and it’s going we’re live here basically taking a sweet time though yeah we got it oh that’s like the hohoho from Christmas story remember a ho ho ho bam kicks him in the face and knocked him down the slide you remember that the season snow here in Boise and Madison Christmas Story you put your eye out [Music] that movie’s awesome I know you had a BB gun so tell everyone your fun Christmas festivities are doing today Jim well it won’t ruin the surprise but basically what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna make my wife give my grandson or let me give the grandsons a laser tag set that I bought them and then we’re gonna go out and go and play in the bounce house cuz it’s gonna be really nice outside for the next couple days and it’s gonna suck on Christmas and be rainy and cold and I really want to play with these toys so for the benefit of my grandsons we’re doing that is it um is it a snouted all over there you guys just like us it’s been really really cold but no snow we’ve had flurries and stuff but nothing has stuck so you yeah whoo global warming yes no snow yet with global warning bitcoins down with crazy today like how do you know what’s happening bah humbug I’m done we should go Festivus for the rest of us though soon as you first time here this is from a phrase you watch all the back episodes their photo Friday’s calm in fact this right now is also streaming our final phrase calm horse be there and whenever we build something we usually put the sheriff on wings down below so put on some pretty cool stuff Friday’s calm anyway don’t put that out there I think that was excellent the only thing I would add to that is we’ll be demonstrating a really awesome tool that all of you if you don’t have it yet are gonna want to give yourself for Christmas because it’ll make a huge difference in your ability to quickly make not only sales copy but also emails via cells and perfect webinars it’s called funnel scripts and you’re gonna get a great demo right now oh-o-oh has ever seen your shirt yeah are you sure by DA drunking the world okay this is this this there’s like there’s only shirt like this in the whole world okay so it’s unicorn festive holiday pool emoji that’s right none of you watching the show official all you pretenders to the unicorn crown people take that do you design that cuz like that is probably the only one I’ll never tell I’ll never tell that’s right I finished my cocoa now I’m on to my tea so we have unicorn unicorn unicorn everywhere did like your folks decided to bring back the unicorn well you know do what I can okay so what do you have on tap dress today Santa Santa all right well I’m excited because today well I was really excited first now I’m kind of stressed out because first off we’ve shortened Fridays from an hour-long show to a 30-minute show so instead of having 30 minutes to build we got like 20 years so we got to start second thing is I’m Jamie cross his inner circle she’s got some really great products and a couple months ago her funnel was kind of sucking and I was like yeah I’m gonna fries I’ll make it way better and then we procrastinated until today and now our funnel looks really good and now we gotta make it better we’re gonna do our best but looks really good so that’s we’re gonna do um and this is the live funnel so I cloned it so Jamie can watch us like clone dicks I don’t want to Jack my feet slide just in case I don’t do good I’ve been known her conversions at times I’m gonna do my best so we cloned it and I’m gonna pull up over here and flip on my screen share and then we’re gonna go through the different pages and start Adams and magic and Jim I think on the flowering day got plenty of magic unicorn dust over here so we’re ready to go whenever you are Santa Santa oh by the way over here got Saint Nick yes you see Nick is in the house the younger years we’ve got them all in dock J’s wearing all of our shirts and everything Joe alright so this is gonna be he builds funnels in a Santa hat all right we’re gonna do this 18 minute build that sound good sure like they said back in the day when the TED talks came out there twenty minutes and everyone we didn’t fight 35 so they just talked over so they shifted like 17 minutes and everyone stuck 17 we’re doing 18 interesting ok crap at 18 seconds abort abort 18 minutes what happy to say stick with it we saw Star Wars last night and it was amazing it was good yeah do you have seen yet no not yet I’m gonna go next week that’s really good all right here we go so here’s the funnel guys shot the first person the funnel I was gonna critique in and rebuild here’s the first version the funnel so I was like oh yeah read on we’re gonna have so much fun and they thought it’s they converse in the funnel and it looks very similar to a funnel that I built at one time my life called 5 out of 6 in fact the headline and the so there are many elements from this that have been modeled from what we’ve done already so there you go so try to be yourself Russell go alright so I would love June because I wrote this headline back for fiberfix let’s do something better ok what is well I will say this that headline might look cool somewhere else meaning don’t jettison that headline but would it look good about the order form would it look good above the video would it look good between the video and and the picture of the of the product you see what I mean therefore um I hear yeah that when you get when you get two bars election today we’ll throw in and you’d have to make it smaller you know that’s that’s one thing you can always do if you got a headline that you’re just not sure and then also the other place that it could potentially go is right I’m pointing at the screen like ruffles up between the bottom of the video in the top of those lotion bar things it might look cool there and because their eye is gonna when they’re looking at the video their eyes going to look down and they’re gonna see that offer it it almost serves the purpose maybe not as well as a brunson box oh it was thinking great pub lunch sandbox usually you know usually two to four bullets underneath the video actually so that that right there and the only other thing I would do is you just did it so good job it’s gonna st. change color yeah I would go red or I’d do something that just makes it you know stand out like a poo emoji at a at a tent revival that’s a new one right you made that one up yeah I just made that up that’s a Jim Edwards ISM okay so I mean the big thing on this if the things already working I mean to me at least and you can you can correct me if I’m wrong Russell but once you’ve got a funnel that’s working the the main things that you’re ever going to test are going to be the headline you’re gonna test the the sales video you’re gonna test the call-to-action you’re going to you’re gonna test the price but typically when something’s work and the first thing I ever test is the headline to try and bump stuff how about you that’s so usually I usually my my testing tutors first year she’s like radically different landing pages their beach is like night and day x2 way different views that’s my first test find out what’s the best and the second one is you typically headline yet okay so so the the one thing I would say is that MIG thing up there is pushing down like 20% of the of the page depending on people’s browsers and stuff that’s that’s a lot of above the fold real estate being taken up by that thing you know those ximenos logos are about you it’s like are you go has nothing is making my heat on the first cell the second cell is good because Brandi with the first cell logo just hurts more than it helps typically so I think it looks cool down there no I’m trying to like scroll your screen I don’t know why I’m doing that today but it’s like I’m gonna scroll back up and look so so the big thing that we’re gonna want to do is is come up with some headlines and stuff and so that’s that’s really the big thing that’s gonna make a difference here at least in my opinion so I’m gonna go into funnel scripts and I’m gonna play around with some headlines and this really is a kind of thing I mean if they’re getting a bunch of once you’ve got something that’s working and you’re getting steady traffic if you’re not running non-stop a be split test you’re you’re just wrong money yeah so so my question would be who is the niche audience here that would be the the biggest thing to me this is her video she launched on Facebook that’s like crushing on her gorgeous skin doesn’t come from plants I know this sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about botanical extracts and essential oils and herbal oils but the truth is there’s something even more powerful as benefit as beneficial as all those oils are and all those amazing plant-based things are there’s something even more powerful that I love to talk about so I’m Jamie Krauss I’m a certified master herbalist and I’ve helped thousands of men and women heal their skin and not only that super passionate about educating people on the truth about the skincare industry and the beauty industry because there’s a lot of really crazy stuff happening but I’m here to help you get your body back and your life back and help your skin in your body thrive again so what is this mystery ingredient it’s actually raw beeswax so before you tune me out I know what you’re probably thinking that it’s gonna clog my pores and make my acne worse so it’s gonna create sticky messes or be really greasy and heavy but the amazing thing is as I’ve developed something that you can use every day that helps solve all those problems with with while keeping all the massive benefits of Ravi’s well so the secret is Rob beeswax so be like your green the bees poop out that allows you to fly beeswax is that B poop or B puke I’ve never known its and then it’s one of the peas at the puter poop what is it beeswax made of may those slightly and no that’s what they know the pollen is on their legs and they spread it around and using a lot about bees babies really real so beeswax about honeycomb cells which young red sick freak wax secrete was that mean and just glam I just made these way yeah secretion is I mean that’s fancy for like spit bodily for money who accidents off notable then something they they spit him out no you said slam it okay saliva yummy yeah so what are you looking for them who me oh why is this important well no I was I don’t know y’all went off on the canyon of them pooped it out and I was just trying to be accurate of whether it was poop repute but it turns out it’s just salivation so we were all wrong interesting kind of cool this other pages that they killed has some cool elements I’m actually a huge believer in showing this kind of stuff I’m gonna grab somebody’s actually yeah I mean I think honestly what I’m seeing here is that if they had landing pages that went after specific problems I mean they’re making money now but to me it’s like pick a problem pick a symptom and build a landing page around that and target an audience for that as – trying to hit just the general hey you want better looking skin I’m just saying that if they’re making money with it the way it is now go for it but I’m just you know yeah breaking out by different symptoms I mean isn’t that kind of what you did with the neuropathy thing yes it did yeah so we didn’t Rob see because all the other sub things – so what would be I’m trying to think what a roadblock here that they’re you know even if you even if you you’ve you’ve had bad skin your whole life let’s try that throw four rocks at the current industries how fast do they get results do we know one bee poop away our team results let’s say we’ll say within a win less than a week you’re like I mean the first time you use it you can feel the difference the first time you use it let’s try that we can always come back and do it alright let’s see how about how to enjoy more radiant skin without using harsh chemicals to clean to clean your pores mmm no okay the more Kure exam more curiosity based it makes my to watch that video like what is the secret thing you know like right you’re greedy doesn’t like that you know okay well the secret ingredient watch the video for them to get the gist the fact I might make autoplay because of that how to enjoy more radiant skin with this secret natural ingredient that’s get yes is get better okay [Music] surprising ingredient giving a radiant skin shocking shocking thing does something awesome it kind of like all the other stuff is at the bottom of the other page yeah for sure if I can get back real quick yeah I mean this is actually a good example of how in like two seconds and I’ll be rich and then go back to watching Rosie O’Donnell it’s like pink and stuff but this helps for watching Rosie O’Donnell start again you see that no I was getting my dinner TV’s on it said and will gracious came back again like all the old shows are coming back Rosie O’Donnell show is coming back I know I could be totally wrong I might have been like a daydreams possible I kind of drink sometimes and know where I’m at but yeah I’ll play with this heaven quick I just say both these sections no one has it as a template so I can draw does she say in his in her video what is she she’s an herbalist a master certified or herbal chemist I said of the Bob okay herbal alchemy that’s even cooler it is let’s say the section of a temple have to leave ClickFunnels™ because it’s not in the little thing and I come back into ClickFunnels™ and then now all those things magically appear and I should be able to add the sections only caveat is it’s not perfect section thing but sometimes it’s awesome I mean almost I’m just gonna throw this out there again this is why we test but if they’re getting traffic you test this quick but master certified herbal alchemist reveals how to enjoy more radiant skin with this secret natural ingredient and then I almost want to put in there and no it’s not what you think yes yes sure yes oh that’s good to put another color yes I’m sensing the same thing like have your back top so we’re gonna do down here and reach c-section went through a bagel button so that way pops them back up the top easy you’re cool about love it possible funnel scripts for the weigh-in FTW once again yeah just I just face bit-bit – yeah how’s that for a that’s like a verb now i facebooked it to you Facebook did it you give me a book to do it come button text like give me the goods or give me the like that I don’t being was the offer it is my two R’s lotion today will throwing two trainings for glowing skin free and one cuticle booster syrup for free so it’s get this super ninja discounts on my that is her Mark Robinson engine oh there’s a is this a with or a which I mean you could on one thing that I would say on that when you get two bars of body lotion today will throw in two trainings for glowing skin and like all cats and one cuticle booster serum for free and it’s like fries in there I know that’s I mean again all you know for sure is that it’s gonna test get rid of that first free or leave the free in but break it up you know I’m saying yeah this is section train trains like Oh [Music] I like doing like breaking headlines were like big parts most preferred like and I would underline the and after that free I know you’re doing other stuff but I’m just mentally here ya know what I’m doing that all mostly trains the big deal not huge another word besides training mini well we’ll throw in our insider secrets for glowing skin instead of trainings yeah yeah much better do you good to secrets you want the number are top bezel time looks yet no this makes me sad but in our back room Ursula testing super hardcore thing like read headlines always one you’re gonna need look ugly but Russell somebody said that read headlines don’t work anymore someone really famous which famous guy was this time I’m not gonna say I think it was Howard Hughes I’m not sure just saying it may not you know these things are universal every more they all apply in every market that’s right you know always some people lying about split testing because they always tell you increase it by 30 percent thank your in-house list of people have already bought yeah I think you’re buying okay good it looks weird with the end that’s not what you think it looks weird with the close quotes on that I would I would do the close quotes after the dot dot dot ingredient and just take the quote away that I think it just looks looks no better no better okay it’s a couple core things we did here number one we brought out we took as much away from the top section pull the stuff that sells high above the fold I shrunk disc is so huge before I made yellow background so it pops it have I’m ready when you know all the headlines more benefit driven as opposed to offer driven and then we put the offer in between the in between the the video and then pictures of the actual product it makes more sense for them to see that yeah and I ought to play the video is that one our most recent tests autoplay video lost on clicks homepage but I think for this market I think I don’t all right I still have Auto playing special since they gotta watch the video to understand what the secret ingredients so I’m gonna leave autoplay be fun team tests though I would test brought back II and all the social proof testimonials clinicals are powerful and I love Jamie in her herbalist that’s so cool I love that yes I this you discount no actually I want one two three serum that way that was Rhys yeah you know spell serum this cuticle booster monkey free cuticle visitors Oh Dave times fired we shoulda gotten a full twenty minutes out of him I don’t you eighty minutes too busy visiting would you put like a little just just for grins would you put a little like shopping cart icon or an arrow icon or something with that yes they love shopping carts they love their shopping carts a shot ah I love how to make this not blue cuz I can’t see I make it like my reddish alright yeah that stands out pretty well and I make it huge I like the idea if I want something click on a button or make a big click on it and then you heard it here first Russell likes it big what you guys whoa whoa whoa easy there cowboy you interpreted it wrong I’ll be right back crazy got the red button here which then just all produced that the action to bring them to the top which is a signal if I scroll top section Shh I’m gonna clone the back hey warnings here’s the warning wound our SEC compliant or whatever I will more than likely offend you at some point warning so there you go yeah boom and there we go there’s a new page to split test all right Jamie this is the deal split test mine versus the other one ours were so sorry and if we win we get free skin care lotion for life for all our wives yeah I just wanted a percentage of the profit yeah for the our the preview whichever comes first oh my my here fish are pretty sweet though that’d be a good split test let’s tell you what the the page looks cool I mean it it really it looks cool yeah we do um split test this is how it kind of works I’ve have the best case thing we think is gonna win and then we do a whole nother thing it’s just like I have no idea if it’s gonna win it out but like we just try something else and then you test it and that’s where all the weirdness comes from where someone was just like I cannot believe that that was the thing of one it’s just kind of weird so typically like here here’s because I know some out there like you need to split test one element therefore it’s not us it’s not anyway all the school testing geeks out there so this is my thoughts again once again my first test is radically different things I’m not suggesting I just headlines there’s little things it’s like way different things and I’m trying to be some wins the most out of that and then from there I go and they each put touches one thing time like just the headline and then just the like doing one thing at a time because if you split test like 22 things a time and we handed here I don’t know which one one is the headline than one was something else that one typically your split testing again step one is radical shifts in InDesign and in step two is then the micro like just a headline and then final winner than just this final winner to keep going through it that it’s awesome I remember when my split testing book we had they add two had like the two different webinar pages and I can’t believe you every testing expert on planet earth did a little nerdy glasses coming out yelling me because that my test was wrong because I was testing more than just one element I’m like the first test is radically different designs because it like we found in just that school test for example like one of those like 8x higher conversion and the other one so it’s like if I don’t start the other one it would take me 18 years to get to the to that version so anyway that’s why we you know big radical shifts first is to see like it’s like throwing rocks at the water right which was actually gonna hit and they’re like okay cool s1 and then they restart plants little things so there you go Michael there you go I didn’t want to say that but that’s what she just describes your awesome Russell oh did face book is done oh well we’re gonna stock in them what do you mean Facebook died I mean the connection sorry it makes you that oh you gotta face this miss the best thing you connection went out anyway praise God you see the whole thing streaming live right now and we did not fund that make you Mary Krause that was fun Merry Christmas those who are killer headlines like that for their Christmas gift where should they go right now well you know everybody needs to head on over to funnel scripts comm and join you can get a great free training from Russell and myself at funnel scripts comm or if you’re just ready to join because you’ve heard of but talking about funnel scripts for the last two years go to funnel scripts comm /go sign up and get working on it right now oh it was okay pull you might pull the pin on the smoke grenade inside my house you do that have iPhone scripts again right now not worth the beating I’ll take at the hands of my wife laser tag and bounce houses today and have an awesome Christmas to you too almost weekend of fun are you are you guys doing anything exciting with the children for Christmas did you buy them any toys for yourself but they’re masquerading is your children’s toys out there for five hours sorry it was brutal it was really yeah then we got home and lay down in bed for one second and my daughter start crying right are you kidding me so that was our night so yeah but I’m excited through three hundred and Christmas as a Star Wars yesterday I’d probably watch all the rest of Star Wars over this weekend because I just wanted watch all the Star Wars II thank you I did not watch Christmas movie to watch that instead Wow must have gotten her something good very cool man thanks much thank you guys as well yeah releases that we’re losing Nick he’s flying back home today losing steam and next week I’ll be back he’s on my back at least Steven Sasson go away how about this Jim next week Steve is launching his new company by himself next week we should totally take his funnel on fix weeks it’s gonna suck really bad for a gift a New Year’s gift for Stephen we build for mothers they make okay stop on the first you guys know I guess it’s his fault this is awesome I am speechless I am without speech I don’t know what to say other than best of luck to everyone and I got your back and as I always say I’m just glad to be a part of the team everybody’s checking out today see you guys log in to the amazing Christmas bye guys

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Funnel Friday’s Episode #37 – CHRISTMAS TIME

Funnel Friday’s Episode #37 – CHRISTMAS TIME