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ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story: We get asked all the time about ClickFunnels™’ startup story. So, we decided to make a night out of it at the Dry Bar Comedy club and invited the ultra-spiritual JP Sears to come and roast Russell Brunson. It was an amazing night and YOU will get to hear first-hand what makes this entrepreneur tick and the inspiration behind ClickFunnels™. ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

– [Andrew] Did you feel like a loser  getting married at 22 and still counting on your dad for money? Did you feel like you were marrying a loser? – I’m inviting you to a very special really, really cool event with someone I have huge respect for. His name is Andrew Warner at a place called the Dry Bar Comedy club in Provo, Utah. – [Dave] We’ve got a large team coming down, and we have Click Funnels startup stories.

We’re heading on our way right now. Heading over to meet JP at D gate. So, JP’s hiding because he’s so popular he has to literally hide behind corners and what’s up? – David.  – [Russell] Yeah, thanks for coming. – Yeah, for sure. – I’m so excited. – Yeah, me too. And Dave has just been amazing and weird – Weird, yeah. – [Andrew] Good to see you. – Good to see you too. – Andrew. You need two guys following you around with cameras?

Yeah, they always follow us everywhere. – I feel at home when I’m hanging with you guys ’cause you guys are obviously children dressed up in adult bodies. So playful and I’m just like, I’m not the only one. I love it.  – We’ve got about three hours until the live show starts. And so we will throw stuff up there real quick, then we’ll go see the venue because I stress out until I see the venue. Whenever I speak at an event, I have to go and step on the stage the night before or else I’m sick in my stomach, so we’re gonna check it out.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

We picked Dry Bar Comedy Club because Mormons can’t drink and this is like the dry bar, and so we thought it’d be kinda funny and people always ask us our story. You always hear the highlight of our story but I thought it’d be fun. Andrew’s a really good interviewer and he’ll go deep into the ups and the downs, and so we thought we’d just tell the whole story. –

We’re here, this is the entourage. – Oh, we walk into the Dry Bar Comedy Club! This is amazing. I’ve always seen pictures of this online that’s why we picked it but I hadn’t seen inside. Alright, we just got to Dry Bar Comedy Club and check it out, this is like, the coolest location I have ever seen. – So this is office goals right here. We are here, Tom Brothers, slash Bid Angels, slash the Dry Bar Comedy Club. –

The ambiance of this room is so cool. I saw pictures online and looked cool, this is like, a million times cooler.It’s like tighter and more, like, hanging out together. – We were to get stick figures, or something like that, or little kinda cut out poster things, and Miles actually came up with this idea. I don’t know were Miles is. Miles said, let’s go oversized. – So this, Russel hates pictures of himself.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

He absolutely hates it. I don’t think he knew about this. But he always hates his chin so I kinda fixed it a little bit in Photoshop so he’s good. I’m just kidding. – We only have like 30-40 minutes left and as you can tell, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s gotta get done, so, hopefully, we’re gonna pull this thing off.

We’ve got tech issues, we’ve got to have press release passes printed and all that kinda stuff, so, we’re getting those printed. – I’m a little nervous, I’m not gonna lie. I hope people will show up, that’s my biggest fear. The venue holds about two hundred, or so, seats. We sold 250. If they don’t come, that’s gonna be horrible, if too many come, that’s gonna be horrible too. – Keith Yackey here, I’m actually the MC tonight, and I don’t feel any pressure at all because I just get to have fun and introduce my friends.

And it’s going to be a blast. – So you need me to do something for those 5 minutes is what you’re saying? – Yup. – Thanks for telling me now. Okay, now I’m stressed.  Man, I just held up your head for a picture. – Well, right on, I’m JP. – Oh, I know you are. – Alright, the party is starting to get started, people are coming in, starting to fill up the venue. Starting in like, 30 minutes or so. – What’s up everybody? Are you guys excited? We have an amazing night planned for you.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

Without further ado, will you help me bring up the most spiritual man in the world, according to himself. Guys, give it up for JP Sears! – Sincerely, I am delighted to be here with you, and just for bringing me in one more time, I wanna thank Leadpages, thank you guys. Few weeks ago, Russell called me up and said, JP, would you be willing to come to this event and, you know, just make fun of me for a little while and talk about me? And I said, like, that doesn’t even sound narcissistic.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

So I called up Infusionsoft and said, hey, do you guys need me on the 20th? Thank you guys for having fun with me, I appreciate y’all. In every industry, there’s somebody that comes along that really disrupts the industry, that really changes it and that really does something amazing for that industry. And, as we all know, that person, is Russell Brunson.

Give it up, guys! – Alright, thanks for coming, guys, this is so cool. I wanna introduce the person who’s gonna be doing the interview tonight. It’s someone I’m really excited to have here. Let’s put our hands together for Mr. Andrew Warner. – I wanna make it meaningful for you. I talked a lot of you as you were coming in here. You wanna know how they got here, what worked for ClickFunnels™, what would work for us.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

So that’s my goal here, to spend the time understanding, by interviewing you about how you did it.  – So, what we learned tonight was that Russell went to an amusement park when he was just a little kid. And his favorite food was a funnel cake. – Click funnels started as a food truck. – So they started with funnel cakes, and then it morphed on into funnels, it was great. –

I was a little embarrassed for him, that they would have to lie about it for so long and not tell anyone and that’s the origin story. – It was really weird to walk in and see Russell sipping on Patron tequila. – Nobody saw it coming and it’s like… – Nobody revealed to us that he was a hypnotist. I looked around, it was like, half the audience had their pants down, it was insane, it was insane.

Such a good event. – The most awkward part was when Russell started to cry. – Why is he crying? – Curled up in a fetus position on stage, in front of 260 people for a half hour. That blew my mind. – Yeah, so, everything else was good minus the lies. – Alright, let’s start with the very first business. What’s this one? This is called Sublimenet. How many of you remember Sublimenet out there? – I don’t know, I wanted to sell software, so I was like, what kinda name my company, so I figured out, exciting software .

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

So I went by but it wasn’t for sale. And so I buy and Colette was working at the time and she came home and I was so excited, we have our first website, we’re gonna be rich! And I told her the name, I was like,, and she looked at me with this look like, are we selling underwear or what is, and I’m like, no, it’s software.

And then she’s like, I’m not gonna tell my mom that you bought that, you have to think of another name. And I was like, crap! And that was the next best name I came with, Sublimenet, like the band, Sublime. – And I was gonna ask you what it was, but it was lots of different things. Every screenshot on there is a whole other business under the same name.

What are the businesses, do you remember? – There’s website hosting, there’s affiliate sites, there were, I remember, the first thing I have ever sold, it was an affiliate product, I made 20 bucks on it, in my PayPal account. I remember that night, I do remember I celebrated, went out to dinner and had a PayPal credit card and then we bought dinner with 20 bucks.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

And then the guy refunded like the next day. So sad. – And then you started something I never heard about but, this is the call center. The call center got to how many employees, a hundred? – We had about 60 full time sales people, 20 full time coaches, about 20 people doing the marketing sales, about 100 people the whole company in. – A hundred people. What happened, why did that close down? – Oh man, a lot of things, a lot of bad mistakes.

A lot of first time growing company stuff. Again, we just woke up one day and felt like we’re in this huge office, huge overhead and about that time it was about like ’90, ’99, something like that and there was, the merchant account, me, most of the people doing the market at the time, we all use the same merchant account and they got hit by Visa, Mastercard and they freaked out, they shut down.

I think, four or five hundred merchant accounts overnight. And we had nine different merch accounts with that company, all of them got shut down instantly. And, I remember, ’cause everything was fine, we’re going through the day, it was like 1 o’clock in the afternoon on a Friday they came in like, hey the cards won’t process. And finally, someone on the phone they said, oh yeah, you got shut down along with everybody, along with all the other scammers, and then she hung up on me.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

And I was like, I don’t know what to do right now. I’ve got a hundred plus people and payroll’s not small and we didn’t have a ton of cash in the bank. It was just like, it was more of a cash flow business. I remember Avatar just came out so everyone was going to the movie Avatar and I remember sitting there during the longest movie of all time.  And I don’t remember anything, other than like, the sick feeling in my stomach and I was texting everyone, trying to see, like, if anyone knew what to do, and everyone we knew was like, we got shut down too, everyone got shut down.

We came back, the next day I called everyone up and we were trying to figure how to save this and Brent and John and everyone, we came back to my house, and I was like, okay, what ideas have we got. And we sat there for the next five or six hours trying to figure stuff out and then we went to work and I wish I could say everything turned around, but 2 or 3 years of us firing 30 people, firing 20 people, closing things down, moving down offices, just shrinking for a long long time.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

The peak of it was, I got an email from my dad who was helping with the books at the time, he said, hey I got really bad news for you I looked through the books and it turns out your assistant who was supposed to be doing payroll taxes haven’t paid payroll in over a year. It’s like, you owe IRS over a 170,000 dollars and if you don’t pay this , you’re probably gonna go to jail. And I was like, Gosh. Every penny I earned up to that point was gone.

Everything was done, we lost everything and I was just like, I don’t know how to fight this battle but if I don’t fight it, like, I go to jail apparently and I remember, that’s a really crappy feeling. And I remember going back then, I laid in bed and I was just like, I wish that I had a boss that could fire me ’cause I don’t know what to do or how to do it and that was definitely the low spot for me. – And you stuck with him? I’ve talked to a few of your people because they’re so good. Why do you work for Russell?

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

What is it that let’s you be second to Russell who’s getting all the attention?And I’ve got some answers and would you mind coming up here and- Back then when it wasn’t going so well, give me an example of something that he did that let you know this is a guy who’s going to figure it out eventually and I could possibly go down, watch him go to jail, but I believe that it’s going to go up? –

Well, at the time when things are crashing the income stopped and I asked if I could talk to him and sat down and pretty much told him, I can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep watching you every month pull in the money you’ve saved for your family to try to keep jobs for other people. I said, “I’ll leave if that helps you.” The fact that he stuck with people and some people call it faith or belief.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

He has this inherent belief that he can truly change people’s lives. That’s it. – [Friend 2] Even when he wasn’t fully in control of his own. It was the fact that we were bootstrapped. We didn’t have money to just throw out there. We had to make sure that we were earning enough money to cover our ads, right? And Russell had all the trust in the world in me.

I don’t know why he did, but he did. And he’s just like, “Spend money and just try to make it self-liquidated.” And I’m like, “Okay,” right? So we just had to spend money and hope that we got enough back to keep spending money. – And self-liquidate means by an ad today and make sure that we make money from that ad right away, and then software. – [John] Yeah. – And then softwares going to pay over time.

That’s our legacy. that’s our thing. What’s your ad budget now? – We spend about half a million a month. – Half a million a month? – Yeah. Yeah. Don’t tell the accountants. – And you’re a partner too. – Yeah. – Wow. Congratulations. – Thank you. – [Dave] It’s always now. – [Andrew] It’s always now. – [Dave] It’s always now. – [Andrew] It’s always now. It’s never gonna be the next funnel.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

It’s never gonna be the next product launch. “I’m going to do whatever we can right now, and the next one, and the next one. That’s it.” – Absolutely. – That’s who you are. – That’s how it works. – And now you’re a partner in the business? – Yes. – 83 million dollars so far this year.

You’ve got a piece of that? – Yes. Do I? – Yeah. – [Dave] Just checking. – [Andrew] How’d you support yourself while this was not working? – I didn’t. My beautiful wife did. She had two jobs at the time to support me while I was wrestling and doing these things and she was the one that made it possible to be able to gamble and risk and try crazy things.

Everyone, this is Colette, my beautiful wife. [Audience applause] – What did you see in him back then that let you say, “I’m gonna work extra hard and pay for what he’s not doing?” -What did I see in him? It was actually his energy, his spirit was always positive and we had the same goals. – [Andrew] That’s the thing I noticed too. The positivity.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

How did you cut up your credit cards? What was that day like? – Hard.  Yeah, hard because those of you don’t know- that know that I’m a little bit older than Russell and so I’ve always had this independency to go do and buy and do these things.

And then all of a sudden I’m like, “Oh, step back sista.  “Gotta take care of this young man so we can get to where we’re at.”  Anyway, but now… yeah. – Now things are good. – Now things are amazing.  – [Andrew] I stopped asking about religion but I get this sense that you believe that- is any of this, does it feel divinely inspired to you?

Be honest. – I believe that that God gives us talents and gifts and abilities and then watches what we do with it. And if we do good, he increases our capacity to more. We definitely, especially inside the office we talk about this a lot. We definitely feel what we do is a spiritual mission. Like it’s- – [Andrew] You do? – Hundred percent. Yeah, I don’t- I don’t think that it’s just like we’re lucky. I think the way that the people have come.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

The partnerships like how it was created is super inspired. – [Andrew] You know what? A lot of us are selling things that are software, PDF, guide, this, that. It’s really hard to find the bigger mission in it. You’re finding the bigger mission in funnels. What is that bigger mission? Really, how do you connect with it?

Because you’re right. If you can find that bigger meaning, then the work becomes more meaningful and the people you’re working with become- It’s more exciting to work with and more meaningful to do it. How’d you find it in funnels? What is the meaning? – [Russell] So right now, as of today I think we had 68 thousand members in Click Funnels, which is like the big number we all brag about but for me it’s like that’s 68 thousand entrepreneurs.

Each one has a gift, right?And so I think about- one member I’ll mention his name. It’s Chris Wark. He runs and Chris was someone who came down with cancer, and given the death sentence and instead of going through chemotherapy decided, “I’m gonna see if I can heal myself.” And he did.

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story

Cleared himself of cancer and then instead of just like, “Cool” and go back into work he was like, “Man, I need to help other people.” So he started a blog, started doing some things. And now he’s got this thing where he’s helped thousands and thousands of people naturally cure themselves of cancer. And that’s one of our 68 thousand people, right? –

ClickFunnels™ Startup Story: That’s the thing that keeps me going. – [Andrew] I really appreciate you being open, being willing to let me take this answer. You said, “I understand what Andrew’s trying to do. He’s trying to figure this out. I’m gonna let him run with it and let him make the magic happen.” And I think we’ve made a lot of magic happen. Thanks so much for having me here. – Yeah, man. It was amazing. – Thank you. Thank you all for coming. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone of you. ClickFunnels™ Startup Story


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