ClickFunnels™ Exposed – The Secret Russell Brunson Doesn’t Want You To Know

Clickfunnels™ Real Founder

Clickfunnels™ Real Founder: Attention Funnel Hacker Family: It’s time to set the record straight because you deserve to know the truth! We sat down with the original founder of ClickFunnels™ (SPOILER: it’s not Russell Brunson), to get the real scoop on what it is like to work at ClickFunnels™. In this exclusive interview with Myles Clifford the Third, we were privy to the true inception of ClickFunnels™ and it was eye opening to say the least!

Clickfunnels™ Real Founder: Work very little, Get paid very lot

– Okay, well I’m nervous. Which camera do I look at? Oh, I stare at you? This is even better. Yep. (mellow piano music) I’m not being weird, you’re being weird. What would I say to someone who wants to work here? That’s a great question. Just don’t expect to work hard. Expect to have a lot of fun, expect to get paid very well, for the minimal amount of work you’re gonna do.

That’s my life motto: work very little, get paid very lot. Russell and I came up with ClickFunnels. It’s actually really funny. We were at his mom’s house and we were down in her basement and we were trying to figure out, what can we do to make money? He tried that potato gun thing, and he tried other stuff, and I said, “I have this great idea. “What if we created this drag-and-drop software “that’s going to allow you to build web pages “and funnels quickly and easily, to be able to “get your product, whether you’re selling a physical “or a digital product.

“What if we created something that would allow us “to sell it like that.” (fingers snapping) No coders, no graphic designers, none of that was really needed. He didn’t like the idea, but I ended up creating the whole software anyway in probably 35 minutes. He ended up taking that, giving it to Todd, and Todd, I guess, kind of took over my part of the company and I had to work my way back in. Right now, I’m a zero percent partner with 100% of the say. When I first started working here, it was.

Clickfunnels™ Real Founder

“We’re just going to go 100 miles an hour all day long, in at 7:00, leave at 6:00.” And I said, “No way!” So I really started implementing the 10:00 to 2:00 regime, and really trying to get us to work a lot less, more lackadaisical. We’ve taken a few polls, and each time it comes back that I am the number one employee. But I think we do a pretty good job letting everybody know they’re important even if they’re not. We’re a 100 million dollar company, which is okay.

Those guys think it’s great, but I think it’s just decent. I plan on taking us past the 500 million dollar mark, for really becoming the face of ClickFunnels™. When you’re humble, you’re funny and sexy, it’s really easy to get a group of people behind you that’ll pay for your advice. It’s only downhill from here, which means you’re going faster. Most people say it’s uphill, but I believe in going down, inertia, momentum, plus I don’t want to walk uphill. So, I hope that answers your question. – Business parner? Dude, he’s barely an intern. (chuckling) Did he tell you that?


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