because I think we’re live on hangout we’re live here we live here but we’ll try together click phones gang sign only if you like see how to go that’s like a CAF you quit for those gang side how would you do Jim I would double check it first because you probably signaled the Crips or the Bloods or somebody help to come and shoot you but but we have reds and blues and logo so I don’t even what to do sorry guys were little teeny different team I swear we don’t yes yeah Russell just admit it Russell plays for a different team mm-hmm I don’t even know you and with the unicorn Santa hat on well Jim Santa hat today so I’m excited you ready for Christmas Jim Eric 10 days away from Christmas I’m I’m actually was ready for Christmas and my wife pulled a fast one on me because we bought one of those together presents we bought an elliptical blue like $12,000 on an elliptical and we said okay this will be our present to each other and then all of a sudden these presents to Jim started showing up under the tree and I’m like whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minute I thought we weren’t buying each other oh they’re just little things that I saw that I thought you would like which is code for you better get your tail out and buy me some stuff so I went out and bought or something but it’s only one thing but it’s like this huge thing but it’s only one thing so I got to go get some other stuff the things you couldn’t I take and breaking the little things I guess there are kids this year right what we’re doing is we’re giving them like we’re gonna go skiing once especially that’s the president but then with that like we wrapped one glove one the earmuffs oh it looks like that 20 presents there’s only one that’s our secret our doll Secret Santa way we do it nice that’s awesome you know the Ohio expanding their gym getting some food I’m you know I’ve been held to a higher standard my whole life and fallen short I’m not gonna stop now oh man well welcome I am we haven’t done this for a long time I’m excited yay what’s happening ok so this is we gotta go fast we start a little late cuz cuz uh Steve over here was that our know what he was doing this early in the morning little something extra in this unicorn Cup that’s all we know so I was all excited like we got someone today we’re gonna rebuild their entire funnel for them because they’re not in internet marketing people they’re not selling info products we plead different business so I was all excited and then he dropped the bomb that bomb this bomb the bomb he dropped was a link to their site let me flip this over to like screen share so you can see because I want to cry a little bit I saw this page I was like oh this page wait a minute doing this isn’t it ClickFunnels™ page she’s like I know it’s an WordPress and I was like oh I started choking and hyperventilating and then I saw this page and then and the problem they’re having from the step number one is not that their funnel hasn’t converts it’s that they don’t have a funnel they have a brochure that has a logo that takes up one-third of the entire page and then they have nothing yeah that’s like that’s but it’s it’s not it’s not arranged in a way to elicit sales or opt-ins or any of the juicy things that we do as funnel hackers and so people who come to us and be like well Russell um like with this with this work for a bit like do funnels work for a business like mine and I would say it depends does your company want customers or leads and so the answer is yes like well we’re doing coast to coast one of our store management we really want customers or leads and anyway so what we’re gonna do in the next lesson through we have that 20 minute countdown clock on this one cuz we got the next thing hidden so I’m in 20 minutes we’re gonna rebuild this whole thing as an actual funnel didn’t pump out some amazing copy and we’re gonna have your time okay sure oh that what’s the number-one thing every every sales funnel or any funnel needs Hedlund so I’m gonna work on the headlines first okay you’re busting headlines I’m gonna rebuild this thing from the ground up and I was looking through so flow she can see my page right here I was clicking through and he actually has a really good video on this page right here yeah it explains everything really well and drivers can I ask you two questions are you absolutely positive that you’re handling violations across multiple agencies as well it’s really good and it’s so buried and I don’t four minutes and 29 seconds to watch it or its wood but the 19 minutes build the whole thing but I’m gonna use that as the thing that gets people to give you the thing you want which is probably their contact information so then you can ask them for everything you want which is probably there alright so I’m gonna start building the framework over here Jim while you’re doing your magic okay so what I’m doing is I’m just I’m filling out the we’re actually going to be using the million dollar sales headlines version 2.0 script and I’m just filling the stuff out so our key word topic is toll management mmm sexy hey that’s a make money online topic if I ever heard one secrets who’s your target audience truckers and trucking companies area of concern is going to be this is going to be toll we’re gonna go with toll management again actually a mistake I really need to manage my cross-country pole audience I need manage and centralize okay and the next faster sped up this like song is really key play this I’m a fan if you’re not using best paths nation’s only coast-to-coast feed for spiders one is all this is really good this good copy for you Jim well y’all this is all yeah that’s good good video buried where nobody can can find it I mean they could probably double their business just by putting the video on the front page of their website seriously hide the logo put it in the cute girl who’s pitching your business like come on now funny thing is that I noticed they even had her dress like someone that you would expect to see working in a trucking company it’s really good like yeah I absolutely so my secret to federal buildings I delete everything every time sorry I just like to do it we should have like you sure like amateurs star from beginner professionals these templates are yeah we click phones we hate cookie cutters interesting test by the way so in in the past autoplay video it’s always out converted everything else for us but recently click on homepage auto video playing actually her conversions want like a whole new mind blow for me for like a decade of like all of our testing and but listen video sales are just always work when you hide the the order button and then like probably four years ago that stop or I got stopped out converting just having the order button and I wonder if autoplay videos like if it’s the death of those anyway I don’t have the one test to prove I wouldn’t test anywhere else but it was kind of an interesting thing that blows the whole my whole belief pattern in life and people well all I can say is that that is a great ad for testing because you could go to another page and have it not autoplay and kill your results so that’s just one of the factors that you need to test all the time and the great thing about ClickFunnels™ is it makes a be split testing and absolute bring ease even for the complete novice and if you hate testing it doesn’t matter it doesn’t care no it is yeah and yeah that’s not always don’t take everything I say is gospel when it comes to testing because every mark is so one thing I have learned you always tell people who don’t actually test stuff because they like they give you these absolutes that are absolutely don’t work it’s like that’s not actually true just like people actually like if you ever ask somebody like how’s the page converted they give you an exact number means they’re lying if they don’t say well depends on the traffic source on Facebook Ads it’s doing this but over here that’s you know they’re telling the truth yeah just you know all right we’ll make our own fun building Mythbusters I don’t know in some is like about their numbers guru busting secrets oh wait that’s politicians wait a friend ever say that are so Joker hey Mike how do you know what so it’s was like his lips mouth open okay I have one here and I just I took it in kind of here I’ll show you guys what I’m doing I found two that I liked how successful trucking companies get the maximum discounts on the tolls they pay and now successful trucking companies manage and centralize their cross country toll charges and so what I’m doing is I’m combining them and so I’m coming up with how successful trucking companies get the maximum discounts on the tolls they pay and centralize or cross country toll charges at the same time I like that one it’s a little long but it really tells the story you know would you break out that second part little girl sub-headline we could yeah yeah we could do that as a headline sub-headline as well I often do that so you think you guys cope with that one yeah that’s why we have you Jim you make the decision retiring from copywriting other way funnel scripts again here’s not successful chunking if the maximum discounts on every told it on every toll they pay young as we told they pay do that and centralize their cross country told charges oh look I’m showing everybody the inside of my Facebook that’s Russell’s personal I’m just arrested me back to our sponsor so you want me to write some bullets real quick heck yeah okay they stop we can are we gonna offer them to opt-in are we gonna offer him that report that he has um they have a quiz well see we have a report you sent me if you go to their side check this out over here they’ve got to sign up it’s like a quiz like you one two five so this is kind of cool too late well it’s for a Matt I’m gonna tolls I’ll be and then it gives you like the form based on that we could even just push them to the quiz right now you could you could just say okay how many vehicles do you have you know like figure out your savings fast action the best thing about like this this is this is a direct response like 1800s Jim would know there’s two like the old magazines right these have the magazine’s the direct response ad and then I would be like mill the self-addressed stamped envelope in with your five dollar checked your free thing whenever I from the lead gen if you’ll start adding a little coupon like check out boxes around like the thing a little picture of a scissor to cut it out didn’t have to cut it out but like have you make the engagement increase conversion then fast-forward to like 15 years ago mark Joyner my first mentor he had a little thing we had he added like a little check box in order for me said check like yes I do want to give you money and like that check box increased conversions by like something awesome it’s like every time like my thoughts I was like how do I get them engage I seems you take a little like micro commitment then they’re more likely to buy everything else they get more committed to because the first one and so I even like these little stupid things like like something like the little input field with a little coupon thing in there yeah actually doesn’t like that all through the air nothing the slippery slope LaBrie is it slippery slope a flipper globe Taylor okay using the Brunton bullets script version 2.0 inside of tunnel script to create a few bullets that’ll go along with this landing page that wrestles so expertly creating in the next 11 minutes and 17 seconds 2.0 is I mean you keep improving this gym every single day I work on these all the time this is not like what most internet marketers would do which would be to sell you some hyped up piece of trash and then walk away from it like you know a puppy after Christmas I feed that’s care for this and take care of this and I’m growing it with love and care every single day to make it more and more awesome all the time eat your puppies after Christmas a lot of people don’t I’m not an animal person so I don’t know but I’ll take your word for it all right I can eat a little like well possess a little car thing or something give me some pens pizazz I’ll be the framework then we’ll pop make some pops yes forget images there we go I need eco where’s the star that is talking to Jews they’re not that’s the secret these are light trucks these aren’t like fancy cars on their pictures no pictures from his actual site let me give you they have this other thing where I like on there okay on fleets but it’s like they have this weird thing where you have to mouse over to see the benefit right it’s weird it’s it’s like they’re hiding the benefits here which page that I’ll show people what you’re talking about the fleet under the fleets link I’m showing it to him right now under fleets it’s it’s like they’ve got their selling points are hidden behind pictures but you wouldn’t know to put your mouth on no you wouldn’t I mean not unless you’re like the yeah you’re just not gonna do it hey we we got a nick here who actually knows how to do stuff Oh Stevie that image that backer image here I want to use that on the page this is the talent he actually knows how to do things outside of quick photos and no stress mean everything to the due to the no oh wait we might have the you are artists oh yeah please be awesome yes awesome big it will make it uh crap was it worth it it wasn’t worth it that’s the little changes headlines now a little white or something yeah yeah white backdrop I understand you’re saying some uh suppose some dark I’ve seen the way to been not smart if no one’s doing it’s no the result what you think what’s that how many bullets do you think you’re gonna want you’re gonna do a Brunson box with four bullets yeah give me four four be what ok good what should happen it’s a glitch I fix a glitch uh uh I guess tomato but did get submit you’re right about there they let go here okay okay I kinda hate this part here see Oh Dutch I’m exactly I’m doing here okay hold on sorry guys I apologize my stupidness why would I do a quiz without using the quiz element quiz wait I’ll call quiz because a survey if they really terms used interchangeably noise okay so my questions back here this dude’s was um how folks how many week old in your fleet to call right fleet yeah truck anyway we your people okay and how many people in your fleet its Rehan TV how many trucks in your fleet the trucks at the end killers try to remember he’s element enough to be awesome at it okay I make these white said settings oh no there’s a setting for usually do it though they’re just clear their days here here color is a text color hover color yeah I think I probably see us tested honestly really think there’s a way to do it it wasn’t mean old one if I just get the buds and the tweaks out of this noon hammered out where’s the thing let you change the colors you change CSS in four minutes 41 seconds this first week we’re throwing them right in there we don’t got four cuz Jim’s got I still got popping Jim’s headlines you got like two 30 seconds okay first we can preview everyone introduce you to Nick this is his first week in Boise here how’s it going wait so do you live on TV no I swear your company that idea saying come CSS color what yeah check it out first we Castle whoa you did it that was like that was like when Lightning McQueen when he goes the last thing they pull over Luigi goes like tires like five seconds all the other cars like parks whoa Jim you still there I’m here all right good I gotta knock you out Millie one star singing she’s about to go into it you know what LL Cool J’s Cool J that’s what it’s in for ladies love cool okay I just enter you four bullets gives you more control of your back and invoice management system so what these big on admin cost makes it easy to spot miss reads and bundle refund requests which saves you even more money gives you the ease convenience of a single transponder that works in all major markets across the USA avoid wasting time managing multiple transponders invoices and Bullock billing systems so that were the best I could view in three and a half minutes using the power of final scripts those are enemy of four minutes so people who need you don’t have formal scripts yet for doing this works they go to find it scripts can /go if you’re ready to buy right now and jump in at the grandfathered price because a not-too-distant future we’re gonna be raising the price again because we’re now up over 40 scripts and six downloadable Wizards also you can watch training at funnel scripts comm where you can see not only ways to improve your copy but also how to use funnel scripts and the power of the new funnel scripts engine so if you hate money don’t go to the reps calm or funnel scripts calm /go if you want help with your copy and be able to create amazing first drafts of any type of problem you need to build whatever you need to create all means go to funnel scripts comm /go sign up now and lock in pricing forever have a great day Oh Jes you’re like yeah right there is the prize we literally did it people were like no thank you guys let me warn you every day this is the real thing that’s right that’s right but I won me 90 seconds – okay I don’t know what to do okay we need to copy bullet points where to Facebook go Zuckerberg you screwed me once again okay my mom heard Mark Zuckerberg sister speak at some event and she’s like talk about why she doesn’t use Facebook there’s there’s a lot of people connected with Facebook who are coming out now saying that it’s de devil as as mama says social medias to devil Obama said then no mama from water bully remember mama says that movie forever that’s with boolean dynamite yeah we almost got a pulley dynamite to meet an actor of our videos and they’d what no but we literally tried to hire him to be but he said that we were trying to typecast and see what great well done you’re kind of like did is one one maybe you had an afro and in another movie you were eating boogers I mean I’m sorry if you felt I was like anyway I felt bad like I didn’t mean to offend you sir I just your Napoleon Dynamite Quran and when was your last movie there sport scooter you said no like otherwise I’d be like Jim tried be nice yeah he said no maybe we’ll get him back and then you get to apologize Jim if we do get him back so just thrown it out there I’m sorry I pointed out you ate a booger in a movie which movie was it it was Benchwarmers Benchwarmers I never saw really that was a good many like I’m cheating my homework like the teachers I hand in your test and you’re still like trying to fill in all the answers real quick the only thing I would say on the headline I think we said here’s how successful trucking companies get the maximum discounts on every toll they pay I’m not telling you to change it cuz I know you’re doing other stuff but that was just my think every Col singular every goal they pay there’s this freakin sweet funnel now really actually oh this actually does work non info product businesses like oh yeah only if they think for five seconds through how they could use it but like it’s the same this humans I responds when people ask well funnel scripts work for this is the response is that if you sell a product or a service or a software or anything that either solves a problem or satisfies a desire for a target audience then funnel scripts will work for you whether you’re selling carbon kicks to natural male enhancement whatever you’re doing final scripts will work for you okay so every the final product yeah pig slaughter plate aboard aboard watch to do the pitch for me hold on hold on anti-climatic doll where did the page go with the girl pitch in the product no that’s not it well link was it fleet managers yes hello save okay refresh come on you team on it come on yeah I like it I actually really really like it ease of managing tools miss reads and violations across multiple agencies and foundations I want somebody to manage my violations for me we’re gonna need to get somebody to do that specifically it looks good man not bad for 20-minute phone also at 21 I saw some there they complain the right dress will save you give no the phone over 10 minutes and I’ve been doing this for two days now my phone still not live like he’s like I need to get this done before the free trial I’m gonna cancel make some people’s children did he typed that up in between the commercials of the Maury Povich Show or what TV oh yeah man all Maury does is is lie-detector tests and what you call them for tip not fertility what’s it called when they try and figure out if you to baby day paternity pass I figured I knew you’d know that I just saw my kid yeah that’s all more he does man but anyway hey we stick with what works don’t quit if it works just keep it keep it rolling keep doing it for your phone skip those photo scripts comm force let’s go if you’re like I mean I need to start using phones right now if you’re like I need a Russel and Jim to sell me then go to photo scripts calm watch the webinar and if you don’t do it I’m gonna take this smoke grenade this live smoke grenade and pull the pin right here in the middle of my office and it’s gonna go off so you better go check it out and buy otherwise I could suffocate don’t do that we do it do it do it no yo Jim would have done it I promise and the old Jim didn’t have a wife that was well armed and had a good life insurance policy on me what who has a smoker nade in their office I’m not gonna order some more you’re somebody’s now someday that’s gonna go off and you’re gonna file insurance claim and they’re gonna be like one episode 38 of raccoons you actually played with that you not believe is an accident yeah I didn’t do it the garden gnome did it why no you got a gun man I gotta go but thanks man there’s a lot of fun appreciate you we have some formal scripts in the New Year Jim IRA plotting and scheming before this and so just wait lots of good stuff cool be awesome so anyway if I we are we gonna do one next next Friday or we are we off I think I think the office up we could do it for my house and my kid last tweet is my kids remembered you were the Grinch we did yeah and your kid had that creepy Grinch finger which I could never find online I think they outlawed it I think was a witch finger that they pretended like was a good there you go well if you want to do it am I allowed to say Merry Christmas I think you have to say holidays Merry Christmas happy Kwanzaa merry merry festivities Festivus for the rest of us merry Hanukkah Kwanzaa I love it you can spell that I’ll do something nice for you if you can spell that correctly I’ll pull this wrong yes do Christmas special I think we should so hopefully see you guys next week our Christmas is that it’s a unicorn rubber ducky maybe some funny my daughter is obsessed the unicorns of Christmas for hers all unicorns this year people been sending me all this unicorn stuff I know you got to go but check out this sweet t-shirt that somebody sent me that I’m gonna wear like you’re pretty soon if I can open it speak will meet the new one I’ll be all unicorn doubts but my daughter’s obsesses I gotta open this up okay I have to is that awesome or what man oh my gosh you sent me where they got that from my daughter would go insane I’d be the coolest dad in the history of dads if I had a be in your corner sure for her okay I would literally be known as they would please let me know what that is my coolest like dad factor would go by 12 points for that Elmo says sure Russell I’ll send you one so creepy and make you nice too I think you best pass time to start converting to the light side leave the press come to the funnels here you will have success you’ll make money you will grow your company over there you’re just gonna have a brochure that looks pretty for investors who are gonna the best because it’s not actually making any money now to make you money now I come flocking if that’s you’re looking for Wow have a great day Rick no they say the people 51 million last year so do fine but this is gonna make even better so there you go bye everybody alright everybody you

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Funnel Fridays Episode #37

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