On this episode of Funnel Hacker Radio, Dave interviews Ezra Firestone. Ezra Firestone reveals his secrets to scaling e-commerce businesses. He has been doing this for
over 12 years. He reveals what multiple you need to be at to be profitable. How to pick an industry and dive deep into a profitable niche. Most importantly he tells you step by step what you need to do to scale your business from startup to 6, 7 and even 8 figures.

He consults on multi-million- dollar e-comm acquisitions and reveals his digital marketing and e-commerce secrets in this episode.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

Ezra Firestone is a firm believer in focusing on your product’s multiple as opposed to its initial price point. (2:47)

We’re going to take a brief break from the value bombs of selling multiples to let you in on how Ezra got his business up to 8 figures (5:41)

Premium products is someplace that Ezra feels the most comfortable spending his time and resources (16:27)

Ezra knows that his business model is not the best one in the world, but it works for him the way that he wants it (21:15)

Sales Process, you’ve got to understand sales process if you’d like to improve the use of your ad spending (26:53)

Ezra’s last tip he wants to share with us is the importance of video marketing (28:15)

Quotable Moments:
“I lean now towards mass market. I want to be able to say this product is relative to anyone of
this gender in this age range. That’s my ideal, right, and then you niche down from there.”
“What I’m trying to do is plant seeds, water those seeds every month for four months, and
grow a mango tree that feeds my family for generations. I don’t want to just go out and spear a
bunch of fish one day.”
“More things have failed than worked”
Other Tidbits of the Podcast:
Ezra’s business may have a yearly revenue in the millions, but his heater breaks for unknown
reasons at the most inconvenient times just like the rest of us.
Ezra learned that losing money on the short run for marketing is what catapults your business
forward in the long run.

If you can sell 30 $5 ticket items that’s great, BUT Ezra wants you to think of how you’re going to pay for more ads to get other people to buy it. Will those same people come back to buy again? Not likely.
With transparency, your company can get the jump on this competition.
Ezra comes forth with his and Russel’s secret Ju-Jitsu vs. Wrestler square off they had in the
kitchen at Pirates Cove. We are potentially going to be presented with a round 2 on Funnel Hacker TV down the road. Prepare yourselves for a showdown that’ll rock the internet harder
than the release of “What Does the Fox Say” on YouTube.
Audio Clips:
(9:05-9:17) “I was like ‘Wow these companies look at marketing completely different than I look
at marketing’, and maybe that’s the reason that they are growing and I’m not. And this one difference in how I looked at my business allowed me to go to $7 million in $20 million in one
(20:52-21:07) “I lean toward mass market, and I don’t think that’s for everyone. I think you can
totally lean in towards impulse buy, you can lean in towards niche specific. But Dave, I’m trying
to build multi-million dollar companies”
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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward I’m your host Dave Woodward today you guys are in for a massive massive treat I have some dude who’s up in the middle of New York basically freezing his butt off has no idea why his heaters not working couldn’t get his computer started this morning to get Skype up and running but this guy is crushing it he is the master the genius that one-and-only ezra firestone welcome but ladies and gentlemen Wow a heck of an introduction all true all true tech failures I’m frozen over here I’m wearing a I’m wearing what’s known as a poncho as you can see it this is probably a video but that’s a legit poncho which is actually basically like you shear a sheep and then you just put it on your back it’s basically what right so I’m like wearing a sheep I’m cold I got my wife’s hat on it’s a rough morning Dave Woodward but I’m here because you know I have a lot of respect and admiration for what you guys are doing and you know obviously we’ve had a chance to hang out at Pirates Cove and some other times you know I just really like you guys what you’re up to and decided to be on your show everyone I can’t imagine you don’t know who is but my gosh this he is dear friend of mine personally an obviously of our ClickFunnels™ she’s crushing it on Shopify and he’s got his own products far as if I over there smart marker calm is his primary site definitely definitely follow him there he’s got an old pot cut mean if you want to know anything about e-commerce answer is the man the myth the legend I’m so privileged to have your show I’ve been trying to get you on forever we ran into each other Brian Moran said it last week it was like dude let’s just get our phones this counter this thing I mean it took us meeting in person and literally pulling out our calendars and saying like let the to because we were trying to schedule it with the teams it was like no let’s just do this together as men all right we’re gonna come together as men and we’re gonna schedule an appointment and it was a big deal for us actually it was like the first appointment that I’ve scheduled in a while for myself and I was I was proud of it actually well offline we were starting to talk about it so I wanted to stop her conversation cuz I mean any time you’re with her he’s dropping value bombs all day long and we started I’m like well I want to capture all this so uh real quick just understand I mean as we did about 30 million last year but one of the great things he’s doing is the whole idea as far as e-commerce and this is things we get talked about all the time I really want to dive into this with you guys right now what’s the right price point of products to sell how do you know when you’re in the right market and you start totaling like crazy so I’m just gonna just dive in where we work you ever talk as far as premium products and niches and genders and all that stuff for sure my viewpoint is that it’s less about price point and more about multiple and when I see people who try to run businesses like we run Dave which is what we’re up to we’re not these big guys with 300 million in VC funding you know we’re not these people we’re scrappy do-it-yourself entrepreneurs who are out there in the trenches running our businesses and attempting to be profitable and we are using in my in my on my side and on your side paid amplification paid amplification as as the means to fuel the business as sort of the energy that drives everything and so if you subscribe to this notion that like your business is going to be really built on the backbone of paid visibility meaning you’re going out to Facebook and you’re going out to YouTube and you’re going out to the Google Display Network um you’re going out to Pinterest and Instagram and you’re saying I want to pay to get my messaging in front of this group of people that I think I can sell a product to right so like that is like baseline what I do in business at the most fundamental level so if you’re approaching business that way which and then obviously look there story-based content there’s all this other stuff but like and we’ll get to that but it really starts with the willingness to go out there and buy visibility for your offer so if you’re doing that where most people fail is they mess up the multiple so my viewpoint is that the absolute absolute minimum and it gets you get more space as you get more towards a premium product level as I’ll explain but the absolute minimum multiple you can have is by for one and sell for three and ideally you’re buying for one and selling for four or five so here’s what that means if I buy a makeup stick for six dollars the minimum I can sell it for is 18 if I want to be profitable and ideally I’m selling it for 24 or 30 right ideally I have a buy for one ie buy for six and sell for four which is buy for six sell for 24 right now that sort of brings me to my my conversation of premium right because you look at me and I’m selling $28 cosmetic sticks okay that’s my base line front end product but my average order value is not $27 it’s 80 so how am i doing that right I’m bundling them together and pushing people towards a bundle and if you look at the bundle now look at this multiple you buy three of them 476 those three cost me let’s say 30 so I’m now under a three multiple but because I’m at a higher price point the multiple can be lower because on that seventy six I still have forty six dollars in profit which means I can go out there and spend forty six dollars to acquire a sale and the cool thing about this and we’re gonna go we’re gonna dive further into these numbers so people understand is if you’re able to do that after six months you have what’s called a repeat business so now you can go out and spend $65 even though you’re only making $45 because you have a bunch of repeat business fuelling your your your ads if that makes sense so real quick tangent to how I got to eight figures and then we’ll go back to this numbers game and what I was talking to you about gender and market and niche and things like that quick tangent that sort of expounds on this idea of repeat business being a very important thing when it comes to direct response ecommerce and how that allows you to actually go out and potentially buy sales at a loss but still be profitable and grow your business and people are thinking oh well Ezra I don’t wanna I don’t want to go out there and buy sales at self-liquidating or breakeven or even at a loss but let me let me explain to you what happened to me which is my direct response ecommerce business which is a direct-to-consumer physical product cosmetic business that I am using paid amplification as the sole means to promote I’m not on Amazon I’m not in retail stores I don’t have joint venture partners I’m not using influencers I’m straight-up using Facebook and Google and I’m doing 20 million in that one brand and I’m doing 30 million overall across other businesses as well so what I was stuck at around 7 million dollars a year and look we all say what you want about lifestyle / / business and whether you’re working too much whatever you want to say about that and I have very strong viewpoints on that is at the end of the day you’re in this game to grow your business you want to grow your business right or you wouldn’t be listening to funnel hacker radio so I was stuck at this plateau of 7 million a year for a couple years and I could not figure out why I couldn’t get past it and one of the things that I’m known for I’m like I got this name called the growth guy in these private equity and venture capital firms because right now people with billions of dollars they’re investing that money into online commerce businesses businesses that are built on ClickFunnels™ businesses that are built on Amazon businesses that are built on Shopify that’s where big money is going because these people with real money see that this is the future right so they’re looking to buy companies and these funds these venture capital private equity funds who might have 700 million in a fund or a billion in a fund where they’re doing investment they’re purchasing companies with the hopes of growing them and flipping them or purchasing companies with the hopes of rolling them all up and reselling them right so when they’re vetting deals they will come to me and say here’s a 50 million or 100 million or 300 million or even billion I’ve done a billion dollar one company that is predominantly direct-to-consumer online based will you vet the analytics vet the ad campaigns look at the lifecycle customer marketing and tell us number one would you buy this thing and number two how would you grow it so I’m essentially doing these growth plans for these multi hundred million dollar companies and what’s fascinating about that Dave is as a person who’s owned like I at this time when when this started a couple years ago I was only ever a multi-million dollar ecommerce business owner but I’m real scrappy and I’m real good at data analysis and you know I came from nothing bootstrapped I was grew up poor you know what I mean I grew up like whatnot I came from you know just like anyone else like like I didn’t even realize another conversation of going from being like identifying as poor to now being one of the richer people that I know and that’s been an interesting transition of you know you think rich people are bad but you don’t even know you do think that it’s a prejudice that you have that you don’t know you have until you become rich whole thing we could talk about that but back to this this conversation is I’d never grown a multi-hundred even an eight-figure retail now I have an eight-figure retailer but hadn’t before and looking at their data I noticed something across all of them I didn’t maybe 13 of these audio audits over two years and I’m still doing them now which is kind of it’s fun but I noticed I was like wow like these companies look at marketing completely different than the way I look at marketing and maybe that’s why I can’t grow and they are growing and so here’s was the difference of how they looked at it and this one difference in how I looked at my business is what allowed me to go from 7 million to 20 million in one year boom as soon as I changed my viewpoint on this it was literally one fundamental shift in how I was looking at the numbers that allowed me to triple the business in a year and now continue to grow so here’s what it was the way that I looked at businesses was I was a I got no cash I’m living off my wife’s yoga earnings Disney I’m no joke this needs to work I need I need to be profitable like I can’t mess around she’s gonna be upset if I go bankrupt on us you know I gotta go get another job like you know I’m 22 this ain’t working you know I’m not 22 now but so the way I looked at it was if an ad campaign is running and it’s not profitable you turn that thing off immediately right you look at Google AdWords and you got six keywords in there this is old school and two of those keywords don’t work turn them off you’re running Facebook it’s not profitable turn it off now here’s what I noticed about all these retailers is they all had one channel that I call the subsidy channel that was subsidizing the rest of their marketing so it was either email or organic traffic or Google Adwords those were the top three it was either email organic traffic or Google Adwords and then Facebook would be at the fourth one or maybe Amazon it was one of those channels it was one of those five channels where that one channel of visibility was uber profitable just crushing right and as you go in business year-over-year and this is the what I call the halo effect people don’t understand this this is why smart marketers growing Zipporah is growing boom is grunts I have this halo effect of I’ve been in business three years I have all these past customers who are repeating who are coming back organically who are coming back through emails that gives me a baseline of profit that I can spend on amplification to grow my business if that makes sense so what they were doing was they take their email revenue and then they go out to Facebook they go out to Pinterest they go out to Instagram they go out to YouTube and they lose major money buying customers right they lose money on all these other channels but all these channels are being subsidized by one profitable channel they’re out there losing money but they’re acquiring customers and then come the holiday time or come their next sale they have a much bigger pool of people to run that sale event to and they end up making way more money during that sale event because they have such a bigger pool because they were out there growing that pool over time even at a loss and man up with a much bigger company so they take a longer trajectory they’re like listen we’ve got one channel that makes a hundred grand a month in profit let’s spend ninety five thousand dollars that hundred grand a month in acquiring customers at whatever cost as smartly as we can as effectively as we can you know some of them will be breakeven some will be at a loss but let’s go out there and use that money that we have baseline to grow because just growing the operation over time grows the operation if that makes sense it’s not you with me I went from seven to eight figures is changing my viewpoint on that instead of turning off ad campaigns that didn’t perform I looked at my ones that my organic traffic my email traffic in the ad campaigns that were performing as a subsidy to support the growth on channels that weren’t performing which allowed me the freedom and flexibility to figure out how to get those channels to perform that’s the thing that you don’t understand is that most people understand is that like you need some level of resource to figure out how to get a channel to work and if you’re not investing in it you’re never gonna figure it out and so it all kind of works together and this is why businesses that I’ve been around three or four years have such a such a like sort of market preference like they have a what’s the word advantage over businesses that have been around because they have some form of Halo that they can invest in direct amplification and the big issue with business owners Dave that I see in our industry is they pull all their money out of their business they don’t reinvest in the snowball they’re afraid to lose money on paid amplification because they think they’re losing money they don’t understand that they’re actually investing in the growth of the snowball that 18 months from now is gonna be a giant snowball right so it’s it’s a fundamental shift in how you look at growing your company from a paid amplification perspective and if you have one channel and a lot of people in my industry have Amazon that’s real profitable for them and I advocate for using that profit to go out and buy sales via direct response even if you’re losing money because overall you’re going to grow the calm and it’s kind of just a different way of looking at it and ultimately now we’re way more profitable than we ever were and we’re way bigger but it’s because we changed our viewpoint on how we look at ads and numbers I think that’s the part you know most lumps when we first got started with leuh used to pay the bills and it was man I’ve got a lifestyle here I’m second all the cash out of it and you’re like I get it you’re sitting there freezing I think you know you got to build your business for winter and that is your a situation where things aren’t always gonna be as great as they are right now but if everything cycles and I think especially in the econ platform if you can be taken that and really investing and I think what I loved about what you’re saying their answer is learn use that to learn these other platforms because every single platform is so totally unique and different I think it’s just I love the term as far as paid amplification that’s super super like and you guys do that really well at ClickFunnels™ I mean I see your videos all the time on every channel you know you’re on you’re on Instagram you’re on Instagram stories you’re on YouTube you’re on Facebook I mean you guys really get paid amplification of story-based content that engages the consumer over time that when you have a sales cycle like you got a new book coming out or you got a new whatever coming out like all these people that are in your community have been seeing you over the course of the last couple months because you’re adding value through content which is my second strategy which is once you have a community you take 10 percent or 20 percent of your total ad budget and you invest it in literally just amplifying value add content to that community and we started doing this we started seeing our sale campaigns that we run every month and a half go up by about 500 percent because all these people were now engaged with us on a weekly basis seeing content that was just value add content not designed to sell anything that when we did decide to sell something worked way better because they were engaged with us now back to the back to the how to pick a market and what kind of multiple you need so I think again I my preference is towards mass-market products meaning I want to be able to pick an age range I literally if you look at boom which is 20 million I’m like women over 50 in America that’s literally that is like by the way who I also advertise to I don’t put any targeting on there I’m literally running my ads I’m spending 20 grand a day on Facebook to an audience called women over 50 that’s it because Facebook is now pretty smart and you don’t need necessarily to put targeting’s in there if you have a mask the audience now that’s not relevant for most people so so you can ignore that piece of advice but I lean now towards mass market and I want to be able to say this product offer is literally relevant towards anyone who is this gender in this age range that’s my ideal right and then you niche down from there all right I want men who are 25 to 35 who are outdoorsmen right who are interested in hunting hiking fishing whatever okay great like you can niche down from there but I prefer as mass-market as possible at this stage of the game now granted I’ve been doing this for 12 years so that is like why I’m willing to go that wide because when you go that wide you really need a compelling offer a compelling product a compelling story you have to really understand marketing or you can’t go that wide right oh you can only go that wide if you really are confident in your ability to engage that audience in a story that relates to a problem they’re having in their life and then your product is a solution to that problem so I tend towards that and I also tend towards premium because you’ll notice my average order value is 80 I’ve got about a three multiple on that and I can do that at a premium level whereas if I’m selling a twenty five or thirty five dollar product I need a five or six multiple to make the ads work does that make sense so minimum multiple is three minimum you’ve got to be buying for one and selling for three buying for ten someone for thirty and a minimum if you want this to work and you’re gonna have a much better chance of making direct response ecommerce work if you can get your average order value up over $50 meaning I actually what I was telling you before look at premium as 85 and above I think that’s where you hit premium for me and my my eyes of it but people would argue with me on this so I always try to lean towards a premium level product which is 85 and above because at the end of the day if you’re going out there you’re paying for visibility you’re engaging someone with a video that starts telling them a story that then you know relates to a problem they’re having that alludes to a solution which is your product like you might as well try to sell them an expensive product rather than a cheap product but a lot of people are doing dropship a lot of people are doing 25 $35 widgets $15 credit card knives whatever if you’re doing those those lower ticket items which is great impulse buys are great you know impulse buys the other beautiful thing one thing we need to talk about with e-commerce is the more expensive the longer the sales cycle explain that so if you have a product that’s 30 bucks or 15 bucks for 20 bucks you can literally go video and I’ll give you a perfect example of this problem solution video meaning there’s a video of a guy sitting in his car a gal sitting in her car and she drops her phone between the seat and she can’t reach it and it’s stuck and then boom transition that’s the before after in the same video 30-second video on facebook person drops their phone but now there’s a leather sleeve in between the seat and they reach down and they pull it out it’s might even be one of your guys products now they’re that little little leather sleeve that problem/solution video that says this individual this problem that you have that you can identify with you can identify with this pain point we’re showing you and here’s a solution to it that links directly to a landing page long form click funnel style landing page with a video on it and whatnot product imagery some sales copy headlines sub headlines whatever you want with an upsell or order bump or cart bump whatever you guys do but that model that’s a short sales cycle right that’s like problem/solution video to sales page that works for impulse buy products that works for lower price products the more expensive your product the longer you have to hold someone in a sales cycle because the more trust it takes to get someone to buy something for ninety bucks which means longer video on facebook my top-line awareness videos are like seven minutes long they’re not a minute long right more steps like perhaps an article that you know pre sell engagement article or advertorial that then leads to the sales page more retargeting like retargeting people who watch the video and didn’t click to the article retargeting people who click to the article but not the product page retargeting people who made to the product page but not the cart so your sales cycle is much longer for a premium level product but I still advocate and lean in that direction because it’s a lot easier to make the numbers work when you have premium level and you got enough profit to really go out there and advertise so if you’re selling a thirty dollar average order value product boy I don’t want to be buying that product for more than five or six dollars in order I need I’m gonna need that twenty six to spend on ads it’s hard to get a credit card submit for under 20 bucks legit in this day and age you’re trying to get a credit card submit you’re trying to get someone to pull out their thing pull their credit card out and submit it and boy if you can do that for under twenty bucks these days you got a real hot product you solve on a real nice problem and it’s an impulse buy that’s that’s gonna make up who’s gonna do now if you’re not if you don’t have that if you don’t have the superhot product than the impulse buying a low price point it’s gonna cost you more now and now when I first got in the game I was getting credit card submits for six dollars right but that was a long time ago now so my point being I I lean towards a premium product I lean towards a minimum of the five multiple if I’m going into a market Dave and I’m saying I’m gonna run direct response front and e-commerce on this which I’m building a new business right now another cosmetics business geared towards a younger demographic rather than the older demographic I want my I want to find multiple I want to buy my stick for seven and sell it for 35 you know what I mean just to give me the space the freedom the flexibility the ease to figure it out and I’m gonna try to bundle those I’m gonna try to get people to buy three at a time and all that kind of thing so I’m gonna be working on my average order value upsell cross-sell order bumps all that to give me that that multiple so I lean towards premium I lean towards a buy for oneself for five I lean towards mass-market I don’t think that’s for everyone I think you could totally lean in towards impulse buy you could lean in towards niche specific but like Dave I’m trying to build multi hundred million dollar companies I’m trying to build multi hundred million dollar direct-to-consumer physical product companies that are grown on the backbone of paid amplification which look for me the reason I’m doing that is because it’s I’m not not gonna come out and say that this is a better business model than someone else’s idea of what a good business model is I’m not prepared to say that but what I am prepared to say is that for who I am in the world and what I enjoy doing and the lifestyle that I want I have 70 employees they’re all virtual my businesses are pretty straightforward it’s like advertising content and then customer support you know it’s like it’s a simple model it’s easy to systematize it’s scalable infinitely scalable if you hit the right sort of if you if you hit the right point of content to market match where it really resonates with someone’s pain point and the product offering is good you have a real product that adds value I mean I just find the model now granted I’m 100% biased because I’ve been in directive consumer physical products for my whole entire adult life since I was 18 and like this is all I know and what I’ve done but boy I haven’t found a model that I like better and I have to tell you as someone who just like you sells information I sell courses on how I do this and I have an event once a year on how to do this have a mastermind four very successful sellers and I have software-as-a-service businesses right so I have other businesses that aren’t as big they are harder to run more work and I still love them and I would never give them up and I’m really enjoying them but they’re not as easy to scale and systematize as direct-to-consumer physical products and they’re also not based on my personality like like sorry director consumer physical products isn’t based on Azra Firestone whereas that other businesses kind of are really relying on me as a public figure and I really like the idea of a brand that’s not built on the backbone of a public figure even though one of my main e-commerce brands has a public figure at the helm I’m not saying don’t have people who endorse your brand influencers and things like that but that’s why I lean those directions fantastic I think the coolest thing is you’re just such a total magician at this kind of stuff that you just talk only because it’s it’s really part of your DNA I mean you’ve been doing this for so long but I think the cool thing is you’ve paid the price and I think that’s part people don’t understand this you got to go out there you got to get your nose bloody you got to be able to to go out and to many company more failure is a short term thing and it’s a it’s a long term game I love the fact you’re building a hundred multiple hundred million dollar companies that’s I’ve done it yet but I’m working on it right one of my companies right now is probably valued at around 50 million one of my other companies probably valued around 10 so I haven’t really reached the nine figure mark yet but I do agree with you that I think that a lot of people are short-sighted and they don’t understand that this is a marathon and not a sprint and you and I haven’t been in the industry as long as we have I’ve seen a lot of people fall off a lot and by the way one of the things I really respect and love about you guys is that you have been around like Russell was doing micro continuity in oh seven or something you know any man like I remember potato guns I remember him from then you know like I was around back then and he and I have seen a lot of people fall off and what happens is people are burning the candle at both ends they’re not paying attention to cash flow they are short-sighted and are just trying to make cash or not trying to build something consistently and scalable over time and like what I’m trying to do is plant seeds water those seeds every month for four years grow a mango tree that then feeds my family for generations I don’t want to just go out and spear a bunch of fish one day right look I really want a sustainable consistent ongoing business and I do I do think that like you’re gonna have failures like I’ve had more things have failed than abort for sure 100% I’ve nearly bankrupted myself a couple times you’re gonna you know I’ve been short on taxes when I needed taxes at the end of the year because I mismanaged cash flow like I’ve had all those experiences and that’s par for the course as you learn how to deal with money as you learn how to manage big sums of money as you learn how to you know it’s like you’re gonna you’re gonna have these setbacks but you can get smarter you cannot find yourself without having paid your quarterly estimates in 2011 you should have you know like or whatever you know some while back now for me but like this is where people you know they run into issues they’re not looking at their numbers they’re not looking at the cash flow they are not paying their taxes on a regular basis they’re you know yeah I hear you there’s going to be some failures everything that you do because you’re such an advocate of just diving in and just immersing yourself in it you just use your phone yeah do it yourself get in there figure out the product you’re gonna retail figure out its unique selling propositions get into ClickFunnels™ build out that page yourself have someone help you do a video for it have only someone help you do a video ad learn Facebook advertising from guys like you guys Russell you don’t click funnels me get in there and you know like it’s hard to delegate an outsource and scale something that you don’t intuitively really understand yourself like now I’m at a point where I can have a whole team running this process but like if I hadn’t done it all I wouldn’t be able to do that I wouldn’t really know what was working I wouldn’t know what to look at so I’m a big fan of the do-it-yourself entrepreneur I’m a big fan of like really getting like I think if there’s one place to get nitty-gritty its marketing process because marketing process you know someone else can get nitty-gritty on product someone else can get nitty-gritty on support someone else can get nitty-gritty on you know finance and bookkeeping but like boy if you pick one area to put your attention like I’m a big fan of it being marketing process because it’s like it’s it it is the thing that drives everything else I we joke around about that all the time you’re at the office it’s the one thing you you don’t want to outsource your lovemaking and I think that’s the key here is it’s what matters sorry for the visual there but a good way now I hear ya but drives your business it’s what grows you can outsource you can’t outsource marketing yeah that’s the one thing always tell people man get get good if you go to anything get good at that you can ask together know how to do it but you got no marketing yeah and I think one of the cool things about your community is that like what you guys really understand is sales process and like you get people who understand ads but don’t understand sales process and their hosts it’s better to understand sales process than ads because when you’re getting started you can outsource ads to an agency and see what they’re doing and learn it and you can go through some courses but like you can’t outsource sales process really I mean it’s hard to do that well to outsource sales process well and I think that’s one of the beautiful things that your tool offers ClickFunnels™ is and granted I’ve never used click funnels or been in there really I don’t know much about it but like dude you guys are the most famous sales funnel builder in the world at least in my world I mean I’m paying attention to the internet marketing world and the e-commerce world you’re definitely the most famous and like the people that I talked to who are click funnels users understand concepts that like multi hundred million dollar ecommerce retails that I talk to don’t understand and I’m like whoa you know that’s that’s kind of mind-blowing really you know that like you get these multi hundred million dollar retailers who don’t understand things like order bumps upsells bundles cross-sells long-form sales pages conversion rate best practices sales video structure I mean the stuff like it actually is it’s I think it’s one of the reasons why you guys are successful as you are because it’s like boy that stuff is is more important than almost anything else well thank you thank you very much well as we get close to wrapping things up here any other things you want to cover before we wrap it up um I think if you’re looking at 2018 the place to put your attention is video marketing video will drive and people know this already but I’m just gonna reiterate it that video will drive 80 percent of consumer based content consumption in by 2019 which means people who are gonna purchase products are watching videos about those products and about what those products mean in the world and I also think that if you’re gonna be retailing to anyone who is Gen Y or down let’s say anyone who’s 40 or under one of the things that you need to know that that market cares about is manufacturing process so one of the things that the Millennials have really brought yeah Millennials have really brought this into the limelight it’s why companies like ever Lane evey er la and E and la ne calm which is by the way my favorite e-commerce company from a marketing perspective I just am in love with these people I’m gonna try to get them to come speak at my conference in August actually companies like buck Mason they are speaking at my conference in August in Denver but um I think that one of the places to pay attention to is video content that tells the story of who you are and why you are what why are you making this product what problem does it solve and then how you’re doing it so manufacturing process transparency is a huge trend and it also what’s fascinating about that Dave is manufacturing process transparency in and of itself is product differentiation meaning you could have literally the exact same products as any other bum in the market but if you are transparent about how you’re making it and why you’re making it the way you’re making it and who’s making it you don’t even need a USP on the product does that make sense that can be your USP yeah you seen this happen in the clothing industry you’re seeing it happen in the electronics industry you’re sure you have it in the makeup industry companies are coming in and being like look here’s how we’re making the stuff we’re making and why and they’re winning just on that so I focused on video marketing as a strategy to adopt for your for your you know your paint amplification and by the way just a little shameless plug here I do happen to have what I consider to be the best course in the entire world on direct response facebook video advertising but no problem you go to smartmarketer.com click on courses and there’s one called facebook video ads mastery and i have a free four part series if you go anywhere on smartmarketer.com you’ll notice i’m gonna be trying to market you a free four-part series on facebook video ads trying to get you to go through four videos kind of like launch model style for videos of content that like teach you about facebook video ads that won’t give you value even if you don’t buy my course they’re super good and then it’ll try to sell you my course which is a way to go really in depth on that subject but I think that’s tough where do you should focus your energy and and not selfishly but just because that’s where I’m focusing my energy and it’s really working for me I look at purple mattress you guys know purple was 0-2 100 million in two years no VC funding all video marketing all YouTube Facebook video marketing no retail they’re all direct response kind of beautiful they’re actually coming down one of my events too I love those guys then the other place I would focus is on product creation transparency so like who you are why you are what you’re doing how you’re doing it and creating content in that area because that area is extremely compelling at this particular time in history and it will be for the next ten years or so we got about five to ten year window where this is kind of the thing and then what’s gonna happen is Gen Z who are like these kids were like I’d say I don’t know actually what their age ranges are but I want to say between 15 and 20 right now or 13 and 20 whatever they find themselves interested in will sort of be directing what like sort of ripples through ripples through the markets but yeah that’s what I’d say just again I don’t know why you wouldn’t be please please check him out smartmarketer.com I will have links down below again you’re such a dear friend this is a man of massive integrity what-you-see-is-what-you-get he is the real deal I can never say enough nice things about azor in fact I think it’s the funnest thing about it is you will never find anybody anywhere who ever has anything negative to say about Ezra it’s just the greatest guy in the world well maybe Russell maybe Russell who got me Russell and I had a tussle in the kitchen at Pirates Cove yeah I think he armdrag to duck under and he got me and it was like you know we’ve been sort of like texting back and forth about one day we’re gonna battle we’re gonna wrestle you know he was like a really high level college wrestler and I was just like a bum high school wrestler but I’m pretty dang good at jujitsu which is like you know martial art where you where you’re allowed submissions and you’re you know you’re allowed to do strangleholds and armbars and things like that and and we had this tussle in the kitchen at Pirates Cove and lamb it was on a concrete floor so you could only go so far but he beat me to the first he beat me to the first like he would have gotten a takedown he got behind me and he would have been able to take me down and we would have had a scramble but yeah so we got some unfinished business there Russell and I look forward to coming out to Idaho coming out to Boise one of these times and getting a match in maybe we’ll film it and put it on ClickFunnels™ love it yeah but that’d be really fun I’m actually injured my necks I’m out for a while but anyways I don’t think Russell has bad things to say about me I just think we have a little bit of unfinished competition thank you so much again it’s such a dear friend let’s have another show anything we can ever do for you obviously we’re here for you so thanks so much but thanks appreciate you having me on thanks for listening buddy thanks for listen to funnel hack a radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Bono hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at faunal hacker radio comm forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio comm forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Funnel Hacker Radio Ep. 175 w/ Ezra Firestone – Secrets to Scaling 8 Million Dollar E-Comm Business

Funnel Hacker Radio Ep. 175 w/ Ezra Firestone – Secrets to Scaling 8 Million Dollar E-Comm Business