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Colin Sprake has been able to scale an event business doing over 400 events a year without any JV partners or traditional marketing. He reveals what it takes to scale any business from startup to 7 and 8 figures. He also discusses the first 2 systems every business owner must build before beginning to scale.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to photo hacker radio have your host Dave Woodward today you guys have the opportunity hearing from a guy I just recently met but I just fall in love with this is I would have you guys real fast a call and spray called welcome to the show Dave it’s my absolute pleasure to be on the show thank you for the opportunity to be here and share with your listeners I think just so impressive we have the opportunity of talking you’re such a genuine person who just speaks from the heart and I’ve just really had the opportunity as I’ve looked at your business model and things that you’re doing and you’re absolutely crushing it in an industry where most people really just kind of struggle to are thinking the only way I can build an online business or even more importantly the business you’re doing make your mark is a crazy crazy business where you going to do over 400 events a year that event business is one I’m always so impressed by if you guys can pull this off without doing the whole JD thing like you guys are doing it’s something I really want to make sure our listeners get you know understand how they can actually run events how they can be successful and be as possible as you guys are being if you’re okay let’s kind of dive right into that all right you know what fishermen would love to love to assessment perfect well obviously you’ve got a ton of success I mean you’ve been an entrepreneur forever you’ve got you know number one bestselling books around the world you’ve written books with Dan Kennedy with Brian Tracy your own books but most important that you you’re creating this business right now that is a live event business that is crushing it right now all up in Canada that correct yeah all across Canada we’ve been building it for yes just a middle of 2004 and yeah just a big thing for me one thing you learn very quickly about me Dave is that I believe in the statement it’s my own statement if you run with the Sheep you get shared so more about running public you’re on with a sheep to get sheared that is awesome well tell me a little bit about your business and I know you guys obviously your shoots ClickFunnels™ advocates you’ve been using clean files for a long time more important than that I want to help I want to help our listeners really get a better sense of howdy how have you created over one hundred seventy two thousand entrepreneurs coming to your live events how you pull this off what do you do that works yeah David let me take you back maybe one big step which was I suppose cut into this industry going well I want to do seminars the way other people do seminars I believe in helping more people and just doing one on one but I don’t want to do it the way everyone else has been doing and really see in my own personal opinion longevity in oil in all the JB’s because eventually your list becomes so diluted and what have you sighs I said to myself number one I’m a business owner perform a trainer or a facilitator I really looked at that I said how can I do this differently and how can I be the other the going against the hood and you know it was fascinating I went down then I was actually met with Frank Kern and Ron dice down in San Diego one of their events and Frank Kern said one thing to me I’ll never forget he said stay in the day in the offline world the online world is too competitive and I’m never forgot that that’s how I started with live events and I realized one of the key things that are also change in the world is Evans has gone purely online and I know a lot of your businesses online of course and so many other people’s businesses are online but one thing I realized very quickly is people are craving community and craving connection with one another and we seem to be losing that I think that those real true successful businesses of the 21st century and we wanted to bring back community and I started to look at that and said well let me go that way and now if that’s how we generate all our leads for our events our community is continuing as and it’s a successful community we always over deliver and under-promise and everything we do so we have a raving fans no matter what three we go to across Canada of course I’m now coming down to the States in early 2018 that’s fantastic I love the whole idea as far as community its you know we talk is within our community we joke a lot this whole ideas farce culture and really I’m actually today is Thursday throughout our community basically we have Thursday is our drop-in mic show and so everyone in our office wears our culture shirt it’s basically it’s a coke with a big old X mark through it’s a way of life and we’ve always joked around as far as it’s a culture based business and for us that culture is one of the things I know that you have been just a huge builder of as far as a community that is so strong but that’s not something that’s easy to build so how have you actually gone about building that type of a community that no matter where you go throughout Canada you feel lighter this yeah I think the key things started off with actually defining our core values right in the beginning so we defined our core values values from day one that make your mark and then we have core values our core values we have six of them they are all over everything we do in fact when we got our vents on the side of the stage stands a banner with our core values on it when people register for our programs above the terms and conditions on the back of the registration form our core values in their binders they get from us our core values so even the students we are tracting to make your mark has the same core values as us and the ones that don’t really fit often though the ones that drop out of our program or don’t really succeed in our program because they’re they have a different way of thinking or different core values to us and we’re okay with that I mean we don’t lose a lot of students we lose maybe 5% of students over you know a two-year period which is really nothing in the whole scheme of things but the culture we’ve created around our core values I mean people call us on our core values we live our core values and I love it that you say culture because that’s what we say I mean every culture has a cult and if you don’t like the culture in with us and you probably should move on and it’s just so cool David’s B to me if anyone listening to this podcast really gets at your core values and your culture determine your success because that’s how you keep people retain people motivate people inspire people and you create not just an amazing community I think people say your community starts outside of your office and actually starts inside your office you know Sir Richard Branson I got to spend a week with them earlier earlier this year and one of the things he said to me is you know what callin your imp your clients are not number one number one is your employees you create a culture a community within your office that that goes out and it funnels and ripples out into your community with your clients and that’s how you grow a really strong culture and give people referring your left right and center may I love that I tell you it’s one of the things we’ve looked at as far as within cliff tunnels as we built it the majority of all of our set of our support people were actually users who are using our platform everything else we’ve really tried to make sure that our employees they’ll extremely connect it to us and to our passion to our mission and why don’t you kind of find out you maybe there are six core values for you what are those six core values yeah absolutely so we have respect individual is one of our unconditional gratitude we have open to possibilities integrity commitment to excellence and of course now of course the sick one always eludes me but we’ll come in a moment yeah I thought that but a really a degree when it comes down to really understanding and for us your what was it over to excellence we make sure get that six one because it’s really important it does eludes me right now Dave I will come after minimum and that’s wrong God notable for heart is crazy ministers of our guys crazy gotta remember his Uncle Ben hey sometimes you have those brain books that happen so it doesn’t happen depening on this today man not a problem at all so how you actually started to try to instill those within your your community you type just through everything that we do I mean we you know we look at every single student when they even join our programs you’re coming to our events every I mean it’s every all four hundred events and our core values on the main stage a right next to the presenter that’s on that stage or facilitator or trainer that’s on that stage and you know even when we talk about people coming into our program or coming recorder coming into our family when they join our family they know that they need to have those core values if they disrespectful to somebody at our at our office we have a client for that’s rude to one of our team at the office we terminate with that con we have Noack there’s no tolerance for people have done it that on in line with our core values I think that’s fantastic I know for us obviously within ClickFunnels™ I’m use a lot of people and everyone understands that you know yes we serve forty five thousand users but we’ve always been in again Russell’s book expert secrets talked a lot about this whole idea as far as the attractive character and Russell is obviously the attractive character for us are you the attractive character for make your mark absolutely so how do you how do you use your attractive character to really kind of steer that that whole culture based business now I think it’s I mean of course I have to look those core values more than anyone else so that people can quote me on the core values as well so my sort of character what I’ve gone out and both you know everything we would do marketing a lot of our team or like make sure our marketing is if we have integrity in our marketing we say we have 33 seats left for an event we have 33 seats left if for an event will not 333 but we just like reading agents by limiting normal speed so we our team hold us accountable to every single one of our core values and you know the big thing is all driven by me and that’s the most important part over just it’s fascinating for me I am the face of the company and that’s one of the things we’ve just started to change recently and I’d love to share this with your listeners because a lot of people don’t realize that as you grow I used to be the face of the company just like Russell’s the face of ClickFunnels™ I’ve started to pull myself out and the one thing that’s made it so awesome all my faculty and facilitators are now run stuff for me I mean I was out of the form of programs done a year I only do about 20 of them now the majority or number other people and the beautiful part about it is I’ve transitioned that and the transition has happened what we are not called us the trust transfer or the relationship transfer over to our faculty or facilitators and that’s been the biggest godsend for me I mean I take four months off from our business every single year go away travel with my family my wife what have you and I create a little video a little mini video and many audio recordings for every one of my faculty of faculty members as well as my facilitators and I endorsed them so highly about how much I trust them and how much I’ve worked with them on why I believe in them so when our students this person gets up in front of them that relationship is you know and Trust is transferred from me to that person on stage and that’s been wonderful for the growth of our business and got a set level where you know I don’t have to be there anymore I’ve actually started to be less and less the face and become more make your mark people come to make your mark to really grow their business as opposed I’m going to call and spring to grow my business man I love love that idea I know that within our our culture we basically talk about you know getting people to the two comma Club which is from 0 to 7 figures and then from 7 to 8 and then 8 to 9 and one of the things we’ve really seen is especially once you start crossing through that first seven-figure mark and you’re trying to get to that eight figures you really have to start removing yourself from that and especially if you’re going to go for eight to nine figures you have to be able to remove yourself because otherwise people to be completely disappointed if they’re not always able to talk to : and so if you don’t mind spend a little more time kind of diving deeper into that as far as how you actually I know you mention as far as some videos and things like that as far as that trust relationship transfer but I know for us as as we build built ClickFunnels™ one of the main things we’ve seen is and it’s honestly it’s one of my primary roles I guess here in the business is to push Russell’s far up the mountain after lack of a better term as I possibly can while at the same time delivering as much continuity of trust and respect and of people feel that whoever they’re talking to is going to get the same type of thing is as if they had spoken with Russell so how do you help a business owner do exactly what you’ve done yeah that’s the someone said to me the other day what’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt in the last 10 years on stage and I said the number-one thing is only one word and that’s where it is trust is learn to trust other people and I think there’s a big month out that day where people say you need to duplicate yourself so let’s duplicate Colin or let’s duplicate Russell the other thing if we if I duplicated myself and found some are identical to me that would be my biggest competitor and that’s what I think ya know I think people are business most of I considered though I look at in a very simple form is honest you know beautiful pie this whole pie with all the little different pieces in this pilot has built this entire company I’ve done every aspect of my company I know each piece of it do I love all pieces absolutely not there’s certain pieces applier done I’m not even interested in and then what I’ve started to realize over the last five or seven years is that what I want to do is I’m going to duplicate myself I don’t to duplicate the Colin pie I want to find people that are pieces of my pie that can create their own part so words let’s find a person that’s really good at logistic in terms of events and managing our events or what have you they want that’s one sliver of my pie that I used to do but that person is now complete pie of logistics in other words there are way bit of logistics and I could ever be so for me it’s finding these slivers of who I used to I am or what I’ve done over the time and finding experts in each area so they can build out their what I call it their pie so that I could never do their job at the level that they do it at but I used to do a piece of that job in the beginning so I find all these experts that on now when I put them all together the the some of the pie of all of them together is way bigger than the pie I could ever be in all those topics oh man I love that advice that I can tell you if I’d rather look at our own company here is the main thing we’ve tried to do is you’re right you keep if you try to duplicate yourself which we’ve done in the past until we have to create our own competition at times but I think if you can help basically find those little pieces and have that become their own pie what a great analogy I love love that idea what other times to loosen called what other types of things as you work with entrepreneurs and help other business owners build their business when we’re talking about scaling a business what other ideas would be important for a business owner to consider when they’re looking at scale yeah I think that the most important thing for me is before you even start think about skyline I wish people would get this from day one is put systems in place to allow you to scale without systems you’ll never scale and you know for me it’s systems for everything systems for sale systems for marketing system for operations production what-have-you you’ve got to have those systems in place in order to scale effectively and then what happens is in the beginning you’re running all the pieces of the system which is your entire pie and then you get those people in that can take each part of the system and run it to the next level and that’s for me without systems you’ll never scale to the level you want to get to I mean Dave in my own business we love what we call City centric we go in and when we infiltrate an owner city that’s how entire company works the big thing for me is we could not go in and do the number of cities we do without having a detailed systematized structured plan in fact I have a spreadsheet that’s a monstrous spreadsheet that I could put in a data when I want to launch a city they say next year going to be launching in Dallas when I put in Dallas dates it that calculates everything day by day what I’m going to do starting right now in sales operation marketing cash flow everything that I need to do today and all we need to do is do exactly in each of our areas of the company exactly what that spreadsheet says and we will actually have that event full with the right number of people and the right results and everything else in down January of next year that system is what will always be build your business with the intention of franchising even if you never franchise that helps you get the duplication process going where you can grow scale and be monstrous I mean we were on our way to a nine figure business and eventually over to ten figure business and it would not be that way we didn’t have the systems and processes in place and of course the amazing people that drive each one of those areas for me man that’s awesome I you take a look at all the different types of systems and I’m sure it varies from company to company what are some of the first systems a business owner should look at putting in place I think you her number one system is actually putting a cash flow system in place so really understanding cash flow look at what your cash flow is is required in order to grow your business the different pieces of your cash flow so you can actually sit down and say I want to add this I want to hire these people or I want to do a marketing campaign it’s going to cost me this and actually build out a proper what we call a cash flow predictor predicting out 12 to 24 months from now if I make a decision today what’s going to happen with my cash flow down the line that’s cash flow system is vital because every single decision you make in a business normally cost you money so in the normally requires an investment of money I don’t like the word cost but in crisis an investment of money but you need to see what the implications are I hire a person today at a senior level how that’s going to work out down the line and that’s one of the things I do always is look at a cash flow system and then I also look at understanding you know how to put the right people in place and how those people are going to grow with me in each area of my company as well so I look at your people in each area and I say okay fine you start with me as a city a person really running one of the cities for me and then you will eventually grow you into running the region for me or running a province or state if you’re in the other state and then that person will elevate I love the statement you delegate and elevate yourself so we continue to look at how do we delegate down to finding a new person that city but that person then elevate themselves to a state manager and then eventually they delegate again from and find somebody who can be the state manager and maybe then become the country manager and we always look at that we’ve created the systems around that and if people realize the most important in not just cash flow is actually building up your organizational chart for today but also what you see organizational chart being 12 months or 24 months from now and you put the right people in those roles and actually helps you understand where you’re going and how you’re going to grow and the cash required to do it those two systems cash flow and team planning to me are the most vital systems that anybody any business and I love the idea as far as delegates to elevate that’s a super cool idea I think one things we’ve always tried to do within our own company as well but I’ve never actually coined that phrase or heard that phrase when it’s pretty amazing tell me if you know the part that most business owners actually hate at least in my experience working with a lot of entrepreneurs is the cash flow thing and that is so I’ve had the opportunity of being involved in a lot of different businesses and there’s always a lot of energy a lot of exciting around the marketing sales all that kind of stuff but the cash flow is always one of things I think I don’t have to worry about that and I’ve seen so many businesses failed because they haven’t paid attention to that what are some tips or tricks you’d recommend for entrepreneurs you know getting going and things to help learn those types of things or tools they should look at how that’s usually not when most people start a business that’s not the part that is their biggest strength you know I think I think a lot of people’s up their biggest strength and I hope that this is okay with me saying this because it’s most people in their personal lives on very good at cash flow you know so the financial situation and own personalized and now I attempted to run a business with cash flow you know so there’s no committees no golden bullet or silver bullet that’s going to help people my way of looking at it is you know if I want to go out and get fits and started running well guess what you know if I’m dead say 20 or 30 pounds overweight well then I have to get off the couch and go walk that first mile that I have to do in the next day you know the next week I might be able to run that first mile and maybe three weeks that I can run two miles you’ve got to do go through the pain to get the gain and it’s no different with cash flow and business the reason why we all build businesses is to make money if you’re not going to manage your money you’re absolutely crazy so you’ve got to go through that pain of learning cash flow but once you really understand cash flow and you can predict your cash flow out cash might actually become super sexy and it takes a lot of stress out of life because you can start to see if I make this decision today what’s going to happen three four five months down the line that becomes stress relieving and you know there’s no you sort of magic tricks and falling in love with it you’ve just gotta fall in love with it it’s that simple now you wonder if you’re going to make money you must love the money you’re going to make and really get used to it then I love it that’s fantastic well I know you got a ton of other stuff going on today and I really appreciate the time you’ve been able to to share with our listeners here as we get close to wrapping things up there anything else you want to make sure our listeners know about or or should be in we’re up yeah you know diet for me is I’m a big fan of you know what we doing if any of your listeners are really thinking well how do I get myself to the next level the biggest challenge I see for most people is most people on their own way and that’s your learning cashflow and all that kind of stuff is really shifting the way people think and shifting their mindset so if you want to learn more about Who I am and what we do I’d love them to shoot onto our web site at my M so that stands for make your mark my M success calm and just see what we do and you’re welcome to come out to one of our complimentary events and see what we do we are devoted to serving people to get to the next level this is I call myself the no fluff business coach you know we don’t there’s no flap about Who I am or what I do I want people to be more successful so if they go to my M success com that’s where I’ll start to really see who I am or what we’re about and we don’t have 50,000 people you know in our program right now going through the program and getting amazing results if it wasn’t for the word emotion to actually making business better and making people’s lives on this planet better I love it so again guys that’s my M success com mark make your mark success com and again I think that main thing I really highly recommend that you guys go ahead and really funnel hack his entire system and page my main reason saying that is you take a look at it you’re going to see his core values throughout that which is an important part for you when you’re looking really at scaling a cope pure based community so I want to make sure that you have a ton of success in your business and I always recommend that you go ahead and you final hack those people already having success no one’s doing it better in the event based business right now than Colin so Colin thank you so much again for being on the show and I look forward to talking you real soon thank you so much done it’s been my pleasure and thank you to the opportunity thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at bottl hacker radio com forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to frontal hacker radio calm forward-slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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“If you run with the sheep you are going to get sheared.”

“If you focus on instilling the culture into the employees they will spread it to the community.”

Colin Sprake, How to Scale a “Cult-ure” Based Business

Colin Sprake, How to Scale a “Cult-ure” Based Business