Funnel Hacker TV Christmas Special – Online Marketing Funnel Software Employees At Their Finest

What do you get when you mix HR interrogations with a company full of Funnel Hackers?

Online marketing funnel geeks gone wild … enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 76 – Russell Brunson’s Brutal 5 AM Workouts BEFORE A Day Of Teaching Online Marketing Funnel Secrets. (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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[Music] much russell brunson all day long like this so would you’d like to step in my shoes one day that’s a great I would rather take you serious you’re fired [Music] [Music] [Music] what do you think is the biggest mistake you’ve made there cook funnels making strength videos not showing up to work on time consistently throwing bricks through the window screaming screaming obscenities always bringing the vibe of the room down just by being negative stealing money from the company what I would definitely say number one would be never taking responsibility for anything not coming to work betraying ClickFunnels™ stealing all of our stuff laziness dishonesty complaining screw easy not lighting solutions not taking responsibility for things blaming the problems on other people so what would you do differently if you were me to eat at no fast food restaurants period little hole in the wall that’s it read at least six self-help books let’s invest in Bitcoin as much as possible how about that learning more about the six-pack abs and seven-figure incomes why do we even pay you to finally just six-pack once again hopefully someday eventually sooner the better and to double the size of ClickFunnels™ of course so would you’d like to step in my shoes one day I would definitely rather come to work naked what why don’t you see that are you trying to get fired no absolutely not no no never another baby no no no no obviously why I would not do that because I would lose my job brother hey all my parents you’re disgusting no rather posh russell brunson what’s your most diverse skills that you bring to the class gardening I I can now grow cool things I think the watercooler who’s been off playing foosball who’s like that you know I feel like complacency would be one of them no ambition no passion I frequent Costco almost every weekend and give them all my money okay lazy indecisive non-committed this isn’t a joke then some of the perks that you enjoy here at the Falls there’s not much shouting with dudes probably going to be really exciting about not doing not anymore that’s a perk this is a joke to you you I didn’t use you to make you laugh no support like you don’t have to pay you have to pay it’s free grain no I mean oh that’s where it’s not something look forward to I guess the stress isn’t on you at all you just are there to support your friends and just have a good time not worry about anything minute predicated just easy you know on casual free recreation it’s the best drink as much as you want get that brought me free limo you get it a lot of free stuff so it just makes it better when things are free I’ll taste better probably eating non prison food sleep without having to be tucked in really tight to the covers because you never know who’s gonna slide it in there with you I have I have issues with body image and so definitely not having to use the bathroom from other people that would be awesome okay what are some things you to prove around here good phones probably eating too much at lunch I feel like that’s frowned upon here probably going to the bathroom a bunch too you know we noticed those things it’s a small office you know who I’m talking to that has nothing to do with what I was asking would you say you make money for us here cook phones no no no no no that’s wrong and ethical money you know no what do you think I did here pick up the slack maybe order the meals I don’t know pick up some garbage maybe make rustle some food I don’t know completely not lighting solution mundane repetitive tasks or chores essentially other people’s work they don’t want to do sit around and suck up air do nothing else piece of time just free labor well it is alright would you rather have to punch Dave Woodward or Russell Brunson in the face this is me that’s a very good question I would rather hit rent computers if I had to choose between the two that’s one way it’ll fire me people if you only had to spend ten hours per week at ClickFunnels™ will you spend the rest of your time doing would you rather punch Renko peters or russell brunson in the face I would I would rather I would rather uh oh goodness friends pretty big I’m gonna I would rather punch Russell I’ll be honest no no don’t touch the cameras in the same spot okay we’re moving to the next I would rather punch brand Co Peters in their face because got to go because sure oh yeah because if I punch Ross on the face then he would wrestle me and hold me in half and rip my limbs up not that Brent wouldn’t but Russell’s trained fighter this is gonna be intimidating video this is this is gonna be perfect I’m telling you this is really good sentence they did that was like and your sweet sweet can I [Music] you [Music]

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Funnel Hacker TV Christmas Special – Online Marketing Funnel Software Employees At Their Finest

Funnel Hacker TV Christmas Special – Online Marketing Funnel Software Employees At Their Finest