That one where we FINALLY set up our Batman … Funnel hacker TV Episode 34

Clickfunnels™ Russell Vacation

Clickfunnels™ Russell Vacation: On this episode, some more clips on my Vacation, Some history about where I was when we launched ClickFunnels™. Meanwhile back at the office the Crew works hard at getting our new Batman Suit/mannequin set up in the event room!

Clickfunnels™ Russell Vacation: Beta version equipped funnels

If there’s no construction workers there and nothing’s getting done while Russell’s gone for this week it’s going to be bad really so three years ago we want the beta version equipped funnels I was staying in that trailer right there on that deck alright there’s some trouble about to happen up here babysitter’s losing all right lots happening here the Bronston without the Brunton’s being here this is pretty cool Oh Batman died during the winter the snowplow basically hit the door and we’ve got to get this thing fixed alright see what do we see here oh it might be Batman.

[Music] [Applause] all right early morning Emma’s already got a grandkids out making slime they did open to face earlier today and now they are not much happens to the Ellie’s favorite in the world [Music] all right now are you making climb mine yours enough right in it all they do for cliff I’m gonna go neon green yours how just flying a green sign I just in trouble not to happen up here whether you guys are making a slip and slide ho mates within sluggish

[Music] [Music] [Music] all right so Russell’s out of town this week tons of family stuff going on there’s a whole bunch of great stuff that has to happen for at the office there’s also great to have going out of his place but the craziest thing is this contractor stuff drives us nuts the only business I’ve ever seen where there’s no accountability basically they say ìyou know what so-and-so’s job or it’s that person’s person job.

Clickfunnels™ Russell Vacation: The Funnel Hacker Jeep

I have never understood how in the world anything ever gets built it does but never be that all but to stress and anxiety all right where to go spy on these girls and see if they’re actually working out check it out they’re actually working out Lots happening here the brunch sense without the Brunton’s being here this is pretty cool they can rustle lexis because during the winter the snowplow basically hit the door and we got to get this thing fixed so we get it sold because now we have the funnel hacker Jeep and doesn’t need the Lexus so we just found out that Russell has basically contractors over at his

House they showed up and of course basically said well the house is locked up so Melody’s trying to find out what’s really going on with these contractors if there’s no construction workers there and I think’s getting done while Russell’s gone for this week it’s gonna be mad like really mad this is the time so that they do all the crazy stuff all I want to go over there and I just want to open a can new boxes coming in the office can’t wait to see what’s in these things a few moments later all right guys so here we are where we at Westside Body Works trying to get a quote on

This fun little snow plow incident all right so it looks like the damages I 1386 not bad unfortunately he’s not gonna be able be done for a couple more weeks Jesus begins called I will win she’s going down oh oh schedule a shoot the contractor story continues to go they actually showed up here which is nice so Russell’s house actually is being worked on right now so this is a good sign all right Russell so this is what’s going on this is what a flicking like right now so while you’re out playing everybody else you’re working hard all this stuff is going to get done so when you

come back most this should be came care now the next step is musical cars so we got to get the Jeep out next my son Christian hopefully you’re okay with this Russell he’s actually taking the photo hacker Jeep we got to get some things fixed so if you don’t want him driving it then just don’t watch this okay [Music] this is the gun in the bed brand new Jeep this year supposed to work not working the rap guys we’re supposed to wrap this all the way down to here they didn’t in fact it in a rap they put a sticker on so we’re going to actually have to hold Jeep wraps that’s got to be done all while Russell’s gone.

Clickfunnels™ Russell Vacation

Clickfunnels™ Russell Vacation: Batman suit in this mannequin at my office

Here soon the funnel hacker Jeep will be working functioning the way it was supposed to be when we originally designed it over six months ago we’re trying to decide how to get three people back now going to go get gas in the Corvette and the best got to get down and the jeeps got to get down so we give you things out here okay they’re just way way way too much going on right now this car is gonna have to wait for another day can you drive a stick yeah really good you in tried to that drive stick shift that’s what I drove for like four years I need to vet taken down to Boise tomorrow I just don’t have the time you take it down there and get it pay off let me think

about that yeah go check your schedule first yeah it’s actually the drive but for eight hours all right so supposedly that’s what this we have right here is the old mannequin the old mannequin does not have minimal a very hard but good mannequin for the Batman suit in this mannequin so my office has gone out for the new mannequin that he’s assured me as flexible appendages that we can actually get the mannequin to fit the Batman sir we go [Music]

Aright see what do we see here oh it might be that man show me what oh dude check that out what dude that looks legit it’s actually ruffled this is where Russell has been all week long and we didn’t even know what he’s hiding here inside of a Batman suit oh he’s falling apart okay miles you’re supposed to this fixed what happened at me fine one day we’re not using a future self trying to put Batman back together again this was like Humpty Dumpty little Neil it locked very own athletics play boy you look like double-jointed almost with the lights in the background Dave brought

the Cape for Batman humiliated by my sister to John I sub all these cars left I wasn’t even like close to being close all right so our best tradition in Bear Lake besides going to the lake and waterskiing jet-skiing and going to all hot springs and swinging on slides I have fun our next favorite thing is one day I was flying home on an airplane and you remember SkyMall magazine for out of business there was this huge book screen you could buy we thought we

should buy that so we brought to bear lake and once the Tara trip we do a movie night and guess what tonight is movie night this the blokes screen would blow up here in a minute it was gathering in the screens going up without stars the moon let’s all go to the lobby let’s all go to the lobby let’s all go to the lobby to get ourselves a tray all right it’s been one of those crazy days finally coming to it I guess it’s already tomorrow oh my gosh this is not what you expect to see you should cover up the core is a guy standing right here especially when it’s laid out of knife done we definitely need to get this mannequin out of here good night everybody nice.

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