Coronavirus: How Your Business Can SURVIVE this Pandemic

Clickfunnels™ Coronavirus: Life is not Over

Clickfunnels™ Coronavirus: I am coming to you LIVE from Coronavirus quarantine to answer your questions! That’s right… I have a bunch of questions from you all addressing some of the concerns you have about your online businesses during the Covid 19 pandemic. In this video, I’ll be going through them as well as sharing with you some principles that have helped me through tough times.

Clickfunnels™ Coronavirus: Staying Healthy

I know that a lot of people are afraid right now. They are afraid for themselves, their families, their businesses, etc. But I want to offer you hope that you will make it through this. It’s in these times that creativity shines. I hope you and your families are safe and staying healthy! We’ll get through this, funnel hackers! hey hey what’s up everybody welcome to Saturday I hope you guys were pumped to be here I’m gonna wait for few minutes while we’re getting everybody to get on but we’ve got a lot of fun stuff talk about its last couple days we posted on Facebook Instagram Twitter everywhere for you guys to ask me.

Your q and A’s what questions you had about all sorts of stuff marketing business living in a corona age and much other stuff and so I’ve got the questions here and I got answers and it’s gonna be a lot of fun so I’m pumped to be hanging out with you guys today and I’m going through some of this stuff and so that’s kind of the that’s kind of the game plan and it should be it should be a good time so while waiting for him to jump on here’s how you guys are doing how he is all surviving this last two weeks I feel weird.

Because I’ve been going live with you guys every single day talking about the book launch and everything else like that but I’m taking a break from my regularly scheduled programming to talk about some other stuff and so that’s kind of game plan hopefully guys are all doing well we’re doing pretty good overall I think it’s been probably the hardest on our kids they especially one of our kids is so social who wants to be out talking and being with friends and we’ve like such bad you know like the bad guys not allowing them.

Because of you know the whole quarantine thing so anyway we have fun this morning playing them all and we’re gonna play them here a little bit as well so anyway excited be hanging out with you guys today and I said this is not gonna be talking about the book today although if you haven’t got a copy of your book yet you still go to traffic seekers calm but that’s not the point today today I’m gonna do some QA and so I got a bunch of questions you guys been submitting you spitted them we’ve got questions coming in from Twitter from Facebook from Instagram even LinkedIn which I don’t know how to login LinkedIn but there’s questions completed as well and so I’m gonna go through these with you guys today which should be a lot of fun.

Clickfunnels™ Coronavirus: Magic Secret

So before we go into that though um I’ve got three things I wanna talk about I think hopefully will help because I know we’re still in such a time where people are just not sure what to think and they’re nervous and I get it in fact today I was just you know getting messages from a lot of companies I normally go to all time they like hey we’re setting our doors at least for the next foreseeable future and we’re hopefully we come back we’ve no idea if we’ll be back or not and it’s like oh like that feeling of just like it’s it’s scary and so um I want to give you some some peace and some hope and and some understanding and and hopefully help you guys feel comfortable with with whatever the worst case scenario might be so that said I got three things a quote and then we’re going to QA.

That’s not like fun alright that’s the game plan so I’m gonna start with a three things so number one I had a friend a couple years ago dr. Chad Walter in fact I think I’ve mentioned him in almost all books Chad’s a great guy and I remember one time after he had started his chiropractic practice he had been working for a while it was just not going very well and his point was about to just implode a memory called me that night and he was like he’s like I’m in a bad spot I need help and I’m okay I can hope it’s like he’s talked about yeah sure so I went over to his practice and we sat down and I think he was waiting for me back all right Chad.

here is the magic secret if you apply this said secret to your business you will be a bajillion air and everything will go away as I listened to him longer longer longer I could tell by the way he was talking that he was so scared of what could happen that it froze him from moving forward okay and I’m sure that a lot of you guys are not sparring yeah well you’re like you’re so scared what could possibly happen that you’re scared to move forward right let me just feel that way around Pierce and it’s okay if you do like that’s the total normal human response like that’s not something to be ashamed of or anything like that’s how that’s you know all of us will get that myself included and as I started listening to Chad.

That night and I’m spending at what kind of advice can I give him I asked him I said look for you to be able to move forward you have to be completely okay with the worst-case scenario you gotta be able to look at that and be like look at its directly I say that’s the worst-case scenario I’m okay with that so I asked him I said what’s what’s the worst-case scenario if your practice fails and and I remember off the top of my head all the stuff he said but you said things like off I did I have to lose my house and I have to go bankrupt and then like you know what my well my family.

Clickfunnels™ Coronavirus: Move Forward

Think what my in-laws think who the other chiropractors think about me and like you started going through all the things and so we sat down with a pad of paper it’s okay all the worst-case like worst-case to write those things down write him down write him down we looked at them all and then we started going through this okay is that really that bad okay I think a lot of times we have the worst case scenario right into our heads and there’s little pieces and it seems so alive and vibrant there I go huh and so we try to ignore it but this way it forces you to write it down you write it down right in worst case scenario does that actually.

Look like and then you got a look at that directly in the eyes and be like I’m okay with that and we started going through his list one at a time I okay worst case near you lose your house why is that such a big deal it’s like well let my house like yeah but like there’s tons of houses like usually get anyone like like would you be okay if you had to get me now so they get my okay water up the next thing we went through thing by thing by thing and um and after got through all of them he was like oh my gosh like I kept in my head it was such a big deal if I lost all the stuff and reality it’s not that big of a deal like I’d be okay and soon as he became completely okay with the worst-case scenario.

it was like his HIPAA handcuffs broke off his hands now he was able to move forward because he could risk and if you risked and failed it didn’t matter anymore because he was okay with the worst-case scenario so if all you guys first thing I would tell you is like you got to figure out what is your worst case scenario and you gotta be able to look at it like it easily written down so you can see it look at it and say I’m okay with number one I’m okay tooth number two I will cave is number three and as soon as you do that it’ll unlock you the fear unlock the frightening the all those things that keep me back and you can start moving forward.

okay so that’s if that’s the first thing I want to share guys number two right now as you know there’s tons of companies that are shutting down and which means like the business owner who’s risked all their time energy money flasks you know however many years are losing things the employees those people are losing things I think again it comes back to this worst-case scenario but the worst-case scenario in those situations are I have to declare bankruptcy I’d lose my entire business I’d lose my livelihood and what you guys understand.

Clickfunnels™ Coronavirus: Bankruptcy

And I’m such a big founder of George Washington and the founding fathers and when they came to this country and they start the nation they said the Constitution and one of the greatest gifts that our founding fathers gave us as entrepreneurs with the bankruptcy laws I think so many times in our mind right off I go bankrupt I lost everything I’m like my life is destroyed and say no no no you understand these were a gift from God a gift from our from our founding fathers that they were there was given to us so the us as entrepreneurs we could try things and we could risk and if we failed it wasn’t like oh you failed with good luck you.

stuff up in you’re in jail for the next 50 years of your life like you fail you get it clear it’s a it’s a reset you can reset and you come back and do it again I can’t tell you how many of the hyper successful people I know they’ve gone through one or two or three different bankruptcies that’s why you guys understand they’re like because I know that there are gonna be so many of you guys who go through this process that are like it’s the worst case scenario it’s gonna happen for some people some you guys listen to my voice right now we’re gonna go through bankruptcy here and lose everything.

you lose your house it’s gonna be like this the scary thing and and long as you again one number one look at the worst-case scenario I’m back I’m okay with that and then number two looking at like the bankruptcy they look this is a game like I’m able to reset and start overnight and look at this as a new beginning like if you have like hopefully you don’t have to hopefully the things we’ve been teaching you will keep you from that but I want you to ever stand that if that has to happen.

it’s okay it’s not the end of the world and so that those are the those are the first things I want talk about so think so many times we’re so scared what could happen that we just freeze them into anything and I need you guys to unfreeze okay your people that you’re serving need to your employees your staff your community they need you to unfreeze okay and so the worst case scenario is keeping you from moving forward we need to look at that straight in the eye and be okay with it be okay with bankruptcy.

Clickfunnels™ Coronavirus: Journey

Go cave losing your house be okay with whatever those things are gonna become kay with it it’s funny now that you know we’ve been in such a positive time for since the last crash and how many people how many entrepreneurs you know who like man you know 2008 I got destroyed lost everything last my house it was the worst most painful thing ever but I became smarter I reinvented myself I learned more and I built this amazing company over here right the same store is gonna be happy now okay if you want the happy ending you got to go through the turmoil you guys if you’ve gone through any of my books or my training you know the hero’s journey.

we’re in the middle of it right we’re going through the the journey of transformation right now and now is the time for all of us to chart transforming right it’s time for to become better become smarter become the people we need to be to be able to serve our to serve our communities so alright last thing I want to share before going to queue nays I actually heard Rachel and Dave Hollis on their podcast shared this quote and I was like this is amazing and I found it post on my personal Facebook wall but I want to read you guys as well because this should give you peace it did for me at least I read I was like huh alright and it was just like this this release.

so I want to give this to you guys is the gift and then we’ll move into Q&A Kevin so here’s the guest this is from CS Lewis and this was during 1948 so was the peak of that World War 2 the atomic bombs all that stuff right and so they were living this a bomb the atomic bomb age and everyone was freaked out and scared to death to do anything again they were locked up cuz they think I like if a bomb explodes we all die and this is a quote from CS Lewis who by the way CS Lewis is the man K Simmons not sure but he is amazing so this is the quote he said speaking about his time his age and I want you to listen to this was ears of like this is like my time is different but man it’s the same okay so here we go alright from CS Lewis it’s called on living in an atomic.

all right in one way we think a great deal too much about the atomic bomb insert coronavirus how are we how are we supposed to live in atomic age I’m attempted I’m tempted to reply why as you would have lived in the 16th century when the plague visited London almost every year whereas you would have lived in the Viking Age when the Raiders from Scandinavia my land and cut your throat any night or indeed as you were already living in an age of cancer and ages syphilis in the age of paralysis and age of air raids an age of railroad railroad accidents an age of motor accidents in other words do not let us begin by exaggerating the novelty of our situation.

Clickfunnels™ Coronavirus: Painful and Premature

Believe me dear sir/madam you and all whom you loved were already sentenced to death before the atomic bomb was invented insert coronavirus before the chromis fires was invented and quite a high percentage of us were going to die in unpleasant ways we had indeed one very great advantage of our ancestors and aesthetics but we but we have that still it is perfectly ridiculous to go about whimpering and drawing long faces because the scientists have added one more chance of painful and premature death to the world.

which already bristled with such chances in which death itself was not a tense at all but a certainty this is the first point to be made and the first action to be taken is to pull ourselves to pull ourselves together if we’re going to be destroyed by an atomic bomb or by a coronavirus let that bomb come when it let that bomb I let that bomb when it comes fine it’s doing sensible and human things praying working teaching reading listening to music bathing the children playing tennis chatting to our friends over a pint and a game of darts not huddled together like frightened sheep and thinking about bombs they may break our bodies microbe can do that.

but they meat but they need not dominate our minds oh I got chills again what that’s the best quote you guys have ever heard it is amazing so I hope you guys read that if you search CS Lewis living on atomic age you can find it you can read you can print out read to your family or to kids if you got my personal Facebook profile not my business one but like my personal like russell brunson i posted on the wall there you can see it there copy and paste it share it please like the more like this is the kind of messaging that people need to be hearing.

right now not the garbage is that supposing I had supposed in the news I have no idea know how to listen to the news so yeah anyways should I read it like with the coronavirus in there Marie one more times the coronavirus in there in one way we may think of a good in one way we think a great deal too much of the coronavirus how are we to live in a coronavirus age I’m tempted to reply why as you were to lived in the 16th century when the plague visited London almost every year whereas you would have lived in the Viking Age when Raiders from Scandinavia might land and cut your throat a night or indeed as you are already living in the age of cancer at age of syphilis.

Clickfunnels™ Coronavirus:

An age of paralysis an age of air raids an age of railroad accidents of car accidents of one of the other things were dealing with an agent motor accidents in other words we do not let us begin by exaggerating the novelty of our situation believe me dear sir dear madam you and all whom you love are already sentenced to death before the coronavirus was ever invented and quite a high percentage of us were gonna die an unpleasant ways anyway we had indeed one very great advantage of our ancestors and aesthetics but I say penicillin died earlier but we have that still it’s pretty ridiculous to go about whimpering and drawing long faces because the scientists of that had one more chance of a painful and premature death to the world which already bristled with such chances and in which death itself was not a chance at all but a certainty this is the first point to be made and the first action to be taken is to pull ourselves together if we’re gonna be destroyed by the coronavirus let that buyers come what when it comes find is doing sensible and human things preying working teaching reading listening to music baiting the children playing tennis chatting with our friends over pint and game of darts not huddled together like frightened sheep thinking about Corona about viruses they may break our bodies a microbe can do that but they cannot dominate our minds oh so good CS Lewis talkies the man alright hope they give you guys some faith and some hope to keep on going today okay you guys right Kuhn a time so I got a bunch of Q days they’ve came in about all sorts of stuff from twitter facebook Instagram and LinkedIn so my team went through a bunch of them found us and they’re their favorite ones someone her dance from lab right now with you guys if you’re okay with that he has okay if I were delivered I’ll make sure so I can go back to bed use aka over-deliver everyone’s cool alright if you’re ok with that I’m in ok here we go question number one from Twitter this is from at Manuel Marcy no he says I know you said it’s sales funnels work for any niche product or business but according to your experience what would you give your top 5 niches where you can skyrocket sales doing correctly of course thanks in advance ok the sell stones work in all businesses but what are the best ones ok this is really simple when I look at businesses as the whole I break down a couple things right it’s like there’s businesses like on the top and it breaks down to a couple of minutes there’s there’s like the product based businesses like people sell them products and there’s like this serve based business which people selling services yeah that’s a first the first tier I said of all businesses you selling the product you sell your service then underneath that it breaks down like ok you’re selling product is it information products is it physical products is it you know whenever I have a couple types of products and services what kind of services is it a software as a service right click follows a software as a service is it a service like you’re a dentist or chiropractor is a service like your financial planner right it goes from there right and so for me it’s like if you if you really want to look at like what business would work best for sales funnel it starts the baby in right works for any business selling a product any business selling a service ok boom and go one level deeper ok what types of products physical products info products supplements you know plug-in the types of products it works very good that tier as well and then same services you go on to tiered lower software’s of service services the service dentist chiropractor home cleaner financial planner I get everything right like that here it works as well now the the yeah and again I think it works for all types of businesses but it’s going in looking at that way they’re going to tear down and tear down and maybe there’s some subversion of like services financial planner services or financial you know restaurant services and then like this weird thing that doesn’t work it’s maybe it gets harder to work you know down deeper in the in the thing but honestly it doesn’t they gets easier actually further deeper yet so anyway I think that’s understanding that like the niches matter less as much as like the products and services as far as like what niches work the best if niches that have people that are willing and able to spend money that’s the key guys understand a lot of times people are willing to spend money right but they’re not able like the ruling like I’ve been bribed a friend who launched a video game course to the teenagers and you know all these kids who were they were willing to spend money they wanted to buy that thing but they weren’t able didn’t have money right or the flipside that is people who are who are able to buy something but they’re not willing ok one of my friends Joel or way he came during the inner circle he was selling coaching to if I remember I tell you engineers and engineers were able to buy they had the money but they were not willing to buy for coaching they did not want to coach right like they this just a different mindset of a person so the best niches are inches where people are both willing and able to spend money so one of those niches okay well go and look online what where’s commerce happening right now right and if you can’t if your I can’t find anyone selling something similar to this market k means that markets probably not willing or able to buy if you’re a everybody sell this markets like ah yes cuz they’re willing they’re able to buy those are usually a better spot to start not a worse spot okay that’s a great question from Enya manual next question from Twitter is from an economy spark with everyone at home right now is the cost of ads is the cost of ads skyrocketing or is offset by other industries holding back in the moment okay so I’d say this is it depends on the market most markets layouts the whole ad costs have dropped it’s like the big funk okay there’s so much fears tons of companies like I’m praying to cut my marketing which is the dumbest thing it’s like oh no I scratched myself let me shut my heart off so it doesn’t so I don’t bleed Alec if you share your heart off you die like you guys realize that right if you just like yeah that’s what’s happened when you cut your marketing budget but that’s the thing people default to cuz right ah I’m spending money here I need to cut it out it’s like ah don’t cut out the lifeblood of your company cut other things um in fact there’s a really really really good book and I’m gonna blank it out right now I bought a copy fright everyone my management team to start listening to I think Steven Larson is one that told me to buy initially but this is something I’m looking to Amazon to fix I order a Clif Bar talking but um now is the time to be cutting like the UH essential things don’t be cutting the things that that are like what you need you know I mean like marketing is what you need well blend your company’s what you need okay the book is called double your profits in six months or less Cynthia ways to cut costs Oh seventy ways to cut costs and your profits in six months or less um I’m on my phone and my iPad here I’m taking Instagram over there first Instagram here you go that’s what the book looks like highly recommend reading it you send me eight things to cut cost and it’s not cut your advertising budget okay so if you’re right freaking out right now I’ll go read that book here you go there’s the book it’s called seventy double your profits go read that book and let me show you the right things cut not the wrong things how to make sure you’re not doing dumb things it’s your business for you and good things but add cost have dropped I talked to her mo see her Moses at his ad Koster down 6×6 hundred times cheaper than the word before so now is definitely the time I think to start buying that he just can’t sell all right don’t cut the marketing all right so those are my those my question the Twitter now we’re moving over to the book of phases so Facebook questions coming in alright so the first ones from in Shona lore Laraine Thank You Shauna says what is your current personal KPIs in this new stay at home world so you can be the best version of yourself for others in your business and how do you measure your proficiency if that’s the word with your personal development KPIs okay good question so in my business like we had certain kpi’s we’d always focus on right and one of my kpi’s is always like how many people everyday are joining our list we’re always looking at how many people every day or any clickfunnels right like those are our KPI so we’re looking at we’re focusing right now and parse least because I’m in the middle of a book launch one of my my biggest KPI is just like like how many people can I talk to you about the book right now right like that’s my big thing so right now I’m doing tons of podcast interviews Facebook live she’s probably seeing some of them and if you’ve seen like two or three means if every two or three you see I’ve done ten other ones that you haven’t been able to see right so we’re my biggest things like I gotta get excuse me a message out for as many people as possible especially now that everyone’s at home people who typically were too busy view interviews are now just in the home like oh sure and I’m the same way I couldn’t do interviews for years like last time I did in the interviews was the experts secrets book launch like three years ago and right now I’ve got a little more time so I’m doing tons more interviews and things like that and so I think that’s the big thing that might keep you guys how many people can’t get in front of every single day you know fighting in front of if I knew five interviews and interviews got a thousand people you know seize the first day or 5,000 whatever the number is that’s kind of I’m looking at personally my own personal self I also think that like for all of us right now who are leaders who have a following I think going live daily is so essential right now people slip back so quickly into like the fear mindset and it’s like they need you to step up and talk to keep themselves out of fear or else fears in the freeze month I haven’t talked about when we first began this party so alright that’s from Shauna thank you bro all right next Facebook questions from Richard Peter Hardy he’s starting an online business from scratch was the best advice for getting started and growing really really fast all right the best advice and and one of my friends yesterday he’s potentially lost his job and he’s like can I get on a call a few so gonna cost me we started looking and he’s got a bunch of business ideas I was like the first thing is you have to got like one business entrepreneurs are problems try to figure out five or ten or twelve like there’s more opportunities we can handle first of all it is what kind of what’s the actual business you want to be in number two is do you have access to the customers that you need okay that’s that’s the thing I used to always build companies right build the product or service and go try to find customers and when I did it that way I would I would have success maybe one out of every five or six times now and I build a business I go and I find the traffic source first and if I can find it then I go and build a company around it right and so I figure out like what do I want to do and then I would stop and say okay let me go find the traffic sources like where are they okay and so I go and I go to the podcast stretch I find every single podcast like hey are like can I get on podcasts to get in front of my the the people that someday would buy this thing I might then thinking about creating can it make the list and then immediately I start getting all the podcast host then I go to Facebook who are all the people have already congregated my dream customers and can I find those people if I can’t find these people on Facebook Instagram YouTube podcasting these four different channels I’m not going to build a business I need to know that when those product or service is done these are the things I mean this is where the traffic’s didn’t come from immediately and that’s not to be focusing on to make sure my business is successful right a legate which by the way not I’m going to plug my book and or anything but if I was to plug my book it’s all we talk about here in traffic secrets so I just putting it out there it’s free traffic secrets not calm but I don’t talk about right now this is not about traffic secrets but that’s what I be doing I’d be looking like where the customers that I find those people and then build products or services that those customers actually want when the other big problems we have entrepreneurs we create what we want that’s not how it works the market response to figure out what do you get paid based on figure out what the market wants and then and that’s the big secret right so it’s like I always tell people like there’s there’s two things you got to figure out when you go into a new market or you started business it’s the what now what are you selling not not what do you want to sell what does the market wanna buy it what are you selling then the market wants to buy and then how are you selling it me how is like what’s the funnel you’re gonna use like is it a webinar is it as a high ticket is the phone calls that you know the what now and a lot of times to fair like what to sell but know how like for example arms click funnels we knew what we knew what it was we created it so we knew what to sell but I’m trying to sell and it didn’t work okay some units for the story the first funnel fought second final flop third fourth fifth and the sixth funnel hit the six funnels I figured out the how we had to what but they would figure out the how and boom if you got how for a clip photos in from zero to two comma Club in a week for most people it’s like you know when you got the what and how right because when you do your business boom and and for most people it’s not gonna be a week but it goes fast send if you have the wasn’t how it explodes fast and so that’s the biggest thing you gotta be figure and I was like what does the market actually want and then how do I sell it to that market what now and I first have to get like where is the market at so find those people find the congregation what do they actually want and how about I sell it when you got that out boom it explodes fast somebody I create a lot of offers I don’t be scared like the first one didn’t work yeah I got like I I did a lot of I did a lot of a lot of versions of clickfunnels before it took off I did a lot of I think 120 some odd funnels before the click funnels fun like just different products different services try figure out what is the thing people want and each one had different levels of success basically just putting out a lot of offers and a lot of times you don’t have to like your audience doesn’t say yes to the offer right now alright it’s like hey I’m thinking about putting it together a live virtual event or to bring in like 30 speakers when we do this thing I’m like I’m just curious for those who follow me I would you be interested in some of that if I put it together sit would you would you jump on would you be willing to pay for something like that and ask your audience and if they come back in just crickets and they say no big all right Neverland in fact this is cool I heard a great Davis with my old old school buddies from last ten years great marketer and he posted something white two or three weeks ago on his Facebook page he said he said a lot of people think that I have new offers every single week he’s like I don’t I do I post offers every week like hey I’m think about doing this and putting together this he’s like the majority of them I never do cuz nobody ever comes in there they don’t ever come and like actually buy the nobody raised their hand and gives me money so I don’t ever do him he’s like so why you think I’m too much stuff like you do it if I’m telling her I’m 60 I’m just putting it out there and if it the idea doesn’t take then I just leave it alone and and I try another idea he’s like I’m only like one out of ten of these things I’m putting out there do I ever actually create because I’m waiting to find out what the market wants before I create it oh great very very smart all right next question for Facebook this is from Shannon Smith Scott and I have not actually pretty read these questions so we could we could bump into one that could be a nightmare for me so watch in case I had crashed and burned all right Shauna Shauna Shannon Smith Scott is it better to use OFAC to get already stout Oh like what’s Ohio fac-1 funnel my challenge is the better ds1 funnel my challenge to to get already established but currently unsuccessful business to thrive or start a new business with a bang ok so you got a lot of using about the one funnel my challenge so 30-day challenge we have people go through to figure out their first or the next funnel so the question that her questions like is it better to use one finally challenge my existing business is kind of struggling or so I do a new business that’s that’s gonna be brand new and kind of a shiny object and the questions depends there’s so many Marcus said 4500 offers are four or five I think that’s what I said anyway sorry come back all right so uh from one for my challenge so the answer is depends if you got a business and it’s I mean like if you think there’s something there if you’re like I said if you got the like I know what I have the right product but what’s the hey I got the what what’s the how how am I gonna actually sell it if that’s the thing that’s keeping that business being successful go through the OFA challenge looking at through that lens like how am I gonna sell this product I got to figure out that I hooks the right stories right offers like all that stuff figure out the how and blow it up if you doesn’t that business like this business is dead like the chance of survival is almost nothing I don’t know the right what so you know like I could figure out it up imma I can figure it out by month i passionate about it then I would say then start something new okay so if you have the right what like the right offer that I think people want you something to sell right then yes you use the OFA challenge to amplify that and if you’re the one over here is just not working nobody’s buying it then go through the whoa FA challenge one funnel my challenge with with the lens if I can create some new from scratch I’m excited about that got energy that I’m passionate about and if you’re not a member of the one funnel my challenge we start one every I think about every two weeks one funnel wacom hundred bucks best under budget overspend and burr unless you’re hungry then that’s probably better but this would be the second best thing you spent hundred bucks foot all right face the question number four from Jason green how do you keep going knowing very little are listening to your message even though you truly believe is positive and important oh good question Jason so how do you keep publishing when nobody’s listening even though you feel like your message is positive important so I was lucky when I started my first podcast is called the marketing in your car podcast which later became the marketing secrets podcast was marking your car and I did it because I was drying my business had just collapsed I had no more customers like everything was it was like the worst time to start a podcast I thought I was like I knew I got something I need to do something so start this podcast I would I would do it while I was driving to the office and back and I didn’t wanna do a podcast initially so we set it up to some my crappy little system that didn’t track sales or stats or anything we just like excuse me set it up I started podcasting and three years after I launched my podcast I was going live at least three times a week for three years and then finally like like like you know my business failure that turned around and sure I’m success again and about that time is when we decided to shift it to the marketing secrets podcast and so we shifted over new system the new system tracked ads and show or not tracked as tracked downloads and stats and so moved it over also I saw him people were downloading I was like oh my gosh this is so cool and I realized that like if I would have seen my stats the first three years of me publishing guess what would happen I would get depressed I would have stopped luckily for me I never saw the stats I just kept going and going kept going and eventually people found me there’s a quote in the traffic seekers book now if I’m trying to plug it again but if you ever have a chance to read it it’s in there it’s a it’s a quote of the blog post Nathan berry and the blog post the title was endure long enough to get noticed and we talked about how like a lot of times good TV shows or things that are in season two or three before you see them right and he’s like why is that why is that so he said the reason is because there’s so much content being published out there that um that us as humans we naturally wait for the best stuff to rise to the top and so part of publishing part of its you know there’s two really big reasons why our publishing number one is for you to find your voice and get more comfortable right that’s fighting alive on this and talk to for hours or just be completely fine because I’ve done this so many times like I found my voice I feel comfortable I know my stories and no you know anything like I found my voice that’s the first reason why you’re doing it the second reason is you’re doing it long enough to your audience can actually find you okay and that might be six months might be a year might be two years it doesn’t it doesn’t matter if you really care about your thing it shouldn’t matter you’re just talking because you love it and just Publishing’s like part of you got to publish them promote it right you publish it and then share it on different places and try to get people and like like there’s other things you should be doing to try to like boost that but but a big part of it is number one you find your voice number two you’re doing a long enough that people can find you and so it’s got it’s important to be consistent so don’t get discouraged they don’t get down at all like I had three years of podcast episodes before anyone was even listening and that’s okay because now guess what they’re listening but because I was consistent for an extended long period of time all right thank you Jason great question all right I think it’s the last my facebook question couple more Facebook works okay next one from Leanne Johnson Polly I probably said that wrong sorry in advance how to stay the course and feels like everything around you is crumbling I’ve been able to switch my business from brick-and-mortar to online virtually in a couple days adding NASA value but how do manic panic and fear in clients how do you get them to not want to cancel do financial fears all right couple things number one a lot of them are gonna cancel due to financial fears that’s okay okay doesn’t mean you should go cut your you know I got she saw your like all my products are free down like ah why would you do that because now you just crippled yourself and you crippled then now they’re expecting freebies to the rest of their life they’re gonna strike they’re not gonna be successful with people right like when your kids try to learn to walk and they fall down and you just like like pick them up me I go no they like you let them figure it out a little bit I think that’s part of it the other part of it is like if you’re not careful you can destroy your own business by doing that right like yeah you it’s uh it’s like the whole it went in the airplane you know and the mask comes down it’s like put your own mask on first you don’t die before you like save your friends cuz you say your friends and then you both die right like you gotta protect yourself as well it’s like I sell those companies are cutting the prices make it any free it’s like it’s not the right strategy you guys it doesn’t serve them and it doesn’t serve you especially right now we click phones we’ve got four hundred some-odd employees all around the world everyone’s working from home and if I a sudden like cut my my my cost in half guess what I gotta lay out half my staff which means now I can’t support the customers machines everything starts to clunk crumbling really really quickly okay and it’s very important for us to stay the course it’d be okay if you love to leave that’s okay they leave they’ll come back when they’re when they’re okay you gotta be okay with that like that’s not that’s not your problem that’s that’s their problem and you gotta you can try to serve you can do things you can you know like like whatever you can do but it’s just important feel like – you got to be consistently doing it that’s that’s a big part the other thing about staying the course and I shared this two weeks ago right at the very first Facebook live kind of talking about the coronavirus and I’m gonna share a story again I’ve shared it so many times my team other people but it’s I share because it’s true and hopefully this picture of this in your head will help inspire you but think about Forrest Gump right the movie force Gump and hopefully hasn’t watched about I’ve watched two guinea if I wanted but there’s a scene in Forrest Gump where Forrest Gump Lieutenant Dan they’re like the worst shrimpers ever and they’re losing to everybody all these big huge ships out there just destroying him right and somebody has may have been in that situation last few years right close looking around and like I’m a little dog and this big pond every else is beating me up it runs the business make more money blah blah blah right and then all of a sudden the storm comes in right and what is Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump to you they go out on their bow and they in the middle of the storm started going crazy and they’re partying they’re jumping around and having fun and like they’re just doing this thing and whatever else pulls their pulls their boats off and like put them on the dock like I’m not doing anything through the storm and wait till it’s over they sit back in their way right because they’re in the middle of the storm fighting with their boat and with their with their with their people with everything to keep it keep it alive when the storm calms the seeds their boats in the middle the oceans still alive you look around all the boats around the harbor all boats around the coastlines are destroyed and then they’re the only boat left right and you look at that and what happens in the movie they become bubble gum shrimp factory they made billionaires and all this stuff and like well it’s a cute little story for a movie it’s it’s the reality of the situation alright the people who can hang on we’re able to survive and stay the course during this time are the ones they’re gonna win okay and so it doesn’t mean you you may not be as profitable over the next two or three months or six months or who knows what that is that’s okay great now as a tenant so I said go read the book double your profits in six months left like every single read that book it’s got 78 ways to cut costs increase yourselves and dramatically improve your bottom line like go read that book you feel what things to cut and that way you can stay up here and you’re not getting sucked under and dot you know your business start dying we were able to stay protected you do that kind of stuff there and then and then and then on the other side of it now it’s like you’re stable and you’re in a spot where now you can grow these people the people that they used to come that aren’t able to come anymore who are financially freaked out that’s okay let them be freaked out like that like wish them luck haven’t gone back look when you when when you’re back when you’re able to come back and you feel good then come back at that point but don’t forget right now all right a lot of people cancel click phones accounts I’m like I hate that it’s like it’s okay like go hear your fares in order like there’s things more important that and when you’re done we’re gonna still be here I want you to come back and I will be here to support you at that point as well okay so anyway hope helps Lee and I believe in you be brave and keep doing it all right next one from Facebook Alec Jepsen hey Russell my question is how long should we try one funnel before pivoting and attempting another I want to be everything I can but I also don’t wanna waste my hope that was very clear thanks for all you do okay so a good question yeah well a lot of people ooze they they put a funnel they try something he doesn’t work like I’m out I wish everybody had new so the new dot-com secrets book I added a chapter at the end called funnel audibles and it’s all about this concept of like mm most funnels fail the first time even for my ok it’s ok to understand that so you build the funnel out there and that you drive some trying to say spend a thousand dollars in traffic or five hundred five dollars in traffic and you go and you see what happens right you let it go through the whole thing and what’s gonna happen is if you do that you drive bunch traffic as a bunch of stuff happens at the end of it hopefully you made your fine foreknowledge backer my goals always that I was looking at like if I was just so one customer something like five if I’m testing a webinar funnel right so let’s say I have a webinar funnel I’m spending a thousand or the products a thousand bucks I’m an investor thousand dollars and ads because I know if I sell one product I break even right so I spend a thousand bucks ads they go through and hopefully one person bottom broke even if so cool yeah I got a funnel I can work okay if I spend $1,000 ads nobody buys and it’s like ah the phone the funnel might not be good but then I step I can step back and look at the numbers okay how much did I spend per click how much did I spend when someone comes to the landing page you know how much do I spend per lead how much they spend per rabbit where our registered like I’m looking all the numbers and long along the funnel right whenever somebody tells me all my funnel doesn’t work I’m Michael where the numbers like I don’t know I’m like okay well that’s why I didn’t work you know any numbers I’m gonna ask that question like what we’re what your numbers you should be able say okay well I spent thousand dollars and ads from that I spending $3 per click from that–from thousand dollars ads I got I got a 180 opt-in so I was paying what’s that eight dollars an opt-in or whatever and then from there we had twenty you know twelve percent sure about 18 percent showed up so it cost me whatever for show up and then we sold one at the end right so if you told me those numbers I’m looking at say okay cool three bucks per click you know is that good or bad okay boom and how much per option how much pretty I’m sure you spent and you’re looking those numbers and I can look at that funnel back oh well the ad cost was good the landing page is costly to show up rate is really low right so how do we fix that even when people show up or it’s like this you know the ad you’re spending way too much on clicks so that the ad sucks right or the adder is awesome but but nobody’s opting and we just know which page to fix so I two three or four different iterations now I’m looking at the numbers seeing which pieces wasn’t working and then make the tweaks and changes try and try again in within three or four times it’s not working I’m like this must not be the right offer there’s something wrong this is not not here yet let me try a different off let me try a different thing okay and so yeah he’s you spent three or four times testing a funnel with different traffic sources and and seeing first yeah so if it helps but yeah don’t be afraid it’s we have this to set this to this to two-headed thing with entrepreneurship right it’s like I don’t quit I don’t quit but it’s like but if something’s not working you should quit like not the business but the the project or the funnel right I had a friend when I got started he’d been in business for five years he’s reading written an e-book he was trying to sell it nobody was buying it he was like five years in and and and he still was trying so hard nobody was buying it and I asked him why don’t you create a different product different service he’s like I spent so much time on this project I can’t I can’t abandon it now I was like ah here’s been another five years it’s just it’s not a good offer so I could probably nobody wants to dude I’m so sorry you have to look at yet to be able to be on it’s like does the market actually want this thing can we talk about a little earlier she’s coming in now make sure you watch this whole video but we talked about if you got the what and how I like what does the market actually want so what do you want to create what does the market actually want and if you’re doing some funnels and driving some traffic nobody’s buying then the market probably doesn’t want that thing you gotta create something different okay all right okay next question Facebook from Gabriel closer beginner here we’d love to know how to target the correct audience for product I’m about to launch well you should definitely step in one not that I’m pitching this or anything or in the middle of a book launch but there’s this really big book called traffic secrets that teaches you how to do that that you get for free traffic seekers come discover shipping but we’ll talk about a different day because today we’re talking about these other things so the biggest thing is that that should have been a question again I talked about earlier that shouldn’t a question you asked before you said how do I find the right audience for product about to launch you did it out of order the order needs me I need to find the audience first and figure out what they want and create a product for them okay so if you listen back to what I talked about maybe ten minutes ago or so that’s why that’s why I be looking at is is what is where’s the audience first okay so you figure that out like you gotta figure out again step one traffic seekers who’s my dream customer number it’s questionable to use like where they actually cognate I need to go find those people right so I get I figure who they are where they congregate and then I go to those congregations and say like what are the things are complaining about what are the problems and within the frustrations like how can I serve these people right and that’s how you come with your product your ideas it’s like looking at what like the congregations of your dream customers what are their fears their complaints their problems that are the things they need more help with right like we need to build clickfunnels cuz i’m in tons of entrepreneurial groups and everyone’s frustrated about how hard it was to build a funnel like oh well we should just build software the big funnels like boom idea was handed to me on a silver platter I’m not a genius people I know so you’re so smart no no that’s smart I just listen really really well right I didn’t like what I wrote the dot-com seekers book right it’s cuz we had clickfunnels and nobody mad and I could not understand the concept of funnel somebody okay then write a book on that so I wrote a book boom called chyme secret showed my processor funnels okay and then I listened to the market the market was struggling and like these funnels Goodman of my phone’s converting a buying ads and I make you money why not I’m looking at funnels like most cuz you suck at telling your story you don’t know how to tell a message or how to get something so I was like hey book number two like they want to learn I tell story than me right the second book expert seeks matter how to how to tell their story inside their funnels that was book number two then I listen right now my funnels are good and things were you know things were working I just wish I could grow up I can’t scale cuz I got to get traffic like oh you don’t get traffic oh I know you traffic let me write a book about it right it’s not me reinventing the wheel I’m not a genius like Oh Russell’s so smarty so but no none of that I just listened who’s my dream customer where they congregating and I insert myself these congregations and I listened right I listen to their podcasts I’m in the Facebook or something the blogs and listening to find out exactly what they what they want Ryan said have you ever read breakthrough advertisement so please I’ve got that thing memorized come on I’m gonna hold you haven’t even seen for 18 years if they are dead and they talk about marking any time their life I read that book and then memorized it so yes alright great question alright next one from Shannon Smith Scott he’s a better user okay oh that questions that’s why so we’re good there alright moving on to the Instagram Instagram we got some questions from you I’ve got a couple so Instagram number one from at Luis Dakar Meho probably pronounce that wrong sorry in advance what are some tools used to find your dream customers so secret is any market that I enter into I am already like I am the dream customer right so I look at like if I’m gonna build a business it’s like what are things I’m very passionate about all right so don’t for me I’m passionate on marketing right so I’m already in all the marketing circles right I might be reading marketing blogs let me listen to the podcast I’m already there cuz like it’s a market I’m passionate about right I’m into biohacking so I listen all the by acting podcasts I’m in there Facebook or something nothing like like if I was kind of business like I’m already I am one of my dream customers I’m already in that market I would know exactly what those people need because I’m one of those people and so the question is like what are the tools used to find your dream customers it’s it’s me where am I at where do I go right now alright that’s a big part this is something we used to back from data that I shared on an interview of speaking people freaked out about I love this if this is still around you should be cycle I’m sure so Ram it’s called to stumbled upon and I used to sit in my bed at night and in stumbled upon you can put in key words of the stuff that you’re interested in and you click the button called stumble and with five different sites or you might be interested in it so that’s how I would find like here like where the site for my dream customers wrong I sit in my bed just click on stumble button it’s like oh there’s a blog I’ve never seen this blog before let me follow it oh there’s someone’s email list I kept clicking through I just find these random sites that give my topic and and from there I started fought a little mint ton of my dream partners from from that so it’s just kind of a cool little sneaky thing you can use to go find where your customers are hiding that a next histogram question from Brandon our wall I was gonna start a business but then the economy crashed can i still be properly out of the gate or should I wait for when people are more likely to spend money Oh Brandon more people spent money last two weeks than the past two years combined they are buying stuff they’re buying different things though right Perry belts you were my buddies here on survival life okay this is the busiest his businesses ever been okay the toilet-paper people the hand sanitizing there’s money there’s it’s understand like what are people buying now nothing I’m gonna wait for you’ll to buy again like no no people are still buying just understand that what are they buying that’s where you insert yourself what are they buying okay don’t don’t confute don’t don’t believe the misconception they’re not buying now they are now is the best time started business people are spending and they’re not spending like right now that they’re hoarding their money cuz they’re not spending it on I’m gonna movies or restaurants they’ve got money and there’s blowing online okay our business is up right now over the last two weeks a lot of businesses are up over last two weeks okay so now is the perfect time just make sure you take a business like by what people are so what people are buying right fine if you were buying and you sell that that’s the big secret fire people are buying and sell that next one is from a treed pretty how do you present offers in a time when everyone is financially impacted a great question how do you cry often so or how do you present offers the right way I talk about this in a couple Facebook lives and stuff this week but I’ll share here as well in the the first secret of traffic seekers book I talked about we find a dream customer you’ve to understand that people gonna come to you because they’re moving in one or two directions right they’re either coming to you cuz they’re trying to move towards pleasure or trying to move away from pain okay and was interesting was over the last eight to ten years we’ve been in a great economic times most people bought your products or services because they were interested in moving towards pleasure right so they bought because they wanted to get six-pack ABS you want to get a nice house a nice car I want to be rich they wanted to whatever the product service she sold there they were trying to buy your project service because it was gonna move them towards pleasure okay two or three weeks ago everything shifted wherever we got into a state of pain right and the companies are gonna succeed the ones who look at that it’s okay right now everyone’s in the state of pain how do I transition my product my service instead of being you know something that moves you towards pleasure it gets you out of pain the pride is not to change but the marketing of the product does change does that make sense you got it your goal is to shift so you can pull people and get them out of pain more years understand that’s that’s the big secret that’s the big key I was talking Dhingra CLC about this Dean you know as amazing guy during the last recession he was a he had an infomercial teach people I make money in real estate and Dean at the time was like one of like 50 people who had real estate infomercials and then 2008 hit boom market crashes boom no one’s buying houses anymore and they went from 50 infomercial dudes to 40 30 10-12 but in Austin there was just one his name was Dean and Dean for the next like three years ran infomercials successfully for three years and everyone’s like infomercials don’t work anymore no one’s buying real estate the markets crash like yet Dean not only did he keep doing it he succeeded and he thrived to you as best years during this whole crash and and I asked myself what’s the difference like how come everyone just got destroyed and you didn’t he said because every other infomercial was telling people with selling them towards pleasure he’s like I changed my information I made a new one and my information was showing how my project my service is a life preserver in times of economic uncertainty I help people get out of pain boom same product different mark message 5848 other people didn’t didn’t get it and they got destroyed and demolished and Dean survived and thrived okay so understanding that like how did the product of service Li you sell how did can you repackage it in a way where it’s getting people out of pain as opposed to moving them towards pleasure and in about two years from now when the economy rebounds things shift back like they always do that’s when you transition message again now now people are out of pain now how do i transition to move them towards pleasure and that’s when you’ll see the huge list and growth in your companies all right that’s it from Instagram he has ready one over to LinkedIn here we go LinkedIn Mike walpert I mean I’ve been concentrating on what’s next living in the moment and long-range vision but I’ve been concentrating on what’s next living in the moment and long-range vision aren’t so useful right now what can we do next to get ready for the recovery in the emerging new world of business we all kind of need to do something love to hear take your take on that all right my great question i was listening to simon Sinek this morning talked to his team about stuff and the the videos can kind of floating around so you probably find online but it was interesting he was talking his team he’s like he’s like this isn’t new who’s like this stuff happens all the time on obviously the corona thing was faster than we thought and more severe than we thought but this happens all the time right where where things get demolished and we start understanding it’s not that the money disappears think there’s this false conception like oh the money’s gone wrong screwed sake no no money’s still there right in fact doesn’t mean more I think the government’s dumping like two trillion dollars I don’t watch the news but I heard two trillion dollars in the economy so the more money’s getting dumped into here right so there’s money it’s not disappearing their money’s there you have to understand more at a time of wealth transfer right we’re well welcoming transferring to people different people and so let’s understand that are you gonna get that money transfer to them and those who don’t are gonna lose their money and it’s gonna be transferred away from them and so I think it’s understood so it’s still planning for the long term it’s not that we need to stop think about what’s an action plan for long you know all those kind of things but it’s understanding like right now we’re in the greatest wealth transfer probably of all time more people will become financially hugely rich during the next couple years then ever before in history right you look at all the biggest companies that they’re the biggest companies today the brands today they came out during the Great Depression the big tech companies went all about today all came out during the last recession right like this is the time to be growing this is the best time to be planning in stride what’s next how can I serve people right now but you’ve got a shift it’s not like how do I do the thing I did before better the shift is in what is the new thing I’m going to be doing how do I serve people in this new world because the worlds change and it’s not going back right wheel it who we’re about to close in an office space I think they were trying to sell to strike 15 $20 a square feet and the guy came back last week and said I’ll give to you for five bucks of square feet and right nope not worth it right like like a lot of businesses are done like now I we worked home this is actually great like why do we have office because I can cut my head cut you know million dollars ear off my my budget by getting it all the offsets I don’t need in there I can we can do this things right like it’s not how to how do we get back to where things worse like looking at the world shifted sweet now how do i how do I prepare myself how do I create products and businesses in this new economy right and that’s the chief you guys are making next week this from Joel said I’m a student graduating May 2nd no ceremony anymore I haven’t able to find any jobs for then all of my leads have dried up so it looks like I’m gonna be starting my own business congratulations this is great for you I have I have model set I’m building an optimizing LinkedIn profiles for individuals and digital job search there’s something I’ve done as a freelancer for a while but I haven’t taken full time before all right I think good news for you guys dad a lot of you guys could have been way more successful but the problem was you were super comfortable yeah I just said it you’ve been really comfortable you had a good jobs you’re like and he has read the book the book good to great if not he starts the book saying that good is the enemy of great most people have a great marriage doing a good marriage most people I’m a great business they’re giving business most people don’t have a great life because they got a good life right I think for the last decade for a lot of you guys it’s been good let’s see yeah and right now you just got good taken away from you right and now it’s like you got to do something like the pain just got amplify like you have pressure you’ve got leverage now to do something amazing and as as as crappy as it is for a lot of people like I started talking talking about bankruptcy a lot of people even go through bankruptcy it sucks but guess what it’s gonna be enough pain now enough leverage to actually create something okay because good just got taken away if you wanna create something great now you got leverage to actually do it so for you congratulations mom Joel I’m pumped for you man I’m so glad you’re jobs I’ll try it because guess what you’ve got a job you set it next 30 years your life miserable doing something to somebody else and now you gotta offer to you not down to something good but do something great and now is the best time in the world like sharpen your saw sharpen your skills that doing LinkedIn pages for people is amazing because the best in the freakin world of that become the it so anybody on a planners designee LinkedIn page like well she’s got a higher Joel he’s the best in the world I Cassidy I’d be looking at me I want to be good at that’s gonna be like no become great this is your window this is your chance okay you are you’ve been given such a huge gift you don’t know right now and you’re freaking out thinking it’s a blitz a curse but it is not it is a gift for all of us who are listening for anybody we’ll pick it up it is a gift and they say the scriptures many are called a few were chosen right we’ve all been called you’ve all heard but very few were chosen why are they not chosen because they don’t pick it up so my challenge to you guys all to Joel but for everybody’s listening is it’s time to pick it up okay even too comfortable for too long this is the greatest thing that happened to you it’s forcing you to get leverage on yourself though forcing you to finally read the book to finally figure out clickfunnels it’s been insane last two weeks we should get 15,000 people day signing the click phones right now we’re over 30,000 people day twice um that you couldn’t log in every day now I’m like all right I have had this account for years I’ve been paying the bills I haven’t logged in yet like now I got I gotta finally log in right okay now they got some so you have some leverage I got some pain and so the best thing for entrepreneurs is paid we turn up that pain it gets us to work so you’ve been comfortable too long so look at this is a blessing because it is alright let’s see where we add ways at the end what does all of them twitter facebook Instagram is good holy moly we did it you guys I just like to rq8 today was that fun alright I’ll undo something he has a cool photos real quick I started with this quote I want to read it one more time just cuz I think it is – I want an endcap it with this I’ve read it’s like ten times under twice you guys right now we need one more time and we’re gonna wrap for the day is that sound cool alright so again this is a quote from CS Lewis in 1948 you talk about the a-bomb I’m gonna replace a bomb with coronavirus and this is my closing thoughts because when you hear it or you feel it well you guys to understand it and I don’t want to break free from all the fear and start moving forward if you need more of this you guys start back to the very beginning I share some stuff very beginning talking about looking at the worst case scenario understanding becoming okay with it all the things you need to break your fear so you can move forward if you missed it start back over when I get done off the live and go listen to that part of ginks that will help you but this is a quote from CS Lewis during the 1948 in the middle of the atom bomb scare was freaked out and embers frozen homes not leaving today anyone get blown up by a bomb and this is what the man CS lewis says and replaced atom bomb so that it’s more applicable to all of us I’m gonna liken this to you so you understand it for yourself in one way we think a great deal too much of the coronavirus how are we supposed to live in a viral age I’m intended to say why is you have lived in why as you would have lived in the 16th century when the plague visited London almost every year or as you would have lived in the Viking Age when the Raiders from Scandinavia in my land and cut your throat any night or indeed as you already live in an age of cancer an age of syphilis and haze a paralysis an agent for air rates an age of railroad accidents an age of motor accidents in other words do not let us begin by exaggerating the novelty of our situation let me say it again do not let us begin by exaggerating the novelty of our situation believe me dear sir or madam you and all the men you love were already sentenced to death before the coronavirus was ever invented and quite a high percentage of us are going to die in unpleasant ways we had indeed one very great advantage over our ancestors and aesthetics but we have that still it is perfectly ridiculous to go about whimpering and drawing long faces because the scientists have added one more chance of painful and premature death to a world which already bristled with such chances in which death itself was not a chance at all but a certainty this is the first point to be made the first action to be taken is to pull ourselves together if we’re going to be destroyed by the coronavirus let that buyers come when it comes find us doing sensible and human things praying working teaching reading listening to music bathing the children playing tennis chatting with our friends over a pint in a game of darts not hold together like frightened sheep and thinking about the virus they may break our bodies microbe can do that but they will not dominate our minds oh so good yes loose you are the man anyway thanks you guys I appreciate hopefully this helped today I had a good time if you missed anything definitely start start back at the beginning I talked at the very beginning about some stuff I think is really powerful about understanding worst case scenario become me okay with it so to unlock the fear so you can move forward some of you guys are now unlocked in fear if we don’t break that you’re gonna crumble underneath the pressure of it okay it’s not a time to be fearful it’s time to have to be okay with the worst-case scenario look at the face be like I’m in let’s go and start running again if you missed that when this video ends you can go back very beginning push play and start going through it I thinks you guys can hang out today I appreciate you all I’m gonna go play with my kids we’re gonna go do some fun stuff for the next 25 hours so they pass out I’m excited for I got the energy for it so thanks you guys appreciate and have an amazing weekend everybody




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