ClickFunnels™ $0 to $100 M In Less Than 3 Yrs – Never Before Told Start Up Story

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ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story: Watch as Russell Brunson takes you behind the scenes and shows you how ClickFunnels™ went from 0 To 100M in Less than 3 Years

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

Alright everybody. So basically the first few people until these run out you get all the notes from the last four years, if FunnelHacking Live in addition to that. You also get an MP3 player with headsets with all the recordings of the last four years. I’ve been FunnelHacking Live this is so you guys can immerse yourself before I showed up on Dyke alive and you start listening in and get listen to all the back episodes speakers all the notes that we showed before like, I have your prepared with four years info in your brain Ray to expand on new stuff.

And in addition to that. There’s wait there’s more. We also have a drop the mic we’re going to give it away three of those we’ve got some of our ClickFunnels™ Swag Bags. We’ve got swag As far as t-shirts the Blue Yeti microphone some reason all of our feelings have been dying to get its if you’ve heard us talk about publishing. That’s why you need to be publishing Blue Yeti. Mike’s water bottles. We also You MacBooks, we’re going to be giving away new MacBooks and probably the most coveted prize. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

These are the best ones you open this for you. Boom. These are how do you open this thing? This is the iPads with our ClickFunnels™ colors where they call is there are bonds are bonds ClickFunnels™ black with blue and red inside. We give it a bunch of these today as well and whole bunch of other amazingness. In addition. We have three Crazy Prices where random dryers what’s going to happen is we actually will pay for your airfare for your hotel and for your tick to go in FunnelHacking Live. We also be paying for another one just your airfare just your hotel and a ticket and another one. We’re just going to give away free ticket. I don’t know how to parse that’s exciting.

So it’s gonna be awesome. So if you guys don’t have any tickets FunnelHacking might be a go get your tickets right now, you’re gonna feel like later come or call my friends back here or if you have any questions our whole social media seems over here answering questions as well. It’s going to be seven seven two two, two three. Five nine. There’s the number. All right. So really quick while you guys are calling in I want to start telling you is in store. I promise you Story Time with Russell from next little bit.

And so I want to kind of go through the whole theme of FunnelHacking Live every single year. Is that your one funnel away and a lot of people like what funnel is that Russell like and sub is one of the frustrations I’ve had with some people are communities that they’ve been waiting and they’ve been waiting and waiting to launch like their version of ClickFunnels™. I think what people understand is a lot of times it’s a lot of little funnels leading up to like to someday when you’re a big opportunity comes comes about and and so the other day we did a really cool event at the drive our comedy club in Utah and Andrew Warner for mixergy interviewed us about the ClickFunnels™ startup story and during that talk really loud for this is good. My last four hours will be amazing. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

So anyway, I made this this this document went through basically every funnel. I launched in the last in the last 15 years or so, and I’m going to be going through and showing you guys these funnels the ideas behind Steps, once the work you want to didn’t work at whole bunch of stuff in between all that about having momentum moving forward the cool snapping entrepreneur is like when you’re moving forward and doing stuff that’s when opportunities are coming your ways. So if you haven’t got to take a shower go to photo or call these guys right now. All right, so let me get drink real quick. I’ll tell you as the first story. This is the beginning of my one fun away story for myself. So some of you guys have heard this story before but I actually found the original books to tell so I can prove to you guys is actually true. So when I was when I was in man, probably 14 15 years old one night.

I was watching an infomercial with my dad and the infomercial on the on the screen was a guy named on the pre who came on and I was selling tiny little classified ads, of course about title classified ads. And so this is the actual course that I bought when I was 15 years old back in the day. So check this out. So the first one was like buying yourself a cashier in a throwaway Society to talk about basically finding stuff and then putting putting a classified ads and selling them and this was about the first info product I ever bought which is like the coolest thing in the world then he also had Pennies on the dollars the auction the rally auction, so go to auctions by stuff and selling it and then the third one and this is actually a funny story that I use are no This one is profit permit out of your own.

No one 900 number and I actually as a 16 year old kid had my own one 900 number. It’s kind of embarrassing. It was like a premade one we can call in and get your astrology that’s called astrology red. So yes, I have had my own ahead and run 900 number before I had my driver’s license. So but this is the original course. I bought the starting on this spiral of like I had figure out marketing and direct response how to make money in like I had to figure this game out just like a lot of you guys leave first learn about this and you like you get the taste is like, oh my gosh life can never be the same this point forward, right?

And so for me, it was like it changed everything and I all I wanted to do was was make money. I start trying for a different ways to do it and and unfortunately most of the ideas I tried back as a 15-6 year old kid didn’t work. But one thing I did start do I started going and collecting junk mail? In fact, I think we got the picture right here on the screen. I’ll hold it up as well for those guys. This is a picture of me. This is a 17 year old Russell. I was leaving to college and this is all the junk man.

I’ve been collecting for Man, five or six years of my life and my my goal was like with some day when I make it. I’m going to wallpaper my entire office with junk mail. And so that’s why I saved it and I used to read these cells there’s over and over and over and over again. And then I remember my mom went to college. She said I’m throwing this away. I was like, well, this is my junk mail. She’s like, I know it goes in the garbage. That’s like please no, and anyway, she let me get one picture with the before she threw it away.

ClickFunnels™ $100 Millions in less than 3 Yrs

And that is the picture of me with all my junk mail. So this is nerdy Russell as a 17 year old kid before I went to college but that’s kind of where this whole concept for me began. I wonder who I wanted to start a business and you want to make money. I knew that this whole concept of direct response marketing was excited and I wanted to figure it out. And so that’s for me kind of where the whole thing started. Whoo. This is intense for like 13 minutes in and my voice is already shot. We got a lot more to go. It’s gonna be fun. All right. So what I’m gonna do here in a second is I’m going to go through some of the very first ideas the very first funnels that I’ve ever launched. But before we do that I wanted to actually want to show you as a really quick video.

I’m gonna show you guys. So we’ve done this. This will be FunnelHacking Live our fifth year. And so I’m going to show you guys a little little video made it eats FunnelHacking Live the kind of tell the stories this year. It’s grown the very first of all, FunnelHacking Live had about 600 people the second at twelve-hundred the third had 1500 last year about 3,000 and this year were probably have someone before and 5,000 people coming which is insane. In fact, all these guys who work. All right. Now, we’re all going to be there and you should be there too. You don’t have your take care of CO2 FunnelHacking or give these guys a call get your ticket.

If you’re like, I want to come I’m just confused also like my rear espouse and we my kid’s gonna be my team’s how does it work? If you don’t know what to do. You’re just wanted some questions answered call these guys right here. And they’ll answer those questions for you. So what I would do that, we’re actually playing the Vegas the Vegas clip. So this is funnel hacking live the very first for liking I’ve ever with 600 people in the room. It was at this at this event I gave away my Ferrari which is kind of a crazy story.

You’ll see it in the scenes. And now we also launched the dream car contest we gave away a Corvette and it began kind of entire funnel hacker movement, which is what it is today. So I’m going to show you guys that video right now while you’re watching this video like two minutes long you watch this video. I want you to visualize yourself sitting in this room for years ago. And how many guys are so lucky who were there in that room it got into this whole movement in the very beginning and now then we visualize like man, I need to be there with my team with my family with my spouse with my kids to experience as well.

And as soon as you do that then I need you guys to call in and get your ticket. So let’s let’s play the video from the vague at the very first ever FunnelHacking Live in Las Vegas. If I had to predict where I would be one year from the day I signed up to join Russell’s Mastermind. I could never have predicted the growth. It has been a life-changing experience. If I don’t FunnelHacking Live is an event that is put on by Russell Brunson where he shares with internet entrepreneurs exactly how to accelerate their success by using a software that he created called ClickFunnels™ to create websites that actually make sales in a very easy way for people who are looking to succeed online ClickFunnels™ came out of nowhere.

They took the marketplace by storm. Just like apple did when they first launched the iPhone it was it was not a linear move anymore. It was a Quantum move in Improvement that will open up a gap to allow people just like you and me who are not technically Savvy we weren’t born in The Matrix and we didn’t have a chip implanted in our heads. We are not Engineers or computer science majors and opportunity to cut and decrease the time of stress anxiety and suffering behind a keyboard. Trust me.

Funnels Never Before Told Start Up Story – $100 Millions in less than 3 Yrs

You can talk bad about my mama, but you cannot talk about about ClickFunnels™ because what ClickFunnels™ has done for my business. I can’t even begin to tell you Russell’s just make it so simple for anybody to just instantly get it. So if antique one of the most genuinely nice individuals and human beings you will ever make breaks it down really easy. He’s just a risk-taker. He’s a mover and a Shaker the first time I spoke with him, you know immediately. I knew I was playing small we took these guys to exotic car racing place was better than getting an exotic car. It’s called dream racing. I like all like all it is is a dream in some people’s mind being able to go to the dream racing track the Exotic track and get into a Lamborghini and and get into an Aston Martin and what it seeds is you tell it either it’s going to be a dream or it’s going to be a reality.

It’s really up to you Russell is running a contest it was going to give His Ferrari F430 all’s I did was tell the world about this awesome book and I got this Ferrari, which is absolutely ridiculous. They had instills in you that that necessity to really give to other people. I think we’re over $25,000 right now for World teacher aide every single funnel that gets created a dollar gets donated to World teacher aide.

I think Russell was able to raise money for to schools and has huge they were all excited to be there and excited to be in that room being an entrepreneur. I would say it’s like the loneliest job in the world because it’s kind of you and your thoughts and you see other people you kind of connect not like in a real way with them. I like bring people together just gives you the ability to be around other people who are like you who think like you and who believe like you and for me every time I get it on good entrepreneurs like my vision gets bigger you little sit next to people who are doing a million dollars other people who are just brand new.

Everyone is here. They want to share and they want to see everyone else succeed. I come to a live event where Russell can guide me where people next to me or smarter than me and I share information. It’s absolutely Priceless. I wanted real quick funnels members to come in to speak. This final time for us to talk about this is what I did how I did and how I making hundred grand a month. All Senate like becomes real you get to hear more stories and more action plans more principles to business in the trenches.

What’s working now information you want results faster. Here’s a faster hack go this way. Here’s the concept and then boom. Here’s that here’s a working for someone just like you and that was my favorite part. It will accelerate your success like nothing else out there. All right everybody. Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed watching that video and it’s been really fun time and asking find out all the questions are asked to so before I jump into start driving to some of the funnels a couple of quick Things become Fond du Lac you laugh when you get your ticket today, we had a bunch of cool bonuses, as you know, we only put it out mm these I think we’re down like a hundred 50 of these left. So this is the first thing you get when you buy today if you’re next. Well when the next 50 and here are the people whose tickets are going through which is awesome.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

The first thing you get is you’re going to get this which is the notes the last four funnel hacking live. You just saw the parade the promotional video from the very first one I can live. So if you missed that one it all the notes are here. Plus this MP3 player has all of the audio recordings. So for next I think a hundred fifty or so a hundred thirty or so, we’ll be sending these out to you guys was number one.

Number two some you guys are asking a whole bunch is me calling me asking. What is the 10x thing? What’s 10x? So we did a special really cool thing some you guys know, FunnelHacking Live is the end of February. The beginning February Grant cardones 10x event. Now some of you guys may have heard the rumors last year at tedx event. I wouldn’t smoke and did over 3.2 million dollars in sales and 90 minutes and tons of people our community like Russell.

I want to see I want to watch it when I like experience that so we did a really cool special thing for you guys yesterday. I wired Grant Cardone and his team a crap ton of money because we wanted to block out entire section here at the tennis event. So the 10x event is happening very beginning of February in where is it Miami in Miami? Is that the Marlins baseball seemed like everything you throw this pitch if we throw the stadium at their own of the picture. So this is the stadium you have to see right here and the entire baseball say we’re all gonna stay there but we got we blocked out this entire section right here. This is only for our funnel hacker community. So I’ve already pre bought and paid for these tickets the entire Third Base Line.

I just wrote a huge wire to go over all these and so what happens is any of you guys who get it, too. FunnelHacking Live. We’re going to be doing a special thing with that section want you come to you guys all coming where your funnel hacker t-shirts and what you to come and experience it and watch 10x. You have a chance to me speak on stage not once but twice the goal this time is to try to do over 10 million dollars in sales. What and you guys have a chance to come and watch and experience with us as a community. And so and you guys get your tickets today, you’ll get a free ticket to the tedx event.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

If you like. I can’t do two vents in a month Russell for Lucky life is the more important one to be a but if you are able to go to both we’ll give you a free ticket to come and be part of us and experience the entire thing with us celebrate with us have a ton of fun with this which would be really really cool and everybody’s already got a FunnelHacking Live ticket don’t stress that will be reaching out to you and see if you guys want one of those tickets as well. And so that’s kind of what’s happening.

So that’s the first thing first thing whoo, grab. My notes are flying everywhere. Thank you Dave. So the first thing is everybody’s today you get this and this and what advice today is going to get a special seat of 10x. Does it with all the funnel hackers and then Dave? I’ve been told we need to give away a prize right now for the next person who buys. Let’s give away some luggage. It’s give me some luggage. Okay, we’re starting with some luggage that way when you come to funnel hacking live. You will be looking good. Oh so good Instagram. Okay check for the surrounds Instagram because he was happening to all right, Dave.

She’s the only do have these right now work little staff and employees. It’s amazing so bull named Russell. It’s you we’re gonna give it to you. All right. These are the cells that come through since we started this party up. All right. Someone’s gonna win one you cited for this. I am really excited to first place. I’ve never actually done this before. Okay, the first prize is going out, too. Jamie Amos. Oh my gosh. I love jbjb. Congratulations. Jamie is compared to Rico. He’s gonna be flying in and we’ll be giving him a thing sweets. Mm. All right first prize goes to Jamie. So get your orders in right now. We’re going to throw in your names into the bucket and get away.

All these amazing prizes right here, but you got your tickets right now today call the phone number where we’re at. Whoo-hoo go to FunnelHacking Oh, welcome back histogram. Sorry. I just pulled some has made so many cameras so much chaos. All right. Where should we go from here? Okay. All right. I’m gonna move back to our timeline. Okay. So when I got started I said, I was 15 I bought I bought about tiny classified ads by Dawn the pre I ordered junk mail through high school, which is where this whole story came from and then I kind of got away from next I started wrestling.

ClickFunnels™ $100 Millions in less than 3 Yrs

I was wrestler in high school samia’s know I was a state champs in second place the country and then I started wrestling in college and I was would be why you for a year and then at that one on a mission for the For the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints, which was really cool I serve New Jersey and then rise in New Jersey. I met this lady and she was going to to thrift stores and stuff like that and she would find these old mobile books and she would buy them and then she went to this website.

You may have heard him back in the day. It was called eBay and she post these things on eBay and she make tons of money is actually what she would do is she would she would fly to like a city where she knew there was like really good old like bookstores thing that she goes bookstores. She buy all the books listed on eBay and she make enough money. Listen buddy eBay. It’s like saying Hotel travel have a good time travel home one time.

She actually bought a car and drove across country back home with the money. She made off flipping books on eBay. I remember watching it sounds like oh my gosh, I need to start selling things on eBay. And so I got off my mission and I came I was transferred to Boise State. That’s why I’m in Boise by the way to wrestle up here. And when the very first things I did the first weekend when I got home, he’s I jumped on my bike and I drove my bike.

The way to the thrift store as like I’m going to be written by old books. I’m gonna start selling on eBay. I’m gonna be like the richest like this is the this is the key and so I still remember I drove down to there was a Savers there’s a desert industries a couple stores like that. I started going through is hard to find all the old stuff I could buy and I remember I had no idea what things were worth. And so I remember I found like Michael Jackson Thriller record. I’m like this has got to be worth like I don’t know 20 grand I’d say I bought that I bought these old books. I like all this crap and this is before I had a car.

So I had my backpack full of had all these like things on the side of my bike full of they all this garbage. I bought I drove home and then I got this little camera back in the I start taking pictures of all the things I bought I start listing them on eBay and unfortunately, most everything I had didn’t sell a few things. I did sell sell for sold for less than actually bottom for and actually get boxes and Postage and it was a failed attempt at eBay but I kept like trying to figure this game outright. So that’s the next the next phase in my thing. And then I remember as I was as I was as I was putting all these things in boxes, I go to the air to the post office.

Funnels Never Before Told Start Up Story – $100 Millions in less than 3 Yrs

I remember seeing this dude there and the guy who was there he had this one huge box with all of these like CDs and it probably five or six hundred CDs and I had like all these lopsided box. I want further Thriller record one for a like this thing. I found in all the garbage. I was boxing up at all these weird shapes as I’m bringing them in and Hauling him in and and he had just one box all these little CDs in there. I might do what he did. He’s like, oh I so I sell CDs on on eBay I make CDs. He’s like, yeah. I just it’s information. I sell information that burned a CD and I send it out to people as like people by information.

He’s like, yeah, that’s kind of how this whole thing works. He’s a nice things. They I saw one size Burnham a season. I mailed out and I was like, oh my gosh, that’s so much better than going to the thrift store and buying garbage and putting it in random size boxes and mailing them out and sounds like all right. I got to go and figure out information like how does information products work? And so I started Googling online to figure out how to sell information. Because I don’t have the right information but I can find somebody else’s stuff and So eventually I stumbled into is a whole bunch of people who’d written amazing books, but they don’t know how to sell them.

So they were selling resell rights to these books and I was like, oh my gosh, this is this is it so I started buying resell rights to every product I could possibly find online and it’s getting thousands and thousands of all these products and I started putting them on CDs and try to sell them and it didn’t work very well. Try the I’m jumping ahead of myself here. Anyway, so I’m gonna I’m gonna jump ahead. Hey Jamie, I’m going to jump ahead Jamie Smith. I’m going to jump ahead of my schedule if you want to show site.

It’s gonna go to page number to the once is it brander? I’m going to jump ahead of schedule. I’m gonna go back in time. But this is my very first product product ever created. So I’m pulling these wouldn’t pull these pages off of the Wayback machine. The Wayback machine is site. You can find old pages from way back in the day. But anyway, there’s my old pop up. I love it. Click cancel. Otherwise, we’ll try to opt you in. Okay. So this is my very first idea was a thing called zipper and because what happened was buying all these peoples ebooks and resell rights, but I remember inside the books that always links with are selling their own products.

Like I like I’m selling this book, but then the guys are buying the products. It was like like I was making them money and directly and I was like mad about it and we were thinking like man. I wish I had something that I could like I could brand this ebook. So instead of open the e-book they see my ad before they never actually get to the product and that was like boom my first like my first big idea and so I had the idea I thought I’m gonna call it zip Randall zip up a file will brand it with my ad and I thought it was the greatest idea in the world.

And so that was a very That day I ever had. In fact, I thought that it was so good. I remember I went to Google and typed in like programmer like entire programmer and I went to a surgeon with people. I found this firm and I wrote up the specs for this idea. I post it to him and the developer whoever robach says can cost about $5,000 to build that software. I was like $5,000. I literally have zero dollars. I don’t have one. I have zero dollars and remember I beat all the press as like, well there goes my one idea like I’m screwed down and then I actually went back to college. I had a different degree. I was like, well if I can’t pay some or five grand to build the software, I need to shift my degree and become a programmer so I can build it. I was like the logic of a college kid, right?

ClickFunnels™ $100 Millions in less than 3 Yrs

So I wouldn’t change my major over to computer information systems and I was going to learn programming and remember right? I shifted over and semester starts I go in there. I went to the first like two or three days of my computer programming classes and by day one, I was like, oh my gosh, this is amazing day to I was like, this is the greatest thing while I may be able to change everything to calm down south. Day 3 our solos as like I am screwed. I have no idea what to do by day for I was just like well there goes that idea and and a little while later one of my very first mentors probably second or third mentors name is Armand Morin.

He had created all these different software products here, like ecover generators cells letter generator, like all these different headline generate all these things and mercy his stuff and I was like, I was like, well, how does he do it? I remember reading article. He said he hired people overseas to build software for him. There’s really cheap and I was like, oh my gosh, maybe I could do that. And so I went to it was the time I posted the exact same project. I paid these other guys to do posted up there and a whole bunch of people bidding against the one guys. I’ll look for 5 grand next. I said, I’ll do it for 3 Grand. I said only for 2 Grand I’ll do four thousand I’ll do for a hundred and finally one dude is a Mississippian in Romania.

He did. He said I’ll do it for for $20. I was like $20 as they crap. I had actually I can get 20 bucks. Even if he screws it up. I got 20 bucks. So Item 20 bucks. He builds it brander and within like three days sent back to me to work the exactly what I thought and so actually I went to scrounge up another hundred bucks. I feel guilty. I get $100 $120 for the product that became my very first product ever that I sold myself. I I’ll show you guys behind the scenes stuff happened prior tried a bunch of these before but this is the very first thing it was like Russell Brunson is like my product. I remember like I didn’t know what to do.

Now. How do I sell this thing? This is what whole fun lacking concept initially started and we’re looking at armed and More in all his sides and all the sides look very similar all had a header graphic on top. They all had a headline that a testimonial block that and then they have this big long sales letter. So I thought I’m gonna do exactly what armor did so I paid Max and Max 97 bucks to do my my my the the top Banner is scroll down and keep still about Jamie if you scroll down you see likely cover box. Like we always had ecover back the boom. There’s any cover box and my software and I had this whole thing and that tried to launch it and then nobody nobody bought it. I was like crap. Buying the things I started sending it to a bunch of like my dream 100. No that’s called the time my dream 100 saying like check this out.

Check this out. I sent a bunch of people and one guy sent it to his name was Raymond McNally. He got a product. He was like dude Russell this products Genius Like thanks. She’s like, but your sales letter sucks. I’m like, oh he’s like don’t worry. I got so excited. Laughs I wrote you cells that are like what who does that and he sends me the sales letter that was amazing. And so I took the cells then I plugged it all in and looked look what you can see. It looks amazing. It’s like, oh my gosh, thank you Raymond. And then he never respond to my emails again. After that like want him brought here something he didn’t as like he was offside hero cells every didn’t promote it and my God, am I gonna get traffic? This is pretty face book pre-everything.

And then another person I said this too is Mike fils-aime and by Phil Simms, I do that thing’s cool. I’ll promote it for you and he sent an email to his list and I think he sold like eight or nine copies of this. But if you remember the very first little pop of popped up the pop-up came up. I got 270 people join my list from that and that’s where it all began my first list my first Rex and it was on like Donkey Kong after that and so for me, this was like the one funnel way that got me for like no idea to actually having an idea and having something when I was making my own money and I had a product I could do dream 100. I can do all this amazing stuff that we talked about there. You learn about FunnelHacking Live. So that was like the very first product.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

I’m going to go back in time and kind of catches up on everything. I tried prior to that but I want to shout because it’s really exciting. But before we do I want to make sure you guys have your tickets to FunnelHacking Live. If you don’t yet. We’re like a three or four months four months away from for liking life starting at the end of February this year is going to be insane. If you’ve come to any FunnelHacking Live in the past, you know that we do not disappoint. It’s always a Big Show at every single year the show gets bigger and better and it’s a ton of fun this year. We got two tons amazing speakers, but I want to make sure you guys know the offer because I have a very special offer is happening today.

And today only while we are alive when this thing cuts off the air they offer will be gone forever or when I lose my voice whatever happens first. So those you guys you get your tickets today. The first thing you’re going to get is you will be getting In the past four years if you missed any FunnelHacking Live, I want you to get the notes. This will catch you up on everything you have missed in the last four years.

Okay. This is literally every node set up a ton of money for this inside of here. You see all the speaker’s there funnels. They break them down. They talking on this plane. They show I went from here to here then here to here and they walk through the psychology everything they did. Okay from for FunnelHacking Lives. Now, if you wouldn’t want everyone to like a guy that’s four thousand dollars in ticket sales alone.

You get the notes from the entire thing right here. Plus I took all the presentations. I put it on an MP3 player so you can listen to the presentations fall on the notes, but I’m sure to FunnelHacking Live you’ll get four years worth of college in your brain before you show up for this year’s means you will show up prepared ready to rock and roll be launched very first funnel. So there you go. There is the very first thing you’re going to get the second thing you get when you get started today is we went and pre bought a huge section of a funnel hacking like ticket the grant cardoz 10x event is events happening about three weeks three weeks before ours at the Marlins stadium.

They’re going to be thirty five thousand people there. Now if you know, what about 10x last year I spoke. We did three point two million dollars in sales 90 minutes. I’m going to try to beat that this year and I want you guys to be there and experience it with me. Okay. Now if you only go to one event for like you guys more important so you take us there but if you hear tickets for liking life today, we are going to give you a free ticket to the 10x and I already paid for this is the wire information. I wired Grand ton of money yesterday to buy this entire block on the least a third base line Third Base Line. We’re going to be there as a funnel I can Community.

I think we have about meeting. So we have a thousand we have a thousand tickets right here. So we have a thousand you guys roulette come here. We have to order today. We’re all these will be gone. How do you order there’s two ways order number one going to FunnelHacking The links will be down below or number to call 1-800-792-1112 guys right here to get your ticket sales in if you have any questions about how it works is gonna be amazing. And the phone number should be down below. Wait. All right, I think it’s on the screen too. So you should be able to phone number down below. Give me a call. Whoo.

All right Kitty. Hey, give something away while I take a drink at about huge. Click funnels water bottle. All right, we’ll get what is the Blue Yeti. Mike did so You guys can’t hear me. So blue yeti Mike. It’s the only one that we’ve used it a ton here in the office and it’s actually one of the the great thing about it is you get just amazing sound quality. So we want to make sure we give this away so Russell and pick someone else out there who sees the cells will come to today. He has have a great tickets yet. Get up. Oh you drive. I’ll give you want your beer. Let’s see new known to Boris. I ran my glasses on soap.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

That’s right. New token graduation. Wry taking action today during the live Telethon. You’re sending you of booyah t-mike is coming your way. Yes. No. No, it’s on your way to you. So we get your address and everything else. We’re super excited to get this to you. In addition to that new notes that you were one of the first ones you also are getting the MP3 player with all of the recordings the last four years in addition to the notes from the last four years. So new know check your mail. It’s on its way and hopefully we’ll see you real soon. Can’t wait to see you at FunnelHacking Live everybody else who’s on the call right now. That’s the number eight seven seven two, two three, nine five.

Nine. Make sure you jump off the call right now. We got a ton of stuff to give away Russell’s got an amazing story. She’s gonna keep going. So get on the phone call somebody right now. Get your ticket Russell. Whoo. There you go. How exciting all right. I have a bunch of fake use a just had to meet people asking questions about fun. You’ll have to go through it really quick.

And then we’re gonna jump back into the story. Oh funnels. All right. So if I test questions, what is for FunnelHacking Live Savannah glad dates, it’s Wednesday, February 20th through Saturday, February 22nd. Last one is happen. If you’re at FunnelHacking, you can see all the dates and the times and all the speaker line-up their the venue here at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. This is the first time I’ve ever been in Nashville. I want to experience that with you guys. So make sure you’re coming to Nashville.

Do you have discounted room block? Yes, we have discount room block if your tickets now every single year rocks sells out and we are not far from selling out. So after you get your tickets on the thank you page. They’ll be a spot that has all the information about how you can book your room with the discount room block room block start room start a hundred seven nine bucks a night, which is awesome. Very cool. Although you’re trying to book travel to make sure they’re on time registration starts, February 19th Tuesday. So I would fly in Tuesday.

They she register from 4 to 8 p.m. That night and the party starts the next day Wednesday early. I always get the best presentation the very first one so do not miss it. So make sure they’re Tuesday flying Tuesday get registered Wednesday morning. The party will officially begin and then Saturday we go late in the night. Lindsey Stirling is coming and doing a live concert with you guys.

You understand. It’s gonna be insane Lindsey Stirling. She’s the dancing violinist who started just like all of us on YouTube is going for falling tickets are coming in ticket sales are coming in. It’s gonna be awesome. What airports do you fly into the Nashville International Airport DNA get anyone to attend this event know all the people can sense vendor people who want to change the world and make a ton of money in the process. If you are lame do not come but someone asks you can bring kids.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

Yes. We have a lot of kids who come to this event. Your kids you can bring your spouse. In fact, I’ve something I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this, but I’m gonna do it anyway, because I’ve got the mic and they can’t stop me. All right before Dave Cuts me off. We’re do some really special this year. And so I want to encourage you guys who are coming. If you have a community, like I want my whole Community come and experience this together just like we’re doing it grants event where we’re blocking out a huge section. I encourage you guys get your community.

I get 10 20 30 people because they the 30s I’m getting in trouble. If you could bring if you can bring more than 30 people in your community and bring them we’re going to something really special. I’m getting in trouble from bringing this but you can read 30 people for your community. We may or may not be making custom t-shirts. We are now we are now official Those great 30 if you could be 30, so like for example, Julie story and right Julie could go and say hey my laptop lifestyle people come to fun.

Hiking gear tickets right now during the Telethon your tickets really quick. And when she does that what that means is she gets least 30 people let us know and we’ll make a custom T-shirt so that all of your tribe can have a funnel hacking Live / laptop lifestyle Garrett, for example Garrett with Warrior movie. He can bring 30 Warriors together. We’ll have a photo hacker slash Warrior t-shirt that he can his community can all wear the event. So you really 30 people from your community when we cannot custom t-shirts. So since Russell messed it up for us. No actually really cool. So 30 if you actually can bring 30 email events at and we’ll figure it all out. So that’s how it works. Whatever Russell says Russell get so we’re now got custom t-shirts. It’ll be fun. Alright something else. Yeah. Yes, please. How about a drop the mic? Alright, alright, so this here is our famous drop the mic and it actually does work. It’s actually works just like this.

Boom. It doesn’t break. I’m like this. You can make your drop in Jump not dropping this one, but this one works. So we’re gonna give away this and let’s throw something else in how about a beanie and a trucker hat? All right. Just go to one person or three people one person do all this to one person. So pull something out here. We’ll see what we got. All right for will you guys who just bought your tickets? They are flying in right now, which is a really really fun. Here we go, the winner of the drop Mike and the BT and the hat is oh man. I had to put the hardest name ever to pronounce. So Langley Lena, how would you pronounce that?

Yes. So Langley Molina congratulations. She versus to you congratulations you purchase and you win its you win prizes. That’s how we’re playing today. In addition to later. You’re getting one of these two. These are on its way to you. Also the notes and the MP3 player from my last four years. Whoo. Take it away Russell. This is really hard. Let’s do the PBS to make good money doing this. All right, whoo-hoo. Okay, we’re gonna go. All right. Let’s go back in time. Go ahead and take you guys back at through my journey. So I chose you as the story about zip random which my very first thing ever, but I want to go back earlier than that.

Funnels Never Before Told Story

So so during this time he’s trying to figure stuff out right? I met my okay. So the until the story for I wrestled the BYU they cut the wrestling program. I went on a mission for my church. I came back to Boise state was the boy who say I met the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. She’s a little bit older than me. And so I had to convince her to date me and then after commissioner date me then I convinced her to marry me and it was the hardest sell ever but by far the best Roi of my life has been amazing marriage. We have five beautiful kids and during that time after after we got married. I was like trying to be like, how do I help support this marriage? Right? Like my wife was working. I was wrestling. I’m like I have to do something.

And a lot of you guys have been that situation or even a situation right now, they got to figure something out and I didn’t I didn’t have the ability of jobs. I was resting on sighs. I got to figure something out figure something out. So I decided I’m going to try to figure out this internet thing, right? And so I remember I remember buying the very first domain name the very first like I dad. I knew I wanted to sell software which is ironic now 15 years later. We got ClickFunnels™ as a thing, but I don’t want to software sounds like what kind of software should I sell? Like I think about domain names like what’s so exciting software.

And so remember I bought the very first minute I ever bought was excite where dotnet exciting software. It was like I was flipping out. She was working at by the first domain. It was like 20 bucks are so excited and then she came home that night as I Collette. We’re launching our new company. I bought my first domain she’s like really what is it? She was excited. I was excited. I said it’s excite where dotnet and she looked at me. She’s like what I’m like, yeah. It’s like we’re going to be amazing.

She’s like excite. We’re like, yeah, it’s going to be awesome. She’s like are you selling lingerie? What do you sell? Static site where was like exciting like we’re excited anyway, and I was like, no it’s gonna be exciting software. She’s like, I’m not gonna tell my mom that our domain name is excite where it’s embarrassing to say. Anyway, she was like so embarrassed about it. So I was like crap. I was like 20 bucks. I didn’t have that. I already bought it only get refunds on domain names. And so she’s like you can’t call it that like I’m I won’t like that’s just embarrassing like crap. I got come another day.

So I was thinking I was thinking it one night. There was this song came on from Sublime Sublime was cool as like what if I call our site our company Sublime And so that was the idea. So this is site more if I 50 times on pull the very first, this is one of the very first versions of sublime net. It looks horrible because all the images are dead be going way back machine. This is the very first one. So what it was was I found all these affiliate programs where I could like sell stuff. So I have 750 inch big screen TV projector things is to download software for your children to video games.

I was selling everything I could find affiliate programs is like my one of my very first times was just putting this out. Is this too Thousand to so when what are yours their 2018 so sixteen sixteen years in their day as the first version then I was after selling this. Nobody bought anything access not true. I did sell one. I remember it was a $20 Philly thing somebody bought it and I was like, I was in I was the Boise State in the computer lab and the first sale came through on PayPal is 20 bucks. I was like, oh my gosh, there’s flipping out are so excited and that’s what I call my wife like me 20 bucks. I had a PayPal debit card. So I took her out to dinner that night. We bought dinner was like our first dinner on the business and it was like one of the coolest things in there. Like I dinner with money I made on the internet like it was so cool.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

And then then the person refunded like two days later that’s not but I knew that was not possible. So then I was like what else could I sell and then I was like wait, I maybe I shouldn’t step slowly like this stuff. I guess like website hosting the next version which launched a couple months later 2013 was this version of sublime that which is now is my new website hosting and design company. And so I Found out I think I spend 20 bucks a month to have resell rights to hosting I can sell as many people as I wanted. So I was selling hosting and I would do website design because I was really good at Microsoft front-page this time as you can tell, you know, it’s the side columns and the top Combs the iframes like I thought I was the man so it was that for a little while and then April shifted again, but another one maybe it’s the same one.

So still awesome then October. I was like I want to do news like several times. I bet you need your own e-zine doesn’t like magazine but as e-zine, so I’m going to easing so and I remember trying to like what’s gonna be the name of my easy know, what’s the hook on it? I kept trying so it became Russell Brunson is entrepreneur Insider easy, bring your online business to a higher standard, which is kind of embarrassing since I didn’t even have anything yet. So there was another one of my ideas that didn’t do very well, but it was like thing after thing after thing after thing 2004 and Sublime it became something else this kept morphing from like, I don’t know whatever I learn about. I like rebuild this entire sites like match that and I rebuilt it and the next thing so this was like, I don’t remember this one was always a product catalog so is every product that I could become an affiliate for us was like that’s a good idea.

If you have to do it for every product known to man and they could catalogs that is catalog of every product forever. This one also doesn’t work. So these are more funnels that this didn’t work thing. The thing after thing, okay, so I’m going to pause there because the next next is like another phase but I was Sublime net which I kept doing thing after thing after thing with and that was a that was there. Okay, I can’t get her up. We had absolutely thrilled to have to get rid of these price. Yes that occasional breaks. We got prizes here. The prize is going to people who are buying tickets right now.

So you don’t your tickets are going to run like a or call the phone number a parent you two three nine five nine. So we got a whole bunch of Swag stuff. I’m dying to get rid of so we have a box or five different boxes of t-shirts five t-shirts. We’ve got the infamous confusion soft and oh my gosh, there’s such a cool story. Probably can’t tell that story again. No can’t kill that yet. Oh man, I’ve Loved children. There’s a cool thing happening after the first year about that story be really cool. Anyways, drink this – tears of your enemies. Some of these old shirts that we don’t even give away anymore. So there are five of them and we’ll get your T-shirt size and everything else make sure we get that but so let’s go ahead and pull a name.

Let’s see here. We’ve got Oh my gosh, RK atoms are Jay Adams is the winner of one of the boxes. You got a bunch of teachers coming you guys are real atoms per second. It’s RJ atoms in addition to that. Let’s see here. How about a backpack? This is like ClickFunnels™ backpacks, like one of our favorite things. Everybody office asked primarily stat only type of thing. So we’re going to give one of these away. Also. Do you want to win the school stuff? You make your ticket sales in ASAP or gonna miss out on this whole party.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

The only way you get your ticket sales if I go into FunnelHacking or calling because they they’re dying to talk to you eight seven. Seven two two, two three nine five nine call right now because I’m a take a live call here a few minutes. We’ll call right now and maybe I will answer your phone call as well. That would be Killers. Everyone’s dying to talk to Russell. So Nathan wall. Congratulations. You are the winner. Whoo. They think it’s on its way to you in addition to that. Yes, the winners also are getting these because these are going out like crazy. So MP3 Layers of the last four years and the notes from the last four years. So I’ll take all this out Russell back to you. Whoo back to me. You want a drink? I think actually what about a video have you guys? Oh, yeah. Okay. I’ll set up. All right. I’ll sit. Okay really quick two things.

Then we’re going to the very first FunnelHacking Live happened in Las Vegas. That FunnelHacking Live I gave way Ferrari it was cool in the second FunnelHacking Live. What was the second was the San Diego Dallas and San Diego the second FunnelHacking Live in San Diego now coolster about San Diego for liking life. The first one we had 600 people at this and we double in size. So it’s 1,200 people which I was super scared about. I was like, I want to bring in a keynote speaker. And the person I wanted to bring in was Marcus Lemonis because Marcus is like the coolest dude ever. He’s the if he’s watching TV show The Prophet Marcus is the The Profit right?

He’s the guy comes in and takes businesses and fix them. I remember I was listening to something that he was doing and he basically said times like I don’t speak at events. I don’t need money. I don’t really do that kind of thing. And I was like crap. How do we get somebody? We are event when money is not like an object. I can’t bribe him with more money. And I was like, I’ve got to figure it out. So we reached out to them and start begging them and luckily he end up agreeing and it was so cool because you see some of the footage here in the video about to show you from the FunnelHacking Live from the San Diego event, but at the event he cut out there it was crazy because like we were trying to be all like, you know getting guards people to block him up and he showed up in an Uber he shows up in like Hey, we’re going to take you back behind the scenes to meet everyone, you know to get you know, say she’s like now let’s go hang out with all the people he comes out.

He’s hanging out taking pictures shaking hands talking everybody just super cool. Like one of the coolest experiences was so laid back and fun. He came and spoke and he got in the audience like Sherry tough and got people like tell their stories and to cry and like he told his story of super vulnerable telling all the stuff that what he liked his life growing up things that nobody knew about he shared vulnerability and it was it was a powerful powerful event. It was really cool. So we’re going to cut and show you guys that video right now from from the San Diego event so you can see a little glimpse of what funnel hacking looks like now, this was fun.

Can I have the second one every year as you will see as we progress through this the the show gets bigger and better and more exciting. And so I want to make sure you guys are at this event. I don’t worry as missing it. I told you guys when we started this thing. I feel like I have a moral obligation to make sure you guys all show up at funnel Hockey Life. We spent over a million dollars a year just putting on this event. If I knew that I had a friend who is like the biggest area of marketing or in the world. He’s been a million dollars to throw a party for you.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

And all you have to do to come this party is get a ticket today. Then I would do everything that I had to do it. Okay. I’ve literally spent over a million dollars and you guys can participate in this party for less than a thousand bucks. That’s insane. So all you do is you take is going to find I can have a calmer call you guys during the break but right now we’re going to show you is that clip and while we’re showing you and I sit back and think like man, like imagine yourself being in that room. Imagine if you were there with Marcus spoke if you heard what he said, what would transform what happened? In fact one of our speakers this year name is Natasha. Hayslett Natasha was at that event when she showed the event.

She told me that they should I Crush of the event I was broken. So that was done. I was ready to be finished with this. Barking I’ve been trying this business. I’ve been struggling you get to talk about fun one funnel way. She’s like I just had given up and to think I almost didn’t come at it. Take it. I almost didn’t come because such a dark spot. I didn’t want to go into think I was in the room as soon as listen to speaker after speaker after speaker and say it was for her. It was something that Marcus and he said something that was the trigger for her and then she came home and she transform not just her business for her life.

She had losing a ton of way. She end up launching a new business unit getting new car new customers new people and and she’s let me tell you that story this FunnelHacking Live and her business her life is completely transformed because she was in that room during this event. So I want you to picture yourself sitting in the room and imagine what happened. Imagine would have been like to be there to be a fly in the room in that event when it happened. What would have happened your life today. Have you been there two years ago? And then the way I think about What’s it gonna be like this time when you’re Nashville with us and we give you that same experience you life’s able to change and soon as you feel that and you know, what its gonna be like when we pick up the phone and call the phone number talk these guys right here and get your tickets.

So that’s that looks cute the video. This is for like line. Number two the footage from the San Diego event. There’s just been so many tools out there very few been aggregated to do everything you need to do to create success ClickFunnels™ is an amazing software that allows you to sell a product online quicker and faster than anything you’ve ever seen in your life. This is a simple way of making pages that convert, you know, I mean, they’re like business-oriented templates that already start beautiful but that you can very easily customized seamless takes an hour to takes three hours and I will follow then I just go, you know, when one day you can get that idea you can be at FunnelHacking Live. You can take that idea out of your head and you can actually make it real.

Authors speakers high-end coaching. We do marketing products for real estate agency t-shirts. Every kind of person is here and it’s awesome. When everything about hacks tips and tricks, right? It’s like the fast way to do it. It’s about taking best practices from people who have already proven what works funnel hacking isn’t about stealing. It’s about modeling and creating your own spin on something that’s already working. I think entrepreneurship is being hacked here. If people who are doing stuff every single session that I’ve been in is pretty much been a standing ovation the caliber of speakers Marcus Lemonis, Sean Stephenson Russell has those people here at the event Russell wants a meet genuinely wants to make a difference in the lives of many many many many many people gives more excited about the success of others than he does about his own success.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

He really cares about the bigger picture in terms of where this is all going. He’s helping tens of thousands of people grow businesses. The event is where you get clarity and courage to get confidence to do what I know I need to do I was compressed yours Musial. No one you make and now I have a global audience literally been episodes between my business not even being to it being a multiple six-figure level in six months couldn’t have done that with the Yellow Pages that the opportunity to see all of the open potential and Horizons there at my fingertips. This is way more than the platform itself. You can fast-track your way to success.

My name is John Zacharias on eBay. I use Cliff line are companies that put bottles and it’s my favourite platformer is it will transform your life? All right, everybody. Welcome back to the Telethon. So we are sorry. I got so many questions coming in from everywhere and people are calling and like crazy and Grant Cardone apparently just called in right there and wants to talk. So I have no idea is to talk about hopefully we can talk about 10x what’s can happen to you as experience in this part of the event as well. So I have no idea how to do this. Okay, this is my first time taking a life. Let’s click on this.

Hey, this is Russell. I was breaking up. All right, break it up. You guys can hear me. I can hear you. Now. How you doing? Man? Good good, buddy. I love your Telethon man. Thank you. Moon old school. Yeah. Can I can I can I help cherries kids? Heck. Yeah, how much do I need to give to help Jerry’s kids because I’ll do it. Who’s going to take it today is going to be at the tedx event as well. Do I tell him what to expect this year because I know a little behind the scenes but they departed on too much.

What’s gonna be happening? Yeah. Well 35,000 people in parks in the world. Okay, Mom. Don’t got to come over if you’ve ever Park like I was it the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium became for the world series. I mean Parks problems, the years years old something archetype of years old. So all new equipment new technology believable audio and video and then three is where we bring together biggest named world. You’re one of those together before we have a profound up a lot of people and it deletes a sermon. I think three days of network three decades of I need to literally take your business wherever it is and take it to the next level.

So you can help your church better help your family take more responsibility to the community and really be in charge in your life. You know. Yeah, it’s amazing. I can’t even when you guys told us that you were going to be doing it there. I saw the pictures of the stadium like it’s it’s ridiculous. That’s good. Yeah amazing. Yeah, so and I Think of anybody to partner with better than you Russell. I mean, I love you. I love your your organization. You guys do what you say you’re going to do you deliver great products. So that’s the kind of people we want to align ourselves with thanks man. We appreciate why I’m excited. I said we’re going to have a thousand funnel hackers sitting there on the third base line going crazy with you man. It’s going to be awesome.

And I’m hoping last year you came from the ceiling. Are you going to be like skydiving in anything crazy this year? Did I put the call in I said hey, how can I drop and how can I have the 10x Airlines drop me out of the back of the plane and they’re like we can’t do that. But they were what about the Blue Angels back and I had the blue button and drop down there like began to that. I did. What about me and Tom Cruise drop the copter. Can we do that if you’d like, I know I don’t talk to get approved but I don’t know if you can say what do I need to do to get a broom? He’s like 500 500 jump can get you approved it to drop into the ATMs I got nothing and if I drop today that would be worth it though. It’ll be totally worth it. Yeah, and if I do I’m aware. Hey stupid.

Funnels Never Before Told Story

Oh, that’s so cool. Very cool, man. I appreciate you calling in and I can’t wait to see you man. And it’s be fun. Hey Deepak in the world, bro. All right. Thanks man. I appreciate you. All right. Bye. All right. There you go. You guys part of get your fun like lactic acid a museum hang out with me and Grant at the tedx event. I said to be 35 thousand entrepreneurs there which is gonna be insane and Dave went yesterday and bought up the entire Third Base Line. So all this funnel hackers are going to be right there hanging out at the events gonna be amazing.

All right. Now you guys have been blowing up our social media with questions and comments concerns and all sorts of stuff. And so John has been caught trying to grab them all as fast as you can as got some questions for me to answer for you guys. So John, what do we got people asking on social media? Yes, so we’ve got it can hear me good. Yeah. Okay, so we’ve got karolina Mia me let me Ian who says she’s been to FunnelHacking Live 2015 17 18 and she’s come to 2019 so she’s super excited nice Chad’s got his tickets he’s super excited Chad from Facebook so, you know, we got some interesting questions here about some of your businesses so you showed you know, she should ZIP brander the question was was it successful and why aren’t you still selling it? Whoo? All right. So zip random was my very first my own very very first product.

This is pretty potato guns. Even you guys for those who were wondering the timeline of history of events. It was successful for me at a time. If I was launching today, I would have been like, oh that sucks, right if you always like looking everyone talked about their to gamma Club finals. I’ll be like oh, but for me as a broke college kid my very first funnel it was making man. It probably got point was doing three to five grand a month which for me was insane like that was amazing and I ran for probably I don’t two or three months and then back then we have face. Gads wasn’t like I could just go buy ads to it Google slap me like they slapped everyone.

And so I was like, we were all reliant on like email and like things like that. So it’s kind of like these ups and downs and but it did good for me. I was probably I say all send them probably fifteen eighteen thousand dollars are made from zipper and who in the life of that product which can lie spend back. There was a lot shorter because you couldn’t continually by adds two things. But for me that was a huge win and it’s kind of funny actually maybe if I jump into some he’s real quick. I can show you something really quick. Hey John. Yeah, who was that person? Who asked that question that one was I think Philip from YouTube. All right, so Bill from YouTube for asking that question. We’re going to send you Swag Box. Whoo. He’s you’re drawing your way. Thank you for asking that question.

All right, let’s do this real quick games. You want pull-ups these other ones on the list from zipper and ER so I’m gonna go through a couple my first ideas because this guy’s like again some of you guys are sitting at home waiting like I’m waiting for my I’m waiting for I clicked on the coming wait for my big idea and wait for my lady boss. I’m waiting for my you hear all these stories and people like you’re waiting for that thing. It’s like you don’t understand like 15 years ago.

I didn’t have that if you’re ClickFunnels™ 15 years ago, like I need to sell something. I gotta create something throw it out there to see what happens is so zipper and it was the best idea head of the time spent $120 in a programmer nice seven dollars on the covers of launched it made 18 Grand which for a college kid that was insane and then I started getting I had a customer list that time I end up with like, I don’t know three or four thousand customers on the list. I had or opt-ins out of listens to stuff and I was like, what’s my next idea? What’s next product? I came up with the next idea which my second idea.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

There is form fortunes. Boom. This is my second software idea. Okay. Now again, this was not like I’m going to become a millionaire from it, but it was like what’s next idea. So for me it was like I had zipper and are selling it and the way I was selling as I was going to forums. I was commenting on forums and I have like a little signature file in the in the footer like hey, do you want to Brand your zip files? Click here? And like that’s why I start getting traffic was means being informed. So I was like 20 or 30 different forms as when every single form comedy every single day over and over and over and over again as really hard to manage all these forms.

So I was like what if there are software they would manage these form listing so I can just log into the one software it will show me all the forms I comment on it would keep track of those things. Boom. There’s the idea every time you had said that thought of like, what if what if I suppose I wish that something like this like they’re like, that’s your idea quit looking for somebody else to create the thing everything like I wish I wish there’s something to this just create it. So I paid I can’t repeat a couple hundred bucks to create for and fortunes, which is my second software product. And then it took all my customers about zip randers like hey everyone about zip render.

You should also buy foreign fortunes and this was my Very first thousand dollar day. I met a thousand dollars selling foreign forces in a day which for me was like boom insane, right? And that was my second product and for unfortunate soul for a while as well. I came around to my that made probably fifteen twenty twenty-five thousand dollars and then it kind of ran it then when it’s cycle then go to want to go to article spider. So then I was like back then everyone has had these article directories they put on their sites and I was like, I wish I had an article directory but like the article directory software costs like 97 bucks. I was like, I don’t want to buy that so I paid a programmer $37 to make my own article directory software and I was like I should just sell so I called the article spider and you can’t see the logos there but there’s like a little spider on the thing and I sold that for a camera 67 bucks or something.

Oh ninety seven. Oh eight. Anyway sold that and that was my very first 17. I still members find a member of the day go I mean $1,700 a day-long Saxon took all my zipper and our customs. Oh my foreign firm costs for and fortunes customers and I launched article spider and the because I had a list now of customers boom $700 the first day so, you know that I compounds like everything kind of compounds and a compounds in a compounds. So I think sometimes we get this thing of like one phone away means I had to wait for the one funnel it see me call him. I shot that I crack it out of the thing.

It’s like no like just do something cells. So they put something out there and then sell it and then you may not be a blockbuster you get some customers and people buying their stuff and it’s like the next night he comes he still that one and it’s like The Snowball Effect for the first one leads to the second second to the third of the third the fourth and then one day and you keep consistent with it. Boom. You launch your ClickFunnels™. Okay, then the next frustration thing I had was like I was a I was doing these articles and as in cells themselves are paying the but I was like what if I’d software that I can write the sales that are for me. Boom enter the sales letter box, which is my cells are software. And actually we’re to go I actually use the software to write the sales letter for this thing. So this is sales letter in the Box. We took this one. We launched it.

And this one is $17,000 the very first day. I remember that because it’s a big promotion afterwards and people articles about as make you sing. But this cells that are boxes when next software. So he keeps like everyone goes from one to the next to the next to the next to the next and you keep doing it in the compound upon each other. And so that’s kind of a I’ll go deeper in some more of those the first three or four there were just the first I did let the second to the third so zipper and it wasn’t like end all be all but it was like the first idea that sparked the that got momentum and movement happening.

I was so much versus like like if you’re sitting there not doing anything, you’re not likely have success. If you like moving forward things will start happening is customers start coming people coming new ideas will start and like all this stuff starts happening when you start moving forward, which is why you guys any before to come to FunnelHacking Live to be around 5,000 other insane entrepreneurs who are as obsessed with this game. As you guys are all you got to do right now is get to go to FunnelHacking or call my team back here get your tickets. One for you one for your spouse in with your kids bring them along.

Funnels Never Before Told Story

If you’ve got a community of people, you know need to be fun like life bring the entire Community. They’re gonna some more tickets coming in. If you’ve got a community bring them lobby at least 30 people in your community short final hacking life together will give you a custom branded shirt on top of that. You’re also going to be getting the book and the MP3 player. If you’re next. If you want the first hundred fifty people today was I’m sure last I checked with over 50 cell. So I think right down to less than a hundred of those left plus we got 10 x tickets for those who work in come to tedx Event John. Who’s we got? We got to rustle break. Here’s your duck cause we got okay. Okay. So check this out. You can take it. You can take a shot of this day or give it to Russell.

So Chang from YouTube. What is been geeking out on your expert Secrets book and wants to know if you would do an epiphany bridge to sell fashion clothing right here on the spot. Whoo self High fashion clothing. I can’t and kill. Whoa. This is hard to request who was against Qing Feng. Hi from YouTube. You’re gonna get yourself a baby a trucker hat and a water bottle. All right thing Shanghai from the country of YouTube. I’m going to tell you right now. Whoa my green shoes and my avocado sauce. So here’s my luxury brand. You can see I’ve got green shoes on Avocado socks. So, how do I do a grip 50 bridge on green shoes and avocado socks.

I got to think real quick. Alright, so why do I green shoes? An avocado socks? I will tell you the story. Here’s the story. When was it was Dan. That was a Dallas. What was the thing I was there for? Oh, no said X so the 10x event after school Grant Cardone stacks of it the same one. You will be coming with me at in February. When we were there. We after that was done. I needed to buy some new clothes for FunnelHacking Live. So went to buy some clothes. I bought like I used to wear like button-up shirts that leave untucked and because that’s what I do and I wear jeans and stuff and Dan who was with us. Dan is obsessed with Gucci apparent his whole life.

He wanted like Gucci Gucci stuff, right? And so after we’re done shopping, he’s like I go to Gucci real quick. I’m like, what is Gucci? I don’t know that I’ve heard that before. I knew what I was so walk in the store is always weird stuff. There’s like these these brooches with bugs on them that apparently is like the Gucci thing. There’s lions like all these weird things and heard an walked over and he got this like Gucci jacket. He put it on like you were like some pride he was just like like you wanted that jacket more than life itself.

And so I saw him wearing it and then we had to go fly to go film this thing and a helicopter and everything and a while. They’re in the room. I was like what it hears like that what I actually where I’m looking around nothing that I had actually wear. And also I saw these greens shoes and they look like wrestling shoes to me. I was like, I think I’d actually wear those shoes. So I put on the shoes and I was like, these are awesome. So I was like, I’m gonna buy my very first Gucci thing ever which can be green wrestling look wrestling shoes.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

They’re actually real shoes and then Christopher Voss was watching an Instagram and he sent I believe Christopher boss sent me these avocado socks and this whole thing and then and so that’s going to first part of the story. I’m trying to my Epiphany bridge on the fly with all the noise. So Paul’s is not the best. So then Dan and I left to go to film is shot and helicopter and I knew his whole life. He wanted a Gucci something and so on the way out of to my wife, I was like Hey buy that jacket Downs looking at but don’t tell him and so then we left and it was really cool because we went and we filmed this thing a helicopter had me hanging out of a hell-like literally strap around my waist hanging out of a helicopter.

Do you like a 30 like a two second b roll clip me hanging out over looking over Madeline Bay, which is where the event has happened at and then that night. Hanging out and stuff and then clip brought the Gucci jacket to him and so I can she bought me my shoes. I’m like, oh cool. Thanks. I got the cool Gucci shoes. And I was like Dan I got a gift for you and he opened it up and he was like almost in tears because he always wanted this beauty thinks he put the Gucci jacket on I think every time I’ve seen Dan since then he’s wearing in fact I bet if he’s watching us right now. He’s probably got it on. So there’s my story about Gucci and why it’s really cool and why I care about Gucci and why I think everybody here to buy their own green wrestling shoes from Gucci.

So something like that. I would tell the Baxter about why you’re excited about the brand and the customer we came with the idea where you we, were you a lie. What were you experiencing? Why did you come to the brand name in the like FunnelHacking Live back in time. Like what was the story that built up the pressure that made you want to do that thing? That’s sweet. That’s awesome. All right, that’s awesome Okay, so we’ve got some people here. Um, Jared Kozlowski on Facebook says, he’s tried consuming everything for the past three years and finally finally, he’s in a 30 day challenge and the fact that is day one day to just do it.

Just do it. He says you could charge. For this and he would pay every day all day long. Did he give his credit card number afterwards? He would like you to charge you 1,000 right now. Hey, that’s the I can comment us an interesting. So he’s talked about 30 day challenge where it’s a hundred bucks 30 day challenge is closed down and out. Everyone’s like trying to get into it, but it’s not open but we’re doing is like basically 30 at every day for 30 days. You have to go through the training of the end of their days at all beliefs and disappears The forcing people to consume over the biggest problems with create information products is that people don’t actually consume the product. So it’s Force consumption. He forced people to consume the actual product a due to these challenge funnels right now. We’re seeing insane success rates adoption agency, like people consuming.

We’re actually selling because it disappears explodes the end. In fact speaking of that if I’m talking live one of my super close friends in the Tasha hayslett. She’s the one who taught me this concept of challenge funnels. She’s going to be actually speaking on challenge funnels and she’s in be showing as the strategy and what worked what it does how it works that Natasha stores re-engineer.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

She was selling a book and she was struggling to sell the book through traditional free plus shipping funnel. If I she’s like, you know what screw this I’m changing everything and she stops on the books that are like cellular challenge for forty seven dollars at the book for free and transformed her business. She went from struggling struggling struggling to she’s on track to hit the two columns up before she shows up on FunnelHacking Live in less than a year because these challenge funnel so she’s gonna be sharing on stage which is going to be amazing.

And then one of her clients codered Christie is doing them the fitness facies me show you how she’s doing them Gary White see me speaking Garrett’s entire business is based on a challenge for now click photos. Like if you wanted like do this with your customers your clients the only place where every and teach it and we’re going teaching at is that funnel hacking live? It’s gonna be amazing.

So it is the best way to get people to actually consume your content. So if you ever take his head going to like like a calm or call the phone number down below or up above or whatever to your tickets because I don’t want these guys slacking off keep them busy. Give us a call asking your questions get tickets for you your spouse your kids bring your team’s because it’s something that will change your business and it will change your life. What’s next so cool. Who is that? Because I want to make sure we cover more than something here. Yeah. I said then I didn’t say the name. I’ll have to unhide it allows for just whack box.

Yep. It’s mr. Kalinosky on Facebook. Okay. So Rachel on Facebook Rachel says she’s deep into the Russell world, but she wants to know what other influential mentors that you’ve had. Whoo. So Rachel my influential mentors, it’s interesting. When I first got started the the main man that the first Mentor I had was guy named Mark Joiner and Mark is amazing. He owns the site now called Simple and she co-signed for free. It’s really cool Armand. Morin was not a mentor Dan Kennedy became a huge huge Mentor for me Jay Abraham as a mentor and I’ve had tons of mentors throughout my career and a lot of areas like speaking mentors teaching mentors traffic mentors. I could I feel guilty. I must not mention everything.

There’s so many of them. In fact, but like nowadays, it’s funny people ask me like Russell who your mentors today. Like, how do you how do you get ideas? And how do you say? On top of the market constant right now and for me, honestly, it’s hard. There’s not many more events. I can go to to get more ideas and more things. And so somebody has no I have an inner circle.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

It’s $50,000 a year to be part of it. And in my inner circle that people from all sorts of industries that come into this room right here. We meet twice a year and we share all the best practices and for me like those are my mentors now. They’re my coaching clients who are in every market doing it and every single year I pick from that group. I picked the people in the most interesting things and bring them in. So if you look through the funnel hacking live like like who are the people who are speaking FunnelHacking Live this year.

They are my mentors. They are people in my coaching programs who are doing these things and tons of Industries. For example, Stacy Martino Stacy her and her husband Paul has helped over 10,000 save over 10,000 marriages, which is a fascinating Story by self, but they also have mastered a customer they call that yellow brick road for their customers that is customer Journey. They get like 96 percent of their high end people pay 15,000 or $14,000 a year to re-up every single year 14 or sees me $14,000 a year like 93 % rip every single year.

Like, how do you do? That she’s gonna show you FunnelHacking Live. Steven Larson is like obsessed with the pre frontal assault. If you do before the final actually starts, right he talks about in this room because talk about anywhere else. If you want to learn it you to come from like life seems to share that Alex sharp is going to talk about he tries really cool concept where he launched his movement was like, how do I protect and Empower my dream customers and he sure this room I was like, oh my gosh, like please don’t talk like that share that Matt Mattox because no Caleb Maddox.

Matt Mattox is his father. Like, how did Matt Reis Caleb a how does like I had a chance to spend a couple days with Matt and Caleb and I watched Matt take his son and like develop him in this amazing entrepreneur. Like I listened to that everything he says and I copy it and I use with my kids over and over and over again is to talk about some I’m at come to teach us parents who have kids who are not entrepreneur who want to be entrepreneurs.

How do you do that? How did you create an environment in a system and a process to develop children into entrepreneurs and he’s going to talk about that Nick and Amanda barely I go on like all the people that are speaking for like they are literally my mentors the Coaching programs who I’m learning stuff from where I learned some of Mike. Oh my gosh, because we FunnelHacking Live is literally how the process works. Whoever blows my mind. They come as before like live to share that piece with you guys.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

So if you want to learn my mentors like this is where you learn from him. I developed this event for myself selfishly to learn from these people as well. So if you want to learn my mentors come to funnel hacking your tickets or give these guys a call back here because the tickets are flying. I know we only started today with less than a hundred fifty these out. I think we’re down to like I have no idea actually a lot less they’re going out the door yet. I guarantee as want these on top of the 10x bonuses and everything else is so much amazingness get your tickets now. All right speaking tickets.

We have some winter here bouvard bought tickets. So we want to go ahead and award a yoga book miles. I’m going to turn this over to you Betty miles. Are you on those yet? So come on down here young let you pick someone out of here Smiles is one of our eight wonderful beautiful phone handsome holiday, I would say I was looking at Melanie when I said beautiful. So what a beautiful. All right your mouth. The yoga book like a iPad on steroids. You can flip it around. It’s got a keyboard on it’s got a pen.

It’s got a stylist. I’m a Mac fan myself. So these things are amazing though. If you like Microsoft, which there’s some of you out there this thing is amazing. So You sold until he said about the Mac, but you jumped away. This thing is the best thing you guys will buy the yoga book it’ll increase increase productivity tenfold. I can’t legally say that. All right, here we go. The winner winner chicken dinner. Kristen Miller Kristin, do you want a Yoga Tablet Christmas? All right, John back to you guys some more questions.

Okay. Yeah. So Joe Sarah on YouTube says Russell. How do you overcome being an introvert to start putting yourself out there? Alright, my introverted friends. Okay. Um, this is a great question. So I started my career. I wish we’re trying to find like old footage of me back like when this whole party began because I was like more nervous I get to any of you guys like my first videos. I wouldn’t dare look at the camera. I like hey everybody Welcome to My I got so nervous about right the big part of it is just like it’s the process of like doing it right last week at our to gamma Club X event. I talked to traffic Secrets process is I’ll be teaching a lot of that from FunnelHacking Live this year, but I was like, I told him like you have to start publishing today.

You can’t wait you have to like start publishing. Bush published published published because like it takes you awhile to find your voice and it’s scary because the first like you’re all worried because like, oh nobody’s listening what I do, but the good thing is that the first nobody’s listening. So does it matter so you got to pick a platform. So I always tell people like if you are someone who who may be awkward and unlike video scares you to death, but you enjoy writing you don’t have to be on video like me and like look like you don’t have to do that.

You can be a writer I go start a blog I’ll go to right now create a free account start blogging and just every single day start blogging document your journey, right? If you’re like, I don’t have my camera. I like writing but like maybe I could maybe I just want a Yeti Mike from Dave pick up your item. I can start a podcast and launched a podcast right start publishing every single day.

And if you like, I don’t want to write I don’t want to do a podcast. They only videos grab your phone and start publishing videos. Like it’s just it’s just picking a platform you must come with and starting and the being consistent and the thing you guys are set at first you’re going to be horrible, but the good news is known as actually listening at first that’s nice thing is as you as you get better your audience will start growing about time you guys figure it out. You’ll be good. I’m fact Stephen larceny. It’s even join us they later on today. Steve is gonna tell his stories you want the real story throughout Stephen and he’ll be he’ll be he’ll be coming in.

Funnels Never Before Told Story

But I remember he was listening to my podcast. He told me he’s like the first 45 46 episodes like you you weren’t very good man. He’s about 46 47 is like when you started cutting easier to find your voice and start hitting and then like you got better and better and better but it could be 40 like took me 46 episodes to be interesting right so takes a while but if you don’t start you never need episode 46 so you gotta start today.

Okay. The other thing is like you have start networking with people. Okay. I found like in my normal world. I’m more introverted but I found my people like I felt entrepreneurs like you guys mind when I found just like I can talk and you guys actually care what I talked about like that was fascinating. Okay. I started learning how to find my voice when people on my people came to me and they found and they were interested excited about I was talking about so if FunnelHacking Live you’re going to meet a whole bunch of people who are like you people who are in who are interested in this this geeky stuff that we’re doing and it’ll be fascinating for you. I’ve been told by hundreds and hundred people like when they came to follow a First time they sat in the room like this is like my family. Like I found my people. Okay. So this will become your new extended families become your people.

This will become your new peer group. They say you are the average of your five closest friends income level and I believe that’s definitely true and so find those friends here connect to people here, you will get to know them an intimate level. You can’t through Skype and through Facebook lives. You’ll be in room with them learning from them growing with them together and it’ll change your business and I promise you will change life. But only if you get your tickets right now, so you got two ways to get tickets number one go to photo.

FunnelHacking on that page. You’ll see videos to see a bunch of excited to see all the speakers to see everything or number two, if you like I need to talk to my got a question. I got a concern or like I need to find out if the dates are going to work very like I’ve got to be my kids can be my spouse and I bring my entire team is gonna be more people give these guys a call back here. They can answer those questions for you being a call right now. Call one eight seven seven two two, two three, nine five nine. That’s a really good number. That’s a great in seven. Seven two two, two three, nine five nine call the number now talk to these guys get your tickets before they are gone. So Russell, we’ve got a couple people. Are dying to talk to you.

Would how about the tenth person buys a ticket starting right now gets to talk to you. Okay that be as long as you’re not crazy. Okay starting right now. Well let these guys go whoever the tent ticket is keep them on the phone. So keep on the phone after you get the 10th ticket, you guys got to keep track up there. So go call right now to eight seven seven two two, two three nine five nine sartet ticket as you opportunity. Ask Russell any question they want as long as it’s a good question Vaughn’s good question. So there are there are definitely stupid questions as Steven Larson told me the other day make sure it’s not stupid question. It’s one time to have have the opportunity as Russell any question you want as long as the good question. It’s our tenth ticket winter up here. So while rain to the tenth one John, what do you got? Hey, Dave, we’ve got over a thousand people listening live right now. What’s up? Everybody is rank. Those Rings need it. Those Rings need to start going.

So like so start cloning guys, so you can have Russell talk to you. So Carmen the last to come eventually just get your tickets now, maybe offer today is insane. I’m really curious is now and tomorrow and then we’re going to sell out every year we sell out every year I get people like I did not take this for sale yet. Like are you serious? Like what more could I do? I’m running a freaking Telethon for crying out loud your tickets now cause you’re gonna need em, you know desire call if you like. My spouse’s let me like go grab them.

Bring him on like hang out with us together us discuss this live with a thousand years hanging out you guys these tickets will not last forever. All right, so go so so Carnival ask is on Facebook says what you’re doing right now Russell is totally inspiring her to start publishing. She’s gonna start publishing they step out of her shell she can start publishing so On the spot and Andy Griffith from Facebook wants to know what book you reading right now. Is that really Andy Griffith The Edge Andy Griffith a group on Facebook will book.

I’m reading right now all your ladies really got this in my car today the most recent book I started reading in the car today. It was recommended by. Mr. Myron gold lose one of our keynote speakers this FunnelHacking Live. It’s called U squared. I ordered it at the event. He’s knows best what Giver he ever read and shrubs 36 pages long. My wife had to be today because of the mail I put in the car and I was flipping through it in the car today. So that’s the book. I started reading literally today. So it’s you to the second power of U squared. So cool thirty six pages.

Yeah. So that’s awesome that there you go. Okay, so biohacking question, if you could take Spencer the next second one we got we’ve had eight already. So the oh no data to hurry. All those calls are coming in Spencer J van on YouTube wants to know if you could take one supplement and only one the rest of your life. What would it be? What’s that one human fighting one? And one only this is like this like Truth or Dare for Russell is because I know this is like stressing me out. Probably the hardest question anybody could ever ask Russell.

I don’t have seen as supplement closet. I’m kind of addicted about okay, you can let you can name 20. I’m just getting I’m getting sweaty. I know so I say the to my two favorites right now. I’m obsessed with keto OS I drink one every morning and when every night and sometimes one of the middle of the day, like I just love it, it’s brain feel your brain works off of two fuels either glucose or ketones. So most of us he like crap so it’s glucose. That’s your brains running off of I eat crap, but I also eat Ketone so it’s like my brains working out those things which is why my body all the time and then there’s a new Ketone thing. We’ve been testing called human H VM n it’s like 30 bucks a shot is kind of ridiculous. It tastes like the worst thing on planet Earth, but it’s amazing.

I love it so though that’s like at our event last week unless the two things I brought so they’re awesome all Ketone related. All right, we have our winner. She’s a finishing up. All right, speaking of winners. Let’s go and pull one. We got two more coming in right now. Toss, all these in here. I’m getting I’m getting a Julie story has boxing the Brunson isms that she’s gonna make t-shirts out of this one. She says the work what more do I have to do? I’m running a freaking Telethon for out loud. I honestly I want you guys understand. It’s like I honestly feel like I have a moral obligation for you to be at FunnelHacking Live those who are last year’s event.

And if you were there if you were there like you remember what happened? Like we literally change the Paradigm for everybody. We started the event out by having a Wii U RK, we showed a documentary has over million dollars as a community to save children from sex slavery. Like they got only was a dry eye in the room I get was amazing then from there. We started building on people’s products and dreams and like by the time it left like I’ve seen in fact I saw buddy that coldness and proposed on on stage last night last year Colton and his Fiat not the times girlfriend Chelsea the time they show FunnelHacking Live then they asked Dave and I proposed on stage if FunnelHacking Live and luckily Dave said sure why not and so they came on stage and dirt that except for a whole bunch of crazy things happen.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

Oh, yeah in life, please don’t ask any more requests way the proposed felt like like I just thought today. They just got her to come a couple words. I know this isn’t say so they went from being broke sort of talking live getting engaged. Then it’s been what eight months and now this is really glad that I got to calm a couple words. It’s like you understand like this isn’t just like working on getting their second one before fun acting like there’s an attractive another product.

They’re gonna try to get their second one before Van Dyken life. Like yeah. This is like the kick off of your entrepreneurial year every single year you come and some of you guys will be getting 2 combo couple weeks, maybe two columns of X Awards. You can experience that and then this is the clock starts. You got 12 months till next life to win your War. Like there’s nothing better to like push you and pull you and drag you and drop you to get you to success then final a key. Lime. That’s so cool. I don’t know if some of these people who are watching know what the 2 comma Club award is that’s when you make a million dollars Revenue through your funnel. It’s so cool. Hold on. Melanie wants to come down.

She wants to get involved here. So By the way, Melodies wearing our new t-shirt who wasn’t solid tee shirt. I didn’t actually make that. So what’s happening Melody’s gonna give away a prize. So what price you want to give way? What if we have to have we done backpacks or roller? Yeah. Oh, how about a Macbook? Whoa, spun out the big ones. Yep million going to the big guns. All right, pull it out book. That’s who’s gonna be a winner. I’m so excited about this. This is the stuff to do. All right, Adrian Vogler. Sorry if I said it wrong Adrian. Congratulations, Adrian.

MacBook is in the mail to you along with four years with a notch and MP3 player all four years of the audios of all the everyone has been on since all the speaker’s everyone else has been on FunnelHacking Live. So that’s and again for those of you guys who take it over there. So we want to make sure you’re calling right away eight seven seven two, two three, nine five and what whoa, whoa, whoa don’t hang up the phone.

What what the crazy right that’s always biggest concern. Either way just say hey, man, we’re going live in secondary Bond. All right, here we go. Here we go. All right. I know this is the introverted Russell a freaking out if you live on the phone with somebody like alright is Robert. Hey Robert, this is Russell. How’s it going? Hello. Hey, how are you doing? Yeah, really good great. So I’m excited. You’re coming from locking life you excited. Yes. Yes. I think I came last year looking forward to this year. That’s awesome.

So what was the what was your biggest takeaway from last year’s event? Oh, wow biggest what one individual take where there’s a thousand hats or something that like that you shitted because of that in your company because you’re experienced if I think I think the the biggest takeaway was probably from Peng Joon the the social media, you know duplicating the content into many different formats. That was awesome. Huh? Very good. Yeah. So what are you hoping to get out of this year? What are you hoping to get out of this year? I build funnels the client. So it just you know, I’ve got to be there. I can’t not be the yeah, that’s awesome, man. So, what’s your question Robert? What’s the question? Please have any questions?

Do you have any questions for me? You got me you got me live. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. How is that Russell? This is me. Yeah, so I’m just shopping new business in Spain called things to do and have EA’s like a place to come and find everything you need in the area businesses are advertising on the web sites. One of the find out what would be the best funnel to deliver that to the clients. So is it is like a explain is the free surface of the paid service or what exactly is look like the business is paying to advertise on there and the clients who visit the areas of very touristy area are going to find out everything they need restaurants pubs places to go activities for the kids. So I just want to want to pitch this to the business owners cool.

Clicksfunnels $0 To $100 Million Dollars

So basically at two funnels right Wonder choir the subscribers and one for the business owners for this. Yeah drivers, I would like I put a guy like a dream vacation like giveaway where it’s like you’re going to get this and like feature bunch of the people having each each donate something. You know, now you got this big huge like dream vacation and then do big campaign to get people to opt-in to win that. That’ll build a huge list of potential people that want to come anyway, and then yeah, I love it and I think to get the to get the companies take the fun. Why would you because I just a giveaway final together subscribers to get the companies.

I think I would I would if you did that and you just bring in like five or six companies these donate their services the first time then record like captures the family whoever wins the prize like capture them experiencing like the restaurants and hotels and all those things right and now they’ve seen the journey what their dream customers would come back with and then you take that video and I can Target all of the businesses like this is like this is a this is what we’re doing bring people through this experience. I would like your company do when these companies that all these people are coming through and it kind of shown the case study of like what the customers experience now, they could be part of that experience.

Yeah, I love it. Love it. Yeah, I think that the dream vacation giveaway is phenomenal as a great idea now be awesome. Well Robert, thank you so much for calling in. We can’t wait to see you at FunnelHacking Live. Yeah, I appreciate you these for cut. Thanks for calling in and we’ll see you in a couple months. Yeah, awesome. Look forward to seeing you. All right. Thanks so much 16, right. Thanks guys. All right, that’s got to be there. Hey, let’s do this. I’ve been drinking a ton of water. So before we keep going, I think it’d be really fun to watch the video right now and and set that up. So I’m just up the video real quick. We come back from the video though. I’m going to talk about how to prepare for liking line because if you show up in the show up, you may miss the whole point of it may not be the most amazing experience.

So I’m going to come back and we talked about how to prepare for fun like you like make sure you know things but first i’m gonna show you guys the video so I understood she has a video from our very first thing like that I’ve ever we had 600 people FunnelHacking Live. It was where we had Marcus the mostly 1,200 people there. The third one was in Dallas we had 1500. People and this was the first year of Tony Robbins came and and experienced it with us, which was so cool to introduce our community to Tony and when you watch this video, there’s this one shot of Tony when he comes out. He looks at the camera and gives us like salute which is like insanely cool.

See I’d watch that part. But this is this is a it was a really cool event because was the first time I don’t know like every time the van gets like it gets bigger and better but this is like the first I thought it was an epic like this thing that we orchestrated that just had a huge not just like a like a business transformational effect like a life-changing effect because for us it’s like business is good. But if you don’t change your life, you don’t transform your core beliefs and things are holding me back like the business is going to follow it.

Right and so he watches like I want you guys again visualize yourself sitting in the room visualize the conversations that happened the things that you did experience. If you were there things you could have experienced. How do you have been a fly on the wall? And then we think about Bag Man. Should I be in the next one? Should I be there and then and realize like you need to be in the room. I promise you guys it will change your perspective of change your belief patterns will change. All the things that are holding you back. It’ll rip those things away. So you can finally run forward and do what you’re supposed to do is serve the way you’re supposed to serve and make the money you’re useless to make so we’re you that up.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

This was the third funnel hacking live from our Dallas event as you guys watch that I’m going to go and I’ll be right back and then come back we will talk about how to prepare for funnel hacking live. You don’t have your tickets yet. Give a call during this video now call her the number and now eight seven seven two, two three nine five nine or go to FunnelHacking to your tickets right now and let’s watch the video from the Dallas event. All it takes is one great idea one big thing that’s implemented and everybody’s just one funnel away from having the life. They’ve always wanted. Your one phone away.

I’m coming a weight loss coach becoming a best-seller becoming a company the foundation are you final is what build your business now? I don’t think there’s a business alive that this would not be transformed by as soon as you walk into the hotel. You just feel this overwhelming energy. One thing I can say about funnel I can lat. I know this is going to be one of those HubSpot where leaders in our industry come together with the guru’s all come together. All of these people are Hustlers. Everybody is working on something. So there’s this camaraderie that you can’t find anywhere else, but all going after the exact same Mission which is impact and in come the people in our industry doing so many different sorts of things crushing it your beliefs are built up as far as possible. The go get is the people getting it done. The people that you feel like man. I can never connect with them. You know, they’re here. You’re not only getting people who all consumed in playoff the same Playbook. They’re showing you specific examples of it in action.

And it’s not theoretical everything actually works. He brings in the best of the best you get those people that are worth millions of dollars and then just sharing with you their tips and their strategies and you just grow exponentially. It’s electrifying you got to be around people that are killing it so that you can continue to kill it and you can grow and do even greater things. It’s two comma club that basically means that I’ve sold over a million dollars online.

So imagine you’re getting this Platinum plaque if you were a Grammy award-winning artist who sold a million copies, but instead you sold a million dollars to click funnels in this room alone. There’s literally over a hundred Millionaires and if that doesn’t speak to why everyone should be here, I don’t know what will Russell gives you the education with his product don’t take complex things and he’ll make them very easy to understand and most important Implement even legitimately is here to help entrepreneurs create amazing lives. We has the biggest heart if you want to make money and you want to make a difference.

This is the perfect event for you. We are funnel hackers here to remind you one more time your life. You want a marriage you walks and the family that you want is going to be fueled by the businesses that you build your only one funnel away. All right, welcome back to funnel hacker Telethon TV. We’re so excited to have you guys here? All right. So who is this fun? You should already telethons for your own business is now, you know, like this is insanely cool. All right, we’re trying to lead by example, so Okay, what we’re doing now is what you guys are asking questions about FunnelHacking Live and like how to prepare and make sure that you’re prepared for so I wrote down 10 things.

No one warned that we’re now 15 ways from Fairfield like you laughs on a bus through these really quick see a lot of fun. So number one way to prepare for FunnelHacking Live after your tickets today by the going to find like an icon for calling the phone number above now the process begins and we should start doing start documenting your journey. If you come you’ll get your phone out Ivan go to Instagram start documented during buddy. Hey guys, right now. I just got my tickets my like laughs. I’m so excited. I was gonna be amazing and I start telling your stories are documenting your journey, especially as you get closer and closer.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

Okay, we want you guys to start documentaries are tagging me and starts hacking ever makes me want to see the plane. I want to see you jumping on your plane coming the terminal getting to the FunnelHacking Live meeting people. Like I promise you if you document the Journey of this whole process you’re going to enjoy so much more because you have a chance to go back and look at it.

So you can document it with Instagram with Facebook or SnapChat whatever it is, but document toasters what your happening what you’re learning because I promised you to get back home after all the excitement happens, right? You’re gonna be like literally taken to this existing to this event. Your life will be transformed and then when is the vents done you go back to your All right, you guys your home life and guess what happens all the people you love and you care about weren’t there.

They can experience leads experience and their energy is gonna be down here. You’d be up here going crazy. Like I’m going to change the world and they’re going to be down here be like why change the world they the world’s just fine. What’s wrong with the York, but you understand that everything would be better and I and so if your documentation go back to those and watch those things and watch yourself experience it as you experience it and you’ll get your energy back up where it needs to be.

She can go back and execute on things you learn so you can actually change the world. Okay, someone makes your document and Journey live on social media as you are coming to this event. Number two, make sure you block out all other commitments in February 1920 third every year people are like come in and they’re like, okay I’m here but I got a webinar over here. I got this happen over here and then in the other room and they missed the most important parts. This is not like a typical marketing event. Most Market events you go to it. They have a whole bunch of random speakers all over the place, right I go was a speaker on this and this and you can like pick and choose and kind of figure things out unlocking life’s different. I don’t let speakers asked me to speak like I pick people and I They can look at the whole entire event. Everything’s choreographed. All the speakers are core. Got to tell you a very important story line is going to break your false beliefs.

Things are holding you back Andre Empower you with what you need to be successful. Okay. So I understand that like every speaker is there is part of a story of if you miss part of the stories like walking out of a movie and coming back Jake wait, wait wait, but who’s I got the gloves? Just click why half the world is dynamic missed the whole thing, right? It’s like make sure they’re for all the parts. So bucket. Everything else is having this is my time to focus is my time to learn to grow so I can go back home and sir my is a higher level. That’s number two. Number three figure out an 18 second elevator pitch of what you do because you meet a ton of people like Hello. My name is Joe. What’s your what’s your name?

Oh, cool. What do you do? If you’re like, well like II build funnels and then I like Drive traffic and like people are not going to member use like figure out what you do right like figure out really quick period time. Like what’s your elevator pitch by hey, hey nice meeting Russell, like what I do is this right? And so that way you can you can have it really quickly so that you can you can tell people really quickly what you are and try to be unique because with All people going to be there. If you don’t have some unique things are hard people remember you are right. So hey, my name is so and so and like I am the dude who invented the all toys that’s probably why I’m so and so and like I help people to save their marriages or whatever.

Funnels Never Before Told Story

You’re like something quick. Like that was like, oh my gosh, cool. I know that you’re the person I can I can contact for that kind of a thing and I’ll start building relationships quickly. Okay. All right number four identify people in advance are going to come. So after you get your tickets today by either go to FunnelHacking We’re calling my friends back here on the phone at one eight seven seven two two, two three nine five nine. Give a call right now after your tickets, you’ll be put into a very secret very private Facebook group for only our FunnelHacking Live attendees and inside that group. You can see everybody who’s coming. Okay. These are getting to know people ahead of time. You start researching this you’re looking for the Facebook fault like you start to get to know people are ahead of time so that when you show up, you’re a cool. I don’t want to be this person that person and you can get some people ahead of time.

Okay, you can start pre networking today. That’s why I put together this group. We’ve never done this in the past before right now after your tickets by calling the phone number right here down below whatever it is call that number right now. You call it number you’ll be and get your ticket. You’ll be putting a very special group with all the FunnelHacking Live attendees were showing up because our pre networking pre getting ready pretty getting pumped. All right, same thing number five similars, like identify who those people are the Google and find who they are final that further funnels look like there are insane rock stars.

There’s probably man at least a hundred a hundred fifty more people. I wish I could have on stage where he’s sitting in the audience next to you. Like do your homework. Google’s new a figure who they are. They fought up their sales funnels. Look what they’re doing follow them on Facebook like start getting to know the people you’re going to be serving with at this at this audience number six. Bring all the chords. You need to charge your phones laptops Etc. Bring extra battery charges when your Instagram like crazy every go on your battery is gonna die. So make sure you are plugged in and then you will be able to have that. Who there’s the first six true pause from it and keep going, huh? So I got doing some more fries. All right with arises. Please read them which comprises who up there once come down. Give away some prizes with me.

You also want to come on down Jane. Come on down Shane Shane. Come on down. Come on. I can grab whatever you want off this table there to give away. Getting Mike. Of course. Shane has his own podcast right now. That’s why he’s going for the Okay, let’s do this drum roll. We got Rob Quinn. Rob Quinn is going to be Rock when he had a mic is on its way to you just put it over there on the table right there and we’ll get make sure that gets taken care of Rob Quinn Yeti Mike. It’s on its way. John how about you what our social post coming over there? Yeah, check this out. We’ve got let me find it was awesome. It was Denise Joy Downing says I don’t even really know what a funnel is or how to build one yet. But I love watching fun like your TV.

She says he just getting started in our world. And I think that’s so cool. That by the way is a Denise the Denise. What’s her name? Yeah, her name is Denis Denis told the best way to figure out one rule of funnel is how to build one is coming for FunnelHacking Live. So yeah. So Denise, all you have to do is call one eight seven seven two two, two three nine five nine and get the optimum talking one of these amazing people up here. They’ll get your ticket for you. All you have to do is give me credit card and it’s all set today’s there waiting for you. Okay. So Richard be Henry on Instagram. Says if you could build just one funnel to start. What would that funnel be the final? Should I build what’s that one funnel that everybody crying?

So the answer that depends on what your business is, right every funnels if every business is different strategy, but for me personally, I was started from scratch and I gotta figure out a funnel today to make money with for me personally. I would definitely webinar funnel webinars are nice because typically yourself the more expensive thing. And so there’s more like room for error write the sentence on thousand-dollar course $4,000 trip to my house or whatever. The thing is our coaching program because there’s more money involved you can you can spend more money on ads and still be successful.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

Right? What has be like low ticket things and sometimes it’s hard because like you’d be really good and the margins are thinner to make sure that the ads work and make money with webinar because make one cell you said thousand dollars and still break even so the gives you a little more room. So I’d probably build a webinar funnel five start from scratch right now and I’ll try to create like I decided visualizing. What’s the thing that like my audience wants the most of everything? Try to like create the most amazing offer ever and then I would do a webinar and I would sell it now some guys like well Russell, I don’t know. No, I do webinar because like I don’t sell information products or coach you guys so on the e-commerce person.

So I want to know one of our speakers who’s gonna be awesome. So if you look at I think it’s day two or day three, she’s going to be up they to So Jamie crosses me speaking of JB she started. In fact, I used for soap this morning the man bar. He isn’t buying all your stuff from Jamie is amazing. But now she makes organic soaps and how much other really cool things and it was used to go to flea markets to sell them on flea markets. You’re trying to make money. It’s kind of struggling she came to FunnelHacking Live two years ago completely broke sit in the audience. I was like your went fun away. She’s like, all right.

I’m in a month away and she started the process and she’s like I Russell talk about webinars. I’m a new webinar to sell soap and she tried to normal webinar and it bomb should I know the webinar bump and other one no and shrinking it to eventually see them doing a five minute webinar on Facebook live selling her soap following the exact same script that we use inside the expert speakers book.

Watch the webinar hit it worked and also it was like on like Donkey Kong start selling like crazy is our cells are grown and grown it and 12 months to the day. She’s if I’m like laughs next year. We’re on stage hanging out to comma Club Awards. I got a text message saying from Jamie saying we literally just crossed the to gobble club today. I’m like, are you kidding me? So like after I had it all the words, right? Right Jamie crosses in the audience a year ago broke my fingers out just got hers today and her husband came on stage. We gave them their Awards as well and she’s doing a perfect webinar to sell soap. And now Jamie’s in actually becoming a FunnelHacking Live. She did talk about this process because all you eCommerce people like expert speakers is not for me. She’s like no it actually is if you just follow the process she’s got tweaked it a little bit for yourself.

So you can teach you guys the process then the best thing she’s actually going to do her perfect webinar selling e-commerce product live on stage. How cool is that? That is awesome. So you actually see it executes. It’s going to be amazing. So that’s Jamie cross this one of our tons of speakers that are gonna be amazing at FunnelHacking Live. If you don’t you take it you’re going to feel like not come but FunnelHacking or give us a call if We should be down below. He’s got to travel with them to order two three, nine five nine real quick break you come on down. Beer it’s in the house. All right, Brent. Grab whatever.

You want to give away next. What are those these AR are pots but they are custom right? So these are blue and red are pods Russell has the exact same they’re clip-ons colors. Yes, what just like the balloons that’s like the balloons. No, he’s not a ticket. Okay, let’s see here. Got one, okay. The winner is Eric Allen. Yeah, these are my favorite things we have and right now literally we’ve only – Partners. I think we’ve given this anybody else. Yeah, so don’t you have these actually are click photos partners of which branches one and we’re excited to actually wore these to Eric. So Eric, these will be the males. Are you lucky Men Thank you very cool.

All right, so go back to funnel to the time for little bit. Yeah. Good. All right, Jamie you queued up are our tickets morons funnel. Jerry promised to show you guys tons of fun also showed you so far Sublime that we showed you zip randor form fortunes article spider sales letter in the box. Now. I want to show you guys the very first time I tried to build something click funnels ish. So this is a site called easing Topia now easy Topia easy as what we used to call newsletters back in the day and I had this idea I was like what if we made an email newsletter was an email like setting your desktop, so it bypass email filters and would like pop up and it A this newsletter thing and it was exciting. So I bought the domain it took me forever is actually a horrible name but easy Tobey is what we called it easy Tobey the desktop autoresponder.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

And then I paid Johan mock who’s an amazing copyright very first time ever paid for a copy of an $8,000 which means like to write the copy. He wrote the sales letter and that paid these programmers money to back C code the software and all that time all that energy all that money it never it never saw the light of day. I never sold a single one and every action live which is a testament to the fact that not everything I do to everything it touches turns to Gold like lot of my things you will see will become failure. So I probably spent and 20 plus thousand dollars on this one at a time when I didn’t have $20,000 and it never made it. I was like convinced like this was gonna be the future notice these email we’re going to send newsletters directly people’s desktops is gonna be huge and it never actually worked. So there you go.

That was the next one next right here. Then are some always every books. I used to hate somebody book they Feet away to all these different people. It sounds like we need to like create something there like a Repo Man to go repo and an e-book if somebody steals it from you. So we launched digital Repo the headline if you’re here says how to prevent every type of lowlife other forms of human scum from cheating you who profits you should be making a hijacking stealing any legally prostituting your online digital products, and it was amazing. So you like take your ebook you selling you took it to the sing and there’s someone with what would buy the e-book or whatever it would you can go click a button would like take it away back away from him.

So we launched that I thought I was gonna be the biggest thing in the world and we sold like I don’t know like a dozen. It didn’t know it didn’t go very well everyone I talk to you like wanted it but then nobody was actually willing to pay for it which is like one of those things you find out. All right, next one that I was like I should launch something where because I was obsessed with software. So I was like, I’m in a cradle software products. It’s a little ones give us off our monthly. So create this little thing. It was a little desktop after some of your computer. I think he paid like 20 bucks a month you’d have it and then every month I created a software product I click. What do your thing with flash on your desktop? There’s new software.

You click on a new software pop up. I did sell some of that. I remember how much we just saw a bunch of this. It was free software Mondays when I can buy first membership site plus software. It didn’t last long but lasted for a little while. All right. Now that during this time is like when Google ads really big never was like putting AdSense everywhere. That’s all I ever knew dad since I was like, oh, that’s cool. But like that’s it. She’s gonna pay per click as like what if we made like an AdSense but had affiliate products weaved into it so much the site called affiliate power ads somewhere. This is a fully power outage right here. So basically sign up for free and then you put a little code on your site and would have these ads look like Google ads but they’re actually ads for products.

There’s happen to be all of my products. I thought I would be the best way for everyone to use it and it was a free thing and this actually we launched this I think I’d five or six Partners who also put their products in there. We all launch into our lists and I never made a ton of money, but I think I got like 30 or 40,000 people join my list because of this which if you know anything about list building, we’ll talk about here in a minute. Hey, Bill, Less dramatically big which was awesome. And so Philip our ads was one of those big ideas that didn’t make a lot of money but build a big list of people which was awesome. All right. This one’s I’m gonna fast forward.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

This is one. See these guys. I met had this software and it’s kind of I’m not proud of the software but I’m so proud of the graphic design. So Rob cicadas drew a designed. This is like my favorite designs of all time. It’s called instant social Anarchy and it’s amazing but it was this software you would like plugins some things that would like spam the internet with your links all over the place.

It was a bad idea and then it stopped working and then also a end up refunding almost all the money we made from it because it just it worked for a little while but didn’t work forever. But look at a design like isn’t it amazing? I literally just want to show it to you because like I’m so proud of the design if any has have an idea for a product we call is the social Anarchy right could like use the design again. I’m totally in on it. It’s one of my favorites is probably my favorite of all time that I almost want to name click funnels into social ladder. Just we can use the design if you have your ticket – I feel like I’m sure you guys behind the scenes of all these old funnels. I launched because I know for you guys, you’re literally one fun away from your neck success story and I want to show you guys behind the scenes and stuff.

I built the UPS the downs and I’ve worked it didn’t work, but you need your tickets now going to funnel like a lot about column or give these guys back here phone call because there were sitting around just waiting which is rude like your tickets, you know, you’re coming, you know, you’re gonna be there so you might as well get tickets now, give me a call if you know your icon to bring your spouse or kid. Give me a call they do they can set tickets multiple people stuff like that. How about this? How about we’re coming up the halfway mark right now. So it’s almost noon here in Boise, Idaho. So in the next 15 will give you 15 minutes to get your your call in right away. But if the nth at 12:15 our time will dry out and give away free tickets out.

Okay free freak A Freak ticket to the event. So whoever gets ahead hurry up. You’ll get your name in the bowl will pull one out and you have the opportunity of possibly we actual refund your money and give you a freaking. Oh no entry for money. Well you’ll do is you Spouse for free that’s even better. Yeah, that’s even better. So we’re giving away a spouse to get for free. Let’s Kourtney this before Lives who were live on the air. So in 15 minutes, we will pick someone’s name out of thing. And what we’ll do is we’ll give you your spouse or a child or a business partner free ticket to come with you to the event. That sounds better. That sounds so much better. Never refund money rule number 12 of it funnel hacking just kidding.

All right. Give me away Something Free. Yes. Okay. Yeah. I also want to come on down actually while she’s coming down. Well, she’s coming down recap the offer if you guys buy these matters be sold out. I have no idea. We had like a hundred thirty of them. We started today there were still left. This is basically the first four years of FunnelHacking Live all the all the notes from all the speakers and MP3 players all the audio. So when these are gone, they’re gone the product they will for sure be gone today. And then number two Dave went yesterday and wired a bunch of money Grant Cardone to get the Third Base Line This is only for funnel hackers at the debt tedx event. Let me 35 thousand entrepreneurs when you confront I can live you’re gonna get a free.

To get to the tedx events in our group right here. We paid for those is not a free free ticket like we paid for it. We have a chance to come here and see me speak about 35,000 people. We’re going to ten million dollars in sales. You have a chance to sit front row and watch that. We’re all the morning from Oaxaca teachers to be a cool hangout. If you’re taking FunnelHacking Live today. You also get tickets to this to come hang out with us at the tedx event as well. And so that’s kind of the game plan.

Funnels Never Before Story

When you order say is if you want those prizes you want to rescue those bonuses, you got to order now go to fun like that dot calm down below or give these guys a call in to to to all right. I’m 5:9 price Time Rush time. Here we go Kelsey. So what is that? What you got in your hand is a ClickFunnels™ roller bag. I have this bag. It’s awesome. That’s why she painted the best. So I can have a new one though. You can slightly use bag. It’s a it skillfully slightly used bag. She’s gonna keep this one.

Yes. All right. This one is going to Joel Kaplan Joel Kaplan way to go. We’re super super excited that Joel again for those you guys don’t have your ticket go to FunnelHacking for lunch, but like it like that come or go eight seven seven two two, two three, nine five nine again, eight seven seven two two, two three nine five nine. We want to make sure we get your name in there. But more importantly what you want is you want to make sure that you’ve got last year’s for and back for years worth of notes for years worth of MP3 player and a 10x secret NX ticket where the with we sent over a hundred grand and money out to Grant yesterday.

So, please call a seven seven two two, two three nine five nine. FunnelHacking you guys we’ve literally spent over a million dollars so far on this party were throwing for you. And so if you don’t come I’m going to be deeply deeply deeply offended noticed kid kind of but no seriously like you think about it like we understand the power of the process of you guys coming and seeing us want to be there. One of the only thing is about that some guys don’t know about so last year FunnelHacking Live. He has had a chance to introduce to operation Underground Railroad. We showed the documentary operation to same the show behind the scenes of one of the operation that went saved all these children from from sex trafficking and it was amazing and then afterwards as a community raised over a million dollars for Tim Ballard and for the operation of gone railworks really cool now well ideas are know about is we are bringing Tim Ballard back to this useful a key live.

We’ve created a second documentary is called operation triple take is actually documents got that’s the largest sting operation in the history of trafficking ever. And what’s cool about as they film the entire thing. They should they got three different cities. The same time they attacked him they stayed all the kids that need to save like 40 or 50 kids at once and like 17 or 18 traffickers arrested. We have all the footage of really new documents and process right now. We’re gonna be showing that live in front of like alive again, which is going to be insane.

And so we want to make sure you guys there to experience that again to see what you guys are doing as a community and a lot of has watched the show you our documentary live online as well because in a part of this movement that we launched last year when he has to be able to see the update a year later what’s happened? What’s happening? And what’s what’s what’s how the world is changing out a little shoulders lives are being saved because we as Jews funnel hackers, which is really cool. Okay. So many cool things worse we go from here. Do you want qhy more funnels you want more but I cannot be over speakers. We got some ways we could go to John real quick. Hey, you want some QA QA it up? Okay. We’ve got D from Facebook. So many passions so many things.

How do I choose? Which Market to get into? Whoo, great question. She’s got so many passions. This is a better question than Most people are most was like irony passions are also what should I do? You like you do passions like you’d be fashion or something to get too many is even better. So a couple things look at number one is you have to find a passion where people are both willing and able to pay right. For example. I’m very passionate about wrestling. I love it. I want to like if I could just wrestle all they longs to be here. I would do that.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

Like I didn’t really really enjoy it. The problem is the wrestlers may be willing to pay like, oh, yeah, I would love to buy that stuff but they’re not able to pay right high school wrestlers don’t have any money and most their parents aren’t willing to pay money for wrestling stuff. Right? So it’s a hard Market to get into they’re not willing or able to pay some markets are able to pay their super super rich, but not willing to pay unified in markets with willing and able to pay so I look your ideas like which marketing people willing and able to pay number two. What’s the market you’re so excited you could talk about every single day. Okay, and then number three what’s the market that already has stuff happening Commerce is happily happening in it, right? There’s other people selling those audiences and you got something unique you can bring the table. Look at that. No, just go without sharp publishing and start putting stuff out there because if you had a bunch of passions, they just start it was cool.

That is it your passions can bleed together. Right? Like I’m passion about funnels like I start there I’d like that’s my core messages on my soapbox. I’m on every single day day in and day as funnels funnels phones phones phones, right? But then like I passion about other stuff right? Like some is my passion about superheroes. Like now we make comic books about superheroes. I’m passionate about biohacking. So I’m eating my bulletproof bars and drinking ketones all along semi. Oh man. I just made a mess. Right? I’m passionate about operation Underground Railroad saving children’s lives as we talk about this like I can bring all my other passions and we gotta find the like what should one core thing that most people going to resonate with so I lead with that.

They’re all their stuff. I’m passionate about can come into it at the same time. Okay cookies my hair healthy cookies awesome allowed to do it. Love it. If they all right. That’s awesome. So Hani on YouTube says if you were building a funnel for tourism company that sells High ticket touring packages. How do you go about it? I would run a Telethon just like no skinny. I might if I was your torch back. Like I always look like a my dream customer or tourist what a tourist want. Well, they probably want like touristy stuff like maybe it’s a bag or suitcase or maybe it’s a dream vacation, or maybe it’s like to go and I always try to like visualize like will be the coolest most amazing dream vacation ever. Right? Let’s say you’re like you’re gonna go to Switzerland and then usually U2 concert there and get behind stage passes amiibo know like live and it’s gonna be an amazing thing.

Right and then you gonna go fly and you’re going to meet Conor McGregor at one of the fights and like I make a cool package like that is interesting if you want to talk about and then I would give it away for free. You may be 5 10 grand into this thing. We have this gift giveaway talk about share stories about it. And then drive ads Facebook ads Google has everything this giveaway people opt-in and chance to win this contest the thing and then you build do a big big build-up that you give that thing away. But in the interim you guys got ten twenty Thirty forty thousand people who are on the list now who you know are integers because they just options right Winfrey tourism thing. And now you have something to start selling to people I saw something I shared this in event last two weeks ago.

I saw something similar happened here in Boise. There’s a guy who was trying to sell homes. He’s like, well, how do I want to sell like expensive homes? What should I do? And he’s so we started an email list was like I’ll send an email every week most expensive houses here in Boise and he had a building a list like five or six thousand people who wanted expensive houses in Boise and he sent an email every single week with all the top most expensive houses in Boise on the MLS. What happened is he kept sending emails send email out and eventually two things start three things are happening were one people started buying the expensive houses from him.

So we got the commission their number two people had expenses house to start listing the house with him because he had list of all the people who are buying expensive houses and number three. He started dual commission’s on both sides the most expensive house in Boise because he had the list of people doing that. He did a whole by giving away a newsletter. I’m showing off the most expensive houses expensive houses in Boise. That’s a tongue twister speaking about giving away things for free.

Yeah Josh worked with John on our social media said that one of the most biggest requests are getting right now is for me to give away the suit I would assume so, how do I should we give that away only if you’re gonna strip with me like it in advance and Ike are you a all their ones are doing like these we get away in pieces the jacket first. Look at that beautiful purple lining, huh? But I first all right. I know we’ll get the whole shoot away. So this is by which little tight. It’s 42 regular 44. They were out how to get it in time.

Funnels from $0 to $100 Million

So so who wants me to watch the show and you can pick out against the suit this is we got a by now, you guys are kind of a way to give single game tickets right now eight seven seven two two, two three nine five nine or FunnelHacking Josh who’s our winner the winner of the money suit what if it’s a girl? Kevin hauff are so lucky. That’s where you baby. Kevin hauff. That’s why you’d be feeling like a million bucks. Oh, yeah. Oh, is that for anything? Oh, she’s Academy. Kevin. Congratulations. Kevin ding John. What else you got over there? Okay. So we’ve got jet from YouTube says, he doesn’t have a product. He just wants to be an affiliate.

So what photos should be billed to just be an affiliate sales stuff. How should he do that? Hmm. Okay, why did a whole episode first? I’ve got a funnel hacker dot TV know if I’m sorry from Friday’ We didn’t help me Jim Evers in the whole episode talking about this little funnel Friday’ and look for things like three or four episodes ago. We did a whole episode showing the funnel and we gave you the sheriff on a link, but basically conceptually you’re building a funnel to build a list and then you and then you Different products in a genre so dug in too deep into go to funnel look on the past episodes.

I think it’s episode like three or four episodes back literally has the funnel. I gave you the funnel explain the concept and for everything is there for you but it’s really easy fact the easiest thing about affiliate funnels is you want the stress of like creating a product also the kind of things you can test in a vacuum you like. Let’s just try driving traffic this try and all the basic things was really simple and pretty easy to do. So there was you where you can go to watch your homework to figure out how to be able to fill the funnel and if you want me to feel for ClickFunnels™ just go to what’s my what your dream can become an affiliate for click Falls and the funnel is already built out for you. So what’s your dream and you can actually get to the Village photos are already built and I go to what your dream Alright? Alright guys.

We are about two hours into this Telethon. We’re having a good time. I hope you’re enjoying it at home as well and your learned a lot you’re having some fun. But the reality is the reason why we’re doing this outside of entertaining you guys have a good time. Is is We Believe You need to be a FunnelHacking Live. I believe it with every piece of my soul that you guys need to be there. I feel like I have a moral obligation to convince you which is why I spent over a million dollars a year just to put on this party for you guys.

So you can come and you can experience it. I promise you it’ll change your life. This is like you buying a ticket today putting your thing here is not going to change my financial future at all. But I promise you it will change yours forever. Not just your financial future will change your life. It will change you will get a new group a new network of friends. You get to know new people new ideas will have little never there before false beliefs.

You have them and keeping you back will be broken off like shackles you get mission of understanding like man, the things we’re doing how they can serve other people like it’ll change your life and I’m going to keep telling you guys that you keep hearing me say it over and over. I mean, he’d be in the drum because it’s that important to you. I’m going to keep on talking about it, but for you guys right now who are listening to the my voice and we have over a thousand people between different networks who are watching this like just do it just called to get your tickets. I promise you as it’ll be worth it and let me as a free-kick. I can’t afford tickets Russell.

I want to come I can’t afford tickets literally two days ago. Three years ago. We were at the to combat Club X meeting and I had a chance to meet my friends. Nick Fitzgerald on stage. They came lashes for liking life. He did not have the money to come. So guess what? He did. He financed that using mr. Visa and mr. Matt MasterCard. He financed he flew out to FunnelHacking Live he got there and he experienced that he would pay for hotels and flights. He didn’t have the money to do it. But he knew that the skills he was going to learn at the event be the exact same skills. You would use to make the money to pay back the card and to change his future. Okay. Now you fast forward about eight months since then I had a chance to kind of see some I’m not at Liberty sharing his sales and his staff and he’ll do over six figures this year completely paid off the credit card.

He made an offer based. Let me learn to the event. I did over $1000. Yes on Sunday making a special offer to his audience which more than paid for I just thought one day one thing. He learned more than pay for everything so we can understand this like this is an investment isn’t just like I’m gonna blow money on something that’s investment you invest the money to get a flight get a hotel come to the event experience it and Things you learn at the event will pay off the the the the credit cards. It’ll be the thing that makes you money moving forward and moving forward from there. So I promise you it’ll be worth it will be worth the energy and the effort for you guys coming.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

All right, I’m gonna go through a couple more speakers you guys know, so I talked about Stacey Martino earlier. She stayed over 10,000 marriages. She’s me talking about her customer Journey how she sends people upper value ladder. Steve Larson got pretty funnel out sharpened defending that came with your customers. Matt Mattox. Talk about a raise young entrepreneurs Amanda Nick barely. I’m talking about how to do this whole business of your couple. I know we have a lot of couples out there.

We’re traveling through that and soon as hard right being in a business and relationship can be hard. There’s ups. There’s Downs that there to talk about how they have done that so successfully Natasha Hazel’s can talk about two years ago. She can live broke both physically. I meant like emotionally and and monetarily, excuse me Herr something that Marcus Lemonis spoke and has changed her whole life. And now she’s coming to show with you as a funnel that she launched I think seven eight months ago that has garnered to the to Up and it’s asked me so amazing and then on Christie Code Red Nichols and becoming Christie is awesome. You guys will love her. She’s got so much energy and joy and love it, but she’s been using launch funnels contest photos things like that the same ones that Natasha has been using and she went from zero to comma club like literally almost over night was insane and she’s using these challenge funnels in the fitness industry, which is awesome.

And we’ll update you guys are loving her story and her passion Bailey Richard some you guys don’t know Bailey yet. Have you guys thought our tell a series? We did Summit telesummit. You got our Summit we did virtual Summit. So bathing was behind the scenes or share that whole thing. We did I think 1.2 million dollars in sales from that one virtual Summit and she’s walking lessons of how how Chic or should it? What she did she did for us your brother clients as well. She’s just show you guys a summit funnel. Most of you guys are looking like what’s the fun of me to use my business and return you guys the summit funnel? It’s gonna be the first one. In fact in my business when the very first phones I launched I’m gonna show you some these funnels were some it funnels how I built my list. I bit my fault. I don’t like red.

Really Bailey’s gonna show you is how to build some it funnels. Di Grassi OC was one of my friends and my mentors I paid in over $100,000 a year to be in his Mastermind group. He’s coming to FunnelHacking Live. And if you see Dean, he’s the guy meat Hammer to do so at racing suzelle the most books on Facebook. He’s all over it. Right. Now. These was on infomercials for 20-plus years. He’s on infomercials everything like someone is real estate books and now Dean’s on Facebook and Instagram selling books. He saw more books now to Facebook and Instagram than it was on TV is that an amazing process? In fact, we went out and buy three or four months ago because you selling four times more books on Facebook and I was I’m like, what are you doing different?

Like there’s something you’re doing is we’re not his office leathery walk through the whole thing as I do. This is brilliant and insane and cool. I said, do you want to show this a FunnelHacking Live? He’s like, yes, I would love to so, like I said, I’m bringing my mentors in you guys to teach you guys the same stuff. I’m paying them to learn. I paid $100,000 Europeans Mastermind group paid him to go learn this from him. And now I’m paying him to come and teach you guys he’s got to show up and you will learn how to sell tons of whatever yourself to some. So water balls some Altoids if you’re selling soap if you’re selling phones, if you’re selling candy bars, whatever.

You’re selling Woody’s going to show you you attend. Excellent have many you’re selling Ray Higdon is one of my friends and network marketing industry and race started doing these really cool things. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, but he started running these these these not contest but he it’s like a paid Community like a paid tribe Kalin smoke lashes, but how she’s built her culture Ray’s got a culture that he’s built this insanely Colby’s done off of of paid like a $20 a month paid thing and he like opens and closes. It just is like the coolest strategy that I think comes you guys should be doing he’s doing it in the network marketing industry and he’s killing it with it.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

It’s a community called the rank makers. And when I first saw when he was doing I was like blown away. I’m like Reiki couple shots, all the final hackers like so many guys can take this funnel at this concept. He’s using plug it into your business and Overnight it will transform your culture transform your business transform your customers. And this is a half way through you guys. This is I’m still going on if you don’t have your tickets yet. I’m not sure what I needed to convince you but you need to be there go to FunnelHacking get your tickets right now. You see all these speakers or give the phone number to call up above talk to our team.

Okay. Next one. Jamie cross. Jamie is eCommerce selling physical products, but she’s doing it in a unique way. She’s doing it through using the perfect webinar talked about earlier. She’s gonna be a walk you through how to use perfect webinar itself physical products. She has five minute perfect webinars on Facebook live. She’s in the show you guys the process and they should actually do we’re perfect webinar live on stage is gonna be so cool. I guarantee by the end of it. All you guys gonna be buying her soap like I do. Mr. John Parks, the guy who spends a half million dollars a month on my business dry or in ClickFunnels™ driving traffic our businesses begin up talking about how he drives traffic into our funnels. He is driving not only profit all of our photos.

He’s coaching half of the ClickFunnels™ community as well. He’s able to see more data more info on than anybody else. He’s gonna show you guys what’s working it with tweaks and changes to make you’re going to love it Julie, Stahl. In who I think is getting tired Julie stories coming back. Julie is she is insanely good. She is a a 2 comma Club winner. She is a dream car winner. She happened to pick a minivan, which is her dream car, which is insane. She runs her own multimillion-dollar your business. She also runs the entire funnel agency here at ClickFunnels™. I don’t know how she does all this plus she’s writing her own book, but she doesn’t write my books, but she’s doing a bunch of like she’s insanely amazing and cool. She’s becoming you talking about a whole bunch of good stuff. She’s talking about funnel building building on agency those. Yes, you like. I don’t know.

I don’t have an idea of a busy time. Not sure what to do like starting your agency’s the best way to get started. In fact, we had someone I met this weekend. She was a funnel she can’t FunnelHacking Live two weeks prior to FunnelHacking Live. She started going through a horrible divorce and she was like, I have to figure out now how to how to afford like my life myself. I no longer as my husband gave me supporting me and at the same time she bought tickets for her and her daughter to FunnelHacking Live show the FunnelHacking Live goes to the Is this design for hiring coaching program? The first thing we said hiring coaching is like you don’t have a business yet.

Start selling services become an agency. She said okay sure doing it and the last six months has made over six figures with their own agency. Okay, here’s one of those kind of results that fast. Julie’s gonna be walking us through exactly how to do that. So if I don’t have a business yet boom started on agency. She will show you how to do it how to get launched and if you’re like, I already have my own business Russell, I don’t need an agency may be that if you say that I got good news for you. Guess what I said last year my life doing building my own internal agency. Can we literally built our own internal advertising agency for us? Okay, so you got two options. Here’s one is like go become an agency for other people are more to build your own Agency for yourself.

That’s one of the things you’ll be learning at FunnelHacking Live. When you hear take us when you call the number down below or go to FunnelHacking give these guys a call get your tickets for they’re gone. Whoo. Next up is Garrett white get white is the only speakers that Garrett J. Okay, we get J. White is gonna be speaking. He’s the only speakers ever spoken every single funnel hacking live event to date and I’m excited for this presentation. I talked to Gary. I like what do you think like people who are like they have the dream the vision but they’re stuck right here. And there’s they can’t get there and there’s a big gap in the middle.

Funnels Never Before Told Story

There’s like they’re stuck with this Gap. Like what how do we get people like bridge that Gap and he was like brother. I’m gonna give them the Gap map and I was like, what’s the Gap map? He’s like it’ll blow your mind. It’s gonna blow their mind. I’m like, I don’t know who that is, but I’m in dude like the Gap map. So that is coming to funnel hacking live. We show you guys how to bridge the gap between where you are today. And where you want to be. There’s a gap and get white is better than anyone. I know I’m taking these things and bringing them together. She can get the successful results you want that’s against me talk about mr. Jim Edwards.

My partner in crime with final scripts is coming. He is going to help you guys to write better copy to tell better stories to make people so thirsty and increase the desire so much they have to give you money. It’s gonna be amazing then miss yada golden is going to be coming and speaking of a team or email story selling yada is been perfecting this art over the last year and it’s been insane watching her. She moved she got really good at like telling your own story their own emails and they found people start seeing what she was doing. They started hiring. The Jamie crosses business and rewrote their emails and Booms huge increase in sales.

What’s the next person’s than three or four businesses recently hired her to start writing emails for us to eat more email story selling for us. Her process is amazing. She’s being on stage the first time ever talking about hurry more email story selling process. I’ve seen people take just their emails that even having a funnel just sitting out emails and selling stuff and having success Maji take your funnel and her email storytelling and blend them into one thing it’ll transform whatever business you are in that’s the odd is going to talking about. Whoo.

We got three more then we can take a break next after that. Mr. Brendan Bouchard who is I’m a huge fan of Brandon’s and have been for over a decade. Now of Our Lives we both got started about the same time when he wrote Life school and take it was about time. I was working on zip Grandeur and I’ve got to know each other way back in the day and it’s been fun watching his for progress and growth right now. He just make cool things.

He’s becoming a show you guys one of his finals. He’s never shown publicly before what time is it were taught was to and I just pretended $10,000 to be there. He showed me how to see that funnel which is insane samia’s may have seen me executed on last year. I never talked about because I’m proud to see my would teach it because it’s his concept but we did it last year did over a million dollars in sales from the same funnel that you guys are going to be given as well and then he’s also becoming talk about high performance habits, which is gonna be insanely cool to get that drill into all of our brains after that. Mr. Myron. Golden Timmy speaking mire.

You may have seen him. He spoke on stage last year if I don’t laugh for 30 minutes and did over three million dollars in sales by himself. He is the man with the best sales people on planet Earth I can The modern talk for days at a time. In fact, I do I listen to this podcast Bible success Secrets Myers one of my favorite people on planet Earth. You should listen to every word. He says he’s gonna be speaking on selling closing and much stuff he does and then last but not least this year. I wanted to do something special I wanted to do a concert.

I was like, I want to experience like that like as the community we’re in Nashville, but my who do we get like we get like, I don’t know always having people and I was like, I want to do concerts somebody who’s like us and was cut from the same thread is us like somebody who grew up online same way. We did and also and I realized was like that person who be perfect is Lindsey Stirling if you guys know Lindsey Stirling Stories the she was on America’s Got Talent. So they threw two or three rounds of and then she got cut and they said you don’t have any Talent.

You’re not going to make it in the center home instead of like you’re going home and crying. She said, you know what I do have talent to figure this out and she went started YouTube channel and she started doing her thing and doing your thing and doing her thing and it started growing and it started growing and she has blown up. She’s on Dancing With the Stars. She she choreographs much stuff. Like she’s insanely talented me and my bunch of my buddies went to a concert a little while ago so much fun. And so we contact her said Lindsay. I want you to come for two reasons. Number one. I want to interview about how you leverage YouTube and Instagram all these platforms that we’re geeking out on to grow your following as a musician and number two.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

I want you to private concert and luckily for me and for you and for all of us she said, yes, so we’re going to hear her behind the scenes actually grew her following and then she’s gonna get up on stage and actually perform for us and it’s going to be amazing. I cannot wait to share all this with you guys, but only like to share with you like this cost me so far. This plan is cost me over a million dollars cash out of my pocket and I’ve done that though to provide this party for you. If I had a friend that they spent a million dollars on a party and said just come I would come and I wanna make sure you guys come you get your blood tickets out fun like my back home or call the phone number above what you do today two more things. Who we start save me like a hundred 30 of these left when they’re gone. They’re gone. This is the back archives of all our FunnelHacking Live Events is all the notes from the last four events in Castleman.

Did his know taking ability is second to none. And then this is the audio from all last for like laughs. You can listen to it while you go through the notes take notes and start preparing yourself to FunnelHacking Live. Number two. The other bones after you guys Dave just wired Grant Cardone is office a crap ton of money to get this section of the tedx event. This is your tennis events happening in Miami right before FunnelHacking Live at the Mariners the Mariners Mariners Marlon Marlon see the Marlins stayed in the baseball said we 35,000 business owners unto ourselves. People are going to be at this event last year at their event for those who were there was really fun. I spoke into three million dollars in sales this time. I’m gonna try to do 10 at this Avenger 335 thousand people and what you guys there front row cheering me on Beats being part of it.

So we have this whole section here this just for fun. We’ll hackers like you and like me. We get the ticket today. If you’re able to also come this event. We will hook you up with a ticket. You become this event with us together. We’re gonna try to find experiencing this at the tedx event. And then three weeks later. We found Lucky Life hanging out together as well. So if you want to share this experience with as well, these tickets will be gone today, but they are there right now. All you do is go to FunnelHacking or you might even call there’s anxiously waiting for your calls. I’m gonna be like they do something cool baby eight seven seven two two, two three, nine five nine seven seven. Do do doop three nine five nine. Hey Dave, so kourt tell is experiencing Coachella.

YouTube is experiencing entrepreneur loneliness. Okay, they’re asking how do they deal with the fact that they’re the only ones around doing what they’re doing. They go to FunnelHacking Live where they going to find there there it felt like like and 5,000 other amazing entrepreneurs. You’re doing feel the exact same way. Now the opportunity sharing with them how it feels what it’s like and most importantly really be able to build that Community. It’s all about culture and the hole You gotta be at FunnelHacking Live to experience it. So go to FunnelHacking call him it 7-7 you do do three nine five nine. Great question. Can I just say that just last weekend? We were down in Phoenix with a whole bunch of people who attended last FunnelHacking Live, right?

And the community that they had in that group of let’s say was a for 500 people and the connection that they had with entrepreneurs and the fact that they were able to like shed their entrepreneur loneliness and just have that interaction which is phenomenal and so just the ability to get around other entrepreneurs is just is just the best. It’s nothing better. That’s the best thing about Live Events the favor real quick for everyone watching several home who’s watching. I know we got tons of people watching every platform if you already have your tickets for FunnelHacking Live or you got in the past. I want you to comment down below because she’s great. These are cells that just came in. So there’s a whole bunch more any of you guys if you post down below don’t be like I’m in like tell us why your come back in seven else is reading it to see the comments. If you give a legitimate comment that explains like this is the reason why I’m going back for like this is the Purpose this is why I’m going against what I experienced in the past like write out a couple of paragraphs.

But why you’re coming why you’re passionate about it why you’re trying to give you your friends and family your audio everybody you love to come and tell us why you’re coming and if you do that, we’ll go through and maybe we’ll pick a couple prizes just in the comments. In fact, let’s do this. I shouldn’t do this. I’ve been doing anyway gears are the best comment down below about why you’re coming to FunnelHacking Live and to tell us your story right? I was going to want to tell us your story. Why are you coming alive? I’ll do a free 30-minute phone consult for whoever post the best one. So I don’t do that ever. Oh no ZL U. So, there you go. So post down below the best comment like long-form coming out why you’re coming for FunnelHacking Live. I’ll do a 30-minute quality before the event and pick my brain and answer your questions and we’ll geek out on it. Don’t be like this for his inner circle members. They have to pay $50,000 a year for so that’s that’s the thing. So spend some time right now your comments and the best one at the end of this rule will give that away for eight days.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

I can’t remember what Russell charges per. Our but that’s like it was 3.2 million in 90 minutes. No, I’m not real good with math, but I’d say over over a million bucks over nine bucks an hour. So what did you want to talk about right now is you want to cheat let you understand later today. We are going to actually be drawing from those who bought their tickets and will actually pay for your airfare and your hotel when you come to FunnelHacking Live. So again, make sure you go get your tickets for FunnelHacking or eight seven seven Q2, two three nine five nine call me want to talk to you and that we want to make sure that we actually pay for your airfare and the continental United States and also pay for your hotel why you’re staying there in Nashville with us at the Gaylord Hotel.

It’s gonna be amazing event. But the only way you can get involved in that is you gotta buy your ticket for FunnelHacking eight seven, seven two two, two three nine five nine, but one of the things we were just talking about was we want to make sure that your spouse or your friend or your business partner comes so why don’t we actually have a drawing here and we’ll pull a name. Hat and whoever we pull out is actually to get their spouse to come with them for fries. Okay? Yeah. All right free. This just want to do it.

This is the comedian her Jazz the free spouse giveaway gets real excited. You’re coming on you gotta run run run run run Rudolph, although all right, the free smells giveaway. Congratulations Nathaniel Nathaniel granite and if you don’t have a spouse you can bring a business partner because I was shouldn’t assume that I guess or significant other if your significant other would it be correct? Sorry Nathaniel of the Grave. All right, go ahead and do that for sure. Congratulations. Okay. Alright, the Stephen comes right now or we have 12:30 about another 15 minutes. So he’s on his way. It’s 12:30 right now.

All right. All right. Don’t take weight off Steve John or Johnny want to deepen? What do you do? Let’s do want to make sure we are 90 minutes left. So make sure you bust through all these funnels moves to a bunch of real quick all go through faster explaining them. And then and then maybe we’ll do for liking my video on the same Quebec that perfect sound good. Okay, so we move back to where we left off in the final list. There’s so many these guys would spend years going through so I would love to do but we left off on in Social Anarchy kid. All right. So then I started thinking that we need belts are building more tools for entrepeneurs make it easier.

So the next we’ll close. It came out with was called 92nd squeeze page. This is where the first version of the ClickFunnels™ its kind of the ghetto version. But you log in there for free you like you can change the headline I three or four things that boom pop out squeeze page in 90 seconds. There’s a nice tight squeeze page, which is 1 for the next one. This is called affiliate website generator.

We also wanted to get as you can tell a pattern as I kept figure out like this. So annoying Bill squeeze pages and websites things like that because I figure out faster ways to do it. So it’s no called affiliate website generator, which same thing would make really basic if it websites you fill in the blanks and a pop-out an affiliate website, I’d remember Other fun toys forgot about to right now. Anyway, that’s the web site generators another idea. We had the keigo next one. The next one was like again trying to get other ways to autoresponders. I did the desktop autoresponder earlier. I showed you that didn’t work. This is another one’s got called instant RSS autoresponder actually do this with Armand Morin were basically Summoners would subscribe to audit to an RSS feed and you could rip content to RSS feed just like you can email autoresponder the software got done we launched it and it never did very good. So our search for another one of my bombed funnels it work. Well, okay, then go next one. This is another precursor to ClickFunnels™.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

This was live webinar replay. This one actually did work really good. This was a very first ever automated webinar software on planet Earth and I will take that to the Grave. I saw something else to do one inch Ryan deiss actually did one internally his own team. They never sell they have their own and I saw it. I was like automated webinar. This will change everything. So we coded this was the very first one ever commercially available called live webinar replay. We no longer sell it wasn’t First ones and it was awesome.

And in fact, I remember when my info products was called micro continuity. We remember we launched it and then the end of it we did a live webinar. Everyone’s out to dinner eating when live webinar replay was plain that live webinar. We did over it like a hundred fifty thousand dollars in sales while I was eating dinner or something else. That was the very first automated webinar we ever ran off of this platform. But again, it was a tool we’re trying to use which you can easily do some quick photos now, but the time it was like the thing. All right, next one show you is local a broker. We’re doing this with software that will help you create apps for local businesses.

And and so what you do is you go to local business like a dentist or a restaurant and you like hey you want to build your nap. If you log in the software, you could build the app really quickly and they actually walk in the store that shows like hey built-in apps you want it they’re like, oh my gosh, that’s amazing and then just charge them for it afterwards. And so it’s called local a broker and we were just helping with the software people build apps. They go into the restaurants or local businesses sell the apps and made a whole business opportunity people to sell apps like that, which is really really cool. Next off this next software company called sketch cast someone else created this it was amazing and I bought it and then we never did anything with it, but it was like you too, but you can doodle stuff you could like go in here and like and you can do like a white board and you can I get make up to five minute video of you doodling and sketching stuff when you’re done. It makes really cool video.

You can embed somewhere you can play it but the problem what happened is that all of the cut is there are freebie customers that could use it and all the customers started drawing inappropriate videos, and they do to them out and they make really weird things that are betting everywhere and we’re trying to figure out like blocking inappropriate doodle videos and it would gain big headache and then eventually to shut it down. So that was an idea we spent money on and then never actually worked sketch cast. I was actually super cool though. I wish we launched it. Now this right here talk on this is the very first version of ClickFunnels™ ever. I spent man probably two or three million dollars trying to build this and for five years and everyone live the way that actually does look at it. Click on the next page the Wayback machine and never actually went live, but there’s a screenshot in the In the dock if you want click on the screenshot, you can see all the screenshots were created but we never actually launched never got a live my business crashed before ever got I spent we had five or six announce developers building this for years.

You kind of see this was the very first version of Click photos and back Dylan Jones whose original co-founders ClickFunnels™ designed all the UI of all the pages of clicked, but it was a very first test at ClickFunnels™ was that was in 2005. So that was how many years ago is that 13 years ago? Wait, holy cow 13 years ago. The first time I tried to build ClickFunnels™. So if anything like my side, it’s not working. Nobody’s by myself for my programmers are idiots or whatever. I got been through that spent 13 years time Bill click photos before it became before King ClickFunnels™ as I’m going through this list of all the old funnels this stuff for any of you guys are wondering how to get FunnelHacking Live tickets to get call the phone number down below. Give my team a call get your tickets. You’re just one funnel away.

And I’m sure he doesn’t want phone all the photos. I went through to get to my ClickFunnels™ funnel. All right. By the way, those are almost gone. Okay, if yeah, if you want the preloaded of all the last year’s FunnelHacking live events the MP3 players and the notes. We only had a hundred thirty we started today and they are almost gone. So when they’re gone, they’re gone forever. All right. Next up is Click This is the next version of Click funnels and taught access has been taught entered the scene.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

I’ll tell stories on taught in a minute, but Todd build this it was automated webinar software that we can build a whole network. There’s one the very first ever versions of ClickFunnels™. In fact when we launched click on as I wanted to call it click Fusion, but we try to launch click-throughs like eight times in the past every time it failed and Todd is like no, it’s bad. Karma. We cannot call click Fusion on Mike but look at the logo, it’s so cool. I wanted to use it so bad and he forbid me from using it is like you have to have a better name. So we’re sitting there are all angrily and then eventually came with the set with the name click and we bought that and they became ClickFunnels™. So that’s where click file Zane come from is originally click Fusion.

Alright the next no don’t show it yet, but I’ma tell you guys a story so This is how I met Todd for Tots the co-founder of ClickFunnels™. He’s a dude who built it all originally by himself. What happened was some he has no I’ll tell more stories about this but I built my company to a hundred people whole thing went under in a collapse in a fire like 80 people move from a 20,000 square foot office to 2,000 square foot office.

There’s a lot of stress and complication. I’m not gonna go through all the stories are now but basically I we were at the end we had no more money left and in my head, it was like this and have them onto the time of the thought was like, I’m one funnel way. What’s the fun? Like you got there thunder us what’s next for like you’d find that finally got to find the funnel and try and figure out trying to figure out I couldn’t come any more ideas. I was like, I was broken. I was worn out I was tired and I try to figure out what to do.

And I remember when to flip which is a site where you can buy websites and I’ll flip There was a site for cells called Champion you can pull up Champion sound. So this is a this site was for sale and I saw it and I was like, oh my gosh, it’s an email text message autoresponder and You know that well without machine but there it is right there. I remember seeing it as like oh my gosh, if I bought this I could take it and right now it was email text message or respond for bands as I can’t take it. I can make a version for chiropractors and version for dentists and version for real estate agents. That was my big idea. So I took all all the way I was able to scrape up the time which was about $20,000 that I bid on this site and up winning it. I was like, oh my gosh, this is it when one fun away. This is the idea. This is the concept it’s gonna change everything after I bought it. I send them the money. They tried to stall the my servers.

They said, oh we can’t put on your servers. You have Linux servers you had this is code in Ruby on Rails. I’m like, what does that mean that like, it means it won’t work on your servers. You need like a ruby server. I’m like what? I don’t know. That means that you’re speaking Chinese to me basically like you need to you need to you need to do it in a whole different kind of server. So I’d like to go find a ruby server something and then they saw the on this thing and then they left and it kind of worked was broken how all these bugs because customers were messages angry because it wasn’t working. And so I tried for five times to hire Ruby Developers. Over and over and over getting nobody can fix it. And finally one.

I was like well crap. I spent the last of money we had on this Hail Mary pass trying to save ourselves and the site doesn’t even work and I can’t figure out the code another my coders can coat it and I just like defeated and I remember I was packing that a short of leaving the office. I was just like I don’t know what it’s like is this the end of like three years? It’s been beat down thing after thing. After thing. I was just like I’m done and I was walking out the door. They often had size like there might be somebody on your email list who knows Ruby on Rails. I was like, what are the chances of that as like,

I’ve nothing to lose. I walked back in the office Cuban email my little tiny list of time I said, hey, I’m looking for a partner who’s Ruby on Rails. If you’re interested. Let me know email me back and send the email out and an hour later. I get an email back from this guy named Todd Dickerson sends me an email and he’s like, hey, man, I bet on your list for a long time. I know Ruby on Rails is like and I’m looking for you know, he’s like I make you many of my own businesses by looking for Partnerships some good marketers, you know, I love look at it.

And so I sent him log into the thing he logs in and he spends I don’t know. Our to inside the software goof around the message me that came out. I got it all fixed. Like what I spent four months trying to get everybody on Earth to fix it. And he’s like, he’s like, yeah, nobody can he’s like, he’s like I fixed it. So logins are working and sure enough. It worked. I was like, oh my gosh, dude, like this is amazing. It was like it is the idea and we’re going to be a niche you’re going to rebuild it all these other markets and we kind of started talking about it. And that’s how I met Todd Dickerson. However me how many years ago was that? I was 2011.

ClickFunnels™ Never Before Told Story

So I met Todd and Todd became a friend he ended up actually working for me as an employee for free for entire year. I didn’t have any money to pay him. And so he just came and worked like who does that right? They came to work for free for years. He’s like, hey, I wanted some big eyes. So I’m just going to come to us we work for free for year after year. We had a couple ideas are making little bit of money. And I remember one day he we flew out to the office of work on a project and I looked over his his his his his shoulder on the computer screen. There are all of these different job offers that he had his inbox and I looked at a couple of like $400,000 a year $300,000. You’re always at crazy things like dude.

Why? Take those those offers and he was like, he’s like, I don’t know. I’m just looking for I just want to be part of something big. I was like, oh my gosh, like and I realized like I’m not paying him a thing. Like if I lose him like we’re all screwed, right? So it’s like hey, can I pay you something? He’s like, oh whatever Mike I don’t have much but here’s and so what I was able to my pain of my camera like 50 Grand a year something that I make here you go. Don’t leave me and then like as a mum or my pain will it more but he never once asked me for money ever.

It was just like I make a little money, but he can I give you a raise is like sure whatever sure whatever we have gone through this and then fast forward a couple years later when we had that differ ClickFunnels™ after we’ve mapped it all out and got all excited about it before he left for about flow back home. I remember he said he said the only thing is like if we do ClickFunnels™ to get I don’t want to be an employee of this. I want to be your partner and I was like, okay, let’s do it and and because of Todd we have ClickFunnels™ so super grateful for him. All right, so that’s that’s kind of the end of well, there’s one more if you go to backpacks ERM, this is the original backpack that Todd bill because during the time it during This time we’re trying to figure out where do their lives we launched our supplement. We need an affiliate platform.

So Todd spend a weekend and build out the original backpack, which is our affiliate platform that ran nurse cell which is our supplement off in a bunch of other things. So that kind of gets you guys through all of the software funnels that I did up to ClickFunnels™ now going to go back in time. We come back from the break and I’m going to go through the info product funnels list building funnels course funnels bunch of other amazing things will keep showing you guys the journey that I like fun. Alright. So with that said, I think we’re going to let’s show the next live video in a second here. So I’m just tense up so hopefully you guys have your FunnelHacking Live so far. We’ve sold a ton of these today. So thank you everyone today who’s gotten your tickets. We’re laughter than 90 minutes or so.

So you need your tickets for this ends call the phone number down below to give you access these guys out here give them a call or go to FunnelHacking your tickets. When you do got two bonuses the first bonus. We only started with a hundred thirty. These are probably close to gone by now. You get the notes the last four years FunnelHacking Live and MP3’s of all of us. You can listen to all the last four years catch up. Go to the notes. We showed fire glad you are prepared. That’s all in there.

That’s number one. Number two. Dave went and bought a section at Grant Cardone is 10x event is gonna be 35 thousand entrepreneurs tedx event biggest entrepreneurial event on planet Earth and we just bought a thousand tickets right here. So that’s basically the first thousand people who by which this also cast who bought tickets before today. You guys will give you guys a free ticket to come to 10x and then if you’re able to make it and sit together on the on the it’s at the Mariners Marlins the Marlins baseball stadium and we’re going to take you know, this whole section on the Third Base Line all the fun happens to be here cheering celebrating have a ton of fun.

So I want you as there as well so you can get a free ticket to this if you’re able to make it when you get a FunnelHacking Live tickets today, you’re going to find a Down Below or call the phone number and right now I’m gonna set up the video. We will show you guys. So this video this is from our last phone hacking line of than one that just barely happened last last year in Orlando. And this one was amazing. This is the event where we raised over. Lee dollars for operation Underground Railroad, which is equivalent saving like 400 children from sex slavery, I think because I write my numbers anyway, it’s I think that’s right. Anyway, which is insane we watch those people’s lives the business of transforming you have a chance to see some of the footage here.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

So we conclude that video right now as you’re watching us to get away to put yourself in the seat. Imagine yourself sitting there in the room. Imagine what you would have experienced. Imagine what happened. Imagine where your life would have been out if you’d have been in that room and then when you put yourself in Nashville, Tennessee with us sitting in a room talking about funnels talk about entrepreneurship because when you were at this event, I’m gonna do a lot of things. I’m going to help for Stuff shift your vision not just like making money from help you guys to see a bigger vision of service and growth and gratitude second off. We’re going to break the false beliefs. It has to currently holding you back from success. There were three we give you all the strategies and tactics used to build the right funnel for your specific business reforming give you in a room of those amazing entrepreneurs on Earth. You can network with them get to know them spend time with them.

So you can leave with a support group of people who are just like you who think like you believe like you because we get home is to make it so much. Here and I promise you guys when you leave that experience your life will be transformed forever. You look back at this event as the point in your time in your timeline your life or your life shifted and I just think that’s not just lip service.

You can ask hundreds and hundreds of people have been before what happened when they attended FunnelHacking Live and they will tell you that was the point where their life changed when it was literally like their date with Destiny where they shifted and their life was changed that point forward forever. And I promise you will happen for you as well. But only if you go and Link down below fun, like or called and phone number talk to our team tickets are flying fast like crazy say so make sure you do it right now. There’s a whole bunch more tickets came in since the last break who so get your tickets now for like that or copper or call the phone number down below or whatever. It’s up with that said, we’re gonna cue up the video from the last FunnelHacking Live. We come back. I think mr.

Steven Lars maybe in the house tell you as his story. So skip the video and check out this last year for FunnelHacking Live. When were growing up we learn a lot of things about life from Life that are just not true six days a week one day off a week one week off every six months and I wish I had someone to educate me. The college was going to bring me food stamps. Now. I know some of you are feeling that in decision that uncertainty.

Well today today’s the day that you change the world start small by admitting that there’s something that you want to do and you don’t know how to do it. Some of you are not willing to be bad at something long enough to get good at after all the money invest after all the time after all the hope. I’m in the same place. But here’s what’s interesting when you make a decision and when you become something else, it’s much easier the next time because we are crazy agreed. That’s what we do as entrepreneurs.

We explore it is easy to assume that it’s talent. I don’t believe in talent. I believe it would have it. If you know that you’re Thinkin truly help people. It’s your duty to make sure as many people get as possible. It reminds them of their journey and where they’re at. And that they can keep moving forward and they’re counting on you. And that’s why we get up every morning and create a new reality come back to the present and insist. It becomes real you don’t have to be me. But there is one game that you cannot lose in like neat little old me a stay-at-home mom history major from college and know anything about Fitness one year ago.

I was sitting in your seat at the last one. I’ll hacking life in the lesson is like your this is your family and your new home it started with the people you have to take that identity as a funnel hacker you have to say magnitude of the pain will equal the magnitude of the reward. It has to be that way my funnels work because I work I honestly the entrepreneurs are the only people that can actually change this planet. We’re the ones that are crazy if you go out there and try to change things.

Like a good funnel hacker I said I can I will end of story that’s what we’re here to do today. I meant what I said about you and I don’t say things lately has such respect for you wrestle and what I love that you’re doing now is you’re teaching them to be givers and seeing the value of that getting hooked on that, you know to me. That’s most important. Congratulations. All right, everybody. We’re back.

What’s up everybody? So hope you guys enjoyed that video was that crazy like ah so crazy. So I want to bring to the table one of my close friends and someone who attended the first one second for like he missed the first FunnelHacking Live because he was in school and shooting people in the Army and other stuff. I don’t know what he’s doing and then he came to the next FunnelHacking Live and his story is really powerful especially for those ESP. Like I can’t make I can’t afford it. I can’t there’s a million reasons right now.

You haven’t called yet. There’s literally a million reasons why you have people that phone right there and it could be any for my out of money on the time of the inner General and I’m doing I don’t know like all those things and everyone is this uses the more Stephen had but he got there and I want you guys to hear his story and while he’s here, so I’m going to kind of jump off camera eat lunch really quick.

So I’m starving. He’s in tell a story but what you guys as you’re listening to the story to put yourself in his spot because he was in the exact same spot that you were literally in right now and you’re thinking like should I do this? Should I not do this and I want again. I told you I’ve been telling this whole he’s just getting right now, but I’m telling the whole time. I think a moral obligation to force you guys if I could find your house and grab you and open your wallet and buy anything and then fly you there because I know what it’s going to do for your life if you just get there. So with all the passion, I have my heart I’m going to do Stevenson give you all the passion. He’s got to convince you guys to come because I promised you guys this is not just like oh, it’s another to Market even though it’s gonna be nice over again.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

There’s some traffic strategy. I know this will literally transform and change your life. As you know, it forever as has for somebody for so with that said Stephen. Thank you so much for hanging out with us on the Telly thought today. I’m excited. But I do thank you. You could have the throne sounds good. I feel a lot of marketing zeros and ones going from the share right now. This is awesome. Hey guys, um, – hiking life for me I get excited about it. I honestly it’s like I get more excited about this event than anybody any event that ever happened ever. It’s more excited for me the Christmas anything else.

I when I first how should I say this? I had no money and a lot of you guys are watching this right now you like I need to get the FunnelHacking Live and have no money like I get that my wife and I when we first got married seven years ago, we got married seven years ago and you know much like a all new couples. I’m like, all you need is love you don’t even feel like we’re in love and this is awesome. Three weeks in though. I was still in school. My wife has graduated and I started coming home every single day and my wife would still be in bed. And I was like, hey, baby. All right you okay? She’s like, yeah.

No, I’m totally fine. All right, sounds good. So I come I come back home the next day. She’d still be in bed is back and forth and back and forth back and forth and I started asking her like what’s wrong is like a something wrong. Are you sick is something going on and and she said no, it’s fine. And in with a lot of reluctance she told me you know, what she told me that she’d only been eating one meal a day and we had such little cash. She would pack me lunch to go to school and I would go to my classes.

I come back in the evenings. This had gone on so long. She was just physically weak. She couldn’t do more than sit in bed each day. And as a man as a provider as somebody that’s trying to I realized I was not providing and it crushed me. It’s a killed me made me feel like I was nothing as I gotta get some how need some cash and so what I did is I did something that was against kind of the way I was raised and I wouldn’t ask for money and I went and I asked my dad for cash. I said Dad can we get some money and I go to this room on campus and it was super stressful. I remember the sound of the vents in the ceiling and is like his nasty Green carpet and I kind of a musty smell it was like a weird room on campus and I take off my jacket and I start walking around in circles and walk around in circles walk around circles and I call my dad and I said dad just found out I can’t feel my wife literally. Going to make it even two more weeks. We have nothing.

I got student loans that are coming. They’ll be here in four to six weeks. But could you float us like the $3,000 on the way right flows the three grand and then I’ll pay back its on the way. There’s a long pause on the phone this moment changed my life and I still remember how my dad responded me down this that he said he stops and he goes he goes he goes son trying to member papa Larson voice you go son. No if I give you this money now, you will not exhaust the resources. You didn’t know you had That’s an awesome dad and he put He put he basically puts, you know, the screws to me a little bit and he said figure it out right get that stiff upper lip and just run at it. And so I started trying everything and in these three to six months wings. I started trying I’m at his stocks options real estate both residential commercial. I sold diamonds K. I did ebooks. I was a door-to-door Salesman as a telemarketer. I did everything right over like this for years swing. None of it was working though and some of you guys watch this right now probably in that same scenario. There’s a reason I giggle passionate about it and I start yelling here soon. I can feel it. My left eye is twitching which means is about to be really good. Okay, but like if you haven’t actually gotten a business to work yet.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

That’s the scenario. I was in it’s not like I wasn’t trying stuff and you likely it’s not that you’re not trying something. It’s not that you’re not willing to run. It’s not they don’t have a product idea. It literally is just that you it’s the way you’re doing it, right? And that’s what I do understand. I thought it would like success means this I was totally wrong and so I see Russell Brunson and and I Even like this guy looks like I don’t even shave driving follow this dude, right? I was like, who is this kid? Who’s this guy? Right I start reading this book. I was in the Army at the time and I was laying down on the security line for 10 days laying in the dirt and I had my M16 in my right hand in the prone for 10 days and I had doc I’m secrets of my left hand and funny yesterday is from my notes from this but I read the secrets of the first time like that and I was reading it and I was in marketing classes and I was in business classes. I was like this dude knows what he’s talking about.

Oh my gosh, and I start taking on all these clients and they actually start making money for the first time as like, what is this? We’re also had fun hiking live coming up and I didn’t go to the first one because we had our first kid do right right around that same time. That would have been good. I want to be there for the birth of my kid and I was like, well, we still don’t have money.

How do I get to this anyone thinking that I’m sure you guys are think they’re now so when I can’t see your comments, but if you’re saying that like doing a little nodding, okay, and I was I was like I don’t we still have money I gotta get to this event. I’m getting more value from that than I am my classes. I’m spending all these this time. It was like I couldn’t explain it either. I knew I knew I couldn’t explain it. I knew that if I just showed up being in the room would change my life. And so I don’t have any money and I was reading a lot of Robert Kiyosaki stuff still and he goes he goes, you know, rich people say, you know, I’m sorry poor people say I don’t have resources and rich people say, you know, how can I get the resources or something like that? So like, okay, how can I get resourceful? I was like, I’m gonna get I’m gonna I’m gonna actually put Russell Brunson to the test on this. Let’s see if this guy let’s see if this guy actually knows what he’s talking about.

And so I started going and I was I started trading I’ll see what was the one thing I do not to do. I don’t have money. I barely have any time but what could actually go do in exchange for a plane ticket? An event tickets and getting there and what I did is I started trading funnels for plane tickets. So I got to my first events FunnelHacking Live 2016 in San Diego. I started trading funnels for event the event ticket. I started trading funnels for hotel nights. And I knew I wanted to get to the event 2016 a year earlier, right? I couldn’t make that first one. So they gave me a full year to just dive in and I started going to people and promising things to them that I knew were possible but I didn’t know how to do that’s very key. I started I started saying yes to clients because I knew what they were asking me to do is possible through ClickFunnels™. I should know how to do it yet.

So I know I know some of the support guys are here. I became that guy to support and I was totally that guy that was like Hey, how do you do this? I did this I did this and like two to three questions a day. I was like, hey, you know anyway to answer questions today is like Hey, how do you do this? How do you say to this? And I became that guy. Well, anyways, I get the FunnelHacking Live and what little cash we did have I I couldn’t spend on a taxi. So I rented one of those. You know, those City bikes a little street bikes in San Diego the pedal bikes like pedaling bikes.

So I got off the airplane and I rent one of those pedal bikes and flung my luggage over my shoulder and I rode through San Diego on this little bike over the hotel that I had partnered fro till 92 throughout the entire way. I like that was determined and I remember when I got there before I before I got off the bike remember exactly where I was I said, I will do whatever this man tells me to do. He’s already changed my life. Do I have cash raining?

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

No, but I can tell it’s gonna work I said I will do whatever this man tells me to do, but I will never publish or I will never do this or I will never write I started saying all these little Nevers and and I get off get off the bike walk into ClickFunnels™ to register and Mark Bangerter is sitting there and he goes, who’s what he said. He said hey I said name I said Steven Larson, he goes he looked up he goes You that kid pulling off all that Star Wars ninja crap on our software and I was like, I don’t know. He’s like, I think you are.

I want you to apply to work at click funnels and I was like what I was graduating in five days graduating college at five days. I was going to go work for somebody else is already all lined up and I was like what the heck and I ended up getting for more job offers. Now, I did not barter enough. I did not barter enough tickets, right? I didn’t buy right I didn’t bother enough Hotel nights actually have a place to stay the last night. Okay. So I stayed up the whole last night applying to work for ClickFunnels™ was like I never thought we’re going to click funnels. Like I never anyways, like that’d be sweet though. So I went and I applied and two days after that I go and get a call from Brent Co Peters. He’s like you want to come interview was like sure left in the middle of my finals two days.

After that. I’m sitting across from Russell two hours after that. I got a job offer two days later after that. I was moved my family over here. It was crazy. That’s the thing about that when I first got to FunnelHacking Live though. I I remember I it was the very first session guys is ridiculous. The very first session for me. I stopped and I called my dad and I said dad. Why did I go to college? This is so much better than everything. I’ve been learning and I was literally about to graduate it pissed me off because I had just finished five years tons of time in the Army dude all this stuff. Right? And I was like, why did no one tell me this, right? How are you? Sure that’s how the game is played. I went through 17 business tries don’t need to say it again. I failed 17 times without any success on the 17th.

Okay, actually women only said again, I think it was 13 total failures. I learned what funnels were and it was only like two or three tries later and it’s like bam made more money than ever my wife and I made 18 Grand in loans my first year of marriage, you know be like we didn’t make it we were living on loans for ever and it was is nuts nuts to see Not to see what had happened is all that extra FunnelHacking Live changed my life and it tends to every single time I go there. It’s like it’s like I don’t know what it is is like this massive leveling up experience. It happens and I like to use that as a catalyst for whatever I’m doing in life. So anytime I hear somebody say like, oh Stephen, I don’t have I don’t have money to get the FunnelHacking Live great. Fantastic. I’m happy for you lean in okay, I would not be sitting here with Russell having given me the mic had I had the cash to get to my first event.

I promise I know that’s true. I’ve thought back many times. I’m very introspective and I look back. I was like, how did I get here stand right there? Why? Why why am I right here? The reason I’m here is because I didn’t have cash to get to that first event and I didn’t pansy out because of it instead. I started saying things like well, how do I get there? Okay, right. How do I get there? And it’s uncomfortable guys. I took my first step boom crash character flaw craft. That sucked right? Boom another step in the game. Let me try this funny thing. Push all that sucks. Wow character flaw looks like I don’t have to do that. And what I’ve noticed is that those who are willing to make the biggest changes in their life. Those are the Wailing. They don’t care the path get to FunnelHacking Live use it as a positive constraint your life.

One of my favorite sayings ever had I’ve got this coin that sits on my desk now and it’s a coin that sits right on the desk as a corner there and it says it says the obstacle is the way And on the back it says the impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way it’s my favorite quote my favorite quote guys when I was in high school, I got voted the nicest kid in college.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

There’s like for the height of the nicest kid in high school. It was 600 kids my graduating class. I got the nicest kid award, you know, like when you graduate is still the most likely to succeed. That was not me. Okay, I was so shy when I saw an adult I would walk the other direction. That’s true. I would not be doing this. Okay, the personal development that comes to an individual because of business and because of the funnel game because of the pure I have never found a more Pure Source of marketing knowledge then FunnelHacking Live there isn’t one. You’re getting the best of the best. You’re not just getting speakers that you’ve all heard of you get all these speakers. You’ve never heard of who are having success. Oh, how are you selling your soap right you guys get to hear from Jamie cross coming up. Oh, how you selling your flashlights?

Thank you, Trey Lon. Oh, how you selling this? Hey selling that who’s selling toilet paper? Who’s that? We’ve made it all up everyone at once. Okay. Okay loose on this you selling out your hair. Some people who are actually like doing it. It’s not a Roth session. I’ve never learned so much and been so enabled in any other event in my entire life. Okay, so it’s not like him I going to FunnelHacking Live this year. It’s like Windows phone.

I can live only plan the rest of my life around that I don’t miss it. I never will miss it. And it’s something that has changed my life forever. So don’t like yeah. I hope he has a feeling when I say that whatever your constraint is is actually your superpower. There was a guy once when I I was going to sing so call the freaking numbers on saying show the FunnelHacking Live. Okay, there was a guy is this this this really offended me. Yeah. I know a lot of you guys you may not have gotten the Straight A’s and school right lot of you ladies. You’re like, oh man and if I can do that or that or this or whatever it is, it’s like standing in your way. I’m so happy for you. I will not conceal you okay. I’m so happy for you. That is a catalyst for your success.

And that’s what this big thing. I’ve realized right? That’s a huge realization. I wouldn’t have I wouldn’t be right here. I wouldn’t have the microphone. I Having all this stuff had I had the cash to actually get the FunnelHacking Live. And I remember when I when I got the job offer to work next to Russell. I thought it was I was I was I was basically a basic I was applying for a support role. I was trying to be a support guy. I was gonna go beyond a support position if all adds a ClickFunnels™ I was like, you know what proximity Is Power right proximities power. Let me just get near the action and I go and I interviewed and and on the way back that’s when they called me and they said hey, do you want to help Russell build this funnel sit next to me. I was like, yeah.

Are you serious? Yeah, you gotta pay me to imagine it for free. That’s crazy. I lost my voice which I yell a lot. So that happens a lot and I called my I called my mom and told my wife I called everyone I was like, oh my gosh years of trying has paid off. I was like, holy crap. Are you kidding me? This is a huge deal. I was like babe. That’s how my I saw my wife like babe the course of our life just shifted. Course of her life to shifted and anyone who I’ve ever found who is willing to go through that level of discomfort. They always make it. Okay, I dare you to get uncomfortable. Yeah, I dare you to get a little bit like, you know get wrong with yourself killed a real. Are you actually doing the thing that you like? Okay. It’s that classic question. If you had all the time if you’re all the money if it all the team all the resources in the world, what would you be doing?

If the answer is not what you’re doing change it do something else. Okay FunnelHacking Live. Is this amazing vehicle with the most pure form of marketing knowledge. That is applicable today I’ve ever found it’s why I people as funny it’s once person walking to me last year in the like did you learn anything this this I was like, what do you see me as like absolute. Of course. I did like you’ve learned something in this like, yeah, we’ve actually learned something. That’s right. What did you learn? I was like well, let me show you sorry. I took 52 pages of notes.

My first session. They’re just like, I don’t know if I’m ever gonna afford some like this again and if I’m like, you know, I mean anyway, I want you guys to go to FunnelHacking Live and when you get there, you walk up to me and you tell me your story. Okay? I want you to I want you to walk up to me and I want you to say Steven. This happened to me last year because it’s the same challenge issued last year. Someone’s like hey Steven, I got my first sale at funnel hacking live yesterday and I can go get a hotel. I slept in my truck last night. I was like, whoo. Yeah, baby. That’s right. That’s right. That’s huge. That’s such a big deal. Another person walks up to me and they said oh, you know, I don’t have any I’d have any cash to get there. I have just enough money. I could either buy food for the upcoming month or I could buy a funnel hacking live ticket and I said, okay. Okay, I get it.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

Now. Think about this with me. Think about something for a second if you are in that scenario. Okay, you’re in that scenario. If you went and you bought a fruit A month’s worth of food. Are you ever probably going to make it the FunnelHacking Live? No, okay. If you go out and you buy a FunnelHacking Live ticket chances are you’re not gonna starve you’re gonna find a way to do it. Okay, and I know that’s intense, but I want you to know how bad do you freaking want it? You understand? I’ll say it and that’s what I realized what I sat back. I was sitting in college and I was getting it in I was getting it arguments with my marketing teachers.

I was like, yeah. Well Russell said something different nice and I was totally that guy and I was the hard student. I know it was and they’re awesome. Awesome is great. I’ve never told you know anyway called it does the best they can with what it’s got. Right and I’m sitting there though and I started realizing like I am already real close to Rock Bottom. So what’s the difference if I just go out and spend a couple hundred bucks on get into a this this event. Well, I really can’t do that either. Okay, that’s fine. Who will Who will pay that kind of money for me and I sat back and I started getting reeled myself. What would it be like To actually hit rock bottom. First of all. Wow, I’m not actually there. I’m actually very far away second of all what kind of power and fear right? Does that does that kill it kills it kills and somebody I know why you guys listen around like this guy’s freaking intense. Yeah, you better believe it changed my life. Okay, how bad do you want it? Wow.

This guy’s telling me like between food and FunnelHacking Live. Yeah. I’m just clarifying for you. That’s exactly what I’m telling you to do. Okay. I’m just gonna let you know because this has shifted everything for me. Okay, since then since Aunt Lily Lily a month ago. I had teachers from my marketing degree. They’ve reached out to me asking me to help develop more of their programs based on what I’ve been doing because this is so effective and I’m like, I know I was trying to tell you that this is how it is and this how it isn’t.

Anyway, I just want you guys to know how much I truly believe in what we’re doing here when I walk into ClickFunnels™. I feel like we’re on Hallowed Ground because it changes lives. Okay, it changes lives and it’s real. It’s not like a son a rah-rah sesh. I hate that crap. Okay, it’s real tangible and I want you to know that this Stuff can actually happen they this stuff is actually it’s it works. Okay, and it’s not like school. You don’t need to get an A and final building to have a good lifestyle. You can get an F in your funnel and actually make a great lifestyle. Okay. So what I’ve seen most people do if they’re struggling to get FunnelHacking Live. What I’ve seen most people do is they will come to FunnelHacking Live. They’ll take copious notes.

They’ll stay late getting to network getting to know people getting relationships going. We’re like, oh cool. I’ll build the thing you do the Fulfillment. All right, sweet and actually build a machine and a funnel and a system for the first time in my life. They’ll get there and they’ll take whatever cash they’re getting those roll right back in. Okay use this as a positive constraint Steven don’t have time bullcrap. Don’t believe you Stephen. I have money garbage you get resourceful Stephen of this like it’s why I have such little patience and some of these areas get a little tough with yourself, right? Hello Papa Larson tough.

Love coming down here right now and just know that this is actually a life-changing thing if you choose it to be The obstacle is the way okay, I went and I this is a literally anyway, I forgot what I was saying this so funny that this guy’s as I got I went to this counselor once and he’s like, hey, do you have ADHD and I got offended by it and he went and he told me to go take this test and I went and I sat back I sat back and I took this test and I was pissed off about his man. I was like, huh?

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

And I took this test and handed it back to me like you have ADHD, but you have a lot of symptoms of it as like is that not the definition of how you diagnose somebody but anyway and and I was mad about it and I thought Stephen you’re not going to be successful. You got this thing. Right? What letters you got after her name, right Stephen Duckett be successful. You don’t have a briefcase. That was a belief I had for a while Steven. You’re not gonna be successful. You don’t have to talk to anybody. I was a real belief.

I had my CV not be successful. You don’t have any time. I was in college. I was in the Army I had kids we were married right right of married life was busy, right? I was carving out maybe two hours a day. Okay, but we got out of it. We got you can too. Okay, and so so what I’m trying to because I Seems like whatever you think your obstacle is is actually your superpower. If you’re like man, I can’t get to FunnelHacking Live because of this this and that like okay, I hear you flip it, right.

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Okay. The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem and if you decide to switch your attitude and look, oh my gosh, I have this constraint and you excited to use it as a catalyst. It becomes the theme while you become Falwell becomes the theme of why you get there. It will mean more to you than everybody else and FunnelHacking Live. I could not believe how many empty binders right untouched binders. I found on seats after I left when I can live that first one. Okay, it will mean more to you.

You’ll learn more right the fact that I could not speak as why I know how to the fact that I did not know how to have money is the reason I have it the fact that I did not have time as the reason I haven’t now whatever it is that you have that’s like, oh I can’t do this thing. Like I philia I get you but I’m not sympathetic. I’ll be empathetic. I can sympathize with you. Okay, and I mean I will tough love space here. Okay. We love you guys. We appreciate you guys so much. We want the success for you guys. This means so much to me. It means a ton of Russell. What other CEO does this? I don’t know.

No one of them none of them do that. Okay, he loves you. He thinks about you right and he sees thing about ways to help you guys like crazy. This is not a rah-rah sesh. This is you getting off the ground and getting your thing forward or if you’re launched. Its you taking it and scaling it beyond what you even think was possible and having a life at the same time. Anyway, my story is crazy and I know it is and I want you guys to use as a catalyst and a place to actually put in little tough mode inside your head. You got man Stevens gonna yell at me. If I don’t come right? I’ll hunt you down. Okay, and I want you to know we love you guys.

We appreciate you won’t you come to FunnelHacking Live call the number and make sure that you guys are actually coming. It’s a life-changing event. And again, I’m just going to say it again. The obstacle is the way what stands in the way becomes the way right the impediment action becomes write the actual course need to take guys. Thanks so much. Appreciate it. Appreciate that guys have my own. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. And these are all the tickets new buyers that came in while you were talking so they yeah, so if you’re going to take a shit if Steve doesn’t convince, you literally means ever going to get a jet flying from house to house to house grabbing as bike. What is wrong with you. What more can we do to serve you? Please? Let me know so I can do it. All right couple quick things. So we already found our winner of my 30-minute console there Ike this one was really good.

So try announce the winner that let’s do it. Okay. All right. Here we go. So the winner I’m going to read those. I’m ready too because really good hold on before you do that. I don’t know if everyone knows how to get a hold of us. So if you don’t mind guys right now just heard Stephen story call eight seven seven two two, two three, nine five nine go to FunnelHacking get you tickets Rings phones are gone. Let’s go guys ask for Miles eight seven seven two two, two three, nine five nine get on the phone. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

Call him like this. Alright. So with that said, alright, so this is I gave away who have been posted the best comment why they went FunnelHacking Live weather coming FunnelHacking Live that down below is going to win a free 30-minute console. So this is from Danny Hayes. Congratulations. So last year was a very first felt like love I ever attended and Russell Brunson first announced the event. I didn’t have a legit business. I just got I just got done having to Fork out all my funnel profits or 15K for my dad’s funeral even though I didn’t have the money in my budget for the event.

I knew I had to attend I created a hundred dollar product was worth $1,000. I cold called 15 local businesses all 10 of them on it. This was the only way I had to get extra income to go I paid for my ticket and then hustled the next you must earn enough for travel and hotels, this was the best investment. I made all year since then I have 20x my investment Justin relationships that I made from the event and that doesn’t even count for the income from legit businesses. I’ve launched since then I would probably still be working for myself. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

I didn’t have the guts and the hustle to pull it off. I cannot recommend even up it will change your life. Boom Danny. Thank you very much. Drop the mic. That’s what hanging out. All right, okay, I’m recap the off real quick. And then we’re gonna go through because I’m way behind on funnels. We got 49 minutes for the live scene cuts off. So that means if you’re waiting it’s time to stop waiting. What are you waiting for a know you’re watching you’re thinking you’re looking for everything like this. We financed by visa and MasterCard.

You come to the event. It’ll help you to learn everything you need to do to pay less things off is gonna be amazing. Do not miss it right. Now you go to funnel hacking get your ticket. You’ll see all the speaker’s the lineups the videos everything there or give these guys a call back above their my team. They are so excited to hear from you and give them a call at the number that should be on the screen down below give that call right now. It’ll be ringing and they’ll be talking while we’re finishing up some more cool stuff. So what do you guys get for liking like to stay? I’ve no idea of these already sold out or not. If not, they’re close.

We have like a hundred thirteen left today. If we still have left you will get the last four years of fun. Like he lives one that Steve has sat in the change his life and the ones everyone since then and that one and that one that would all the notes are in here. So you get that you get the MP3 player to listen to Last four years that way when you show up to our event in Nashville, Tennessee, you’ll be prepped and ready to take over the world because you have all the funnel knowledge in there ready to take action the next occasion, but you’re going to have a chance to FunnelHacking Live with the most amazing speakers on planet Earth.

These are hand-picked because he’s the people I know you need to change your life. A lot of you may never heard of before because they’re actually running businesses. Most of her professional stage presenters. There are people who actually doing this in their FunnelHacking Lives inside of our community people who last year we’re sitting in the audience and now this year they’re on stage because they’re doing what we’re talking about. Stacy Martinez going to Steven Larson Al Sharpton, Matt Mattox a man, Nick barely Natasha. Hayslett Christie nickel Bailey Richard Richard Dean graciosa Ray Higdon, Jamie cross John Parks, Julie store and Gary J. White Jim Edward, John yard. Gotta go Brendon burchard Meyer and golden and Lindsey Stirling beating private concert for I’m know what they’re speaking on go to FunnelHacking all that info is down on the page down below.

And the last thing you get is Dave went and bought a huge pack of funnel hacking a huge section of the tedx event Grant Cardone. The same one last year that I spoke at we did three million dollars in sales. How many is wish you could have been in the room with me and experience that and watched it. It was pretty cool. And so what we decide this year’s we want a thousand tickets right here on the Third Base Line. He’s dead Marlins stadium the Marlins stadium and we’re all going to be coming together and hanging out. So anyone who’s already bought their ticket to his body so far. If you’re able to come then we will get you a private ticket in there. It’s not of our group wrong whirring final hacking shirts. When you go crazy. It’s gonna be kind of fun.

It’s gonna be amazing Grant Cardone called in earlier today. If you guys ever listen whole time he’s pumped for it and we’re gonna have a guys you guys are wrong. We hang out together see me so much fun. So do not miss that that’s only if you get taken before today ends which ends in 46 minutes from right now. So go to fight like gear taken or give these guys a call ASAP at one eight seven seven two two, two three nine five nine.

Whoo-hoo-ho PBS is watching I’m having new career. All right with that said, I’m gonna dive back into some funnels. So I’m going to show you how to make a faster. So we got there. I can probably 12 of my egg hundred fifty funnels. Little bit faster on these with a real quick story in the need to call and tell a story called tell you story call tell you story called ready. Here we go. All right. Next up was my potato gun businesses. This is happening here we’re ghosts of the other ones here.

This is some of the old sales pages. I tried to rebuild this like 30 different times. There’s one we did there the DVD there’s $1 trial when we did whole potato good ones. All right, what they are learning as I started learning that I can interview other. So I made in for products like 1000 going to run by started learning a I can interview other people and that could become my products. And so remember the year there was a very first year I decided I was going to try to become a 2 comma Club winner and it wasn’t too complicated time.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

I just knew I was gonna make a million dollars in a year. That was like my goal. I need to figure it out and so ideas on January 1st of that year, which was 2005. That was the year that wanted to do it. I got to get a bunch of my friends. I did the math. I said a million dollars divided by 365 days is two thousand seven hundred thirty nine dollars and 73 cents a day as they had to make 2730 $9.33. Then today every single day for a year to make a million bucks. I was like, that’s my goal. So on January 1st a year. I launched this site which was a interview series with four five. My friends were all who have that same goal.

And we said we interviewed her say what are we going to do? What’s our goal? How are we going to get into the 2 comma club and we did that in the wind up selling it was Jeremy Burns Mike fils-aime. Josh Anderson. These are all the guys they interviewed that became a product made up selling was just our interviews about how we were going to go after this goal and he has to go get 10 people aren’t you together interview each other at how do you do Campo club and boom that can be product right there?

Alright next in November. We launched pretty much secrets. We launched a whole bunch different things. So this is pretty large secrets of the coop partnership Mike fils-aime and I did we both interview each other about all the different funnels we launched in the past. And so if you scroll down you see like marketing deal cells letterbox all of a suff. So the interview series talk about all different funnels. We launched the past and that became a product we launched it. We sold next up we decided to do a summit but back then one Summit without of a cool I cook for the summit. It was the secrets.

A marker of the Year award we interviewed scroll down you can see we interviewed always different people for the summit it became a free some everyone registered to be H cross sell our products. We made a ton of money off this summer and we actually took this one we launched it in the network marketing space the real estate space and a bunch of other different markets as well that same constant any of the ask you the same thing to an online weight loss coach the are only marketing or whatever might be.

Oh Dave just brought in a prop from the blast of the past those like Russell what tomato and this is a potato gun the way it works is you get a potato and you jam it in the end to hear then you take the verily spray hairspray and you kept it screw the thing on and you click a little button. It creates a spark inside of here which then combust the hairspray was that she was paid out the two by two or three hundred yards. Yes. That’s how it all began with potato guns. Whoo. All right on the mark zero. Yeah. This is a real estate. So they’re all them are gears mean it for real State Market of the Year. Boom. So we took the same Market the same concept marked didn’t whole bunch of the markets. You just same thing in any of your marketing. The thing works great in all the markets. We’ve tried to all right next up local back box. This is April 2013.

This is another Summit Series. We did notice this Summit theme and Bailey’s you talking about some it’s this one. I didn’t local markets called local Black Box. I interview all these local experts who were making a ton of money doing locals selling services local businesses. We turn to make you Summit. It was a free Summit we both listen bike out of five member 20 or 30,000 people join their list from this thing and these percent chance sell the products the back of it made it kind of my this so this is another Summit funnel Thirty You start early that was a summit funnel as well. So some of finals work, they worked back in 2013 to work prior basically talking about a phone Hakeem Lyon. All right next to charging these things called fire sales Something Mike fils-aime kind of pioneered a fire sounds like he was crazy. So make a bunch of money.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

So very first Fireside did this one right? Here is the marketing deal and we got a whole bunch of people with amazing products. They all they all donate their prices huge bundle. We launched it and I think it was like two or three hundred bucks and you everybody’s products and made a crap ton of money. It was like a finite I like seven days. They could buy it and that was a marketing deal time with my very first fire cell. We talking about fire cells. I’m going to show you some other ones made a ton of money.

But if you don’t have your tickets yet go to FunnelHacking or call the phone number down below talk to my friends right here. They want to talk to you. All right. Whoo, where did we leave off on some marketing? Tool Time was the one the first fire cells. I did. I think we may have like 70 or 80 thousand dollars like in a very short winter time. Next was this was the Grinch selfish Christmas time. I try to figure how do I make him this extra money for that for the holidays? I put it in a grinch cell which basically took a whole bunch of people including their products their we launched it for like 27 bucks each day got more expensive as our $27.

They say was 37 then 47 and in a three-day window during Christmas time while I was wrestling we did over $33,000 and sales enough to buy my wife a nice gift for Christmas and it was it was awesome. So that was the Grinch now then we did another cell later on. This is called VIP profit Zone sell. This was a membership site had a whole bunch of software in it and we end up selling rice to the software. So this is another fire. We did it start fire sales comes down. A lot of times make a lot of money quickly that ClickFunnels™ member two years ago. We were like half a million dollars away from breaking from from from tripling Over the year earlier and it was like the end of the year. So it has member the side is funnel. Immersion.

Fire sale was like here’s every time I ever spoke on a stage ever all in a membership site is called funnel immersion. We launched like 300 bucks. I’m so like a million worth in a weekend. So firestone’s work really really good do even if you don’t have products. We’ve got other people’s products combined to membership site and we launched it. All right never talk about membership sites.

So when I was in college doesn’t 5 I launched my very first membership site is called The Lost files. This is lost. I was what it was was back then everyone’s talking about public two main products things that were in the public domain that have been repurposed the you can go and sell so I found a whole bunch of public main products. I then hired somebody write sales letters for all of them. I got a copyright lawyer to like write up a document proving their own public domain and we still access membership site for 27 bucks a month you could log in they could get the price they can go and they can sell them on their own and the last file So proud of my first cells there’s ever wrote.

It did really really well. I launched a thousand College. I was making about 15 grand a month while I was in college and it was just like me and my college life super super easy. So that was the Lost files the next thing lost files year when this is my dad after we ran the site for years, like what if we did like like, you know, like boxes of like friends or sign for the you buy the box set as I knew box set of all the content for a membership site so much lost files year one. Is that the headline how desperate housewife Seinfeld and Sopranos compelled me to give away my own fault and blah blah blah. Anyway, we launched this huge flop did not work.

Don’t copy it it was a bad idea, but we spent a lot of time energy on it. So that counts for something then we launch the next membership site, which is a self-improvement membership site is called self-improve millionaires where every single month we get people to products that go sell and self improvement industry. So how to speed read how to how to how to write fast how to how to learn another language like we just created every month. We create two new person development products and give them a sales letter and let people sell them and get we sold resell rights to him and it was $37. Be access to this this membership site is people do not $60,000 a month for us.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

And I was awesome. I did something similar the next year with affiliate landmines which was kind of stuff. We’re millionaires boys, like affiliate products work really there’s my wife and I had a black eye in this picture and shaved head but we created these little I called affiliate landmines and it was membership site that people pay they 27 bucks a month, they’d be access to it every month like into that land mines. They can take these they could Brandon with their links giving away to people and then they would sell my products and services on the back end so they don’t land mines knows have membership site we sold and then we sold resell rights to fit landmines is getting deeps the dream inside of a dream most you guys probably know what I’m talking about.

But at this membership site make ton of money, so I let people buy rights to the membership site, which was this thing right here and we made a ton of money with that as well. So there’s a lot of ways you can do this and then last memberships I had was called rent an edu back in the day. We used to get I had a friend that was friend with some colleges and Peru and so we would own all these Peruvian dot edu sites. And then we read out for link building. You can like basically rent a page on the site and then you can go and you can trade vdu so you can go it’s like an edu is linked in Google’s worth a lot more than like like a regular link Rex is the college is college site these colleges gave us these dot edu sites and we’re renting space to markers like us on the side. So you could remedy to you and you could link from that to other people in exchange for do link exchanges.

So this was awesome. It was really cool. I love the logo. We had that for a while and then like SEO stuff shifts and then it work as well in the stop using them. All right, let’s that’s all the membership sites. So those of you guys who want a membership site, you should FunnelHacking Live. If you don’t even take a shit called number down below to talk to these guys are going to FunnelHacking your tickets. He’s having fun. See all these funnels. I hope you see the process. I want to share the as the fact it’s not just one fun away. It’s like every funnel is like the the next thing Andros next thing the next thing the next thing like public are like lost files was a good man beside themselves broom. It millionaires will say membership during the next one and it grew bigger and next indicate. It’s like a Snowball Effect for everything. You compounds the next one gets bigger and bigger and bigger and Dave’s engine with a price.

Whoo, baby. Whoo. I got you more people got to put in here before but pull this they’ll be upset. Otherwise see who Clayton want to come on down cleanse can come down and help us out here. So what planes coming down again, please call eight seven seven two two, two three nine five nine eight seven seven. Three two, two two. Two is three nine five nine playing. What do you want? First one? What do you get away? What do you want to give away? Alright another cut. Here we go guys custom molded mat ClickFunnels™ back on it. You can actually rolling in to FunnelHacking Live with your roller bag with ClickFunnels™ all over it.

Who’s our winner Heather Watson Heather Watson that bat right? There is on its way to you. Congratulations Heather way to go. You know, what you got. A lot of people have actually went to comma Club Awards. Oh, yes. Well the cool thing about FunnelHacking Live is those who want to Hong Kong couple more get a chance come on stage and actually I wore it to them or to comma Club X word mean the made over ten million dollars in funnel. We got a bunch of my office. I haven’t been posting on our wall. Yes you so much.

This has been crazy the gossan the part that I love the most about this. the part I love the most about all this is they’re actually acting like like to get talk to him because we have yeah. Yeah, these guys actually are there and what we have is our Round Table we have over 50 of R2 comma Club award. Where’s the here’s Colin Wayne. Come on Wayne is as the most crazy business called red line steel where he makes these things this again. It’s not an information product. He actually makes these physical products out of steel.

They’re American flags and all sorts of stuff. He’s done. I think Miles right now. Is he on track for 30 30 million bucks this year daddy. Don’t you tan ClickFunnels™ that he started off by doing a frequent shipping offer for one of the plaques and then up sells them just crushing it. That’s one of our 10 million-dollar earners up. She has me FunnelHacking Live. There’s another one Dan lock. These are ones that came in last month. She has no this is people have made 10 million dollars in classrooms last month. We have a whole kitchen full of these all patient up there like this is happening all the time Anton Anton. I know he hit that sweet. These are the 10x ones that happened a lot. Oh crap last month and then days got there’s all the to. Club winners here are all that you complan winners miles up camp miles real quick two people can see who you are.

My soulmate you can verify and validate to make sure all this is accurate and the crazy thing about this is we’re starting to get these in almost One A Day right now and it’s been insane but the part that why it’s so important for you is because they’re actually in and be at funnel hacking live where you literally can sit at their table. It’s called a round table where we literally have over 50 of them. Probably this year almost a hundred of them where they literally be at a round table. You can ask him any question you want about how they built their business. This is Brad Ryan give their amazing Brad getting rightly. So I they’re amazing. They are in the financial space and I Russell knows if we’re financial planners is not going to work and finally they freaking or killing it with it. I either three or four million bucks this year so far using all this in fact that in the financial place like it works over. This is Stacy Palmer Tito and relationship Stacy’s. Let me talk to you for like lat boom.

There’s hers. This is called inch LCD proposal stage for like that last year. They showed their I broke two combo Cup winner in less than a year. Jose’s got one. Anyway, you can see these are all ones upcoming just this month. How many have we got total? We are at 380 Q3 to people who’ve been setting the stage. Now who are in the audience now want to calm a couple words how many to come x 28 and 28 people are too complex. You’re literally a funnel away you guys you understand this like this stack is coming in every single day ever seen a boom to calm like a blender because wrong some waiters like every time you snap your fingers on them first.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

That’s it. You guys want to hit it guess we’re all hanging out. They are here. This is your new peer group because the people who are doing what you’re trying to do come to front like last the Next Room asking questions pick their brains taking to lunch and dinner actually how I met Dave they can my very first events way back a long time ago down ago and we about then it was my time wasn’t quite as busy.

So we are we had a thing where like if you want to get a speaker’s out to dinner go go back and sign up on the speaker sheet and Dave ran the back and fill out lunch and dinner and breakfast for every single one of my name’s so I’d lunch breakfast and dinner Dave every day for three days. I got to know each other so well. He did that he came to vent because the people who wanted to learn from were there. So for you if you want to become like this go meet people like this.

You become the people you surround yourself with and they are all a fun hiking life hanging out. That’s who you need to be as well. Whoo, so go get your ticket call him right now eight seven seven Q2 Q3 nine five nine eight seven seven Q2 Q3 nine-time Grammy Awards and FunnelHacking get your tickets because we are literally we have left. We’re right at a half-hour left. We want to make sure that you guys get this information. We want to make sure you’re there if I’m not gonna live when you go and buy your ticket again, we’re down to I don’t know. How many is left here in the stack. This is what you get you get four years worth of no Tim Castle sits in the back and literally goes through every single Speaker gets the best notes and we put them all together for his spiral-bound here in addition to that you get the MP3 player that has all of the speakers for the last four years.

You can literally in as you plug in you have the opportunity of hearing everything you get prepared for it. We went ahead then and in addition to that you have You could be watching Russell at the 10x growth gone and the Marlins stadium right here right on the Third Base Line a thousand people. That’s all we have tickets for there and we’re way over there right now. So we want to make sure that you guys get it that you’re going to be there. And as soon as you get there, we’ll make sure that you have the opportunity in Russell speaking on stage but most importantly go to FunnelHacking call eight seven seven two two, two three nine five nine plus we got who can get 30 minutes for the live stream die.

So I’m gonna keep on going you guys. I’ll make sure you get all these photos case. We’re gonna go fast. Hopefully James as cued up. Alright, so next phase enter into my life. My first mentors is Mark Joiner. No Mark. Brilliant man. Super cool. I just amazing. And one thing he taught me is the most important thing you can do in your business is to build a list and he had this trick that used to build lists the we had these viral traffic exchanges build these big less time to go deep into the psychology behind him, but he didn’t he did one called start Blaze one called exit plays that the build list of like millions of people right out of the gate. We’ve him like number eight. 20th most visited website in the world using these tools as like that’s brilliant.

So I model it marked and I started launching viral sites. I’m gonna show you guys like 10 different viral sites. We launched also the marks Marshal comes a It’s awesome. And it’s star plays was his so what happened is you showed gonna start place. So happen is you go to start Blaze. And you said this is your home page every time it will open up your browser. You see someone else’s home page, you’ll earn credits and then someone else will see yours in the network and you start getting tons of traffic. Anyway, I could tell whole I do whole event. Talk about psychology Behind These Nobody Does it anymore but they’re amazing. I’m sure somebody quick so easy with my very first one I did first Fireside.

I did number two is residual up to go faster Jamie like make it through booms is drop presses viral list building site. We did number three was conquered it was the viral advertising for and we built which was awesome than link brander, which is like when the very first link shortening Services ever, but it would brand it with your ad and the top and then you heard advertising credits face how many times your links were clicked on a viewed number three? Yeah, we’re doing that one. What’s next we’ve seen that one right next one the okay. Next one. This is called the viral

This is the same kind thing all these are based off of you guys know like how illegal pyramid schemes workers. It just me. Anyway, the way illegal pyramid schemes work you want to know they were really good for advertising their legal. If you’re selling stuff if you’re just doing credits is free. But basically we should you sign up and then you send people oh you and Below you down to 10 levels and get credit from everybody up. That’s all these viral sites that work. So some would sign up as a member of the viral secret then they would tell all their friends.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

They tell their friends and all these people start growing start building this thing and I built a huge list of hundreds of thousands of people and what’s crazy is that then all to were on my list and I had a chance to email them and built our list we bake. So viral secret another site we did exit fire was another one. I wish I had time to go through all of these things because they’re such cool strategy behind all these but I’m time and last I’ll show you this is the I am it. So this is report. I wrote and I wrote a report and then I wanted to it was before we launched the product.

So we go the important we give people a dollar for every one they told about the reports based on spent $1 per lead. We didn’t get any over 80,000 people to download that report cost $80,000 build a huge list of 80,000 people and then we launched product behind it. Boom is the first time I made a million dollars in a product launch was on the backside of this like I just pay people a dollar to give you a report which is super cheap way cheaper than like Facebook ads you think about this is all stuff we had to do pretty face because there’s no such thing as Facebook. If you guys want to learn more about this kind of stuff make sure you’re at FunnelHacking

We’ll call the phone number down below wherever we’re at. All right, I’m gonna move on to my info product world, so I started my info product courses. So my very first info product course, I created called public domain how to teach people how to make how to start a six-figure business in six weeks selling products are in the public domain is my very first public domain site or coaching program. My second coaching programs call it through boot camp. I sold this for a thousand bucks. I mean I launched it and this is probably like 10 to 15. I launched but I build a list of customers the time I launch this I got 79 people to pay me $1,000 for Fill the Boot Camp and they’ll cool. They only only to personally not to of the modules and the other like 12.

I didn’t know how to do this stuff. So I did a summit and I interview people for all the other modules and then that was what the training was. So that’s that was my very first courses then I have secrets home study course. Which is a hose down below that one there it is. So this is a when I bought the domain seems that he hasn’t read a book called that someday, but I never wrote a book for a long long time and then I’d known study courses at home study course, if you scroll down you see I can picture the home study course and pictures of me and my shaved head. Keep going. Keep going down. Anyway, this is my Clio long long long form sales letters somewhere. There’s a picture of me at the event. All the videos are gonna show up.

Anyway sighs my very first course, I remember we rented a hotel room. I sold tickets to the to the seminar firstly to people bought so call my friends my family members and Mike are I’m doing this event to people pay me 5 grand to be here you have to show up and I don’t tell people that you didn’t pay because I need to make sure this doesn’t look like an embarrassing thing.

So he rented hotel we set up the things and it was so bad. I remember like we had we’re trying to film it and then like the the the windows behind the thing were so bright that the you the camera can see it’s where the hotel room got sheets and we got electrical tape and tape electrical tape sheets up to like block the light Alice Sutton the thing and the whole thing was on the video anyway, super embarrassing so that became my first home study course is outcomes do some study course then go next one stupid Claire and I did a home study course teach me how to how to become a had a lot how to build your own affiliate program called affiliate Inferno.

This is stupid Claire and eyes first Business Partnership together the Filly Inferno. And then also this is one that I was no break for second. So this right here. Let’s see. So this right here, this was the very first product I ever launched the made over a million dollars is my very first two comma Club funnel and what it was I interviewed a guy named Vince James he’d made over a hundred million dollars selling self. Mr. Direct mail. I interviewed him for six hours at how he did it. I took a six-hour interviews and launched it as an info product.

And that was the very first product every day that made over a million dollars my very first two comma Club final was that and that happened in 2007. So that was like seven all seven years after I started with me took me seven years ago my first to Comic-Con funnel so pretty you guys who like, oh Russell. I’ve been news for like a week and a half and I’m not rich yet. I get takes a little bit of time. But like I said, you’re one funnel way. It was I know this was gonna be the one but this is the one for me. I launched it.

And I said first thing I’m going to do you did it over a million dollars in a funnel. So all right. We’re taking a quick break and during this break real quick those who haven’t got your tickets yet. I know we’re sold a ton of right now, but I want to make sure you get tickets about 24 minutes left for the live stream ends. If your tickets for the live show ends if we Have any of these left? I have no idea where 230 this morning you get the last four years, but I can live notes plus MP3 player you can plug in to listen every single one of the speakers and FunnelHacking Live one, two, three and four that way you’re prepared for that can 5 which is coming up.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

That’s number one. Oh, there’s more tickets coming in. Number two. You have tested be of the event experience it what you’re going to FunnelHacking You see all the speakers and the trainers and the people and the experience. It’s gonna be amazing. Uh, number three Dave bought a thousand tickets at the tedx event was to be 35 thousand entrepreneurs. We will have a ticket for it. We live a thousand. So if you’re able to come you can’t come that’s fine. But you are able to come to the bonus we got for you.

We prepaid for ticket for you. We got the the the Third Base Line in Miami Marlins stadium and I’ll be speaking on the stage. My goal is your ten million dollars in an hour and I want all of you guys there with me to watch it and experience it and then I’m sure the story time afterwards will be a lot of fun. But this is just for fun. We’ll hackers only this whole entire section. It’s dedicated waiting for you. But only if you here take it today before like humans next 23 minutes and 6 seconds. Hey Dave, you gotta go for like let her come or click on the phone number and now go do not asking FunnelHacking again, FunnelHacking or eight seven.

Seven two two, two three, nine five nine John what you got? Hey Sue so Oscar on YouTube. Just ask me. What’s the value of that 10x ticket? I just pulled it up on on Grant site here and the tickets right there that you bought. Those are three thousand dollar tickets for 3,000 bucks right now. So like it’s okay. If you ever deliver you guys out. Holy crap like come by ticket to fhl and get a three thousand dollar ticket along with it. Yeah, wait Grant works the better the seats more expenses you are so we got these ones right here the very very front.

So yeah, those are 3,000 our tickets you guys will get for free if you get your fun like lighting today for 997 bucks, by the way, I mentioned this yet as we do every single year the price of Frank like goes up throughout the campaign. So right now it’s 997 dollars in the very near future. The price will be going up. It will be going up being me go up and then we’ll sell out we have sold out every year. There’s not been a year. We not sold out this year will sell out as well. We’re not worried about that. And so it’s kind of up to you. You got to make a decision you either got to do it or don’t do it. Like you’re like it’s going to be honest things were literally about using it’s about four to six weeks for the event happens. We sell out and then what happens next four to six weeks we get calls from everybody calls. In fact, Alex – whoo speaking at FunnelHacking Live he spoke for like life too and number four. He missed number three.

And the funny thing is he tried to buy tickets are sold out and he was unable to come. So even if you’re someone who spoke in the past, if you miss this, I can tell you and like there’s a fire marshal years ago Fire Marshall Bill, he does not let more people in the room. We have to stop selling when they’re sold out. So when they’re gone, they’re gone. It’s like if you’re gonna go buy it later, maybe lose something cool lately. It doesn’t get better than this is the best offer you’ll ever get is today right.

Now. The price is going up the bonuses are disappearing like today you get all these bonuses you the 10x 3,000 or so you get the FunnelHacking Live book and MP3 players all the stuff. But only if you call right now, so call the number eight seven seven two, two three nine five nine price to the next caller. Priceless color that phone rings next phone rings has hit seven two two, two three, nine five nine call it. You got it. You got it. You all just hung up. You hung up hurry call back real quick when they subdued did you through? All right. This guy just won something. What do we win? But you want to give away shame.

How about your MacBook? What do you want? Whoo. All right, let’s go right now eight seven seven two two, two three, nine five nine again, eight seven seven two two, two three, nine five nine. Okay. All right ready to the next phase of only have 20 minutes left. Everybody were down to our last 20 minutes. I like five more pages of funnels. Holy crap. Can we go faster someday? We’ll go deep dive, but that day is not today. All right, you ready? Jamie for the next time funnels? All right. Here we go. Next up was the infamous micro continuity. This was one of my biggest projects and had back in the day. Micro continuity was TPT. See people how to make micro membership sites Micron Duty killed it. You see some success stories the very top there Micron you was awesome. Then we’ve got what’s next one. There. It is Sir Michael Carter. This is what I did all this threshold the very Ever automated webinar. So this price I was at dinner on me women are sold this one.

Funnels Never Before Told Start Up Story

This is like history that marketing history the first automated webinar ever. So this product right here, which is insane. I found a set forget is actually trademarked by Ron Popeil. Anyway. All right, then we would put him in a Payday which was like back in the info product. We were doing all these things like Zan Spencer and Jen to our successors or to Corvette from us way back in the day. There’s been 20 minutes down their business. We can create a product with a Payday show me what they did to be able to make a business and I have spent 20 minutes a day on its really paid Next one Frank Kern had a product called underachiever Mastery back in the day. I bought the rights to the brand from call underachiever Secrets.

This is underachievers secret scroll down a little bit. This one are super proud of a tons of success stories come off of this but then somebody told me one day that they don’t believe I was actually an underachiever because I do so much stuff, but it was one of my favorite envelope Rush still in my favorites this day. Next one was when we thought was kind of funny with this cartoon names Ubi the internet marketing newbie. If you go to YouTube and search You see we made three full-length cartoons about Zu b and a great product called.

Do you suck at making money which I found out it’s not a good term because I’m all the spam filters suck or filter the word suck. So all of our those emails think it delivered but I still that was a funny names we bought do you suck at making money? It was just really cool. Totally legit way to make money back in the day. So let’s do B. Then we moved on to Philly Devolution how to be an affiliate the evolution of flea market. How do you make more money less and less products as affiliate evolution by next info products for their we got get your membership site.

We help people create a custom pre-built membership sites with people which was amazing offer their the way the local marketing myth. We kind of knocked off who’s the brand that the logo looks like this myth dang it someone knows out there in social media World. Anyway, welcome marketing with mother for product. We did then we did The Dark Side Secrets. This is all the black hat marketing techniques we used to do back in the day. Do you ranked pretty high in Google?

We taught the black the dark Secrets then we did the internet. Illuminati which the patient can pull up we ran this one for like a month. It was one of the highest converting things we ever did in and literally I got a death threat from someone who said they were in the real Illuminati and said, oh you’re acting like you anyway, it was really scary because Kelsey actually answer the phone for that kind of freaky. And anyway, so we decided for that offered at off sometimes a good hook isn’t is so good that like the real Illuminati calls you into his death threats. We stop that when we do the seven six figure shortcut, which is my very first webinar training ever how to get seven figures the fastest way possible doing webinars is pretty perfect.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

Funnels Never Before Told Start Up Story

We have an artist is like three phases earlier. I teach people we did Live Events and and a home study course. He’s out doing webinars is called seven figure shortcut. There’s still be the fastest way to get seven figures to complex as I do to webinar system for your shortcut. Then we did High ticket selling. You can’t see the page very well, but we had our high ticket Secrets training program teach people do high tickets phone sales. Who which was awesome then for Network marketers with the second up line, which is helping Network marketers use funnels to build their business. And this is second up one page the loading two more times you can break.

All right, there it is. Second up line, which you can kind of see it there. It was this it was a tool and a training on how Network marketers these funnels do it instantly spill the Anarchy which was another cool design teach you how to build lists and really fast super aggressive way. There was probably not good to teach people because I got in trouble from it, but it was awesome for those who are hardcore loved it.

It was also nicknamed spam school, but there’s that sort of the day and then it’s the traffic system teach me like you’re trapped either funnels. This is back in with flip cameras from first came out if you scroll down a little Jamie we used to give away a flip camera back and remember these and we had a whole course made you had a flip camera make a video upload them at a whole system to get traffic off of a flip camera. It was amazing. I thought that company would never go out of business and then Steve Jobs killed them with the iPhone. So who so there’s much painful process take a quick break while I breathe. He minutes left. We have another bunch of funnels to go through eight seven seven QQQ three nine five nine here. Just one photo Wagner. No, it’s This but I promise you I didn’t know either. I’m so glad I didn’t stop. I just kept going one from the way and eventually keep on walking. No way. That’s all you are. What fun on the way. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

Anyways it 7-7 cute you two three nine five nine. Please call or go to funnel hacking get your tickets right away. Let’s go ahead and well Russell taking a breather. We’re gonna get some things away. John McCone grab some of these for me. Oh, yeah for sure. All right, John, let’s give away one of those yoga bucks. Let’s give away. Yoga book. I’ll let you pick. Look yoga, but carrots come in. We got a yoga block going to Rodney McConnell Rodney McConnell Rodney McConnell. Congratulations. That’s on its way. Let’s do one more. Let’s go another yoga book. Okay. Okay. Here we go. Jefferson ate this Jefferson hate this it’s God’s way the other yoga book John while you’re up here. Let’s keep going. We got to you know, next caller next caller who ever calls in right now. Answer the phone call back right there. John got script grab that bag.

Actually, let’s go back. Let’s go back pack. Those are The best these backpacks are the best. Oh Jill is just fantastic and I use one every single day. So eight seven seven two, two three nine five nine, whoever calls and next hurry eight seven. Seven two two, two three, nine five nine call the number call the number now. So some black market for less than the price of ticket eight seven seven or more than dude. Hurry. We need a phone you guys keep hanging up on them God again. We got more tickets coming in still who’s Charles our winner. Kyle is our winner. Hi is yours but it’s yeah, we got Drew Drew. Congratulations.

You better be at FunnelHacking Live. Go to FunnelHacking eat seven. Seven two, two three, nine five nine. Please call. Okay. Can I could you say somebody by Frank Oz he’s car for goodness sake he’s trying to sell his car so I can get to FunnelHacking Live by his car Frank. Oz is just if you want a car Frank Oz’s own car. All right. I’m going to skip forward my time a little because somebody’s asking like about my niches like I thought you sold other cool stuff Russell so somehow I remember I told you last time FunnelHacking Live I said, hey, we had a business make like three million bucks a year and we thought hey, what we should do is we should launch 10 businesses to make it all the three million bucks. You’ll be 30 million bucks here.

So in one year, we launched I think going to launching 12 new Niche sites in a year. So, how do you want to see those right. Now? Whoo, by the way, this is a bad strategy don’t do it. But anyway, all right. So the first one we launched here what success is. You’re not calm with some you guys wonder why we use that domain name. So if you ever group on the group on craze that we should do Groupon, but for personal development stuff, so when the first things he did was Success Center, which is a Groupon for personal development. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

Hopefully pulling that up here in a second. All the pages are lonely like 500 pages of loading. Wall right? There. It is. It’s I members from flash of some rivers. And so there is real quick. It was Groupon for personal involvement products. We were building that launching it and then we were basically lies will launch a new product every single day and that was a nightmare. So we decided to delete that business to kill then we watched bygone words. It’s cold sores a persevere and cold sores herpes or anything when my friends with selling this and I bought a company from and we roll it out. We live. This is my gone the original bygone.

This little puppy was making us on autopilot like three or four hundred bucks a day just from from three YouTube videos without ranked. So this is vegan which is really cool. And then if I got nervous after that we went to oh, this is the updated version of I gan anyway, and then we did I want a coupon e so, this is live near a coupon. This is Jessica hacker who was like I saw her on TV on Extreme Couponing interested in Boise called her up.

We watched living on We’re doing coupon e-classes bunch of other stuff and that ran for a while. We also ran an Funnel because hard to sell people Q people are cute parting. It’s hard to get into by step because by Nature they’re just like buying stuff. So we launched your go back and go back to living a coupon. The invisible fun when you set up two seconds ago. So this was basically we did this class are basically people would sign up for the class you teach them how to like how to make like they’re saying like 200 coupons that they liked in the past 30 bucks afterwards. We finally were like a coupon your business profitable.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

So there’s couponing stuff then from there. We went on to speed reading this is Howard Berg we W We ask this is actually still life on we still sell every single day teach me how to double our speed speed reading all this round out the link on there. So then we launched dating site was girlfriend in a week how to get a girlfriend a week. But the site’s not live on the Y sus no longer there a matter of pornography addiction product. So we had porn for Venture which is a which was like a hypnosis Program help you prep born and they all said overcoming our gear icon which is not on there some reason then fast forward to body of Lucien, but if Lucy was a fake weight loss the business we worked on you guys see this and scroll down. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

Oh, this is we did partially with Matt and Susan Hoover from The Biggest Loser originally, but we launched that like ten different times. I don’t feel the other ones one of them David his wife were part of it. He go to the next one. There’s Dave is a cartoon character and his wife Carrie and Boni boots with them for a while. We launched that once or twice and then ok. Now we want to nurse Us in ourselves our for something we ever did. This is the first version nurse. So we launched this it did. Okay didn’t do that good then we did another version which if you listen, I found a likely story. This was the new version launched this version got a point with this business to do not $20,000 day through the funnel. This is the long version of nerve cell. That was the live there.

Then we also watch other supplements watch well cuddle Mega cell, which is a fish oil which did really well as well and then we launched and then we don’t City smart which city smart was like Groupon. There’s here in Boise was like a group. I was in Seven Cities that time were like, oh my gosh, it’s the basically wants to watch TV here in boys and launched it. It did well for all about a year year and a half and then that business also suckers was like a product launch every single day of our life who sets it aside scared out nine minutes take another break and we got a couple of things. I’ll show you my network marketing sites let last and they’ll talk about ClickFunnels™.

But right now you gotta get us tickets for like like, uh, – I got covered her phone number to talk to these guys right here eight seven seven two two, two three, nine five nine. Please call. Hey. All right. So we’ve got more people coming in here. So we want to give away some more stuff my truck up there grab one. Yeah. What you want to give away bud? All right. These are the greatest things that we’re not supposed grab the mic. Okay, how do I do this High my hands? Um, no these things are the best seriously this has been to like Vegas and California multiple times Phoenix Orlando. These bags are the greatest things ever. It’s going to Miami Grant Cardone.

Hopefully we see all you there. It’s gonna go to Nashville will see all you guys there. I’m talking way too much and the winner of the duffel bag is Bob Sapp Bob Sapp. You want a sick dope duffel bag. Oh, that’s your guy Brent. That’s your guy. Yeah. Yeah, but I paid rent for that way to go print way to go Bob Russell back to you. All right down seven minutes a couple more finals and I want to talk to you face-to-face after that. So that’s kind of game plan. So I had a little stint in network marketing for some fun. This is where the first sighs we were in a company called send out cards and we built a friend funnel for send out cards called mentioned by a millionaire. Now this actually John’s first role here in ClickFunnels™ before you came the traffic generation machine the he is today was he ran and Bam remember that damn I’m ever invent.

It was awesome, dude. So we use this funnel to become an executive in sin. Cards in it and then we decide that was really hard then go to the next one. They went to Pure leverage. We want a Ferrari in pure leverage and building front end funnel. I want a Ferrari I was called app cache system is front and final draw people in the into pure Leverage What a Ferrari and then inside that was hard. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

The next front end was called 20 minute payday, which this was a friendly gentle for Network marketers as well this built a list of like over 85,000 people build out downlines three of companies ruiners huge then fast forward to the next one which was rippln how many has been rippln? So I wrote the sales video Pitch video for rippln. We got 1.5 million people to join in less than six weeks and then the whole entire thing crash I spent six months of my life made lessons. I think I 25 or 27 like less than a hundred bucks in six months worth of work that sucked but you live and you learn Ripple much and then that didn’t go anywhere.

I wish I could show you guys all the videos and stuff. But then on the back end of rippln my friend Brian who started rippln for five years later. He launched a company called prove it which he launched which this year will do over half a billion dollars in sales from one. Planar video one final way which was awesome real quick Russell. We got five minutes left. So anybody who calls in the next five minutes, we’re going to give you a hat either a trucker hat. What are these Beady hats are biker hat water bottle and I’ll throw on a shirt too. So hurry, hurry, gotta go Miss five or six minutes and make sure you guys write down their names.

We want to make sure we get these names. So whoever calls before this thing ends got five minutes left call buy your ticket, FunnelHacking or call eight seven seven. You do, two three nine five nine hurry. All right, we’re done last five minutes of the Telethon. I have destroyed my voice for you because I care about you. My entire team has been here killing ourselves because we care about you and I just want to kind of a face-to-face with you guys. This is going to end in a few minutes and the special offer will start kind of going away, but I want to make sure you guys take advantage of this offer. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

So again the offer get your tickets for FunnelHacking Live right now get one for you get one for a spouse even for your children. Bring them. You got a team of over 30 people get a hold of them get them together all by it takes Community as a whole and then we will be making custom t-shirts for the different groups that are coming together so that you have a nice even gets 30 of his followers to With him, we have a funnel hacker teachers and fellow hiker on one side and say like Stephen Hacker on the other side and everyone in his group will had us.

You have more than 30 people bring them to the event. I promise you will transform your business and will transform your life when you buy before this is over you’ll be getting the preloaded MP3 player with all the last FunnelHacking Lives the audio of all the different presentations on there as well as the notes. We send that out to you as a huge gift. That way you can prepare and get ready for fun. I can have some time you show up in Nashville. You will be ready for it will be really fun. Also, we spent a crap ton of money buying over a thousand tickets at Grant Cardone tedx event. So me thirty-five thousand entrepreneurs are I’m gonna be speaking on stage trying to close over 10 million dollars in sales in one presentation.

And if you guys want to be there imagine if you get a been in the stadium when Babe Ruth called a shot like we was looking at a point in the audience and then he called his shot and he hit it out. I can you imagine that like for our industry. That’s what this is last year. We went to the vet. We called ourselves the three million dollars in sales with a 3.2 million this year with a bigger venue were actually in a baseball stadium and the goal is to 10 billion dollars, and I’m Shot right now and I’m a completely missed that I made just like humiliate myself for all of you. But I want you to be there and watch me crash and burn to watch the success story either way. So we pre bought a thousand tickets anyone gets taken from FunnelHacking Live. We allow you to come with us.

We have a whole section on the on the Third Base Line front row seats. Like these are 3,000 are six years will be getting and be seen together as a community all of us funnel hackers hanging out there. That’s about three weeks before before FunnelHacking Live in the three weeks later FunnelHacking Live in Nashville and you were experienced a life-changing experience. I promise you that no three minutes for the camera cuts off. So I make sure I get everything in for you guys were wondering like why are we doing this? Why do we spend so much time and effort and energy getting you guys if unlike you my life? Okay. This is not like the most profitable Venture for me. I make way more money sitting on my butt doing nothing, right? We have sixty eight thousand members that it looks like I’m not doing this because I need more money. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

I’m nervous because I know that the people are most successful the commonalities and every single person who’s got a to combat club and it took a look at the X wall our award on our wall or the people who leave their environment they leave where they’re comfortable. They leave their safe situations, and they To get into a group of people who think bigger than people who See Vision bigger than that and they start sitting in those rooms with those people. Guess what happens you can’t help but when you’re in a room with people that our vision is that big your vision starts to grow the more you the more you around those kind of people the better.

It’s going to grow we create fun hiking why because I want you to be a format and a platform to transform your life. I’ve spent to date so far it just for this event alone over million dollars so far just to put on this party for you. So whether you come or not, I’ve spent that money, but I know if I had a friend who is someone who is doing what I want to do is making insane about somebody who had already proven the pathway and he said I said a million dollars to throw a party for you to little change your life. I would do anything in my power to do that with some of my card. So my house I saw my I would like oxide I would earn them by whatever I would do to get there because I promise you okay, the small amount of money is the you’re going to cost to get there is going to transform your life. You make more from your time and your energy there then ever cost you to actually to actually be there.

I’ll make sure she has get to funnel hiking life whatever it takes to get to walk if it’s across get to scream. If you can get there. I will transform you the people that we brought this. Makers the people who just like will transform your business, they’ll transfer night, but you’ve got to make that effort. I can’t do that. I can’t I can’t go for you. Okay, my entire life changed me the very first time I went to a live event. I was scared. I know what to do. I didn’t have any friends that I was on my computer by myself. Finally. I took that leap of faith in me is as extreme introvert. It was scary and I jumped in a plane and flew all the way across the country and for me at times Atlanta Georgia, and I got them were walking through me like these are my people these people who think like me who believe like you understand like me and they became my network and my group and my friends moving forward and it looks now 15 years later where I am today is because I made that first decision to go to invent and to get around the right type of people say shit my belief patterns and shift the conversation to my mind. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

This is your opportunity. I got a minute and a half left before this opportunity to tell you is gone on one second. Do I want to jump out and grab you like tell you what it will happen. Your life will be transfer. I could tell you stories about nyqvist jelly so short about I can do this at 40 50 Jamie cross like half the speaker’s here who are on stage last year or two years ago. We’re broke and they’re sitting the audience just like you’ve never on stage telling Stories, I want you onstage next you’re getting you to call club or what you want to say is that you’re telling your story inspired people figure out your because you were literally just one fun away.

I don’t know if funnel that’s going to be but I guarantee you when you’re at the event you’re hearing everyone talked about their phones what they did and how they did it. If you listen with the right ears, you will hear your funnel you will know which one it is that you need extra on you’ll go back home and you will do it and in a very short period time you let the success of these guys are having as well. Okay. This is not rocket science. Just you believe in yourself. That’s it. Okay, the sisters were the process works. The scripts were two funnels were all this stuff works. It’s just do you work do you believe in yourself? And if you do you need to get off your butt you find your wallet you get your phone out and call the number and come to FunnelHacking Live. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

I spent over a million dollars for the show and for you it will transform and change your business change life, but you gotta go right now go to photo I can tell cam gear tickets or call the phone. Number one eight seven seven two two, two three nine three five other else I can do other than tell you that this is created for you specifically they put it together human mind if you come and allow us to change your life, it will happen. I promise you that coming FunnelHacking And with that said, we’re down to like 20 seconds for you going.

As thank you so much. I will see you FunnelHacking Lives can be amazing love a chance to get to see those who combo Cup winners. You’ll see your path. You’ll see exactly where you’re going to be next year getting her to call him a couple word. And as soon as you see it soon as you visualize, it is becomes possible going to FunnelHacking right now get your tickets and I think you guys for hanging out the cigarette a great time. Enjoy all of our actions. Do you guys hope you enjoyed tonight’s Telethon keep called the number they’ll be on the phone to tell you guys what I’m calling to give us a call and get your tickets ASAP. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

Thank you so much and we’ll see you guys at FunnelHacking Live in Nashville in February. Whoo. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets? Yeah. You want to hear some stories till we cut off this go. Okay. You come to John. I think I think that offers still live Dave right until the feed Cuts you get t-shirt you get a water bottle you get a you get a hat if you call before we close. Okay, so right John keep going baby. What else we got? Can we got some stories here? So Trent Evans on Facebook because I’m going to funnel hacking live again because it completely changed my business last year. I was recently married father with custody of two wonderful artistic daughters, but I missed the deadline and almost didn’t get to go fortunately. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

I was lucky enough to be able to get a ticket. I knew I was supposed to be there the Lord had it in for me. I’ve been running an agency since 2008 it was profitable and successful but not thriving after listening to the trainings and the stories and networking with a people his business grew its long. I’m going to summarize it. So go to Asia by mature and to grow my coaching business grew and anyway, this guy just crushed it because he went to FunnelHacking Live because he’s there he wins FunnelHacking eight seven seven two, two three, nine five nine John.

Who else you got Okay, so we’ve got We got Aaron Gonzales on YouTube said when I first went to FunnelHacking Live last year, I never thought my life would change for the rest of my life. I came to an event as a newbie and left so inspired and to literally change my whole life. I had a clear game plan and a path on what I needed to do for so many years. I was struggling ClickFunnels™ change the game for me. I’m going again because after the first one, I know I was going to be going every single year. There’s nothing more inspiring than being in a room with amazing like-minded people. Why am I going again? ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

That’s why I wish you guys had FunnelHacking Live every single month because I would be there come join us. FunnelHacking Live go to for FunnelHacking call eight seven seven two two, two three, nine five nine eight seven seven two two, two three nine five nine the offers still good. You’re gonna get a hat you’re gonna get a water bottle and get a t-shirt. Please eight seven seven two two, two three, nine five nine. Go to funnel hacking What else done? Okay.

So we’ve got a lane from YouTube he or she says even though I speak French as my Primary language. I came to FunnelHacking Live because I’m sure I will learn the newest and the most advanced strategies to use an internet and the internet and funnels to apply in any kind of business in any language. I bought my ClickFunnels™ account when I was living a year ago in New Zealand and now I teach from Quebec and Canada in French and ClickFunnels™ works in French do what Russell says click buttons work in multiple languages don’t wake and find out it’s got the photo.

FunnelHacking last call eight seven seven two two, two three nine five nine tell him what else case we got Mike Maitland from YouTube and he says I’m going back to FunnelHacking Live in 2009 because there’s nowhere else to get the most useful marketing strategies be inspired by those who have trailblaze the path and who show openly share how you can do it too. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

Awesome getting one of the top five marketing events in the entire world to attend by entrepreneur and by Forbes, so go to FunnelHacking it 7-7 cute you two three nine five nine. Oh my gosh, we forgot. We need giveaway flight. Yeah, that’s giveaway flights FunnelHacking Live. We saw the light is still live on Facebook still alive. We’re gonna do all expense paid trip flights and hotels and everything was one of the lucky people who bought today. So who else forgot before it dies. So the person who gets their names Rod, we’re paying for your flights and your hotels if unlucky like that’s how much we want you guys to be there. I get the hardest things for you. Like I said, that’s a right way to go. Yes, you get a job. Congratulations on you you are coming too close.

Never mind. If I sit hotels are on US flight, you know tells funnel h77 Q2 Q3, nine five. Nine. Keep calling We Got Game. Everyone’s waiting hurry it 7-7 K Street. I love you and I care about you trying to convince you. This is the key. You love your customers enough that you will like kill yourself to convince them to buy yourself because you believe in it so much. That’s you know, your product or service is the best in the world. So when you guys believe enough do some crazy like this about your product, that’s when you know, it’s the best if you don’t know that yet now, it’s time to make your product better.

The reason I’m able to do this and we’ll just because I know that this is the best experience you will ever experience. So that’s why we do what we do Russell want to give a Macbook. Yeah, that will give a Macbook is the backbone on let’s get this MacBook up here. Here’s the MacBook going to our lucky winner. Hope it’s an easy name to pronounce. Please give me his name Grant. I love grass or B or B. Crap. George way to go green talk to you thank you for these more be more be seven. Seven two two, two three, nine five nine grandma or be the ones on your way to you, but FunnelHacking eight seven seven two, two three, nine five nine hurry. Hey, Dave funnel lacquers do whatever it takes to get there Jason from Facebook. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story:

He’s in the Philippines and he had to interview with the US Consul to ask what the purpose of him going to America would He says the purpose of you going to on his online sales marketing event where he was going to be able to generate leads optimized offers upsells earn money and boom. He got a Visa approved and he’s coming to FunnelHacking Live job. Congratulations. Can’t wait to see him out there, Nashville. What else you got John? Okay. Let’s see here. Um Okay, so David Dube from Facebook says I called and got my ticket today because of the contacts. I made through the event the first night before the event actually even started.

I met some contacts that were worth more to me than the event itself to top it off. The event was epic. Yeah way to go gave it to me. What’s up monster Melanie? Yeah, congratulations – I’m here. You know, we’ve got a another drop Mike to give away to go through some stuff real quick. Yeah, let’s do that. You are going to be on the drug the dryer. I know what oh, shoot. I forgot we What’s happening? We actually had our viral video light or are not very we actually had we invited everybody go ahead and actually reach out and as you registered you can then go ahead and share after you Richard.

ClickFunnels™ Untold Story: You can share it and these actually are top 10 people who are going to be receiving these bags right down here with your Swag Bags. Yeah, fortunately. All right number one wears their names Jason go. Thank you. Nice and go number two Matthew Fox number three Claire’s haul him in there were four good jar. Yep, my friend Xavier number six tala instead of Jamie Smith. He did called the software. They did. He might have just scared. Probably not get soul. I ha got one from Germany and Katie Hadley from Wichita and Terrence Adler from Henderson USA. We’re dead. I would never wear YouTube still alive. But hey you do we’re gonna cut it. We’re really tired. ClickFunnels™ Untold Story

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