7 Lessons From Uber Entrepreneurs – Dave Woodward – FHR #223

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs: Myles Clifford and Dave Woodward were in Phoenix and had 7 different Uber drivers in 24 hours. The lessons they learned apply to all businesses. You can use them in your business and also see the other business lessons you run into every day. ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

Welcome to funnel hacker Radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host Dave Woodward everybody. Welcome back. Oh my gosh. Are you guys literally in for the ride of your life? So I have to set the stage here. So Miles and I are down here in Phoenix at Jeff Walker’s product launch formula live.

So we came in a couple days early because we had launched club. And so today we were out meeting with different business owners and things working some different deals together. And so literally in the last 24 hours, he and I have had seven different boober experiences going to kind of walk you through this and make sure you guys understand the lessons that we’ve we’ve learned all from so setting the stage here all seven.

These people have our solopreneurs working for themselves and utilizing the exact same. Company Uber in their business that’s kind of the business model. They’re using all seven of them are have completely different business models have completely different ways.

They run their business some are super successful with others absolutely suck and so whole reason to let you know that is it’s not the tool as much as it is the person so let me kind of set the stage for last night miles and I so Miles has this thing whatever he gets in a goober car first thing he asks is what so I asked him if this was their last night on Earth what place in the city would they go eat your last meal at and the I asked the lady on the way from the airport to the hotel where she would go eat and she suggested this place called Joyride tacos.

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

I don’t know if we’re getting into how bad that was, but what’s get that two different podcast. So I had originally wanted to go to Arrogant Butcher if you ever in Phoenix, by the way downtown Arrogant Butcher is just amazing, but had like an hour long wait so that okay. No big deal. We’ll just go ahead and go to miles.

In of This Joy Ride tacos, so we go across here. And so Miles have the option of calling the Uber so Miles causes Uber and you would think we just get picked up. That’s how normal people call an Uber you get picked up right at the place where you’re at.

No, no from Wild we actually end up walk how far do we walk half mile? It probably half a mile to meet this person, which was that I have no idea like I’m not a newbie to ordering Ubers by any means but for some reason Dave and I had to walk because she couldn’t turn to pick us up and we had yeah, so first over lesson if you’re going to be an Uber driver know where to pick people up at it. So you gotta know you gotta know the roads.

Second thing is we get in the car and she doesn’t even know she starts talking out about Millennials and how terrible Millennials are of which miles happens to be one. I’m a millennial and she’s just sitting there insulting me. Actually. She wasn’t even calling us by that. She’s calling us millenniums.

Yeah, so she was calling us. What is that like a good time measurement house in years. So so she Even using the term right but she was just bashing on us. It’s so then not only she starts bash. I just talked to talk. He starts talking about how terrible Millennials are and the corporate culture that they’re destroying because she has a day job and her daytime job. He’s Millennials are coming in and they wear shorts.

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

They wear flip-flops. They take off their shoes. They walk Barefoot in the office totally insulting totally destroying the culture. I’m sitting back there just dying laughing because I’m wearing flip-flops and walking barefoot in our office and wearing shorts all the time and I’m just back there egging her on I’m like, yeah, that’s disgusting. I don’t know how anyone would do that knowing that Russell wears flip-flops Brent John day, they all wear flip-flops and walk around Barefoot. So I was I was enjoying what she was saying. It was just fun to kind of fraud.

So lesson number one. First of all know how to use the tool that you’re in which is a new bird know how to work pick pick people up at second thing know your customer don’t insult your customer. So that’s from our first Super Driver the Can one know was this morning? So we got in this one and we were going out to meet with six Division and on our drive out to six division. This guy actually happens to see your shirt.

He’s got on the Retro ClickFunnels™ ClickFunnels™ shirt goes dude cool shirt and what happens next? So then we start talking to them about. Hey, do you use click phonies? I used to use click funnels and then so we got talking about what he does for for work now besides driving Uber and he started going into some of the side hustles that he was doing and what he did full time, which was Amazon FBA and eBay and all that.

And so here’s a guy who basically knows that we work for and with click funnels and starts insulting put the files. Well really doesn’t work for us doesn’t don’t like the way it works and then by the end of the ride, he wants to sign up to become a ClickFunnels™ user.

So again understand who your customer is was the lesson from that guy but you also have to realize Dave didn’t take offense to it didn’t get after him or anything like that Dave ended up explaining how he could use ClickFunnels™ for the way he wanted to and He’s like, you know what? I think I’m going to sign up again. So there’s another lesson like if somebody insult you and your business don’t go back and attack them help them understand how they can use it correctly.

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

Cool. Tip. Third guy was oh this was actually one of my favorite guys. This is Ida to this is the guy from six division back to the hotel here. So this was a guy who’s using Uber full-time and he’s super super proud of it and loves what he’s doing couldn’t talk about. I mean just the amazing Freedom that he feels in his life.

He’s a complete solopreneur drives around. We actually to Facebook live with this guy and just super polite super just excited and everything else the best part about it. This is a guy who basically knows how to use the tool to his Advantage.

So he drives for Uber he drives for lift and he drives for Amazon. I didn’t even know you could drive for Amazon, but he’s a guy who goes to warehouses picks up 45 to 50 different get a nice car too. Didn’t he? He did it was like Newer Ford Escape. Yeah, so is basically used to this card pick up 45 to 50 packages from the warehouse and then he delivers them and the way it works with Amazon driver is they basically pay you based on how long they think it’s going to take you to do that route.

And so if there’s it’s can take about four hours he gets it done in two. So we average like 72 bucks an hour for for doing that and then wherever he’s at he just turns on Uber or Lyft and goes from there. He was so excited about everything he’s done. He totally knows how his game the system you wanted to apologize to the American public because he knows that he’s basically at what he say 53 and a half cents a mile to 70,000 miles a year and paid nine hundred forty seven dollars in tax. So you basically get 60,000 a year is what he makes tax-free and he got an earned income credit on top of that.

So he was super super excited. So understand lessons from this guy is you can have the same tool if you’re really good at that tool. You can absolutely crush it and blue wipe out your competition which totally done Those are no the next one Oliver. So no this one before Oliver. This is a guy so we actually had the Amazon Uber driver dropped us off. He asked you ask him where to eat. Oh, yes. Yes.

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

Oh my goodness. So we stopped in this place and we eat he tells us that the best hamburger. He’s ever had we had it it was it was decent and then we come out and we grab this brand-new or we grab an Uber driver and it was probably about what a three minute drive from from the hotel. We should have locked had we known where we were we would have walked we would have and we walk out and there’s this bigger dude standing right next to us who starts walking and we get in this guy’s car when he comes and picks us up and don’t know if you want to take the story from here, but go for it.

Anyway, we get in the car and he’s like, where should I turn like, I don’t know your Maps telling you were to take us like drive us and we start driving in circles and that guy that left the restaurant walking we passed him three different times because we drove in circles and finally I was done. I wasn’t looking out one of the windows on the hey right here is good and Dave. Looks out the left window. I’m looking out the right and he’s like no. No this isn’t good because we’re literally right where we started.

So 10 minutes later for a three-minute ride. We ended up back in the exact same spot and then Dave and I pull out our phones put the address in and say you’re going to go up here take a left.

So that’s just a great example of again using the the tool or whatever it is correctly and not just going in circles. We literally spin our wheels for 10 minutes that we could have avoided that completely so when someone provides you a map like uber does you could actually follow the map and get success if you don’t want to follow the map and you want to ask the person who basically is in from a different city for directions and City you’re supposed to be driving.

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

It probably isn’t gonna work out that well, so use the tool and use the map that typically the tool provider gives you and provide the service to the person is paying you so don’t ask the person who you just picked up provide service to how to actually do the job that they just hired you to do.

Next one next one is all over. I’ll let you talk about Oliver. Yeah. So Oliver was a taxi driver where he was he’s telling us how much he made two dollars and 31 cents. I’m like, what am I already drove or something like that? And then he was telling us that he drives Uber full time. He has a car with four hundred thousand miles on it were like man, you’ve really taken care of this car. Like how long have you had it? He then he tells us it’s not his car in that. He’s actually renting the car were like, oh that’s actually pretty smart until he told us how much he pays not per month, but per week to rent this car and it wasn’t a hundred dollars.

It wasn’t 150. It wasn’t 200. He pays two hundred and fifty dollars a week to rent a car to drive for Uber to make 71 cents a mile. You gotta drive a lot of miles to cover a thousand dollars a month. In fact, I don’t know how many miles that is. But only if we were smart out a calculator and I was recording this on something other than my phone I could actually do that. But bottom line is this guy’s a professional driver and so you guys drive 1408 miles to cover the thousand dollars and that doesn’t cover your gas.

So you’re driving a lot of miles just to break even so typically understand understand the numbers in your business. If you don’t understand the numbers in your business, you can be spending a whole bunch of time and energy doing a whole bunch of work and never ever getting head even though you feel like you’re literally driving and driving and driving 400 Thousand Miles and get never really getting ahead.

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

Next one was probably one of my funniest ones and I have to apologize to those of you saw the story on Instagram.It is not my favorite lately insensitive. So we happen to be here with Vince and Greg. Two guys basically crushing it for us as team leads and support and everything else and they’d never been to In and Out and so if you have been to In-N-Out Burger In-N-Out Burger basically has this crazy.

Culture thing and so these guys are both in Canada. They’ve heard about how amazing this in and out place is weirding out of Phoenix and they want to go to In-N-Out. So we basically have all of Route takes is to In and Out where now are finished with our meal or calling the next Uber to take us back to the hotel and moms had the best luck with colleague Uber cab.

I’m crushing. I’m a hundred percent sucking at this this guy. He’s driving an Outback. So obviously there’s some days loving this there’s enough for four people to sit in this thing. He pulls up he asks where I’m at where we’re going. I said, oh we’re going to the Sheraton in Phoenix. He goes I need more so I tell them what we’re going to Third Street and they’ll send he’s like well then also, hey guys rides here soon as I tell them there’s more people’s I can’t take it. I can’t take you. So I’m trying to like figure out like dude you just because you’re here miles is in the middle of the street.

Yes, which of the parking lot here is on one side some shopping centers of the other miles this limiting the middle of the street having this conversation this guy and the guy behind the Uber is Honking the horn and this guy’s just getting totally frustrated.

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

Yeah, so it was just a crazy situation and mind you it’s in a parking lot. So people shouldn’t be going that fast and you’re probably be paying attention. So I’m talking to this guy trying to figure out what’s going on. And this guy’s honking at him behind them like Dave said, so I’m getting like scared or flush or not scared but like flustered so I’ll send I take one step back and the next thing you know, I’m on my butt and my back looking up at the sky because I got hit by a freaking car.

I got hit by a car. I still don’t understand I’m literally icing my foot and my leg right now as we do this podcast because I got ran over by a car and I felt terrible because this gal got out and the dude just drove off our Uber driver. We’ll just call him we can’t swear on this podcast, but he just left us and the guy honking the horn just left and other cars drove past as I’m getting up in this girl gets out. She’s crying I felt bad for her. I’m so sorry. Oh my gosh. She was so upset.

Oh, she thought she’d killed miles. I should have played it off. Made some money but miles was super super sensitive found out her first name said Relax, it’s okay. She thought she was gonna have a heart attack.

I thought I was gonna go to prison for accidentally killing someone because they died from hitting me. So yeah, so I guess the business lesson out of that Uber driver was realize if you were in the business of picking people up and you know that they’re going to have you have a car that fits for people you actually should probably pick up for people but he didn’t want to for some reason.

I don’t know if it was the way miles looked or what was going on but bottom line he bailed on it and unfortunately when you fail on other people who are relying on you to accomplish a task, like we ask this guy to take us literally five miles down the road and you know simple tasks like hey post this or remove this and this at this time those certain things that keep a business going.

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

We wanted this guy just to drive us five miles and by him saying no let to us kind of not arguing but then it led to me getting hit by a car so he him being such Be kind of a punk ended up leading to a terrible thing for me that can happen in business. If you’re working with people who aren’t going to go and get things done and just do what they need to do. Something bad can happen. You got to make sure you know ClickFunnels™ done a great job with that hiring the right people and building the right kind of culture.

And so you got to do the same in your business. Totally totally agree with that one. Our last one was from in and out back to the hotel tonight and this guy was so there’s our second Prius. Yep, and we were so we had a 4,000 mile Prius and all were basically drove us over there. And so I was curious and dropping this other Prius how many miles you got in this one?

It got torn 54,000 like man, if you’ve driven all those miles and sure enough this guy happens to be renting his Prius as well. And I asked him to know how much I ask how much you pay in and he didn’t he was like did not want to disclose any numbers at all. He goes up 10 bucks like 10 bucks.

It’s in the obviously that’s not how much you really reading this for and he would not do this. Well, The guy before he’s driving a Prius and he rents for 250 bucks a week and goes that guy’s got a good deal like a good deal. And again this guys doing it full time to so got to realize you got to know your numbers and you got to know your customers.

So wrapping up this entire episode here basically first and foremost know your business know your numbers utilize the tool the way the tool is supposed to be used and use lift and he’s just kidding. I still like I do too. I was kidding.

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

I’m a little frustrated still but I think the main thing here is we were joking about as we were as miles is hobbling up here really about the idea that you know what there’s business lessons everywhere you turn and I think it’s one of things I encourage you guys to really kind of take a look at especially anyways, listen to podcast. You’re a solopreneur.

You’re a business owner you learn from other people and I would only hope is funny. Some of these experiences have been in the last 24 hours. As of 7 different boober drivers that you also would understand that they really are important lessons and we’re here happened to be at Jeff Walker’s a product launch formula live where one of their wretched we are the registration sponsor miles came up with a cool gift to give to all the attendees and that was a copy of rustled brunson’s expert Secrets yesterday, April 18th was the one-year anniversary. We’ve now sold over a hundred and twenty thousand copies of the book.

So if you do not have a copy of it by all means, please please go to expert secrets.com pay the $7.95 free shipping or basically free book you just cover the shipping and handling and that way you will be able to experience and note. So what’s the tag line of expert Secrets? Yeah. So it’s the underground Playbook to find your message build a tribe and change the world.

ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs: So go check out expert secrets.com again. Thank you guys for listening. If you don’t mind we’d love to guys have reach out to the iTunes Go rate and review. This thing Uber has a five-star rated miles has five stars. I’ve only got four point eight one. I obviously have not. I haven’t been as good of Rider as miles and thin but no seriously go out to it iTunes rate review this podcast for us. We really appreciate it. Have an amazing day and we’ll talk to you soon. ClickFunnels™ Uber Entrepreneurs

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7 Lessons From Uber Entrepreneurs – Dave Woodward – FHR #223

7 Lessons From Uber Entrepreneurs – Dave Woodward – FHR #223

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