How To Set Goals And Achieve Them In Your Life and Business

ClickFunnels™ Set Goals

ClickFunnels™ Set Goals: As an entrepreneur, it is essential to know how to set goals and achieve them. You probably have what I like to call a “Hall of Fame” goal but you may not know how to achieve your goals. In today’s video, I’m going to cover setting goals that not only help you to grow your business to get to those big goals, but help you know how to set goals as a family too. ClickFunnels™ Set Goals

ClickFunnels™ Set Goals

– For those just tuning in my name is Russell Brunson, and right now we are answering a whole bunch of the top marketing, sales, funnel building, traffic generating, cash producing questions you guys are asking. And today’s question is about goal setting. So I do I effectively set goals for my life and also for my business? So, this is a great question, and I actually learned a lot of my goal setting principles from one of my buddies Alex Charfen. And it’s funny because he taught them to me in a business context.

And then since then I started use them with my family, I don’t know if you guys know much about me, but I have a beautiful wife and five kids. I was like, how do I set these things for goals for our family as well? And I think a lot of times the problem with us entrepreneurs, is we get excited for our goals, and like I wanna make a bunch of money. And then we’re like whoa running around. And then a lot of the times nothing ever happens. Or we’re running, and we run out of runway really quick. Or we don’t have a good vision of everything we want.

So, you start actually building a company, you start trying to grow a team, you start trying to do something amazing. You have to start looking at things differently. So, what Alex taught me, and that we are doing really well as a family. And we’re incorporating it now more and more, here in our company, inside of ClickFunnels™, is a couple things: So what Alex talked about is that, if you look at a traditional, here’s a football player, right? In fact let’s just say… that nose is horrible. There we go, there’s a football player.

ClickFunnels™ Set Goals

This is a coach. Here’s the whistle so you can see he’s the coach. Okay let’s say it’s Vince Lombardi. The first day Vince Lombardi has a meeting. What does he say the very first of every football season, right. Gentlemen this is a football. Now he’s got his team and here’s all the players down here. And he’s like, I gotta get these players to help me win a Super Bowl. And so the first thing they set as a team is what they call a Hall of Fame goal.

So, what is your Hall of Fame goal? As a football player they all wanna be in the Hall of Fame. So it’s easy. They want to be in the Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame, okay. So for you my question is what’s your Hall of Fame Goal? If you’re doing this for your business, what’s your Hall of Fame Goal for your business? If you’re doing this for your family, what’s your Hall of Fame Goal for your family? I sat down with my wife and my kids and I asked them, I said, what’s our Hall of Fame as a family?

In 10 years from now, 20 years how do we know we succeeded? What is it that that looks like? And so we developed a Hall of Fame Goal as a family. We’ve done it here as a company. Like, what’s our Hall of Fame Goal here as ClickFunnels™? So now that we know, this is where we’re trying to go long-term. Then we gotta step back and say cool, cool. That’s where I can go long term. Number two then, what is our Super Bowl goal? For football players, it’s easy, we wanna win the Super Bowl, right? They all have that. So that’s the goal. Okay, so no we look at this, okay, what’s your Super Bowl goal?

In the next 12 months, what do you wanna accomplish? And one of the big mistakes, and I’m as guilty of this as everybody else, is we set these goals like, I’m gonna make a billion dollars. The problem with that is if you don’t hit it, then everybody fails, right? And so you wanna set realistic goals. You wanna set goals that stretch you pretty far, but you also wanna make them realistic, where you can actually, it’s possible that you could potentially, actually hit those things, right? So you’re team’s like, yes, we’re gonna go for the Super Bowl. So you set a Super Bowl goal. Now you got that, now it’s like okay, for this team, if they wanna win the Super Bowl, what do they need to do this month at practice? And the season? ‘Cause this is like the season, right?

ClickFunnels™ Set Goals

So then you come down, you’re like, okay what do we gotta do this month? Then what do we gotta do this week? And then what do we gotta do each day? And so for you, if you’re setting goals, it’s the same thing. With my family, what we did is we set our Hall of Fame goal, then we set our Super Bowl goal, then we said, okay, to hit our Super Bowl goal, what do we gotta do this month? Then we broke it down, what do we gotta do this week? Then what each day. Then me and my kids and everyone, we use Trello, we have a little checklist.

My kids know every single day, I gotta do these things. And they do all those things every single day, then at the end of the day, they get a reward. And then we have our weekly goals. K, each week we gotta do all these things. And one of them is do the daily tasks list for an entire week, right? And then we have a couple other weekly goals. And then we have our monthly goals. And then we have the Super Bowl goal. So now everyday, we’re coming in, we know exactly what we gotta do, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

And every week, what do we gotta do this week? Boom, boom, boom. Every month? And then boom, boom. And it moves you towards the goal, okay? And so that’s how I do my goal setting here as a family, also in the company. But any entrepreneur, again, the biggest problem we have is all that most of us see is this, the Hall of Fame goal. And we’re like, oh I want that. And we start running. We have no idea where were going.

You have to understand, you have to reverse engineer that. So like, okay cool, that’s awesome, but what’s this, what’s this, what’s this, and what’s this? ‘Cause this is what you’re doing day by day. And sometimes people struggle ’cause they don’t know where they’re going either, they just have these daily tasks lists and they’re going through to do lists like crazy.

ClickFunnels™ Set Goals

And that’s also tough as well because, in fact I bet if I was to ask you guys, like hey, where do you wanna be in 10 years from now? For most of you, let’s say… Let me draw this a little differently so you can kinda see it, but if I said where you gonna be in 10 years from now? You’d be like, okay, here’s me today, here’s me 10 years from now. And I’ll have you explain to me. And you’ll be like, I’m gonna be doing this and this and this and you have a list of all the stuff you’re gonna be doing. And I’m like, cool what’s your to do list today? And you’re like, here’s my list of stuff I gotta do today. And I’m like, okay does anything on this list here have anything to do with this list right here? And 99% of you guys would be like, there’s not a single thing on today’s to do list that gets me even a step closer to that.

Yet that’s what we’re doing every single day. And the next day we got our new list and we got our new list, and we got the things we’re doing, but we never actually are focused on things that get us to that. But going through this process of like, okay here’s our Hall of Fame, boom. Now let’s back step this, okay what’s our Super Bowl, boom. Now let’s back step it, what’s our monthly?

ClickFunnels™ Set Goals: What’s our weekly? What’s our daily? Now everything you’re doing here is gonna move you towards here, is moves you towards here, which moves you towards here, which gets you to there. And that’s how we do goal planning and goal setting here in our company and with my family. I hope that helps any of you guys who are trying to figure out how in the world to set your goals so you can actually achieve them both in your life and your business. Thank you so much for watching. Every single week we publish new secrets just like this, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of them. And I will see you on the next video. ClickFunnels™ Set Goals


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