Derral Eves, How To Build An Audience On YouTube That Makes You Money

– Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Derral Eves is responsible for getting over 21 Billion views of YouTube videos. he has built 14 channels from 0 to over 1 Million subscribers and has also earned YouTubes “Gold Button” He is the go to guy when it comes to building audiences on YouTube and other social media platforms. He provides the tools and resources he uses to maximize the ROI of each video and how to grow an audience of fans who like and share your content.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward all right everybody welcome back live on Facebook be a zoom and today I’m super super super excited cuz you have the opportunity of meeting the man the myth the legend behind anything YouTube deer leaves welcome to show hey thanks for having me really appreciate you let me come on to this amazing podcast slash live event or whatever we’re doing here now people who’ve been dying to find out more and more information about you and everything that you do obviously you’re the man behind the executive producer behind squatty potty with the Harmon brothers which was just crazy crazy successful YouTube channel but or YouTube ad video whatever but the main thing I’d love is because yeah this is a man who’s had over 21 billion with a B views on YouTube taken 14 channels from zero to over a million gold medallion basic gold button channel and just the guy who basically knows anything at all about YouTube and Daryl I’m so so excited to have you so thank you so much for being here with us yeah I’m excited to be here and I’m excited to cover the items that people want to learn learn about video and such so well I again I think it’s just amazing as everyone always wants to find out more about audiences and how they create an audience we I asked people send us some questions and things a very first thing that came out but how do I grow an audience how do I grow this and I know for us this is again I’m interviewing more from me personally like a free consultation it sounds like you know but the thing about it and this is the most important thing is every platform is very specific on how you actually grow an audience what you do on Facebook is gonna be different than what you actually do on YouTube and so you we need to understand the ecosystem of the platform and how it engages people but what doesn’t change is the video content the video content can live and breathe and it can engage people on a level that we haven’t ever seen before in the world and we’re getting more and more authentic I mean what we’re doing here right now is a very authentic way to actually do a presentation that will be kind of repurposed into a podcast and also put on a video I mean there’s a lot of great things but I think the first thing is understanding the platform and and then also positioning yourself so you know exactly the type of content that you’re going to do because certain content doesn’t really thrive on on different platforms so for example if I did a long-form for our video on Facebook that wouldn’t work very well like the retention rates wouldn’t very do very well but if it was like on Amazon or on Netflix you know that’s something that people can consume and even on YouTube it’s known to be kind of longer form and so really understanding the audience you want to go after and then also you know to understand the platform but the most important thing and this is something that a lot of people just miss out on but you have to be like super hyper focused you can’t be all over the board you have to be really really hyper focused in a specific niche and the reason why is there’s so many different variety of things and if you’re getting people to come back day after day week after week month after month they need to have some consistent themes and we’ll talk about consistency a little bit later but it’s that’s kind of like the key elements that you’re going to need to grow in any platform and I love that I know that this is one of the main reasons why I reached out to you is we saw that when we did our expert secrets book launch that Facebook was a very unique analyst were very very familiar with and a lot of the people our Kotov go dream 100 were great at email but they had no presence on social media so we did all our virtual book tour all inside of Facebook exactly how we wanted but I was amazed to see a lot of our normal major players had no presence there and then we started looking all the other social media channels same thing as far as Instagram Instagram is a unique University just can’t communicate in the video and everything else has to be unique in that area you yeah let’s say and that’s really again I’m so so excited to be talking about this because for us it’s really the area that we’re trying to grow a ton we’ve I think you we’re talking you earlier about the fact we have on our funnel hacker TV channel and this is one of my big questions for you you know how many how many basically things do you actually have in there so take for example as far as playlists we have a funnel hacker TV playlist we have one behind the scenes this video that you and I are doing right now I’ll show up under the funnel hacker radio right Russell has his marketing secrets podcast as a video on there and so I’m kind of curious as far as when you’re growing an audience and you’re growing that channel gee what’s the best strategy as far as having a whole bunch of different playlists or just one and how does that work well it really all comes back down to your content release strategy and realizing what type of audience that you’re actually going for us kind of like what I was telling you before but it’s like what type of content is gonna resonate with with the audience that’s intended to to be the potential viewer and if if it’s I mean literally you’re hyper focused on you know hacking funnels and and talking about landing page optimization you know all that other stuff that’s basically 100 percent that audience but you might have uncle Russ go to you know Africa and get some moments that he’s vlogging or whatever and you know that’s a great thing that you’re able to do to where it’s bringing some authenticity maybe he’s going over teaching and training people there and you’re pulling those elements in but some of that might not be engaging for a lot of your subscribers or potential viewers however if you bring that in and pepper it in then you know it tells a story and I think that’s the the most difficult thing that most people have is is they really don’t know how to tell a story within their videos you know and have it really play out so you know interviewing and talking about certain things giving information is becomes very easy but if you can weave it into storytelling which is the most powerful way to actually present and it’s something that we’ve as humans from day one would love to sit around the campfire and listen to people’s stories if you can weave that in that’s where audience has become more engaged and more personally vested into what you’re actually talking about well again you are the master storyteller again I’ve seen all the stuff you’ve done the Harmon brothers we were talking about even the piano guys and some of the others I mean you built a ton as you mentioned yeah different channels from zero to over a million subscribers I mean that’s crazy crazy stuff and I know that stories are really one of the main things you sell that what are some of the key strategies from a video standpoint when you’re telling stories that people should know about when they’re looking at trying to grow that audience well like okay so you guys are all about conversion right I mean at the end of the day all you’re looking about okay we need to convert we need to do a bee testing and so through a lot of testing and through a lot of things you get to realize your contents gonna be oversaturated like there’s so many there’s so many different places people are trying to grab attention of everyone what’s gonna make you stand out above everyone else so the first thing that I do even before I pick up the camera before we even plan is number one what is the video gonna be about and we literally properly plan for the type of content that’s gonna be released and then to I look for what’s an engaging thumbnail and also and that thumbnail needs to be a clickable thumbnail something that can tell a story on its own – I want a clickable title not not a clickbait title but a clickable title you know this headline is really really key and so as people are scrolling through their feed as people are looking on YouTube or swiping up on the app you’ve got to stand out from all the other competition from there and the only thing that you can do is some some type of ways to engage them through thumbnail and also the post itself or the title and then also the the snippet you know you have an Auto snippet on Facebook and also YouTube starting to switch over that way as well that gives people a little preview of what’s being done that being said if you can get them to click on it you literally have three to five seconds before they just jump off because human nature we need something to pull us in so we’re curious enough to actually click on it but what’s more important is to really get them to stay on the majority type of video and so that hook what that hook is is that first you know five to seven seconds you’re trying to pull them in to the story so whether that’s kind of giving a moment that’s in your video that’s really kind of a highlight that really pulls people in and they want to see a little bit more or something that you’re like st. if it’s an informational they say it’s a you’re saying oh you know if you’re interested in learning how to get your pages to convert you know two hundred percent more then this is the video for you you know that’s a hook the important thing though is you know it’s all based on platforms like Facebook you got to do it without sound how are you supposed to pull them in without sound you know you gotta get pretty creative there because they’re just swiping through and you know your need to pull them in and once you have them the the data shows that you have them for an additional about fifty seconds before they lose interest and bounce off and if in that fifty seconds you know it’s not relevant to what was being displayed in the thumbnail also the title also the hook they’re gonna have a higher probability it actually bounced off so this kind of think bounce rates of websites it needs to be super accurate to the ad you know it needs to be exactly what they’re doing so they say okay I’m a little bit more comfortable and you’ll have that fifty second buffer now at that time and that’s about almost a minute into the video that’s when you need to re-engage someone and if you can do that you have at least another three minutes and so that’s literally four minutes of content if you can do that because people are so interested in what you’re what you’re offering and they’re finding value and they’re able to kind of to you know to come into the the video itself and then you know as you bring in some call to actions and ways to engage it’s really really important so so you got like about five to seven second book or trailer or something like that engage them in about a minute of real curiosity content that’s going to keep them going and then that gives you another three minutes afterwards yeah bad about another three and then you got to re-engage them again and you could probably get another two three minutes and so it’s just you’re looking at that formula so before you even pick up a camera I’m thinking about these things okay what is my hook what is my thumbnail what’s gonna be my title and generally my title won’t be till I go through but I’m thinking about it I’m thinking about how I word things in the video and then once you’re in the video itself and you create the video you might have these little moments that says hey this is actually a better hook than what I actually planned but you’re actually thinking about these things so it’s like taking someone from the beginning of the video to get them to the end and get to the most important part I would say though if you have horrible audio doesn’t matter about video quality as much but horrible audio people will click off they’ll bounce faster than anything else they’ll be a little bit forgiving with video but if the audio is like staticky or has issues or if it’s like muffled it’s like sound like you’re in a submarine you know it is definitely important to have really good audio for this fantastic I know I’m gonna get tons of questions as far as what you recommend for audio yeah any reference points you can refer people to or whether you know like the biggest thing for me everybody’s like what type of equipment do you actually need you know to pull off and I really appreciate some of these Scimitar AFER’s that i work with one you know it’s totally amazing he had the sixty thousand dollar camera it’s called a red and he compared it to an iPhone 7 plus and he literally broke it down did the same footage as everything else and it like literally he couldn’t really tell it’s just basically you know how the lighting was and how it was done and then for like audio you can get like a lapel mic for like 40 bucks on Amazon like it just clips right into your iPhone or Android and you’re good to go you’re just getting good quality audio that’s there that’s crisp is really important you know doing a shotgun mic can work too but you know it just really depends on what’s happening around you in the environment if the environment is little loud then you’re going to get a lot of more things where you know you do a lapel mic is super localized and like for me my you know my mics just right out of frame so I can we talked generally I might have a lapel mic on it just really depends on what you’re doing so awesome thank you for that I know it’s those are things people always ask soon as you say so yeah next thing I wanted to find out from you is it’s more specific to YouTube when so take for example we’ve got a channel right now where we’re riding around 20 to 23 thousand subscribers and the main thing people are always asking is how do I really grow an audience on YouTube specifically yeah strategies and things do you have as far as growing that audience so I don’t know if we still connected good yeah yeah okay yeah okay so yeah I think it’s like looking at how to actually grow a YouTube channel now YouTube’s all about growing channels but how the vehicle to grow a channel is through individual videos and so the best way to actually grow a channel is to get videos to perform and get YouTube to actually promote them because they’ll actively promote now with Facebook one thing I don’t like about Facebook and I know things will change as new new things are coming out but you have to pay to build your audience and then you have to pay to to you know reach your audience now with YouTube it’s a little bit different when you have a really good piece of content it’s in the best interest for YouTube to actually promote it and just give you an example we started a channel back in March and this channel we you know we know what we’re doing we’ve done this several times but it was performing quite well and we got it to what we call a pop having one video take off and you know since then we had you know 260 million video views on that specific channel that growth and so we’re able to really get a lot of subscribers in a short amount of time because our video content and so the biggest strategy is getting your videos to take off which will resonate with particular audience but also give it a little bit more in depth so instead of just doing one video I encourage you to do like four in a series and what you do is in that four if any one of those videos take off those other videos will all be lifted at the same time that one video is taking off you get two to go and it brings the other two you know up to up to par and that’s when you start rolling from there and then to you’re able to put it in a playlist like with what you were mentioning before and make it an official playlist hmm and that right there really helps with visibility and getting it out there but ultimately at the end of the day mm-hmm the secret to all this is excuse me I got something I throw the secret about this is how much traffic can you generate to YouTube and how long will they stay on YouTube especially watching your own content so the longer that they stay the better it is for you as a content creator and the more what they do is sessions start when they actually come on to YouTube that’s a really big deal and how long they stay because if you’re able to generate that day after day then let’s say you have 10,000 people every day come on and visit your video and watch your video every day and they come back every day that’s a lot of authority that YouTube sees that you actually have and they’ll start facilitating more suggestions because the number one traffic source on YouTube is when YouTube actually suggests your videos to other you know other other people it has probably one of the most robust AI that that runs YouTube’s algorithm and it’s trying to predict what’s the best content for people to watch and also you know finding the right type of audience to bring into your your content to grow your audience as well so like I know for us and for a lot of our audience who’s listening right now and you’ve got so much experience doing this it’s it’s kinda like Russell talking about funnels yeah of course it’s really you just do this this and this not everybody does when we’re trying to get that pop and I know you mentioned four is a series of four videos yes in that series is they know what’s a series like to be continued or is it no it’s just it’s related content debt that belongs to each other so like like in talking click funnels you might have you know really digesting down the landing page and at you know things that you could do on a landing page to improve your conversions so maybe one of the things is okay here’s a great template that will actually get you higher conversions and then to here’s some split testing would do so those are we two separate videos and then you might say okay with split testing you know you can even take it a step further where you split test the split test and you’re always improving that landing page or you know maybe you know the sticking point of why there’s not a lot of conversions on it is you’re shopping cart ways to actually optimize that that’s all within a series of that landing page and and and figuring things out in in a sense of you know maybe a lesson structure I say okay section one it’s this section two is this section three is this section four is that and those can be individual videos but they can also be standalone but your question those are the most valid how do you actually get the ball started and a lot of content creators they put so much time and energy in creating content that they lose sight of optimization and what happens when you actually upload your content to YouTube the first thing that does is they go through through a Content ID system so seeing if you have any pirated music or you know any video clips that are not yours that it was also forced so that they can you know adjust it and and go from there but the second thing they’re doing is looking at the data that you provide them so what you’re providing them is the video content which it starts to close caption everything automatically the second thing that they look at is the title which you have the title of the video and then the description and the tags and if you want to get really aggressive you can like upload your own closed captioning which will give them another set of things that they’re actually check and validate at that time basically what you’re looking to do if you if if I starting a brand new channel my number one strategy would be can I be found in search and can I get people once they click on it to have a higher attention on that video get more minutes watched on that video then my competition that’s around even if I have one view and someone has a million views can I actually from their metrics say hey this is fresh content and the the ratio is higher because what happens is once those those figures actually go the a is is really smart and it says okay let’s let’s test this out and start suggesting it and let’s see if that click-through rate is as high as what we’re seeing in search and it goes out and through more suggestions and more suggestions and more suggestions and then you figure you know what there’s other content that someone might release on the same subject on a different day that has more Authority well guess who’s going to be the suggested content for that and so that’s where the ball starts going but as you’re starting get traffic and the pop could be as little as a thousand you know video a video views and a day or an hour you know whatever whatever it may be that’s where you need to get momentum from and so generally when that pop occurs is and if you’re doing in series of four videos it helps it helps amplify it’s like pouring gasoline on the fire because that first content is this and then the next one’s related the next one’s related and the next one’s related and so let’s say that the middle ones related well it goes backwards to says oh this is some related content because the the biggest thing to suggest for YouTube is your own suggests your own videos so when someone’s watch your video you have a higher probability of actually having them suggest your videos then somebody else’s videos however the bigger you get the more views you get the less that becomes a factor and then it’s just 100% straight on on the data that the AI is looking at so that’s awesome I think I think the main thing for me as I’m hearing all that kind of stuff is are there tools and how do I find out what are the right tags what are they how does all that come into play yeah you know so like there’s some tools that like there’s a lot of people that are familiar with ad buying you know that’s a part of ClickFunnels™ I mean hey you know you got to get them to your page and generally what they’re doing some paid strategy for that and if they’re doing it on on AdWords there’s the keyword planner that you can use that will give you the ability to add some keywords but what I like to do is number one look at trends number two look at the autofill that happens on Google and YouTube number three I would like the keyword planner and a tool that I use religiously is called tube buddy and if you go to to buddy calm /go it’s a tool that integrates with when you upload a video and it tells you okay here go ahead and search for things or get the tags get the right title and it helps you through the process that is an affiliate link by the way if you just don’t want that just type in tube buddy but I swear by it I mean it saves me thousands of an hours month because a lot of automation that you can do where I want to replace it a or I want to go through all my library of videos and and change like a card or an end screen element or even a description or add tags or take away tags I’m able to do that just in a heartbeat so I love it well we’re all very good with affiliate stuff so I have no problem I don’t know but I always have to disclose it because you get that one person as well tell your mom that you’re doing this org slash go girls affiliate link use that yeah and I swear you’ll see me on the page cuz I’ll tell you what it’s the best tool ever invented for you to buy it’s just amazing love that resource that’s awesome so tell me as now you can even start putting together your videos and stuff as far as the actual content how important is that as far as the audience goes long-term as far as keeping it all the same type of content or how broad can I go inside of an audience channel and and still be yeah so that’s that’s like that’s one of the most difficult things to figure out it’s number one what is your audience resonating with and number two what type of content that you should do now as creators were like oh I want to just do what I want and I want the freedom that I want and that’s great but no one will want to watch your stuff you know you have to be consistently the consistency is brings a sense of familiarity that people are yearning for and so the consistency of the upload time the consistency had the thumbnail the consistency of the hook the consistency of the video it’s even though it’s different video but it’s the same formula is really really important and then also the consistent way that you actually engage with an audience is really important and I think we’re program as humans when something’s not consistent we’re like something’s off here like something’s going on or that didn’t resonate with me and that sends bad factors back to the AI that’s running YouTube say oh well maybe we won’t promote this video as much and since this video is going down the next video we’re not gonna promote as much either because it doesn’t look like their audience is engaging with that content now there’s another thing that you need to look at and which is the type of challenge of creating so like my channel I have you know over 400,000 subscribe I spend 20 minutes a week shoot a video upload it when I have time because we have other things that are making more money than that but I do that and and this it’s a it’s a resource channel that people like when they get in trouble they oh I get I gotta figure this out on YouTube then they find me as a resource so I’m more of a resource library and so you’re not getting a lot of the factors that you would if I was just you know a very popular kid on YouTube and doing dumb things or something whatever it may be it’s just like that you know if they’re coming back day after day that’s a really really important factor but if it’s more of a resource channel you can still accomplish the things because I use it as the top of the funnel and it funnels them and I was definitely on your beta for for click photos I definitely said traffic a few click files I just love your product but it’s like that is is where I look at it hey it’s a resource and if they’re getting in more resources I’m going to send them to a click funnels page and I’m gonna be able to pull the information and start taking them through by segmenting them into the right areas and then also you know putting them into a campaign fantastic so I know as people are looking at really building their audience and things and obviously there’s the great thing about YouTube is really it’s become next to Google the next search engine I mean it’s a major yes they go there all the time and so I love the idea as far as resources and I think a lot of people go there to get questions answered and so how important is the entertainment piece in the content so that it’s obviously entertaining yet at the same time is providing the answers people are looking for yeah yeah like there’s people that overdo it there’s I mean I’ll be honest with you I feel like they need to bounce off the walls and and be something that a eight year old would find fascinating but realistically you don’t need to do that what you need to do is be yourself be authentic and and stick to it now people go for to YouTube for different things like my mom I went up to the house she she has ten kids I’m one of 10 kids we go to her house and she has her iPad out following instructions on YouTube how to change this to work I’m like you got sons you got all this other stuff she goes no you ought to know this out of better than any other person in the world that YouTube’s easier you got the phone and expect you one of my sons to come do it oh but that’s the thing she doesn’t need entertainment she needs information and so the biggest thing that you need to look at is can it provide value if it provides value then it will actually do what it’s intended to do now the value that it can do is to inspire to educate to entertain those are the only types of value propositions that you can actually put in video and if you bring a couple together so like for example squatty potty was educating someone but to keep them there we needed to you know have some entertainment and and so it kind of was a good cross polonaise colonization of the type of value proposition that we were actually doing but in the same sense it’s like one of the the one of the driest people he’s not really dry on social media but like when Elon Musk gets up and and does a presentation I watched the whole freaking video and sometimes he’s like the most boring guy in the whole world but I know he’s a visionary and he’s sharing his vision and he’s really going after it but yet it’s I mean the only only person that I really get a kick out of who’s watching Steve Ballmer really put his foot in the mouth you know what the thing with Microsoft but but like Elon like no I I find value in it and people do find value in it so you don’t have to entertain you just need to provide value and the value that he was doing is saying look look at how we’re disrupting the world looking how we’re changing the world and that’s something how he was able to grow at an audience is off of that and so when he tweets or whatever whatever project he’s working on next you know that’s what people are looking for is that value of saying look you know humanity needs to be saved we needed we need to improve the situation that we’re in and you know he’s becoming that leader which is really important one one book that I if anyone’s interested in any audience development it’s like the most brilliant book it’s called primal branding it’s by Patrick Hanlon you can get on an audible you can get on a massage he has a sister book to it called the social code which is it’s just kind of a abbreviated version I what I actually get a client I actually make sure that they actually read that book because in building audiences they need to understand the foundations that are actually needed that you to do it and like we’re Elan musk we were talking about that it’s like you have to have a leader someone has to be that leader and they have to use sacred words which would be you know words that only you and I would understand or the community would understand and somebody around the street if we were talking funneling and funnel hacking they’re like what the Freak are they talking about are they are they you know making waffles or what what’s going on it was you know what’s going on here but it’s like that’s some of the elements and there’s seven of those elements and we don’t go into detail but you can get it all in that book which is amazing and Patrick does a great job of explaining it so again that’s primal branding do you have an affiliate link Valentin I don’t just just go by he needs a coffee or two I guess I should get an affiliate link I really I literally have like a thousand copies of it because I’m like always handing them out you know I probably should write my own book but he already did a good job on it so totally understand so I know you’ve been so gracious with your time I know we’re kind of getting close here I want to find out from you as far as one things you and I originally started talking about was the whole idea as far as this bid summit yeah I want to talk a little bit about what bid summit is and I know you’ve got accident people can kind of get some of the additional content cuz the main thing I’m getting blowing up here on Facebook and one’s asking like how do I hire Daryl yeah so you have to answer that question and then the other thing is how do I get more girls so yeah those two so many hours in the day so many projects but yeah so vid summit bitch summit was a very interesting thing now like you and Andres and and you know we’ve gone to a lot of events and you know people come across the world and they sit down in an audience and sometimes what really just hurts me is when they come to it and there’s no value for them you know they might get some networking but there’s not a lot of value that that’s there there might be a lot of who Roz and there might be a lot of you know excitement but at the end of the day what do they have tactfully to you know to really put in place of their own personal life or their business to really make changes and so going to this especially in the video world I go to VidCon playlist live and so on so forth and you know it was like cater to different audiences and so there wasn’t really a solid theme of what needed to be and I saw an opportunity and I decided to take it because like for me I want to surround myself by the people that just get it in the industry and are pushing the envelope and I know that by association if we can do it we can all lift each other and so that was the number one goal of starting vid summit four years ago and we decided you know what we’ll just cherry-pick handpick people that we want to hear present and we would just present any poll people in the audience that we knew that we wanted to rub shoulders with and and really brainstorm and so we put the first one out and it was amazing and we really focused in on the the marketer because that’s my background I got my degree in it that’s all I’ve been doing since 1999 is the marketing side of things and you know that’s what I was just really thriving on but it was everything to do with video year two we brought in the agency and the agency is needed because a lot of people these that are marketers you know we’re working with the the agencies is such like that or they own the agency but we also brought in the YouTube creators so we actually had people in the audience that had you know millions of subscribers and really got it and we had the right people presenting on stage and year three we basically brought the third element which is the perfect trifecta which is brands so brands agencies and creators and they have a symbiotic relationship where creators are looking to connect with brands and agencies are looking to connect with affiliate or I’m sorry influencers and brands are looking to connect with both of them and so it’s a really good thing and one thing that I’m really proud of is the the most viral videos ads of all time the top ten we’ve had eight of the top ten actually come and present we’ve had people that have over 10 million subscribers we had four last year that were sitting in the audience and I wonder how I can make my channel better they weren’t even presenting they were like sitting in the audience we had you know over 30 that had over a million just sitting there and saying I wonder how I can make more money you know I wonder how I can get you know my traffic to go here we can go from you know multiple aspects so the conference is the business side of video and video marketing video creation and what we look for is how to make more money how to diversify the income how to have residual income and leverage the audience through audience development by getting bigger audiences across all platforms not just YouTube all platforms and to where you know we’re really trying to make it so that when a creator his his audience kind of matures he has other he or she has other income that they actually can make whether it’s like hey you know what I can sell products through Amazon I can get it fulfilled through you know do some China connections and then you know we can go from there we had an example last year where they only had ten thousand subscribers but they made 120 thousand dollars a month off of their amazon fulfillment but leveraging youtube and so that’s kind of what the conference is and this year it’s like my dreams coming true first off in a long time because I always had this vision of what I wanted the bid summit to be but I’m one of those very tactical guys I’m very strategic and this is the first year that we’re doing it we have one of our keynotes is Gary Vee you’ve probably heard of him I think he’s been to a couple of year events they’re going to it’s going to be September 15 yeah yeah so he’ll warm up the crowd then they come to me in October but he’s been great like like he’s been a great Ally for this and you know he’s definitely helping us with some other things that we’re looking at as well and he’s definitely practicing what he’s preached preaching we also have Matthew Patrick who’s the the game theorist matpat known by you know the younger crowd on YouTube you know he has 13 point 1 million subscribers then he owns an agency that all he does is build channels and consults and really does a lot of geeky strategic things and then we have shonduras if you have never heard of shonduras he’s one of the bigger snapchatters but he’s probably the smartest guy I’ve met that was a creator that was good at building businesses and scaling businesses and he’s coming as well and then we have people like Peter McKinnon who’s just just taking off and then every every specific YouTube guru / you know marketing expert when it comes to video is coming to present as well so very cool so they get if you person wants to get tickets his midsummer calm yeah but I’ll tell you what we’ll do is you can go to vid summit calm for tickets but for me I everyone realizes we want to bring value and so we have the last two bad summits that we can give you access to you actually just go do some it midsummer calm for / free replays and you’ll actually see a ClickFunnels™ landing page and actually our home page landing page is a click funnel page – all right you just put your name and your email it’ll get you a password and you can have 32 hours last year and 28 hours the year before of some of the best presentations now you might think oh this is outdated I’m here to tell you that we’re cutting edge and it’s something that people what I love about the midst of it this is what I get the most excited about it’s like what is relevant now not two years ago not three years ago it was like we went to traffic and conversion I love the guys over there but it’s like they were giving video strategies that are like four or five years old am I you know why am I even sitting in the audience we want things that are tactical now and that people can apply now and so one of the things that we do for every presenter is number one you have to have a valid case study you have to be willing to share your campaign and the way that you funnel in the way that you do things and then you have to show the results and everyone like we have this youtuber that’s coming that was at zero subscribers in January another at 1.3 million and they’re doing hundreds of millions of video views a month and they’re basically going to show how they’re actually doing this and so you have a lot of tactical things that you’re able to do but to you know have other people that are coming to say okay here’s how you can really monetize on Amazon or with affiliates it’s all so forth you’re able to get the information there so get your free get your free access at vid summit calm for such free replays and if you want a ticket I just put a vid summit calm so Wednesday Ben I’m totally yeah it starts the night of October 10th and a full day on the 11th and 12th and I’m really excited about this one just because when you’re surrounded by really smart people the whole room is elevated and one thing is you know there’s not a lot of people that we don’t let this be like ten thousand or five thousand or even three thousand event it’s like you can literally talk to the speakers afterwards people that like their program to actually take questions and rub shoulders in the hall or whatever it’s a very private type of event and so it was kind of cherry picked in the beginning and it just kept this this formula and everyone likes it it just is just something where we were able to do it I want to share with you one it’s like shonduras so I told you it was coming again to speak he came to the the previous vids summit and this is what happened he goes Daryl you know I’m only coming his we’re friends and you asked me to speak I’m like okay he goes I’ll put you on in the beginning because I really have to balance I have to get to you know if brand ill and I have a collaboration I need to do the next two days so I’ll only get maybe the first day or maybe even just the first morning so he came in and I said just go to a session before you know your session so you can kind of get the tone of the audience so he came in and he was like blown away like he was like taking notes and I looked at are you preparing they’re just cramming last minute is this a school test or something for you he’s like no man this is gold and so he did his presentation and he at the end of the day I’m like oh so you’re gonna take off he’s like no man I you know I want stay you know and it was really good value and at the end of day three he came up to me says look Daryl he goes honestly I usually bounce and I literally blew off a lot of money because this was very valuable for me to make more money and you got the you got the right thing going on here and he goes I just want to be a part of any time you put it on I want to be a part of it and he actually I don’t really like partners per se but he’s now a partner in vid summit because number one he’s super smart number two we worked on a couple other projects so I knew his work ethic and you know what he was able to do but the value that he’s able to bring was helped to facilitate my ultimate goal which is getting the right people in the room you know including Gary Vaynerchuk so awesome again I thank you so much for that again people that everyone’s asking it so it’s midsummer com4 slash free replays with a veteran yeah again July we’re gonna be doing some offline things that others aren’t going to be able to listen to hear things between the two companies here we definitely want to talk about I know we’re gonna be doing a case study together and all that kind stuff but again I can’t thank you enough I’ve had one thing people to continue asked in that is how did they get ahold of you if they can and I’ve got it guys yeah they could follow me on my youtube channel or on Twitter it’s just derral eves de AR RAL or you can go to i do some like some consulting if anyone’s interested in that and it’s kind of my my test that I usually do to figure out if I want to work with someone but ultimately I’m just looking for people that want to change the world and they’re bringing light into a dark world and that’s that’s the word I kind of gravitate to so and if it doesn’t fit I’ll still do like a quick little you know an hour thing or I’ll press you on to some friends that will be able to do that as well sounds fantastic well here we’re going to take this conversation offline you and I hear it was great I’m excited actually you have a lot of cool things going on so well I’m excited too so I’m gonna go ahead and end this I probably have to have John come in here mighty figure how [Laughter] technical way of fixing the computer just don’t plug it I’m not gonna see what happened before this started that was a bad job I should be nice you know you have you on as a guest to here I’m doing jabs you know that’s what friends are for I tell you I don’t know what I do now anyway so we’ll go and wrap this up here again thank you everyone for listening we’ll be taking this audio off it’ll be on our podcasts or FOMO hacker radio in addition to that we’ll also have on our phone hacker TV channel as a video for those people want to follow up and get take notes and everything else darrel again massive thank you for all that you do again you were just crushing it out there appreciate all that all that you’re doing helping us as far as building ClickFunnels™ and our channel and again we’ll have a lot of fun commerce here in just few minutes thank you thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at fungal hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Derral Eves, How To Build An Audience On YouTube That Makes You Money

Derral Eves, How To Build An Audience On YouTube That Makes You Money