Feel Felt Found Marketing Secrets – ClickFunnels™ Funnel Hacker Radio #181 with Dave Woodward

Why Dave Chose to Talk about the Secrets of Emotional Connection:

Recovering from recent back surgery has created a couple of learning opportunities for Dave. He reveals what Russell taught him about how to truly connect with your audience. He introduces the concepts of feel, felt, found and how they relate to the people you want to serve. He also dives in to how you can use the concept of emotional connection in your videos and sales copy to increase your connection with your audience.

Tips and Tricks for You:

Russel helped Dave realize the importance of breaking down your own walls in relationships inside and outside of business (1:30)

Don’t give other people the impression that you only care for service-level relationships (2:46)

Using “Feeling Words” (4:09)

True Empathy (5:21)

Selling people on emotion will backfire if you’ve built the emotion their feeling on misconceptions (7:17)

Dave cares a ton about people yet struggles in how to correctly convey this to them (9:36)

Quotable Moments:

“One of the reasons that you’re struggling right now with trying to connect with more people in your stories is you never will let people know how you’re really feeling. You won’t allow yourself to let the walls down and be more vulenerable”

“It’s fun having Russel as a business partner but also as a dear friend. We’ve known each other for over a decade now and it allows us to just be like brothers sometimes.”

Other Tidbits:

Dave briefly touched on how Jason Fladlien broke down how he felt during one of Russel’s Webinars after he had already pitched to increase Russel’s sale rate and decrease the refund rate. Jason spent nearly an hour going over this and helping people resolve concerns before they even thought they had any to solidify their resolve of needing this product. After they had realized the need they had for the product, they were then able to earn back the money they spent twice as fast as before because of the emotional drive that they had also been sold on.

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Digital marketing behind the scenes!

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward hey everybody welcome back to fun Hawker radio I’m your host Dave Woodward and today’s episode is a little crazy this is one that’s all about in a weird way you via me and let me kind of give you some the context to this so recently I need happen to have back surgery and I hate having to have people worry about me or anything else anytime anyone asked so how you doing I’m Mike oh I’m doing great doing great I like I sell so I came into the office today and Russell said Dave I had the weirdest Epiphany last night and I almost called you but it was super late and I wake you up so I came in and I had to talk to you about this because you know Dave you’ve been out there trying to find a way of getting better at telling stories and I was thinking the other day yeah so Russell wouldn’t have come down my son got married this last weekend down in San Diego and Colet and Russell were kind enough to come down and be there for the wedding and while he was there I I ended up making the mistake of slipping and kind of messing up my back again and he kind of saw me in pain he’s like Dave how you doing am i feeling great I’m doing great and so yesterday we were out screwing around in the Jeep and a lot right behind us and once again I kind of got out and got a little rambunctious and slipped a mess in my back again is that guy you doing I’m like Dave Russell doing great doing great so last night basically his Epiphany he said was you know Dave one of the reasons that you’re struggling right now with trying to connect more with people in your stories is because you never will let people know how you’re really feeling you won’t actually connect with them you won’t allow yourself to let the walls down and and be more vulnerable and I sat back there oh my gosh how true it really is for me and so I sat down I thought a lot about it I actually was happy out to lunch with my wife today after I went to the doctor today so basically it’s been two weeks since my back surgery went to the doctor got clarence and who’s going great and so i was talking with my wife about what Russell’s epiphany was for me this morning’s like Dave that is one of the issues I struggle with you in our marriage and that is you’re not one to ever really let anyone help you and I have a hard time connecting with you at times because you won’t let me serve you or work with you and so because that I don’t feel like I connect as much with you as I want to I thought oh my gosh that is so weird because here I was thinking I was doing this so that they didn’t have to be I wouldn’t have to be a burden to them and so I wouldn’t trouble my wife so I wouldn’t trouble other people and in doing that what’s actually happened is I’ve actually created more distance I’ve created them actually these less emotional connection more distance and so because of that it comes across as though I’m only interested in surface level type of relationships which is the furthest thing from the truth I’m totally the opposite I want to be I love deep deep relationships with I don’t do them with a lot of people but those I care about my business partner Russell and other business partners and my wife and my kids anything else I’m super super into those relationships and to me that’s what matters more than anything else in my life and yet I don’t actually let people feel that and so it’s kind of fun I got back from the doctor’s appointment today and was sitting there and was kind of talking to Russell about some of the kind of stuff and it’s fun having Russell as a business partner it’s even more fun as a dear friend we’ve known each other for over a decade now and and that friendship is what allows us to just really almost be like brothers at times and so for me it was so cool because the basis so David how do you feel at first I’m like oh I’m doing great you guys no no I really want you to stop which stop right now much tell me how do you really feel like actually Russell my back is killing me the surgery went great everything else but it still hurts and he’s like Dave you started using feeling words and I thought man this is so important and so then Russell said wait Dave you’re familiar with the copywriting concept as far as feel felt found and like I know I’ve heard about it and everything else but tell me more about it Russell it’s like well so the idea here is in your copy in your videos in the way that you’re trying to connect with people is the first part there as far as feel is all about showing empathy and I saw Jason Flavian do this with Russell on a funnel hacks webinar about this time last year and I was blown away by the the impact it had not only on the sales but also on the refund rate it was crazy we actually saw greater sales and a lower refund rate than normal because of the true emotional connection that happened with Jason after Russell got done with the webinar so give you a little context here the typical funnel hacks webinar the time was about 90 minutes in about 30 minutes worth of Q&A so about a two-hour webinar Jason afterwards went on for another hour all about resolving concerns through this concept of feel felt found and so I want to really make sure that when you’re looking at your videos when you’re looking at the things that you’re communicating with people that you’re really focusing then on this idea as far as as truly emphasizing real empathy not the fake stuff where you’re just trying to make a sale but where you truly feel their pain and so Jason sounds stuff he was saying was you know I was listening to Russell and I thought you know what I know some of the people who are listening this might feel this way they might feel that you know my gosh $1,000 I don’t know if I have that type of budget right now and then he went on to say you know what there’s a lot of a lot of people I’ve worked with in the past have felt the same way and so you go from showing empathy to then showing that others felt the exact same way and said you know what there’s a lot of others who have felt the same way this isn’t the first time I’ve done this webinar with Russell but what I found and what they found was that by taking action they actually were able to get their money back much faster because they made that investment because what they found was by making the investment they were more committed in that commitment then actually help them not only recoup the investment more importantly help them build their business to the levels they never thought possible and I saw Jason literally for over an hour use this whole idea as far as feel felt found again this is the principle you can Google and most the time they use it in sales objections Tony Hopkins does it or does it Tom Hopkins does a huge thing on feel fell found as far as overcoming objections allotted though I think in today’s world when you’re communicating with your users or with your people who are prospects is a lot of times they want to know that they’re not being pitched they want to know that there’s someone really on the other end and this goes back to a lot of the whole things we talk a lot about with regard to culture and that whole culture is the idea of really connecting with people so they feel like there’s a belonging so they really truly know that it’s so gose from the emotional aspect to the logical side where they actually know that it’s real so what I mean by that is understand most people will always buy on emotion and what they want the last thing they want is to to later on feel or find out or come to know that was all fake so when you’re out there doing your videos when you’re out there doing your Facebook lives when you’re out there connecting in your sales copy this whole idea as far as feel felt and found is something I really encourage you to explore the idea behind it again is on the feeling side is people by saying you know what you may feel this way or a lot of people I’ve worked with I know as I come across as they feel this way and by doing that it shows empathy and if you’re really sincere and you really mean it it comes across very very genuine from there then the next step is felt and the felt is typically by those people who took action so you know there’s a lot of my users there’s a lot of my customers there’s a lot of the people that I’m currently coaching there’s a lot of the people I’m working with on a regular basis felt the exact same way that you do that’s a way of being very genuine because other people truly did feel and now felt that way but what they found is by going through my program what they found is by contacting my customer support what they found is that by actually taking action what they found by just trying it what they found whatever that found might be they then got results and those results is then what solidifies and helps resolve the concern that your customers your users your prospects might be going through so I really encourage you guys to take a look at the way in which you’re approaching the sale and make sure that you’re you’re resolving concerns before they actually happened it’s one of the things I was so impressed with Jason especially on a webinar where you’re not getting actual feedback he sat there literally for an hour going through a whole bunch of feelings that he had while Russell was pitching while Russell was going through it all the 90 minutes of content everything else he then said you know what I was feeling this way maybe you’re feeling the same way what I felt a lot of people have worked with felt that way and now what they found is this so I can highly recommend that you guys spend some time go through it take a look at the feel felt and found principal use it in your copy use it in your videos start using more feeling words I’m this is where I’m getting real raw pure here and that is this is one of things I’m personally working on a lot and that is trying to show more emotion trying to really connect I really care a ton about people and it’s one of those things where I’m trying to learn how how to convey those feelings in a way that connects more with people so I hope hopefully this makes sense to you guys again one of the things I’m having a ton of fun doing right now is my son Christian actually is going through experts secrets book and each night he’s going on my facebook live and basically talking about those things have you learned chapter by chapter or secret by secret it was interesting because he’s going through the same type of thing right now as far as help him find his voice and help him find the feeling aspect and realizing that people actually buy on emotion so I’d encourage you guys to take a look at the way that you communicate what are the words that you’re using are you using more feeling words or are they more logic words I know this I know that I learned this I learned that instead of I’m feeling this way or I felt that way and what I found was this so have an amazing day hopefully this provides some value to you I’d really appreciate I’m trying to again I’m trying to learn more my voice here I’m gosh I think we’re almost 200 episodes now in our funnel hacker radio most of my episodes have always been about me interviewing someone else and I’m trying to learn my voice more and I appreciate your allow me to practice on you but any feedback that you have I truly genuinely want and I appreciate it so I’d encourage you guys if you don’t mind send me a Facebook personal send me email david ClickFunnels™ comm let me know how i’m doing and let me know if there’s topics or things that you would like me to explore with you I’m more than happy to do that as well you know one of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on iTunes I would love if you want my going-out rate this show let me know how I’m doing just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it leave a comment I read all the comments I’ve appreciate all the stars and everything everyone it’s already left for me again I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind I’d really appreciate it and I again thank you so much for all that you guys do have a great day see ya


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Feel Felt Found Marketing Secrets – ClickFunnels™ Funnel Hacker Radio #181 with Dave Woodward

Feel Felt Found Marketing Secrets – ClickFunnels™ Funnel Hacker Radio #181 with Dave Woodward