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Dennis Langlais, entrepreneur, podcast host and successful Funnel Hacker tells how he will not accept any clients unless they do a podcast first. Dennis is a skilled graphic artist, videographer and hosts the Five Minute Bark Podcast. He reveals the value to podcasting and how he uses podcasts to build his business and shows you how you can too.

Show Notes

[3:43] Why to do video with your podcast?
[11:00] How to use funnels on your podcast.
[18:00] What kind of bandwidth do you need to record podcast?

The funnels we talked about are here:

Dennis’ website for the podcast and guest Masterclass:
FIVE Minute Bark Podcast:
Real stories, Real People, Changing the World: Through Inspirational Moments, Breakthroughs and Entrepreneurship

I advance entrepreneurs & athletes ability to show up effectively, confidently for appearances on stage and interviews. I have interviewed over 200 guests on my podcast The FIVE Minute Bark. I have compiled list of all the highly effective skills and strategies from global thinkers and entrepreneurs who have claimed their authority.

My own experience as a pro athlete showed me I left millions on the table by not adopting skills commonly utilized by authority figures.

Acquiring these and putting them to practice will result in significant opportunity. Instantly after mastering some these secrets there will be an uptick in personal confidence and engagement socially.

More confidence, broader reach in you audience will lead to more money in your pocket.


Dennis Langlais, How To Build Your Business Through Podcasts

Dennis Langlais, How To Build Your Business Through Podcasts