Funnel Hacker TV Episode 81 – Digital Marketing Master Russell Brunson Heads To San Diego

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Come behind the scenes to join ClickFunnels™ day-to-day excitement! This week we have:

– 200+ 2 Comma Club Plaques taking over ClickFunnels™
– 149 ClickFunnels™ rockstar employees and contractors
– Goals set for making Russell Brunson the 6 Million Dollar Man in Digital Marketing
– Woodward family heads to San Diego for a wedding
– Russell Brunson runs into Caleb Wylde in the San Diego Airport

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 81 – Digital Marketing Masters Head To San Diego. (Behind The Scenes Show)

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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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[Music] and tomorrow we’re flying out to San Diego we are on our way to San Diego its oldest son Chandler’s getting married old son is getting married so taking the fan back to Southern California where they’re people this is the craziest thing ever we just got off the phone with Grant Cardone zoo vet team [Music] all right so miles of the guy in the office basically handles ordering and taking care of and validating everybody’s – comma Club plaques where we are right now how many 201 201 and I think I just had another one come in today we’re gonna get called out on here at Larry Leo – OH – man – OH – 200 – check this out this wall if you’ve already seen this this wall is completely filled and done above the door is completely filled got a little space down here this wall here is filling up so fast above that door and down there and a little space here the plaques are already ordered just haven’t come in yet so I think this whole room will be filled with our 200 – that will actually come in already so we’re gonna find another place now if it’s somewhere to actually put these new plaques [Music] guess who’s in the office what’s up you guys hey it’s JP JP that’s right JP and JP so the JT squared what’s going on so why are you in our office all time geez well we’re building a lot of systems there’s a lot going on here infrastructure is being developed you guys hear the beeping of cranes we build funnels and we build big structure to build walls to build them faster more efficiently and everything like that we actually getting systems yes sir over a hundred million dollars in fact we did over 100 in last two min years but we’re executing systems in place the banks to the one and only data I’m free oh [Music] speaking of getting things done look who’s here what’s your new what are you doing this year that’s different than last year what’s the new roller to be taken over here you know the new roll I am excited to help with coaching excited to help with time to get coaching and yeah we’ve got some amazing team members were bringing on board right now and so I’m we’re gonna get in contract setting up those new engineers and all the incredible people who make ClickFunnels™ work crazy so we are actually almost dealt are we doubling doubling our our dev team here and I think how many employees do we have right now 49 I think right now for this but yeah coming through the sesquicentennial number 150 soon [Music] watch what this is the craziest thing ever we just got off the phone with Grant Cardone Yvette team and Jared glandt over there we have what are we at Maui like five five weeks four weeks korie’s okay four or five weeks let me tell you they have eight thousand three hundred eleven tickets already sold of eighty six hundred tickets to sell so these they’ve already like this is huge huge event in Mandalay Bay in the exact same place where they do all the boxing UFC fights all that crazy stuff also is gonna be presenting there and one of the very first people selling right after grant and week I think the Russell’s gonna become the new six million dollar man and that’s what we’re gonna call him that’s the idea six the bionic man six million dollar man Russell Brunson I’m just saying we’re in close a lot I’ll leave it at that yeah all right here we are who’s that now with us we are on our way to San Diego I am it is old son is getting married taking the fan back to Southern California where there big fella all grew up hey I’m going back to around 18 months so so recently I had back surgery and I unfortunately because my back in men’s shoes but I know what the socks are anyways they’re a little bit excited here in the elevator from the parking garage heading to the terminal a little bit excited [Music] sleep in the [Music] right here in our rooms you’ll stay you can find your own way oh my son stay curious my boy alright sweatshirts coming on which had my shorts on boys with a little more than excited princess she’s excited too [Music] you [Music] [Music] boy am i lazy so I did something American [Music] all right we are fish at the airport we stored our food and what are we doing today Chanin friend Jana Frankie married we just ordered these bagels they have eggs they Applewood bacon avocado so we were lost in the plains that’s right yeah but we made it and we got her avocado thing in adduce which I’m really excited about that’s waiting for us at anxious [Music] he’s for me the coolest story ever and I said you totally gonna cameras let’s hear it again yeah rotatable book called listen from dad for a 16th birthday surprise me had no clue and in the chapter I was learning about the value of having mentors because I’ve always been his number one mentor and in the book I said Caleb listen I want you to really take this to heart god forbid if anything ever happens to be the number one voice in your life is Russell Brunson [Music] [Music] coming on The Love Boat all right massage so we could have just taken Hoover right no we’re healthy young strapping adults we should walk who want you forever we there yet almost there are you there yet are we do not there someday massage I said on the massages got to the hotel checked in and we lead a lot of hotels in her life she’s smell here with you smells like mortuary she always smelled like really bad food good walk him I would get here they we booked one was clean sides may get so much you queens show anyway we spooked new hotel and we’re leaving the crazy thing is woman booked it’s like we just got massage that’s a really nice hotel and was half as much as the rooms here we’re out of here me to the room it doesn’t stink yay it just woke up a great night’s sleep great day a massage isn’t hanging out and I just got some green drinks place has green rings in the lobby and rate from I’m interested what’s gonna stab my daughter’s but very first asks me ever and we’re missing [Music] whether sentence play-by-play pictures and video Saturday and now in the reverse order meets again so god I look so good so we’re watching fixer-upper while ringing our church clothes all on no so pretty we’re going to a wedding while the fixed up house anyway it’s less happening we’re gonna go to a new burst product ring camera hold it’s like seven or eight hours so we’ll see you guys we get back you’ve got beautiful so I just remember you saw [Music] [Applause] what’s happened right now oh man [Applause] bags are packed ready to go but we got like four hours for flight so we are it’s called an uber and they taking us where you’re gonna go explores how do you go at that moment I I was headed towards more battalion she was awesome it fall myself but awesome and then the end of its where they go sneaking plastic old the airport Lobby Twitter each names so we’re sure me me get some of these record hamburgers healthier honestly they’re the fastest we’re actually only eating like a tiara calories and windmills were actually feeling really good that’s easy I’ll miss the kids we miss our sleep kids feel so guilty and relaxed that’s part to get home she opened towards see the Batman light just getting the best person so excited [Music] mom I came today we’re gonna go to bed right now so tonight tomorrow [Music] you [Music]

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Funnel Hacker TV Episode 81 – Digital Marketing Master Russell Brunson Heads To San Diego

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 81 – Digital Marketing Master Russell Brunson Heads To San Diego