it right in your tree and you fly up into a cabin in Sundance, Utah and you have bread some other Riders they all come in and write different scripts and it’s really cool is that they kind of give a consequence we want to go to work websites and they came up the whole bunch of different concepts.

And and we had one is over. We have chance to pick one and then all the Riders go back in the room in the in the cabinet right another variation other various three or four variations to keep going back and forth and then they produce these things and they are amazing.

And so we’re excited and not only not only say about this. We also recently signed a contract with them. We’re gonna be doing a video like this almost every quarter throughout the next year, which is going to be really really exciting.

So I’m probably thank you.

Because the gold prospectors got a war of everybody we’re starting here and then we’re going to Shopify then we’re going to Amazon then we’re going to key infusion.

I don’t know where it’s going but it’s gonna be fun. You’re not really quick bit about kind of how the timeline of the craziest from when you started this and we got done today so we can show it to everybody.

Sure. I mean, yeah, so when Russell normally our timeline is about six months you’re wanting the timeline on video right about six months and he wanted this video for funnel hacking live and we I think we had about four months.

Right? And so we already had a very full production schedule, but everybody wanted to work with ClickFunnels™ new features again and the same some of the same riders came in one of the same creative directors came in and we shot.

It was mid-December that we shot.

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