Funnel Hacker Onboarding #4 – How Do You Sell Your Offer?

what’s up everybody it’s Russell again welcome to the last of this sequence here in the funnel hacker onboarding process this is the marketing secrets podcast and if you missed up videos one two three and now this is number four go back and watch this as part of a sequence to help you understand why do you do funnels what’s the micro internal value out of your creating what is the offer you create each step inside that value ladder and then this one is all about the copywriting how you sell each of the offers so you can provide value at every single step inside of your funnel so the big question is this how our entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets [Music] hey guys this is the last of the onboarding videos and I hope you’ve enjoyed the hope that you had a chance to watch all of them this we’re gonna go into copywriting this is salesmanship this is what some reason people understand this when you’re in the real world they’ve to sell something but for some reason I don’t know what it is when we get online we forget all these amazing important principles so this is all about copywriting about selling your actual product and I’m just a product you’re selling it every single step you’re selling on the add your son get them to click your song on the landing page because I’m give you an email address you’re selling on the sales page to get their credit card your son on the webinar registration page to get there to register like you’re selling it every single piece of this and so many times we don’t value or remember that and so this is the last of the onboarding videos here inside the new click phone the onboarding process I want to share with you guys here on the marketing seekers podcast because it’s important and I hope you love it so watch this video right now and hopefully a recommit you to mastering selling at every single step here inside of your funnel alright welcome back now we are moving on to the last step in your initial funnel education and this is one of the most important yet one that people understand the least and it makes me laugh because if you look at traditional selling a product or service like people know this is how do you sell the product or service right we call this online inside of our phones we call it copywriting it’s the words on the page the headlines the words in the video the words on the webinar all those things it’s it’s the words and it’s funny because in traditional business let’s say you are starting at a vacuum company going door-to-door selling vacuums right if you come in the door you knock on the door like hey I got a vacuum it’s eight hundred bucks nobody’s gonna give you money for that right yeah for some reason in our funnels that’s what we do we have a picture of the thing and we have the price and an order button and that does not how things are sold right if you want to make a lot of money selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door you hire a really good sales person to go in and to sell the product right and good sales people make a lot of money okay I’ve got friends selling vacuums selling knife selling pest control selling alarms door-to-door and sometimes guys make hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars a year selling their door because they’ve gotten really good at selling and so inside of our funnels right we have this value ladder we’re taking people through we have we have the value at each step we have the the offer at each step of the last pieces we have to sell those things we have to actually sell just because you have a picture of a vacuum cleaner with it order but nobody’s gonna buy it unless you actually sell that thing and that’s when the disconnects for some reason people know offline but they forget when they come online and so that thing those words all the stuff on the pages is what we call copywriting okay now copywriting is something you can hire people to write copy for you and really good copywriters charge a lot of money or you can learn how to do it yourself and there’s a couple other ways to do that now I’m a couple things I recommend number one is if you haven’t read the book experts secrets the reason why I wrote this book was because a lot of people after they read the dot-com secrets book they understood like funnel structure I hate here’s page 1 and page 2 and here’s the right order and those kind of things and I watched as the ClickFunnels™ community start building amazing funnels but in so many people drive traffic those funnels and they never made any money and they come back to Michael Russell why is this not working you said funnels were the greatest thing in the world and look at their pages and literally it’s like the landing page there’s a picture of a neat cover with an opt-in box I’m like what’s that like well they gave me the email they get that I’m like you’d like I wouldn’t know that like how they do or they have they have their product with a picture of the product and a 300 order button it’s like you need to sell the products and so the reason why I wrote this book was to help people understand how do you actually how do you sell things how do you position your offer how do you make an irresistible offering what are the words in the phrases and how do you tell the stories in the way to sell your product and so I recommend getting this book if nothing else to understand like how to how to like how to put all the words on the pages the right way okay inside this expert secrets book some people think this is only it’s only for if you want to be selling information products but the concepts in here are true for whatever it is you’re selling understanding how to tell a story in a way that sells your product or your service the best sales people online and offline are people that are really good at telling stories in this book walks you through how we tell stories a story structure all those kind of things so if you read this it’ll help you understand how to actually present your product in the right way that I have to learn all the techie copywriting stuff that’s honestly it’s really hard it’s kind of confusing and to be completely honest is kind of boring the expert seekers book will make this exciting and live for you show you how to tell your story in a way that gets people excited about buying your vacuum cleaner or your coaching your your consulting or your supplements or whatever it is that you are selling step number one give this book and study the sections on how to tell your story number two one of the shortcuts that we created because a lot of people struggle with this piece they crate funnels and it’s just like send people and they don’t make money and they’re like Russell how do we do this we’re providing value we’ve got really good offers but it’s still not working and again the last step that makes this all just magically work is the copy and so what we did is a Jim Edwards is one of our partners here ClickFunnels™ he went through the dot-com secrets book and took all the sales scripts in here he went through the expert secrets book did all the sales scripts and storytelling scripts inside of here and we’ve created a separate company and created a software program called funnel scripts now a funnel scripts is a really cool tool you’re like hey I need a headline for my page you may not know what to do or like what to put in so you fill in answer four or five questions you click a button and it’s gonna pop out like 150 of the best headlines in the world wrapped around your product in your service if you’re like I need a video but on what to do you feeling a couple pieces you click a button and boom it gives you the entire video script if you have all the scripts and the copyright for all your pages that are done in there and it is helped so many people save so much time to have so much success um it is an external product you don’t have to have to be successful but I recommend looking through it and getting a copy because it’ll make your job so much easier okay so with that said what your homework is for today is this gonna be kind of a fun and there’s kind of a hybrid at different levels you can take it up when you click the button down below I’ll take your order video and there’s a video of Jim Edwards and I talking about copywriting helping you understand how it works how the scripts work and that training alone will give you the the foundation you need if you want to just go and start writing your own copy number two is I highly recommend getting this book so you understand how to tell your story on each of the pages inside of your funnel and then the third thing if you’re able to invest in it there’s the software called funnel scripts again it’s a separate company but funnel scripts is a really good software that will write all the scripts for all the pages in your funnel and there will be a link there for a webinar you can go and you can watch it the webinar will show you all final scripts work it’ll explain the whole process you’ll see demos of it and you can decide for yourself if makes sense or not but if your funnel struggling or if you’re struggling writing all the words and the headlines and all those things that are kind of typically not second nature to people funnel scripts will make that process so easy I’ve seen people who in the past would spend four or five weeks trying write all the copy and they’re in their funnels give that process done like an hour hour and a half sometimes and it’s very simple it’s very easy so that is a shortcut that will dramatically speed up your success but the copy is is probably the most important part of the funnels okay you have the value ladder you got the offers and last thing is the copy to actually sell those things and you’re selling everywhere you start the ad right something seems yeah like what’s the copy on the ad what are the words what the things that get people to click on the ad then they come the first page the funnel what are the words they give them to what this offer so you can provide value to them then they opt-in or whatever they go the next page it’s like hey what are the words that make them want this offer so they get value so they want the next thing from you and that’s the last piece so it’s it’s so vitally important where you guys understanding copywriting is is the key to make these funnels tick so it lights them on fire once against people to take action when they come into your process and so I want you guys to understand so again click the button down below watch the training video help you understand and copy better then read the book to understand how I tell your story and then number three if you’re able to funnel scripts and go and get it because it’ll speed up the process so much for you and that’s kind of a game plan so with that said that is the end of this walkthrough and this should help being this will give you hopefully gave you the foundational information you need to understand why funnels and why offers and value and all these different pieces that are essential for you being successful now you understand the core basics of federal marketing and hopefully my goal of this was to help you not just become really good at click funnels to help you understand the marketing behind it so you can have success with your funnels and we have a philosophy a motto whatever you want to call it here inside of click funnels we talked about our customers all the time you probably heard me talk about it buts concept if you’re just one funnel away right and the key to making that funnel hit is is this it’s it’s the it’s all the pieces we just went through this understanding the value out are creating offers having the copy like all those pieces those are the keys and one funnel again you hit one funnel and it’ll change everything for you and so what you guys understand that with that said I hope you enjoyed this training and congratulations will give you your badge now and now it’s time to get your funnels profitable and making you some money would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF NL hacker TV you

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On this episode Russell goes over the final step of the ClickFunnels™ onboarding process and helps you understand why the copy, or the words within your funnels, are so important. Here are some exciting things in today’s episode:

-Learn why good copy is just as valuable as a good salesperson is offline.

-Hear what kind of resources are available to help you write copy successfully.

-And finally see how all the training you have received in these last four episodes fit together to help you be successful with funnels.

Listen here to the last step and help yourself have even more success with ClickFunnels™.

Funnel Hacker Onboarding #4 – How Do You Sell Your Offer?

Funnel Hacker Onboarding #4 – How Do You Sell Your Offer?