Funnel Hacker Onboarding #3 – What’s Your Offer?

what’s the bear business Russell again welcome to the third of our onboarding videos here in the funnel hacking series and this one is obviously in the marketing secrets podcast so this if you can watch the last two days these are clips from the new click phones onboarding process that I hope you understand the core concepts of how to get your business your idea your product your service off the ground inside of click funnels if you’ve missed one and to go back these are part of a sequence there’s a series of for the titles inside a marketing secrets will be the funnel hacker onboarding one two three and four so go and watch number one two first and then come back here this is number three number three were talking about creating an offer so the big question is this power onch Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the less Hoss get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question and this podcast will give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets [Music] all right so this is probably one of the most important yet least understood parts of this whole game is how do you actually create an offer and it’s one of things that I think I have done so often over the last few years I forget about like what goes into it and it’s been interesting as we watched the two comic club coaching Stevens I’m working with all these people going through it and when the biggest questions people have is like I don’t think he’ll say like I don’t how to create an offer but like they’re struggling like their offers are really bad and so that they’re stuck at that point so it’s like how do we fix the offers and we’ve come and going back and forth brainstorm a how do you how do you explain this and so this video you’re gonna watch is part of the new click phones onboarding process but it’s all about like how to how to create offer the right way and hope it just gets the Wills your heads spinning more so just so you understand what offer actually is like if you understand this to me I think I don’t offer is but like you’re still not doing it so it’s like if you understand it I think it’ll help so watch that video right now and hope you guys to actually craft your offer the right way alright welcome back so this is the concept that is one of the least understood yet one the most important and I’m hoping that I can do this justice so you understand this is a concept that we call creating an offer so what is an offer so an offer is if you were asking somebody for their money or their email address or their phone number or their attention you’re trading it with them right it’s all about trading trading something for attention for money for whatever and it comes down to an offer and why a lot of people struggle in this businesses they don’t understand the concept of making offers now what I learned I got started over a decade ago was like you have to create a lot of offers to find out what people actually like and so what is an offer now it’s an offer is not a product okay I see a lot of people who move from selling things on Amazon and they come over to ClickFunnels™ and they’re used to on Amazon you’re selling a product right and the promo is selling a product is that typically if you’re a product you’re a commodity and when your commodity what happens is that everybody like races down to the bottom for example when I had my supplement company I was selling my supplements as an offer and there are people selling the exact same supplement for me on Amazon we were selling arms for $67 a bottle and air sellers for 1995 of a bottle and I was making way more money in them because I created an offer so one offers is it’s taking things and combining them together right if I’m just selling a supplement bottle like it’s only worth whatever that thing is and then people are gonna price shop and figure out what’s the cheapest and they’re gonna go for it if I sell if someone’s selling a supplement bottle I’m selling the same supplement I’m gonna stare just supplement mine comes with a weight loss guide food you know food calorie tracker and whatever now these are things that I can bundle together into an offer and Alice’s worth way more than the other thing over here okay if you look at companies like Groupon and LivingSocial you know I’m not a big fan of people running their businesses into those things but if you look at them they become really really good at creating offers for local businesses right a lot of local businesses work I’ve saw a prior to Groupon would run ads they’re just like hey we’ve been in business for 49 years we’re family loved and locally owned and like that was that was what they were selling on their on their pages that’s not an offer I can offer as like hey if you come to us we will give you this thing okay now most of Groupon and LivingSocial offers they are big discounts right like come in and normally it’s this much money or this much and that is one way to do offers is by is by giving you a really good offer a special offer discount price but a lot of you guys don’t want to discount prices which I understand as well so it offer doesn’t just have to be discounting prices it could be bundling things together okay if you can buy this from like a from like a like if you were if you’re a doctor or something like that like an offer a product is like hey we do adjustments or hey we fix eyes and offers like a treatment plan it’s like hey when you come in you’re gonna get this and you’re this we’re gonna put together this cool thing okay and so your ability have success with funnel isn’t with any kind of businesses your ability to create really good irresistible offer like what’s an offer that people have to have so bad that I have to give this person my email address because I need that thing right what’s the offer that you have okay and so we talked about before word the value outright we’re taking people through the steps of the value outer so I’m trying to give value to people but with that the way that I get that value is I create an offer for them sometimes offers are free sometimes they’re paid so for example let’s say somebody comes to and in fact the offer actually starts clear back on the ad right the ad is not going to say hey women family you know family owned and operated 49 years click here to find out more like that’s the horrible offer that’s the worst off forever but if it’s like hey are you struggling with whatever like this kind of pain or whatever if so find out how we can get rid of your pain the next three weeks boom that’s an offer so they’re like what is that say click on the page they come the next step in the funnel the very first page they land on and then I’m making them this offer right like hey so you want to figure out I got a pain on order report it’s the six page reports gonna walk through exactly the fastest way to gather pain if you give me your email address I will trade you this thing okay there’s an I just made him an offer okay that was an offer so then they’d trade it and maybe the next page I’m like cool we just sent you the thing but if you’re still in pain like we’re a local client here we’ve been in this for 50 years we want to and then getting what most people will do is like on this page like hey we sent you the guide we’ve been in business with family owned and operated for last 29 years buh buh buh buh you should come into our clinic right problem that is there’s not an offer you’re just bragging about yourself and nobody cares about you what do they care about them we just have a shame called WWI FM what’s in it for me okay so what’s in it for them so the instead of saying we’ve been family owned and operated the offer is like hey thanks so much we just sent you that the PDF in your email that’s got the six ways got paid but right now I’m sure you’re hurting I want to make you very special offer what we’re gonna do is if you call the phone number right now I want to get out of pain immediately so call this number or you know buy this thing or whatever when you do that we’re gonna give you this this and you create an offer for them come into our clinic and we’re gonna give you you know natural headache medicine or give you an adjustment we’re gonna give free massage or whatever that thing is you create actual offer for them okay and they buy that the upsell then is again another offer but every single one of these these steps in your funnel from the ad to the landing page to the upsells the down cells so they registrate like everything you’re doing it any kind of fun doesn’t matter which one it is it’s all about creating really really good offers and that’s how you provide value for people as you’re moving them through the value out okay and a lot of people they think about offers from a standpoint of like like this is the product I’m actually selling but again it’s not just the selling of the product it’s like every single step the offers on the ad the offers and landing page and the offers are shifting is you’re providing more value through the value ladder okay now one way to to do this there’s a concept that we talked about a lot here and click funnels are internal community we call this funnel hacking and what funnel hacking is all about is like going out there like seeing what other people are doing at getting ideas for other offers and sometimes that you’re looking for offer ideas from people that are in your same industry so let’s say you’re a dentist let’s say you’re selling information products whatever you can look like how RP other people creating offer that are really irresistible they’re sexy offers and we’re looking at those type of things and you can funnel hack other people and say okay on the landing page they offered me this and then the upsell they offered me this and just getting ideas of different ways to structure offers okay now if your funnels not working there’s usually a few reasons why one might might not work one is you know the traffic might be bad but if the traffic’s good and they’re coming to your funnel you know what the biggest things to look at if it’s not working is like okay nobody’s opting in it’s because your offer sucks okay we got to talk to us internally by click if your offer sucks you need to crank it up make it more sexy okay so so my offer right now is to come into my clinic and you get three visits for the price of one if nobody’s coming it means your offers lame nobody wants it okay so you got to change the offer you know make it better you gotta make it better and a lot of times I’m gonna make four or five or six different offers before I find the one that’s like oh that’s the one that people resonate with that’s when they’re excited for now they start coming in and you figure out the right offer everything else to take care of itself so that’s what I want you guys kind of thinking through again it’s something that’s kind of counterintuitive because most people in business they’re used to you know going to Amazon and saying here’s the picture of the bottle and this is the five bullet points of why it’s awesome and then here’s why you know how you get super cheap we got two-day delivery like that’s not an offer people that compete like that people like me come in and we destroy him because it’s like look let’s create a sexy offer then now makes it so this product is worth way more even though it can be a similar product because I have all these other things that bundled together and made an actual offer it’s worth more money I can I can charge more money if I can charge more money what do we know whoever could spend the most money to acquire customer wins okay the reason our my supplement companies blew up against these guys I was competing against and Amazon’s they’re spending they’re able to spend up to $20 to sell a product where my bottles were $67 then we up sold them bigger bundles we had other things and so I could spend two or three hundred dollars to get a customer when they could spend 19 okay it’s all about creating offers and understanding that okay so I want you guys thinking through that you can do how do you create an offer what could they offer Beam on each of the steps inside of your inside of your funnel okay so this is your homework is take the phone where you created from the funnel cookbook walk through and look at all their different pages on the last video you kind of look through the value out you said okay what’s the value I’m trying to give them here and here and here now you’re free what’s the offer that I’m gonna give them at each step in this in this process what is the thing that we’re trading here where I’m giving them value they’re giving me something I’m giving them a I’m giving them an offer they’re giving me something email or credit card or a registration or whatever it is for your funnel and then think about the next page okay now that they’re on the webinar like what’s the valium and provide and and what’s the offer okay and then the next phase and so hope you see how these things are kind of tying together right you’re the funnel structure you have the value ladder how you’re receiving how you’re giving value at each level in the process and what’s the offer that we’re wrapping that around to actually give them the value and then that’s the next step and then the next video we’re gonna go through is actually to talk about like how like what are the words what’s that we call this copy what’s the copy on each of the pages in this process to actually sell that get them excited about giving you their money or their email address or whatever the thing might be so that’s the next step so that’s your assignment for right now go do that you guys and I will see you on the next training one more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm then book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets of leave use to become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world

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On this episode Russell goes over the third step in the new ClickFunnels™ onboarding process, which is creating an offer. Here are the amazing things you will hear in today’s episode:

-Why creating an offer is one of the most important, yet least understood parts of the process.

-What the difference between having a product and having an offer is.

-And how to create an offer that is sexy and attractive to a customer.

So listen here to find out why creating an offer is so important.

Funnel Hacker Onboarding #3 – What’s Your Offer?

Funnel Hacker Onboarding #3 – What’s Your Offer?