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Clickfunnels™ Operation Railroad

Clickfunnels™ Operation Railroad: Operation Underground Railroad & Fill Your Funnel Tool – Recap – 3 Things to do today: 1- Go to OURrescue.org and on the top right click the red “Donate” Button. We are still raising money and giving the 74 Swipe File Book and an OUR shirt for a $500 donation or more to OUR. 2- Next, go to FunnelHackingLive.com and get your tickets for a $200 discount that ends Sunday at midnight! 3- Go to FillYourFunnel.com and create and account and start funnelhacking the advanced way! If you use “Fill Your Funnel” to swipe more than 100 files in the next 25 days, you get access to my swipe files.

Clickfunnels™ Operation Railroad: Simi Valley Shirts

Last week we had about 4,500 of you guys there and it was like amazing. I’m still like on this crazy high. We’re like so much fun as much excitement. It was just amazing, but also like so tired I show you guys feel that as well and she’s been whole thing’s been amazing. So I just want to thank you guys so much for everyone who came and with that said for those who came and those who didn’t come I’ve got three count em, three announcements that are super super important. I need to go through all you guys so I’m going to go through all right now and so if you got a pad of paper out when you taking notes, if you were my DieHard funnel hackers down the comments below say I’m a die-hard and those days in Simi Valley shirts is DieHard funnel hacker and the back says hashtag. I bleed funnels and kind of story begun his shirt when we on the 2 comma Club X crews in January.

Steven Larson said, I’m a die-hard ClickFunnels™ person. You cannot convince me to not be right you peel back the heart. There are gears right? There’s a red. There’s a blue. I’m a die-hard right? He’s say that was like, oh my gosh, that’s the t-shirt. We need to have so there you go. There’s the die-hard from Oaxaca shirt. For all of our people who believe funnel so okay. So I have three things count em, three things are very very important to go through today.

These are things we talked about fun talking live. So if you are a fan like you live you heard these but in else like a million amazing things so want to recap in case you missed them those who want to feel like this is your chance to tap into a couple really cool things can all right. So number one as you guys know, we raised over a million dollars for operation Underground Railroad at the event, which is insane.

Clickfunnels™ Operation Railroad: 74 funnel spy files

So thank you so much for your contribution. We raised almost half a million then we decided to match it which got us closer to million. And then we were just short of the million dollar Mark and so Todd Dickerson my partner and co-founder click funnels. Like let’s just double much more money. And so we bumped it up to a million which is insane so light he has been asking I want like I want to donate. Oh you are like, well, I hope the mission and they’re asking if you still get the prizes, let me tell you what the prizes were for anyone who donate at least 500 bucks. We gave you guys a cool things. Number one.

We gave this huge book The 74 funnel spy files basically is 74 funnels. I funnel hacked because we Page by Page by Page. It’s like the size of a phone book. We only printed thousand these books and most of them are gone. They like 300 of them left the shipping back from Nashville. I don’t have anywhere to put them so for the next 250 300 people how many told these are gone that want one of these all you do is donate $5 or you are and you get it you could literally go and sell this thing on eBay and fry a thousand bucks or more. So it’s just like it’s just amazing. It’s seventy four funnels that I funnel hacked for you. So if you want this huge color Manual of every funnel known to man just donate 5 bucks though. You are you also get OU our t-shirt. So if you want to the instructions to be down the comments below basically step one is going to show you our rescue dot-org the top is donate button donate at least 500 bucks.

Clickfunnels™ Operation Railroad: You can donate more if you want

You can donate more if you want at least 500 bucks and then you have to email us back and they’ll be linked down below where the email or submit a form or something with your receipt from. Oh you are so you can see you don’t need the money and it also the address is about your shirt and your book and then the size of your shirt. So that’ll be the first thing. That’s number one. Alright, so number two next year’s unlocking live. We’ve already booked the venue to the same places was this year. We’re coming back to Nashville. We thought it’d be really cool to kind of make that place our home thanks to years. So we’re going back to Nashville. And so for those of you guys who were there we need you to come back though. Weren’t there we need you to come you saw all the Facebook lies and the Instagrams and the videos and the images and you probably have insane amount of fomo. So what I’m going to do like do a one shot and one shot only to get tickets to the huge 200 our discount those 200 discount disappears this week. It goes away.

I think Sunday whatever time it’s going to be back to a thousand bucks per ticket and we’re gonna go from there just because this is simple law of supply and demand the venues are growing yet ClickFunnels™ still is so we’re raising the price as well. So right now you get a 200 dollar discount off the normal ticket price.

So I think it’s whatever thousands was like a hundred bucks you get you get a ticket and this year also doing discount tickets for kids if you want to bring your kids or 18 years younger and younger you also discount tickets for them, but you got to act now, so it’s time to make a commitment that Menachem it I’m going next year and be on stage give it to calm a couple work and make that commitment today by getting tickets to Discount price before the price goes up because it is going up very very soon.

Clickfunnels™ Operation Railroad: Get your account

So I guess do is go to funnel hockey live.com and go your tickets for tuner discount ends Sunday at midnight. There you go. And then number three is we released a new software program at the beta version. I called fill your funnel, which is really really cool. And so we’re interested in any of you guys.

If you’re at the event to make sure you get your account. If you are the event going account. Anyway, it’s a really cool swipe file tool. You can use to start swiping ads and a whole bunch of cool stuff. And this is the very first beta phase. So all the beta phase is free for everyone right now. And so if you want to go play with it go to fill your funnel.com create account and start from hacking and storms of fun. So it really really cool. And then also anyone who gets Lee who swiped at least a hundred ads and put them into your own account. I’m gonna be giving you guys my swipe file in 30 days. So that’s game plan.

So there you go three callbacks is number one. Oh you RS Q dot org don’t know you are and we will send you this huge book. It’s amazing number to do you take something like you live the discount disappears very very soon. And number three go to Philly finally get a free software that we launched the event go start playing with it. Those are the three call actions. I know, you know don’t normally do three call to actions and video. It’s against everything I believe in but I got kind of cool stuff. I want to share with you guys. I’m a die-hard fellow hackers for all you guys you’re okay with three because you know that all these things are amazing.

Clickfunnels™ Operation Railroad: So that’s what I got you guys.

I’m gonna get back to Work and keep on building some cool stuff for you guys. So with that said I appreciate you all. Thank you. And please share something fun hackers our community tag your friends Partners down below. So they know as well again, step one or you are rescued org to get you swipe file book. Number two following live you $200 discounted tickets. Number three go to fill your final get access to the beta version of fill your final software for free.

But only if you use do it right now, so I got you guys, you know socialism cool if you’re cited post amble to take I’m excited. If you’re like pumped out say I’m pumped. I feel like I’m a die-hard fan talker pop, whatever you just post down below so we can see how exciting you guys are. That’s the time you get back to work working on some really cool stuff that you complex numbers.

That’s why you see right now. I got life training with them coming up soon. So, all right guys appreciate you all and we’ll see you soon everybody.

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