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Derek’s rags to riches to rags and on the way back up to riches contains lessons of value for sure. He reveals the conflict many business owners have when the money is great but you are not aligned with what you want to do. Then after it is all taken away you get to choose how to re-build it. This is how he made that choice and what you can do too.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back everybody this is Dave whatever the funnel hacker radio I am so excited today you have the opportunity of hearing from Derek Hendricks Derek welcome to the show hey today I’m doing great your story is fascinating to me it’s kind of a rags to riches to rags and and back up on the way back up to to riches again I was kind of going through some of the stuff we were talking about earlier as far as you know multi-millionaire then it’s losing it all and really just trying to find you know what’s your real purpose is and I know at the same time yeah you’re just getting back from Costa Rica basic after you know selling everything and moving down to Costa Rica doing the digital Nomad thing then moving up to Colorado and I think last you said you’re actually on your way to Bali is that right yeah it’s been quite a journey to say the least quite a journey nonetheless I think that’s awesome and I know you’re also in our – comma Club coaching and going through that with Stephen who’s just one of amazing team members we love having our team but let’s just kind of dive right into this I know one of the things we were talking about is really the importance of understanding what you’re referring to as far as trust funnels so you want to kind of explain what trust funnel is yes so you know being new to the online world after everything crashed back in the day I sat down and I really not a whiteboard which I still have a picture of and I said you know these are the next things I want to have in my next venture when you spend a lot of time after cheating bankrupt so you have a lot of time to think and to really sit back and really think about anyway this is the direction I’m going to go and so I decided I wanted to be online I wanted to do something I can make money 24/7 I want something I could do from anywhere in the world but the two things were that were super important to me one is it I wanted to be able to really serve people and the other thing was is to be able to be something to be like super passionate about it and so actually after stumbling for a few years in the online world learning how to blog making a few dollars here and there I just was doing some affiliate stuff and for me it just didn’t feel as authentic because it wasn’t my actual products I was creating at that time and so I came across to you guys super grateful actually I’ve worked with not just Stephen who is so awesome love his energy such a cool dude and and the tip love has just been amazing and so insightful and just fun to work with and actually even before Stephen I was working with visit mr. Vince green my boy up in Canada with is a click start or fast start I believe yeah and just really got me going in the right direction and during all this time you know I paid for all these other trainings spent all this money I mean I’ve really been busting my butt to figure these things out you know sitting in the chair sometimes for you know 10 15 18 hour days just hustling but it wasn’t until I actually got introduced to you guys which was at the end of last year and I got the book dot-com secret and busted through that thing like seven times that I was actually like super grateful because I just didn’t I wasn’t really doing much as far as you know is making money I was impacting lies but I wasn’t making any money in the online world until I got this book in my hand and it’s just changed the whole game and once I started understanding funnels is it I understood that when you start going down them as you’re kind of bleeding them down what I call the yellow brick road to your own Land of Oz and the reality of it is is that is that people will never purchase or feel comfortable or trust you until they get to know like and trust you and so that’s what I really saw as a funnel and then I was super excited because trust Malcolm was actually available so I snagged it which was cool and and I think that’s really for me who is I’m super intentional about what I’m doing and that’s why be your message calm really means you know be who you are 24/7 show up for your values and your own integrity and whatever that means to you and not just be somebody who is when the lights are on but be that same person even when the lights are off and so I really am working hard to slow down and also speed up at the same time to share with people like you’ve got to let people get to know what your real intention and it comes back to in my opinion Simon Cenac who I think is an amazing speaker but you know he says the quote is people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it and what you do just proves what you believe and let’s I can’t – cut dive right into this because I know that it’s prob I hear a lot of people I wanted to kind of bring you on is that a lot of people talk up with regard to this whole idea as far as pursuing your passions and and being centered and understanding your why’d all that kind of stuff and at the same time a lot of that can be what we’re typically marketing referred to as a soft topic unlike it’s unlike some of the like a real estate thing or network marketing opportunity or somewhere where it’s more of a hard type of thing or even an e-commerce type of product where it’s a physical or something like that so we’ve got a hard topics that are people are easy to understand they can see either return on their investment they see what they’re buying but when you’re looking at a soft topic like trust funnels or something as far as really trying to help someone you know be your message how does that funnel work for you in a way that actually one obvious is fulfilling your purpose because I know how important that is it and only sighs I spent a ton time talked a lot of successful entrepreneurs a lot of people using ClickFunnels™ right now who are really wanting to get their message out and that’s really what I want to talk to you about right now is what are you doing right now to get that soft topic be your message out in a way that one is effective but also that’s profitable because that’s one of the main things that’s you got to be you’re in business to make money so absolute you doing all right now that’s working for you that way you know that’s a really good question so I think that’s something that is really again from a lot of the training I got from you guys and watching so many orders and hours and hours of webinars and deciding it is that no matter what you’re looking to do your purpose is got to be a part of it but you got to start talking about results for people immediately and really start diving into asking them those questions you know what is the real results you’re looking for and then really kind of just speaking to them bluntly because they’re looking to hire me as a consultant for their products out there and it’s really about diving in and finding out what their true purpose is and bringing that out but then also wrapping that around they’re the result they’re looking for and it’s also holding their feet to the fire meaning you know that if you ask somebody what they want and they tell you but then you know what they’re kind of little like I don’t really want to move quite forward yet you really got to kind of come back and be like you know what is it going to cost you if you stay in the same place now or what will it look like in six months from now if you don’t move on this and by talking to that result immediately then you can start basically reverse engineering from there and then asking them how does their purpose what is their why how does that play into that result and who are they here to serve because it really starts bringing that human element in and allows people to take a step back and just really look at things from a different position moving forward I love that so let’s talk about kind of then so be your message what what exactly is that and how are you using funnels to get that out good question so your message is you know something were you know show up to serve because when I was a multi-millionaire to back up a little bit here you know I grew up in a small peach town which was where I’m actually sitting right here before I take out the Bali and I’m looking out at the vineyards and all the peach trees and stuff and so I came from very humble beginnings uh learned a lot you know hard lessons of working and what it takes to actually get ahead and when I actually stepped into you know being who I was as a man wealth came actually fairly quickly all things considered but looking back when everything crashed and just looking back at that I realized that when I was the most successful is when I was really showing up and serving people and I was you know training younger men and women for that fact how to make money in the industries that I was in and it just really showed like it didn’t matter if I was getting up in the morning they’re late at night and just being there to really show up for people it was just me being Who I am 24/7 and that just kind of came around through that and earlier this year when I was looking for a URL ironically through a moment of a conversation that wasn’t a fun one with a gentleman I was having I just really understood that it’s so important to be who you are and stand up for the values of who you are at all times and so how I’m actually using that with the funnel is that I’m actually building out I built the quiz inside of ClickFunnels™ and so I’m going to drive traffic from Facebook ads and Instagram ads to that quiz and from that quiz I asked them a bunch of questions and then drops them on to my first offer which is a gonna be a seven dollar offer my trip wire and in my trip wire I talked about taking basically these five steps and making sure that they’re part of their ongoing message so you can have success for the long haul because it’s easy in the beginning to get so excited about the money and get everything going but then after a while if you’re not passionate about it you’re not showing up being who you are then that just starts to peter out and so then after the trip wire for the seven dollars they’re not bumping them to my next thing which is a product that i call it’s my I believe insight and the reality is is I believe that you can start coming up with all this plan and you can put everything in order but the reality is the person who’s going to get in your own way is yourself and so the that second step should say technically the third step in my funnel really talks about hey if you want to start replacing the things that don’t serve you thoughts of people or whatever’s in your life you first have to all become aware of what you truly believe in right now and what you stand for so it’s an exercise they go through a 35-page report and then at the end of that report after they flush out all of their beliefs around things the seven major areas right faith family friends fitness finance and then after that I actually have a meditation in there guided meditation that I filmed when I was in Costa Rica about how to take one belief out and replace it with another one moving forward and then from there in my funnel I’m taking them to my webinar and then for my webinar I’m actually selling my six-week webinar course or eight-week webinar course I’m still flushing that out then into an application and then two one-on-one with me and what’s what’s the one-on-one so what’s your webinar pricing and what’s gonna be your one-on-one pricing you know that’s that’s a really good question so I know what my one-on-one pricing is and I’ve sold a couple of these already so I’m gonna doing $15,000 packages and $30,000 packages and so I’m doing those price points because I’m really working with people for anywhere a minimum of six to twelve months because I really want to make sure that when they walk away they have everything up and running they understand what the purpose is because as life is I’m very aware and I’m sure you’re aware – life is a rollercoaster ride and business isn’t always great sometimes it’s good but sometimes it’s not good and to be able to have something to fall back on the purpose and the morals to be able to keep moving forward so they have that thing in the morning that gets them excited to get out of bed as far as when it comes to my actual webinar I’m gonna bump that probably to 497 and then I’m gonna sell the program the six or eight week program for either 1997 or 997 I’m still working on that when we’re meeting with mr. Vince green we’ll be talking about that all right so again at this point then when you take a look at at a funnel like that so and this is again I it’s always fun for me when I have the opportunity interviewing different entrepreneurs you know some of them are have been crushing it they’re making tons of money right now others the beginning side and I really want to make sure that people understand the importance of the strategy when you’re looking at this and most importantly really taking massive action to make these things take place so I know obviously you’ve contacted our what our QuickStart coaches that’s green you’re working with him on this and putting that funnel together and the real key obviously is you’ve got a pretty big jump from the nine from either 497 or 997 or even 1997 up to the 15,000 and 30,000 so want to talked a little bit so what is your strategy as far as how you plan on making that jump you said you’ve already sold a couple of those right now is this going to be a application type of funnel is what’s the transition from that and how’s it working for you that’s a really great question so I plan on transitioning from my webinar if they don’t purchase that or if they want to jump ahead of the webinar is offering them an application and then filling out the application and then setting up a one-on-one time meeting with me I’ll tell you what is so cool I gotta share this is because just because of what I’ve been sharing what I’ve been doing and and working on in ClickFunnels™ I’m actually just having people even reach out to me I just landed a client an ex-nfl football player he reached out to me on Facebook and he said hey I see that you’re working in finals I was hoping I can get some help from you and I just really try and bring in the Facebook world and so people just inherently start finding you which is super cool I love that part and I’ll tell you that one thing I think that has made that difference is it’s just all boiled down to men don’t mentorship you know who has what you want go talk to them and model what they’re doing and from there just good things start happening which is really cool and that’s actually how bali came around ironically i reached out to somebody over in bali just to touch base with them because i heard they do design work and next thing you know i’m heading over there and a month and I’ve already got a client lined up over there so I think I’m gonna interrupt you real quick here cuz I want to make sure people understand the importance of this and that is typically people think they’ve got to get all the way to the end it because and become quote-unquote something before they can be of value to anybody and one of things I’ve loved about as we have the opportunity communicating here you know going back and forth is what you’ve done is as long as you know a little bit more than the next guy you can now become their coach or their mentor but you have to be out there doing it but as I think the part I want to make sure people no matter where you are in your journey is the importance of sharing and getting your voice out we talk all the time about the importance of doing Facebook live or of learning your voice and of getting your voice out there and communicating and I mean I was with Russell this morning and we filmed gosh I think a hundred and by the end of the day we’ll cross just over 140 videos in one day and you know it’s some of them are real I mean they’re real short videos it’s all part of our dream 100 strategy but I think I hate what I really appreciate is we’ve spoken here is your guy takes action and it doesn’t need to be complete it’s just that you’re taking action and you’re learning and you’re hiring the mentors and you’re doing it you’re going through the steps that are necessary and things just fall into place as you keep going forward and I know that’s one of your main things as far as you know be your message and being congruent with who you are and as you do that things happen and so again I congratulate you on the success you’ve been having I do want to ask you real quickly before I kind of wrap things up and that is how do you it’s so hard for some people to say I’m gonna charge $15,000 I’m gonna charge for $30,000 how did you get over that hurdle to feel like that was gonna be a price point and that you could actually say that without cowering back and wondering if the guy was gonna say yes or no to it that’s a really good question I can tell you one thing when I moved to Costa Rica when you got your bankruptcy they take everything from you so I didn’t have much left but I had my truck and so I’m Louie you know the I can remount and goes but I I took my boat to the shore and I burned it so I was all in [Laughter] difference like are you really all in and I also think that the other thing about that too is to to really slow down and think about how you’re showing up for yourself and what about you are you bringing to the table because when you really believe in what you’re doing as I do because I’ve been from rags to riches back to rags again and working myself up slowly it hasn’t been an easy path by all means but I’ve spent the time really slowing down and learning a lot of skills to be able to say okay I’ve mastered this I feel comfortable with this and let me go out and try it on some people I can tell you Dave I’ve worked for free for a lot a lot of people and there’s still times yesterday I did a coaching call for an hour and a half for somebody that didn’t pay me a dime and so but I really look at that as like you know what I’m doing something good in the world and give me back but I’m also learning and mastering my craft so when I do get to the next call all right do you get in front of the next person I flushed out how I want to represent this that makes sense totally does totally does I think that’s extremely valuable and obviously you know we’ve talked back and forth as far as the importance of of giving and it web not what’s working for free is the way you’re gonna find your message and get results or even not working for free is your way of putting things out in the universe and allowing the universe to basically reciprocate over time I believe it just always comes back and I think again you’ve done a great job at that any parting words before we wrap things up you know what we’re talking about is reciprocity right okay and really believe me I believe that that you know the universe rewards action and you’re gonna you know I’ve made so many mistakes Dave I think my family my friends have all just kind of laughing behind closed doors I just keep failing forward and failing forward and and just not giving up on my dream you know I started I’ve been an entrepreneur for eighteen 19 plus years now and there I have had a lot more failures than I have had as successes there’s no doubt about it but I just refuse to give up on my dream of freedom you know give up on my dream of seeing the world and truly just slowing down and connecting with people and I feel for people we just get so caught up and going so fast thinking that we have to live you know in the future in our minds like this may or may not happen but it’s really it’s just about slowing down and being super present with yourself and who’s in front of you and I feel it when people do that when I do that the answers just start naturally start coming to you and the right people show up so it’s super cool cool well no you should be your message I know it’s kind of the funnel and stuff that you’re working on highly recommend paper take a look at that I think you said the be your message calm forward-slash funnel hacker there was a couple of things that were there what was there for the those listeners who wanted to follow up on that with you yeah absolutely so you know I wanted to create something that actually watched people about how to find their purpose and how to go through those five P’s in that trust pyramid and so I’ve created a document that they can go to be your message comm backslash funnel hacker and they can actually download this PDF that they’ll get in their email fantastic well again I’ve super Li appreciate really the effort I appreciate you reaching out and sharing with me kind of your story and how things have worked for you and I appreciate you just being really open and letting people know kind of where you’re at in your journey and being a part of our – comma Club coaching as well so Derek congratulations on your success I hope your trip to Bali is as fruitful and promising as it sounds like it’s going to be and I wish you all success hey Dave I just want to say thank you man you guys are awesome over there you guys have changed my life I remember telling my best friend I was like man I spent years trying to learn this stuff I just need to know you know what the exact path is what are the steps I’m missing and I feel like you Russell Steve Vince all you guys have created that and if I could say one last thing here is that you know I would love to share with how I actually got on your podcast if you’re okay with that sure is that cool Estella thank you so you would post it in I can’t remember what group it was and ClickFunnels™ and you said who should I interview on my podcast and everybody was putting all these amazing people that you know and I listened to your podcast every day when I workout by the way and I just said I might be a little biased but I think you should interview me and you actually reach back out to me and said that’s cool but you said why and so I said I hope I can bring some value to your customers but to me that just shows like I was nervous to be honest with you when I put that on there [Laughter] cool but I think that’s just something that shows that when we get nervous and we get in that moment is just willing to just push a little bit further forward and put something out there because you just never know what cool is gonna happen like this podcast today so I just want to say thank you I really appreciate it you know Brett it’s honestly my pleasure my honor to have you on it you’re the only one who recommended themselves that I thought you know what if he’s got the cojones to ask for that I will grant him that that reward so thank you so much for being on podcast I appreciate you dig Eric appreciate everything they do well do ya picker man loja thanks for listen to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Bono hacker in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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“Once I started understanding funnels I understood that once you starting leading people down what I like to call the yellow brick road towards your land of Oz, people will never get to know you, like you or trust you until they get to know, like and trust you.”

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it and what you do just proves what you believe.”

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for 18/19 plus years now and I’ve had a lot more failures than I’ve had successes. But I just refuse to give up on my dream of freedom.”

Derek Hendricks, “Trust Funnels” From Failing Forward

Derek Hendricks, “Trust Funnels” From Failing Forward