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ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: Youtube and Facebook Marketing

who’s gonna control the phone calls will be phone call person all right switch this here live YouTube and Facebook alright what up Twitter what is up Instagram we’re good we’re good hey everybody um thank you so much for being here with me big day for us as we are starting to ship empathy wines rose’ and that’s what today is about I’m gonna do a couple things today on this live session I’m going to first watch a clip from a LinkedIn post that is now what have we had 3 million 3.1 million organic reach on LinkedIn one thing that I keep trying to tell everybody here is that LinkedIn organic Reach is through the roof and a lot of you should be using it and I highly recommend you be doing more of that I’ve

been taking my own advice and I’ve been doing that and I’ve been leaning in pretty heavily and we’ve been seeing some real results what’s up Instagram what’s up Twitter YouTube and Facebook so right now what I’m first gonna do is create some content while I pour myself some empathy rose’ Nora John and me are here from the empathy team Nora’s deep in the Instagram comments of the book and Twitter for the CM irate hooks that I threw today really excited about it and this is what we’re gonna do I’m gonna actually do some phone calls but there’s a toll booth for them tonight we’ll get two phone calls later after I do this LinkedIn post what I’m about to do is fill myself answering statements or questions

from this very viral post and you’re gonna type in my answers I want to do more engagement on LinkedIn but I want more thoughtful engagement but as you guys see when I reply it’s always me they’re very quick and short so now we’re gonna go a little bit deeper there’s a thoughtfulness to LinkedIn so raghava is gonna read me some of his favorite comments I’m gonna reply he’s gonna answer we’re gonna film it probably turn it into some more content very meta and then I’m gonna go into Q&A here’s how you social media beyond QA today if you go to empathy wines calm right now and order a case subscription so that’s 720 bucks it’s a case of the Rose a the white and the red $40 wine for 20 bucks what I

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: DM more people to instagram

think is the single best deal in wine we’ve spent years working on this you can give it as gifts you can give it to clients you can use it for parties but if you go and order right now on empathy wines calm the case order subscription those orders will come in on empathy wines and meat will die or number and I will answer your question it’s as simple as that tonight’s your night to get your questions answered you get seven hundred twenty dollars worth of wine along with it obviously I think that’s a lot of money so if you don’t need the wine don’t drink three cases of wine a year or don’t have a way to give away wine as clients or gifts then you should probably not do it though I guess I’m worth seven hundred

twenty bucks for you think so babbitt thank you but uh but if you do if you do drink wine at all if you do buy eight to fifteen dollar wine they’ll jump up to twenty or by the way if you drink twenty to forty dollar wine or by the way if you drink whispering angel we’ve destroyed whispering angel that is my plan i don’t know if it’s your guys plan they were clipping wings was what i’ve been saying what’s going on with the blind tasting because i know we haven’t done i’m not we need to do more right here’s one thing babban that I would definitely wanna do with my influence your team we need to DM more people to come through the office and film just blind Tate I expect three people a day just coming through so

let’s organize that I really want to do that look we’re gonna give with spring angel some business and buy a bunch of bottles I just want blind taste all day because I know the first time we empathy won seven out of eight then the second day was more like three and three I really want to just go to like Times Square and just do it go to jail be viral Instagram what up thank you so much Twitter thank you so much for being here Big Ups to everybody you love you back big shout out to Facebook and YouTube let me recap one more time if you’re just joining we’re gonna go on actually I’m going to bring somebody on I like putting people on on on Instagram on the live because it updates one one thing guys that I highly recommend is bringing people on to your Instagram live because it updates every time you join somebody that to the population which makes more people tune in so I think

it’s a really smart move to have people join your live as a kind of hack for more awareness that you’re online hello watch my number go from 1651 hello are you there what up equal eat local meat and I see tonight she left but I’m back to 3,600 that’s what happens actually really works what up everybody alright I’m getting into it we’re gonna do the LinkedIn answers first then we’re gonna do phone calls to anybody who orders a club empathy and then if nobody orders a club empathy I’m gonna just put this corkscrew right through my

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: Join Wine Clubs

fucking eye right up empathy wine calm Club empathy order it I will answer your question actually play me the original clay do this fucking wines good like that’s been like the funniest part about this whole project is how bad of a wine me and Trouty in neuro we’re gonna make and then I came to the blending session late on the flight and save the day they were about to make something I mean some fronds a shit is your lack of politics yep which means we are on the dawn of the era where emotional intelligence yep is about to become the single most important trade truth that skills through technology growth will continue on a daily basis to be commoditized but your emotional capabilities to interact with others will become that a very very important trade I highly recommend how many people here have a company with more than 10 people really am take this one thing away from

me you better go home and audit every single employee you have and you better figure out which employee makes the other employees miserable I don’t give a sh babban fits your number-one salesperson best developer or your co-founder what up hammy cancer spreads with cancer and politics comes lack of one second bug your company will get much slower because people are sitting around debating how miserable they are or worried to have meetings with other individuals your company will get slow in a world where the speed of product output features and how customers this is the most real shit later so I implore a tech centric financial centric whatever occasions like this to go home and get really in tune with the feelings in my company did you have to add it in for LinkedIn person is not the CFO sensor there’s a do it automatically are we gonna excuse me the number two person

after me and it’s a good video silver no wonder fucking three million people decided fair she’s fresh you want I’m paused it is no question the biggest variable dies in my cess my pause is metal think so and I mean ever big more important for you to care about the s mr. glazier links culture let me tell you how I hate to read off build Co loosen you do not build culture by having enough free snacks in your cafeteria let me tell you how you do not build culture you do not build culture by having a foosball table or open seating dude this guy is running culture by actually talking to people one by one and understanding what they care about and what you’ll learn is some people want money yep and some people want time

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: How to increase your sales

with their family yep and some people want title yeah and some people want this is good shit it is your job how many people were to CEO of the company Twitter what up job to know every single one of those things about every single person every single day cuz 23 every time I don’t know I said there’s now we’re at a thousand and I don’t know I feel I’m like listening for this ecosystem talking to my cell starts and I recognize the vulnerability elements that will drive why and who’s watching us right now if you have less than 50 fuckin juice with no fucking excuse I know everything about all of the opposition that’s how I built the foundation of this decade thank you that’s a beef for that crush all right now let’s get into the feedback you’ll be a push back like a lot of push back yeah can’t wait you’re gonna ask me something bad yes I want some challenges let’s go fucking if you think I’m

fucking scared I don’t hear it either way go ahead yes well when you’re ready any type well first and foremost there’s only one person it could be other than them and that’s you so the reality is either you are always going to be the issue and over time you’ll realize that or it’s them so whose responsibility is it their past experiences their parents their DNA their circumstances or actually it’s you you the owner the boss like if if this is being asked by somebody who’s a middle manager then then the whole thing’s broken if you noticed I was talking to the CEO or owner of the company if you’re a middle manager if you’re like an upper manager if Andy who manages Team Gary has got the problem that’s me or it’s you

who works for Andy he’s stuck he’s in the middle this video was very specific to business so notice how I talked over it just now and said 50 people that’s on you so I’m speaking to business owners founders or CEOs who have full control and if it’s you that’s the problem over time that will expose itself because you’ll have a revolving door all right while you’re typing that I’ll just engage her a little bit with Twitter and Instagram baseball tournament directors are ruining baseball my dude come on what up everybody taking questions if you go to empathy wines calm and order the club empathy and I will actually ask your questions so repeating that for everybody who’s just joining if you go to empathy wines calm right

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: How to answer customer questions

now and order club empathy I will call you and answer your question right now zero order so far couple three packs which I appreciate thank you so much for everybody but if you order the case recurring that is a guaranteed phone call and if nobody orders the case we will go to the people who ordered three packs and call them but guaranteed to get in before the end of the night if you order the case subscription the real question is how many people right now on Twitter Instagram YouTube and Facebook by thirty six bottles of wine a year and the biggest like thing I hear from a lot of people are Gary I only drink you know Rosie and red so I don’t want to order the subscription I’m like dude give away two twelve bottles of white I mean the math if you just buy the Rose a and it’s seven dollars more right on the three pack it’s 27 what’s the six pack 25 like my thing is like a 27 versus 20

you’re better off just like buying the whole subscription than buying 27 and 27 how much is 27 times 12 to 40 plus 84 its 332 664 my math is much better than yours Bannon 664 vs. 720 so the deltas small yeah well I guess later on actually it’s 480 versus 720 if you wait to the end guys what we’re doing is after subscriptions are all well after the wines are all released then you can buy a mallet cart but for now it’s a subscription anyway real quick if you go to empathy wines calm right now and order a case subscription orders right now we will call you and answer your question tonight yeah so I think that’s fine uh you can apply that’s fine and I respect that point of view and it’s a sound point of view a couple things on using Apple as an example that is where the founder and CEO was not necessarily the most culturally awesome person and for anybody who’s that she or he has that right there

are plenty people that have gone on to build successful businesses on the back of that however that is also looking at the past not looking at the current or the future my big question is how many of those amazing executives that change the course of Apple would have stayed if it wasn’t 1991 and 1984 instead of 2018 when the temperature of our society has clearly changed Thank You D Rock one of the biggest reasons I get a lot of pushback is people point to the past when I’m auditing the current with anticipating the future the biggest debate that I have with so many people in the media world around the housing thing around my ideas around this Apple point is what would Steve Jobs day-to-day look like in today’s macro sure I mean I think yuan Musk is is a butterfly compared to what year about Steve Jobs and people have a lot of cynicism to the way he rolls well what kind of set of system would be put on Steve Jobs in today’s environment that’s like saying like you know think about all the cultural things we accepted in 1964 that we don’t accept today thank

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: How to increase subscribers

you we’ve got a cold water well let’s call that person they deserve it right away club orders coming through you’re getting phone calls first then jumping building thin anybody who’s out on three pack subscriptions right now thank you very much we’ll get to you next if we don’t have that many call borders we’re getting some of those three pack waters right please enjoy did you arrive and rain back down while your party is free [Applause] or during a three pack means the world to me hello hello James this is Gary Vaynerchuk from empathy wines and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your club empathy subscription hey Gary you know what man I just love everything you got going on and first of all I wouldn’t reduce myself I’m crystals it’s off baby brother I apologize to cut off on me one more time you whose baby brother you I’m great those the top ski it’s baby

brother get out of town that’s amazing it’s a real pleasure brother hey man I guess that tell you man like it the pleasure’s all mine you know I just love that like my heart’s beating like like from here at the moon right now like I just uh you know I’ve been doing my business now for 16 years and I just celebrated sixteen years last month and like you know just you know heaven my dailyvee every day kind of gets me through everything I just want to thank you for that uh-huh you know one of the things that I love the most is when when you when you share your story about the Jets sweater and in first grade I wanted to be Hulk Hulk Hogan and my mom actually made my Hulk Hogan costume instead of buying it for

me and you know so it’s just a lot of silhouettes the molarity and you know like I said I’m not gonna lie I’m just like really nervous right now talk more you’re not gonna lie I’m super flattered don’t even worry like get unnerved you know I don’t mean shit you know so you know what you you you know uh it’s just a lot of similarities you know my parents are off the boat my mom my dad’s from Macedonia my mom’s from Greece state you know their villages are uh you know an hour and a half apart but yeah if they met in Rochester New York and that’s amazing I’m myself and my brother are the byproduct of my grandparents and my parents and and and and it’s just so cool that I share a lot of similarities like with someone like you let yourself you know and invite the birthday and Prince um is there anything on the phone um I’ll be honest with you um you asked a lot of my daily questions all the time and I have a million questions for you but at this moment I can’t even think one I’m not gonna lie um send me an email if something pops up you know it’s funny I talk often

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: How to market your product

about like giving without expectation and like all the content I put out all this like Nate trout inor and I we have 24,000 cases to sell of this wine we’ve sold like six thousand five thousand we have 25,000 cases to sell we’ve been pushing hard for four months and we sold 5000 so you can imagine it’s such an uphill battle right like I’m in a place in my career where like sitting here for the next three hours trying to sell a couple cases here and there like I’m putting in the work and so like even though you give a lot like the level of gratitude I have brother James like the level of gratitude I have right now that you bought these three cases means the world to me I mean it like I think people are very confused about what it means to live in the dirt like I still live in the dirt my ambitions are in the clouds but I sit here tonight on a Monday night and 9:22 p.m. with like in a lot of people’s eyes the world in

my hands and I’m sitting here hustling to sell wine to provide value to answer questions you’d be stunned as much as you’re nervous to talk to me if you felt the warmth in my soul right this second bro I’ve been online for about 15 minutes I put out the most content engage the most do the most all for free and you’re the only person so far that has ordered a club empathy for the time couple that are watching I could I could I couldn’t I couldn’t do it fast enough man you know and they call me Jimmy Z and that’s my restaurants name is Jimmy Z’s it’s in Brockport New York and that just in you know and like I said 16 years to grind and you know my can third generation in the business and you know and like I said just I I spoke where I’m in the I’m in a college town and I spoke to these kids I’m like 16 years ago I was doing this to spread the name and now I said how many people here didn’t know who I was before I walked in here and only one hand raised that didn’t know who I was and I said but I’m still here even though you guys know who I am because because

you guys there’s people that gave me the opportunity to make it this far and now it’s my Duty’s my civil duty just to know to teach you everything that I thought into the same person that took their time and the time you take every day bro uh you know I love you for that and you know what man I have like I said I’d love to drop you an email you know please yeah and you know go ahead I appreciate it man thank you so much it really it means a lot to me it really does and by the way like like what’s most exciting about this is like the wine people are gonna give it to people first of all the Rose a thing is huge for me because I think we made the best Rose a so I think our worlds about to change next week when people start eating it so I’m not giving away the Rose Day because that’s my favorite the line is don’t matter than the white the red the red and the whites gonna go but yeah man I I had I

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: Awesome Documentary

had an awesome documentary made for the 16 year anniversary and got a lot of a lot of local flavor hopefully I think I’m gonna email I want to email you a link to that hopefully they have 23 minutes to watch it that would mean the world to me and people that do one day fucking 5,000 cases of club empathy for 23 minutes Rock watch it and then he’ll give me the cliff notes listen that’s fine and hopefully one day we can watch the Jets game together and drink some beers in New York I love it brother thank you so much take care thank you by the way I also want to say this cuz its caveat for as much of like the sob story and like the guilt trip of this I I mean this with the bottom my heart if you don’t drink three cases of wine if you can’t figure out how to give it away if you like have no use for it seven or twenty bucks a lot of money I expect everybody should be pouring that back into their own businesses you know by the rocks kit that he promotes super well like you should be doing whatever you want that’s best for you at uh I love life so much point being that was more

of a shout out for d-roc skin and a brass boat it was like an amazing feeling anyone twice I don’t expect shit it’s unbelievable like living without expectations unbelievable but if you buy three cases of wine a year that’s between 15 if it’s even 15 because I’ll take that Delta on the five bucks at like fucking Costco like if you’re buying your fucking wine at Albertsons and you’re buying $20 horseshit I’m gonna fucking kill you if you don’t sign up a club empathy if you somehow have consumed the fuck load of my content for free and equally buy $20 $15 $22 $27 horseshit that fuckin BevMo or total wine and you’re not buying Club empathy you’re a fucking dick face raagh off let me answer a question and Nate Hammond what are we getting some Club entities now oh really the plea worked I love you guys so much go ahead let me answer some LinkedIn then we’ll bounce at guys on a

serious note and I’m pumped because a buncha just ordered means the world to me we’re going to by the way at this point I would probably not order three bottles if you expect to get in the queue because enough Club empathise are coming in that’s gonna take me too long yeah 14 people I’ve got two more hours here between answering LinkedIn and being long-winded I don’t want to bullshit anybody do not order three bottles anymore if you’re expecting to get in to the calls we’re gonna only do the calls but I’m gonna get to everybody who buys Club empathy if you’re buying three cases tonight I’m fucking calling you so but real quick on no bullshit we made a fucking rose a that people like I think by the way if you bought it in a bunch about prior please share your tasting notes on video next week or this week we’re shipping a thousand orders tomorrow but tomorrow thousand

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: Product Video Helps

yeah what video no you guys made a video yeah you post on social call should watch it yeah it’s pretty good for these fuckers isn’t that ready okay good does he have it oh okay let’s go I got a sip it like 10 more times to even be sure well I gotta watch this do you rock I mean John come on you suck that’s what are you doing alright guys you’re seeing it first you can’t really see it huh you know obviously it is pretty during the summer but it’s great all the time if you ask me I do like wine I like it a lot as I get older I appreciate it more more on the sweet side also more bubbly the biggest the biggest one is that it has to be really cheap and it has to be this goes out tomorrow oops America’s number one anyone going to it’s gorgeous number one that’s a lot Pinker thank you so much thank you like what more like a peach and I’d say this one’s more of like a pinky sort of color this looks more like the

type that I’m used to drinking so we’ll see if it tastes a little bit better than that that guy all the way in the glass right because I learned this during the video last week oh that’s Pleasant it was just more obviously fruitier it’s like more explosive he did not write more in your face like in smell wise we fucking made a good washing it smells kind of literally really fresh I’m a little bit nervous now we do in the white blend Thursday buying the six now King Boris it’s only 12 don’t buy sex Oh hammy TV Lanigan love you hammy like it matches the colour you know I would expect that from this yeah like cranberry cherry there’s almost like like a jolly rancher excess quality ah my Labradoodle change the game just to like like the tannins already a very naturally selected person so now I’m just kind of like I got a sip it like 10 more times to even be sure back to make those bird sounds so you just make

bird sounds when you not too sweet but sweet enough Thank You Mac be more slowly I like this guy right here I could definitely drink both on a Sunday Funday Rose a day probably repurchase like a case of this one preference between the two I would say the dinner wine because I’m just be huge dinner person I’m a huge foodie I had to pick a preference just because two has more personality and more there’s more in there nice trout he was so pumped fruity and dryer and that’s just my personal taste I knew it I know it whispering angel she picked my spring angel see [Music] she picked she’s so awesome too she’s so awesome she picked whispering angel why I have to watch her hole footage oh good for her good for her all right LinkedIn all right let me catch up everybody YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter thank you for being here with me tonight gonna be on for

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: This is Great Financial Source

that whispering angel is in comparison to empathy I’m passionate and that by the way I envy and respect the fuck out of whispering angel they build a monster I just think we made a disproportionate better wine it is what it is and if they think I’m wrong I challenge them the blind taste everybody on earth and see who wins I think we’re gonna win 5.7 billion to two billion well I can’t wait to try it I’m looking forward to it Nick do didn’t you order empathy Thank You Corey I Love You Man see ya don’t disrespect the view you know who I don’t think bought it Andy Kay alright good look how weird Babbage’s acting Babbitt gonna buy a basic Batman you’re such a dick Babbitt if you don’t order a 3-pack tonight it’s like fundamentally over like I don’t know Babbitt was acting so weird yeah that wasn’t me by the way I I never I’ve never believed in lie-detector more than right now that was the

most awkward I’m so pissed we don’t cameras watching babban right now he was just so weird I was like talkies like that was so hurt that bad when you’re buying a three pack subscription I’m not forcing you more like I know you’re you know like I don’t want to overextend you like financially but you have to you have to buy it you do that you know your time’s up all right raagh off I know that I’m not the same advice I have for small companies like it’s like this is real this is why big companies lose this is why big companies are slow this is big company advice not small company advice if anything what advice do I give there’s a CEO that’s reading this reply really leans in and actually understands that cancerous employees massively hurt the bottom line even if they’re the biggest servitor Hey well why my breeze in the comments hope they didn’t hear that comment put one of the comments in that was attention to driver just when it under imagine that patricia cheers pink pink pin up what up Patricia it’s Gary Patricia it’s Gary Vaynerchuk Gary yes yeah hello can you

hear me I can I see you what rich are you here I am can you hear me I can hear you perfectly perfect sorry I heard some background noise I thought it was from my end no worries what’s cooking hey I just ordered because I believe in you appreciate all that you’ve done all the content you put out how often like you are and love the label empathy I appreciate that are you one drinker I am a wine drinker and I can’t wait to try it I’m normally a red but looking forward to the road day when looking forward to sharing by the way like one thing I’m already massively confident about is how ridiculous the red is mainly because we know the sources of grapes we know the winemaker we have like what Reds do you tend to drink yeah normally at Cabernet and I’m normally you know Sonoma or you know Napa I like yeah yeah you know oh my gosh um oh my gosh no they’re like I like the road I

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: Great Online Business

like silver oak I like is it oh my gosh recalling like yeah let me stick on that if you’re a silver world drink yeah I’m telling you what yeah okay I’m telling right now in October you’re gonna drink a bottle of empathy red and as a silver oak drinker you know 40 50 $60 wine yeah you’re gonna pay – you paid you just paid 20 for empathy red I’m telling you right now please do me this favor please email me the first time you have a bottle of it it’s gonna change your world like the thing I’m singly most excited about is one forty fifty sixty dollar red drinkers drink the first bottle of empathy red that to me is gonna be my crowning moment because like genuine we keep saying it’s a forty dollar wine for 20 bucks I I do think we’re gonna make a red wine that’s gonna compete with $60 wines that’s awesome I will definitely let you know thank you anything I can answer for you I actually did not have a

question i I just wanted to feel like hey that’s a thank you thank you so much from the body welcome have a great great day you’re welcome thank you thank you you too what up Instagram resume writer King Boris I’m gonna put you in actually cuz you my guy I’m cooking for us in real quick how many more call oh good thank you name sixteen got some work to do should we only have an hour and fuckin 13 minutes we’re gonna have to go speed round LinkedIn we have to remember that every culture is different as it’s driven by its leader and what it’s like to be there is very respectful of the various cultures wrong and remain super soft like by attaching our stops that culture that reflects our own values couldn’t agree more just gonna agree more good go in here what up Belarus kimandrob owes one of my favorite human beings on earth congratulations on the audition of their family cabs I

hope you got a note on that and I love you so fucking much Colin Kevin I love you the car there Kevin up ah yeah hello I know he’s an investor about women senator hello who’s this Gary Gary what’s up man life is tremendous thank you for supporting empathy with your recurring case order of empathy dude I’m not you will not believe this I’m like laying in bed and I see you go live and my wife is about to go to sleep and I’m like and I’m like oh my gosh that’s like I guess I’ve already been meaning to buy wine anyway and when I thought you’d go alive and say that I was like oh my god this is the opportunity that I’ve been waiting for you I have been a huge fan of yours not not much I’m saying years like years and it started when a really a partner business partner mining you saw this little coffee coffee company little subscription company and my business partner sent me a send me a

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: Using Videos To Market

video of yours and said dude you need to watch this this guy reminds me of you and when I started watching herself I said oh my yes it just clicks I’m like yes yes yes yeah yeah no now my entire family is asleep so like I’m walking around in my garage trying to like this by this it’s like it’s like crazy but uh but man I mean really I just want to I just want to thank you dude I mean I’ve been following yourself for years and we’ve had like a couple of like brief exchanges of me like reaching over crowds of people to have you sign my book down in Tampa during a startup it was fucking crazy dude it was crazy right dude I literally felt like Andrew Dice Clay in 1987 in that theater that d-roc were you with me iris you’re right dude that helped like honestly I feel like that was one of the most that the energy in that theater that night was fucking out of control it was the same man like I that was like the

I’ve never seen I mean and props to you because I’ve just never seen an entrepreneur be like Rockstar status cuz that degree like I mean it was just the crowd was just insane honestly like I’m living a like a wild life and like have like my level of micro internet fame that night in that theater like I felt like fuckin you know like literally like a comedian at the height of their career that’s why I used and act like it was it was Eddie Murphy raw it was fuckin like Chris Rock when he wore that black suit it was like Kevin Hart right like it was like the energy in that room was like it was different it was like a it was like a stand-up comedy celebrity vibe more than like a business keynote don’t you agree yeah I was very much like oh my god Gary’s about to be like mop like literally I think like everybody was resting the stage into the mic when I thought when they said okay like everybody line up for

questions I thought some oh my gosh like the line I thought the mics but yeah I thought people are gonna get like seriously injured running for the microphone I agree man listen well keep going anything I can answer for you I’m just glad we conducted like this yeah man me too it I just I just really really appreciate everything you’ve done and it’s cool I’m definitely gonna drink it I got to tell you last year see I’ve never really been a wine drinker and last year so give you a little bit of background on myself Iona I would have bets the dealerships down in Gainesville Florida so like we’ve we’ve made like motor scooters the way to get around college campuses yeah and and so I have the best dealer best I actually flew us out to Italy last year and and I went to go like where the factory and and you know I’m like we’re going out to dinner down in Italy and I’m like oh man like I don’t know like

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: This is really Interesting

you’re like I’ll just drink wine I drink my own I don’t really like wine I always gives me a headache well why that’s because they’re like well that’s because you drink shit wine and and so we ended up drinking wine at at these dinners and yeah I just fell in love man I was like this is so good and like once you get the wine bug for real like it’s really funny to watch people like flip from like super not interested to like you have that one bottle of wine you’re like yo whoa what the fuck like it’s really one of my favorites obviously I grew up in the industry so I watched a lot of 20 year old true my friends my contemporaries my homies like make that flip what’s really interesting is I’m a big fan of sour beer and I think a beer is actually an incredible gateway to wine as a palate play so like watching sour beer explode has been really exciting to me because I’m like I see a lot of reactions you know it

sounds like babban just finally bought bad let’s clap it up for babban finally [Applause] bad and literally the creative direct like like we pulled gap we pulled babban out of the gutters of fucking Florida the guy can’t buy fucking nine bottles of wine for our family but thank God he finally did fucking gay man for the hoodie is no problem but like fucking supporting the family no chance no deport family babban over here well hey man look I do I have I do have a question I want to ask you that I don’t know if you’ve ever been asked before it’s like it’s a little bit more on the technical side though because we because I do a lot I do a vlog you know I started doing vlogging really documenting my journeys out here and it’s doing really well I saw the podcast – and the thing is like I see sometimes where you guys will like wear out people’s faces or you know like are you getting are you getting people to

releases pardon your vlogs nope okay so when people like when you like bleep out you know numbers or something in like one of your forties and that kind of stuff like is that because they requested it or because I wanted a blue moon once a blue moon will post game but like 90% is our subjective call d-roc has a good flavor you know babban was great learning dustin a new crew like caleb like they’re starting to learn the rocks kind of watching a little bit like we’re learning I mean look we had a week about a month ago I’m looking at Andy and Dustin we had a week about a month ago we’re like three different pieces of content caused us some headaches because we didn’t like blurt everything or the context was lost or the way we titled it so it comes with the territory but the answer is no but do you have to go back and take that down or like what are you doing that you take it

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: 12 K from 10k

down for a second blow out well whatever or beep out or at it out and repost it right okay yep all right cool that’s it well I gotta tell you man like I have all my long list go if I accomplish all my goals this year like my reward to myself is to come up there and do a 4d dude very serious note now it’s in the Sasha group not vaynermedia this for DS I mean dude dude it’s fucking crazy right like so the price is going up right – 12 K so 12 K from 10k oh yeah by the way empathy whines comm slash barter or it’s like just Google empathy wines barter by the way crowd is trying to steal some cases here this is an inside joke not an inside joke this inside secret most people don’t know you can actually barter on

empathy wines if you buy twelve thousand dollars worth of wine you get an empathy you get a 4dc so like literally you can get twelve thousand dollars worth of fucking wine for free you’re getting the benefit for no fucking reason like you’re hurting like Mainers revenue it was my idea dude anyway I can’t wait to see you I’m gonna be in Tampa soon we just signed I don’t know if you’re following Boehner sports serendipitously you like sports but we just signed Tampa Bay is running back Peyton Barbour so I promised his mom that I’d come down to a bucks game so I’ll be in Tampa yeah my buddies near dude Kwami Gator in Gainesville and then do and the beg your buddies dude pain barbers with Vayner sports egg go ahead yeah so anyway thanks bro talk to you soon hey man real real quick one last thing while I think Bob memory go ahead all right all right hey so I have a podcast

on here called the WH o AG and B podcast I’m not gonna ask you to be on or anything like that because I definitely but uh is there any way you’re being smart here’s what I let me give you a recommendation you can go to empathy wines barter page submit a certain amount of wine bought to get me to be a guest and no joke when I’m desperate to sell twenty five thousand cases this is how I get tricked all right like I did I don’t have the money for the Hat I got it but like I just want like a selfie video or if you buy if you’re going Craigslist and buy laser discs you can buy for exchange five dollars of water for $6,000 worth of laser discs because I don’t know if I’ve been watching for a while yeah yeah don’t do the flip like real I don’t understand all the I I don’t understand how people don’t know that the flip life like if you have ten dollars to your name the fastest way to get to 10,000 is the flip life

yeah do you want to I’ve been yes yes this looks crazy man no watching all those good videos thanks dries down yeah we according the one let me watch trash talk yes I’ve walked all over man doing like my favorite dude big shit real quick I apologize well I’m memory who has one of the great Instagram accounts where he goes crazy voice over in sports clips I don’t know if you follow him dude you have to follow Bob memory he’s the boy scout now of the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial during March Madness he just posted in the comments Nora he wants 15 cases yeah you pay attention dude I’m like I’m walking around my garage like I told you while you’re saying this trying to figure out what I can sell right now is fucking sitting there in store shit if you fucking hustle and like like just list it dude dude everybody who’s only fucking 10,000 people that are watch right now literally 80% of

them because I don’t make assumptions 80% of them have a thousand dollars worth of stuff in their home right now 80% have a thousand dollars with the stuff on eBay and Craigslist and Facebook marketplace and mark ARRA that they don’t use ever again easy there’s at least breathe out at least 3,000 in here from stuff my kids don’t even use fucking garage now what you know Raj sale and sell it for hundred three thousand do you watch a trash talk where I bought the fucking Olympic pins for 20 bucks and sold different like Boeing 2500 bucks there’s only at ridiculous of course who needs 5,000 bucks cuz you need twenty dollars in America to get the five on the fly yeah yeah I mean that’s already ready fuck him Ivan said the collective I send the fucking dictator CEO she or he has to decide I don’t fucking care about the fucking entitled underneath a fucking a winner that’s

than 20 people could you post it on Instagram or 10% you will go out there and do this or 60% he will stop 40% won’t like I’m the one that keeps going work and now my kids and I have a Facebook page in less than two months we’re up to 218 likes and that’s just it’s this great if this is listening you bro all we gotta do is listen you will don’t have to ask you we tell a little bit putting out the ship of free motherfuckers have to execute that’s all I got to do that’s all and that’s like that’s what I wanted to say I appreciate you’ve changed perspective like you you’re doing great things like I think that’s the best thing I do for you is just let you know that what you’re doing is working because last thing I’ll get off I know you got a lot of people phone calls to make but recently in the past two weeks people have hit me up in my community saying hey I don’t want to insult you or your kids but we

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: Real Talk

respect what you’ve been doing and we were just one how you got started how did you start your business can we start selling our cakes do you mind if I do that like and just reminding that episode you said when people start copying you you’ve made it I’m only like four months in but I’m just listening all this perspective and all this preaching you do it’s it it’s real talk you gotta execute brother I know bro the amount of people the thousands of people that take my content repackage it and then sell it and think that I’m a sucker is way more than you can ever imagine they’re just confused because they’re running sprints and I’m running marathons you know I didn’t know I’d be here with the doomed I know what

I’m about I know you understand you through I’m proud of you bro kidding I’ll keep pushing thank you thank you doing a I’m happy you spot for you and I’m so grateful for you to buy oh that was ocean sorry that wine so I got to talking about flip last thing I promised the flip go future flip hasn’t happened yet that one you just think I was wondering why I’m I do it cuz I quit drinking however however these cake pops I’m making I recently made some rum cake so these wine bottles yeah easily I could easily make some wine cake pops you easily delete you make the wine k-pops and email me I will give it loved and change the course of your business I know it’s gonna happen it’s not nice it’s when know what do I value it Gary at vaynermedia calm area vaynermedia to come all right I will send you an email and I’ll let you know when I got that wine once I receive the line I’ll make the cake pot love you bro good luck thank you I may throw up I don’t get drunk ever I’m actually fairly ok with a little buzzed you you look like do you rock a little bit awesome but other than that it’s funny a lot of people talk about management yeah you know not being the are and a lot of people didn’t a lot of people assumed listen interesting you replied right yo Tyler

its Gary B who Tyler yeah sorry it’s Gary fucking Vaynerchuk oh shit first of all things about I’m Tyler thank you so fucking much for buying Club empathy yeah you’re welcome dude it means a lot to me dude it really means a lot to me I can tell like dude I got 25 fucking thousand kids you know I’m not sitting here a fucking jerk of myself off for four hours I got fucking work to do bro I’ve sold 100 cases in four hours like I get paid yeah and 200,000 offices paid for an hour like nice really fucked me here like I got work to do you got a lot of work to do did I so much work to do and it’s great right because I think people think you get fancy and you don’t have the community humility like I’m about to work you know yeah the people that are watching like they don’t understand how an order right now even a three pack if you don’t work it I don’t think God people understand how much

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: 27 bucks a Bottle

nine bottles at 27 bucks a bottle means the fucking world to me yeah I can tell you then I think it’s great obviously it’s named empathy because you care so I would think so much my audience can’t afford 720 yeah you know so I get it like I get it I’m thankful for anybody who can what can I get what can answer for you oh okay here we go normally in the comic offi donut fast just I’d love to sell 500 cases at our festivals figure it out fucking out go ahead bro whoa can I lose at twelve sixteen five our people are waking up in Europe now we’re looking for people to buy a thousand cases in like Europe Germany London if you’re one of those ballers emailed me at Gary at vaynermedia calm go ahead bro I apologize yeah no that’s fine man so a lot of your content is kind of related to some b2b I growing your own brands you know social media type stuff and I love it when lots for me though it seems a little bit different so I’m looking for a little bit direction very applicable to what I do build badass cars on yes design prototype and production of composite parts right now okay um and we took a chevy corvette made a wide body kit for it completely redesigned it made it sickest fuck okay really going to pioneer the trends of this car

becoming one of the hottest cars modified in the future here okay and i’m just going to see kind of some insight of where you thought up how to start kicking that off and getting some people to fall in love with this thing i would be em influencers around the people that would be most likely to be paying attention to what you’re doing yeah I think Instagram has the attention of this audience at scale yes attack that yeah exactly and what do you think then like because I thought a few ideas as far as like doing like a build with maybe some youtubers or something where we actually build a kit for them come help me build the car you know and document the whole transformation of this I would DM a bunch of influencers on in Cerreta and have over a million followers and find out how they would like like ask them how they would like to collaborate okay instead of come in what’s up brother over a million follow you yell Vermillion because they wanted warts they’re tipping because it’s a lot of work for you right there right but in in related to cars that’s right okay

alright can you ask flat-out like what would you like to do right right and I kind of figured you would say that so maybe quicker lyrics you know dig a little bit deeper when it comes to like the custom automotive round what would you say other than social media to try to really get down dirty well what do you let’s work backwards what are you trying to accomplish like overall yeah I would say my legs should be somewhat like Christopher von Koenigsegg in the hypercar market so what end consumer do you think really brings you the most value well yes we’re at right now to where that would be would be completely different right now before you worry about your macro long-term ambitions you need to exit of what’s in front of you right so that’s important it yep you bet so right now if you guys that are very interested in the modifying cars you know eat sleep breathe cars and are willing to spend and take a little bit of time you know you know I say a fair amount of time to build the cart and spend probably well over $100,000 transforming so where is that

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: Forums in in YouTube

community living like in in in in forums in in YouTube like where do you think that like forums feels like a real place where that community is playing out yeah yeah I’d say it’s pretty popular there huh and also on Instagram I would definitely say there’s a lot going on with that yeah I mean I’m a huge fan of DMing on Instagram I feel like there’s so much fuckin business development happening in there right right right and so I definitely agree that real quick I apologize back on let’s get that distribution in Kentucky a thousand cases easy this is on Twitter Nora on Twitter Paul Blackburn at Paul black burn he’s talking about a thousand cases easy in Kentucky we need to follow that lead Paul Blackburn really kentucky’s gonna say we can strip – what about a distributor I apologize buddy thousand keys in Kentucky got me excited good yeah yeah no that’s fine um so yeah kind of going to the next

thing is one thing that I know you know kind of doubling down on what I’m good at I’ve been struggling with the website I do a lot you know but trying to focus on what I’m really good at you know I was trying to think of how I could reach out to kind of collaborate with some guys that are looking to help develop our website so we can really push some of this product smart so how you thinking about doing that well kind of like you were saying hitting some people up on Instagram and stuff and our vertical honestly I’m shocked by how many people are hungry and wants something in life and are not spending two to three hours a day sending custom emails on LinkedIn and DMing custom things on Instagram I’m just shocked right right right like it alone I used to spend eleven hours a day seven hours a day four hours a day on Instagram I excuse me on Twitter in 2007 to 2011 just engaging right right yep and I and I’ve been really Drive that lately trying to handle everything else you know and that’s kind of where I figured if I’m not generating the time I need to kind of collaborate with somebody that actually did it done agreed then you think though it’d be fine with somebody that’s not located within our vicinity 100% and what on that then what do you feel that would be a value to them you just blast them you ask them what they value I’m searching for what if I was and like hashtags got it then yep and then the next

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: Gran Turismo Franchise

thing I would say is you just talked to the take to CEO yeah I mean we have the ability to and and really would love to build the cart from the Gran Turismo franchise cuz they would seriously be amazing for them to promote I mean email us or Phyllis set it up and in trying to like think of think kind of like around what you talked about like people were taking selfies in front of the thing would make it feel like they wouldn’t again you know send me an email I’ll send it up a hundred percent I will do Gary I love you bro thank you I’ll finish up their energy thank you alright let’s keep it going are you talking about the Arab macro micro 12:13 above all right but then like I like I’m my sauce to be sustainable there’s still 20 how many people alright cuz we’re gonna do everybody watching cuz you’re probably falling asleep we’re gonna capture this is gonna be last one will capture everybody else we’ll send them an email I’m gonna scatter hi this is Eric Eric its Gary Vaynerchuk oh my god Gary how are you man he’s amazing are you star you silver enough yet at all I’m you

know what’s funny bro I am actually slightly sobering up now it’s just fucking late holy shit dude it is great to talk to you again I saw you in Phoenix a couple months ago I was one of those nine people in the room that got two hours with you that’s awesome bro did you enjoy that oh it was awesome I’m the guy that sign guy that made that sign for you and then in business with my dad we were on Gary Vee I remember you very vividly brother Thank You Man I you know what I just want to thank you for all you’ve done the advice that you gave me in that room I started doing advertising and and it’s working man it’s it’s working my subscriber rates going up the sales are going up it’s working just like you said it would you know what’s funny I say this all the time I’m gonna say one last time before I get out of here the business advice I give is similar to fitness advice around hey Gary I like to get into better shape and I say workout daily obviously some stretch days you know obviously your body can only you know so much and extremely well healthy it’s not gonna be pills it’s not some weird exercise that’s not sustainable do the right things that’s my business advice and it’s super exciting for me to see certain people that then go and execute it and

actually get the results you know what I mean yeah yeah well you know and like we talked about in the room you know advice is great but if you don’t put it into play it ain’t worth nothing you know if you don’t look good nothing my free advice is vulnerable to your execution yeah the reason I absolutely every single day is I for my legacy and vulnerable to you actually acting on the advice that I give abso-freakin’-lutely man I agree on a percent work when you don’t do it right and unfortunately I think there’s a huge huge amount of people that listen to your advice but they do nothing with it a lot of people use me for motivation which is a short-term fix instead of execution which I’m putting out every day I keep writing people stop watching what I say and start executing on what I do absolutely it’s gonna be twenty six in the morning I’m live on four different social networks I have 25,000 cases to sell I’ve sold a hundred tonight over four hours well I’ll tell you what man I don’t drink wine I’ve never liked it but you know if I was ever gonna start drinking wine I figured I’m

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: 3-pack Subscription

gonna give yours a shot fortunately my wife likes wine so she’ll probably be drinking most of it or if it turns out I like it I’ll start drinking it but worst case scenario I’ll give it to give it to customers bro when I tell you that we produced a forty to fifty dollar wine that when you give it to clients and customers it’s gonna make you look tremendous like the amount of businesses the amount of entrepreneurs watching tonight that for seven hundred twenty dollars a year a could subscribe right now for the three-pack which is like twenty seven twenty seven fifty four what’s at fifty four seventy eighty four eighty three eighty one one of the things that I think is one of the great arbitrage is is that tonight everybody’s watching can go to empathy wines calm and spend eighty one dollars to buy the 3-pack subscription and buy it for a client do we have notes Nate when people buy but is it in the slick on the website like my big thing here’s my big thing on subscription gifts if I’m a business person watching tonight for eighty one dollars you go buy a three pack subscription for like five

clients and that means that three times a year they get a package in the mail that makes them think of you and if you have a business for eighty one dollars it’s cheap it’s super cheap it’s beyond sheep for you to hit up like if you go and take your top ten clients and go to empathy wines calm right now and buy it $81 subscription the confidence I have that you’ll get eight hundred ten dollars back in business because come the summer or come the fall when they get the three pack of the red and it’s from you and then they think of you and then they do a five thousand dollar thing with you like people don’t invest in their businesses and it just doesn’t make any sense it’s you know I didn’t even know about that the whole buying the sneakers thing in order to get a phone call with you but then when I saw this tonight for seven hundred twenty bucks you’re actually getting a product and to be able to get on the phone with you oh my god it’s it’s a best deal around math so I’m so here’s my here’s my question I want to come over to four D’s in LA and as a matter of fact I got an email

from your guy do you know about the 10,000 to 12,000 dollar swing the big that Sasha group is about to switch well yes I know it so in order to get to 10 grand I got to do it by by the end of the month right that’s right right so you know I don’t I don’t really I just don’t know I’m gonna scrape the money together however I can cuz I definitely want to be there I’ve been talking to Nick a little bit through leap through email and then I got it email from somebody else let me say this it’s a good piece of advice if you have to scrape to get to ten thousand I’d rather you wait a year and comfortably get to 12 thousand okay like we’d love that well you we’d love to have you but and listen I’ve never been more confident four DS we have all like Nick I see Nick in the background I fucking love Nick he’s eating fucking cereal like we’ve never been more confident about the ten thousand dollar investment because we now have so many case studies of people that we fucking case studies of people making millions of dollars it’s crazy but I personally as the CEO would rather you comfortably in 18 months get the twelve thousand then it’s great to get the ten you understand I understand but what two chances in eighteen months that it’s up to fifteen or twenty

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: Delta that’s the decision

my question I don’t know I don’t want to bullshit you but I’ll you know I know I’ll tell you this a lot of times eighteen months later twenty is easier than ten yeah yeah that’s the that’s just you know that’s kind of the Delta that’s the decision I have to make yeah that’s this is you have to make now the question becomes and we’ve experienced this and I see Nick in the background there’s a lot of people that scrape ten thousand together and then that was the thing that helped them get to a place that changed the course of their careers so you know right I don’t know I will say this though me personally I’m more comfortable about 12-thousand being easier than ten thousand being scraping yeah yeah you understand I make two hundred fifty thousand dollars to give a speech when when Sasha group gets ten thousand ahead and four four DS or twelve thousand I make like eighteen bucks okay

you coming and coming to four DS and at four months later being like fuck I had to scrape to that and it didn’t bring me value because you didn’t get value out of that that’s a vulnerability for my brand that I don’t want for eighteen fucking dollars well I you know I say that and and in fact is because of the advice that I’ve put into play and executed that you gave me two years ago because of that my business is tripled and I do have the money I can do it it’s just a matter of whether I justified then dude this goes back to the thing that fucks with everybody I give so much without expectation like when people hear that like a lot of people are watching right now like fucking fuck like the amount of money creation I’ve made with my free advice at scale with zero like bro do you understand there’s people that have made hundreds then thousands then tens of thousands and hundreds of

thousands and millions who are literally watching right now and are not willing to buy $720 or the wine for me it’s crazy it’s crazy it’s it’s something that one has to wrap their head around if you’re going for legacy it actually fundamentally doesn’t bother me I’m just trying to figure out how here’s my big thing that’s one thing if you made like five hundred thousand or fifty thousand more because of my free advice what I love for you to buy empathy wines calm like a three pack a three case pack for seven twenty of course right bigger one that brain fucks the shit out of me is the thousand people that are watching right now who actually will go to a local liquor store or supermarket and buy twenty dollar wine cuz they drink one like it’s the same thing with the sneakers right like here’s my thing yeah like if you wear sneakers and you buy sneakers for 90 to 100 bucks I want you to buy my case with it don’t I don’t keep concerning the free stuff like if you buy 36 bottles of wine a year in the 15 to 25 dollar range I kind of want you to buy my wine like are you really valuing going to Albertsons or Costco or Bevo or binney’s or total wine like who the fuck wants to go to a store just order it I’m fucking empathy wines calm and let it be

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: Delivered to you

delivered to you right right well and you know and the point is to is what kind of value have they got from you over the last two years or however long they’ve been you know one here’s the biggest key the reason this whole thing works for me is for all the people that are watching I actually don’t expect it yes five now for four hours Nate how many children salt what’s your gut tell you 150 cases for four hours is like a joke I’ve 25,000 to sell I get it I get it so let me ask you this one last question I know you’re on speed around so one last question am I better off trying to if I’m gonna pay ten grand you know before the end of the month am I better off doing a barter and getting 10 grand with the wine even if I a hot bro no how do I do it for the few you go to empathy wines cops go to Google email me na te at empathy wines calm he’ll hand hold you like this five minutes where I’m trading $10,000 worth of wine for a free seat of four DS is like the greatest deal ever like poor Nick is like putting on his coat cuz he’s leaving now cuz he’s like fuck I just lost ten thousand

dollars in my P&L this fuckface Nate just got it in his a my big thing with you and everybody else who’s watching is if you go to the barter page and you try to make a trade if we say yes you get an asset like right 240 240 what is that like 40 cases yeah dude you’re gonna get 42 cases of wine here’s my thing you can either pay ten thousand dollars to come for four days and get nothing or you can buy yeah or you can get 42 cases of wine and get four DS for free and then you as a businessman entrepreneur might be able to use those 42 cases as surprise and delight throw a party donated to a charity like it’s an asset of course you should go through barter now the here’s the fun thing there’s only five thousand six thousand people watching right now that even know about this barter opportunity right so so I need to email Nate at empathy wise calm and say hey I want to do the barter he’ll hook you up with Nick and you’ll buy ten thousand dollars worth of wine they’ll ship it to you and you’ll get the four DS ticket for free like it’s fucking smart even if you give it to your

fucking neighbors be popular in town yeah absolutely I know it was like this sneaker deal that I missed out on the bottle I don’t give a fuck ya know it just makes sense it just makes sense when I miss out on this week or something that you get nothing with or by the same thing that gives you 42 fucking cases of wine I know this but the red wine will last for 20 years put in your fucking basement survey and fucking daughter’s Bar Mitzvah or wedding or I don’t fucking know shoot shit man I’m a grand I’m gonna grandpa I’m a grandpa I got five grandkids toast I’ll serve it at my granddaughter’s wedding you’re right dude you sound like you’re 23 you fucking broke my face just now I got five grandkids myth I’m 58 you sound 12 never when we’re talking when we were talking in that group my dad is he was working at my dad’s 85 years old he’s still working hard every day bro one I do remember one of the things you can do back to what I remember you can run some really smart contests for free cases of wine oh shit mm-hmm oh shit okay no I totally I am totally naive can

I ship wine it’s a little tricky but mate shaking his head but honestly the government cares less about humans than they care about businesses you know okay you’re where again where’s it was uh North Dakota where are you again I’m in Arizona Arizona dude honestly like dude there’s so much you can fucking do I’ll figure it out I know you all figured out dude it’s of no lost proposition you either buy a 4ds ticket and get nothing or you buy four DS ticket and get 42 fucking cases of wine holy shit that that’s a no-brainer right just like like when you get it shipped like like literally take a case to the public library and be like here oh yeah no I got I got all kinds of things I can do with it yeah no doubt it’s an asset oh absolutely yeah yeah i dude it’s almost one o’clock in the morning funk I’m doing right I know I know you’re tired shit man I’m fucking too pumped up I’m gonna go to sleep at 3:30 cuz I’m high as a fucking kite well Gary see ya thank you again so much for all you do man I love you love you alright everybody was watching there’s probably 20 or 30 of you Nate with my admins Alex your fucking beast like fuck Tyler like like we will we will reach out to you we will send a bulk email to all of you once Tyler Alex Nate come together

ClickFunnels™ Empathy Wines: Allocate two hours in the next thirty days

we’ll probably allocate two hours in the next thirty days and we’ll call all of you thank you everybody who’s watching I’m about to go in the car go home please hit me up on Twitter Gary Vee with your hot take your two cents on tonight it was clearly epic night number two people are watching tonight if at bare minimum nine bottles you’ve heard it tonight which this whole entire marathon sold 150 cases I need to sell 25,000 I’m a deep shit so if you can find it in your heart if you can afford it don’t extend yourself but if you can afford it if you buy wine if you have gifts if you have clients if you have a business if you’re the lobby in your office they can put it in if you want to do a happy hour for your clients or employees like if you’re thinking about buying gifts in December for clients like it would mean the world to me if you could buy a nine bottle subscript which is three bottles of each three bottle subscription eighteen bottle six bottles of Christian and the ultimate the club empathy which gives you Nora and the rest of team as a sommelier for you on text the club

empathy 720 all in I’m gonna leave you with this last right hook if you’re still watching and I see about 5,000 of you right now empathy wines calm like it would mean the world to me if me texted me in seven minutes and said fuck we got a flood of orders three pack subscriptions six pack subscriptions cases students actually matter the most I’m slurring I’m finished but it would really really mean a lot to me if there’s anything a value that I’ve given it really really fucking matters I don’t know us to say so what is it a three pack subscription is all-in at 81 no to 42 43 you only get billed 81 tonight 243 and all-in and if you want the Rose a that I fucking flip for tonight we’re gonna be offering it as um you can buy them for the count on it thank you so much thank you the dude yes me people are asking if they can give a subscription to clients when they order is there a note as a like a note card okay

real quick if you emailed Nate or Noora Noora UNRRA if you email Nate or Nora or John Jo Ann at empathy wines calmly say one more time John Nora Nate when you order a subscription if you put in the person that you’re shipping to address and you want to email them a note that you want to put in there and let’s send up loose effusion and get that feature in and be means the world to me I would love your support it would matter a lot to me if I made texted me in 15 minutes and said holy fuck we just got a flood of orders three pack subscriptions only eighty one dollars bill tonight 240 for the year as they come out that’s why I asked thank you so much and if you want to do something crazy it’s Google empathy wines barter because I think it’s empathy wines calm slash there’s a tab on border a barter barter we’re looking for yeah do you rocket I ran it but I fuckin drink a bottle of wine what do you want from me see I love you yes you saw the preview 200 for us tonight if you were here I know it’s cool see you that was fucking


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