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Clickfunnels™ Copywriting Power – Do this in your sales funnel

Clickfunnels™ Copywriting Power: Welcome to Funnel Fridays, where we give you funnel scripts clickfunnels training! In this episode, Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are cleaning up the copywriting of an info-product sales funnel and show you how to create a simple sales funnel that will achieve great results!

Clickfunnels™ Copywriting Power: I’m a narwhal

and they were lucky to come here is this Instagram Facebook well why does fun Fridays good part yay I mean I’m a senior nakorn today I’m a narwhal a narwhal so tell us what normal is because you don’t know a narwhal is a whale that thinks it’s a unicorn because I nor the other day that was why she talking about narlow I find she I think I think know so well see Narwhal dad northern member four-year-old and then I’m turns out she was right there’s a thing called a narwhal she’s some TV show over in our wells on this so that’s right see unicorns and other exciting fun facts well as Lisa nice on this is opens a whole new world for you because you just had unicorns now you’ve got this whole world like see unicorns like double the the outfits now yeah I still have not I have not maximized the people it’s kind of like funnels people get a funnel and it works and they’re like oh I need to do ten more of these funnels so it’s like okay well giraffes have horns and there are horny toads and they’re all these other nope I’m sticking with the

unicorns the national animal of Scotland I have not maximized it so oh yeah absolutely it’s the and that’s the truth some fact thank you real quick these I think he’s alright go ahead fact check me all right some of the turns back to me Instagram Facebook eg it’s a bad checking on general Wow I have been in very very well thank you and I was I was excited to hear about your about your adventures of wakeboarding and knee boarding and we had skateboarding and we read in our Beach I’ve never done before and through all the kids in our he drove for 10 hours and actually it was cool as I’m reading traffic secrets books my wife is driving and I’m typing the whole way and then I’m your little tiny what did you get one of those big bus ones to look like your little tiny wife’s driving this thing okay on the back people jet ski – it’s just like so she’s all stressed out while kids gonna crazy cuz there’s no seat though I don’t know this is legal there’s no car beats the kids are on top and underneath and jumping around rolling

down thing and like you know how does this not say school buses how they don’t put seat belts on school buses they figure you’re rich enough that if you can drive one of those you can afford to make a new kid that’s that is the thought process but you as the driver and the passenger better have your seatbelts on yeah it was and then I’m writing my book the whole way we’re driving it so I got some book right time I mean I’m in Chapter five right now totally can fly which is important because the publisher the publishers due date is like getting 60 days so I got to pick up the pace anyway I have to say that based on your last two books especially the one before this you’re right on track right maybe they’ll be done just in time that’s right just in time learning just in time riding there you go alright messes and Justin time photo building so what is the game plan for today so we have someone who when you I sent you the links but basically they have obviously gone through the one front of the way challenge and they they got their funnel done but they need some love from Jim and Russell on it and there were a whole bunch of things that

we could have done talked about with them but since this week we released the new abandoned cart email scripts I wanted to demo that so by golly I’m gonna figure out how I can work that into this and I already got that filled out so I just thought maybe we’d talk about some headlines and look at their offer stack and talk about how they could save some sales just entire funnel okay so on the the very first thing that I got out of this was and this is something I’ve been talking a lot about in training that we’ve been doing is people tend to talk a lot about what something is rather than what it does and so this headline you know free video exposes how this family improved their marriage and only one week it’s I mean the whole purpose behind this thing is to baby-proof your marriage and they’re talking about the fact that when baby comes mommy and daddy grow apart and there’s a good chance they actually

Clickfunnels™ Copywriting Power: Be good to grand kids

will probably end up getting divorced and so that’s really the whole premise behind this thing that’s pageboy that hates too they’re selling a course okay so this is true we had a lot of kids in a short period of time it’s now they’re starting to grow up and now it’s like trying to remember right like take minutes my wife oh it’s so cool the kids so Hugh and like everyone loves them and you know and then there’s Russell yeah I need to I hate to break it to you but you got to pray for grandkids because then that make someone else will think you’re cool and your wife says oh he’s good with the grandkids so that’s how they’d let you stick around a little bit longer just saying from personal experience all right so all right so the first thing we’re talking about just to headline this right yeah I mean the headline is okay but I think that they can do a lot better and quite frankly I think they can do better see the power of

funnel scripts so with that said let’s look over here real quick and you should be seeing the killer headline scripts and I actually filled this out ahead of time but it didn’t take me very long you know it’s just asking the standard questions of Hoosier who’s your target audience feature parent main keywords healthy relationships strengthen your marriage name title of what you’re doing all that good stuff click the build button I’m gonna soon this is cold or warm traffic and I saw one down here that I really liked was how to feel even how to feel even more love for each other after the baby comes so you can avoid drifting apart like so many others do do you like that yeah you feel that one yeah so you cool with that one I love it I’m pulling their funnel in this chairs the sheriff owns like an editor’s thing about jacket there live funnel because I beat the worst by drew their photos okay that’s nice I love that one oh

okay so I’m gonna send that one to you and it could just be freer it video reveals how to feel even more love for each other after the baby comes without drifting apart like so many others do but that one was kind of big tear came to my knife little Timmy alright Pauline page okay but I thought that that page actually just with a better Marilyn I thought a better headline was cool the only weird thing that they’re doing on that page is I don’t think they need all the other stuff down here down there I don’t think they need any of that honestly and and it was weird the stuff below the copyright was like leftover sales copy it was honestly this is how we used to spoof the search engines but it didn’t even for those who remember this you’re free I used to happen at associate with Jim’s talking about is if you have long form cells they’re like this and then they want a ring for every keyword and back then the more types of keywords in your page how do you rate so what happened is down here in the white people would write in white

words every keyword and so usually one like highlight over the white area and be like right always like works like and most of time they use like sex and porn words they wanted everything it’s the other kind of nice happy page and you like highlight over thing what in the world is happening on the other what in the area that’s about food there’s your marketing nerd history lesson so that’s right and you know when it all got on the the search engines figured that out they would see the same color tank so what we did to get around that was we would put in a table with a picture that was a plain color so that it didn’t look like you know to the search engine like they’re an army like a flash generated stuff yeah smart page generator anyway there you go beautiful I like this a lot it’s simple it’s easy yeah I’m making two Big Data all right yeah I like that I mean that’s better than what they have okay well page one is finished tweet yeah I mean not cool okay now the next page is the this is more like funnel formatting one on 101 and that

stuff at the top and I know and and I can see from the OFA challenge that they’re they grab the template and they they followed the template which is it’s cool but that thing at the top has got to go yeah in fact this is my constant and consistent struggle with all designers I love them but they always want to show the logo and the logo only serves you especially this logos logos intense and like scary to me there’s so much like most times you just kill the logo or make it tiny and little and yeah and I would make that that red band even smaller oh and I would have it all the way at the top and I’d have the member logo thing underneath that so it almost I mean nobody notices that stuff anyway um but I would I make that as small I was yeah pull that down in there yep that’s exactly what I was thinking um you know and get the ball rolling to create a happier family in no time at all warning if you want to create a happy family if you’re already seeing a relationship fall apart read this entire sales of this entire letter right now that’s okay but I was kind of thinking that we can do better than that do you want to you want a different headline for that

Clickfunnels™ Copywriting Power: 95 Visitors

something good okay so let’s keep looking at this oh thank you for all you guys notice how I’m they’re now trying to tighten things up yeah all this above the fold like 95 so your visitors only you see above the fold so if you’re pushing it above the fold down like a logo and a thing and I think especially with smaller monitors like didn’t even see you’re accelerating your headline so I’m always trying to like move things up as high as I can above the full because it’s like sacred important real estate and too many people have all the Snowy the logos and stuff I have to just that just um it just eats it all up and then people just see confusion and say you know what I’m outta here I can’t get this industry by down is there an extra space in there something somewheres happen ok anyway so I just came up with a headline

I thought was good how every future parent can enjoy a healthy relationship before and after the baby comes I thought that was better you know it’s it’s it again I was I sent it to you I sent it to you in messenger so you could just copy and paste it but I thought that was better I mean I had one other one here the truth about how to enjoy a healthy relationship before and after the baby comes even if this is your first child I don’t know if you like that one better I’ll copy it and send it to you I mean that could be a good pre head or anyway there it is we’ll play with a little bit because this is this is the kind of thing especially this is such an emotionally charged topic that if you can hook these people the right way like get people crying or worried that that their whole world is gonna fall apart then you

could as long as you don’t insult them or say hey man and that’s a good baby I mean you say stupid stuff like that you make a decent offer they’re gonna buy this especially at this price point so that’s why spending so much time at the top with the hook is is so important because that emotion you’ve got to change their emotional state or intensify the state that they’re in and typically they’re worried they’re scared so make them more worried and more scared and show how your your product is going to help them feel secure and confident yeah and they’re not going to lose their there I mean here’s the piers the message you’re trying to get across is that the baby’s coming there’s a lot of stress on the way you’re in love now but when the baby gets here statistics say there’s a real good chance you’re gonna fall out of love drift apart and the kids going to grow up to be a mass murderer that last part might be a little

bit much but you know what I’m saying um I do some days I wanted to come a mass murder it out it didn’t sound good wow that’s bad um alright so I just some days me watch them dude I just clone this thing chop everything above and below because I’m still a big fan of this thing called the Brunson box or the video spoiler box and I’m gonna throw in eight years because I think it would help people to watch the video now the video also should autoplay if at all possible and there are stuff out there help you autoplay it but I watched the video and though the video was good I wasn’t sure if it was a let me put it this way and this is for Angela if that is the video you want to use you need a new video if it is just a placeholder video then that’s fine but though the video was kind of cool it did not contribute to the sales message of this particular landing page so what would you recommend if they were to do new and go to what small strip so they use I would use a wallet honey you should ask I would use the VSL wizard which will help you come up with a really cool let’s back when I had less gray hair and a shorter beard this beards

getting trimmed here in another half a million dollars I can tell you that almost two years I’ve been growing that one it’s been growing for 18 months with various trims but um I do like doing dealing with that she would like to see us get there but anyway I would use the VSL wizard but I would not use the problem saw problem educate solve output I would use the great big promise output so this actually creates two different video sales letters for you one in the positive and one in the negative the negative is a problem agitate solve and the other is the great big promise I would do that one simply because that you don’t want to be seen as Debbie Downer on this and so I wouldn’t you

know but wait it gets worse if you don’t save your relationship little Timmy’s going to grow up to know it’s kind of like if you ever watched a little house on the prairie you remember when done when the Sun burned down the school for the blind is like okay well okay well that’s the kind of thing Albert was the kids name Albert burned down the school for the blind that was like in our house that was like the big joke if you were a bad kid we called you Albert so anyway that’s a little family humor okay so the other thing with with what she’s doing on here I wanted to draw some attention to the offer stack yeah and the problem with the offer stack is that I don’t know when you get a chance to go down there we’ll we’ll look at it real quick the though that’s I mean that it’s really smooth this is I call it Brunson box or video spoiler box and most of the really high traffic ESL’s have this or it’s like because especially nowadays where autoplay doesn’t automatically happen a lot of times it’s harder to get to work it’s like you have to

get them to watch this it’s like it’s called the video spoiler box because you’re trying to spoil what’s inside the video so I may just cover tonight’s presentation the number one secret to move on and this if I’m pushing is usually specially if you use like the perfect webinar style it’s like secret number one secret to stick your three and then the offer so it gives them a hooks make them want to go inside the video to go and actually watch it right kind of thing underneath it here and I would change this from ready to buy to like like let’s get started now I’m ready to say I’m ready to baby-proof my marriage or something like that or yeah yeah I mean the only thing I’m worried about with the whole baby-proof my marriage thing someone could take oh is this about birth control make sure that never happens to you all right looks really good and the problem with the stack is twofold one when when we’re talking

Clickfunnels™ Copywriting Power: Battle-tested Audio Program

about especially when we’re listening it off baby proof your marriage system okay that’s that’s not bad six modules of incredibly valuable online training that’s a little too general yeah okay it’s it’s got to have a payoff what’s the payoff six modules of incredibly you know six modules to improve your marriage or to improve your relationship you know and and then I would also say I would have it in this particular case I know that the way in the OFA challenge we’re taught is at this bottom thing it’s just bullet bullet bullet bullet bullet but the way they did the rest up at the top I might have a one sentence description underneath each one of those even in the even than that final stack down here yeah I would see how that looked just a real quick quick thing you know battle-tested audio program is that gonna teach me how to fight with my wife is that gonna teach her how to beat me and not leave a mark I mean I’m kind of scared well that’ll tested how me this week it was great works and it talked about like you have to pay frame her for your teaching and then you have to give that framework your own time your own name for example I have my webinar framework and it’s like a framework me this is like the magic webinar and then I called

it something I called it the perfect weather I named it it’s my name so for this I would like almost come back that’s okay the big reproof your marriage system is cool but it’s not like anybody could teach a baby-proof marriage system if you if you I’m the person think it teaches out perfect webinar because it’s mine right and one person they can teach the you know like so like make your framework for all these things and then give it a title that’s it’s just yours because they could get a battle-tested audio program anywhere they can get six modules and credit volleyball online training anywhere right get the the the have more sex even out to get a baby woohoo six step process like that’s your own like nobody else to get that yeah this is the only place you don’t know whatever that is dude I can’t last stick steps I need to get to it anyway I know what you’re saying I know it’s and like that powerful meditation thing it’s like

some sort of an instant peace or instant peace parent instant pee full parent meditation friends track yeah I like that okay now we’re gonna digress because I know that they’re gonna do great with all their sales and everything but if they any of it with the car in the next to miss 46 second question that somebody abandoned the cart okay we now have the abandoned cart email scribbs which is people been yelling for a whole bunch I filled this out is actually really cool what’s your name which Tyler your thing how long’s your guarantee what are five big benefits and then in this case since she didn’t have any testimonials I actually testimonials are all about proof so I went into the Google and I looked up single parent crime statistics some stuff that’s actually really chilling like this statement we need we need him to be committed so here’s the thing it’ll write a three email sequence for you that the first one is based around hey you you know you left did you get distracted something happened just a little nudge you want to come back and make sure you finish your order you can contact us at the help desk or give us a call you know here’s the

link and then the second one in that we would send 24 hours later would be to remind them of all of the cool benefits and stuff cuz really the reason people ban in the card at one of three reasons one they either are they either got distracted something happened or they weren’t sold on or didn’t understand the benefits or the third one is they didn’t think it was important for them or it might not work for them those are the three big reasons why are there other reasons of course so but anyway this one will right you know remember here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you get baby proof your marriage and joy a help the relationship before and after the baby comes feel more love for each other after the baby comes we’re drifting apart building up the Family Foundation’s he can raise happy well-adjusted children be a better parent spouse lover caretaker and then the last one where we’re trying to prove that it’s important or that it will work normally you would put in moans but if you don’t have testimonials you can here’s kind of a little secret we’re really talking about proof that this is important so in this case I went and

found some cool statistics that I could just rewrite this a little bit you know I thought it I’d reach out one last time for whatever reason you had second thoughts I just wanted to share with you some statistics that are pretty important and why you want to baby proof your marriage and then we talked about if you get your you know all these things happen with divorced single moms are at a disadvantage state-by-state analysis indicates that in general 10% increase in number of children living in single-parent homes accompanies a 17% increase in juvenile crime and so this is why you really need to baby-proof your marriage because you want to make sure that you don’t get divorced that little Timmy doesn’t end up in juvie so anyway this is this is really cool I would have thrown in testimonials for her but I did wanted to show this because you hadn’t seen this yet and this is really really super cool that we have this in here now because people have been asking for it for awhile and I’ve got some other really neat

Clickfunnels™ Copywriting Power: Email Scripts

email scripts that are going to be released this summer as well including an email sequence to get people to give you testimonials which is very important to my offers the same day that Ben karkinos are almost the same so this actually is me something go back and pop they all are super cool there you go baby once these babies we’ve built sure there’s cage number one finished whoo it’s looking so simple and so clean and then page number two okay by the fold you see all the good stuff you’re hooked you come down right I’m going to watch this video and you re hooked by the Bernsen box you know this poison box shake there should be a little image and headline staff gig and we have a whole script inside of phone scripts to do these as well boom yeah absolutely we do my marriage and so you get all your emotional buyers by right now and then your logic ones like well let me check it out and they go

down read and then they got the whole long-form so there you go I think it turned out amazing so I’m going to this phone I delete all the other pages I’m gonna take this one and I’ll put the chaerephon link at fun a little fridays calm because that’s where we post all the Sherriff only chloroform to build here and if you guys need some share phone links for all the cool things we’ve got in the past but a form Friday calm if those who are crazy and not to have fun strips Jim what should they do well you should go to funnel scripts calm and watch the really cool training that Russell and I did that shows you not only three amazing secrets that come for that go with copywriting but also we do a really cool demo of all the different funnel scripts answer a bunch of questions and if for some reason you have not bought but are ready to write now and you don’t want to watch that amazing training you can go to final scripts con /go and sign up a right now thing is that right now we still have the lifetime access for one payment that’s right all right no I said the wrong anyway we may in future bring back yearly or monthly payments so just make sure if

you guys wanna you go evocative now before we change it so exactly and that’s the third time we’ve raised the price so if you know yeah what is it what raise it tonight just to give people an extra boost well I’m all for that quarantine joraform just kid awesome makes you appreciate it thank you that was fun that was the fun one hopefully these guys that helps boost their sales everything on the product complete even some ideas nobody gave all you guys homes might as well and I will save that as one of the the one of the examples in the in the killer headline scripts in in the abandoned cart email script so if anybody wanted to go in and play with those you can just click on it’ll load it in there for you automatically in your account sweet awesome thanks man appreciate thank you that was fun and we’ll talk to you all again next week talk to youse all

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