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ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales: Why Dave Decided to talk to AJ: AJ has ridden the entrepreneurial roller coaster through a couple of different industries. He found drop shipping in 2014 to be a saving grace to get him out of a terrible situation. Since then he has gone on to become one of ClickFunnels™ 2 Comma Club Winners. He did it in less than 5 months. Now with a business having done over 1 million dollars he is faced with new challenges. He details what he is doing now and how he is scaling his high ticket sales. He shows how he turned what appeared to be a webinar gone bad into a 6 figure webinar with only 5 sales. ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

Welcome to funnel hacker Radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results.

Here’s your host Dave Woodward.

They welcome back. This is gonna be one of those fun exciting podcast where I get the opportunity of introducing to your guy who’s been absolutely crushing it at the same time. He’s had a ton of crazy struggles ups and downs in his life and it’s going through some things right now that most of you guys don’t understand that once you’ve had success.

What are the problems and things that happen next? So what I want to do right now is introduce you guys to a jade Roma AJ, welcome to the show.

Thanks for having me David excited to be here. This is gonna be a lot of fun. So AJ is one of R2 comma Club winners, but not only one of R2 comma Club winners. He’s one who got a done within five months. So I mean just absolutely crushed it AJ.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

I get as we were kind of talking here beforehand. I have the option of listen to your story that you’ve got online there man, you’ve had A roller coaster of entrepreneurial experiences and if you don’t mind just take a take a minute or so here and kind of share with people kind of where you been where you’re at and then I want to really can’t talk about where you’re at and where we’re going next. Awesome. Yeah, they’ll definitely I’m excited about this should be fun, I guess.

So as you mention I hit to Coma Club within five months, but I’ve always been kind of a Maverick when it comes to starting businesses. I’ve taken risk my entire life all the way down to when I was flipping houses when I was 19 years old with no money, but you know, my quick story in 60 seconds is a few years back. I used to own a restaurant and it was called CiCi’s Pizza and I it was a franchise 50 employees and it drove me nuts. I was sick to my stomach with that the bills and I ended up having a tumor that doctors couldn’t explain why I had so it was benign think God, but it really gave me a perspective. It made me think. What can I do? That’s not gonna stress me out as much so I went to internet marketing.

And my journey really is ups and downs. I mean, it’s never been straight kind of like a rocket launch to success and you know, I found myself doing e-commerce a about two two and a half years ago. And I did really well with one store getting to 1.5 million in eight months selling very expensive products and high ticket Drop Shipping once I did that I sold it never really thought about it again and I was called on to help somebody promote their course doing high-ticket sales in the same space.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

I was in he was teaching what I’m teaching now, but I he wanted me to do all his sales from so I did I hope to make like a million dollars in a few months and then I ventured out my own so I started a company called seven-figure skills. That’s where I’m at now and that’s what this company allowed me to kind of Hit the to come across recently there.

That’s crazy. I mean, I appreciate you being so quick about the whole thing. I mean, it’s been a lot of fun just kind of hearing your story and go It’s know you better AJ. So again, CiCi’s Pizza get a pizza chain down in the South going from basically a franchise model totally a physical retail type of store to go and completely online Drop Shipping and Drop Shipping high-end product. You mean idea as far as when you’re saying Drop Shipping high-end products what type of things we looking at? Okay, so I kind of revolve my mindset is if I can I would be happy if I can make a living selling one product today. So I thought to myself what could that be like so I focus on selling products that cost $500 or more and products that are made are products that you need on a day to day basis think Furniture think office equipment Furniture, like maybe a standing desk or Even I’ve sold high in paper shredders, like commercial paper shredders that cost.

I mean whatever I can get my hands on where I can get some decent margins and I can sell for a few thousand bucks. That’s what I want to draw option.

That’s awesome. So right now you’ve got a company based called seven-figure skills where you’re teaching people how to do this. I think one of the things you just made mention is if I could sell something just one product a day or one one item a day. What would it be one of these you made mention of is the fact from a high-ticket sales standpoint.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

You’ve been over $100,000 in a webinar from five people. Yeah, that might end up being the climax of this interview if any get hold off on that one. So tell me what I want to talk about right now though is that’s kind of the bait and hook there. Everybody got stick on to the very end here how he did that but again AJ, I think the part that you and I were kind of alluding to when we first got started talking here today and that was this concept of as far as okay. Now, you’ve hit the 2 comma club and that’s where everything is.

That’s the Holy Grail want to hit that and then life will be easy then it’ll all turn. Now and everything will be great.

Obviously when you hit that other issues happen. So what are some of the things you’re going through right now?That would be a benefit to our listeners. Absolutely.

So for anyone who’s listening I was right in your shoes guys listening in trying to sponge any any information I can to make as much money as I possibly can within the shortest period of time and unfortunately, we I was looking for something that’s very common among entrepreneurs, which is something that required the path of least resistance.

And another thing called the expediency factor and those two are common traits I think with in common with an entrepreneurs, especially if you have ADHD or like I do so the problem is everyone’s fixated on getting to to Coma Club making a million bucks or seven figures but unfortunately, like kinda the saying goes More Money More Problems.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

What I did is I actually exclusively singularly focused on making as much money as possible and I got Really good at it and unfortunately, I didn’t really consider the building the foundation the support the Fulfillment and delivering on what I was promising especially at a high level. I brought in so many members like you mentioned five months into to the to Coma club and I kept brushing off the important things the that really create a company. I was more concerned about like hitting my cells each and each and every month.

So the for me that what happened is I ended up refunding a hundred thousand dollars in Revenue to customers mainly about six or seven High ticket customers. I was charging about twenty twenty-five thousand dollars a piece for for high level coaching and I could have kept that money and figured out a way to help them but I felt that it was a disservice to them in with my brand reputation as a company if I kept their money and try to you know, just patch up some This is that really shouldn’t have been patched up to begin with they should have been delivered a high-quality.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

So really, I think that people need to step back as I am right now, by the way, Dave I had to refund a hundred grand. I stopped my funnels. I stopped running ads and I said, I need to take a step back figure things out so I can move forward take two steps forward and never have this problem again, at least at this caliber. So I think people get fixated on making money making money making money.

What can I sell? What can I what what what will people pay me money for and how can I do high ticket? How can I sell 5,000 10,000 20,000 but you know, you got to look at the core Foundation of your business model because what happens if a lot of people come get you a lot of money and now you have to deliver and I totally totally appreciate your transparency. I know this is a these aren’t easy conversations they have especially when you’re sitting there going I don’t care who you are a hundred thousand dollars. That’s just that’s not chump change.

That’s it. That’s a big decision. I think okay. I’m gonna refund $100,000 here and you’ve got your name at stake. You’ve got your business and I The part again. I haven’t been in similar types of situations where you’ve got major decisions. You’ve got to make from a company standpoint. It’s really kind of I think the part I like the most ages what you’re referring to right now is this is where you really transition from just making money and having a hobby to where you’re truly making a business and creating a business that ideal he’s going to have legs that is going to run by itself eventually without you and I those foundational type of things. I want to kind of expand on that. What are some of the foundational things you’re looking at right now that you’re struggling with and trying to put in place sure.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

So for me, it would be coaching coaching program. So I need like establishing talented education or educated coaches people skilled and specific things automating a lot of processes that right. Now I’m doing manually those are and as I guess as an example, one of the parts of my services building out stores for people like a done-for-you service and Unfortunately what I figured I can just teach someone else to do what I know and they can execute it.

So I ended up growing to 10 employees had an office really started scaling really fast to meet the demand, but unfortunately, I wasn’t hiring a plus players and the thing I think the takeaway from this is I let go of my team I close my office and I took a step back and said who are the very best in the business that can help me fulfill this because I don’t want to be the one to do it and I want to step back and automate my business and I cannot hire people from Craigslist and people locally here in town just because they have you know experience on the technical side. You really need somebody that understands this business.

So for me right now, I’m building my 18th and moving forward that’s going to be Outsourcing it to companies that can fill specific parts of what I need to deliver a high-end e-commerce platform for my customers. Wow, a did those are profound words. I tell you that is I think the the hardest thing for Entrepreneurs I know having gone through it myself on the situation and that is the massive value difference between an a player and a be player.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

It’s exponential. I mean, it’s it is so crazy and it’s hard when you get when you first get started as an entrepreneur, at least I know in my experience. It’s a lot easier think you know, I just want to if someone can just fog this mirror and can do the job. I’d rather not have to pay out a whole bunch of money just to get this job done.

Whereas I know I’ve had this conversation with Todd and Russell and guys here click funnels. And that’s been I think one of the things for us that separate us from everyone else even as I talked a lot of these guys you were trying to throw money at ClickFunnels™ in Step 2 is we we spent a lot of money on making sure we hired a player’s. Yes, they cost more and I mean that’s there’s definitely a huge price issue there.

But the value we found is 10 to 20 even a hundred thousand times greater because a lot of your eight players. I know we’ll start at least for us. We’ll start thinking for themselves and you don’t have to spend as much time babysitting babysitting them. I think one of the things you made mention of AJ, which I totally appreciate and that is you kind of just thought that they would be able to have the same skill set that you had or they’d be able to pick it up as fast as you picked it up and you’re never going to get that from a b player so man.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

Congratulations. That’s a that’s awesome experience. Yeah, I appreciate that and you’re absolutely right and in my case, I honestly not to insult the people who work for me. I think they tried their best, but unfortunately, I think I ended up recruiting see players if anything and yeah, I think as an entrepreneur you expect people to have the same drive and ambition as you do and that they’ll just figure it out because we figure it out as entrepreneurs and that’s not the case when you hire somebody and I learned that certainly the hard way, but the number one problem in the takeaway.

I want people to know from scaling really fast is don’t focus is what I ended up focusing on is putting out fires and What that happened what resulted is my sales started declining because I stopped I took away attention from sales webinars and and really scaling to putting out fires and fulfilling the back end of what I promised.

I would deliver on it. And you know, if you’re in that position if you’re fortunate enough to be in that position where what people call a good problem where you’re making money, but you’re putting out fires then you know, my number one advice is to take a step back and really assess like how you can incorporate the right systems and hire the right A+ players to to move forward or else and you’re going to choke your business to death eventually.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

Wow. I love that totally agree. So what are some of the things you’ve seen what it is you’re looking at scaling what are some of the tips and tricks you would recommend to other people Well as far as scaling goes, I mean, I would start off with really looking at your your core product and for me, it’s an online course, so I have a membership site with online access to my training and I realized like, you know what I have different levels of customers and members that come in at the starting phase.

I have people that come in like a webinar offer price of like 1,500 bucks and it goes all the way to 30 thousand dollars now for me. I had a really good problem every time I mention a more expensive product people wanted I remember one webinar where I was just kind of talking off the cuff at the end answering questions.

And I mentioned I was thinking about introducing our $20,000, you know program and I had three people sign up just because I said I’m thinking about that’s a nice problem to have the same thing happened prior to that where I went from 1500 to a five thousand dollar product.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

And I said, well, I’m thinking about this $5,000 product. I would add more value to you guys. Let’s get more done for you. And then the next thing I knew people were bypassing the 1500 go straight to the 5,000. And so I think the more value I added in terms of what they would be getting out of it the more they wanted it.

So starting with to answer your questions to help people out there like really look at your core product if it’s an online course, so be it but make sure it applies to the tier like everyone wants to do high-ticket sales day by feel like that’s the new trend right now. Maybe it’s been going on for a long time.

Everyone was thinking about like, how do I sell a 10,000 dollar product? I dress so whatever $20,000 for Hard Sell it but you have to have something that’s differentiates from your from your core product or 1500 or 2000 dollar product and I made the mistake of putting bundling everyone in one group and just offering you know, specific kind of coaching if you were more expensive product or client and that’s just not the way to do it and that’s kind of one of the mistakes I made so now I’m kind of tailoring everything down to the foundation of the course to that specific customer or member.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

So if you take a look at your product offerings then from a high-ticket standpoint. So are most of your funnels through webinars then yes. Yes, and no. I have a 10 like a seven-day people have different. I’m testing different things. I have a three-part miniseries and I have a 10-day mini course. I’m also going to test out like a docu-series kind of style approach But ultimately the core of my members do sign up via webinar. Yes.

Okay. So now they come in through a webinar and I think it’s really cool what you’re mentioned there as far as the ability as far as how you’re going to scale a product line because I know we’ve taken a look at different types of coaching programs. We’ve looked at you know, what you really can sell online versus offline from a webinar versus having to get a salesperson in place. So what price points are you seeing work? Cause you just made mention as far as 1500 5,000, you know, 10,000 20,000 dollars.

What can you really do on a webinar? And what do you see works the best? Well in terms of its it depends what you’re looking for. A lot of people are looking for like new members, right? So they’re like, oh I signed up 50 new members. I signed up 20 new members and they were not really fixated on the price point. You can sell that $500 at $1,000 for me. What I was looking at is total revenue and the path to get there with the least amount of effort right the path of least resistance.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

So for me that was introducing a very high ticket products at the 2025 thousand range and the $5,000 range and I feel like nowadays a five thousand dollar product selling it through via webinar directly without like an application without phone sales is very doable, but you got to really add a lot of value and I think I created like in my way the perfect webinar in you know, not I love Russell’s perfect webinar script but mine deviates from that just a bit because you’re adding I mean just yeah.

I went based on my personality more than anything else they because at the end of the day people Respond to the price point only if positively only if they like you and if you’re trying to follow a structured script or a structured style and it doesn’t fit your personality and that that listener doesn’t like really resonate with you this not if you don’t get emotional if he doesn’t or she doesn’t have an emotional connection to what you’re saying. It doesn’t like you and I don’t care if you sell a one dollar product, they’re not gonna buy totally agree. It’s that emotional connection.

So a lot of people struggle above $2,000 on a webinar. How what are you doing in yours that is Connecting People enough with you to where you feel confident offering a five-thousand dollar product on a webinar and not having a voice and being able to the ability to avoid having to application or sales guy.

Okay, it starts in the indoctrination sequence. So it’s way before the what I don’t do a lot of straight to webinars and like ads hey watch my auto webinar. And then that’s it. That’s very hard to do. I’ll probably impossible in my opinion, but I start with a miniseries. Any course get into my Facebook group see some of my testimonials.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

So by the time they get at least three four, maybe up to five or six emails from me watched a few of my videos and then attend a webinar usually live sometimes recorded then I’ve already added enough value on the front on the front end to wear when I make that offer is just that much more impactful because they’ve already solidified in their mind that I’m the real deal that if they’re coming in straight from a cold at it’s a lot harder to do sure. I think you know kind of goes back to the old concept as far as how how high.

Can you raise the free line meaning? How much can you provide value wise that still for free so that when they hit that price point of the next line, they’re like, oh my gosh, if I got all that for free, I easily pay $5,000 for x or whatever your product might be and I think at times a lot of us get so afraid it’s kind of funny.

I recognize people all the time said When when you’re talking my podcast anything else, I want you to give the very very best and they’re like, oh my gosh, I get the very best. I won’t have anything else to offer them like your product in your offering should never be that way.

You ought to be able to give the very best because at that point people are going to come to you because they want even more from you and you’ll always be able to deliver more than what you thought and at the end of the day if anyone scared to add too much value because they feel like they’re giving away the secret recipe just remember like by Nature people are lazy, they’re not and they’re gonna say wow this guy really if I went and did exactly what this guy just taught me for free.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

I would really make money but imagine if I hired you know, that’s I think I hope everyone rewinds that listens to that again. I think that is by far one of the most important things is to realize how much people how lazy people truly are but more importantly than how much because most people don’t want to do it. They want it done for them or at least it done with you type of programs.

And in that kind of case, they’ll pay a lot of money for that they will and that’s kind of been the key to my success so far and I’m constantly evolving. I’m you know, creating new products. I’m also going Beyond e-commerce.

I’m going to start focusing on what I’m really passionate about which is really helping people be successful outside of just making money, but I’m grateful to e-commerce but anything you do just got to add value a lot of value. You know what I had somebody in my webinar actually tell me they went and made a hundred grand a month just from watching my webinar and what compliment seriously that’s awesome.

I know I was like jealous. I was almost like little Hoots. What did you do like through that, but ya know it you have to have a lot of value and make it more about the cust the audience because for me to get to $100,000 in sales from 5 people. I remember I was so disappointed on this webinar day I had Thousand people register and I had 80 people attend in like 50 people stuck around to the end and I was like, oh this is the worst webinar ever but I still gave it a hundred and ten percent, you know not I didn’t stay discouraged and sure enough at the end of that webinar a hundred grand from five people dude. That’s awesome.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

Again, it meant that’s I think so often people forget. You got to do the Reps. You got to be willing. You gotta give all just if there’s only one person on that webinar, you still give a hundred percent and you just never know how it’s going to turn out.

So I those are great numbers though. Seriously, I a lot of people get really frustrating. Gosh. I have a thousand people registered. I mean, honestly, I remember we had a situation where we did one with Robert Kiyosaki Robert kiyosaki’s grouping that all my gosh.

This is gonna be the holy grail and it just bombed I was like what and a lot of it was just because the disconnect between the promotion partner and and us at the time but over time what we saw was we were able to connect with the People in on that webinar and it turned out great and I think you just did the same thing where yeah, you have 80 people, you know show up and only 50 people stay to the end but out of those 50 people 10 people are five people by and $100,000 comes in. That’s that’s not a bad return on whatever amount of time that it took to do your webinar.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

Absolutely one one more tip. If somebody’s thinking about high-ticket sales is I have two different webinars. I have a regular webinar for my core product and I have a hot and sometimes I host like once a month. I’ll High ticket webinar specifically for my either, you know, 5K or 30k product.

And what I find is there’s like a don’t like indirectly. I didn’t know at the time. This was in a sense Ascension of sorts, but I wasn’t doing it intentionally in that my core product members were popping on my my Promotional webinars and they knew it was a promotional webinar. They knew they were watching something that was going to sell them something and they knew it was meant for new.

Movies but they were still hopping on every week. I noticed my core members hopping on these Promotional webinars and I remember even giving them a disclaimer. If you’re on this webinar you remember you don’t have to be here. This is not part of your core course and yet they would stick around and what I found is they kept buying upwards buying upwards and upgrading. Oh I want this package. Oh my God, you do this. I want this now and I never meant it’s so cool.

AJ. I think just goes to show the type of value you’re giving on your webinar standard if people are I mean and that’s what it comes down to it. You got to be able to give that kind of value.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

I agree. I definitely agree and it’s I for those that are trying to like make a Killin right now off of webinars or they’re thinking about. Wow AJ did this maybe I can do it. They just keep in mind. I probably last year did over 200 webinars. I think total.

I mean it was I was doing almost a one or two webinars a week live. I mean, I My Endless hours of Rica lab recalibrating disappointment, you know, you name it frustrations webinars breaking down testing different webinar the tools and resources, but it goes beyond the webinar. The webinar is just one aspect of everything if you’re only looking at webinars and and it’s going to be hard at least to sell High ticket products in my opinion.

So what are the tips do you have for people who want to sell High ticket? Depends on how high they want to go because I think it’s relatively easy to sell something that’s like to $3,000 in my opinion. But if you’re thinking 5 10 15 20 30 Grand in add a lot of value on the don’t just go straight to webinar set them up on some you know mean he’s email sequence indoctrinate them.

Let them know your story let them know more given value and then let them decide. You know. Hey, I really want to be on this next webinar.  If you can do that, if you can convince them to seek out your next webinar and then you hit them with a really high ticket product.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

You might be very successful and don’t be scared to make an offer. A lot of people are scared to make an offer there go straight. They’ll suggest like an application, you know, like oh just apply but why not? Why not make this offer at the end make the offer if they don’t buy then suggest they apply for for a chance to talk to yourself guy.

I love that idea. Well, what are the tips do you have for us? As far as I take its stuff before we wrap things up here?

High ticket stuff I would say don’t be scared to try to to Really charge what you think your product is worth. I think a lot of people show change themselves and that’s a mistake. I made I was one of those like I gave so much value for my 5 grand product. I wasn’t at the end of the day. I was like was it worth it? I mean I made money but so really factor in the value of what you’re offering and price it accordingly people are willing to pay your helping people make money hopefully in what you’re doing.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

So, you know remember that I bought a franchise and CC’s Dave that cost me six hundred and fifty thousand dollars and and that was nothing in these to these people like these friend in the franchising world. That’s nothing and at the end of the day I made like I made maybe a hundred and fifty Grand. I mean come on. I made that like my first month with Commerce on my in this business here. So I love that analogy.

I hope people understand I think at times To get jaded in this whole e-commerce internet marketing opportunity type of thing where people like oh my gosh, you know, I’ve I’ve had many conversations my kids regarding college and education the cost of education and Russell of James I were talking about this literally yesterday when we’re working out as far as the cost of of education and you pay for it one way or the other and I think too often people aren’t willing to invest in themselves and yet you take a look at most the world and they’re spending as you just made mention $650,000 for accc’s franchise.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

So again, I totally agree with what you’re saying AJ congratulations on all your success, but most of all congratulations on your persistence knowing your story and the ups and downs that you’ve had I again, I just congratulate you on just having stuck to it and your persistence is amazing.

Thank you so much Dave. I mean you guys honestly have created something that I think it’s just like one-of-a-kind and it inspires me. I never thought I’d get excited to want. Achieve like a to Coma X or to Coma but it’s it’s rewarding. I appreciate you guys. Honestly what I’m trying to say you Russell the team.

It’s an amazing kind of community you guys created and what’s funny is it reminds me of a franchising model because you know, you kind of feel like you’re not alone you’re part of a community, there’s health or support there’s and you know, there’s resources. So you guys are like the McDonald’s of the internet marketing World.

Well, thank you. Welcome to the family again. Congratulations on your success. AJ is people I’m sure gonna want to get a hold of you reach out you what’s the easiest way for them to do that?

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales:

Yeah guys if you want to ask me anything about, you know, High ticket or whatever anything in general just hit me up at AJ at seven-figure And given your email out on a podcast be careful least.

These listeners are very active. It’s not uncommon. You’ll get some emails for sure. So AJ, I appreciate so much just your transparency your willingness to give as much as you do to our community. I thank you so much wish you all the best in everything and thanks again for being on the show today.

ClickFunnels™ Optimize Sales: Appreciate it day for you want to think that means a ton to me is the person reviews that you guys leave on iTunes. If you wouldn’t mind going out great the show let me know how I’m doing. Just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars and everything everyone already left for me again. I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing. So if you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate it and I again, thank you so much for all you guys do. Have a great day.

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How To Scale High Ticket Sales – AJ Jomah – FHR #220

How To Scale High Ticket Sales – AJ Jomah – FHR #220