10X A Click Funnels Story – The Untold Story of 10X Growth Con 2019

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Russell Brunson reveals what really happened at Grant Cardone’s 2019 10x Growth Conference. JOIN US FOR THE FACEBOOK AFTER PARTY! We will be answering all your burning questions.

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: 2 comma Club

Okay let’s do this one more time 10x growth Kon it’s quickly becoming one the biggest marking conventions in the world some call transformational some call the pitch fest some say it’s life-changing the one thing you can’t argue with is that it’s growing first was your wine at 2018 they said hey Russell weird event next we’re talking at 9,000 people in the arena do you want to come I was like I don’t think that’s possible but somehow they pulled it off and

Every seat was filled every stop was pulled lights sound rooftop entrances parties and an engaged audience so my team match the effort we spent weeks coordinating new speech new slides stories videos and a few theatrics the result was one of the worst standing ovations of all time because no one was there the table rush was massive photoshoots were endless and within a few hours we ran out of order the next day went up again for a reap itch the result was a 3.2 million dollar presentation in 90 minutes all three million dollars put it down on black.

Keep it double it which got us some attention but what followed was thousands of people asking how we did it how is it even possible so we launched a course teaching people with the art of selling from stage eight days open the course hit the 2 comma Club so naturally grant called us back for round 3 now I thought it was crazy before but this time I knew it he said we’re gonna have 35,000 people more people than the city that I live in he’d rent the Marlins stadium Miami and put on a show so ambitious so over-the-top that’ll go down in history first section of seats then we’re in the entire Mandalay Bay.

The gold we can hit 10 million dollars in sales no pressure right we’ve been a part of there’s 35,000 people coming to this event in Miami so comfortable shoes will be on our feet a lot we’ll be running around a lot we have a lot of stuff to do 3,000 yes buy your packets in 2010 ex-secret once to the hotel we will have temporary employees handing out order forms as people run up to the sales tables that’s 18 months record-breaking type of stuff so crazy crazy laughing all our focus on right now is TEDx and making sure that everything goes as it’s supposed to go.

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Using Power Point Presentation

I fell asleep fight last night but then I forgot this morning we had dentist appointments for the kids so I’m laying there at 6:30 klett like she’s miss her slept through the first alarm to shakes me she’s think what’s a little something well what did you think come on a 10x I’m like what like that’s today I’m like oh my gosh sounds like I said I’m like wait 10x it like we would pact you in and she’s a member of the dentist the dent Oh anyway so thank heavens it was in 10x was the dentist so I thought I lost a whole day so I’m so grateful that I have today to finish all this stuff very grateful I’m plugging in hopefully the most embarrassing video Balter my very first stage presentation ever I show

How bad I am on stage it’s kind of a broad overview better to hopefully help you to better to get better information out of the whole internet marketing business this little nerd right here is gonna be doing this on stage oh give me 20 extra minutes my second pitch hmm [Music] just crushing them just by lack of sleep everything else we’ve got first presentation almost we’d nothing I need to export it from Google slides into PowerPoint and hope that all the fonts will get jacked up we’re about to export from Google slides to PowerPoint and pray that all the fonts don’t get destroyed and ruined course you’re never going we’re done everything’s just over new downloads awesome

What if it’s more options yes thing than the might word hopefully did this right Oh glory what Jack fonts look amazing the good thing is this is only first 35,000 people so that’s six story monitors they’re all see every pixelated image like the vibe of the office in the last couple of couple days leading up to attend X like yesterday there was a ton of don’t know if this is gonna work today I was like man we got this we totally owned this thing this is ours this office is like the most amazing now it’s all all hands on deck to make sure whatever it has to happen happens you

Know there’s no uneasiness in the office right now for TEDx you know a lot of the big decisions and stuff have already been made like they’re done there we can’t change you know it’s either it’s just too late like we can’t print more things like it’s done and I need with half you know half a team already on the way to Miami it’s just kind of a it’s kind of surreal it’s it kind of it feels weird Todd tell me where we’re going go to the 10x a bit or drive it right out of the airport line to Miami and watch it rustle speak in front of 35,000 people pretty many let’s do it all right so just land in Miami the team is just about to arrive these are the guys we’re gonna be setting up everything early we have

A bunch of supplies bunch of t-shirts bunch of stuff all of us are sweaty and soupy might be a good word to say but we have someone that thinks we’re a band here see what kind of he was the guitarist you’re the guitarist the basics are always heavier just kind of like mustard I think the plan because we know we’ll go to the hotel like 8:00 in the morning that’s head straight over to the stadium and then we can get the order forms out to every single lemonade stand you know I haven’t seen Russell very often but you know what’s funny is I got access to our security system

I’ve got the eye in the sky if you will and I have seen Russell here at night so he’s like coming in after hours where he can’t get distracted and he’s getting stuff done now the countdown is it’s literally like we’re hours away from taking off yeah I have a lot of concerns first off Mike I have new shoes they’re really slippery like what if I slip Plus like we bought into 10x secrets course earlier this year kind of like Babe Ruth in collar shot you know and said hey me too 3.8 million last year look I agree we are the best public speaker in the world if I don’t do good everyone’s

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Interwebs

Gonna like they will mock me publicly online it’ll be hugely embarrassing cuz not only with 35,000 people see alive then it’ll go to the interwebs and once hits the internet ever be Oh Russell sake those days he studied said he was like that’s nerve-racking then this time like the first 10 X have been it was just me and Dave Dave showed up with the box of word formants impending it was a sales table we did almost a million your Chewie that coordinated us whole thing we really had probably a dozen people from our team and this year I think we’re flying out like 50 or 60 people plus it’s like 100 plus 10 just like 150 people there just like process orders looks like if I don’t give everybody orders it’s gonna be really embarrassing and a huge waste of money that I hundred thousand plus dollars worth

Waste of money so there’s a lot more on the line this time than the first time we walked in there at the Box order form with some pens how many order forms we have this year Jess I think we have like Vic leave those 30,000 order pharmacy so hopefully we sell every single person trying to save a life with some fresh breath what else we got energy drinks lots of energy drinks I think they’re coming I think we got a pallet if you need copious amounts of caffeine you need gum so your breath doesn’t stink Neil Peart people’s faces you have terrible rep to replace bets

Yeah let’s do it 14 million eight point one sixty I’m gonna guess just eleven he’s gonna do 18.9 I think the numbers of 15 so that’s the vets were taken over under that’s pretty funny if this isn’t a bigger event for Russell something’s horribly wrong 14 cuz I reckon it will do that easy so I don’t actually see myself speaking again I set up my own events like funnel hockey live like I can I can’t even imagine myself doing another event like this this may be the last hurrah from that standpoint I’ve been kind of the all-star being out there doing all the things getting in the limelight but to go from the zero to 100 million I needed to be the all-star but to go from a hundred million to a billion like I

Can’t get ten times better you know what I mean like that’s probably not gonna happen for us to get to a billion it has to be that I stopped being the all-star and become the coach so to do that like we have an entire speaker team we’re flying out we’ve been training a team of 20 on my pitch on my presentation and they’re coming here to learn it to watch a new master and the next year we’re sitting out on the road to do this presentation so in the future it’s not gonna be me doing a bigger stage there’s gonna be 20 of me doing a thousand person stages all around the country every single week of the year so I kind of look at this as my final run and then my retirement is shifting from

All-star to coach oh I don’t even want to see that if I don’t they should let you watch this anymore it will probably [Music] when is that a clue – seriously [Music] this is happening right now yeah this is freaking insane that’s crazy in an audience that large from a strategy perspective if you have a smaller audience a lot of times you’re conversing you’d be a lot higher why but there’s more intimacy there’s more reporter so what are you doing you do anything to bridge the gap or are you doing anything that you think can up the ratio at that level of people hopefully I almost

Things to be easier Celestine because the one in Vegas was tough because it’s like it’s Mandalay Bay lots of them make a few and this actually I go to next section 138 up there and over here it’s like so confusing to try to get people to run to move and everything but this is like Casey sit over there seventeen tables go and they get everyone moving and you know I will see it’ll be fun the 30 minutes or 45 minutes yeah 30 minutes the plane leaves

When you get there the good news is it’s not gonna leave without ya okay [Music] I’m sorry Facebook all right so we are about to jump on so this is Bryan Underwood so Bryan decided that he wanted to come hang out with us and go to TEDx so he flew his private plane here and literally just picked this up by who does that you guys order parts right I went to a couple like when they all were trying to sell from stage did most of them so much don’t do this right

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Interwebs

This will happen so okay so when rewind like I got started game 15 years ago like it was it was a science right and people were awesome at it and then the recession hit events guide for like four years and then all people were doing like Wilson retired John Childers couple guys who’ve teaching public training they all retired and ended recession happens I can do it through webinars for four or five years and then events came back and literate it’s like it’s just a dead art to know knows I’ve been trying to reach in people people are learning but it’s like it’s I’m not special I just learned it from the old do them other words still doing it so it’s like it’s really fun try to get a adjudicator here for a world record tomorrow last minute yeah well most order forms collected in 24 hours no trying to get a

Guinness world record for you basically the most order forms collected within a 24 hour sitting the presence of Guinness Book of World Records bubble soccer players did you now he knows we just landed in Miami Russell is working on slides because we’re afraid that he doesn’t have time to get them finished up by 6:45 his soundcheck tonight so we’re gonna head over to Neiman Marcus cuz we need to get him I sure didn’t have it ready for him by tomorrow morning [Music] desert are better enjoyed okay so let’s start shirts tailor wise we can do this one as a backup they don’t have any other buttons I don’t know if the camera will like that it off so that hoodie right there you

Know I’ve got some other stuff but I think that we are t-shirt rustles head right now well I heard that he’s gotta go shopping white I’m think he’s trying to distract himself from being so worried about to next and yeah shopping yeah [Music] we just got through the speaker entrance and we are walking around about to walk in [Music] it’s not even real seams fakes like we’re at a Metallica concert or something you know I mean [Music] so crazy bizzy’s insane can’t talk to the person next to you there’s a bit of a bounce on the sound so I think that once we get people in the in

The seats out of the way it won’t be bouncing off the bouncing back so grant what’s your response to people she’s the greatest salesman in the world let me just say this cuz everyone I didn’t say it I just heard it Russell Russell Lisa remember the biggest sale he ever made check your channel press into the seat here goes your weapon was crazy it’s like I started this journey 14 years ago when the internet was just getting started pretty face book pretty myspace back when Google is getting started and we’re learning all these techniques about marketing and driving traffic it funnels but a lot of people’s I was dishonest or scamming or weird most of the world just brushed it off like

The big brands could be on the internet but there’s no room for little guys like us that’s just fascinating how 40 years later this little thing but it’s so passionate about talking about every single day now it’s the chance to go mainstream like weird a baseball stayed for crying out loud talking about funnels and sure it’s me tomorrow I get a walk out on stage but really I feel like it’s a reflection of our entire community a whole bunch of entrepreneurship people didn’t

Believe it people thought they were lazy or they weren’t smarter they struggled in school or whatever it was they were just different they were excited they were trying to create things and they’ve been pushed down for so long and fine that we’re getting this chance for all of us collected we could go into the mainstream and what we’re doing may no longer be seen as weird so in 90 minutes if I can prove that on behalf of our community I feel like I’ve done my job [Music] all right decadent this will direct that something they have a different song no conspiracy I go [Music]

Like when I go to a baseball stadium it’s now batting there old Kyle number hundreds oh my gosh I got that go stressing up so bad right now that’ll throw me off so bad oh my gosh today it is I don’t want to call sweeps I was like I don’t want this marcom are ready for this I woke up at 4 o’clock and I could not get back to sleep I seriously I Finally I took a snapshot at like 4:40 it’s for 47 in the morning I’ve been laying here for 45 minutes I’m so worried wait needs to go so here we go this is the ClickFunnels™ staff is gonna take you orders if I don’t screw up today today wrestle with the sound of one hand clapping so like how do you feel about the experience right now great I got all

My slides then filmmakers on video it’s fun all right it is 7:00 a.m. it’s a big day big day for everybody not to build up to this it seems like since last time we were at this event like as soon as as soon as Russell crust did on stage last year like within moments of him stepping off stage grants like you’re coming back next year and so from that moment we’re like okay this year it’s just gonna be bigger three times that whole thing they’re like like we’re gonna stay 35,000 like what and then I can give you ten million a week yes but you always say yes if I screw up anyway it’s not good I think this is over ten million dollars just in cost to run the event so far Brunson the are you in s Tobin’s

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: How they get 35,000 people sign up.

Best spoken Bronston yep what’s the first Russell Russell yeah all right oh my gosh heat it up oh yeah never more ketones my body than any human should ever have it you didn’t give it time I’m feeling freaking out no I’m not ready I guess I am ready I guess I’m ready technically we’re a software company this is good I’m at power so fill the energetic billowing out like seriously kam is waiting for me we got in all right I need my own security Gardner alive

I’ve been so cool holy cats just like so many nerves it’s the saying I just wanted to go away I bet you do honestly I was going to slightly taste it first intro is new and I’m psyched and this is they pass the intro that’s like goodness it’s like everything I know you know what I mean just how you feel and you get nerves are you just excited oh I said what I wanted secret has to be security guys kind of afraid that they crush me people are starting to file in which is crazy I don’t know how they get 35,000 people in the next site powered but I’m just so grateful that that’s not our

Logistical nightmare to figure out somebody else’s we just have to show up and do our thing which is really nice [Music] [Music] [Music] grant just jumped out of a plane we’re gonna bring catch him inside the stadium coming in I bet they’re stressing out right now I was granny so stressed I mean right now you think my name is philip robertson i’m an adjudicator with guinness world records we are here at Marlins Park we’re here to measure a Guinness

World Records attempt at the most paper order forms collected in 24 hours now Russell Brunson and the team have got 40 people here distributing these order forms for software that’s really gonna change it with businesses so the excitement and the appetite is here to buy the forms we just got to verify to make sure that at least 2000 have these forwards processed later on this afternoon and then we will have a new Guinness World Records title so we shall see still yeah time to go grants almost finished and they gave me the call tapped me on the shoulder and said

Let’s go so and if we get out but walking down the hallway now we’ll get miked up [Music] ladies and gentlemen to the state [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you know the hardest thing about being an introvert [Music] this sometimes I get nervous I tend to talk pretty fast [Music] this is [Music] [Music] [Music] our record-breaking 2,000 workforce I don’t know what we do yet but in the process of looking to get into booths and getting us back on stage and do it some other things to make that happen regardless it’s been a massive successful event and it wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for all of you your positive attitudes and your will is to work around the clock and just want to

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Guinness World Record Award

Thank you again what’s one more time I think for right now we’ll probably dismiss you guys and let you guys go get some brass to shower or whatever else you guys may want and just pay attention to Vox jam and we’ll kind of figure things out as we go thank you again guys [Applause] okay okay okay yeah we’re good game plan right now and I make it up Jerry boots have the boots there the whole weekend this we just pick up one T to the orders mystics can

You saw and we had two bills that nobody [Music] they’re gonna there as soon as we are because they were depending on their see if we can get that one to drop down from the third level down to the mezzanine the higher up you go the worse you can hear yeah for sure do next day’s worth um method plans there’s always always opportunity there’s lots of good stuff happened today that’s a good stuff because our expectations was like so like

Because we know what we did last year but there’s so much opportunity out there I think there’s we reach out and see how we can know right now until tomorrow I’m trying to get to booths they’re working on right now getting us tables the idea was to have Philip and grant and Russell get on the stage before he spoke for the last pitch to award the Guinness World Record because that’ll set the stage for for what we’re selling tomorrow but it’ll work it’s just a matter of how am I that’s a rest all right due to fire marshal restrictions we cannot add any more tables which

People can certainly go into the next offer tables in conjunction with ours I don’t know why it’s an issue except it was pretty crazy when they went for lunch like the better man thanks bar bought yesterday two dollars like when you get done I’m just walking I’m just I’m sat in the section and grabbed nine towels swinging which is kind of fun then I’m like looking at just the wat just the chaos yeah the other thing like last 10x with dark it’s like your rhythm you don’t

See much you know I mean here’s so actually everyone’s face looking anything oh my god I was like yes it was way different like so weird all right so I go for the 20 yeah I think we go for the 25 grand thank you yeah we’re ready for that thanks man we appreciate it we will will make them we want to return the favor used to okay alright guys thank

You all right CJ that’s what that was grant who’s nervous is dangling cells were kind of like not as good as normal and he was giving us an out if we wanted to just sell the same thing again but we said no we’re gonna play 5k oh he was totally okay there’s no Snoop Dogg joke so I show you I told you what’s watering these jokes I’m not good at jokes all right so uh crap why does Snoop Dogg get nervous to go out when it’s cloudy no I said it something about

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: We are going to strategiz.

To do I suck of this on the Bob I been a long day a very interesting day but we’re gonna strategize and because the audio so bad gotta talk slower could you hear those speakers better as it went on definitely better when they open up the windows cracks and the mic helped a lot oh yeah so they said it was software and then we opened up and they were like but now I’m singing to all this stuff but see then we started to talk about all the stuff every single person that came to our table is just like we could not hear anything this was the zoo once there were some people

Who honestly I was watching the crowd and I feel like the demo video people started getting up to go back like that like because they couldn’t hear that they were watching like what was happening on the screen and I think that was like these huge together this is really important because it gets that off his bike and he’s relaxed about it so I this is

Actually good for him right now because his thing [Applause] [Music] for confidence for the speech tomorrow I just really wanted them to do that thank you for sacrificing your body you’re welcome day three grant his team tackles the sound head on microphones are switched out sound blankets were hung around the road they opened up the route for the stadium to let some of the echo out now sound wasn’t perfect it was drastically better baby pick you

Push we need hit a sound of the Trump they’ll be saying those audio they come yeah here we come today’s gonna be a bead day we learned it or he came back came back playing all night now we’re here to attack again we’re going to change lives hey buddy go downstairs set up all the 10x order forms that’s a rocket Hall we’re back for day number two well I just ended and I’m on in like two hours I think so right now we’re watching Bethenny Frankel and

Kept telling my wife that she looks like her so this is collect stunt-double it’s kind of cool Dave rented bought bribed one of the TEDx employees and now we got a Jersey weird a lot up on stage and you know a lot of people going up on stage and this is an art this is our time so I’m going undercover going up I’m gonna get the shots it’s not gonna smile try to have to look lazy try to look like I blend in you know people to see me [Music] five of the dog so we’re up in like 15-20 minutes so it’s about to begin [Music] you’re gonna do amazing [Music] or breathe I need you to talk

About slower so you say a sentence and then you say something when you get going and your I end up your word word word Lord welcome to the most important meeting of our entire lives Russell do you know why I’m here I’m here because I believe in you I’m here cause here you’re called to do what you do I was not called to do what you do without you I can’t do what I was called to do I’m here because I’m in your military force I’m on your team I’m in.

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Its Game Over

Your unit you’re the general today I’ll go to war with you but for something that you have seemed long before I could see it it’s not flowery speech for me to talk about how ClickFunnels™ did something for me hey what can I get from this people follow you because of who you are and what comes through you the software is the weapon the frame.

The Game but you’re the reason and I love the reluctant hero I knew I loved it but there’s a piece in you too that’s ready to click this is the piece that you got in an army just waiting for that little clique of fire and it’s game over there’s no one that will stand on this stage that can harness the power that you have access to right now because you built an army and you weaponize them and I know that all of us here are doing something bigger than we actually

Understand and so out there was a circus yesterday and it happened on purpose and it set up what’s about to happen not from the beginning when you walk on to the begin when Marlon you finish it up every single one of us have an important role to play which is get into the state that’s required that when you start speaking the thing that comes through him comes through you so that this is seen not as a Russell show it is not even a ClickFunnels™ show

It is a movement of people been called to lead movements all centralized on one thing which is waking people up so I’m here because I follow you to support you and your calling and I needed what you had to be able to take this that I feel and take it to literally hundreds of thousands and millions thank you [Applause] individual entrepreneur business owner engineer policeman fireman nurse and teacher you have something you need to get out to the

World and you need a funnel that sits on the internet and works for you automatically I want to bring back to the stage of genius okay my friend well so Brunson Russell come out here and tell him I am so excited back with you guys tonight how are y’all fill in the grand I were on the plane a couple months ago building his funnel he said I would love to have you come speak at 10x growth con about two things number one I want you to explain to

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: 3.2 million dollars in sales and 90 minutes.

Everybody how funnels work and he said some of the people will know no the record you say that you did 3.2 million dollars in sales and 90 minutes how many hands were there for that experience all right he said would you be willing to break down and show everybody in this room what you do and how you do it so they can sell like that from stage as well okay so the title my presentation is actually 10x secrets and I’m gonna show you guys every

Single person here how you can instantly 10x your sales and also your time off by mastering the lost art of platform selling and how to do that without actually becoming famous but what I learned in this journey was something very interesting I learned that there’s two ways to make money as a speaker number one is you become famous and you get paid to speak the second way to make money is to speak for free and you get paid to sell your products or

Your services at the end of your presentation now yesterday despite the fact that nobody can hear me very well because the echo we still did well over a million dollars in sales I understand that this is a lot easier to mean famous okay when you master this skill it will dramatically increase everything you do from this point for every business we’ve tried this and we attempted with this worked and that starts sharing this process of people close to me people I love people who are creating products and businesses and movements and try to change the lives of their

Customers in fact I brought a few of them here today cuz I want you to meet them so my name is Gary J like founder of wake up warrior the number one training company in the for married businessman with children we believe that we could empower people for the first time in the conversation of money and we’re at a mission to save marriages and to help people with good marriages divorce proof that I thought this work for me he hurt my soap

Business I was broken at that time in my life and I knew I had to do something different I had to make a change and we were stuck in a world that was built for one-on-one sales but we had zero marketing skills and couldn’t really let anybody know about our solution and that it exists everybody everybody in this room has been touched by the pain of addiction everybody knows somebody and I had a master’s in marketing that I paid a hundred and fifty thousand

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: How I sell $37 ebooks?

Dollars for but I could not figure out how to get my message to the people who needed it the most and in 2017 my husband and I scraped together the money we had and we went to funnel hacking live and I met Russell Brunson we have a joke inside inner circle we say hashtag do what Russell says and so that’s what I did I did what Russell said and it worked I sell $37 ebooks I made five hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars selling ebooks I guess what in four months I sold over a million dollars we went from doing low you know eighty thousand dollars a year

With farmers markets to doing one hundred and thirty thousand and our first six weeks and over two million dollars in our first year so rather than quitting we made the decision to do everything that Russell says in two years we did a million in sales and Russell doesn’t even know this yet we were adding up the numbers in our hotel room last night and since that launched less than a year ago we just hit 10 million in and on the very first webinar 10% of the

People on a room I filled with 1200 people one point seven to five million dollars in 90 minutes in 2012 went from a hundred men to forty five hundred men clapping if you have a message and you want to change the world and you live in a world built for one-on-one his process is the only framework that will break that and allow you to do it I know so many of you have started you became an entrepreneur because you had dreams and goals and vision and

Get it out there because if you don’t the difference you’re meant to make in this world will die inside of you Brent said it best it doesn’t matter if you have the cure for cancer or the cure for alcohol addiction if you don’t have the attention of the people who need the cure so the question is not does a funnel work question after you got fire and know do you have the courage with that fire to go after the thing that you desire you can always make up and

Leverage what you lack in ability and the framework that Russell has created can help you 10x the speed at which you get paid found the woman that I am here right now today is not the woman that I was two years ago like funnels changed my life I know it can change yours get out thank you guys for coming I don’t care what business you’re in this process will work it shifts everything from selling one on one to one on many I can’t you’ll get access to everything talked out here the live home study course had come to Boise I don’t work with me and my team to build out all the entire slide presentation you’re working to get your funnel built out so it’s alive you can start running it

Clickfunnels™ Untold Story: Meeting with Grandage Team

We’re good mired here to learn how to run many events as well then we’re gonna come back to my a meeting with grandage team to show us how to fill events on the phones it’s gonna be amazing total value 97 thousand dollars you guys get this offer just one payment twenty five thousand dollars today or just three payments of ten thousand dollars thank you so much for having us here we appreciate you and we’ll see you guys all tomorrow [Music] I thought he wasn’t gonna counteroffer double-stack yesterday but it’s clearly different million from that surprise I

Mean just thank you guys I know that everybody has put in so much for this weekend I think we’ve put in more effort in this than our own events I know how much time and energy and effort Evers put in prior to this whole experience and then late nights early mornings insanity and you know a lot of times I get all the credits I’m the dude on stage

But I am fully aware that without all of you guys supporting and serving but that what we do isn’t is it possible I think that what we’re doing every single day it gives everybody in our community permission to kind of do the same thing and I think that’s the biggest reason I think that’s one of the biggest parts of our calling is like we have to be doing these things are pushing the boundaries and showing people with what’s possible because then they believe it’s possible you know we had a really cool opportunity to show 35,000 people over this weekend what we do and why

We do it and it’s just special and I’m scraping to share that with all of you guys it’s just so grateful for our team it’s it’s insane it’s funny when I first started this whole journey as amazing as that vision was what the reality is stays that million times that are never dreamed of you know my biggest concern about all this was not hitting our goals and then the team wouldn’t have a story that they’d fill that down where I completely underestimated was that they’re entrepreneurs they’re funnel hackers and they don’t dwell on challenges or adversity they celebrate them we love.

The uphill battles the problem-solving and the surprises because we get to face them together and 10x growth con as challenging as it was it was still the most epic and ambitious event that that I’ve ever seen so many things were outside of their control that even with all their challenges granted the team were still able to impact countless people’s lives I really don’t know how they do it [Music] and as far as my retirement from speaking well I’m not sure the wrestler supposed to leave his shoes on the mat after his last match but I really like these shoes I do know one thing though as much as I love speaking I love these people even more so we’ll just see what they have to say you.


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